However, when Maohua chopped out this knife, the teenager was negligent and stepped back before the long knife.

This is the sound made by the tip of the Maohua sword rubbing against the young spirit.
When two people collide under pressure, no one can break through the other side and return with success.
When Mao Hua’s long knife missed his body, the teenager stepped on his feet and threw a knife again and cut it obliquely.
"so fast"
Mao Hua’s eyes shrank slightly to one side of his body to hide the blow, while the long knife pulled back and cut a knife again.
This knife split into the other person’s shoulder, but this knife reached the top and just fell on the teenager and already evaded.
He reacted …
Root without thinking is a body conscious response.
When the knife fell behind, he hid and then swung the knife to Mao Hua’s head.
However, Maohua has long expected to step on the body and jump back to avoid this knife.
Maohua jumped up to hide from him, swung and chopped instantly, and the young man cut out the knife and stopped, then flew and rushed out with a knife.
It’s too fast.
Half of Mao Hua’s body was stopped by a horizontal knife, and Mao Hua was directly bounced out.
More wood to recover again is a knife chop.
Mao Hua’s body fell, his feet stepped on the ground and raised his knife.
Mao Hua’s feet directly pulled out two soil marks.
This is not just a flower idea, but also a snow letter idea.
At this time, Xuexin stood in the distance and watched the two men fight on the back.
He came to the wooded area seven days ago, so that he could find a more wood blade, and then he locked his spirit pressure, and then he left the wooded area and waited in the distance.
Xuexin lived on wild fruit for six days.
Just now, Xuexin felt two huge spiritual pressures, and the explosion in the distance immediately made the ability close to observe the two men fighting.
Too strong.
Maohua burst into strength that she had never seen before, and now she is a different person than when she fought with herself when she released water.
But even so, Maohua actually fell off in the battle with Gengmu.
Unsealed wood blade is so powerful.
Snow letter looked at two people in the battlefield filled with horror.
Chapter one hundred and ninety Ignore
Raindrops continue to fall, but flowers and trees still fight.
With the explosion of spiritual pressure and the fragmentation of the ground, the two collided again.
Dang dang dang dang.
Two people split out a dozen knives instantly, leaving a series of ghosting images in the arms and long knives, and the sound didn’t ring until the two were separated.
Swish swish.
The two men’s body shape changed and they fought several times, but the damage was caused to him and the department was blocked.
Very impressive
Mao Hua’s eyes are filled with joy. He is very powerful, and his strength, pressure, speed and reaction department are not inferior to himself.
He is the most suitable opponent for himself.
Generate in joy.

Lin Lei opened his mouth wide and said in shock, "Lord Beirut is so powerful, so can he save my brother?"

Delinkwater looked at Lin Lei and didn’t know what to say. After all, he didn’t see what windson dared not say to Lin Lei directly.
Lin Lei looked at Delin’s grandfather and didn’t speak. His heart was full of worries and he bowed his head.
Delin Cowart looked at Lin Lei and comforted him. "Lin Lei, don’t worry. Your brother is a genius, and you are not worried now. Your strength is still too weak."
Lin Lei nodded his head when he heard Derrick Walter’s words. He was really too weak.
I can’t. I’m going to practice. I’m going to be strong. Lin Lei thought of this and accelerated his speed and ran quickly towards Ernst College
Delinkwater looked at speeding up. Lin Lei smiled and touched his Hu.
Lin Feng, don’t blame me for saying this. I know it will hit you, but if you don’t work hard, it will be even harder for you to catch up with your brother’s pace. Delinkwater secretly thought that Lin Lei in his eyes is too far away from Lin Fengshi. Only Lin Lei has more practice can it catch up with Lin Feng.
And the distant darkness, Beirut, has returned to his metal castle with Lin Feng and placed a magic circle to isolate Lin Feng from the outside world.
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Chapter 60 Beirut
Beirut looked somberly at Lin Feng, who had lost consciousness. Although he didn’t understand what would happen to Lin Feng, Beirut intuition told him that Lin Feng would be excluded from this world if he went like this again.
Windson’s body trembled as if he felt in a bad situation, and his brow was tightly wrinkled.
Beirut thought for a while and mobilized his soul force to slowly enter the forest air body, trying to find out the reason that led to forest air becoming like this in this way.
However, Beirut found that after its soul force entered the forest air body, it was slow to check, as if there was a strange force blocking Beirut.
Although the main god of Beirut walked out of the plane of Yulan mainland because of the dominant reason of light, his knowledge of Beirut was not affected because of the two places in hell.
But windson this situation is the first time I saw Beirut.
After a while, Beirut’s face was already deeply tired. You know, Beirut has never felt so tired since it became the Lord God.
I don’t want to go to Beirut any more in this period. Lin Feng is a dispensable thing for Beirut. Observing Lin Feng in Beirut is to satisfy my curiosity.
But Beirut didn’t think that he had fallen into such a state because of curiosity at the moment.
Beirut wants to take back its soul power, but Beirut finds that its soul power has been mobilized now. If Beirut wants to forcibly withdraw its soul power, although Lin Feng will die, Beirut’s soul will definitely be injured. This situation is not acceptable to Beirut.
Besides, for Beirut, who dares to dominate his mouth when he is a god, there is nothing in the world that Beirut dares to do without him.
Beirut is now not going to withdraw its soul power for various reasons. He will be interesting to see if the strange power of Lin Fengti can threaten him as the Lord God today.
Windson consciousness at this time to ease a brow like Beirut soul force after entering the forest air body windson feel comfortable a lot.
Beirut looked at Lin Feng’s heart, nai smiled at the corner of her mouth and muttered to herself, "Lin Feng Xiao, you really ruined me today. We must practice hard when you wake up."
Beirut say that finish and concentrate on constantly put your soul force into forest air body Beirut don’t believe that your soul force will be consumed.
But as time goes by, Beirut’s soul power is constantly consuming, and Beirut becomes pale, and his heart becomes indecisive.
If you persist, you may hurt your soul source, but Beirut looks a little ruddy again. Lin Feng can’t make up his mind. After all, he has consumed so much soul power. If he gives up now, everything he did before will be gone.
Beirut mercilessly looked at windson bite a tooth and let yourself continue to stick to it.
Finally, when Beirut’s soul power is about to run out, Beirut finally perceives the problem of forest air.
However, the observation of windson’s physical problems made Beirut look a little strange. Because Beirut found that windson’s veins seemed to be incomplete, how could this happen?
Is this windson consciously do? If so, why did Lin Feng do this? Doesn’t he know that the imprint of his own world can’t be removed?
No wonder no wonder Lin Feng will be rejected by this world.
Fortunately, however, Lin Fengxian’s veins have not been expelled. If Lin Fengxian has expelled the veins, then Lin Fengxian can’t insist on Beirut now, and he can’t help him any more. Although he is the Lord God, he is afraid to fight against world forces.
Now that we know that windson has become the reason, it will be easy.
Beirut touched his ring and took out a crystal bottle. Then Beirut took one look at Lin Feng and felt a little hesitant.
After a while, windson turned pale again.
Looking at Windson in Beirut, I remembered to stay with Beibei around Lin Lei. Forget it. Just help him once today. Besides, these things have nothing to do with themselves.
Beirut stretched out his hand and hit Lin Fengzui, pouring the dark blue liquid in the crystal bottle into the forest tuyere, but this liquid seems very precious and Beirut is very reluctant to part with it.
In Beirut, the liquid is poured into the forest tuyere drop by drop, and after pouring a drop, it is found that Lin Feng has no reaction for a long time before continuing to drop this liquid into the forest tuyere.
Drop by drop in a blink of an eye, Beirut has dropped this dark blue liquid into the forest mouth for nine drops.
But windson still has no reaction.
Beirut looks a little strange. I carefully checked Lin Feng’s body again and then looked at Lin Feng with suspicion. Is this really human? He can withstand such a powerful energy?
Windson whole person has not changed, but Beirut eyes windson body is slowly changing.
Of course, this change is controllable in Beirut. After all, windson has lost consciousness now. If you want to rely on windson to control yourself, you might as well go directly to the underworld to find him directly.
Fortunately, Beirut’s own divine power helps Lin Feng absorb these dark blue liquids bit by bit.
But Beirut didn’t expect windson body to absorb nine drops of deep cyan liquid before it was filled.
Naibeirut continued to pour the dark blue liquid in the crystal bottle into the forest air again.
Drop by drop, Beirut finally felt that Lin Feng’s body was no longer absorbed. Beirut was glad to see that there was still a lot of dark blue liquid in the crystal bottle in his hand.
Beirut put the crystal bottle into the ring again and sat in a place waiting for windson to wake up and restore a soul force that he has become like himself.
After a while windson eyebrows moved.
Windson opened his eyes only to find himself in a strange place.
Windson directly sat up and looked at everything around him, and then saw an old man sitting in front of him. Windson didn’t feel that the old man had a little strength.
But windson subconscious told himself that this is not an ordinary old man. Is this the dark one? Windson heart full of shock thought.
Chapter sixty-one Qinglong jingxie
Beirut felt the windson eyes opened his eyes and the corners of his mouth gave me a smile and said, "Windson, you are awake."
Although Lin Feng heard Beirut, he wondered why he would be here, but Lin Feng hurriedly replied, "Hello, Beirut’s adult."
At this time, it’s Beirut’s turn to be curious. Beirut wondered and said, "How do you know me, Lin Feng? You should be don’t know me. "
Windson embarrassed touched his head. This is broken. You can’t say that you know Beirut because you are a traveler. Yulan mainland knows that there are not many people in Beirut. After all, the Lord God of Beirut has always been waiting for darkness.
Although Lin Feng is very strong now, it can be said that God is still strong, but Lin Feng is still young, so it is impossible for him to have a chance to know Beirut.
Lin Feng rolled his eyes and then said with a light smile, "I heard Brother Sisai say that you are afraid that I will accidentally offend you and find your own disaster."
Beirut saw Lin Feng’s appearance, although he knew that Lin Feng was not telling the truth, but Beirut was not prepared to pursue it. After all, it was only a trivial matter, so Beirut said lightly, "Oh, that’s it. It seems that Sisai is still quite good for you."
Windson nodded deeply agree with Beirut words.
Beirut saw Lin Feng’s reaction with satisfaction, and then Beirut asked, "Lin Feng, do you know what your veins are incomplete? How seems to be caused by people expelling? "
Windson wry smile face became tangled up, don’t know if I should say.
Beirut saw that Lin Feng’s face was tangled and shook his head and said, "Since you don’t want to talk, it’s not difficult for me to ask you."
Lin Feng breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Beirut. If Beirut really forces his Lord God to force Lin Feng, then Lin Feng really doesn’t know what to do.
However, Beirut added: "Although you don’t tell me, you should not always think about expelling your blood after you know it. You should know your blood, but you belong to this world symbol. If you expel your blood, the world will naturally exclude you or obliterate you."

