Has anyone seen an easy chair in the office? Are you coming to class or sleeping?

But that’s what the company did. Zhang Zhidong had to admire the wonderful ideas of that young chairman
From the office building to the production car, it’s as far as another company. The security guard stopped two people at the factory gate. "Sorry! Please register one "
Naturally, it is Zhang Zhidong who wants to register, even if he is a company employee entering the factory for the first time, he should register with his real name.
When Zhang Zhidong registered honestly with his ID card, Chen Shufen said to the security guard.
"Mr. Zhang is the new technical director of the company. Don’t stop him from entering and leaving after he has not been made yet."
"Yes" the security guard nodded. Chen Shufen is the boss’s wife. She is actually in charge of the company’s personnel. Her words are tantamount to officially ordering the security guard to listen, of course.
When we arrived at the factory, Zhang Zhidong couldn’t help but shout, "Wow! This factory can be used to build airplanes. "
"There used to be a shipyard with a huge factory building with more than 3,000 square meters." Chen Shufen introduced him.
As they walked along, they came to the gate of a factory building. Chen Shufen lived at the door.
"Chairman Zhang and Director Liu will go inside to wear protection, so I won’t accompany you in."
"Thank you!" Zhang Zhidong nodded his thanks.
Before entering, it is necessary to wear protection, masks and anti-static gloves to pass through the dust removal passage, and other complicated procedures can not help but make Zhang Zhidong take a high look at the factory management.
Outside the factory building department, there are two worlds, and the straight fluorescent lamps are 25 meters high, which make the factory building as bright as day. The workers are seriously simulating the spacious factory building.
Real production accounts for 1/3 of the factory area. Zhang Zhidong saw Wang Yong and Liu Meijuan at a glance.
Liu Meijuan is checking the ventilation and heat dissipation performance of the main cabinet, which is a special plexiglass cabinet. The cabinet can be seen clearly from the outside, and the cooling fan of the main cabinet moves with colored light smoke to simulate the airflow of the cabinet.
"There is still a little need to adjust the airflow, which is a little messy and not fast enough." Liu Meijuan explained to Wang Yong.
"Director Liu, Chairman"
Just when the two heads gather together to watch the light smoke in the cabinet department, Zhang Zhidong greets them.
When they turned around and saw Wang Yong, they immediately walked over and held out their hands. "Mr. Zhang, you are finally here. Welcome!"
"Chairman, is this the brain host?"
After the two men shook hands, Zhang Zhidong pointed to the box and asked curiously.
"It’s not that we experiment the ventilation and heat dissipation of the chassis. This transparent plexiglass allows us to see the situation of the chassis directly."
"oh! That’s a good idea, "Zhang Zhidong praised with a smile.
When they talked, Liu Meijuan seriously revised the chassis design drawings. She seemed to have never seen Zhang Zhidong at all.
In a short time, her drawings marked the data that should be changed and gave it to a worker who ordered "to make another experimental box according to this data"
"Yes" workers should take the drawings.
A few minutes later, another experimental case was made, and the workers were very efficient.
Liu Meijuan personally dismantled the original chassis motherboard, floppy drive, CD-ROM drive and other components and put them into the new experimental chassis.
Another boring experiment.
This is not the hardest thing. When the host is really sure, she will test the actual effect of the motherboard. There are still many problems waiting for her to solve. Then she will constantly adjust the road design and increase or decrease the number of components.
Without or without a diode, transistor, resistor, etc., all kinds of problems may occur, such as not displaying images, short circuit, burning the motherboard, seriously reducing computer performance and so on.
There is a difference between theory and practice. After all, Liu Meijuan designed a new motherboard by himself, not copied the classic motherboard design in history.
Zhang Zhidong picked up an experimental motherboard with great interest. After careful observation, although he is a software engineer, it is not a layman to deal with his brain every day.
Pu peniu 751hz, 561 16b Two 12gb graphics cards pi graphics card svga, 1 slow
There seems to be a special digital processing chip?
Zhang Zhidong silently quoted the names and data of each chip. How many generations has this luxurious configuration advanced than his own old 36-brain?
Only in this way can the brain be strong enough. Zhang Zhidong praised in his heart
Zhang Zhidong was happy to put the motherboard on, so he carefully observed Liu Meijuan doing ventilation and heat dissipation experiments. At this time, he seemed to be as sincere as a student who followed his tutor to do experiments.
The experiment is boring, and if you watch it for a long time, you will get bored. Liu Meijuan is another perfect control, and you have to modify a little problem before you experiment.
I don’t know how many times after repeating the experiment, Liu Meijuan finally showed a satisfied smile when the experimental light smoke penetrated the chassis and flowed through the air passage in a neat and straight line.
"This data system is the main chassis after you can do it."
"Yes" two chassis workers who are responsible for the system should be in line.
"Wife, you have it! Zhang Zhidong is here, you technical director. Talk to him! I don’t understand the technical method to arrange other jobs. "
Wang Yong saw that Liu Meijuan finally got a break in when he was free.
Liu Meijuan smiled and shook hands with Zhang Zhidong.
"Director Zhang, how are you?"
"No, no, I’d like to learn some hardware knowledge from Director Liu. Director Liu, I have one thing. There seems to be no hard disk in the main chassis?"
Zhang Zhidong first made a modest remark and then asked a question that he was puzzled about.
"Ha ha! The hard disk is very expensive, and I intend to make it a centralized device for unified management, which can save precious resources.
Speaking of which, I have to hand it over to you. Our central processor is a kind of blade, which needs strong parallel computing and processing power. It still lacks a soul. I ask you to lead all software engineers to develop a special operating system. "
"No problem. It’s a difficult job for me. It’s very challenging.
Director Liu, to tell you the truth, I just like work and challenges, hahahaha! "
Zhang Zhi’s east wind is light and the clouds are light, so he accepted it gladly.
