Phantom of the Opera C-class ship has made another breakthrough in its fighting skill. Magnetic killing is no longer confined to the original differential attack, but condenses its strength together like a whip, and the light belt is five meters in diameter and kilometers in length. Once the target is locked, it will pursue it until the magneto-optical energy dissipates.

Three loud bangs and a half seconds in the "boom" wave frequency. God’s limited magnetic killing has hit three giant worms.
The alien thread flea was unlucky. Just after it appeared, it touched a dusty face. Half of its body was faint and hissed. It was born in the universe for 1,000 years. It has never been in such a mess. Even when it fought against the flagship of Mantianxing 200 years ago, it finally knocked down several batteries of the flagship, but today’s battle is different.
In the last three months, the blue-blooded meteorite has evolved by sucking worm blood, and the destruction blade has given back the magnetic force to increase the blue-blooded meteorite’s heritage. Generally speaking, Phantom of the Opera is now a B-class star cruise ship, and it is not an ordinary B-class ship. It has risen and then rose for the first time with its martial arts prowess, and the results are terrible.
The centipede and the cancer monster were convulsed all over, and the magnetic belt was formed by magnetic killing. Although they didn’t die on the spot, they had been hit hard and moved.
The alien thread flea’s eyes emit angry red light, and it is glued to the creeping phantom of the opera, the colorful beetle. It doesn’t understand the details of these mechanical monsters. Is it a new zerg nest? Anyway, three right-hand men are dying, and this revenge must be avenged.
The Phantom of the Phantom retreated quickly before the irregular thread fleas made a move. The confluence of his five ships is far more powerful than a single ship battle, even if Zeus and other ships are regarded as Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom
Six star cruise ships hold together like building blocks and storm Lin momo outward. Now, through the war of the gods’ fleet, we can sum up a simpler fleet war to maximize the firepower for nullification.
The Tianzhu fleet seems like a huge eyeball, and the pupil part is precisely the Phantom of the Opera Linxi Suoyun. This huge eyeball "eyes" are fixed on the special-shaped thread fleas and do not let Ruyi approach.
It seems that the battle of the Tianzhu fleet is a prototype, and there are still many unsatisfactory places. However, the power of the prototype of the war is still not to be underestimated when it first appears. The huge eyeball swims to keep the alien thread flea at a distance. If the other party does not have long-range attack means, it will suffer a lot.
The alien thread flea jumped many times and became irritable. Suddenly, it opened its mouth and spit out clouds of liquid. These liquids quickly split up for a lifetime, 22, 24, 40 million, and 200 kilometers in Fiona Fang were covered.
The Tianzhu fleet suddenly stood still, and a large number of yellow droplets were suspended around it. It was precisely because of these droplets that the flagship was in trouble.
According to the data of the flagship battle of Mantianxing, a slight change in the yellow droplets will lead to a terrible disaster, and the alien thread flea is the dominant player at home, so it is not necessary to control the droplets.
"Connor" Lin momo pop-up instructions Langqi suddenly broke into a mass of antimatter clouds to protect the fleet.
The antimatter cloud that magically enveloped the droplets outside the cloud could not stop for a few seconds, but with these seconds, the buffer would be enough.
Phantom of the Opera released more than 100 crates, and several water pills were hidden in each crate, which made the yellow droplets slow down again, while Zeus aimed at the chest of the special-shaped thread flea and sent out 35 beams.
A slight lag occurred in the process of the giant worm’s forward movement. The alien thread flea can’t believe that the vision suddenly became blurred when looking at the chest. It fell headlong into the middle.
Volume 9 gods! Zuzhi Chapter 534 Arriving in Hong Kong
It took the alien thread flea nearly three hours to extricate itself from the yellow droplets around it. These droplets are very difficult and seem to contain some aggressive energy. Once they are contaminated with the energy shield, the consequences can be imagined.
Fortunately, the alien thread flea was killed by Roderick before it became powerful. It was not how powerful the Zeus ship was, but the Phantom of the Opera that laid a good foundation.
God’s limited magnetic killing makes the centipede and the cancer monster dying, but will it have no effect on the alien thread flea? Magneto-optical has already broken into the worm to destroy it.
Roderick’s display of the ship’s fighting skill only serves as a link between the past and the future, allowing the beam to shoot into the wound of the special-shaped thread flea and continue to wreak havoc.
In addition, this thread flea was deeply damaged in the battle of the flagship of Mantianxing 200 years ago. Even if it released yellow droplets, its life was no longer threatened by natural law.
The crew cheered for the first time since the Tianzhu fleet stepped into the mysterious nebula, and the arrangement of four huge insect corpses was too middle, and it was harvest time.
Lin momo handed over the battlefield cleaning workers to Roderick and Connor, and returned to the captain’s room to continue the pranayama after handing over the returning workers to Sasha.
It’s worth noting that a little damage in the force field at the tail of the bright beetle has been prevented by Odin’s emergency care. This savage elf girl has been trained by wood bugs and is very suitable for being an insect teacher. It’s a good match to let Jun God bless her as a partner.
Roderick sent robots to deal with insect carcasses. The advanced Zerg don’t say that they are covered in precious light. It is enough for the Phantom of the Opera to have a meal. What’s more, the plum blossom knocking shell is suitable for making matrices. There are definitely many benefits in it.
When dealing with the cancer monster, Christine was sent by Lin momo to get the toxin, and the yellow droplets secreted by the alien thread flea should be properly kept convenient to make biochemical warheads.
The alien thread flea alone has a kilometer giant, which is five times the length of Phantom of the Opera, and it takes a long time to handle it.
Due to the imminent return, there is not so much attention to the disposal of insect carcasses. It seems that there are not many insect tissues directly pulled into Langqi Refinery to extract some rare elements as far as possible to expand the fleet library.
Lin momo is now desperately poor, and five ships are all equipped with 20,000 units of crystal refining foundation, while Phantom of the Opera is equipped with 30,000 units of crystal refining, and it is hard to squeeze out 10,000 units of crystal refining to buy ammunition and materials.
In addition to pieced together 21 units of crystal refining, the bottom will depend on selling insect shells and those well-preserved blue nematode corpses, but when the fleet is about to leave, Sasha brings good news
"Captain, I have observed the nest of the alien thread flea, so it is suggested to spend a day exploring it." Sasha’s tone was hard to suppress, and she was excited. She also wanted to check the habitat of the thread flea, but she didn’t really think it would be fruitful
If it’s the former Phantom of the Opera, you may not see the clue, but an unknown zerg crystal eyeball was found when the fleet B worm tower was searched. This eyeball is very good for astronomical observation and can see through some dark camouflage.
"Look at the good past and don’t delay the trip." Lin momo confessed that he was silent, and the sequelae caused by excessive mitochondrion division of real cells still didn’t get rid of the evil and he finally got peace of mind
Sasha’s face lit up. It seems that Lin momo intended to let her get the charm before the exercise. When the mermaid fell, the cook and the adjutant are now serious. Don’t underestimate the reverse order of the crew. Sasha’s status has risen rapidly. Maybe she can be independent after a period of exercise. The other five captains are neck and neck
Regardless of Sasha’s careful consideration, everyone got the observation record of Phantom of the Opera. Rodrik and Connor were the first to explore the nest of alien thread fleas. It seems to be hidden, maybe it is not dangerous.
The fleet came to the nest smoothly. This is a hidden planet. The small satellite with a diameter of about 200 kilometers emits dark energy waves from five craters. It is clever to prevent external detection. Marking the satellite on the map may fetch a good price.
Zeus Langqi entered the cave first, and soon returned to the pictures. Sasha gasped at the screen scene.
It is no wonder that the blue-line corpse insect didn’t offend it when it came to the special-shaped thread flea territory. It is because of this that a more powerful Zerg once lurked.
The picture keeps changing, and I see a giant super-special-shaped thread flea crawling at the bottom of the cave, but this is a magnificent worm shell, and even the flesh and blood have disappeared. A few thread flea larvae with a length of less than 100 meters are grinding their teeth at the eye socket of the worm shell.
The insect remains in the cave are piled up like a mountain, and it can be seen that the alien thread fleas are very moist here. Zeus has cleaned the cave, and all these thread flea larvae will be killed until the cave is turned upside down.
Roderick is an expert in cleaning up. Even a worm bone will not be easily let go. The treasure department can turn it into waste and take it away. Who calls the fleet poor now?
After cleaning the wormhole, the Tianzhu fleet returned smoothly and crossed the No.1 wormhole, so naturally it won’t bother the blue-line corpse. If any organization domesticates the Taier agate snail, it can take a chance. 200 million blue-line corpse and tens of millions blue-line corpse are no different for the small fleet.
Even if all gods organize a joint fleet to capture the blue line corpse territory, it is impossible to organize a large-scale battle in the star cruise industry during the expedition, but it is possible to achieve something. Maybe it will create a galaxy outside the New Territories. However, these Lin momo.
After 19 days, the Tianzhu fleet returned to the port, and it has been waiting for several months.
"Finally came back" Sasha breathed a sigh of relief. These days, she was nervous all the time for fear that the gods would organize the fleet to retaliate. Although the Phantom of the Opera reached an incredible situation, it was difficult to say that the elite star cruise ship was closed for many days, and it was a relatively smooth rest period for Lin momo to make a big deal with the shopkeeper ship of cutting.
Lin momo knew that the fleet arrived in Hong Kong after more than 20 days of self-recuperation, and finally the vitality cells of Yasha tears were further moistened, slowly offsetting the damage caused by variation, and a lot of power bases were destroyed, which had eliminated hidden dangers and would not affect the future battlefield.
A list shows Lin momo. This is the achievement of Roderick and Connor. It’s very good to pick up the insect carcasses and clean up the nest of alien thread fleas.
Note in the list: The shell of the matrix worm weighs hundreds of tons, and 153 whips can be cut from the tail of the centipede to be used as weapons. Dozens of tons of venom and 100 tons of secretion of the thread flea are quite consistent.
Lin momo nodded slightly, worrying about the defense problem of his five ships. The plum blossom knocking on the beetle shell came at the right time.
In addition to these materials, there is another amazing discovery. After refining the shell of the super-threaded flea, Langqi got a part of titanium crystals and a large amount of deposited radium.
Deposited radium is the raw material of the repair kettle. Once it is taken to Xuanjie Heresy Collection, it may be exchanged for his rare raw material.
"The captain came out, the captain came out." A force crew saw Lin momo take the captain’s cabin, raised his arm and cheered and ran forward. In a short time, more than 30 screens appeared in front of Lin momo.
After the fleet arrived in Hong Kong, a lot of ships were waiting to be handled. Although Sasha, the adjutant, had certain functions, he could not interfere with the development plan of the fleet, but he had to make a decision.
"Ha ha, I’ve kept you waiting here. First of all, I want to praise Roderick and Connor for their beautiful finishing work. Of course, the corresponding rewards for Sasha’s hard work have been recorded in the account these days." Lin momo smiled. He has been a captain for so many years, and it has been easy to handle the ship. He quickly arranged the serial numbers according to the importance and then handed them over to the corresponding personnel one by one for handling.
"Roderick’s fleet needs to be renovated, but the purchase of materials needs to be slowed down first. Since it is parked in the first area and waiting for such a long time, it should be seen how many surprises he brings to us." Lin momo said, raising his hand and flying a light screen. The disposal method for Yan Shuang has reached out. The wooden widow is no longer detained. Only when she is released can the gods do the right thing and leave the boat fart, can she still account for a lot of free universe energy.
When he came to the Phantom of the Opera, he was an old passenger of the Phantom of the Opera. Although he was surprised by the change of the Phantom of the Opera, he drifted to the master’s room after hitting his feet and landing on the deck.
"Please sit down, predecessors of genre. Honestly, I have a lot of work on hand. Please don’t mind my gift." Lin momo sometimes signs and sometimes writes his own meaning.
Most of the crew members have been sent out to deal with the corresponding matters. The Tianzhu fleet is in urgent need of materials and information. Connor personally went to spy on the raging fleet to visit the Phantom of the Opera, and Irving and Michael Yesun patted their chests to ensure that they could help. Rich blue pigeons can buy a lot of information.
Lin momo is going to take a trip to the porch world after finishing what he is doing. Because of this income situation, he has to look for Zixuan to ask if it is mainly for the next six months to let the incarnate son out of his sleep.
"Siso, do you really agree to let Yan Shuang go?" The style of writing is also a matter of coming straight to the point and not waiting to point to the core issue.
"Ha ha letter is not very white? But I want to see how much you can help. To be honest, this trip to the mysterious nebula fleet has hurt my bones. I’m afraid I’ll help my predecessors in the next six months. Now our fleet and the fleet of gods have a deep hatred. The ancestors and Yan predecessors can rest assured that even if I don’t go to the gods, I’m afraid the gods will come to me. It’s really unpredictable! " Lin momo is crying. Actually, this chess game has just started from the moment when Yan Shuang is released.
Volume 9 gods! Zuzhi Chapter 535 Disciples
Style and brilliant double left Lin momo repeatedly looked at the screen and listed the materials with a satisfied smile. There was also a big family like Mujia who had such financial resources. The financial situation of the fleet was finally alleviated.
"Rod go to No.1 berth to receive packing where there are our things" Lin momo smoothly confessed that after all, Yan Shuang has left Phantom of the Opera, and it is better to avoid big sleep and get the materials back early.