Shi Ping’s statement is the truth. Vamont was said to be right at the moment. Shi Ping’s eyes fell on the ten-color psychedelic weapon in his hand again.

"What a magic blade, my Lord. It is said that your hidden weapon enables the magic party to conjure up corresponding restraint weapons against the enemy’s weaknesses!"
"Usually the strongest thing is its weakness!"
"At room temperature, this metal is super hard, but it will soften if it is heated to 100 degrees! This is that secret that it can change its shape at will! "
"In those days, one of the members who participated in the development of this weapon was Mr. Barco. This secret naturally passed to Barco’s ears, but today I was sent!"
"Blood wing is good at producing high-temperature living body blazing eye knife, which is exactly your weapon nemesis!"
Carl has spoken, and Vamont’s right pillow is waiting to be sent, keeping a close eye on the former head of state’s every move. The three of them just form a triangle encirclement, which will surround the core center!
One enemy and two enemies, Wamon, can still have a slight advantage, but if you add Shi Ping, an old rival, then? What’s the ending?
The Wind Rises; Time Bomb
The wind howled and roared away like pirates, tossing and turning for a long time, shaking up some sharp and fleeting sounds
No one can be absolutely sure to annihilate the enemy in front of them, and no one can find out what the final card in the other’s hand is, so static braking has become the best choice for both sides at present
That is also the most acceptable choice!
The fire suddenly exploded!
Burning violently
The flames are bluer and billowing!
Blue as a thousand green-faced, fangs-toothed goblins.
The wind is stirring
It was an angry wind. When it approached, it was not as light as the wind, but as violent as thunder!
Blood wing eyes latosolic red as blood, it once again launched a crazy offensive against Wamon!
Wamont didn’t look back to his left hand to meet them.
His right hand tightly clutched the halberd that seemed to sweep the sky too long!
He can’t contribute.
He also dare not contribute.
No one dares to neglect Shi Ping Karl, the golden couple, to join hands!
Therefore, Vamon can deal with and attack with the least energy!
He has never encountered such a dilemma in his life!
Claws collide again!
Two people positive hard shake again!
Blood wing pale spat oozing blood staggered back WaMeng stuffy hum a his skin sharp moment added a few minutes of indigo vicissitudes of life!
But that silvery white light is already looming in Wamon’s pupil! It’s overwhelming!
He roared and swept around with a magic halberd!
The sharp and fierce airflow is as straight as Taishan coping!
Wamont finally got really angry.
He spared no effort to lose both sides, determined to make a desperate swing, and the injury changed his life to crash and burn!
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Fight
New ※l; The hero in the heart of a needle has been numbered 11975 or the name of the clicker can be seen. At this moment, in the eyes of everyone, Wameng’s hands are madly chopped (thief, zei8com thief, zei8com thief, zei8com thief). This halberd is like a huge saw!
Cut out a number of confused, angry, golden yellow and terrible saws in the air!
The power of this blow actually attracted the distance to calm the lake and roared like a storm in the ocean!
This power for a blow FengRui refers to the most prosperous place is Shi Ping rely on arm to repeatedly destroy WaMeng plan Carl!
In the past, Wamon had a chance to kill Carl, but he thought that although the number of talents in the alliance could surpass that of Carl and his wife, there were only a handful, so he began to cherish his talent and thought that he would naturally bring the two couples into his hands after successfully eradicating Shi Ping.
But the sinister situation forced Wamon to give birth to a slaying heart!
Although this recruit cut out from the party, it contains surging murder that has already surged up!
One man faces three strong enemies!
There are enemies in front and behind.
What’s worse, not far away, tens of thousands of soldiers who used to be in Shi Ping have gathered! I believe that Shi Ping will come out and make these soldiers who have been deeply indebted to Shi Ping for saving their homes come without hesitation!
A man can never fight against a thousand enemies on his own at the same time.
Even if it’s as good as Vamont!
However, the consequences of his move immediately gave the audience an illusion.
It’s Shi Ping. They’re surrounded by him
But they feel surrounded by Vamont in turn!
One person surrounded three people!
Wameng’s chop seemed to divide three people at the same time!
At this time, Carl had already felt the burning pain in his skin, the numbness, the tingling and the stabbing pain directly penetrated through his skin and penetrated into his bones to kill him!
At this time, he realized that Vamont’s target was himself!
So he bit his teeth and simply gave up the defense of his own strength. His left fist was even sharper and castrated, and then he ate first at Wamon’s throat!
If you distinguish it carefully, you can see that Carl seems to have changed a lot. His left fist has a dark brown light flashing faintly!
That’s why Carl never really killed the researchers. At that time, he was told not to do the self-destruction stunt until the last moment!
Rust fist!
Gu Ming thought was hit by this blow. Whether it is people, things, wood or stones, it will rust to ashes!
However, whether it was a temporary metallized right fist or this overbearing rust fist was issued a little late.
Wameng’s sad and unique theory is bound to hit Carl’s flesh and blood first!
Suddenly LiLie white light suddenly big sheng! Like a thousand suns blooming at the same time! At that time, I was on guard against all the people being blinded by direct fire! A little approachable, it seems that there is a strong annular force that Pei Mo can’t resist, so that they can’t stop stumbling and retreating, and their physical weakness is even worse. It is obvious that they have been injured by this sudden shock!
The dust gradually cleared away. The only place standing was Wameng, but he was happy after winning at all. On the other hand, he was surprised and angry in his expression, but he was unwilling to leave three points.
A deep and long dirt ditch has been dragged to the extreme distance since he lowered his right hand and held the magic blade! And five meters away, Carl turned up and rolled up beside the motionless prone soil ditch, which almost covered him. From the outside, it was a life-and-death problem. In the distance, Carol was as pale as a paper, with tears in her eyes and her hands over her mouth.

We’ve seen a lot of things in this move, but we can’t tell these things now, and you are doomed to be more than a simple Buddha who gave birth to a Buddha disciple. You are the same person you have returned. This is what we speculate and hope that you can show us more in the future. The Buddha looked at Yuan Ye with a smile.