Chapter seventy-two Quality
When the motherboard was debugged, Zhang Zhidong and Liu Meijuan learned this lesson, that is, in half a month, both of them forgot all about eating and sleeping and everything outside.
That’s how people who really engage in technology get hooked as soon as they enter scientific research.
In this half month, Zhang Zhidong was not ashamed to ask questions and really understood Liu Meijuan’s motherboard design thought.
He understood that the 512kb secondary buffer is to ensure the continuity of characters and images, and to ensure that there will be no frame drop when running a high-pixel game today.
High-speed relaxation is the brain pu’s own ra device, which has the advantage of fast reading speed and effective high brain response performance.
It will refresh once at a specific time, and if the screen refresh frequency is the same, it can ensure the inertia of the screen display.
It can be said that high speed and slow speed largely determine the quality of computer performance.
The external buffer makes no difference if the gold flying wire pu has its own buffer.
Of course, first of all, you have to know the construction instructions of pu department like the back of your hand, otherwise you should start from the beginning.
At this point alone, Zhang Zhidong looked at Liu Meijuan with new eyes.
And that dsp digital coprocessor was originally designed for games, which involved many special algorithms.
This requires not only familiarity with the performance of Pentium chips, but also extraordinary mathematical knowledge, which is beyond the reach of ordinary people, even Intel engineers, otherwise they would have become this special core.
From a few points, it can be seen that Director Liu is indeed a top hardware technology cow. The so-called hero cherishes the hero. Zhang Zhidong can’t help but admire her more.
"It should be ok, director Zhang. We want to make our company’s research and development architecture keyboard, which is a complete dolphin brain."
I don’t know after hundreds of modification experiments, Liu Meijuan held a motherboard and said happily to Zhang Zhidong around him.
"Liu, director of our first generation such as a keyboard? I would have been forced to stay, "Zhang Zhidong said excitedly.
See Zhang Zhidong impatient Liu Meijuan couldn’t help laughing "ha ha! Director Zhang, this is really not good. Our dolphin brain bs chip is a special peripheral component that I reset to support.
For example, the keyboard puts a specific data interface on the keyboard of the architecture we are going to develop, and it can’t recognize it. "
"ah! Director Liu, you can actually modify the bs settings? "
Zhang Zhidong a face of surprise could not say the complete words. How awesome Director Liu is!
Liu Meijuan seems to have done a trivial thing. "There is nothing that can’t be done. This brain is made up of and 1. If you understand it, you can modify and set it at will."
Zhang Zhidong was depressed by Liu Meijuan’s words. He vomited blood for three liters. Can you make it simpler? If it were that simple, China would have been a motherboard long ago.

Phantom of the Opera C-class ship has made another breakthrough in its fighting skill. Magnetic killing is no longer confined to the original differential attack, but condenses its strength together like a whip, and the light belt is five meters in diameter and kilometers in length. Once the target is locked, it will pursue it until the magneto-optical energy dissipates.

Three loud bangs and a half seconds in the "boom" wave frequency. God’s limited magnetic killing has hit three giant worms.
The alien thread flea was unlucky. Just after it appeared, it touched a dusty face. Half of its body was faint and hissed. It was born in the universe for 1,000 years. It has never been in such a mess. Even when it fought against the flagship of Mantianxing 200 years ago, it finally knocked down several batteries of the flagship, but today’s battle is different.
In the last three months, the blue-blooded meteorite has evolved by sucking worm blood, and the destruction blade has given back the magnetic force to increase the blue-blooded meteorite’s heritage. Generally speaking, Phantom of the Opera is now a B-class star cruise ship, and it is not an ordinary B-class ship. It has risen and then rose for the first time with its martial arts prowess, and the results are terrible.
The centipede and the cancer monster were convulsed all over, and the magnetic belt was formed by magnetic killing. Although they didn’t die on the spot, they had been hit hard and moved.
The alien thread flea’s eyes emit angry red light, and it is glued to the creeping phantom of the opera, the colorful beetle. It doesn’t understand the details of these mechanical monsters. Is it a new zerg nest? Anyway, three right-hand men are dying, and this revenge must be avenged.
The Phantom of the Phantom retreated quickly before the irregular thread fleas made a move. The confluence of his five ships is far more powerful than a single ship battle, even if Zeus and other ships are regarded as Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom
Six star cruise ships hold together like building blocks and storm Lin momo outward. Now, through the war of the gods’ fleet, we can sum up a simpler fleet war to maximize the firepower for nullification.
The Tianzhu fleet seems like a huge eyeball, and the pupil part is precisely the Phantom of the Opera Linxi Suoyun. This huge eyeball "eyes" are fixed on the special-shaped thread fleas and do not let Ruyi approach.
It seems that the battle of the Tianzhu fleet is a prototype, and there are still many unsatisfactory places. However, the power of the prototype of the war is still not to be underestimated when it first appears. The huge eyeball swims to keep the alien thread flea at a distance. If the other party does not have long-range attack means, it will suffer a lot.
The alien thread flea jumped many times and became irritable. Suddenly, it opened its mouth and spit out clouds of liquid. These liquids quickly split up for a lifetime, 22, 24, 40 million, and 200 kilometers in Fiona Fang were covered.
The Tianzhu fleet suddenly stood still, and a large number of yellow droplets were suspended around it. It was precisely because of these droplets that the flagship was in trouble.
According to the data of the flagship battle of Mantianxing, a slight change in the yellow droplets will lead to a terrible disaster, and the alien thread flea is the dominant player at home, so it is not necessary to control the droplets.
"Connor" Lin momo pop-up instructions Langqi suddenly broke into a mass of antimatter clouds to protect the fleet.
The antimatter cloud that magically enveloped the droplets outside the cloud could not stop for a few seconds, but with these seconds, the buffer would be enough.