"If you are not the renewal and come here again! ?”

"Farewell!" Eternal emperor mouth said
"I’m afraid I’ll be feathered if I say goodbye today for three years, and then I’ll return to dust."
"Let it be! You have your own pursuit of the old-fashioned way to stop it … "The old man said and waved.
The Emperor of Heaven nodded his head and turned away as well.
At this time, the darkness left the old man alone.
Looking at the virtual darkness, the old man holds a crystal ball that has just been drawn from Jiang Feng’s memory.
Close your eyes slowly
Then pictures appeared in the old man’s mind.
"Let the old man see how you surprise the old man in this life," said the old man, just like before.
At this moment
Jiang Feng has left the empty space.
The light appeared in front of them and soon they reappeared in Tianyue City.
Jiang Feng opened his eyes and saw not only him, but also a few heavenly emperors and demon bodhi old zu.
Demon pretty bodhi old zu a face of anger at this time.
"Impossible! How can I reappear should have got the ability to "demon pretty bodhi old zu angry.
Soon he reacted again. What
"Murphy … I heard that there was a man in charge of Heaven … Murphy, Heaven has been in charge." The demon barbarian old man thought of this and his face was more ferocious.
That’ll be the day!
Their pursuit of a lifetime unexpectedly … unexpectedly for this result!
"no! I don’t believe it! If there is someone, then I will slaughter everything and bleed into a river. I don’t believe you won’t show up. "
"I’ll kill you if you show up."
Said his eyes latosolic red eyes moment looked around a few big emperor.
Everyone has a bad feeling in their hearts.
As he roars, the world tears apart the huge sound.
Buddha Emperor … Yu Tiandi suddenly burst his head and died in panic.
Jiang Feng is also very uncomfortable.
However, there was a fluctuation in the hand mark, and this force was taken as
"You … how do you unscathed! No! You will appear now. Do you know the secret of heaven? "
"yes! Little you tell me quickly! " Demon savage bodhi old zu thundered.
Jiang Feng looked at him and shook his head.
"Heaven is not as good as you think!"
"Sure enough! You really know the situation. Tell me quickly or I’ll kill you! " Demon pretty bodhi old zu said blunt come over.
Jiang Feng took a deep breath.
Glanced at the palm mark and immediately started to work, followed by a huge suction immediately toward the demon pretty bodhi old zu.
"This is ….." Demon pretty bodhi old zu’s eyes showed irate look back channels, and when he tried to escape, he found that Root Method left.
Be bound by a force
"No … no …" One unwilling to roar demon pretty bodhi old zu directly into a wisp of breeze along the Jiang Feng arm into.
Instantly there is no figure.
The primitive man can stop saying that everything is dead, so Jiang Feng will accept it.
At this moment, Jiang Feng looked around at the whole person and looked a little trance.
It’s over! ? This is the end! ?
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and sixteen New departure
"Brush!" At this time.
Two figures appeared in the virtual.
One of them is the Emperor of Heaven, and the other is Sun Yueer 3.
"Master, your wish has been fulfilled! ?” Sun Yueer asked
All ages sent emperor nodded "is completed! In the future, heaven will be left to you to take charge of the emperor’s decision to retire to the mountains and forests. All my life’s commitments have been given to you. Will the rich and the poor be the emperor in the future? "
"Master …" Sun Yueer smell speech eyes red know what this means.
"Let’s go!" Instead, the Emperor of Heaven is very natural and unrestrained, and with a wave of his arm, a streamer breaks away.
Leave Sun Yueer and Jiang Feng alone.
"You also go!" Jiang Feng head also didn’t say
Sun Yueer didn’t speak a time also disappear.
Time passes quickly.
A month later, six celestial bodies were shocked, and all the heavenly emperors were killed at one time.
Although Jiang Feng Sun Yueer was the Emperor of Heaven, he did not reach the Emperor’s territory, and all circles were in chaos.
A year later, Jiang Feng announced that he would give up the position of Chief Elder and leave everything to the Master Ghost Hand.
The fugue world once again leads a group of dragon heads.

"The water is so simple that it is really scared by this little thing."

