"Three Thousand Dragons and Thunder Boxing in the converging attack on Wushu", a Han Chen’s face is suddenly cold, and his eyes are filled with a bit of fanaticism. This converging attack on Wushu was created by him not long ago, but it has not been officially used against it. This time, he also decided to put it to good use.

Scratching …
Han Chen’s fists exploded, and Han Chen’s front trembled and spread. The golden dragons flashed and fluctuated of the earth, and then they condensed into a golden dragon with thunder luster.
The martial arts of converging attack has changed a lot.
Body flashing Han Chen body into a black arc was suddenly slammed into the black common severely.
The golden dragon’s black sword hit hard, and bursts of energy storms kept exploding and shocking.
Bang …
Impressive explosion rang out a body flash slightly pale hair looks very messy is Korea Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine Black corpse sword.
"What? The door owner was actually injured? "
Seeing Han Chen’s hands, those Han men’s younger brothers’ faces have changed a little. Looking at the whole body’s breath, Han Chen’s face is a little scared.
"Brother Han Chen, shall we continue?" The corners of the mouth slightly raise Chen Tiannan’s face with a touch of disdain. Of course, although his qualifications have made him pay enough attention to the potential before him, he can’t pose a threat to himself at present. Of course, this is his personal opinion.
"Brother Chen Tiannan is really a good means, but my younger brother has not lost now and I don’t like to have a contest without an ending, so I think we should go on." Smiling indifferently, Han Chen’s pale face disappeared and was replaced by a flush.
"In that case, let’s continue with Han Chen’s younger brother." Seeing Han Chen still doesn’t intend to stop. Chen Tiannan’s heart is also repeatedly sneering and swearing.
Bang …
A light drink Han Chen Zhou’s vitality is running again, and his whole body is constantly flowing, scratching and ringing, and Han Chen’s figure is also exploding and flashing at the former.
Whew …
A black shadow cut through the air and brought up a ripple of vitality. Then Han Chen’s figure suddenly became one, two, two, ten …
Suddenly, this high platform is filled with black figures.
Three thousand phantoms
At this time, Han Chen has developed three thousand phantoms to the extreme and differentiated three thousand phantoms.
"Extraordinary incarnation" in the air, a sound kept echoing, and immediately three thousand phantoms flashed into an illusory figure, which made Han Chen look different.
"Teacher younger brother, this is really bad." Seeing the black illusory figure in front of him, Chen Tiannan’s face also changed slightly, but he found that Han Chen’s real body had disappeared.
"Hum" cold hum a Chen Tiannan corners of the mouth slightly lift and then move his mind between the eyes of the earth soul force like spring water burst out immediately is scattered in all directions to find Han Chen shape.
"Huh?" Face slightly changed that Chen Tiannan was shocked than this time. Not only did his soul force not find Han Chen’s true place, but his soul force also disappeared.
Whew …
At this time, a buzz rang out immediately, and the black illusory figure slammed into the Chen Tiannan.
"Carving a worm" heart smile Chen Tiannan right palm is suddenly leaned out of the black vitality suddenly gathered followed by the illusory shape that has already appeared in front of him.
Bang …
Illusory figure Chen Tiannan this palm is also a rapid explosion all over the sky vitality floating disappear.
Seeing yourself so easily is to break away from Han Chen’s attack on Chen Tiannan, but it’s a stiff face after hearing the incoming sound.
"Brother Chen Tiannan, we are fighting now."
Words fall a golden pike is also a fine sign to stab Chen Tiannan.

"Well, then don’t accept the deposit and accept the scarlet letter!" Two whew replied

This is too risky, but you can take risks if you want to turn a profit.
"I don’t know where all of a sudden there are so many fake purple equipments …" Tianyu sighed and thought.
As a result, two people sell extremely fake purple without scarlet letter on the one hand and sell extremely fake purple with scarlet letter on the other.
"Silly bear … it’s feasible to accept the scarlet letter without a deposit, but we still meet a lot of cheats … and we’re losing a lot now."
At the moment, it has come to July. Yesterday, Tianyu has received a two-day deposit.
Two whew as feedback to Tianyu.
"How much did you lose?" Tianyu frowned and answered
"According to endless statistics, the final RMB calculation has almost lost ten thousand …" Er Xiu said with a sigh of relief.
"How can so many? !” Tianyu very consternation way
"In some districts, there are always some people who are used to deceiving us. They seem to be staring at us. They want us to deposit the scarlet letter and shout the horn. When they go out, they will find the’ door’ and say that they have the scarlet letter in their hands."
"Then we handed it over to them, and they ran away. After running away, they changed their new id to do the same thing again … so they repeatedly lied to’ get’ that area line and didn’t dare to call the horn to stop playing hard." Erxiu explained
"…" Tianyu know some grass mud horse ran to cheat home.
But such deception is really hard to prevent.
Is it difficult to change it to a deposit? But no one wants to type the scarlet letter in the fake purple equipment base. After all, fake purple equipment is not very popular.
"Then stare at the horn and shout for selling the deposit in scarlet letter, so that the seller can be singled out," Tianyu said for a moment.
"I’ve tried … so the sellers don’t want to put the scarlet letter on the fake purple equipment … they think we are cheating them on the scarlet letter," said Erxiu and Tianyu.
"… don’t accept the deposit also how to cheat? It is true to be careful, but is this too careful? " Tianyu frown complains
"They thought maybe we wanted to’ wave’ his scarlet letter on purpose … and this kind of thing has indeed been done."
"…" Tianyu speechless.
"If we go on like this, I’m afraid the scarlet letter equipment will earn enough to make up for the fraud in the future," said Erxiu.
"Game day update for the time being, let’s wait for a while. Let’s get all the money up," Tianyu ordered.
"What are your plans?"
"Since the fake purple loss is a foregone conclusion, we can find a way to make up some losses from other places."
"Day update …" Two xiu began to recall the experience of updating a few days ago.
The July game has been updated.
This update has four professional second thoughts, namely, Diablo, Prison Blood Devil, Wu Shen and Storm Eye.
I’ll send some water when I log in as a new professional.
Opened the exclusive day activity of Star Angle’ Color’
Added a gift package fae/zer dress-up gift package.
In fact, this gift package is the 13-year summer gift package, but it is really the first time to dress up with anime characters.
This gift package sends dresses, titles and cards.
The highlight of fae/zer gift package is of course pets, but pets are not given directly with the gift package.
Pet gift packages are sold separately, but summer gift packages must be purchased before.
Summer gift package price is 59 coupons, and pet price is 1575 coupons.
These two figures add up to more than 4 yuan, so uncle wit also sold it in this way, cleverly avoiding the 688 incident that year
Pets have saberriderlanerberserker
Every pet comes from a Japanese character, and the skill effect is more cool than that of a native pet.
The gift package is very attractive to anime lovers, and even though it is expensive, there are still many buyers.
In addition to updating Tianyu, it is an activity called "Roger’s private auction"
This activity, like other activities, is from July 1 ST to July 3 rd
How to play this activity?
Activity 1: Players will get gold rush props by email when they log in every day.
This prop can be exchanged for various professional weapon cans at Roger’s place.
Redemption rewards are changed with the date, of which Thursday can be redeemed for Abyss Party Pass.
The rest of the time, the base is the major professional weapon tanks.