Hehe, don’t feel unfair. You beat this girl, so you came. Although you said what you want, this girl will come, but in the end, this girl won, and the two of us will also come to prevent her from killing you. We are both watching your final performance, but you still didn’t let us down. The Buddha smiled and looked at Yuan Ye. Both of our goals have been achieved, and you have even come to win or lose. It should be a perfect thing.
These weapons have not been destroyed and no one has lost, so it is more perfect. Look at the Buddha of the years.
I heard that the Buddha smiled, hehe, so you mean to let me come, or to help Xiao Tao’s great-great granddaughter.
After all, a crescent blade and a sun-shining ring suddenly appeared in the hands of the Buddha in the years. This is the top ten artifacts of the Buddha in the years.
Humming to see the two weapons representing the sun and the moon, the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, and the moon also responds by turning the trajectory of heaven and earth, twisting it and then being forcibly changed.
fall over
As these four words rang out from the mouth of the Buddha of the years, Yuan Ye suddenly felt that the scenes that happened before his eyes were just reversed. At first sight, he saw that he had torn up a Ruxue garment. At second sight, he saw that he had just sealed a Ruxue garment. At third sight, he had just put to good use.
Suddenly, Yuan Ye’s head buzzed again, only to find that Xiang Ruxue was at loggerheads with each other, and the booing and shouting kept cheering. This is not when they just walked on the stage and didn’t fight. When is it?
Before the situation, the horse was a Ruxue and roared to Muke to announce the gladiator. But now this tense attitude continues, and Ruxue Yuan Ye are both horrified and can’t believe it.
I’m not dreaming, am I? I can fall down when I am.
Around MuKe is also very shocked, but it seems that MuKe know years Buddha this ability horror than Yuan Ye RuXue a lot lighter.
What happened before, you three remember my voice, and you three heard that you two really put it together. You should know the outcome. Stop hitting Mu Ke and announce the knot. At this time, the voice of the Buddha is also ringing in Yuan Ye’s mind at the same time.
Obey the teacher’s law, Mu Ke bent down to the void, and this was the end of Landau’s victory.
Ah, there was a very dramatic scene in the fighting field, one by one, cheering at the top of their voices, howling wildly, trying to push up the duel atmosphere, and watching people suddenly stop, one by one, stunned, speechless, quieter than the fighting field, and even Shao Wenjun, Xiao Yun, Luo Qiong, Zhuge Changhong, Shan Yue and other individuals were stunned. Which one was this performance?
After quiet, many people complained, but if you look at it again, it’s already more complicated to look at Yuan Ye. Yuan Ye didn’t expect that my super artifact couldn’t beat you for so many years. You are the only one who let me admire a man, and I admire a strong man. When I practice, I can almost be stronger than me. A man is a man in my eyes for so many years. You are the first one, but you are too bad. I hate you.
I’m bad, Yuan Ye. When I get angry, I’ll hum and hate it. I don’t care.
When I heard Yuan Ye’s words, Ruxue’s heart was wronged even more, and a person was lonely and left Taiwan. Perhaps at this time, the background was extremely hard and the guy’s heart was in line with her pure and lovely appearance, but it was a pity impulse to see people.
See a RuXue didn’t refute MuKe sentence but throw in the towel and leave Taiwan directly. Suddenly, that individual has reached the peak and complained that he is unwilling to be everywhere. But when you calm down, you yell at someone who has given up. What are you yelling at?
Quiet and sudden, Mu Ke drank a lot and pressed the voice department down to this avenue. This five emperors’ struggle ended. I declare that the first emperor, the Kirin sword of Warcraft, has been shining for thousands of years. As Mu Ke’s words fell, a white S sword flew to the little jerk and was directly bitten by it.
Mu Ke went on to announce that the second emperor Zhuge Changhong’s armor was ruined at the end of the Millennium, and the third emperor Luo Qiong’s boots flashed for a thousand years, and the ancient emperor Gu Di’s helmet was brilliant for a thousand years.
Three emperors flew to Luo Qiong respectively.
After a pause, Mu Ke looked slightly horrified at Yuan Ye, the fifth emperor of Yuan Ye. Yuan Ye’s clothes are nine thousand years old. This world is nine days old. Congratulations, Yuan Ye.
A gown with a clear sky and a clear sky flew to Yuan Ye, and Yuan Yeran did not hesitate to start with this treasure directly.
The title of Five Emperors has finally been won by Yuan Ye. Along the way, there is no title of Five Kings and Five Emperors. From today, the Emperor of Heaven is his first chapter of Yuan, and he can’t leave the emperor.
However, Yuan Ye also found that this imperial vessel, the Nine Shirts, didn’t need to shed blood to recognize its owner since it was announced by Mu Ke, which made Yuan Ye ring that it was better for him to snatch a lot of king cups and return the crown, but he couldn’t do it himself. Maybe this king cup and crown imperial vessel can be driven by its owner, even if it is obtained.
Although there are many twists and turns in the end of a fierce battle, I finally got the title of Five Emperors, and my strength is also strong. I am almost at the limit of Taoism, and I am afraid that I will break through the realm of Great Zun soon, but Yuan Ye did not intend to press it, because when I realized the heaven, he didn’t know that Taoism was the practice of heaven, and it was not necessarily a shortcut to become a Buddha. Yuan Yeke was sure that the Buddha had not forced his strength record.
Yuan Ye will choose to let nature take its course to break through, and I’m afraid this date is the peak date of self-cultivation. It’s time to realize that Yuan Ye is heartbroken and an enemy-killing trick. No matter how severe it is, it’s nothing to say.
After the confirmation of the Five Emperors, the Five Emperors will fight for the Top Ten and the three judges will still accept the Millennium assessment according to the past rules, so that the power of the five emperors will be really stimulated. This is also the last gathering of the top ten masters such as Yuan Ye. Of course, this gathering failed. Ruxue Bao Wenqian and others are supporting roles, and Yuan Yeshan Yue and others are leading roles.
Listen to you Yuan Ye. Before the coronation ceremony, Mu Ke specially came to Yuan Ye. It was super terrible. The super terrible achievement method of Warcraft. The two great buddhas jointly noted this scene. This scene has made Mu Ke know that Yuan Ye is extremely extraordinary in the future, and he is the most likely to become a Buddha. In Mu Ke, I want Yuan Ye to tie a good knot now.
Come when you are strong, weak and in great need of help. Then he will be strong in the future, and he will repay you. When people are already enemies in the future, you will curry favor with them and flatter them. Will others care? Mu Ke is the overlord of a generation. However, in this long-term vision, he knows that it is time to put the treasure on Yuan Ye. Of course, this kind of pressure can’t be won over by lulu, but it is just like Xiang Tao. After years and days become life and death brothers, Xiang Taogen doesn’t worry about years and days, and the Buddha will never leave him, because their common
Thank you for being so strong for Mu Ke. Yuan Yeran is also very polite. To tell the truth, the horse will be able to see his loved ones. Yuan Ye is now in a very good mood and feels like an arrow.
What are you going to do after it’s all over? Mu Ke seems to be casual
I want to go back to my world, immediately said Yuan Ye, pointing to my own emperor and smiling. I am so desperate to win the title of Five Emperors. I am qualified to leave Wan Zunxing and come back. I don’t care if I come here sooner or later. I can finally go home.
Go home, Yuan Ye. Do you know that the Five Emperors can’t leave Wan Zun Star? If you want to leave the Emperors Nine, you will no longer be supported by your strength later. You will find that the power of the Emperors Nine has just been acquired, so you can give it up. Then Bao Wenqian was a little surprised to see Yuan Ye. At this time, ten people were promoted to Zhu Tianrong, and the remaining nine people almost looked at Yuan Ye, the last strongest guy, Ruxue, who ended inexplicably, including Xiang Ruxue, who was also secretly listening.
The emperor can’t leave Wan Zun Star, which is beyond my expectation. It seems that the Five Kings Cup can temporarily leave Wan Zun Star Yuan Yemei’s head slightly wrinkled, so the Five Emperors should be qualified to leave Wan Zun Star and come back.
But this time, the answer is that the crown of the King’s Cup of Muke can be separated from the emperor for a short time, because the power of the emperor is several times stronger than that of the crown of the King’s Cup. Once a person takes the emperor to another world, it is very simple to destroy a world. Wan Zunxing can bear such a terrible treasure, and the emperor is not allowed to leave Wan Zunxing. If you are separated from Wan Zunxing, you still have the title of Emperor of Heaven, but no emperor is just a name.
I can go if I can, even if the emperor is as strong as a super artifact, I will go, but Yuan Ye is determined.
Is it really that important? The emperor’s weapon is a great test for the gods, but Bao Wenqian is quite puzzled
Hehe, Yuan Ye glanced over and everyone in the room lamented that you people were almost all born in Wanzunxing, and it wasn’t a beautiful woman with a tough background. All the forces behind them were very strong, but who was stronger than who? Maybe in your growing up, amazing talents should do their best, and treasures should be strong to guide you, so you can’t easily become the best people, and you have developed a habit of course. That is, from small to large, all kinds of other people’s help to me are of course in return, as if someone had never thought about seeing me. Warcraft is good, but I think that little Warcraft should belong to myself. After all, it has been such an environment since childhood. Of course, I didn’t mean to offend you. God gave you such an environment. Adding your own talents and hard work is the easiest way to make you stronger. I will, but you have lost one of the most important things.
Hum what someone wants to say, I will say that I don’t want to win yet, so I can say that we are qualified in a lecture tone. Xiang Ruxue was the first to be extremely dissatisfied with cold hum.
Defeated by defeat, you qualify me to bicker. Yuan Ye is also uncompromising and glaring. That is to say, the other party is speechless. This world is everything, but the rest of us are still surprised that Ruxue will give up without fighting. Chapter DiYiSiSanSan Our world.
I’d like to know what we have lost, but Bao Wenqian doesn’t want to talk about Yuan Ye’s brothers. But your perseverance and hard work are a hundred times easier than ordinary people’s success in cultivating big powers. Her father is Tian Muke, a super-strong level and a moon overlord like Tian Fengxing. It’s not bad to help her in family power
Feelings Yuan Ye directly said his own answer, but you can easily get everything, but you don’t know how to cherish those who help each other in difficulties and desperate situations. Friendship is not something you can understand. The coldest father’s love is the strangest brotherhood. It is necessary to fight with each other in the imperial family because of your deep power and position. The main rivals are often the closest relatives of your big family, and many family ties are not something you can appreciate. Because of your position, women don’t need you to chase after more than one woman. Two things that are easy to get, even if they don’t have deep feelings, imagine carefully what else is worrying about you every day besides practicing you? I’m afraid you can’t understand that feeling. I don’t hesitate to give up my tools to find my relatives and friends now, and the mood is not white for you.
When I heard Yuan Ye’s words, everyone was suddenly silent, especially Xiang Ruxue. Compared with others, I’m afraid she was most impressed by Yuan Ye. She has excellent talent and loves strength, and her pleasure is constantly rising. Plus, the world is the strongest and most respected. She is obsessed with practicing from the sky, but for friendship, she almost loves to beat her peers to find true feelings, but she doesn’t think much about three kinds of people’s true feelings. I have to say that there is affection, but this affection is limited to a few people who have always loved her, such as Xiang Tao. Her roots are very disdainful because they are
Hehe, Yuan Ye’s brothers are not ordinary people. It’s a good thing to have a true temperament. Since this is the case, I won’t stop you. Mu Ke, after all, a big overlord doesn’t think much. He smiled and added, since this strength is not needed, after all, you will lose the imperial weapon because of separation, and then the strength will be gone. Of course, it’s unnecessary for you to experience the power of an imperial weapon. Although it’s not more than an artifact, it’s also very terrible to experience it. Besides, your strength will be tested at the level of

Chen Shaozhi took a comic book yard and found a small bench to watch while watching Yuanyuan.