Phantom of the Opera released more than 100 crates, and several water pills were hidden in each crate, which made the yellow droplets slow down again, while Zeus aimed at the chest of the special-shaped thread flea and sent out 35 beams.
A slight lag occurred in the process of the giant worm’s forward movement. The alien thread flea can’t believe that the vision suddenly became blurred when looking at the chest. It fell headlong into the middle.
Volume 9 gods! Zuzhi Chapter 534 Arriving in Hong Kong
It took the alien thread flea nearly three hours to extricate itself from the yellow droplets around it. These droplets are very difficult and seem to contain some aggressive energy. Once they are contaminated with the energy shield, the consequences can be imagined.
Fortunately, the alien thread flea was killed by Roderick before it became powerful. It was not how powerful the Zeus ship was, but the Phantom of the Opera that laid a good foundation.
God’s limited magnetic killing makes the centipede and the cancer monster dying, but will it have no effect on the alien thread flea? Magneto-optical has already broken into the worm to destroy it.
Roderick’s display of the ship’s fighting skill only serves as a link between the past and the future, allowing the beam to shoot into the wound of the special-shaped thread flea and continue to wreak havoc.
In addition, this thread flea was deeply damaged in the battle of the flagship of Mantianxing 200 years ago. Even if it released yellow droplets, its life was no longer threatened by natural law.
The crew cheered for the first time since the Tianzhu fleet stepped into the mysterious nebula, and the arrangement of four huge insect corpses was too middle, and it was harvest time.
Lin momo handed over the battlefield cleaning workers to Roderick and Connor, and returned to the captain’s room to continue the pranayama after handing over the returning workers to Sasha.
It’s worth noting that a little damage in the force field at the tail of the bright beetle has been prevented by Odin’s emergency care. This savage elf girl has been trained by wood bugs and is very suitable for being an insect teacher. It’s a good match to let Jun God bless her as a partner.
Roderick sent robots to deal with insect carcasses. The advanced Zerg don’t say that they are covered in precious light. It is enough for the Phantom of the Opera to have a meal. What’s more, the plum blossom knocking shell is suitable for making matrices. There are definitely many benefits in it.
When dealing with the cancer monster, Christine was sent by Lin momo to get the toxin, and the yellow droplets secreted by the alien thread flea should be properly kept convenient to make biochemical warheads.
The alien thread flea alone has a kilometer giant, which is five times the length of Phantom of the Opera, and it takes a long time to handle it.
Due to the imminent return, there is not so much attention to the disposal of insect carcasses. It seems that there are not many insect tissues directly pulled into Langqi Refinery to extract some rare elements as far as possible to expand the fleet library.
Lin momo is now desperately poor, and five ships are all equipped with 20,000 units of crystal refining foundation, while Phantom of the Opera is equipped with 30,000 units of crystal refining, and it is hard to squeeze out 10,000 units of crystal refining to buy ammunition and materials.
In addition to pieced together 21 units of crystal refining, the bottom will depend on selling insect shells and those well-preserved blue nematode corpses, but when the fleet is about to leave, Sasha brings good news
"Captain, I have observed the nest of the alien thread flea, so it is suggested to spend a day exploring it." Sasha’s tone was hard to suppress, and she was excited. She also wanted to check the habitat of the thread flea, but she didn’t really think it would be fruitful
If it’s the former Phantom of the Opera, you may not see the clue, but an unknown zerg crystal eyeball was found when the fleet B worm tower was searched. This eyeball is very good for astronomical observation and can see through some dark camouflage.
"Look at the good past and don’t delay the trip." Lin momo confessed that he was silent, and the sequelae caused by excessive mitochondrion division of real cells still didn’t get rid of the evil and he finally got peace of mind
Sasha’s face lit up. It seems that Lin momo intended to let her get the charm before the exercise. When the mermaid fell, the cook and the adjutant are now serious. Don’t underestimate the reverse order of the crew. Sasha’s status has risen rapidly. Maybe she can be independent after a period of exercise. The other five captains are neck and neck
Regardless of Sasha’s careful consideration, everyone got the observation record of Phantom of the Opera. Rodrik and Connor were the first to explore the nest of alien thread fleas. It seems to be hidden, maybe it is not dangerous.
The fleet came to the nest smoothly. This is a hidden planet. The small satellite with a diameter of about 200 kilometers emits dark energy waves from five craters. It is clever to prevent external detection. Marking the satellite on the map may fetch a good price.
Zeus Langqi entered the cave first, and soon returned to the pictures. Sasha gasped at the screen scene.
It is no wonder that the blue-line corpse insect didn’t offend it when it came to the special-shaped thread flea territory. It is because of this that a more powerful Zerg once lurked.
The picture keeps changing, and I see a giant super-special-shaped thread flea crawling at the bottom of the cave, but this is a magnificent worm shell, and even the flesh and blood have disappeared. A few thread flea larvae with a length of less than 100 meters are grinding their teeth at the eye socket of the worm shell.
The insect remains in the cave are piled up like a mountain, and it can be seen that the alien thread fleas are very moist here. Zeus has cleaned the cave, and all these thread flea larvae will be killed until the cave is turned upside down.
Roderick is an expert in cleaning up. Even a worm bone will not be easily let go. The treasure department can turn it into waste and take it away. Who calls the fleet poor now?
After cleaning the wormhole, the Tianzhu fleet returned smoothly and crossed the No.1 wormhole, so naturally it won’t bother the blue-line corpse. If any organization domesticates the Taier agate snail, it can take a chance. 200 million blue-line corpse and tens of millions blue-line corpse are no different for the small fleet.
Even if all gods organize a joint fleet to capture the blue line corpse territory, it is impossible to organize a large-scale battle in the star cruise industry during the expedition, but it is possible to achieve something. Maybe it will create a galaxy outside the New Territories. However, these Lin momo.
After 19 days, the Tianzhu fleet returned to the port, and it has been waiting for several months.