"Elder Shuier Xiu is better, and his strength is also outstanding. After this mind, he should pay more attention to it." Chu Lao smoothed his beard at this time with a look of teaching.
The elder heard the news.
Immediately nodded "ah … go back to really hard work"
Jiang Feng won the first place.
I didn’t expect this little guy to really win when he rang the palm around.
But a few younger brothers who have been to the Emperor’s Cave take it for granted. You know, at the beginning, the stone giant
How imposing that is.
It’s ridiculous to lose Jiang Feng’s hand if Chu Shuier is no match.
Jiang Feng strode into the ring.
Soon, Xiao Lao presided over many younger brothers and Taiwan.
This time it was a man versus a woman.
It seems that they have a personal vendetta, and they will try their best directly without nonsense.
Aside Jiang Feng chewing fruit silently watching.
This battle lasted for half a quarter of an hour, and finally the man couldn’t remember the woman winning.
It’s a remarkable battle
Time passes like this.
Jiang Feng also experienced several competitions soon.
The result is the same. Either Jiang Feng directly gallants or he is doomed to give up.
Everyone also found that
Jiang Feng is not as simple as it seems.
Have a strong physical strength.
"Take Jiang Feng against ChuTianHu" Xiao elder mouth again.
See Jiang Feng coming across a tall, big, strong as an ox and tiger-eyed man.
Most people just in front of him
I will feel awkward in my heart.
"Jiang Feng! I’ve heard of you, but it’s a pity that I didn’t go to the Emperor’s Cave or I would have torn you apart. "
Jiang Feng looked at him and yawned. "If you want to fight, just give up and don’t delay me."
"You … I don’t know what to do. I’ll make you lose." Chutianhu stepped back and thundered.
Xiao Lao watched the two men stand back and announced the "game" when they were ready on both sides.
Chutianyu eyes suddenly locked Jiang Feng whole foot directly into a light towards Jiang Feng to kill the past.
Seeing this scene, there are many discussions.
"I’ve heard of this Chutianhu, who has been a fighter since he was a child, and abruptly crushed a tiger."
"I heard that the family trained him to throw him into the tiger forest and really ate tiger meat and drank tiger blood to develop his ferocious character."
"Jiang Feng I’m afraid it’s dangerous."
Chu tien-Hu is also famous for his external practice, but his life and death are five fold.
It is two realms higher than Jiang Feng. Calais is not an ordinary fighter. Even if Jiang Feng can win, I am afraid he will be seriously injured.
Chapter 176 melee
People talk constantly.
Even if Jiang Feng does well, I’m afraid he will be seriously injured if he wants to win Chu Tianhu.
"swish! Hey! Hey! "
Chu Tianhu’s striding speed is amazing.
But at this time Jiang Feng suddenly eyes a folded.
Then the body burst into a strong breath, and the random fairy energy suddenly ran and punched it hard.
Everyone is stunned.
Chutianhu showed anger but it didn’t help to fly out directly.
"How is it possible! ?” Chutianhu was furious and just wanted to send it, but Jiang Fenggen wouldn’t give him the chance.
Foot continuous inching
Catch up and randomly step on Chu decepticon’s chest.
This foot Jiang Feng didn’t leave any hand.
Fairy energy runs to the extreme and directly kicks him out and slams him into the ring and spits blood.
Jiang fengbi physique
It’s suicide.
Chutianhu’s downfall didn’t respond for half a day, ignoring body pain.

"Ahem, that system, I remember that I have recruited a Mei aunt at present, right? How can there be [2/3] progress? "

"inappropriate" rewards 5 starting coins.
Chapter 261 Who summoned the Dragon? (two more monthly ticket)
"Ahem, that system, I remember that I have recruited a Mei aunt at present, right? How can there be [2/3] progress? "
Zhang lancha topic
"Simple funeral Banna promised you to join the team, and I’ll give you whatever you want." A relaxed tone.
"What the hell? You said it was a funeral, right? Or did I hear it wrong? " Zhang Lan said that there was too much information and some people were dumbfounded.
"That’s right. It’s been four days since the live broadcast card was cut off. The earth’s human foundation acquiesced that you were dead. Statues were built for you all over the world, not to mention they looked good." When Tong answered, he also projected the metal statue of Manhattan Central Square into Zhang Lan’s mind
"Lie trough! Lie in the trough! ! Lie in the trough! ! !”
Zhang Lan said at this time that he was in a state of compulsion. Why did he sleep inexplicably and his funeral was held?
"Hey? No, "Zhang Lan is the reaction." How do you know about the earth? You are also in Asgard’s divine domain. "
"Harry Peter Cheng played a live broadcast card at your funeral, and I can receive the message naturally. Do you want to see it? I can project it to you."
"Then show me. I’d like to see what they say about me."
The system is still so efficient. Zhang Lan here is talking, and the projection on the other side has been released. This time, unlike the statue projection just now, it is an image in my mind, but it directly generates a 3D scene. Zhang Lan is usually at the scene of that day if he is there.
It’s time for Tony and May to talk.
I was surprised to hear Tony call that beautiful young woman "Mei" Zhang Lan!
What the hell?
He should be less than a week away from the earth, right? How did your aunt Mei become such a beautiful young woman?
A little thinking about Zhang Lan faintly knows what is going on.
"Is Tongmei’s injection of the perfect lizard medicine greatly activated the cell activity, resulting in cell rejuvenation and rejuvenation?"
"Yes, you guessed right."
Smell speech Zhang Lan nodded and stopped talking because Tony spoke.
It’s the first time he’s seen such a fragile Tony. Looking at Zhang Lan, his heart is a little blocked
The new element was successfully studied, and even a copy was prepared for him. That sentence "I came to new york!" Finally, when Tony wiped his tears, Zhang Lanxin felt a lot.
Unconsciously, it turned out that he had established such a good relationship with Tony.
After the second Banner surprised Zhang Lan, I didn’t expect him to come. After all, there must be S.H.I.E.L.D. and government people at the scene. Although they already have abhorrent research materials, it can’t stop the military from being greedy for Banner.
Similarly, Zhang Lan also knows what progress will be successful and further. Presumably, he sacrificed his spirit to let Banner recognize himself.
Of course, Zhang Lan also noticed that Banna said that he and Tony were studying a new steel suit. Nima wouldn’t be anti-Hulk, would she?
This is The Avengers II technology, right?
That’s a hard-working hulk armor!
When Zhang Lan marveled, the third president also performed.
For President Zhang Lan, a little thinking is to understand his meaning, which makes him more disgusted with the fact that the government has the same style, and a plan in his heart is more determined.
"I hope to find an opportunity to realize it when I go back this time!"
When he secretly made up his mind, Frey’s aggressive remarks about the hard-working president were also heard by Zhang Lan, especially the last sentence, "Vampire is a very good name and I like it a little", which made Zhang Lanxin’s impression of this agent head mostly change.
Coulson’s idea of signing autographs Zhang Lan felt it necessary to help him finish it when he got back.
At the end, Hill’s blue color indicates that the head is a little big!
What, he saw abandonment in Hill’s eyes?
Charles appeared that "I’m not as good as you" and Zhang Lan accepted the fact frankly. That’s it. Charles is too stubborn. There is no need to compromise him to maximize his ability.
Yu Katie Zhang Lan said that she was full of heartache, especially the only sentence "I am waiting for you to come back!" But also poke him in the bottom of my heart
Because of this sentence, Zhang Landing decided-this daughter-in-law is going to be settled!
Who dares to save and kill who!
Then came Xavier’s gifted college students, one by one, who said something immature to Zhang Lan. They didn’t have any flowery words, either "You want to come back!" "You won’t die" and "You must live"
Zhang Lan is never tired of listening to it. He thinks there is nothing wrong with his idea of saving superhuman beings.
In the post-Fantastic Four, Rhett is still an old-fashioned researcher, Susan is still Red, and Johnny is still so honest and honest.
Zhang Lan, one person after another, deeply remembers them in his mind, and these will be his future plans.
For a long time, Zhang Lan finally finished reading all the information. He waved to Tong to put everything away and quietly thought about it with Ba Na.
No one knows what he wants and does not disturb him. Although he is "refined", his character, which has been silent for hundreds of millions of years, will not change.
At that time, Zhang Lan stopped moving like a statue, so she quietly maintained a posture. I don’t know if she was possessed.
"boom boom boom!"
Room Shimen was pushed into a robe, and Saul pushed the door with a face of surprise, which was far from seeing the state of being a meditator.
"hey! Blue, are you awake? " Sol’s loud voice woke Zhang Lanzhen up. "You have slept long enough for three days. You and I have delayed the celebration dinner for three days!"
"ah? Celebration banquet? " Zhang Lan hasn’t returned to absolute being.
"Of course, according to our custom in Asgard, after the victory of World War I, we should first reward and then celebrate the whole country. You have made a great contribution this time. My father promised to fulfill one of your wishes!"
However, Zhang Lan is still in some situations. The unconscious replied Sol-
"Ah? A wish? Who summoned the dragon with seven dragon balls? "
These chapters should be slightly excessive. Later, there will be the climax of "Reunion One". Hey, hey, this time, Xiaolan will give you a big pot of stew. Are you ready for Qian Qian and the tickets?
Chapter 262 I strangled myself! (seeking reward in the third watch)
"Ah? A wish? Who summoned the dragon with seven dragon balls? " Zhang Lan is still out of condition.
"Qi seven dragon balls? Summon the dragon? What did you say? " Now it’s Saul’s turn to have some doubts
Until now, Zhang Lan finally broke away from that state of thinking. As soon as he heard Saul’s question, he realized that he had said something wrong and corrected it quickly.
"Oh, that’s an animation in my hometown. When is the celebration dinner? Now? "
"Now?" Sol took a blue topic: "It’s late now, so it’s natural to wait for genius. I’ll tell my father and them now that you have a good rest!" Haha, I’ll introduce you to our Asgard warriors. You will like them. "
Come and go like the wind Sol rushed out of the door, presumably to finalize the celebration dinner with his father, Odin, but a moment later, a fairy palace maid-in-waiting sent delicious food to Zhang Lan to enjoy.
Although with the energy point exchange system, Zhang Lan no longer needs to take energy by eating in such a low-level way, it is still a good choice to taste delicious food.
Is Zhang Lan or will this time send all the delicious food to eat, but let the ladies-in-waiting secretly lose heart
Even Saul doesn’t have such a big appetite.
After a full meal, Zhang Lan drove away the woman who wanted to serve the bedroom and locked the room to sort out the situation herself.
It is an indisputable fact that the system has been upgraded to a fine one. Fortunately, his "mercenary" character has not changed. If there is no special "ration"-rule fragments appear, he is usually quiet and different.
Now, in terms of skill system, Zhang Lan played before, and mystery shop was no longer the previous ten card slots, but a whole list.
At the top are the attributes of wind, fire, water, earth, thunder, yin, yang and seal. If you choose one at will, the grade will be divided from the lowest E to the highest S.
On the left, there is a search box that can quickly search for designated skill cards.
At the SS level and SSS level, Zhang Lan didn’t know it until he inquired about the system. This is to ask him to get the first SS level stock, and then it will automatically start.
In the end, the system even encouraged Zhang to say that Odin’s eternal gun was SS level.
Zhang Lan did not hesitate to look at the unified words directly.
Forget it before the joke. Now the eternal gun is in Odin’s hand. You asked me to come over and bring it to you?