In the Great Qi Dynasty, women had a low status, and it was even more difficult if they were not lovers.

It’s normal for a man’s concubine to have an affair in the bedroom when he is so frank and honest, and even they can’t stand the man’s infidelity to him.
"It’s really necessary to have a good screening to play around in this capital," Tao Yiqing said. "There are many people you know in the temple, so help to see if there is any way to be honest. Those girls in the philandering room are absolutely not allowed to get married, and it’s not harmful for her to marry someone."
With Tao Lanyu and Tao Ruzhen in front of them, they are all single-minded and have never had a concubine. Tao Baoqiong is going to marry Feng Haochu in the future, not to mention Tao Yiqing’s growing feeling that it is even more so in the future.
"Oh," Qi Ye also accepted that she could have a meal at will, and the two of them began to drink while eating, so they drank a few more drinks because they were in a trance.
Tao Yiqing’s capacity for liquor is not high. Today, he took a half-day off again. They both drank their heads while talking.
When people are drunk, what they remember most is what they ramble about most. Tao Yiqing said a few words from time to time, "How fast! I still remember that when I was a child, I grew up in a blink of an eye."
be grieved
"Yes," Qiye Zuiyan smiled dimly. "The round doodle face wants to pinch her cheeks every time I see her."
Tao Yiqing smirked. "She used to be spoiled and naughty, but she was the most soft-hearted and painful person. Since she was a little big, she knew that she protected me and I was dissatisfied with my father … Haha, my father was finally planted in her hand. Now she must find a good family to act as matchmaker in Zhuang. If she dares to be bad at burning, I can’t do it …"
"No, no, no, no" Qi Ye was slightly drunk and repeated twice. "Who dares to be bad for the burning? Which one? Who did Yiqing say? Who is not good at burning? Look at the king who dares to bully him if he doesn’t pick up … "
Outside, Duanyan heard that the movement in the room was getting more and more wrong. He quickly called out to celebrate the New Year with the king of Jin. "The temple and our uncle are drunk, so let the store cook the hangover soup?"
I didn’t expect the King of Jin to be so drunk in the New Year. It was the first time I saw him drunk. I called the waiter to sober up. I looked at the eye table and saw that the food was hardly eaten. "Why don’t you drink without eating?"
Abdominal drinking is easy to get drunk.
Otherwise, the two have not seen each other for months, and they are very happy and drunk.
The man came over and explained, "It’s easy to drink in the temple today. If you get drunk in a hurry, you’ll get drunk faster. Do you want to help the two gentlemen to lie down on the couch?"
Needless to say, it will definitely make them more comfortable to lie down. Fortunately, they will have guests to rest on the couch if they want to set it.
Besides, Tao Zhuo took a carriage and went to Cai Fu. According to the agreement, Tao Baoqiong and Tao Zhuo stayed in Taolan Jade Garden to play with Hao Gang, and Wei Shi and Tao Lanyu took Tao Ruzhen to sit up and take notice.
Chapter 158 Chapter 158
"Aunt hurts me," said Hao Ge Ma sweetly to Tao Zhuo, looking like a pony fart.
Tao Zhuo deliberately teased her, "Then your third aunt doesn’t love you. Who will buy you Hui ink?"
Hao gang looks too good. Tao Baoqiong "The third aunt also hurts, and the fourth aunt hurts, but Hao gang’s hand hurts too little, so it’s not good to write too much."
Tao Zhuo burst into laughter. "My aunt will love you more another day, so I’ll buy you a copybook."
This immediately brought Hao’s sad eyes. Tao Zhuo pointed at her and smiled at Tao Lanyu. "Big sister, he really can’t write with my DaJieFu." She used to be a fool.
"I don’t know which one," Tao Lanyu smiled and suddenly frowned and covered her mouth.
Wei Shi was eating slowly, and when he saw it, he put chopsticks and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Suddenly I feel a little uncomfortable." Tao Lanyu rubbed his heart, but he still felt sick. He covered his mouth again, and the girl next to him helped her. "Do you want some warm water, young lady?"
TaoLanYu gave, look a little stare blankly, and then some surprises.
She made Wei’s thoughts ask, "Are you pregnant?"
Her words made everyone else look at Tao Lanyu’s belly. They all knew that the elder sister had not moved since she had a son, and she was pregnant later than her. After the second sister gave birth to a big girl, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son.
Because of this, Shaw also specially asked Tao Lanyu to go back to Bofu to find her a girl who specializes in women’s illness, but the girl said that she was ill and not pregnant, which was because the fate had not arrived.
Tao Zhuo looked at Tao Lanyu with surprise. Is Big Sister pregnant?
Then I listened to my eldest sister’s saying, "It’s really a few days late in the month", but she always forgot not to think about it. If she hadn’t vomited in her heart just now, she would have almost forgotten it.
"Although I’m not sure if it’s because of your appetite, I’d better find a doctor to feel the pulse. If it’s not, don’t be too frustrated. There are women who have two fetuses for several years." Wechsler was afraid that she would expect too much if she wasn’t pregnant.
Tao Lanyu naturally wants to have more children. Although she is not urged by Cai Qicheng’s affectionate mother-in-law, she feels that Hao Gang is too single.
The reason why Mrs. Cai didn’t rush is also because Cai Qicheng is not only a young man, but also has two brothers. Each room has three or four children, although there are offices.
Tao Lanyu knows that although Cai’s family seems to be very upright and obedient, the contradiction between sisters-in-law is still there. For example, her second sister-in-law has been run on many times because of her husband’s concubine.
However, the eldest sister-in-law is a generous and generous person. Her husband has an old family and other concubines get along well with Tao Lanyu.
Yu said that Mrs. Cai’s husband didn’t take a concubine because Mrs. Cai’s in-laws left early, and she didn’t suppress her mother-in-law and didn’t let her concubine give birth to children.
This city is like Tao Hongzhu’s husband’s family. The family style is really clean and upright. Men are not allowed to take concubinage. There are some people who stipulate that men are not allowed to take concubinage, but they can take concubinage within a time limit of 40.
Tao Lanyu didn’t delay saying that she didn’t have a good appetite and asked the servant girl to take the right card and invite the doctor to come.
She couldn’t eat by herself, and the rest of the people were still full, so she went to the tip to rest without being polite.
Cai Fu next door street has yiguang almost Wechsler and others to withdraw from the table after dinner.
Tao burning watched the doctor give Tao Lanyu a long pulse, and she almost couldn’t help but ask
After the doctor took back his hand, he hurriedly asked, "What happened to my big sister?"
The doctor first comforted Tao Zhuo with a sentence "Don’t worry, girl" and then asked Tao Lanyu, "Is it time to have a little wife next month?" Can it be past the future? "
TaoLanYu way "is a few days late I this …"
There was some expectation in her voice.
"It’s not very prudent for young lady’s pulse to be slippery. If young lady’s appetite is uncomfortable, eat less and eat some light meals. Don’t take medicine for ten days or so. I’ll come back to young lady’s pulse to see if she is happy."
Wechsler asked, "How sure is she?"
"I’m not sure yet, but I’ll make sure again in a few days." The card shark didn’t fill up the words.
But Wei-Shi also recognized Tao Lanyu’s happy pulse, so he said to her, "Then listen to the doctor’s advice and pay more attention to it, and then take a look at it in a few days."
Tao Lanyu nodded and asked the servant girl to send the doctor out. "The mother-in-law will wait for ten days."
Wei Shi is relieved to see her success and know that she is stable.
"If you are pregnant with that son, you will be your brother." After dinner, a son of a son of a son of a son of a son was taken to lunch break. Tao Zhuo looked at Tao Lan and told him earnestly, "Don’t let a son of a son of a son of a son of a son of a son of a son of a son of a son jump on you. His strength is not small."