"Finally came back" Sasha breathed a sigh of relief. These days, she was nervous all the time for fear that the gods would organize the fleet to retaliate. Although the Phantom of the Opera reached an incredible situation, it was difficult to say that the elite star cruise ship was closed for many days, and it was a relatively smooth rest period for Lin momo to make a big deal with the shopkeeper ship of cutting.
Lin momo knew that the fleet arrived in Hong Kong after more than 20 days of self-recuperation, and finally the vitality cells of Yasha tears were further moistened, slowly offsetting the damage caused by variation, and a lot of power bases were destroyed, which had eliminated hidden dangers and would not affect the future battlefield.
A list shows Lin momo. This is the achievement of Roderick and Connor. It’s very good to pick up the insect carcasses and clean up the nest of alien thread fleas.
Note in the list: The shell of the matrix worm weighs hundreds of tons, and 153 whips can be cut from the tail of the centipede to be used as weapons. Dozens of tons of venom and 100 tons of secretion of the thread flea are quite consistent.
Lin momo nodded slightly, worrying about the defense problem of his five ships. The plum blossom knocking on the beetle shell came at the right time.
In addition to these materials, there is another amazing discovery. After refining the shell of the super-threaded flea, Langqi got a part of titanium crystals and a large amount of deposited radium.
Deposited radium is the raw material of the repair kettle. Once it is taken to Xuanjie Heresy Collection, it may be exchanged for his rare raw material.
"The captain came out, the captain came out." A force crew saw Lin momo take the captain’s cabin, raised his arm and cheered and ran forward. In a short time, more than 30 screens appeared in front of Lin momo.
After the fleet arrived in Hong Kong, a lot of ships were waiting to be handled. Although Sasha, the adjutant, had certain functions, he could not interfere with the development plan of the fleet, but he had to make a decision.
"Ha ha, I’ve kept you waiting here. First of all, I want to praise Roderick and Connor for their beautiful finishing work. Of course, the corresponding rewards for Sasha’s hard work have been recorded in the account these days." Lin momo smiled. He has been a captain for so many years, and it has been easy to handle the ship. He quickly arranged the serial numbers according to the importance and then handed them over to the corresponding personnel one by one for handling.
"Roderick’s fleet needs to be renovated, but the purchase of materials needs to be slowed down first. Since it is parked in the first area and waiting for such a long time, it should be seen how many surprises he brings to us." Lin momo said, raising his hand and flying a light screen. The disposal method for Yan Shuang has reached out. The wooden widow is no longer detained. Only when she is released can the gods do the right thing and leave the boat fart, can she still account for a lot of free universe energy.
When he came to the Phantom of the Opera, he was an old passenger of the Phantom of the Opera. Although he was surprised by the change of the Phantom of the Opera, he drifted to the master’s room after hitting his feet and landing on the deck.
"Please sit down, predecessors of genre. Honestly, I have a lot of work on hand. Please don’t mind my gift." Lin momo sometimes signs and sometimes writes his own meaning.
Most of the crew members have been sent out to deal with the corresponding matters. The Tianzhu fleet is in urgent need of materials and information. Connor personally went to spy on the raging fleet to visit the Phantom of the Opera, and Irving and Michael Yesun patted their chests to ensure that they could help. Rich blue pigeons can buy a lot of information.
Lin momo is going to take a trip to the porch world after finishing what he is doing. Because of this income situation, he has to look for Zixuan to ask if it is mainly for the next six months to let the incarnate son out of his sleep.
"Siso, do you really agree to let Yan Shuang go?" The style of writing is also a matter of coming straight to the point and not waiting to point to the core issue.
"Ha ha letter is not very white? But I want to see how much you can help. To be honest, this trip to the mysterious nebula fleet has hurt my bones. I’m afraid I’ll help my predecessors in the next six months. Now our fleet and the fleet of gods have a deep hatred. The ancestors and Yan predecessors can rest assured that even if I don’t go to the gods, I’m afraid the gods will come to me. It’s really unpredictable! " Lin momo is crying. Actually, this chess game has just started from the moment when Yan Shuang is released.
Volume 9 gods! Zuzhi Chapter 535 Disciples
Style and brilliant double left Lin momo repeatedly looked at the screen and listed the materials with a satisfied smile. There was also a big family like Mujia who had such financial resources. The financial situation of the fleet was finally alleviated.
"Rod go to No.1 berth to receive packing where there are our things" Lin momo smoothly confessed that after all, Yan Shuang has left Phantom of the Opera, and it is better to avoid big sleep and get the materials back early.

"Ahem, that system, I remember that I have recruited a Mei aunt at present, right? How can there be [2/3] progress? "

"inappropriate" rewards 5 starting coins.
Chapter 261 Who summoned the Dragon? (two more monthly ticket)
"Ahem, that system, I remember that I have recruited a Mei aunt at present, right? How can there be [2/3] progress? "
Zhang lancha topic
"Simple funeral Banna promised you to join the team, and I’ll give you whatever you want." A relaxed tone.
"What the hell? You said it was a funeral, right? Or did I hear it wrong? " Zhang Lan said that there was too much information and some people were dumbfounded.
"That’s right. It’s been four days since the live broadcast card was cut off. The earth’s human foundation acquiesced that you were dead. Statues were built for you all over the world, not to mention they looked good." When Tong answered, he also projected the metal statue of Manhattan Central Square into Zhang Lan’s mind
"Lie trough! Lie in the trough! ! Lie in the trough! ! !”
Zhang Lan said at this time that he was in a state of compulsion. Why did he sleep inexplicably and his funeral was held?
"Hey? No, "Zhang Lan is the reaction." How do you know about the earth? You are also in Asgard’s divine domain. "
"Harry Peter Cheng played a live broadcast card at your funeral, and I can receive the message naturally. Do you want to see it? I can project it to you."
"Then show me. I’d like to see what they say about me."