To be precise, which building overlaps another one.

What an illusion!
As soon as the sage turned his footsteps, he flew to the center of the dormitory building. A group of tyra macho men screamed with their clothes uncovered. He took out his staff and stamped it on the ground. This staff was built by himself in Sun Moon Lake, Taizhou Island at the age of 17, and was refined by three peerless masters, Xiu Kirara and Freya Yuhedao. With this staff, he stabbed the ceiling of the youth group in the battle of magical title. The world was salivating at this staff and thought it was the strongest weapon of the magicians-Fenglin volcano.
Sages seldom show their staff, and they don’t show it easily once. He fights with a staff or an official title. He also hides many tricks and goes to war as a teacher of Yin and Yang.
He has a lot of worries and caution in his life. He doesn’t want to deal with the media. He is tired of sneaking around and harassing him, and he doesn’t want his hands to get dirty.
He is the god of light, wind and moon, and nothing in this world is worth defileing himself.
And there’s nothing worth breaking his body.
However, the fine cracks in his body have been all over him for a long time. His heart is recovering and beating, and he wants to break the shackles of incense day by day. He is no longer satisfied with being shelved and praised. His soul is clamoring for fame and hypocrisy. He is eager to have his own face.
He’s human, too.
There are people who love, hate, give up and persist
So he simply doesn’t care about these now, even if the headline says that feather sage massage club holds one hundred macho men for the night, he doesn’t care.
He wants to catch his king’s egg.
"Give me a break!"
As the sage drank a lot, the lights lit up the dormitory building, the steaming massage, the long hair of Tara, the sweat stains, the undercurrent, the aroma, and the broken waves made the Chinese lobes flash in an instant, and the lobes burst and fly away like snowflakes.
Where is the Tara macho massage parlor?
He is in a floating light that he is quite familiar with.
His feet are upside down, and the sun, stars and moon rise and disappear.
There seems to be a sense of exhaustion but no time here.
He took out his mobile phone and even stopped when he saw the equipment.
He looked in front of him and behind him, and all he could see was the majestic lights paving the way, the scenery changing rapidly, the floating clouds, the mountains and rivers, the dusk and the daytime all seemed like a moment’s dream in the lights, and only the light was like a real reflection, like guiding someone to return home, so that he couldn’t help stepping forward-
It’s not far ahead. There’s an eternal brilliance haunting a building that is only three stories high, but it has to make people look up to the golden tile and silver wall outside the small building. The red plum is so numerous and colorful that it makes people want to cry.
This is the admiring moon building, not the admiring moon building.
The sage stepped into the small building and displayed it. As he remembered, there was still a burnt smell from the kitchen. If it was not so strange along the way, the sage almost suspected that he had returned to the place he knew well.
But this is not.
No one in the third floor has a dozen dark cracks, which are more than one person high.
The sage didn’t know where the crack led, but he stepped in without hesitation.
Then he came to a place that he had never seen before and even imagined was pale-
There are several different lights floating. Let’s just call them "lights". In this piece, there are many ups and downs, and many colors are lingering. It is close at hand and far away. The sage stretched out his hand and tried to catch one, but he couldn’t catch it.
Then he saw a figure.
A figure with a hat, a staff and a sword, and a butterfly.
The texture is light and transparent. Every butterfly flutters its wings and wants to fly. It’s not a living thing that ordinary butterfly sages can’t do. Seeing the thin and bright butterfly wings flapping and flowing makes that person’s back look like a moon in the fog, which is particularly lonely.
The sage remembered that the first time he saw his silhouette in the museum, he was so cold and charming.
The man who doesn’t wait for the virtuous population has already spoken.
"Here comes the sage. It’s amazing that the sage has found the dream of admiring the moon floor."
The man said again, "Sages shouldn’t come."
The soft tail line is more familiar than unfamiliar.
"Who are you?" The sage heard his own voice.
"Oh, the sage is really." The man finally turned around and the sage saw his beautiful almond eyes, but they didn’t have the slightest brilliance even if they were in the strange place where the light was lingering at the moment.
It seems that no matter how much the abyss is put into it, the call will echo.
The sage in those eyes can’t even see his own shadow.
"Who the hell are you?" The sage asked again.
The man smiled, "Introduce yourself again." He said, "I mean, Chinese devils specialize in coveting people’s treasures, especially sages."
It’s still this annoying tone. The sage can’t help but shout-"Speak to me!"