Shen Yan snow gasped hard swallow phoenix shadow ink end side console table tea lamp handed it to her.

At this time, another official in charge of river engineering got up and bowed to the emperor. "According to the emperor, it is someone else who changed the drawings. What if Miss Shen was poisoned by her elbow instead of her palm? It’s always impossible for her to fuck with her elbow, and the other party may not have framed Miss Shen. If it was framed by her heart, it should have poisoned Miss Shen’s hands, but now there are two possibilities at the elbow. First, Miss Shen’s elbow was touched by drawings, and the other kind of Miss Shen’s elbow was touched by someone else. "
"Dang" a heart-rending crunchy suddenly sounded.
Is Shen Yan snow hand cup lid didn’t hold stumbled in the cup light sound.
Everyone looked at her, but she slowly looked up at the long and slim man in front of her.
Thank you for the successful completion of Sany mushroom cool ticket flapping [38]?
Everyone looked at her, but she slowly looked up at the long and slim man in front of her.
The man also looked at her with calm face and deep black eyes.
Moment is not instantaneous looked at each other for a moment after Shen Yan snow peristalsis a lip, but always didn’t say anything, but the first to put aside the eyes.
Many people present saw this scene, especially Shen Meng, and immediately their hearts turned white for seven points.
It turned out to be Phoenix Shadow Ink!
The eyes turned cold. Shen Meng glanced at Feng Ying Mo and turned to Shen Yan Xue Shen and asked, "What did Yan Xue think of?"
Shen Yan snow as long as butterfly wings, eyelids quivered and shook his head gently biting his lip.
See her so Shen Meng complexion is more black.
After all, it’s his own daughter. How can he not know her mind?
The phoenix shadow ink don’t say forbearance shield even let her lose her life, she is willing to.
In the heart, I am very angry, but I can’t be patient in public. "Yan Xue, think about it again. When are you sure to come into contact with this culprit who wants to frame my father …"
He bit the word "framed father" very hard to wake up the daughter’s interests.
He thought that her friendship with Emperor Fengying Ink would be believed if she personally identified Emperor Fengying Ink.
However, Shen Yan snow seems determined, and her eyebrows are still lowered, and she gently shakes her head and mumbles, "I don’t know …"
All the people in the field were silent.
The atmosphere was eerie and cold.
Shen Meng’s angry and cold eyes glanced at Feng Ying Mo Feng Ying Mo impartially and calmly, and his eyes were as handsome as water, and his black eyes were deep and you couldn’t see a trace of emotion.
Shen Meng pursed his lips tightly and turned his eyes to look at the emperor and leaned over again. "The emperor is a minister who is not good at doing things. I will definitely investigate this matter and find out the villain who destroyed the completion ceremony!"
The emperor looked down at him slightly, and he was silent for a moment. Suddenly he got up from his seat. "I am more worried about whether this secret passage is really there than finding out who changed the drawings."
With a deep voice, the yellow dragon robe flashed with dazzling light, and people strode through the red carpet to pick up the steps in the crowd
Everyone was dumbfounded.
Shen Meng turned pale.
Several officials who reacted first hurriedly followed closely.
Obviously, the emperor should personally confirm the andao according to the drawings.
Looking at the people who got up in succession, they glanced out of the corner of their eye at Shen Meng and Feng Ying Mo Ye, who bent their lips and followed everyone.
Everything goes smoothly.
Empress dowager, she finished successfully.
Thank you [33131] for your big purse ~ thank you [1389618777] [1586579315] for your shiny diamonds ~ thank you [big hree] [vine 5] for your precious tickets ~ Do you love your group [39] and kill two birds with one stone?
To be honest, when she saw the note in the carriage that day, she still felt that it might not be completed.
The note said that Shen Meng would also go to Xianzhou to ask her to find a way to leave him.
The queen mother will have such instructions, but she is not surprised.
Because Shen Meng and Feng Ying Mo are today’s emperors devoted to Qianyu, being apart from them is equivalent to weakening Qianyu’s strength.
But these two people are as good as foxes, and can they just provoke each other?
What’s more, one of them is Shen Yanxue.
From that night, Feng Ying Mo said at the gate of the palace to send Shen Yan snow back to the house, we can see that Feng Ying Mo must be a frequent visitor to Shen Fu.
It really takes some thought to leave such two people.
She gave up hope until she saw Shen Meng arrange a sand painting program at the painting house yesterday.
Her father was in charge of the first state river project, and she often saw her father studying drawings in his room.
She knows that the drawings have been quenched by the’ erosion of muscle’ poison; Jin Si Luan bone gloves anti-virus she also knows.
Once she entered the room, her father and mother were discussing something in a low voice, and both of them were frowning and locked. There was a smell of smoke in the room and something was burning in the brazier.
She asked her mother what had happened and said, "Someone wants to pull your father into partnership to build a secret tunnel on the river. Your father didn’t agree …"
The mother was interrupted by her father before she finished speaking. "What are you telling the children!" Finally, I told her that "these big people will solve it."
She clearly remembered that the brazier was slowly melting into ashes, which was an engineering drawing, because she had a heart to look at it and saw the dark tunnel of the drawing.
Later, she forgot about it until she saw the drawings yesterday.
In fact, she is not sure whether there is a secret tunnel. She secretly went to the spy last night based on the location of the secret tunnel in her memory.
Sure enough.
After being shocked, she realized that her mother said that "someone" was Shen Meng.
She is very suspicious that the destruction of her family has anything to do with this.
She can’t let Shen Meng succeed.
She wants to expose the secret passages, especially the emperor’s current situation.
That’s why this is happening today.

"I’m on horseback," said the demon. "Let’s continue on our way!"