The system is still so efficient. Zhang Lan here is talking, and the projection on the other side has been released. This time, unlike the statue projection just now, it is an image in my mind, but it directly generates a 3D scene. Zhang Lan is usually at the scene of that day if he is there.
It’s time for Tony and May to talk.
I was surprised to hear Tony call that beautiful young woman "Mei" Zhang Lan!
What the hell?
He should be less than a week away from the earth, right? How did your aunt Mei become such a beautiful young woman?
A little thinking about Zhang Lan faintly knows what is going on.
"Is Tongmei’s injection of the perfect lizard medicine greatly activated the cell activity, resulting in cell rejuvenation and rejuvenation?"
"Yes, you guessed right."
Smell speech Zhang Lan nodded and stopped talking because Tony spoke.
It’s the first time he’s seen such a fragile Tony. Looking at Zhang Lan, his heart is a little blocked
The new element was successfully studied, and even a copy was prepared for him. That sentence "I came to new york!" Finally, when Tony wiped his tears, Zhang Lanxin felt a lot.
Unconsciously, it turned out that he had established such a good relationship with Tony.
After the second Banner surprised Zhang Lan, I didn’t expect him to come. After all, there must be S.H.I.E.L.D. and government people at the scene. Although they already have abhorrent research materials, it can’t stop the military from being greedy for Banner.
Similarly, Zhang Lan also knows what progress will be successful and further. Presumably, he sacrificed his spirit to let Banner recognize himself.
Of course, Zhang Lan also noticed that Banna said that he and Tony were studying a new steel suit. Nima wouldn’t be anti-Hulk, would she?
This is The Avengers II technology, right?
That’s a hard-working hulk armor!
When Zhang Lan marveled, the third president also performed.
For President Zhang Lan, a little thinking is to understand his meaning, which makes him more disgusted with the fact that the government has the same style, and a plan in his heart is more determined.
"I hope to find an opportunity to realize it when I go back this time!"
When he secretly made up his mind, Frey’s aggressive remarks about the hard-working president were also heard by Zhang Lan, especially the last sentence, "Vampire is a very good name and I like it a little", which made Zhang Lanxin’s impression of this agent head mostly change.
Coulson’s idea of signing autographs Zhang Lan felt it necessary to help him finish it when he got back.
At the end, Hill’s blue color indicates that the head is a little big!
What, he saw abandonment in Hill’s eyes?
Charles appeared that "I’m not as good as you" and Zhang Lan accepted the fact frankly. That’s it. Charles is too stubborn. There is no need to compromise him to maximize his ability.
Yu Katie Zhang Lan said that she was full of heartache, especially the only sentence "I am waiting for you to come back!" But also poke him in the bottom of my heart
Because of this sentence, Zhang Landing decided-this daughter-in-law is going to be settled!
Who dares to save and kill who!
Then came Xavier’s gifted college students, one by one, who said something immature to Zhang Lan. They didn’t have any flowery words, either "You want to come back!" "You won’t die" and "You must live"
Zhang Lan is never tired of listening to it. He thinks there is nothing wrong with his idea of saving superhuman beings.
In the post-Fantastic Four, Rhett is still an old-fashioned researcher, Susan is still Red, and Johnny is still so honest and honest.
Zhang Lan, one person after another, deeply remembers them in his mind, and these will be his future plans.
For a long time, Zhang Lan finally finished reading all the information. He waved to Tong to put everything away and quietly thought about it with Ba Na.
No one knows what he wants and does not disturb him. Although he is "refined", his character, which has been silent for hundreds of millions of years, will not change.
At that time, Zhang Lan stopped moving like a statue, so she quietly maintained a posture. I don’t know if she was possessed.
"boom boom boom!"
Room Shimen was pushed into a robe, and Saul pushed the door with a face of surprise, which was far from seeing the state of being a meditator.
"hey! Blue, are you awake? " Sol’s loud voice woke Zhang Lanzhen up. "You have slept long enough for three days. You and I have delayed the celebration dinner for three days!"
"ah? Celebration banquet? " Zhang Lan hasn’t returned to absolute being.
"Of course, according to our custom in Asgard, after the victory of World War I, we should first reward and then celebrate the whole country. You have made a great contribution this time. My father promised to fulfill one of your wishes!"
However, Zhang Lan is still in some situations. The unconscious replied Sol-
"Ah? A wish? Who summoned the dragon with seven dragon balls? "
These chapters should be slightly excessive. Later, there will be the climax of "Reunion One". Hey, hey, this time, Xiaolan will give you a big pot of stew. Are you ready for Qian Qian and the tickets?
Chapter 262 I strangled myself! (seeking reward in the third watch)
"Ah? A wish? Who summoned the dragon with seven dragon balls? " Zhang Lan is still out of condition.
"Qi seven dragon balls? Summon the dragon? What did you say? " Now it’s Saul’s turn to have some doubts
Until now, Zhang Lan finally broke away from that state of thinking. As soon as he heard Saul’s question, he realized that he had said something wrong and corrected it quickly.
"Oh, that’s an animation in my hometown. When is the celebration dinner? Now? "
"Now?" Sol took a blue topic: "It’s late now, so it’s natural to wait for genius. I’ll tell my father and them now that you have a good rest!" Haha, I’ll introduce you to our Asgard warriors. You will like them. "
Come and go like the wind Sol rushed out of the door, presumably to finalize the celebration dinner with his father, Odin, but a moment later, a fairy palace maid-in-waiting sent delicious food to Zhang Lan to enjoy.
Although with the energy point exchange system, Zhang Lan no longer needs to take energy by eating in such a low-level way, it is still a good choice to taste delicious food.
Is Zhang Lan or will this time send all the delicious food to eat, but let the ladies-in-waiting secretly lose heart
Even Saul doesn’t have such a big appetite.
After a full meal, Zhang Lan drove away the woman who wanted to serve the bedroom and locked the room to sort out the situation herself.