Voice falling

Night Jinze raised his wrist and bowed his head, word for word, and ordered the watch to go.
"Night 7 will switch the manual operation mode to remote intelligent operation!"
The surface of Jinze wrist watch transits green with the setting of the communicator.
At night, Jinze looked at the color of his eyes and looked up at them in the distant direction behind him. Then, as soon as the color of his eyes was set, he quickly entered a command on the watch screen.
It is almost the same moment that Jinze’s finger leaves the watch screen at night.
The watch suddenly issued a warning.
–"The V7 missile has been issued by manual command and will reach its destination in 5 seconds"
After saying this, Yue Sheng suddenly turned his head and looked at Jinze at night. His face was transient, and his gold-rimmed glasses and his fox pupil were transient and sharp.
the other side
In the night, Jinze stood side by side, while Si Yunling’s eyes moved. Although they were also surprised, they seemed to think of something and never said anything.
Night JinZe coldly out "Si Yunling this is my personal vendetta with him, you hurry! Help me take good care of the sound. If she is not old, even if she is a ghost, she will not let you go! "
If he can’t let Yue Sheng’s plan succeed, otherwise he can’t imagine what danger he and Jun will face once Yue Sheng’s plan succeeds.
"Want this way to let the sound of your generation? Do you think she will accept me in this situation? " I’m afraid a generation will not accept him as true!
The line of sight passed around and spread from the building, and the fire was raging. Jinze frowned and looked strange. "What do you want?"
"Let her remember my generation, of course."
Night JinZe choked immediately face changed "bah! You shameless thing! I cann’t believe you want to rob me of this! Are you shameless? !”
"Face? Can the face make Ayin remember my generation? " Si Yunling sneered and laughed. "But if you wait for the night seven to react, he will kill you. I’m afraid I have to die to apologize!" And Yin, you’re not afraid of being bullied by others if you leave her alone in the palace? Don’t forget that there is also a mulberry sleep! "
Night JinZe complexion transient a long time "mom! You can’t take advantage of that vicious woman! "
"What! ?”
"run!" I want to kill this bitch Yue Sheng myself, but think about it seriously. This guy Si Yunling is right! If they both die here, the sound will fall into Sang Mian’s hands again!
No way!
No way!
Cheap! No one can take advantage of that vicious woman!
Yu yuesheng
If it doesn’t blow up here, wait for him to turn around and clean it up slowly!
Reached a consensus that night Jinze and Siyun Ling naturally riveted their strength and ran towards the top edge.
"Follow me!" At night, Jin Zechong kept jumping over the front because the floor was tilted and piled up on a test bench. With the explosion of one glass jar after another, Jin Ze’s face and neck soon became bloody, but soon healed.
Si Yunling turned back and he was furious and lost his mind, which made him wake up quickly and ridicule him for helping him!
In this case, he is willing to explore his own way to give each other a slightly safe escape route. Anyway, his healing ability has always been against the sky.
Suddenly there was a huge shock behind him, but before the two men ran to the edge, a scorching heat wave swept from behind towards the two men.
The earth shook and the sky shook and exploded suddenly.
Look where you are.
The fire is terrible
Chapter 3 Episode, Fanwai (1)
Wearing a lovely pill head at home, I quickly checked out a circle of small broken houses, and then I hurried back to the house door, holding a table and steaming instant noodles. I sat in front of my brain and ate it. My mouth was full of noodles, and my dark eyes kept browsing the screen webpage.
She managed to steal the chip this time, but she must do her homework and succeed in one fell swoop.
I don’t know if I checked, but I found that the information she got from the laboratory was not accurate.
It turns out that the fox family in the world is actually divided into two schools, instead of the information she got that there is a richest man, Si Shi.
Eyes off the screen? Royal night family? The light tone of these four words made me whisper.
How can this be done?
How does she know which of these two families is the chip?
You know, if this is wrong, it will be a lot of waves, okay?
In the small courtyard, there was a sudden heavy landing shock, and the light tone quickly moved from the screen to look in the direction of the door
The soft white hand immediately knocked on the keyboard for a few moments, and the screen was full of information, and immediately switched to the monitoring video light tone and quickly looked carefully.
When a figure was found sneaking into a ball and motionless in the corner of the courtyard, the light eyebrows suddenly frowned.
Silence for a moment
The light tone quickly pressed the camouflage hairpin on the side of the head and instantly turned into a sloppy fox teenager on weekdays. Then he quickly put on his clothes rack and picked up his shabby raincoat. He picked up the table and put a sharp knife in his pocket. Only then did he wear night vision goggles and quickly went out of the house.
It’s late at night
Listening to the sounds from outside the yard, there was a vague sense of anger, and there was a trace of doubt in the eyes, and then the shadow fell in the distant corner, and I suddenly had some speculation.
It seems that she has become a temporary shelter here.
The light voice went to the shadow and put his hands in his raincoat pocket. He held a sharp knife tightly and squatted down slowly to lower his voice. He asked, "Hey, what are you doing jumping into my house?"
"I’m sorry" sounded very pleasant but afraid of trembling, and then the shadow in the corner raised his face and looked at the people who came in front of him with fear. At that moment, the handsome man’s face was pleading, "They want to sell me. I beg you not to hand me over. I beg you."
It seems that I didn’t expect to meet a man with such a bad face value in this situation, and my eyes suddenly felt palpitation for a long time
Men are really beautiful.
Handsome, prominent facial features, angular points, and a face that shows a man’s beauty wildly is as unforgettable as a poppy at night.
The man’s white shirt is already dirty, but the whole person’s breath is still precious. Although his eyes are full of fear, the words of asking for help from him are not unpleasant at all, as if he had accidentally strayed into this poor area.
Seeing a young man disguised as a fox in front of him, wait for a while looked at the man curled up in the corner, and the bottom of the fox pupil quickly passed by with a leap of joy, and then quickly begged again, "I will be very good and ask you not to hand me over. I can do anything you want me to do, please."
"mom! Where are people? Where did it go? ! If the third master sees that people are not in bed, we will all lose our heads! Go and find it! " In the alley outside the yard, there was a sudden burst of angry words.
"Don’t say anything when you find it, just give him a shot of K powder to make him happy, you hear me!"
"yes! Boss! "
Listening to the faint conversation outside the wall, I frowned, and the sight fell in the corner, and the man’s eyes felt a little more sympathetic.

Huang Yixian’s view is the most pertinent and appropriate, and Li Tianqi also appreciates it very much.

Of course, it’s best to defeat the enemy without fighting, and it’s also very economical and doesn’t need to spend too much money, otherwise it’s really painful to spend money once you fight
Li Tianqi is also more inclined to Huang Yixian’s suggestion.
Among them, Li Gongxin suggested that Li Tianzuo should not try to test and anger the country.
He suggested that the compromise should be exchanged for greater actions and negotiations, so as to take this opportunity to find out the cards and root needs of Chu before making a decision.
Generally speaking, don’t provoke the country by words and military means, and avoid war as much as possible.
"Countries started from Shandong uprising but started from rebellion, but all the way subverted Xu Jin Guo, destroyed Song Guo, destroyed Xixia Northern Expedition grassland and fought all around. From the defeat of Central Plains countries, we can see that the country is strong.
Canada has just destroyed the Song State. The morale is strong and the morale is tough. It is the time when the soldiers are sharp. It is really not the time when our country should confront the problem. It is better to think about the country’s problems improperly and make it slack than to face the national soldiers directly. "
This statement is a bit too weak, which makes Li Tianqi, who has always been quite strong in Southeast Asia, a bit unacceptable.
"China is a big country, but isn’t there a place where there is no strength and no grasp? Lingnan is far from the core soldiers, and the logistical difficulties are bound to last for a long time. Isn’t it an advantage for our soldiers and civilians to stick to the natural hazards and be prepared against rushing into the army? "
Li Gongxin painstakingly advised.
"The emperor is good at soldiers and soldiers, and all the soldiers are tigers and wolves. It is by no means a good kind. Although our country has troops, it is still not a song country. It should be a temptation for the emperor to ask if he is prepared. We should reply to the emperor with a low profile.
Think of some way to fool this matter in the past first, and don’t let the state-owned army make a move to the south as an excuse. It is not difficult to know that the main force of the country is in Lingnan. It is a great threat to me, and the veteran minister is also happy that the country is a big country after all, not a wise one. "
This is not only Li Tianqian, Su Xiancheng and Huang Yixian who are also dissatisfied with Li Gongxin.
In particular, Su Xiancheng has just won the military victory over Zhanchengguo, and he is in high spirits. He can’t accept Li Gongxin’s statement that he will destroy his prestige if he is ambitious.
"Although the country is strong, it is big and I am bigger. Is there any place that can be compared? The army is far away from the Central Plains, and the logistics are difficult. Our army needs to guard lang son and then separate military forces to sneak into the commissary. It doesn’t take too many times to succeed once, which can greatly threaten the army.
What’s more, if the army comes from the north, it will be unfamiliar with the climate, and it will be easy to cause epidemics if the soil and water are not good. If so, can the army fight against it without fighting capacity? Is it unwise to compromise with such a big advantage? "
Li Gongxin’s suggestion was disapproved by Li Tianqin and opposed by Su Xiancheng and Huang Yixian, which was impossible to pass.
Li Tianqiao was even more angry, so he decided to adopt Su Xiancheng’s plan to fight hard against the country and let the country know that South Vietnam is not easy to deal with in the future, and don’t look at South Vietnam so hard for national dignity and dignity.
Su Xiancheng also showed Li Tianzuo that it was possible to continue to go to South Vietnam only if it was successful, otherwise the continuation of South Vietnam would be a huge problem.
At this moment, it is actually a critical autumn. Su Xiancheng decided to do his best to fight for a chance for Lee Wang Chaosheng in South Vietnam.
Li Tianqi officially approved Su Xiancheng’s analysis of the current situation. At this time, South Vietnam was on the verge of extinction, so the South Vietnamese side immediately took action
They transferred the regular formed troops to lang son to reinforce and meet the garrison troops that have arrived in lang son.
Li Tianqi also ordered Su Xiancheng to be the commander of lang son’s army, so that Su Xiancheng, who has good military talents, personally prepared himself to deal with military blackmail.
A large number of strategic materials ensure that there is no problem in logistics for the lang son army
If China is willing to negotiate, then it is of course best to solve the dispute through diplomatic means, and it is best to solve the problem of South Vietnam’s national identity.
If China must threaten South Vietnam militarily, then there is nothing to say.
Do not hesitate to fight!
On the other hand, Li Tianzuo summoned the envoy of the country to give a reply to the request of the country.
The first city-occupying country and South Vietnam have a good relationship. When there is turmoil in their department, Zou Yana steals the throne, which is rebellious and disrespectful. South Vietnam sends troops to conquer, which is to safeguard the patriarchal clan system, and it is not selfish. It is unacceptable for the country to ask for it.
The second title is really a matter for the Ministry of South Vietnam, so Song still has no opinion about the country and South Vietnam has nothing to ask.
Third, the court of South Vietnam has never criticized the country. I don’t know where it came from. It is said that people have sinister intentions and cannot be prevented. Please ask the court of South Vietnam to investigate this matter and clear the name of South Vietnam.
Then we also heard that there are heavy troops stationed near the south of the National University, and we don’t know what this means.
Therefore, Song Ke has never done such a thing. Does it mean that after China unified the Central Plains, it was forced to wait for the south to show the prestige of China?
So, although South Vietnam is not a big country, it also has the determination to fight to the death to safeguard national dignity. I don’t know if it is felt.
Liao Xingye, the ambassador of China and the instructor of the 50th Division of the 19th Army of the Seventh Corps, smiled in the face of Li Tianzuo’s attitude which was almost equal to the condition of refusing the country.
"So Nanping Wang is not going to accept big persuasion?"
Su Xiancheng, who had not spoken yet, came out and gave Liao Xingye a cold shoulder.
"Dasong has fallen, and I have not yet come to Nanping from the emperor. The Great Yue State is the Great Yue State, regardless of whether the country admits that it is an indisputable fact messenger or not, don’t call yourself offensive! "
"Day yan? The great emperor still can’t call himself heaven. What qualifications do you have to call yourself emperor and heaven? "
Liao Xingye sneered, "There is no heaven in the world, and the emperor is just flesh and blood, but he tries to cover up his Hu Fei in the name of heaven … Is God unjust?"
Liao Xingye beside two agreement smell speech laughed very recklessly.
Su Xiancheng’s complexion is getting worse and worse, and Li Tianqi’s anger is getting bigger and bigger.
Huang Yixian came out and looked at Liao Xingye calmly.
"The emissary needs to know that this is a big country, not a country. Please respect yourself and don’t say anything crazy to disturb the audience!"