Ziyun proudly nodded and sat in front of me.
Although she is close at hand, I feel that her heart is so far away, as if the stars touch her, so desperate that it has never been me, and I want her to be so desperate.
Horseshoe quickly resounded through the half-whistling wind, passing by the ear.
I know she’s nervous, but I’m not nervous because I’m trying my best to send her to another person’s arms!
I think I must be crazy! But I can’t find a reason to stop this madness.
The first time I saw her heart, Ren Huang Junyi, he was unconscious and there was a naked woman beside him. Ziyun was so shocked and painful that I didn’t understand what her chaos and struggle made me realize that there would be as much pain as there was to love someone.
The dead woman didn’t have anything to do with the unconscious emperor Junyi, so she was poisoned by his poisonous body.
Fortunately, she calmed down, but the subsequent injury finally inclined to my heart.
Ziyun proudly asked her body to save him, which was the last blind drug introduction.
Junya took him to the outside of Biyue Hot Spring at her request, because she has incredible power in the water and they can touch each other.
I’m scared, I’m angry and I can’t take her away, but I can’t …
I can hand her over to another person myself.
Every minute of that night seemed as long as a thousand years and ten thousand years, and my pain was limited and lengthened, as if the root method stopped the sadness from invading my world. After all, I handed her over to another person, which was contrary to my original intention, but I couldn’t find a reason not to let her continue.
Because I can see how eager she is in her heart, and I know that everything she goes through is at such a moment, and if it fails, she will be devastated.
I don’t even know why I will gradually fall into such a humble position. Maybe it’s because I put myself in such an embarrassing and humble position. If I turn around, I can go anywhere and be loved, but I will stick to it. It’s impossible.
Because I can’t lose, I always get angry with myself. It must be that I hurt someone before the day falls. Give me a newspaper. Chapter 144: Demons are charming. 33
I’m sad. I’m lying on the tree outside Biyue Hot Spring and staring at the stars.
At that moment, I didn’t know what I was thinking, maybe I just wanted her to fulfill her wish, maybe I didn’t think anything, maybe I felt a little tired, maybe I tried everything, but I finally figured out that I wanted to be so humble but I didn’t leave.
If you feel pain, you can’t live without it, but your body seems to freeze there
I think I can be a guardian and stare at her like this, and let her do what she wants, that’s all.
I think it must have been more than a million years. I waited numb until it was calm.
When she finally came out, the stone seemed to roll over several mountains, but it seemed to weigh me down more.
Lian Er transformed into a human form, just like the fate I gave her was opened. We have so many fetters that we can’t be the only one who loves her in my heart, right?
The mark of Ziyun’s proud face disappeared. I think it was probably because her body seal was broken. She looked so beautiful as if all the stars were dumped by her, but I know she is more beautiful in the water than she is now.
And for the first time, I saw the emperor Junyi. The young man in front of me has a cherry blossom mark flashing. I can see that he is talented and white. He is a proud man, which is why he looks even more humble.
I know that happiness is moving towards them, and I should bless …
But I can bless you
But I can still guard because I know I won’t leave.
After six kings, she begged the holy emperor to get married, and the temple was even more contested by him. I know that Aoer has divine power, and maybe even she doesn’t know that she has such a powerful ability. This ability should be lucky for her.
Six kings, who have always been sickly, unexpectedly went back to the immortal exile and completed a shocking reversal. It was originally asserted that the ghost king, who was twenty years old, had recovered!
Just when everyone mocked Aoer and disdained that she was a match for the six kings, she showed her beauty in front of everyone!
I’m afraid that moment was a shock.
Waste is no longer waste.
Sick seedlings are no longer medicine pots.
The ugly girl is as beautiful as a fairy.
The perfect match was born.
They turned China upside down from now on
From that moment on, I knew that I was getting farther and farther away from her. I actually felt that I would rather be the king’s landing, but I could snatch the opportunity to get married for her, even if I failed.
But I’m a demon with a thousand charms, and my pride and self-esteem don’t allow me to do this. I always keep my dignity on the surface and don’t let her think that I’m so humble, even though I know I’m already humble to the dust.
I’m proud, I’m proud, I’m beautiful, I’m gifted, I’m a demon, I used to be proud, I’m proud, I’ve been humble, but I have to keep to the surface, absolute beauty. That’s how I deceive myself.