"Mom, what is this?" Chen Yougang looked at this half fan of pork and mutton and was a little worried. If others saw it, it would be hard to say.
Chen also wants to do something. "You go and sharpen the meat chopper in the kitchen. If all this meat is chopped into bones, I’ll stew it today. When the children are out of school, they can also have a sip of hot soup. You can send some of this meat to Lao San and then send them some for Shang Qing to fry as a dish."
Chen Yougang thought about it, so he went to the kitchen to get a knife and sharpen it next to the well.
Zhao Qin saw the second child sharpening his knife when he was hanging clothes in the flower garden. He didn’t chop meat. He saw the courtyard and teased the rabbit. How could she forget to celebrate her birthday again? Her mother-in-law is also crazy. A girl deserves such a big move.
What should Chen do when he looks at two special big fish besides the pork and mutton in the room? There are so many fruits.
"Second daughter-in-law, you put two apples on the stove and cook them." Chen packed some fruit inside. She was really strange. I don’t know where to get it in this winter, but shouldn’t she doubt the fairy? You can get it anywhere you want.
Yue-e Li came to pick two small points, fearing that they would not be able to eat them all. As a result, none of them were small and a basket was big and red.
Chen fished out two fish and cleaned them up next to the well.
Chen Yougang has carried two pieces of meat into the kitchen and chopped them with a knife.
Li Yuee cooked the apples and went to help Chen.
"By the way, go home and have a look recently. Take two catties of meat back." It’s also a good idea for Chen to worry about eating all the meat at home and see his second daughter-in-law thinking about sending some to her family.
Yue-e Li is not happy to say that it is false. Who doesn’t want such a long-term thing?
"Thank you, Niang." Every time she goes back to her mother’s house, her face is full of light. It’s best to count her.
Chen’s mind wants to confirm this thing. It’s best to send it to his third in-laws, but it’s not convenient.
Wait until two people have packed both fish.
"You go to the hemp rope and hang both of them in the kitchen. Don’t let others see them." Chen happened to say that he made one at noon and waited for the old couple to come back.
She took a bowl to the hall and fished out the apples boiled in the pot.
"Yuan Yuan Shao came to eat."
When Yuanyuan heard eating, she quickly put the rabbit behind her head and ran over.
There are two apples sitting at the door of Chen’s hall and put them in two bowls.
"Shao told you to be careful and get burned."
Chen Shaozhi looked at the apples in his bowl and nodded obediently. How could he burn them when he grew up?
Chen concentrated on feeding Yuanyuan with a spoon and slowly dug for her to eat. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her.
"Yuanyuan, grandma asked you something."
Yuanyuan is staring at the apple. She feels so sweet.
"Do you want to see your grandparents?" Chen thought that Yuan Yuan’s speech would be realized.
Yuanyuan took a bite of an apple. She was chewing something and wondered who her grandparents were. When you think about it, you nod your head hard.
The writer has something to say. The land Lord really envies Xian for receiving so many gifts on his birthday. He hates himself for being so poor! ! ! (shed tears of disappointment)
Chapter 44 Eating
Chen saw Yuanyuan nodding and dug a spoonful of apples for her. "Can grandma meet your grandparents when she goes to the mountain?"
Yuanyuan thinks that she hasn’t been to the other side of the mountain for a long time, and she still has a mouthful of food in her mouth, and she is a little lisping.
"Howl ~"
Chen nodded. That’s right. He ate all the apples again.
Yuanyuan’s tummy is already round, so Chen let her go to play.
Chen Shao eats himself quickly, and then follows Yuan Yuan after eating.
Chen picked up two bowls and went into the kitchen. Chen Yougang was still chopping them in the kitchen.
"How so many?" Although I know a lot, it’s still a lot to chop and pile up.
Chen Yougang wiped his sweat with a towel. He was so tired that he was sweating in such cold weather.
"Mom, this is too much, and there is still mutton that hasn’t been chopped."
Chen has a hand to look at mutton, thinking of sending a message to his third in-laws. The first thing is that no one can see it. Second, they can’t be found when they do it together.
"Second, you chop this mutton bone stick for me first, and the pork here is as thin as possible." The stew with the bone stick is too cold to drink, and it can also supplement nutrition and lean meat. It’s not so fragrant, so you can smell it.
Chen Yougang didn’t ask what hand chop meat chop has consciousness to dry up.
Chen went to the hall and took out a basket to the kitchen. He put the big bone stick chopped by Chen Yougang into the basket, covered it with a piece of lean meat, put some fruit and finally covered it with a layer of velvet firewood.
"Shao to you watch Yuanyuan, I’ll be back soon after I go out." Chen went out from the yard and didn’t forget to charge Chen Shaozhi.
Chen Shaozhi agreed with a comic book.
Chen himself pushed the door and went out.
Zhao Qinhua next door heard the Chen family’s noise in the kitchen. She tutted. What a piece of meat she bought! She chopped so hard that the dead wife didn’t know to ask her granddaughter next door to eat it.
Yue-e Li’s family is very busy. She has been packing things in the hall and there are many fruits. She has never seen them and doesn’t know their names.
Here, Chen himself holds a basket and remembers that the position will slowly pass by.
"Auntie, where are you going?" Road also met a kannika nimtragol warmly greeting Chen, the Chen family has already changed. Both of them have gone to the county to work alone. They are a good cook. Who does not envy this day?
Chen looked calm and didn’t panic at all. "I’ll go to the hillside and have a look."

Crazy women are not cute at all. It’s not good to have wood, tenderness and softness. Chapter 64 Happiness is like a dream.

Two people who were rejected and driven out of the house were not rejected and realized that at this time they had an ambiguous thing flowing.
On the way back, neither of them spoke and walked quietly in tandem.
Shen Qiqi was a little nervous. She always felt that the atmosphere was so strange and something was going to happen.
Stealing a glance, Jun Yang walked ahead and her heart beat faster.
When I was thinking, suddenly a pair of warm and powerful hands grasped her.
She looked up and found herself at the door of her room. Jun Yang had stopped when she didn’t know it. She looked at her with deep eyes and a little expectation and anxiety.
At that moment, his eyes looked at each other, but strangely, she could read his mind from his eyes.
The anticipation and anxiety in his eyes made her heart both sweet and sad.
Sweet and proud, as he is confident, as he is, but he lowers his posture in front of her, and he is as nervous as a young man in love, waiting for an answer from his heart.
He was also sad because of this.
Growing up, he should be the kind of person who wants wind, wind, rain and rain, right? Tianjiao had such a humble expression when he was young.
Shen Qiqi didn’t speak, but looked at his eyes and slowly held his hand back.
At that moment, she seemed to see warm spring flowers in his eyes.
Those eyes were as bright as the stars in the sky and shone straight into her heart.
At this moment, Junyang felt that words could not shape his mood.
So excited, so happy, so happy that I want to go crazy!
He hugged Shen Qiqi tightly as if to rub her into his body. Only when he felt her so truly did he know that it was not a dream but a reality.
Shen Qiqi was infected by Jun Yang’s emotions and was very excited to hold him back at the moment.
The two men hugged each other tightly, and their figures were projected to the ground by moonlight, which seemed like a person.
Junyang piously kissed Shen Qiqi’s hair and whispered "I am Qiqi" in her ear over and over again.
Shen Qiqi’s ears are flushed and pink. This is her first love in two lives, and she seems to be at a loss.
Jun Yang slightly released some of her and looked at her carefully. Shen Qiqi’s face turned red. Jun Yang held her in one hand and held her up in the other.
Her face was red and her lips were slightly parted, as if she had invited him to taste it.
Junyang’ s heart was unmoved and covered the long-awaited place.
I just pecked lightly, and none of them seemed to tease like temptation.
Later, such a little taste could no longer satisfy him. He slipped into her mouth with the tip of his tongue and took her to the sensory feast.
Where can Shen Qiqi stand it? He collapsed from the first time he kissed her. He was full of masculinity. Her hand climbed his neck involuntarily, and the whole person clung to him tightly.
Xu Jiujun just left her lips and pressed her face into his arms, and the whole person was still panting.
Shen Qiqi relies on his body and face against his chest, and he can still hear his thunderous heartbeat.
Junyang is in a good mood, and the whole person is in high spirits after being satisfied.

"Yes, sir. What is this?" Muhuan also pretended to be puzzled.