This is Lin Luo’s creed, his own law.

Lin Luo first took all the swords, and then made a gesture to Bai Feng. When they swam back to pass by the dozen four spiritual swords, Lin Luo also took them in his hand.
Back on the platform, Lin Luo was excited to throw a bunch of swords. This time, he really made a fortune. This Jiantan trip is really rewarding! Lin Luo turned and looked at Bai Feng. Suddenly, her eyes kept turning. This swimming in the water of Bai Feng made her chest stand out slightly, but if you don’t look carefully, you still have developed chest muscles. Lin Luo was afraid that Bai Feng would notice the busy expression in her eyes and turned her head and said, "Brother Bai, this is what we harvest. You should choose first!"
Bai Feng zheng he had already seen from Lin Luo’s eyes that Lin Luo could distinguish the spirit sword level, but he didn’t expect Lin Luo to be so magnanimous as to let himself choose whether this was Lin Luo’s intention or intention. Does he want to see his greed and then kill himself to win the treasure? Bai Feng has played a small drum in his heart. He has seen Lin Luo’s strength. He may not be worse than himself. Bai Feng thought of this and said, "I don’t want me to have a spirit sword or a four-spirit sword!"
Lin Luo froze. Is this white maple a rich girl in a family who doesn’t even come here for treasures? Play? Lin Luo didn’t believe his sincerity. "Brother Bai, these three swords have one six-spirit sword and two five-spirit swords are rare treasures, both of which are higher than your spirit sword. You choose first!"
Listen to Lin Luo’s words, and then look at Lin Luo’s sincere eyes. Bai Feng’s heart suddenly surges with enthusiasm. His father always says how evil outsiders are, cheating, cheating and intrigue are all over the world, but this Lin Luo looks so just and honest. Especially after witnessing the six monks killing each other, this feeling is even stronger
Chapter 7 Seal Qingtou Dumpling
"I know, but I’m used to my own sword." Bai Feng said with a smile that she couldn’t see any hypocrisy in Lin Luo’s eyes.
"Do you know these sword levels?" Lin Luo was so surprised that he could show his faithfulness. "Then you can’t take risks without taking anything!" You and I are friends. I can’t do such an immoral thing! "
The more I talk about Lin Luo, the more she works hard. It seems that their friends can’t do it without a few spiritual swords, which is really touching.
Lin Luo put the words to this, and Bai Feng also said to Wei Yi thoughtfully, "All right, then I’ll take a lottery. I want to show my father a five-spirit sword, so I don’t have to worry about it."
Lin Luo this just Zhan Yan a smile if Bai Feng take six spirit sword Lin Luo also really some love dearly? This five is another said that the rest is their own.
Lin Luo said, "Brother Bai, although this sword pool is a treasure, it is no less than a curse to some people with ulterior motives or sinister intentions. What do you think of this sword pool?"
Bai Feng looked at Lin Luo’s eyes and said, "Brother Wu is really chivalrous. You say it’s good. If the sword falls into the wrong hands, it will not benefit mankind, but will make mankind face disaster. Brother Wu is a just person. It’s a day to manage these spiritual swords. Do something!"
Lin Luo didn’t expect Bai Feng to be so confused for a moment, but looking at Bai Feng’s pure eyes, Lin Luo finally knew that this disguised as a man, Bai Feng, was either innocent and lovely.
Dare to make a living without the slightest effort! I really don’t know how her parents and master can rest assured!
Lin Luo took out all the spiritual swords in the sword pool and put them on the platform, which was actually piled into a swaying hill. After counting the figures, Lin Luo’s head was misty, and three hundred and twenty three spiritual swords, one hundred and ninety-five four spiritual swords, seventeen five spiritual swords, two six spiritual swords and a white maple took a handful of five spiritual swords. Lin Luo believed that these spiritual swords could not be taken out even by Tianbao Pavilion semicolons.
In this way, Lin Luo can’t adapt to his own identity, from a poor man to a spirit sword with hundreds of poles. Lin Luo doesn’t know if there is a lottery in this world, but he won!
Put the Lingjian Department in the bag. Lin Luo is still holding a broken sword.
Bai Feng said with a smile, "Brother Wu, you are really strange. You have hundreds of spiritual swords, but you still have a broken sword. You change it to a senior one!"
Lin Luo the manner of sighing sighed, "You Angkor are a bit old! This sword, like the purple blood carving, has been with me for so many years that I can’t change my mind! " Said Lin Luo while touching the broken sword, a pair of true feelings seems to be really like a sword.
Bai Feng couldn’t help sighing, "Brother Wu’s broken sword followed you, and you really found the right master. Now there are fewer and fewer affectionate gentlemen like Brother Wu!"
Where did Bai Feng know that Lin Luo really didn’t want to change the sword? Although this broken sword is broken in the sky, it has a spirit. A sword with a spirit is equivalent to a person’s soul. Besides, this cloud sword is made of natural materials and treasures, and its quality has reached 60%. It will be upgraded with the understanding of the sky. Lin Luo is not stupid. This sword can’t be changed!
Hidden in the sword, it hurts to hear two people ask and answer questions. It’s heartbreaking for that white maple. It’s not your fault, but it’s your fault to play with an old fox! The sky secretly prayed that the girl would not fall into Lin Luo’s hands.
"Yi Linluo and so on!" Yunxiao suddenly sounded in Lin Luo’s mind.
Lin Luo zheng asked "what’s the matter with the old cloud? Has anyone come to Jiantan again? "
"Not a good thing!" Yunxiao voice is full of surprises. "I’m afraid you’re going to send a show!"
Lin Luo’s heart is also moving to sell the meteorite in his own hands for so long. At this time, it is finally necessary to play a little. "What’s the method?"
Bai Feng was surprised to see Lin Luo look strange and motionless. "Brother Wu, let’s go!"
Lin Luo was busy waking up and said, "Bai Xiong, wait for me first. I have something to do." Then he asked the Yunxiao Road, "Come on! If you make it? "
"I just noticed that there is a trace of god knowledge in this pool. It turned out to be the Qingtou dumpling. Although it was killed, the god knowledge has not yet dispersed. The meteorite dragon stone is the best stone to suppress and block the gods, and it can warm up the soul and expand the soul. And this Qingtou dumpling belongs to the dragon monster beast. If you block the Qingtou dumpling, you can release the Qingtou dumpling soul in battle."
After listening to Yunxiao’s words, Lin Luo’s heart is full of joy. Qingtoujiao belongs to the fourth-class monster beast. Even if the body dies, the soul is strong, which is unmatched by the general fourth-class monster beast. If you have this, it will be great! Soon Lin Luo put the meteorite dragon stone on the platform according to Yunxiao’s command.
Sure enough, as soon as Lin Luo put it on the meteorite dragon stone, he felt a little bit of tyrannical breath and jumped at it. The meteorite dragon stone is a strange stone. According to Lin Luo’s guess, it should be that the extraterrestrial meteorite contains a unique magnetism that can release an essence to attract powerful souls. This Qingtou dumpling jumped at the meteorite dragon stone.
The dull bluestone color of meteorite dragon stone suddenly released a red light, and a black figure suddenly appeared. The meteorite dragon stone seemed to swim like a fish in a fish tank. The black figure was the condensation of soul essence after being shrunk by dozens of times.
"Spiritual power seals it!" It’s a key to drink in the sky. The meteorite can attract the soul, but it can’t seal it. Only when it is sealed can it be regarded as being tamed by human beings for life.