A few tall, powerful bodies flashed through the crowd, and Zhang talons caught them from Qingyan.
"princess royal forgives!" Xia Zhi plopped down on his knees and said anxiously, "princess royal forgives all these Yincui gorge, who are Guan Guhong himself crazy."
"Summer retreat!" Qingyan drink a way to look back and sign for kneeling people to retreat quickly, but Xia Zhi bit his teeth and shook his head violently.
"You?" Princess royal Pingyang provoked an indifferent smile from the eyebrow "The government has already killed anyone who wants to do this again after the password! Hum, since you are not afraid of death, I will be you today! "
"It’s none of her business," Qingyan roared, and looked at her with clear and calm eyes. "As you wish, I did it! That’s me! I’m the one who hooked up with Guan Guhong and Xia Zhi. If you want to fight or kill, come at me and don’t suffer! "
Princess royal Pingyang masseter muscle is tight, loose and tight. The anger in the fundus is already very obvious. Her cold voice slowly sounded "This is very good!" She sneer at a "people will be the slave out to cut! For you-"She dragged on a malicious smile and walked up to her and stretched out her hand to hold her." * * The harem national law served the staff with fifty strokes of punishment and dragged it away! "
"Yincui gorge! Yincui gorge! " Xia Zhi cried and tried to catch Qingyan but was dragged out by a kick.
"Xia Zhi-"Qingyan’s shout made people sad. She bit her lip without looking at the people behind her, and she stood upright and waited for her punishment.
Princess royal Pingyang a whisking her head also don’t reply coldly tunnel "here to you" and turned and walked out of the front garden.
Courtyard wooden stool Qingyan was tied with a strong stick and a cold wind. Her clothes fell heavily and wrinkled and clung to her body. She snorted and was beaten with a bloody shirt.
Everyone covered their eyes and dared not look at it, not to mention a weak woman like Qingyan. Even a seven-foot-tall man might not be able to stand it.
The body is burning, the wound is burning, and then it seems to be tearing. The pain has just paralyzed the nerves, and then it is shot down again and again.
Qingyan clenched his teeth tightly to prevent himself from screaming out that she knew she must be somewhere watching her and admiring her embarrassment.
Princess royal Pingyang Panlou Gaotai blew her face with wind, which made her look even more bleak. She looked coldly at being beaten and bloody. Qingyan didn’t cry for pain until now, let alone beg for mercy. Her eyes seemed to be rippled by something and gradually turned into waves.
This is her sister, but she is an emperor’s heir. Where can there be any affection? Everything in their eyes can be thrown except the emperor! Anyone who breaks their taboo will never stop visiting the 91st doctor unless they fight to the death.
Eunuch guide XiMingTai came to hall of mental cultivation with his entourage ZheRong.
After the visit, the eunuch on duty said hesitantly, "Now the Empress in Taidian is ill, so it’s not convenient to meet guests and can’t receive visitors. I hope you won’t disturb the Empress’s meditation."
The dying of the king is an ominous sign of a country’s social unrest, and it is a taboo for outsiders. Of course, it is especially taboo for the royal family of other countries to visit, which will damage the country and affect the dignity of the queen
Xi Ming sighed slightly and put away the folding fan in his hand. "Xi Ming came to visit the chat table and was eager to leave it. Please leave it again."
"What’s the matter?" A man who looks like a Hong Zhongyin came from hall of mental cultivation, and then a handsome man strolled from the temple to see his tall figure. He raised his apricot shape slightly, and the Milky Way in his eyes was bright and bright. He wore a dark satin robe to reveal the silver inlaid hibiscus flower edge and his hair pin of suet jade, which ingeniously set off the extraordinary figure of a middle-aged Confucian scholar.
Seeing that the newcomer was Tai Ximing, he smiled shallowly, which was quite a sense of vicissitudes.
Xi Ming looked at him, but he saw this man with a jade belt around his waist and an ivory folding fan. He was full of charm, and the morning light at the entrance of hall of mental cultivation was as enchanting as a pale red new pistil to summon back spring.
Secretly admire a XiMing heart way this middle-aged men in Dawanguo how handsome than one by one? It seems that Queen Liu Yuee doesn’t lack a lot of happiness on weekdays.
The person who came out to welcome the guests was Queen Liu Yuee’s original husband, Dawan State, and a prime minister, Mu Lieyun, who was also princess royal’s Liu Pingyang’s biological father, Mu Lieyun. It is a shame for one person to be in the ruling and opposition. Although Liu Yuee is fierce and strong, he can’t do without this capable and capable "virtuous help". His will can often deeply influence Queen Liu Yuee’s decision-making. This person is knowledgeable and diligent, and he has been training in Dawan State. There is a scene of singing and dancing everywhere.
The biggest regret of Mu Lieyun’s life is that there are no soldiers in her hands. Although Liu Yuee believed in him, she still left a little bit of mind. She assigned the soldiers to Li Wufu, the second princess Yingyue’s biological father, and Li Wufu, the general officer blowing snow, who was in charge of the 300,000 body guards, while the general officer blowing snow was in charge of the 400,000 military forces stationed in various border areas.
At this moment, Liu Yuee is dying, and it is the time for Mu Lieyun to show his talents. He inspired and arranged for his daughter to inherit from Taitai Liu Pingyang. Today, he announced the eunuch state and resolutely replaced the general position. It was Mu Lieyun who replaced him.
After cooking the day, Mu Lieyun went back to hall of mental cultivation to visit his wife, but before he stopped at the door, he made a noise.
It’s somewhat unexpected that I met Mrs. Xi Mingtai when I stepped out of the door. I heard that Mrs. Xi Mingtai was aloof and unhappy, and I was even more tired of all kinds of social occasions. His actions in Dawanguo also verified that he was really an indifferent person.
Mu Lieyun gave a sigh to Xi Ming and said with some sadness, "Thank you, Mrs. Xi Ming, for coming to visit the queen. Please come with me to the temple."
Xi Ming smiled. "It’s so good that I should resign facing the queen."
MuLieYun and "what? Is Mrs. Xi Ming coming back to China just now? Is it possible that our Dawanguo is not well received? "
Ximing smiled. "I feel at home where I am. I feel that I have been out for a long time. My father is old. Many things need me to go back and take care of. It is inconvenient for me to stay here for a long time. I came to attend the princess royal wedding. Unfortunately, I am deeply sorry for this embarrassing thing!"
Mu Lieyun shook his head naively. "Marriage is predestined. Since God wants them not to be husband and wife, others don’t have to demand anything anymore, but the condition of the Queen Eye is really worrying!"
"How is the Queen?"
"Ah" MuLieYun shook his head "you go in and have a look"
Xi Ming slowly stepped into the private room of the Queen’s Temple, but he saw a carved dragon and a carved phoenix in it, a carved golden silk big bed with a pink curtain half covered with a graceful figure.
As soon as I entered the room, I smelled a strong smell of Chinese herbal medicine, which covered up the original fragrance of the house. Although the smell was pungent for courtesy, Xi Ming was still embarrassed to hold his nose and walk forward with bated breath.
Gently lifted the curtain, but I saw a beautiful woman covered with a yellow silk quilt and a thick bandage wrapped around her head. When I looked closely again, I noticed that Liu Yuee was pale and her lips were purple. A pretty melon face had swollen into a pie.
She closed her eyes and knew that there was a stranger beside her.
Xi Ming saluted Mu Lieyun respectfully and said, "Can a little knowledge of medicine make my queen feel her pulse?"
Mulieyun slowly nodded "Please help yourself"
Pulling out Liu Yuee’s consciousness from the quilt, she took two fingers to feel her pulse for a long time.
Sighing leisurely, XiMing raised my hand and provoked Liu Yuee to close her eyes, but her eyes were dim and her pupils were a little distracted.
Naidi shook his head and looked back at MuLieYun gloomily.
Neither of them said anything.

Bei Gongyu looked puzzled. "What are you laughing at?"

Xue yiyi stopped laughing and said, "rain, believe it or not, linlin and I are all hello. You want us to die, then I will be you!" But … "
North Palace Rain looked impatient and said, "But what?"
Seeing Xue Yiyi suddenly kneeling at the North Palace Rain, regardless of the surprise of the North Palace Rain, she said seriously, "Please take good care of me and Lingling’s parents!"
Say that finish quickly got up and jumped from the cliff!
Finally, there is no baggage!
Don’t live this dirty world!
Live together, live together, die together!
Yiyi is here to accompany you!
With you, you are no longer alone on Huangquan Road!
Xue Yiyi smiled happily and closed her eyes, so she disappeared with the wind …
Send a trip to a secluded island-return (1)
North Palace Rain wait for a while watched the snow disappear from his face, so he blinked, and two big living people, Snow Yiyi and Daisui Ling, disappeared from the sight of North Palace Rain.
Cliff left north palace rain a person leng in situ snow yiyi and generation ear spirit as if never been to general.
Clear water and ice come out of the grass at night. She has been enjoying the play since just now. It’s good. Things are developing more and more according to her plan!
Clear water night ice walked to stay leng BeiGongYu side patted her.
The rain in Beigong suddenly saw the clear water and night ice, and her eyes were full of "bosom". I couldn’t help but feel a grievance and burst into tears in her arms.
"Blare … yeah … blare … yiyi and linlin … they … they’re dead! Blare ….. "North palace rain on clear water night ice arms sobbed himself really shouldn’t how can hurt yiyi and linlin!
Clear water and night ice gently patting the back of Bei Gong rain makes Beigong rain gradually quiet, but her eyes are cold. Such a small thing scares you like this, so how can you accept the challenge?
After Beigongyu fell asleep, the snow was frozen and Daiyaochen came out. They looked at a face of tears and Beigongyu disdained to smile and left with the clear water and the night ice.
Beigongyu woke up, she opened her eyes and made a modern morning, so she fell asleep, and Xueyibing was surprised to see her awake and said, "Sister Yu, you are awake!" "
As soon as Yao Chen opened his eyes, he saw that Beigongyu was looking at her at a loss, smiled gently and touched Beigongyu’s forehead, and then said, "It’s okay, don’t burn!" Don’t worry, you just caught a cold wind, and now you’re fine! "
North palace rain track nodded his head.
Xue Yibing said sweetly, "Sister Yu, I recently learned a new line and I will read it to you!" Bei Gong raindrops nodded.
Snow and ice said, "I have a plan.
What plan?
The more I listened to the rain in Beigong, the more confused I became. In the end, I wondered why my name appeared in this sentence.
Xue Yibing said, "Sister, this is my new line. The rehearsal temporarily changed your name! You won’t blame me! "
Beigongyu suddenly realized that it was like this. Then Xueyiyi and Daisui Ling must have misunderstood each other! But I don’t want to lose my life because of this!
My eyes dim when I think about the rain in Beigong.
Xue Yibing and Dai Yaochen flashed a trace of disgust and pride in their eyes. It seems that the play was well played!
It turns out that Xue Yibing and Dai Yaochen played all this for Beigong Rain! Is to let her down! The rain in Beigong is really hooked!