It is an indisputable fact that the system has been upgraded to a fine one. Fortunately, his "mercenary" character has not changed. If there is no special "ration"-rule fragments appear, he is usually quiet and different.
Now, in terms of skill system, Zhang Lan played before, and mystery shop was no longer the previous ten card slots, but a whole list.
At the top are the attributes of wind, fire, water, earth, thunder, yin, yang and seal. If you choose one at will, the grade will be divided from the lowest E to the highest S.
On the left, there is a search box that can quickly search for designated skill cards.
At the SS level and SSS level, Zhang Lan didn’t know it until he inquired about the system. This is to ask him to get the first SS level stock, and then it will automatically start.
In the end, the system even encouraged Zhang to say that Odin’s eternal gun was SS level.
Zhang Lan did not hesitate to look at the unified words directly.
Forget it before the joke. Now the eternal gun is in Odin’s hand. You asked me to come over and bring it to you?

In addition to the imperial city, some nobles know the mind of the great emperor, and even the marquis and earl nobles in other cities have never known it.

Only a duke can know some secrets before the team, unless others have already joined the team or are still being kept in the dark
Most of the nobles recruited by the big emperor are real nobles, either holding troops or being big city owners
Although Baiyang City is close to the Imperial Capital, due to the small scale of the city, the nobles in the city are not enough for the big emperor to pay attention to it.
The identity of Su Yu revealed by General Yang today called these local nobles of Baiyang City to fight for more benefits and resources for Su Yu.
Now Su Yu is an independent Su Wangfu outsider, far away from the imperial capital, and I very much hope that Su Yu can go out independently and reproduce the glory that is not inferior to Su Zhanshen.
Even if all the people in the imperial city recognize Su Yu as a loser, they are all made in this life, but they are willing to believe that Su Yu will be able to be proud for nine days one day.
Not only Nian Qingyi believes in Su Yu, but also Su Yu’s two sisters Su Huiyin and Su Mier.
Baiyang City, a noble resource, is not only of great help to Su Yu in the early stage.
This is what General Yang meant. This dinner will give Su Yu more benefits!
Wily general yang never paves the way.
Everyone took a seat on the third floor, and everyone refused Su Yunai to sit in the theme.
All kinds of delicious food and wine soon set the table, and a group of dancers danced into the musicians, playing graceful posture and dancing with the music.
"Come on, come on, grandpa, this is my specialty Baiyang City. The mountain spring wine tastes like a clear spring, and it tastes beautiful and not greasy! Would you like to taste the wine that looks like the imperial city? "
There are nobles grinning Su Yu pouring wine.
"Gongye, I don’t know what kind of food you like, so every family has come up with some rare things to cook except some strength. This table has claws of 【 violent cold bear 】, wings of 【 magic day firebird 】, and the chef of 【 snow mountain pheasant 】 is the chef who looks at the east building. He has retired from the imperial city, and his cooking skills are very good. Please try it quickly! “
Su Yu, a noble, eagerly introduced a table full of tempting delicacies.
This series of dishes, pots of wine, even if Su Yu Su Wangfu is used to eating delicacies, I can’t help but be slightly surprised.
These delicacies and wines are conveniently taken out, and each plate is worth hundreds of gold coins! Enough for a dozen ordinary families to live for most of their lives!
This table of dishes is conservatively estimated to need ten thousand gold coins!
This Baiyang city only pays less than 1000 gold coins a year to the empire!
"You are so patronizing, Su Yu is really grateful."
Su Yu smiled at the corner of his mouth and returned frequently with a glass in his hand, but his eyes were very calm and slightly indifferent.
There are many terran countries in the four continents, but most of them are in a worrying situation. Even the empire that is stronger than Heaven is overwhelmed by an orc empire, but this group of empire-based aristocrats all know how to enjoy themselves, wine and food, search for wealth and treasure, and please a nobleman!
There are dozens of people at the table, but is there one person who is not drunk with the country? !
It’s the wine bag generation!
The old emperor was seriously ill no longer. The great emperor, the successor of the British fierce, mastered * * and was stronger than ordinary people.
In the troubled times of the East China, there will be constant disputes among all ethnic groups, alliances between countries, or conquering other countries, but only the empire that inherits heaven is still alternating with the country’s power, and plans and struggles are endless!
If it weren’t for the Soviet God of War, who was still fighting against foreign enemies in northern Xinjiang, the empire would be long gone!
One step behind, one step behind, if we continue to inherit the sky, the empire will be annexed by other peoples sooner or later!
All kinds of signs don’t show that the crowing and dancing of the empire is behind the increasingly serious national crisis.
Su Yu heart wry smile slightly sigh.
Looking at the table full of earnest smiling faces, Su Yu’s heart was slightly alert.
If I become a Lord in the future, I must not let the nobles and basic officials of the territory appear these seemingly noble, but actually useless aliens!
The wine has gone round three times
General Yang coughed a glass and said slowly, "Grandpa, you must have a hard trip to Blackstone County this time."
General Yang Zuiyan looked at Su Yu with a smile on his face.
Previously, when these nobles kept courting Su Yu, General Yang always looked around and smiled, neither stopping nor expressing his position.
Now General Yang’s sudden speech has attracted the attention of all the nobles.
Grandpa is going to Blackstone County?
A group of aristocrats stupidly looked puzzled.
I’m going to the famous imperial poverty-stricken area in Blackstone County alone!
That place is full of bandits and fierce folk customs. Su Zhanshen is not afraid of an accident?
surely it doesn’t mean that…/could it be said that…
Is this a precursor to Su Yu’s fall from grace?
Some aristocrats are so excited that they are silent and bow their heads to drink and stop flattering Su Yu.
These nobles are clever one by one, and many current situations can be analyzed from General Yang’s words.
Hehe, the highlight is coming!