Lin Luo waited for the clouds to drink, but he had already condensed his spiritual strength and hit the meteorite dragon stone. The spiritual strength broke into the meteorite dragon stone. The green dumpling swimming in the meteorite dragon stone suddenly roared and rolled to escape from the meteorite dragon stone, but every time he was about to escape from the meteorite dragon stone, he was hit into the stone by Lin Luoling’s strength group.
The rumbling sounds are mixed with a slight roar. This is the rebellion of Qingtou Dumpling, which is a struggle against fate. Even so, the meteorite dragon stone does not move at all, and the red light around it swims by itself.
Bai Feng almost looked silly. When she saw Lin Luo take out a meteorite with a diameter of ten feet, she couldn’t see it. Then there were strange things. When she saw the head dumpling in the swimming meteorite, it seemed that Bai Linluo was doing something. A bright look at Lin Luo’s busy figure.
Lin Luo didn’t dare to relax. He could not resist the great power of Qingtoujiao, but Lin Luo was also a monk in the Dan period at this time, and his spiritual power was not weak. So he hit the Qingtoujiao repeatedly. After a wick of incense, the singing of Qingtoujiao suddenly became weak, and the number of times of resistance was much less. Lin Luo was relieved and then scored dozens of spiritual powers until the Qingtoujiao whined and then swam peacefully. He knew that he had succeeded and blocked the soul of Qingtoujiao.
After a while, the red light of the meteorite dragon stone flashed again, and then it gradually became as blue as before. Lin Luo picked up the huge meteorite dragon stone and found that there was an extra finger on the surface. Look at the earthworm-shaped object. It turned out to be the Qingtou dumpling, which was motionless as if depicting the meteorite dragon stone, and the outer edge of Qingtou dumpling should be the reason of low level.
Lin Luo holds the meteorite dragon stone in his hand and is connected with the meteorite dragon stone. In the feeling, a rumbling roar is the singing of Qingtou dumpling, and the two have been connected through the medium of meteorite dragon stone.
"Well, Lin Luo, this Qingtoujiao is what you want. Fortunately, this Qingtoujiao soul is badly injured, otherwise it will be sealed by root method. Now if you meet a powerful monk, call it out and wish you an arm strength!" The clouds are full of joy.
At this moment, Lin Luo really felt that there was a treasure when he got home. As the saying goes, the truth is so simple, but it was not easy to seal Qingtou Dumpling. "Can the old cloud meteorite dragon stone seal his monster beast besides Qingtou Dumpling?"
Yunxiao said, "If you want to have a soul monster beast, you can seal it, but the four-level monster beast will occupy the meteorite dragon stone. It is best to seal the four-level monster beast so that your meteorite dragon stone level can be high."
Yunxiao said yes, judging from the situation of sealing the Qingtou dumpling, every monster beast in the seal will occupy a part of the monster beast, but the meteorite dragon stone is so big that some young monsters are better abandoned.
Lin Luo couldn’t put it down. Holding this huge meteorite, he felt more and more incredible. Yunxiao said yes, this meteorite may become his right-hand man in the future.
"Brother Wu, who are you?" A timid voice sounded from behind Lin Luo.
Lin Luo this just noticed aside Bai Feng busy way "Bai Xiong this qingtoujiao stay here will harm people’s lives or seal it up"
Bai Feng seems to finally feel that something is wrong, but he says that something is not right. Smell speech nods, "What shall we do if we pick it up? Brother Wu "
Lin Luo said, "Things here are over. Let’s go home. Is there anything else, Brother Bai?"
Bai Feng has long wanted to leave here. This place is cold and dry. Although they are afraid of cold and heat, after all, they are dead and smell speech. They nodded and said yes.
Chapter sword wall
The trip to Linluo was fruitful, and the two of them didn’t stay much. They flew directly to the top of the cliff. According to the situation, the height of the cliff is more than 1,000 feet, which is a deep abyss. I really don’t know how this inflammation master found this place.
After a short flight, Lin Luo suddenly saw a piece of light rising overhead, only to find that it was the morning sunrise and the whole cliff mouth could be illuminated by the rising sun because it was slightly larger.
It’s strange that the fog and sunlight in the cliff actually dissipate. Lin Luo’s vision is that you can see this cliff landscape. The cliffs and gullies are all over the place, and the vines are sticking out of the cliffs.
Looking around, Lin Luo suddenly found that some anomalies in this cliff seem to have been dug up in a strange shape. Lin Luo’s heart moved this cliff for no reason, so it should be owned by Master Yan. What does this mean? Lin Luo looked at the depiction of graphics graphics greatly occupied for more than ten zhangs cliffs.
See Lin Luo stop shape Bai Feng also stopped to follow Lin Luo eyes also saw the cliff abnormal and said "may be a natural broken stone".
Lin Luo shook his head gently, and the natural broken cliff wouldn’t be so weird. The longer this figure looks, the more it looks like a human figure. Lin Luo flew to the side of the figure, and it seems that there are countless small figures in it. Lin Luo couldn’t help but look at it carefully with Zheng. There are hundreds of small characters in the figure, and Lin Luo can recognize it as a sword at a glance.
There is cursive writing, line writing and official writing … Although the characters in these graphics are all sword characters, the fonts are different in different sizes. Hundreds of sword characters are actually not a duplicate. Lin Luo is amazed.
Lin Luo looked around but saw that part of the figure was covered by upside-down vines, so Lin Luo cut off those vines with a sword and finally revealed the big picture, but Lin Luo still couldn’t understand it.
Bai Feng leaned over the cliff and watched the handwriting suddenly cried, "Angkor is so strange that this word can upset people’s minds. I actually feel dizzy when I look at it."
Lin Luo said, "Yes, I saw it, too." Suddenly it occurred to me that Master Yan was a fencing master. Maybe he carved all these words, but he talked so much? How cheap is it to carve so many swords? Does this mean something …
Lin Luo was thinking that the sun slowly shifted and the whole figure fell into a shadow, and the strange fog at the bottom of the pool gradually floated and the whole figure disappeared. If you can’t see the figure flying to the cliff in the vast fog, it is really a wonder.
Lin Luo thoughts turned. "Brother Bai, I want to study this thing here for the time being. If you have something, go back first."
Bai Feng’s eyes turned a slightly pie mouth and said, "I don’t want to stay here."
Maybe even Bai Feng didn’t realize that the words just now had a little coquetry meaning. Even though Bai Feng changed her appearance, femininity in her bones was a disguise.
Lin Luo laughed. "It’s up to you."
Bai Fengyi suddenly felt better about this Lin Luo, saying, "Now the words are covered by fog. We can’t see them until the sun comes out. Let’s stop at the cliff first!"
Lin Luo thought about it, so they flew to the top of the cliff.
Cliffs are located in caves around the mountains, and many of them are monks. They found a cave nearby casually and lived in it. Bai Feng looked at it. This cave was hesitant, but at last I saw Lin Luo’s calm look and still didn’t speak. Lin Luo glanced at Bai Feng and knew that she had never lived in such a place. She was even more curious about her identity because almost all ordinary practitioners had been born in the wild. Is this a greenhouse flower?
Both of them sat cross-legged and practiced separately, but Bai Feng didn’t have that great concentration. From time to time, he looked at Lin Luo’s eyes with his eyes open, showing a complicated look and sometimes smirking.
One night, when the sun didn’t rise the next day, Lin Luo had come to the cliff.

Is to know what the mask is.