Suddenly, I saw that the giant blade of the handle day was flying up for a while, which made the whole cave ablaze and the heat wave hit the four slaves. The colorful Xiayun network protected the people, which made the flames not invade them, but the surrounding cold, snow and frost had been released and melted most of the heat, and it continued to drown them in the fast-flowing water in a short time.

What’s that! Listen to the flower slave, a charming drink, and a colorful light appears in the direction of her finger, but it disappears in the blink of an eye, leaving the huge blade of the heat swirling around the sky and melting the frost around it.
It seems to be a figure, but it doesn’t seem to be very similar. Is there something sealed by Xue Yunfeng? If it is a vicious person, we will be in big trouble! The wind Xiang said as he destroyed the real magic of the moving body and suppressed the anger of the fierce giant blade.
We’re in enough trouble. I think the whole cave here is melting. Let’s take the giant blade and go! Rou Er looked at the deeper and deeper water around him and shouted
It’s almost done. Hang in there! At this time, the wind Xiang has suppressed the fierce giant blade to the minimum, and quickly, the spirit will be wrapped up, and the daughters will jump out of the hole together after passing the handle. As soon as they get out of the hole, they will hear a continuous collapse behind them, and the whole cave will be submerged in the running water …
At this time, Fengxiang discovered that the huge blade of this sky was much bigger than he thought. The ice layer previously exposed was a small part, and the blade was about seven feet long. Although it was powerful in hand, it was extremely inconvenient, so he secretly decided to try to practice it again in the future if sometimes.
Xiao Huang, let’s go! Listen to the wind xiang when roar loud, that is a white bear fight inextricably Kuroha magic burn will simply fly back to his shoulder, judging from its face excited expression should be met a good opponent!
When the white bear saw Kuroha’s magic burn fly away, it was not a burst of loss. When he hurried to this side, Fengxiang and others had already flown away, so that he couldn’t help but roar with sadness in situ and the whole mountain was crumbling.
Along the way, Fengxiang and others also picked several strains of nine-day ice grass, which were wrapped in ice covers and put into the ring, and then they rushed back to the venue of Lixianfeng Tournament.
When Fengxiang reappeared in the tournament venue with her daughters, it caused a riot again, which attracted the eyes of many fix true practitioners again. On the other hand, the elder of Yun Tian looked at the teenager who caused an uproar in the tournament in the sky, but at the moment he was able to walk around the holy stage.
And the female Zhao Lanxin is still a pair of indifference in front of outsiders. If Miss Si Nu doesn’t speak, she will naturally say nothing and quietly talk to her. Rou Er has little interest in human beings except Fengxiang since she became a real dragon. Therefore, walking gives outsiders an unapproachable and aggressive momentum so that they can watch and swallow saliva from a distance …
Fengxiang Rou Er, where have you been? Why did you come back now? Children covered in dust came to Fengxiang and others and looked excited, saying that they seemed to have just defeated a rather strong opponent.
Hey, hey, isn’t this a good time? Is it my turn? The wind Xiang asked confidently with a long knife as tall as others.
After the blood dance, it will be you. What’s your knife? Children said with great interest pointed to the wind xiang giant blade in the hands of doubt asked.
Oh, this one means how about taking the giant blade of Zhongtian, handsome in my hand? Fengxiang gloated and gestured, and the huge blade in his hand reflected heavy light and heat, which made it difficult for children to open their eyes. I was surprised that this super weapon would fall into Fengxiang’s hands.
What! Super weapon, the sky is absolutely fierce and the blade is huge! How did you get it?
To realize this powerful blade, the fire attribute in the extremely cold breath of Yunshan was greatly erased by long-term snow sealing, and then most of the power was suppressed by the wind, which was far from the power of that year, but it was still much stronger than that of ordinary weapons.
Hey, hey, it’s a long story. By the way, do you know what’s the secret of Xue Yunfeng? Said the wind Xiang, suddenly thinking of what he had seen before, and he couldn’t help but ask curiously.
Xue Yunfeng? I’ve never heard of the secret of that mountain peak. Why don’t you ask her? Shadow blood clan is a natural historical book! Children reached a finger taizheng tournament blood dance said
The wind Xiang fought against the giant blade and came to the front of the San Wu. The blood dance was being fought in full swing by a brother who taught Qing Yun. Although the real Yuan Xiu only melted Yuan Duan, the flying sword in his hand contained the wind attribute, which made him incredibly fast. Even dancing with blood made it difficult to get involved in continuous blood shadow skills.
Blood shadow technique-blood stump separation!
Just as the blood dance missed the other party again, I listened to the cold hum in the mouth of the fix true person and immediately flew out and stabbed the waist of the blood dance.
Watch out!
Listening to typhoon Xiang drink a lot, the extremely magnetic voice suddenly made the blood dance can’t help but come back to it. It was quite easy to avoid the other side’s sneak attack, but this stupidity delayed her. When she dodged, she saw that the flying sword went straight through her shoulder blade with a ray of bright red blood, and then turned to continue to attack.
Damn it, it’s bad luck to see you! Blood dance angrily cursed a quickly sideways to avoid.
When the fix true practitioner saw that he had succeeded in a blow, he couldn’t help but gain confidence and struggled to destroy the flying sword in his hand. The incessant attack made the situation extremely passive.
Did I do something wrong? The wind Xiang looked at the scene of the tournament platform with chagrin and asked Rou Er and Zhao Lanxin beside him
The most taboo for a master to fight is distraction, but a master who has been killed for a long time, such as a blood dance girl, will never be distracted by a sudden sound unless she keeps thinking about this person in her heart, which means …
Unless what? The wind Xiang asked eagerly, but see Zhao Lanxin Rou Er gave me a sly smile at the same time. Looking at the wind Xiang at a loss, he couldn’t help laughing more joyously but without meaning. The other party was worried.
Unless the blood dance girl also likes you! Moon slave suddenly leaned in and said with a smile, if you breathe out, Lan looks reddish, but it is a charming state. The hot face is sticking to the wind and Xiang’s ear, so Zhao Lanxin suddenly realized something and nodded his head.
Wow, don’t scare me. I don’t want such an ugly girl!
Oh? What’s ugly about the blood dance girl? Zhao Lanxin looked at Fang Xuewu sideways and then said, I think she is smart. Although she looks reckless, she is very understanding. She should be a good girl!
Yes, I think the blood dance girl is good, too. If she really dies, you will feel guilty! Rou Er also aside to have them.
Kill this! The wind Xiang didn’t feel the seriousness of this situation until he heard this, but now he is in the tournament stage and he can’t help openly. Besides, the elders in Yun Tian are eyeing up like ghosts and looking at themselves for fear that they will be stopped by him before they make moves …
Got it! See the wind Xiang suddenly shouted a wrist turn up high, raised his hand, and the giant blade of Zhongtian absolutely fierce swung toward the middle, and then went to a strong fire hurricane. When it whirled up, the elders of Yun Tian also flew, and the crescent sickle in a wave of his hand immediately oscillated and the fire hurricane would blow away.
The elder of Yun Tian just wanted to teach this unappreciative little troublemaker a lesson. He saw a fire rising again, but in his anger, he also took off a Lanxia rapier to bombard the crescent sickle handle again. Huo Ran shook the blade out of a small gap, but this small mouth made the elder of Yun Tian feel so distressed that he could not eat the little one in one bite.
Lan lingfei frost sword?
It turns out that Fengxiang knows that the strength is greatly limited, and the fierce giant blade method strikes the meniscus sickle, so the flame breath confuses the elders of Yun Tian, and at the same time, Zhao Lanxin’s same weapon Lan Lingfei Frost Sword flies out, so that the two weapons work together to produce such an effect.
It’s said that the crescent sickle in the hands of Elder Yun Tian was the first-class weapon he sought from a stranger for many years. Since decades ago, he has never left his body and devoted himself to putting the most important treasure in the hands of the enemy. Even if it is not necessary, he rarely moves. How can he not be angry if he damages the hands of this young man today?
Seeing that he was holding the damaged sickle to destroy and move up, the real power was like crazy, and he took the pledge toward Fengxiang and struggled to cut down the bite-eating momentum, which really made the people around him watch the fix-true, and even the holy martial arts platform felt a slight impact.
This is the time!
Listen to the wind, whisper, raise your hand high, raise your hand, and the giant blade of Zhongtian will meet the sky. The sickle will only touch two people, and at the same time, it will shock the sky in both directions of heaven and earth. The elders will fly backwards for dozens of feet before they stabilize their bodies. Suddenly, they can’t hold back a mouthful of blood, and the white beard on his chest will be dyed a purple.
And Fengxiang doesn’t easily feel that his mental body is distracted, and the whole body falls into the ground in a flash. It’s not easy to reunite the mental body into a pit several feet deep, and then he feels that the real magic of the body seems to have declined a lot compared with the past. Only then do you know that the original mental body will also be injured.
And this encounter between the two men led to the frequent distraction of the fix-true practitioner in the San Wutai Tournament, and the blood dance was completely immobile due to frequent access to such melee and dangerous scenes. The blood dance gradually occupied the wind’s hand, and the scales gun instantly waved a gun flower and stabbed the other person’s heart like a dragon out of the water.