Changfeng Yu is a heavy face. I never thought that thyme would say such a thing.
"Everyone knows that Yelan is much weaker than Xueman than Xilin and Khmer. Who will support a royal family who can’t tell when it will be wiped out at this time?" Bai Li Mo Xu Guan explained, "Besides, although the night haze and the snow man are both weak, the night haze has just combined Xilin to destroy Wuxia and defeated the snow man, which gives people a little stronger feeling than the snow man. What’s more, I heard that the night haze was only fourteen years old when the vision came down, and suddenly there was a big increase in reading Wang Yexiu. No one knows what happened in this. Presumably, the aristocratic families will keep a wait-and-see attitude towards the night haze, but I’m afraid they will just abandon the snow man!"
"Miss Qiu and her business partner are private confidants. Since Yu Gong is so awake today, you also think that the girl should consider Yu Gong’s suggestion that the so-called Junjie Girl Fire Xuan Army must choose a good wood to live in."
Thyme devoted to the heat here deliberately pretended not to see Changfeng Yu and Changfeng Muyu’s face turned black. After staring at Muhuan, he was full of confidence. "If the girl doesn’t like you, the situation is not good at this time. It is best not to curry favor with the royal family. If the girl has a heart, it is necessary to join hands with Xilin and Khmer to choose one of the best. Don’t choose the declining royal family like Xueman."
"Sir is too look down upon the snow diffuse? !” Changfeng dusk rain when I heard that I couldn’t help but be angry. "Snow Man has just lost the battle, but the camel is thinner than Martha. How can a night haze be better than snow Man? Besides, isn’t Xue Man going to marry Khmer? How did Mr. Wang know that Khmer would not help Sherman? If the night haze and the snow are at war, who will win or lose? "
MuHuan a pair of all ears in the heart secretly funny this Mr. Nine is belly black know Changfeng Yu and Changfeng MuYu identity also know Changfeng Yu said that words just want to woo himself, but he insisted on pretending to be what also don’t know what kind of words make Changfeng Yu and Changfeng MuYu feel uncomfortable. It’s reasonable to let people find nothing wrong with it. Chapter 300 Maintenance Sir!
"This wall is made of stone. It must have left a small gap so that gas can flow in. Otherwise, don’t say it’s normal breathing. It’s impossible to light a candle." Muhuan saw that the flame of the candle was shaking, but he also determined that he guessed that it must be the direction of gas behind this wall
Moreover, his jade beds are placed close to the wall, and this jade bed just keeps a little distance from the wall, so a person who is not fat or thin can walk over.
It doesn’t really matter to Mu Huan whether the ai ancestral tomb is behind the wall. Where there is energy, there must be an exit. She is not interested in finding the weapon, and she has never thought about waking up these zombies and ghosts. She is bent on getting out of here and finding an exit.
"If there is a tomb behind this wall, there must be a hint from this wall. Let’s look again!" Thyme devoted to Xin has clearly seen the hope, and her eyes lit up, and she searched the wall inch by inch in the direction indicated by the arrow. She also looked at him and saw that the expressions of the master and servant were both excited and nervous.
Compared with Aho and Sogeum, many of them are relatively calm. They are accompanied by Muhuan and are forced to pull people. If they are not worried that the unknown opportunities will be completely ruined here, they will bury themselves forever. Maybe they would have been angry with Fire Xuan and Nini. Now that they are close to the tomb, let Changfeng Muyu find it for himself.
"Is this it? !” After repeatedly looking at the wall twice, Bai Li Mo Xin pointed to a certain place and said, "It seems that there is no difference between here and other places, but I always feel that it is more sunken than other places. It seems that I can cover my hand."
"You mean here is the tomb machine? !” Changfeng dusk rain sounds a little trembling.
"Qiu girl, do you want to also have a look? !” Li Mo Xin looked back at Muhuan and wondered if he thought it would be more sure for Muhuan to confirm for a while.
"No need, Mo Gong and the main palace think it is, so it must be." Muhuan smiled and shook her head. She had just communicated with Baili Mo Xu, but when she couldn’t find the entrance, she forcibly pushed down the wall and entered the tomb to find the way out. Did Baili Mo Xin and Changfeng Muyu find it right for her? Of course, these two people are crazy, and they will be very careful to get the military code. How can they easily leave their lives here?
"Why don’t we look at other walls? !” After all, Bai Li Mo Xin came out cautiously, took the candle from Huo Xuan’s hand, and ran to another wall to try it. The flame shaking was really not so bad, and then he came back and hesitated. A pair of long winds and rainy days nodded, "Come on!"
Yeah, I’ve come here. What if I don’t move forward? Maybe it’s death to gamble, maybe everything will be met, and hu, a hundred miles away, dares to gamble with his life.
Changfeng and Muyu reached out and carefully covered the sunken place, then added force to press and listen, and the wall automatically cracked slowly from here, and a gust of wind blew out from behind the wall.
"This is it!" Changfeng dusk rain eyes are straight in the sound with great joy stepped in first.
Muhuan and others followed the wall and closed it behind them. The tomb was not big, but there was nothing but a bed of cold jade. Of course, there was a man in his forties lying on the bed of cold jade, dressed in a white suit, with his eyes closed and his hands crossed on his chest.
"ai…… … face? !” The portrait of ai Zu, in which the wind and the rain are chattering, has naturally seen the sleeping man in front of her and the person in the portrait is obviously the same.
"He is holding something in his hand and seems to be holding something in his hand!" From entering this stone room, Li Mo Xin quickly swept around. For example, the root of the wall can’t hide anything, and it’s probably the ai ancestor.
"That seems to be!" Changfeng Sunset Rain looked down and looked up at Muhuan. "The palace didn’t lie to you, right? This should be ai Zumi’s imperial edict. There are many magical prescriptions here for the doctor. I believe Miss Qiu and Su Menzhu must be very interested."
"If there is really a elixir of immortality, it is estimated that many people will be interested, right? ! Isn’t this more attractive than the sky? " She didn’t say the last part of Muhuan’s lip corner, that is, wouldn’t it be better if she could get heaven and live forever? So she won’t believe that this long wind and rain will really give this doctor to herself.
"He should be a military symbol in his hand!" Thyme devoted to Xin also looked down at the moment and looked up after hearing what Muhuan said. "This military symbol is made of some black metal."
"Great, I finally found it!" Changfeng said the sunset rain will reach for it, but see MuHuan made an expression of eyes, and the fire Xuan hand reached out and decided that there would be no more movement.
"Qiu girl, what do you mean? !” The wind and the rain suddenly changed his face, and Bai Li Mo Xin also turned black. "Do you want this military symbol, too?"
"The girl is not interested in the sky!" Muhuan smiled and shook his head, fire Xuan proudly shook his tail and walked upright, one step away from Changfeng, Muyu and Baili Mo Xin, raised his paw and blew a sigh, which looked like warning and contempt.
"That you want to be so to the palace? !” I can hear some anger at the long wind and dusk rain. "Are you worried that the palace won’t give you this doctor? You can rest assured that the palace has always kept its word and will never break its word! "
"Really? !” MuHuan words with a hint of sarcasm "princess temple is really dare to say dare to do otherwise how could I be here today? But don’t worry, I’m not interested in your military symbol and I’m not interested in that doctor. I want to get out of here alive! "
"If you want me to get the military code, we can leave! Maybe you and I will wake up Yong Jun at this time? " Changfeng and Muyu quickly explained, "No, I won’t. It’s not time to wake them up yet. I’m here today to get this military symbol!"
"Princess Hall, should I say that you are too naive or that you are too naive?" Mu Huan’s sarcasm deepened. "I’ve always been a wise man in the Princess Hall, but now it seems that you are still not the ai ? ? ancestor in front of this military symbol!"
"What do you mean?" Changfeng dusk rain one leng thyme devoted to xin also leng.
"You can think about the ai ? ? ancestors must let Yong Jun guard his tomb? Must the military symbol be in the ai ancestral tomb? " Muhuan looked at the man lying on the cold jade bed, and he had to admire him in his heart.
"Because the Yong army is loyal to the ai ancestors, they will protect the ai ancestors." Changfeng and the rain frowned
"Because the Yong army is awakened by the call of the ai ancestor, the ai ancestor of the Yong army will wake up with the Yong army and win the sky together. Is that right, Miss Qiu?" Bai Li Mo Xin seems to have realized something.
"Yes, I think it’s not difficult for us to find the tomb along the way, but getting the military symbol to wake up the Yong army may also wake up the ai ancestor. At that time, can we still have a way? Is Yongjun listening to us or listening to this ai ancestor? " Here MuHuan eyes deep deep "will all this is the ai progenitor calculation? Does he want one of his descendants to come here because of greed and desire for heaven, so as to wake him up and make him reborn? !”
"impossible!" Changfeng dusk rain drink a "this is just your speculation! Ai Zu has died. How can he be awakened and reborn? "
"Princess Hall, you are so naive!" MuHuan don’t angry is laughing "since ai progenitor can’t rebirth that you those brave army is sleeping? Are you sure they’re still alive? Which mortal can live hundreds of years on this day? They’re already dead! Didn’t you just find out that although they look like living people, how can they be living without breathing or heartbeat? "

"You don’t fantasize." Chujun shook his head gently and glanced at the middle-aged man with disdain. "Look at what place this is. Have I ever wanted to live since I came here?"

"Here is" the middle-aged eyebrows a wrinkly twist a head to look around doubtfully. When I saw ChuJun’s black and white gas around his body, I suddenly drank a "ghost forbidden area? Do you want to? "
As he spoke, his eyes turned in horror and saw Chujun lying not far away with the already angry male body. His eyes finally showed despair.
"Don’t ~ ~ ~ ~ Don’t ~ ~ Don’t you want your own body furnace tripod to bring back the magic spirit here and help him cast the purple body?"
"Purple yuan body? Is this the woman who helped me forge my body? " Floating in the sky, Yang Ling suddenly became one leng. Mu Yi Qiao said that his body was very similar to Zi Yuan’s body, and things suddenly came to my mind.
He wondered that Chu Jun gently lifted his hair with his right hand and casually looked at the middle-aged man across the street as if he was very appreciative. "It seems that you are not stupid. Do you think I can let you get out of here alive today and let Xuanyuanhuang know about it?"
Suddenly, the middle-aged man was stunned for a long time before he took a deep breath. Youzi held a glimmer of fantasy and gently said, "Do you really want to do this?" Even if you succeed, you have to stay here forever and suffer from the corrosion of the devil’s spirit. Is it worthwhile for you to be so young and beautiful forever? "
"You don’t understand" ChuJun shook his head as deep as a pool with a little pity in his eyes. "How can you want him to be good without emotion? Even if I live in purgatory forever, it is also called"
The cold sound makes middle-aged people feel that death is coming, and their bodies can’t stop shaking. It is the desire for survival that supports him. He wants words to impress the beautiful woman before him. Seeing him, she took a deep breath and continued to persuade him.
"But you should know that if you experience the purple pole vitality after recasting your body, although you will repair it, your talent will be abnormal and you will practice very quickly. However, the purple pole vitality of his cast body comes from your body, so he has to enjoy heaven’s care and you have to bear great pain at the same time.
Every time he crosses a realm, you will grow a sharp thorn in the depths of your heart. Every time he learns a new kind of fighting skill, you will be melted by the spirit of the devil, and the fire of purgatory will be scorched. Even every time he is injured and healed, you will suffer from the pain of the sword and bone.
What’s more, his physical recovery ability is extremely strong, and he will recover quickly every time he is injured, but at the same time, everything here will condense into a spike in your body, and then slowly grow outward until it penetrates your body and your body surface forms spikes like hedgehogs.
Can’t you really stand it if you can’t get rid of such pain and edge like maggots? "
The middle-aged man slowly narrated that the pain alone had made him pale and his body trembled even more involuntarily.
Chujun listened calmly and didn’t speak again. He quietly looked at the slender body of the man lying next to him. He moved his affectionate eyes as if he had never had a chance to look again after watching this time. He wanted to take this last time to accompany him through the torture with his deep appearance and deep soul.
It was not until the middle-aged man’s body was getting soft and scared by his own narrative pain that she gently lifted her green middle finger and stretched out a ray of blue light to shoot out and instantly hit the middle-aged man into a pool of blood fog.
Then there is no hesitation, no choice.
"Gods and demons, I borrow your vitality with my blood."
Blood is like red coral beads slipping gently from the jade arm. Scarlet is dazzling. The black and white fog around her body immediately surges up as if she had come back to life. At the same time, her perfect body skin seems to have encountered some kind of intense corrosion, which makes it dark and bumpy.
"nine days and ten places are blessed by ghosts and gods."
The distant sound continues slowly, and a faint purple light slowly emerges, condenses and grows at the intersection of black and white fog above Chu Yun’s head.
Finally, Chu Yun’s beautiful face has become ghostly and plump, and her body has become skinny and covered with small black holes. However, her ferocious face is full of smiles because the purple light above her head has formed.
At this time, the blood fog of middle-aged people’s bodies actually flowed slowly and merged together as if they had life.
Chujun’s smile turned into consternation for a long time before his eyes glared angrily at the red blood fog and shouted, "How mean you are, XuanYuanHuang, that you belong to a kind of soul tracking technique, and you can control their flesh and blood at any time, but can you kill me with your busy power?"
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ I can’t kill you, but I can still stop you from resurrecting him." Yin measuring sound came from the blood fog and didn’t care about Chujun’s shouting. At the same time, the blood fog finally condensed into a red ball and slowly drifted away from Chujun.
"I won’t let you destroy his resurrection when I die."
Crazy thunder burst out from the chest ChuJun suddenly grind one mouthful blood poured out and sprayed to the little purple air mass above her head, and at the same time the air mass seemed to be injected with exciting drugs, and then quickly flew to the body next to it after a hovering.
It’s a pity that XuanYuanHuang busy seems to have long expected ChuJun to do so. Generally, it was originally to attack ChuJun’s body with red blood cells, but it turned a direction to attack the purple air mass.
"jump ~ ~ ~"
It’s like a silk crack.
Magic gas casting can seize the nature of heaven and earth, purple vitality, and how can you simply touch the red blood cells lightly, like a phantom, and gently break away the trace? But Chu Yun’s face is not happy because of this, and there is only one thing left in his body, but his eyes are full of despair.
Because of the collision, the purple pole’s vitality has deviated from the direction, no longer falling to the ground, but drifting to the middle without any effort.
This ~ ~? Yanglingtian Huo Ran a surprised eyebrows wrinkled up at the same time.
Did my soul happen to meet the purple pole here at that time and be reborn and cast the purple pole body? But as a matter of common sense, casting such a body should be combined with special practice, and that Chu Jun’s mind is just the man in the resurrection. I took his purple vitality, and she should hate me. How can she help me melt the body again?
Doubts rolled in my mind, but it was a pity that the sky didn’t give him a chance to continue to understand. At that moment, the purple air mass floated, and a heart-rending pain suddenly came as if my body shape was torn, broken and then aggregated.
I don’t know how many times I have experienced reincarnation. When his pain disappeared and he opened his eyes again, Chu Yun, Zi Ji’s vitality condensed the air mass, and even the black and white fog that permeated around him had disappeared into his eyes. Chapter 75 The origin of Yuan Shen (in the middle)
For Yanglingtian, the dream of tangible things is too short, and it is long and dark in a blink of an eye, but it is hard for the elder and Stuart skyshatter to wait.
It’s hard to wait outside the cave until the ghost gas is no longer violent, and the Shimen slowly opens the cave to wait for them. However, Mu Yiqiao went into a coma after just a few words of explanation, and then it was followed by a long wait-Mu Yiqiao was unconscious, Yangling Tianhao reacted with a faint ghost gas and continued to convey some confidence to Yangling Tianshen.
Time flies like an elusive cloud drifting away gently.
I don’t know how long Yangling stayed in the dark, but the black-and-white and dichromatic spirit around it was transformed into wisps of silk thread and quietly injected into that slender body. As time went by, I don’t know whether the spirit of other gods and demons had reached a limit. The breath around it seemed to swell up with his breathing, as if there was a slight wave in the sea. lang was gentle, full of ripples and irresistible.
In the darkness, the boy in white felt vaguely that there was a voice calling out to him. The audio-visual cry was deeply grieved, but it didn’t sound like Yanglingtian wanted to break through the darkness there.
But it’s as dark as ink, but it’s as dark as the earth. It’s unpredictable, but it can’t be waved away.