And Bo Park Jung Su is not wearing a mask now.
So they don’t know that Bo Park Jung Su’s true identity is actually their companion.
Bo Park Jung Su really wants to help Lu Yuan.
So looking at getting closer to Bo Park Jung Su.
With two gold pet animals around him
Three gold-level animal benders have been thinking about leaving.
And Liu Yuan looked at Bo Park Jung Su who was constantly approaching himself.
Smiled and said, "Mr. Bo Park Jung Su, I didn’t expect to meet you here."
"Yes, isn’t this a coincidence?"
"Park Jung Su with his two gold pet beast.
All the way to the distance of fifteen meters from Liu Yuan.
He looked at Liu Yuan with a meaningful smile.
"I can’t believe that Lu Yuan, you not only have a great talent for royal animal food."
"Even the fighting talent is not worse than your food talent."
"Liu Yuan classmates rest assured that I’ll …"
Bo Park Jung Su was in the middle of his words.
Suddenly let oneself two pet beast launched an attack on Liu Yuan.
Fire skills, flame spraying!
Wind skills, tornado!
These two attacks came to expect the unexpected.
To everyone’s surprise
Inbo Park Jung Su just said those words to help Liu Yuan.
As a result, he unexpectedly launched a sneak attack after being close to Liu Yuan.
Have no martial ethics belongs to yes!
Three gold-level animal benders saw it.
There is also a strong joy in my heart.
Boy, we used to be your enemy, but you turned out to be a friendly one!
The ship deck flame jet and tornado were sent out together and instantly merged into a new skill.
See a huge fire tornado.
Strike in the direction of land source
The power of this fire tornado is amazing.
Add an attack to expect the unexpected and see that Liu Yuan will finish the package
But then Tam seemed ready.
The huge figure first stepped in front of Liu Yuan.
Water skills, water hoses!
There was a huge wave beside the ship’s deck.
This wave forms a dragon shape.
Fly to the amazing fire tornado.
The hose bomb collided with fire tornado.
Suddenly issued a violent explosion.
The medium-high temperature flame in fire tornado directly evaporates the seawater in the water hose.
At that time, the splint suddenly raised a lot of steam.
This scene immediately dumbfounded Bo Park Jung Su.
Intam’s dynamic display is prepared.
His sudden attack on the root didn’t have any effect.
At this time, Liu Yuantam’s head
Looking at Bo Park Jung Su with a smile.
At this step, Bo Park Jung Su naturally knew that he was seen through by Liu Yuan.
He looked at Lu Yuan with a gloomy face and said, "When did you find out?"
"When did you find out? You should ask … when do you think you are hiding well? "
Hearing this, Bo Park Jung Su’s heart sank.
Talking about his idea of catching cicadas and yellowbirds from the end …

Yang You didn’t smile. Bai Changsun said that he was a man. After thinking for a moment, Yang You said, "What do you want me to do with him?"

The eldest grandson shook his head in some confusion. Although she knew that this day would come, she couldn’t figure out what to do.
"Li Shimin is a proud man. If I agree to your request, will you imprison him for a generation?" Yang You said slowly.
The eldest grandson bit his lip. She naturally knew what Li Shimin was like, but after all, she was a person who used to get along with each other day and night. She couldn’t bear to see him die in the grave. She didn’t sleep, but she came to Yang You to hope that she could spare his life, but she knew very well that she spoke very politely.
"It’s not impossible to spare his life if the pseudo-Tang kingdom destroys me. Do you think he is worth it?" Yang You asked again.
Grandson dirt suddenly knelt down and said, "It’s unforgettable that courtiers don’t want him to be beheaded." Grandson dirt shed a few tears.
"I’m not a soft-hearted person since I came to you, Li Shimin. I will kill him, but I can promise you to bury him." Yang You got up and left when he saw this scene.
Grandson scale bit his lip and said, "Thank you for your position" and got up and hurried back out.
Duguyan just came in and saw his grandson’s scale stop screaming, but his grandson’s scale had run away.
"What’s the matter with filth?" Duguyan some not white asked
Yang You light a smile "I even leave him a penis is not a big deal, I just think she can cry a little uncomfortable"
Duguyan also smiled and arranged a dress for Yang You. "Isn’t it chilling if she is a lover?"
"This is also" Yang Mi smiled and grabbed his wife’s hand. "I have been holding it for a long time, and it will take two years or half a year to calm down the life of Tang gaozu’s father. Even if I stay, there is nothing wrong with it."
"Benevolence and kindness will be famous that day." Duguyan also smiled, but there was some faint complaint in her eyes.
Yang You can’t help but guess his childhood friends. This tacit understanding is that others can’t learn. Yang You grabbed Duguyan and blew her ear and said, "Let’s rest tonight."
Duguyan face a red nod for silence.
The next morning, Yang You went to pay his respects to his grandmother and mother as usual. After all, he was older and knew some service roads. "When did you attack when you were a child?"
"Grandmother’s commissary and equipment will be ready in the middle of next month. Grandson will be ready to send troops to attack Zhonghebei in early May, and also go to Jingxing to attack Bingzhou, making it difficult for the pseudo-Tang Dynasty to look around." Yang You told us.
After Xiao took a sip of tea, she traveled around the world and had some understanding of geography. She immediately nodded and said, "It will be difficult to attack Tang gaozu on all sides and capture Chang’ an."
"Grandmother assured that she had a good plan to capture Chang ‘an grandchild." Yang You smiled with confidence.
Xiao Hou sighed, "It’s been a long time since the chaos of heaven. I hope that there will be another war here to make the country and the people safe."
"Grandson, remember," said Yang You, and after chatting for half a ring, he retired.
When he arrived at the Dedian, Yang You flipped through the paper for a day and then unconsciously passed. At this time, he did not know that a new situation appeared suddenly.
Chang ‘an City
Tang gaozu’s arms are covered with foxes and furs. He is listening to Duan Wencao telling him that with Duan Wencao’s words, Tang gaozu’s face has become particularly gloomy, and his original face is very pale, which is even more frightening at this time.
Suddenly, Li Yuan slammed the table and shouted, "Is this the case?" With this beat Tang gaozu couldn’t help coughing, but his face was like gold paper. Suddenly, he couldn’t help but spit out one mouthful blood.
Duan Wencao knelt down and said, "It’s true that I have inquired about this matter carefully!"
"Hehe!" Tang gaozu suddenly smiled, but his smile was even uglier than crying.
"secretly bring a witness to see me!" Tang gaozu forcibly endure heart anger and said
"hey!" Duan Wencao said back.
A moment later, Duan Wencao, a dark chamber, brought a man who was Wang Dewen, the imperial doctor in the palace. When Wang Dewen came in, he kept shaking and sweating.
"Spare my life!" Wang Dewen prone trembling said.
"Spare your life. How do you want me to spare your life?" Tang gaozu coldly said that a murderous look in your breath was chilling.
Wang Dewen repeatedly kowtowed and said, "I was threatened and had to do this!"
"Threatened?" Tang gaozu turbid eyes DengYuan kept staring at Wang Dewen’s way: "You eat JunLu lunch and share your worries. I gave you food and clothing in Wang Dewen, but you were so." Tang gaozu coughed again.
"It’s all false for me to give him medicine these days. It’s all false. I’ve repented!" Wang Dewen said kowtowing again and even broke his forehead.
"Hum!" Tang gaozu heavily snorted "Duan Aiqing, you must arrest him and Yakehitobe together and never let one person go."
Duan Wencao replied, "Hey!"
"Hey, hey, I can’t believe that even Wang Xinjun, a slave, betrayed me. He also detained this person and declared that I had sent them to do things. I must not startle them." Tang gaozu said slowly.
Duan Wencao nodded silently and grabbed Wang Dewen.
Tang gaozu sighed, "Send someone to Xuantai to see me."
It is necessary for Li Jiancheng Zhengdong Palace to deal with the equipment and provisions of the political war generals, but the situation is very bad. The food is stretched to the limit, and it will last until the beginning of autumn. Although there will be a harvest in the autumn harvest, when Sui Jun kills, the farmland will be burned, and the roots can be found for food.
Li Jiancheng is worried, but he can’t think of a better way for a short time. He can pin his hopes on defeating Sui Jun as soon as possible.
While he was thinking, a little eunuch came in a hurry and said, "I’m summoned."
Li Jiancheng put his hand in the fold and mused to his father for a long time. What’s the big deal about summoning himself in politics? Is it that Qi Wangxin believes that he knows about it? Li Jiancheng thought it was impossible. After all, he hid in the East Palace after he got those letters.
Li Jiancheng hit the box and saw the letter, but he couldn’t help but feel relieved that his father should have his business. Li Jiancheng got up and arranged a dress and said, "Prepare the horse."
Eunuch replied back out and so on. Li Jiancheng walked out of the East Palace. Eunuch had been holding the steed and waiting outside for several guards. Li Jiancheng turned his horse and ran towards the imperial city. After a while, Li Jiancheng jumped into the imperial city and handed the reins to the guards and walked quickly towards the harem.
Tang gaozu was asleep in the room and heard that Tai requested to see him and summoned him quickly.
Li Jiancheng entered the room upon, "Father, can your body be better?"
"alas!" Tang gaozu sighed deeply, and he must have looked at him from afar. Is there such a big difference between being his own son?