When I heard the snow vulture coughing up Huangfu Zhantian, I suddenly woke up and described the appearance of Henaan and them a little, and then looked at Sakura Jill nervously. Section 115: News.

After seeing the expression of suspection.i Zhantian, Sakura Jill immediately laughed while covering her mouth.
"You’re so stupid. Even if our Yuhailou has an intelligence system, I’m sure I can’t always know that I have to check it for you. Well, I’ll ask it for you after dinner. I heard that there are two girls. What do those two girls tell you?" Sakura Jill hexagrams asked.
"Ha ha, those are my friends Henaan and Tie Yingyue. They are my girlfriends!" I’m sorry to say that I have to please her anyway. It’s okay to tell her.
"ah! Xiaotian brother, you are good. It’s good to find two girls as girlfriends. I also think you are a elm knot in one’s heart. "Sakura Jill said with a smile and praised her, glancing at Yu Xiaoxian next to her eyes. Of course, she can see that although this Yu Xiaoxian seems to be close to Huangfu Zhantian, it should not be that kind.
"Ahem, that would be troublesome for Miss Sakura Jill." Any suspection.i Zhantian embarrassed way [
"I said don’t call me miss cherry Jill. Well, just call me sister Jill. It’s really shy. I’m a few years older than you. Are you afraid I’ll eat you? Or am I not worthy to be your sister? " Sakura Jill eyes stare and asked.
"Well, sister Jill!" Any suspection.i Zhantian Naidao was severely pinched by Yu Xiaoxian’s hand and his arm side. This handful of suspection.i Zhantian took a deep breath and choked back the terrible pain to Sakura Jill’s way
"Good giggling, good brother. Well, when the food comes, you can eat first. I’ll ask for you to save you from always thinking about your lover!" Sakura Jill smiled and laughed again and again, and then she turned and left, and the food was delivered at this time.
"Xiaotian, are you fascinated by her?" Yuxiaoxian bite bite lips way
"What is a fool thinking? How can I like people when we meet for the first time? Besides, people have such a big industry, and it seems that she has as much power as the five big families in . How can people like this look at me? Besides, it’s not that you don’t know me. My heart is already full." Huangfu Zhantian stopped talking and worked hard at the food on the table.
"I’m sorry, I was just talking nonsense. Don’t worry." Yu Xiaoxian suddenly felt a little overwhelmed after seeing the performance of Huangfu Zhantian.
"Well, you hurry to eat. You must be hungry after such a long journey. After eating, I’ll ask Yu Huayu about them and then we’ll go to an inn." Huangfu Zhantian looked up and smiled reluctantly.
"yeah!" Yu Xiaoxian didn’t dare to talk any more. She nodded her head and then ate it. The original delicious food in her mouth suddenly became dull.
"Did Xiaotian’s brother eat well?" When HuangFuZhanTian and YuXiaoXian were silent, Sakura’s voice came from the outside.
Hearing this, Huangfu Zhantian rose up because he felt a kind of joy from Sakura’s words. It must be that there is news coming, but I don’t know who it is.
"Jill elder sister you come back? How’s it going? Is there any news? " Asked suspection.i Zhantian nervously. Even the snow vulture next to her stopped eating. She looked nervously at Sakura Jill, but Yu Xiaoxian looked a little uneasy. She didn’t know whether she should be happy for suspection.i Zhantian or worried about herself.
"Giggle Xiaotian brother, this is the most sincere time for you to call your sister. It’s really a little heartless. Okay, I won’t tease you. There is indeed news, but it’s not your lover. It’s two men who said that two people came to Mu Mucheng three days ago. The appearance of these two people told you that the little secluded and small fish was more like they entered Mu Mucheng with the Yin caravan when they came. The two of them should be Yin’s now." Cherry Jill primly said.
When I heard Sakura Jill’s words, Huangfu Zhantian was suddenly disappointed, but it was also the best of all the news. Now there are four of them together. I believe that if you look slowly, you should find it.
"Thank you, sister Jill. Then I’ll go find them now." Any suspection.i Zhantian got up eagerly.
"Don’t be in such a hurry. I sent someone to Yin’s house when I knew this situation. I believe you will see them soon." Sakura Jill said quickly when she saw that she was in a hurry.
"Am I too nervous or is it considerate of Jill’s sister?" I heard that Sakura Jill had made arrangements, and my heart was suddenly moved. But after she helped herself so much, she must repay a family well.
"Giggle, you and your friends are very good. I can see that you are anxious about them, but you don’t know what your sister and brother will do when I am in danger." Sakura joked.
When I heard the words of Sakura Jill, I was sincere and said, "Sister Jill is very kind to me. If Sister Jill is in any danger, I will definitely rush to save you at the first time, no matter who she is."
Sakura Jill didn’t expect her jokes to make Huangfu Zhantian so solemn, but her heart was suddenly a little touched. She was kind to Huangfu Zhantian because she didn’t know what Huangfu Zhantian smelled like, which always made her feel at ease and very comfortable. It was like returning to her mother’s arms [
"My silly brother, where can I meet any danger? It’s enough to have you. Well, I’ve prepared a place to live. Let’s live here for the three of you."
"But …!"
"Come on, don’t say, don’t you abandon your sister here? If so, then you can live outside." After that, Sakura Jill stared at Huangfu Zhantian with dribbling.
Hear sakura Jill suspection.i zhantian suddenly speechless good nai nodded his head.
Then suspection.i war day, the three of them lived in a small courtyard behind Yuhailou. The yard was very quiet, and there was little noise outside the yard. It seems that this yard should be equipped with a magic device.
"Brother Xiaotian?" As far as Huangfu Zhantian is concerned, when they are resting, the sound of Sakura’s voice comes from inside the door into section 116: weizi.
When he heard what Sakura said, Huangfu Zhantian was the first to jump out, slammed the door and looked anxiously around Sakura, but when he saw that Sakura was coming alone, he was suddenly disappointed.
"Oh, disappointed?" Sakura Jill laughs
"Oh, no, they haven’t come yet?" Any suspection.i war days could not help but ask.
"Also said that there is no really see you in such a hurry to tell you the truth, the two of them do Yin’s house, but now the two of them can’t come over." Cherry Jill looked a little weird.
"What?" Any suspection.i war days doubt asked [
"I really don’t know whether your friends learn from you or you learn from your friends." Sakura Jill asked with a strange face.
"What do you mean?" This time suspection.i Zhantian is more confused.
"Also said that your two friends were respectively retained by Miss Yin Jia Da and Miss Er, and now they have gone to weizi to play with Miss Yin Jia Da and Miss Er." Cherry Jill smiled and looked at Huangfu Zhantian strangely.
After listening to Sakura Jill’s words, Huangfu Zhantian was really shocked this time. He didn’t expect Xiao You and Xiao Yu to be indifferent and indifferent to each other, but he was really happy for them.
"Then let’s go to weizi to find them now. Er, of course, if you have nothing to worry about, if you have something to do, then we can do it ourselves." I’m glad that Huangfu Zhantian said such a thing directly to this cherry girl, but as soon as the words were exported, Huangfu Zhantian found something wrong with his words and quickly changed his mind.
"Giggling is so overbearing. Even if you have something, your sister will definitely push it off and go with you. Otherwise, wouldn’t we be disappointed every day?" Cherry Jill smiled repeatedly.
"Sister Jill is joking. Let’s go now!" Any suspection.i zhantian some urgent way
After listening to Huangfu Zhantian, Sakura Jill smiled and said, "I can’t stand you. Let’s go!"