Su Yu smiled and put down his glass and said with a smile, "Uncle Yang, don’t worry about this trip to Blackstone County. Although it is hard, I can obey my father’s orders."
"well? Did the old general tell you to go? How did I hear that it was a personal decree? "
General Yang was surprised.
The nobles pricked up their ears and listened to the two people talking.
They didn’t know that this conversation was really a collusion between General Yang and Su Yu, with the aim of squeezing some benefits from the nobles of Baiyang City.
"Yes, but there is no difference between the two, right?"
Su Yu so-called laughed
"Also according to the position in the eyes of the old general"
General Yang ha ha a smile awkward and then ZuiYan hazy raised his glass at Su Yu far raised "Gongye anyway, my family Ming Wei is going to give it to you. If you get it this time, you can’t forget my family Ming Wei, my son!"

Lin Lei opened his mouth wide and said in shock, "Lord Beirut is so powerful, so can he save my brother?"

Delinkwater looked at Lin Lei and didn’t know what to say. After all, he didn’t see what windson dared not say to Lin Lei directly.
Lin Lei looked at Delin’s grandfather and didn’t speak. His heart was full of worries and he bowed his head.
Delin Cowart looked at Lin Lei and comforted him. "Lin Lei, don’t worry. Your brother is a genius, and you are not worried now. Your strength is still too weak."
Lin Lei nodded his head when he heard Derrick Walter’s words. He was really too weak.
I can’t. I’m going to practice. I’m going to be strong. Lin Lei thought of this and accelerated his speed and ran quickly towards Ernst College
Delinkwater looked at speeding up. Lin Lei smiled and touched his Hu.
Lin Feng, don’t blame me for saying this. I know it will hit you, but if you don’t work hard, it will be even harder for you to catch up with your brother’s pace. Delinkwater secretly thought that Lin Lei in his eyes is too far away from Lin Fengshi. Only Lin Lei has more practice can it catch up with Lin Feng.
And the distant darkness, Beirut, has returned to his metal castle with Lin Feng and placed a magic circle to isolate Lin Feng from the outside world.
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Chapter 60 Beirut
Beirut looked somberly at Lin Feng, who had lost consciousness. Although he didn’t understand what would happen to Lin Feng, Beirut intuition told him that Lin Feng would be excluded from this world if he went like this again.
Windson’s body trembled as if he felt in a bad situation, and his brow was tightly wrinkled.
Beirut thought for a while and mobilized his soul force to slowly enter the forest air body, trying to find out the reason that led to forest air becoming like this in this way.
However, Beirut found that after its soul force entered the forest air body, it was slow to check, as if there was a strange force blocking Beirut.
Although the main god of Beirut walked out of the plane of Yulan mainland because of the dominant reason of light, his knowledge of Beirut was not affected because of the two places in hell.
But windson this situation is the first time I saw Beirut.
After a while, Beirut’s face was already deeply tired. You know, Beirut has never felt so tired since it became the Lord God.
I don’t want to go to Beirut any more in this period. Lin Feng is a dispensable thing for Beirut. Observing Lin Feng in Beirut is to satisfy my curiosity.
But Beirut didn’t think that he had fallen into such a state because of curiosity at the moment.
Beirut wants to take back its soul power, but Beirut finds that its soul power has been mobilized now. If Beirut wants to forcibly withdraw its soul power, although Lin Feng will die, Beirut’s soul will definitely be injured. This situation is not acceptable to Beirut.
Besides, for Beirut, who dares to dominate his mouth when he is a god, there is nothing in the world that Beirut dares to do without him.
Beirut is now not going to withdraw its soul power for various reasons. He will be interesting to see if the strange power of Lin Fengti can threaten him as the Lord God today.
Windson consciousness at this time to ease a brow like Beirut soul force after entering the forest air body windson feel comfortable a lot.
Beirut looked at Lin Feng’s heart, nai smiled at the corner of her mouth and muttered to herself, "Lin Feng Xiao, you really ruined me today. We must practice hard when you wake up."
Beirut say that finish and concentrate on constantly put your soul force into forest air body Beirut don’t believe that your soul force will be consumed.
But as time goes by, Beirut’s soul power is constantly consuming, and Beirut becomes pale, and his heart becomes indecisive.
If you persist, you may hurt your soul source, but Beirut looks a little ruddy again. Lin Feng can’t make up his mind. After all, he has consumed so much soul power. If he gives up now, everything he did before will be gone.
Beirut mercilessly looked at windson bite a tooth and let yourself continue to stick to it.
Finally, when Beirut’s soul power is about to run out, Beirut finally perceives the problem of forest air.
However, the observation of windson’s physical problems made Beirut look a little strange. Because Beirut found that windson’s veins seemed to be incomplete, how could this happen?
Is this windson consciously do? If so, why did Lin Feng do this? Doesn’t he know that the imprint of his own world can’t be removed?
No wonder no wonder Lin Feng will be rejected by this world.
Fortunately, however, Lin Fengxian’s veins have not been expelled. If Lin Fengxian has expelled the veins, then Lin Fengxian can’t insist on Beirut now, and he can’t help him any more. Although he is the Lord God, he is afraid to fight against world forces.
Now that we know that windson has become the reason, it will be easy.
Beirut touched his ring and took out a crystal bottle. Then Beirut took one look at Lin Feng and felt a little hesitant.
After a while, windson turned pale again.
Looking at Windson in Beirut, I remembered to stay with Beibei around Lin Lei. Forget it. Just help him once today. Besides, these things have nothing to do with themselves.
Beirut stretched out his hand and hit Lin Fengzui, pouring the dark blue liquid in the crystal bottle into the forest tuyere, but this liquid seems very precious and Beirut is very reluctant to part with it.
In Beirut, the liquid is poured into the forest tuyere drop by drop, and after pouring a drop, it is found that Lin Feng has no reaction for a long time before continuing to drop this liquid into the forest tuyere.