The funeral of the old south county king sensationalized the capital.

The streets are crowded with mourners, and courtiers set up road sacrifices everywhere, and a tent stretches for miles.
I accompanied Ling Mo and Xu Ying, a hundred officials, to help the spirit pivot all the way to the tomb of the first emperor, who gave the Nanjun Wang couple the honor of being buried in the tomb.
Bai Xihuang also set up a road sacrifice at Huangling Mountain.
He was dressed in white and looked at me in silence. Ling Mo and I left after returning the gift with indifference.
The funeral of the south county king lasted for a whole month, and our sadness gradually buried in our hearts.
Since the death of the king of Nanjun, Ling Mo has become a new king of Nanjun, and the political situation is turbulent. There are people everywhere speculating that the death of the king of Nanjun has caused the new king to take refuge.
Everyone knows that the struggle between the two parties has reached a fever pitch.
In the struggle, the Emperor’s Party has been weak recently, and many Empress Dowager Party forces have grown again.
Many courtiers on the sidelines moved closer to the empress dowager, putting their future on the empress dowager.
And that high-profile new south county k has gradually expressed his position.
I’m drying medicine in my garden and looking forward to another spring. I’m probably going to be displaced this Sunday.
I looked back and saw that Ling Mo was wearing an embroidered robe with heroic spirit, and her brow was full of sharpness.
He has become a man of his own. The boy has really grown up.
"How was today?"
"Sister, you can be ready to pack up. Today, I openly supported the queen mother to retake the tax revenue of three counties and provinces. The emperor flew into a rage and wanted to send me back to the southern fief. The queen mother also advised me to go back to the fief and hide my strength before returning to Beijing when the time is right."
I nodded. "It seems that the Queen Mother has believed that you have decided to support her. We can take the opportunity to get out of the maelstrom of Beijing and avoid being sandwiched between the two parties."
Ling Mo’s eyes showed hatred. "I will be her backup for the Queen Mother, and I will stab her in the back and let her be attacked between Scylla and Charybdis. When they both lose, it is time for our father to avenge the great cause of recovery."
"Sister, I don’t want you to be involved in this matter. The spiritual master is like that … I’m afraid you didn’t tell you about him when you saw his sadness." Ling Mo suddenly started spiritual practice.
"It doesn’t mean anything that I’ve seen the same face without Ling Mo. I heard that my grandfather has shipped the salary to Nanjun. It’s the most important thing for us to leave the capital. After all, it’s impossible for the emperor and the queen mother to raise horses for others. We have to rely on ourselves."
"Well, I really appreciate your contribution to the Wangs. Your grandfather is an ambitious man, but this time maybe he can get what he wants to revive your Wangs."
The Wangs? I don’t care whether it really rises or falls.
Six months after Ling Mo led the Confederate army to leave Beijing,
After years of confrontation between the two parties in Beijing, the final mask was finally torn.
Too much control over the situation in Beijing ordered the East Army to break into the palace and want to force the palace, but I didn’t expect Yulong Palace to go to the building already.
Bai Xihuang and his companions have quietly sneaked out of the palace.
A month later, the emperor appeared in the Western Army, claiming that his ministers had joined forces with the Queen Mother to rebel, and Julian Waghann vowed to return to Beijing to destroy the Queen Mother bandit party.
Since the war, there has been a lot of smoke everywhere in the state of Qin.
The Queen Mother’s Eastern Army and Northern Army are slightly stronger than Bai Xihuang’s Western Army.
Chapter 30 Let life slip past you (finale)
Chapter 30 Let life slip past you (finale)
But after all, the queen mother is not justified.
Bai Xihuang is also the leader of Xiaoyao Sect, who believes in many parishioners.
Many provinces and counties controlled by the Empress Dowager all over the country have experienced parishioners’ uprisings.
The queen mother’s worries about foreign forces have an advantage and are greatly reduced.
The two sides are evenly matched, and it is also a lose-lose field to fight again.
Even if someone wins in the end, it’s hard enough to clean up.
At this time, Ling Mo led the Confederate army to become the key.
"A letter from Empress Ling Mo?" I walked into the coach’s camp and saw Ling Mo frowning at the letter.
Ling Mo hummed, "This is her tenth letter. She is very dissatisfied with the fact that we have been wandering in the south to participate in small-scale parishioners’ repression, and asked me to go north immediately to fight for her against Bai Xihuang."
I laughed. "She wants to be beautiful. Now she’s besieged on all sides, and she dares to give you such a commanding tone. We’re not going to be targets for her in vain."
Ling Mo’s cultivation of the spirit "Lord, although the situation is chaotic and controversial, it is also a good opportunity to be born. We have been waiting for a long time. If the Queen Mother and Bai Xihuang lose both sides, I’m afraid they won’t allow us to reap the profits. We must join the first world war."
I’ve been watching the soldier’s spiritual practice, looking up and squinting out of the window
At this time, it is already spring flowers, and a large area of mountain red is planted on the hillside outside.
Bright and full of life
I think spiritual practice is these spring flowers.