"Oh?" Lian Yan-jing thought for a moment and seemed to remember who it was. "After the mysterious tribesmen failed to assassinate the emperor and rescue the virgin at the same time, they naturally got up and returned to the Royal Guards!"

"Is it a prison?" Dong Yuling remembered that the Royal Guards had stayed in the special dark room for so long, and it was almost two years. Is this … still awake?
"Yes, that place in the prison will be saved, and then someone will come to relieve the prisoners." Lian Yan Jing otherwise.
"What about Yingying’s top card?" Dong ling suddenly asked
Lotus Yan Jing was dazed for a moment before she found out what was the significance of Dong Yuling’s asking questions. She couldn’t help but feel happy. "A secret place is in charge, and maybe there is a mother. Are you still jealous after all this time?"
Dong Fengling left him a look "just curious, just ask"
"Really?" Lotus Yan jiing some regret said that the in the mind is 391 chapter 391 than the United States that eleven.
Dong Yuling couldn’t help laughing at Lian Yan Jiing’s snickering. I really don’t know what the brain has made up in some life.
However, Dong Yuling didn’t discover that he was happy.
"So it has been decided that Yingying is Wang Ren, Hunan?" Dong Fengling stopped when he saw that the massage was almost done.
"At the beginning she with brave" close not already guess? Brave and brave "even the king of Xiang stayed in Beijing for the biggest chess game". Lian Yan Jiing felt that it was lucky to find brave and brave "if it weren’t for some words in Dong Wei’s spirit, they would still be in the dark!
Even better, Zhong Yongbo doesn’t know that he has been exposed in recent years, and there is no shortage of manual work.
"I mean, Xiang Wang’s hand and medical skill are so superior? Dare somebody else face knife? It seems that the effect is very good! " Dong Yuling is more interested in this.
This topic is not unusual in modern times, but it was very difficult in ancient times.
"The king of Xiang had some talented people who were different. In those days, the king of Xiang was still very polite to the wise men. It was only in the past two years that he tore his face with the emperor, but he always did something confused …" Lotus Yan Jiing stretched out her hand and pulled Dong Yuling into her arms. The two of them lay together. "Heroes only come out in troubled times. Some talents want to do something that will last forever when they are born, but they have no chance."
"If Xiang Wang can be honored in the Ninth Five-Year Plan, are you afraid that history can’t be remembered?" Lian Yan Jing knows what these people think very well.
Some people are simply mad at their names.
However, they chose rebellion after a long history. You know, the rise of war is bound to kill people, but they almost have their own victory
Do you really want to be a good official without taking the right path? Dislike this name is too small? I really don’t know what to say.
What kind of people have never seen in the dark world of previous lives? It’s not surprising that Dong Fengling heard this.
Others may not understand their obsession with something, but they never feel wrong.
"I think Xiang Wang’s tactics are not simple. Is it really recruiting people?" Dong Yuling remembered that if Brother Nan, the entomologist, really recruited something for more than 20 years?
You know, when the new emperor ascended the throne, he was very busy. If he stopped poisoning, he wouldn’t even be afraid of the emperor.
At that time, the emperor had no heirs, so the succession of the king of Hunan must be so flustered now.
"Of course, there are also means to intimidate Xiang Wang Da. At the beginning, he was too headstrong to lose to the first emperor, otherwise he will not get it until now?" Lian Yan Jing chuckled, "But now it seems that King Xiang is really old."
An ill-timed war with the emperor has also failed several times in a row, as if he were going crazy, regardless of any calculation or wisdom
"By the way, you and the emperor have no news back? For example, the physical condition of Xiang Wang! Is he in poor health so anxious? " Dong Wei ling asked puzzled
People are easy to be a jerk when they are in a hurry, and a dog jumps over the wall.
It is not impossible for Xiang Wang to know that he will not live long without careful layout before.
"Just verifying" that Lotus Yan Jiing toyed with Dong Yong Ling’s hair feels so good. "If this is really the problem, Xiang Wang must have fooled the people around him, not to say that he has a master of Xinglin? It shouldn’t be difficult to hide. "
"And even if King Xiang is dead, it can’t make people relax. King Xiang is also a malicious role." Lian Yan Jiing said slowly, "King Xiang and his insistence on making peace with things. King Xiang grew up in a fief and didn’t have much feelings for the royal family."
Dong Fengling nodded and said white.
King Xiang has little scruples about doing things. He doesn’t want the Shenglian dynasty to decline. However, Wang Shi of Xiang is not a saint, and when he grows up, he will be more paranoid. He will be much more intense if he wants to get the means.
"It is said that it is more necessary to catch the gang than the direct death of Xiang Wang?" Is it best to fix the world first and then solve the old? Dong Yuling is thoughtful. It seems that the layout and planning of the emperor are not small!
In recent years, the layout of the king of Xiang has not been idle.
And now the king of Xiang can’t help but move first, and the emperor is still stable.