New people appear

! Ice sunrise looked at Mu Chuner’s back and then looked at Li Shengze’s eyes. Suddenly, Ice sunrise found that Ze and that person seemed as if Ze was no longer cold. The eyes were exactly the same as his, but he had died of me. It must not be him! Bing Xi repeatedly told himself that he was dead and then his mood gradually calmed down. But Bing Xi was afraid to go to Ze Wang again. His eyes were afraid that he would take him as he would expose the truest self in front of him. The rain outside the window "snapped-"touched everyone’s heart "I want to transfer!" A boy with brown eyes and beige hair said to a middle-aged man in his thirties and forties, "Where to go?" This middle-aged man is Bingxi’s father-Huangfu is addicted to "Er, it’s Xiaoxier School!" The boy who looks more demon than the girl pouted and said, "No", and Huangfu replied, "What? I can protect Xiaoxier at least!" Boys are unyielding. When it comes to honey chestnut hair shining in the light sunshine, there is a layer of light water mist in brown eyes, which makes people pity. Bing Xi is the world’s biggest killer and needs your protection. B Khan! Huangfu indulged in thinking, but at the sight of the boy’s eyes, Huangfu indulged in weakness. "Okay, okay, I promise you!" " “yes!” That boy quickly changed his face like a face, and his expression was very happy. It’s a bit of an illusion. Were the poor man and the man in front of him just now two people? Watching the boy suspection.i addicted to nai smiled and hope you can accompany the sunrise son side "wow! Finally, I can go to school with Xiaoxier for a while and see Xiaoxier every day! "So-and-so boy is immersed in fantasy, and we don’t even know what’s happening, but a troublemaker is coming to her! N_n Haha ~ One day at noon, it was Bing Xi’s "nightmare". Although Bing Xi is the world’s number one killer, she is most afraid of us Xiaoye and a certain mischievous man! "ah! -,"ice the sunrise let out a scream how to return a responsibility? What’s going on? It turned out that a boy came to the classroom at 3 o’clock in the afternoon (at this time, it was self-study). "Hello everyone, I just transferred to this class." Before the class was finished, the girl gave a cheer, and her eyes were full of hearts. #184; ap; #184; "Shh-"The girl put the sound away after the boy made a move. "My name is Feng Yue Xuan" That boy is not Xuan Xuan and smiled at all the girls. All the girls have nosebleeds, and they want to be in the same class as me. That’s right. Where’s Xiaoxier? In this way, the porch came to the ice sunrise. At this time, the ice sunrise was still playing chess with Duke Zhou. Li Shengze looked at the porch coming to the ice sunrise and frowned. What does this person have with the ice sunrise? No matter who you are, I won’t let you take the ice sunrise! "Hey, hey," Xuan smiled "insidiously" twice, so she reached out and squeezed the ice sunrise nose. Ice sunrise was angry and opened her eyes. You know what she hated most was that others disturbed her sleep! She raised her hand and just wanted to hit someone, but the first thing she saw was Feng Yuexuan, the owner of a face that was more beautiful than a girl’s face. So she had a scene just now. When she saw this moving face, her face turned green and she clenched her fist while holding back her anger. Yu hurriedly told him not to be impulsive. At this time, Ze regained her calm. "You, you, how did you come here?" Ice the sunrise unbelievable to say"Little sunrise, hey hey, of course, I’m here to see you." Listen to Feng Yue Xuan’s cow’s head and the horse’s mouth. The ice sunrise can’t help but reveal three black lines. "Then you take your time and I’ll go out first." Ice sunrise hurriedly said that he just wanted to go out and was shaken by Xuan. "Don’t little sunrise, where are you going? I’m going too! " Ice sunrise thought how still so clingy wow? ~~~~g; _l; ~ ~ ~ ~ Somebody help me, Dad. Why did you let him come? "I’m going to-w" Bing Xi roared-she didn’t want to be pestered by this person any more! Ze looked at the ice sunrise and squeezed her eyebrows tightly. I think the ice sunrise must not like that romantic porch. It’s okay! "Well, well, the little sunrise, hello, come back soon! I am waiting for you here! " Feng Yuexuan pouted and said, "Yeah!" Ice sunrise hurriedly point head like the wind ran out.
You’re not him.
"Mm-hmm!" Ice sunrise hurriedly nodded his head and ran out like the wind. The wind blew and kissed the ice sunrise’s pink cheeks. Ice sunrise blushed like a red tomato. The stone in her heart dropped a little and finally escaped. This porch was entangled by him. Er, it’s the same as lobular. Forget it. I’d better sleep first. Just do it. Ice sunrise "sou" jumped into a tree and lay in a leisurely sleep. In a daze, it seemed that there was an porch. Ice sunrise was surprised, but the horse opened its eyes at the moment. But this person is not Xuan. Is it our ze? ! "And you are?" Bing Xi hasn’t woken up from his dream yet, squinting carefully at the person in front of him. He didn’t answer seriously. Bing Xi’s eyes showed that he had never been gentle and spoiled. Bing Xi also looked at Ze. She regarded Ze as the death valley when he was a child, and this kind of eyes seemed to look at his most precious thing, but Bing Xi never smiled when he was away from himself that day. She wanted to leave her smile to him forever because when he was lying in his arms, Bing Xi said, "Bing Xi’s smile is the most beautiful!" That handsome little one sticks to himself all day, and the bad little one always comforts himself when he has nightmares. "Is that you?" Is it really you? " Ice sunrise never shed tears in front of outsiders when she threw herself into Ze’s arms. Ice sunrise cried in front of him for the first time. "What are you leaving? You know, I have suffered a lot since you left, and no one has ever made me laugh." Looking at her arms, I cried. Ice sunrise Ze’s eyes were so sad-who is he? Is the sunrise heart has been occupied by another person? Ze’s hand was neither stretched out nor hesitated when Bing Xi suddenly broke free from Ze’s arms and walked to a place one meter away from Ze, then bowed his head and looked at Bing Xi gently. "Are you Li Shengze?"Bing Xi said without emotion, "Yes, I am Li Shengze." Ze looked at Bing Xi. "Why are you here?" Ice sunrise coldly asked her if she didn’t want others to see her tears. Only in this way can she pretend that her heart was hurt. "I’ll look at you." Ze changed to a cold tone, gentle and magnetic, and said that ice sunrise didn’t want to talk to himself. He turned around and slowly walked out of the college, looking at the lonely figure of ice sunrise. Ze remembered Shinohara, and his heart tightened. There was a voice in his heart saying, "Don’t you like Shinohara sunrise? How can you go after other girls again! " But I am always thinking about the ice. When I hear her news, my heart can’t beat slightly. Seeing the ice sunrise sad, my heart will also ache with her; There will be a strong sense of loss when I hear "he" in Bingxi’s mouth. It’s all because of Bingxi. "Do I really like Bingxi?" On this night, Ze was lying in bed, and trouble sleeping Bingxi stayed up all night because she couldn’t figure out why she would regard Li Shengze as he would jump into Li Shengze’s arms and cry. Where has Mu Chuner been these days? Strange? Hey, hey, she must not be doing good deeds. She wants to plan again by retaliating against Bingxi. She also tried to find a way to end Mulong’s bed rest these days. surpris was so big that he was scared to death. What about Guan Cheyu and Qian Xiaoye? Did the United States "meet"? Hey, hey, this is all planned by that official Chuyu! Chuyu, did you write it? Whatever! Whatever. I wouldn’t be too lazy to write a class if you weren’t bullying me!—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— What makes Bing Xi "afraid"?
After hitting her again, Li Shengze was very upset. She didn’t go to school to think about her plans at home these days, but she didn’t come up with a "better" way to "treat" Bing Xi. She was lying on the bed, hoping to come up with some ways. When the "tick-tock" sounded, it was dusk. Mu Chuner was very upset. She walked out of her bedroom and walked towards Mulong Room. "Dad ~" Mu Chuner looked at the window and her father’s tears flowed down her cheeks. Dad, that Huang Bingxi is not a person at all. She, she actually took Ze Woo ~ ""My dear daughter, don’t cry, don’t cry. Ze didn’t have a good time with you a few days ago. "Mulong wiped Mu Chuner’s tears and said viciously," Huang Bingxi, a jian, dared to take my baby daughter’s boyfriend again. If she wasn’t the richest man, I would have abandoned her! " "Yeah, yeah, dad, I’m not reconciled. No, I have to come back!" Mu Chuner said, "But her family is very rich. We can’t do anything about her!" Mulong is a bit difficult. "Dad, her family has money, and so does ours, but it’s less than her! To "longed for alcohol MuLong ear murmured a few words MuLong then revealed a sinister smile" well I must HuangFuBingXi pay the price! Haha! "Mulong laughed at the fact that the ice sunrise had bathed that night, and the bangs were not dry yet. Drops of water dripped from the eyes. At night, the stars and moonlight sprinkled the whole grassland. The ice sunrise jumped from the balcony to the ground. The ice sunrise lay on the grass, and all her thoughts were looking at the shining stars in the sky. The ice sunrise couldn’t help but tremble and recall the past. That night, the original happy family was forcibly separated, but his mother and sister died at his hands. But he not only did not regret it, but also killed me. I said that I would come back one day and let you pay the blood price. And If so, then what happened to him? I saw the tired and tired ice, sighed and rolled over with a sigh. I wanted to stop indulging in it affectionately, but the boat didn’t have an iron anchor. I want to go back and relive my old dreams, but there is no reason to return home behind me. The pendulum has never stopped for a moment. When the dagger pierces my mother’s heart, everything has already been decided. When my sister smiles and looks at me, the mission in my heart has already taken root. The mission has given us the ability to keep bumping in the turbulent tide. Since he was cold at that time, don’t blame me now. On the one hand, I think that the ice sunrise’s face is already very gloomy. "The strength of Wang’s black charm is getting stronger and stronger. If we don’t attack, then we will be A man in black said "hmm" to a handsome boy who was very cold. The boy replied, "Help the Lord, shall we strike first?" Men in black continue to ask "grace" or a nasal voice ———————————————————————————————————————— "black charm"? Isn’t it the ice sunrise gang? Who wants to attack her?What is Mu Chuner’s plot? Will she really succeed? Can bing Xi handle it? Please look forward to a wonderful one!
Ah, why you?
Ah, it’s you! "Master, someone has attacked us. Now many of our brothers are injured!" S always has a cold tone with some anxiety, "Yeah, I know I’m coming." Bing Xi always has a calm face and a little unhappiness … After 1 minute, Bing Xi rushed to the incident site-"Dark City Bar" (for details, please see "Introduction to Dark City Bar" in "Cold Princess Purple Eyes and Ice Love"). At this time, the Dark City Bar was silent and a handsome man with a black mask was cool. S ran to the ice sunrise and said, "Wang, he’s a’ ghost-releasing gang’" "ghost-releasing gang? Oh, "Ice Sunrise understands that this man is the second largest gangster in the world-Li Shengze, the ghost-releasing gang leader? "Are you the Black Ghost Master?" Li Shengze stood up with a provocative look. Bing Xi didn’t answer. He looked at Li Shengze quietly. "What’s your name?" Ze looked at the ice sunrise and then spit out six words, or silence … Ze has a kind of joy in his heart. How do she look like the ice sunrise? Is she the ice sunrise? Ze’s eyes became tender. When Bing Xi was looked confused, Ze suddenly reached out and took off the mask of Bing Xi. "Ah, it’s really you!" Zeyin was a little incredulous and excited because he was finally sure that Bingxi was the girl who had missed him for many years and made him pay for his life! "Hey!"Ze looked at the ice sunrise and gently said that the ice sunrise was another leng. Her nickname had her own dead mother, sister and that heinous man knew how Li Shengze knew! ? Yeah, and he knows! Don’t … Don’t Li Shengze is him? "Are you the boy in Death Valley?" Ice sunrise unbelievable "yes, I am the boy! Bingxi, I’ve been looking for you again for years! " "Is it really you? ~~~~g; _l; ~ ~ ~ ~ But when I saw you … you were dead! " "No, I was rescued by the housekeeper at that time." "But do you know how sad I was during that time! Bad guys! " Ice sunrise hand has been beating Li Shengze chest ze looked at the ice sunrise lovingly and then put the ice sunrise into his arms "I’m sorry, sunrise, I didn’t mean to, and I swear I will always be by your side! ""yeah! " Ice sunrise shows a rare smile for a hundred years! ————————————————————————
Meihao happy time
Since the incident in the "Dark City" bar, the relationship between Bingxi and Ze has rapidly warmed up, and Bingxi has gradually changed, becoming no longer cold and no longer silent (telling familiar people that others are in a good mood can’t look good); Ze is even more uncharacteristic-the former cold king disappeared and became a gentle Wang Mujia who would have a great reaction when he heard the word "Bing Xi"-"Dad, are you better?" Mu Chuner looked at Mu Long and asked, "I’m already well. You haven’t been to class for several days!" Mu Long took Mu Chun’s hand and said, "Well," Mu Chun paused. Don’t I want to go? It’s not that Huangfubingxi! Mu Chuner thought to himself, "How is the preparation for Dad?" Mu Chuner changed the subject. "Oh, good, good, everything is ready." Mulong smiled insidiously. "Hehe ~" Mu Chuner also laughed at Huangfu’s house-"Dad, I’m back!" Ice sunrise said excitedly, "The sunrise is back! Hehe, Yuexuan, come out quickly! " Huangfu said with a smile, "Dad, Dad, you just called" Bing Xi’s purple eyes flashed a little panic, "Xiaoxier, I’m coming, hehe ~" Feng Yuexuan ran to Bing Xi like a gust of wind and just wanted to have a bear hug with Bing Xi-Bearhug, but hehe was blocked by Bing Xi’s back. "Who are you?" Yue Xuan was startled by the sudden appearance of Ze, but the horse returned to calm. "Oh, you must be Xiaoxier’s bodyguard, right! Come on, I want to hold Xiaoxier, not you! " Looking at this handsome man who looks like a monkey in front of him, he is not to be outdone. "What about this little monkey, Mr. Xi Xi? He is not a bodyguard." "No bodyguard. What is that?"Romantic Xuan pouted and asked, "I’m her boyfriend." Ze smiled and said, "Ah! ! !” Feng Yue Xuan shouted and then pushed Ze Bing in front of the sunrise with a pathetic look and asked, "Xiao Xi Er Wu ~ How can you have a boyfriend? Wu Xiao Xuan Xuan, I will be very sad ~ ~" Huangfu addiction was also shocked. Didn’t the ice sunrise go to revenge? Why did you bring back a boyfriend? Looking at Feng Yue Xuan Bing Xi in front of her eyes, she said, "Feng Yue Xuan is good, don’t pretend." "Hehe, why hasn’t Xiao Xi’s eyesight changed for so many years!" Just now, I looked pathetic, and now I have changed my face into a smirk! "Bing Xi, he is ~" Huangfu took a meaningful look at Li Shengze. "Oh, Dad, he is Li Shengze’s classmate." Bing Xi replied, "Not uncle, I am a classmate and boyfriend of Xi Er!" Zema added! "Are you? Bingxi? Ha ha ~ "suspection.i addicted to laughing, the original ice sunrise also have a favorite person! Before Bing Xi answered Ze, he said, "Yes, yes!" "Hey Li Shengze, who said you were my boyfriend!" Bing Xi asked, "Tell me!" Ze smiled and replied, "You". The ice sunrise hurriedly ran to Ze. Of course, it ran away. In this way, a man and a woman were chasing each other in a room of several hundred square meters, and they were addicted to watching their mouths smile deeper. Romantic Xuan also smiled at the ice sunrise, feeling happy now ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————.
Cold princess accident! !
Good times are always short-lived, like the wind and snow. Yesterday, Bing Xi and Ze Huangfu were addicted to living at home for a day, and they were going to get up and go back to Yin Yi Royal College. But they didn’t know how many difficulties were waiting for them, but everyone knew that our heroes and heroines would definitely cut through difficulties! As soon as Bing Xi entered the school today, she heard a lot of gossip-"I heard that Mu Chuner will come back today!" Jane doe said while making up, "Mu Chun Er? She’s back? So what? " Another woman said casually, "She likes King Ze! But Zewang likes Princess Xi! " Jane doe patted another woman on the shoulder and said, "You know, that alcoholic’s family is also one of the top five in the world! Her strength can’t be underestimated! " "Well but the sunrise princess home is the richest man in the world! Can she compare with Princess Xi? " Another woman backed the ice sunrise "but don’t forget that when you were in school, King Ze was also unusual for Mu Chun’s son! Princess Xi seems to have a strong enemy! " Jane doe smiled and said, Who wants someone to be better than himself? But also a stunning beauty. These women can’t wait for the ice sunrise and Mu Chuner to be destroyed and then take advantage of them! Listening to these gossips, Bing Xi smiled and walked to the principal’s office. "Hehe, you’ve done your best as a principal." Bing Xi secretly thought "Bang-"and the principal’s office door was kicked off. "Who!" The headmaster patted the table and asked angrily, "It’s me" when he was about to kick the doorman away. Bing Xi resumed his cold tone to those people. "Oh, it’s Miss Huangfu. What can I do for you?" After seeing the visitor, the headmaster changed his smile in a flash and then kowtowed and asked, "I’m here today to let you-"Bing Xi paused for a moment, then looked at the headmaster with a chill in his eyes. The headmaster shrank for a moment and then asked with some trembling, "What, what, what?" "Hum" Bing Xi sneered and said, "I came to ask you to hand over the position of principal." "Ah what?" The headmaster looked incredulous. "I don’t want to say that you are no longer the headmaster of Yin Yi today. Now you can get out." Bing Xi sat on the sofa and slowly spit out this sentence. "If you don’t leave, I’m fine." "Miss Huangfu, can Princess Xi let me?" Before the headmaster finished speaking, Bing Xi said, "No, you can’t leave now. Don’t regret it!" "Okay, I’ll go, but I’m begging you so much. If you’re still so heartless, I’ll make you pay!" The headmaster said this when he ran out of the office, huh? Pay the price? Come and try if you have something! Ice Sunrise thought about "sunrise, sunrise-"Sitting on the sofa, Ice Sunrise heard someone calling his name, so he got up and got ready to go out and see Ze. When he entered the school gate, he heard the women talking. He was afraid that Ice Sunrise would misunderstand the bag and didn’t put it away. He asked people everywhere. As a result, he learned from the mouths of little boys that Ice Sunrise’s principal, Shi Zema, rushed to the door of the principal’s office and was bent on thinking about the sunrise. You mustn’t think about it. I have nothing to do with that person! Where’s the ice sunrise? He just came out of the principal’s office. Why didn’t he look at anything and ran to the principal’s office? "Hmm ~" What is it that the ice sunrise lips seem to touch a soft thing? Ice sunrise wondered why Ze didn’t know what his lips were. Two people opened their eyes to find that they were kissing! "ah!"Or did the ice sunrise react first? Her horse pushed Ze’s face and never flushed. Immersed in sweetness, Zhongze was just awakened by the sound of the ice sunrise and then giggled inexplicably. "The sunrise, uh-huh ~" "What are you laughing at! This, this, "Bing Xi ran away before he finished, and there was a sound behind him," Ah Xi Er, don’t run away! " ————————————————————————————————————————
Cold princess plot to move (1
"Ice sunrise, please forgive me!" Ze lowered his head like a child who had done something wrong.
Ice sunrise didn’t speak, but in my heart, I smiled and hummed. Who told you to provoke me and dare to steal me? When I thought of what happened just now, Ice sunrise blushed again.
Ze saw that Bing Xi didn’t answer Bing Xi, and he was still angry. He was anxious and quickly said, "I didn’t mean to kiss you, but it was an accident!"
On hearing the word "kiss", the ice sunrise seemed to wake up from a rude awakening. The horse covered his mouth and said, "Li Shengze, I’ll tell you if you dare to use that word again." Ze listened to nodding.
See ze move after the ice the sunrise to safely put his hand back to ze eyes.
These are a pair of eyes that concentrate intently. There seems to be something hidden deep in those beautiful phoenix eyes and round eyes that can reflect such attractive light as crystal clear as a raven gem in water. As dazzling as a pearl shining in the night, it is so black that it seems to cover all the dark colors in the world; It is so bright that it can reflect the light of everything in human beings, but it is not easy to perceive its black color. It is a jade texture, the center of which is a little bit deepest, and the slender and dense eyelashes around it occasionally project it like a microwave, and the water surface hangs slender and soft catkins.
Is Bingxi confused when he sees Shenze? Is there something strange on my face?
Ze hand ice the sunrise before the pendulum.
"Why?" Ice sunrise dissatisfied with the question
"Little sunrise, are you fascinated? I know I’m handsome, but Xiaoxier, you don’t stare at me very much! " Ze endure smile said
"Who, who see you!" Ice sunrise hide his expression.
"Yo yo, you see your face will turn into a monkey’s ass if you lie again! Ha ha! ! Ah ~ "Before Ze finished speaking, the ice sunrise kicked Ze in pain and called" abut-"
"Hum, you say it again!" Ice the sunrise looked at ze said angrily
Just as Bing Xi and Ze were quarrelling, a sound interrupted them-SundayisGly.
Sunday is gloomy.
My time is not quiet.
Dear (you), I have few homophones.
Little white flowers will wake you up forever
You’ve arrived in the country you’re going to by a dark horse with melancholy and sadness.