Drop by drop in a blink of an eye, Beirut has dropped this dark blue liquid into the forest mouth for nine drops.
But windson still has no reaction.
Beirut looks a little strange. I carefully checked Lin Feng’s body again and then looked at Lin Feng with suspicion. Is this really human? He can withstand such a powerful energy?
Windson whole person has not changed, but Beirut eyes windson body is slowly changing.
Of course, this change is controllable in Beirut. After all, windson has lost consciousness now. If you want to rely on windson to control yourself, you might as well go directly to the underworld to find him directly.
Fortunately, Beirut’s own divine power helps Lin Feng absorb these dark blue liquids bit by bit.
But Beirut didn’t expect windson body to absorb nine drops of deep cyan liquid before it was filled.
Naibeirut continued to pour the dark blue liquid in the crystal bottle into the forest air again.
Drop by drop, Beirut finally felt that Lin Feng’s body was no longer absorbed. Beirut was glad to see that there was still a lot of dark blue liquid in the crystal bottle in his hand.
Beirut put the crystal bottle into the ring again and sat in a place waiting for windson to wake up and restore a soul force that he has become like himself.
After a while windson eyebrows moved.
Windson opened his eyes only to find himself in a strange place.
Windson directly sat up and looked at everything around him, and then saw an old man sitting in front of him. Windson didn’t feel that the old man had a little strength.
But windson subconscious told himself that this is not an ordinary old man. Is this the dark one? Windson heart full of shock thought.
Chapter sixty-one Qinglong jingxie
Beirut felt the windson eyes opened his eyes and the corners of his mouth gave me a smile and said, "Windson, you are awake."
Although Lin Feng heard Beirut, he wondered why he would be here, but Lin Feng hurriedly replied, "Hello, Beirut’s adult."
At this time, it’s Beirut’s turn to be curious. Beirut wondered and said, "How do you know me, Lin Feng? You should be don’t know me. "
Windson embarrassed touched his head. This is broken. You can’t say that you know Beirut because you are a traveler. Yulan mainland knows that there are not many people in Beirut. After all, the Lord God of Beirut has always been waiting for darkness.
Although Lin Feng is very strong now, it can be said that God is still strong, but Lin Feng is still young, so it is impossible for him to have a chance to know Beirut.
Lin Feng rolled his eyes and then said with a light smile, "I heard Brother Sisai say that you are afraid that I will accidentally offend you and find your own disaster."
Beirut saw Lin Feng’s appearance, although he knew that Lin Feng was not telling the truth, but Beirut was not prepared to pursue it. After all, it was only a trivial matter, so Beirut said lightly, "Oh, that’s it. It seems that Sisai is still quite good for you."
Windson nodded deeply agree with Beirut words.
Beirut saw Lin Feng’s reaction with satisfaction, and then Beirut asked, "Lin Feng, do you know what your veins are incomplete? How seems to be caused by people expelling? "
Windson wry smile face became tangled up, don’t know if I should say.
Beirut saw that Lin Feng’s face was tangled and shook his head and said, "Since you don’t want to talk, it’s not difficult for me to ask you."
Lin Feng breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Beirut. If Beirut really forces his Lord God to force Lin Feng, then Lin Feng really doesn’t know what to do.
However, Beirut added: "Although you don’t tell me, you should not always think about expelling your blood after you know it. You should know your blood, but you belong to this world symbol. If you expel your blood, the world will naturally exclude you or obliterate you."

The funeral of the old south county king sensationalized the capital.

The streets are crowded with mourners, and courtiers set up road sacrifices everywhere, and a tent stretches for miles.
I accompanied Ling Mo and Xu Ying, a hundred officials, to help the spirit pivot all the way to the tomb of the first emperor, who gave the Nanjun Wang couple the honor of being buried in the tomb.
Bai Xihuang also set up a road sacrifice at Huangling Mountain.
He was dressed in white and looked at me in silence. Ling Mo and I left after returning the gift with indifference.
The funeral of the south county king lasted for a whole month, and our sadness gradually buried in our hearts.
Since the death of the king of Nanjun, Ling Mo has become a new king of Nanjun, and the political situation is turbulent. There are people everywhere speculating that the death of the king of Nanjun has caused the new king to take refuge.
Everyone knows that the struggle between the two parties has reached a fever pitch.
In the struggle, the Emperor’s Party has been weak recently, and many Empress Dowager Party forces have grown again.
Many courtiers on the sidelines moved closer to the empress dowager, putting their future on the empress dowager.
And that high-profile new south county k has gradually expressed his position.
I’m drying medicine in my garden and looking forward to another spring. I’m probably going to be displaced this Sunday.
I looked back and saw that Ling Mo was wearing an embroidered robe with heroic spirit, and her brow was full of sharpness.
He has become a man of his own. The boy has really grown up.
"How was today?"
"Sister, you can be ready to pack up. Today, I openly supported the queen mother to retake the tax revenue of three counties and provinces. The emperor flew into a rage and wanted to send me back to the southern fief. The queen mother also advised me to go back to the fief and hide my strength before returning to Beijing when the time is right."
I nodded. "It seems that the Queen Mother has believed that you have decided to support her. We can take the opportunity to get out of the maelstrom of Beijing and avoid being sandwiched between the two parties."
Ling Mo’s eyes showed hatred. "I will be her backup for the Queen Mother, and I will stab her in the back and let her be attacked between Scylla and Charybdis. When they both lose, it is time for our father to avenge the great cause of recovery."
"Sister, I don’t want you to be involved in this matter. The spiritual master is like that … I’m afraid you didn’t tell you about him when you saw his sadness." Ling Mo suddenly started spiritual practice.
"It doesn’t mean anything that I’ve seen the same face without Ling Mo. I heard that my grandfather has shipped the salary to Nanjun. It’s the most important thing for us to leave the capital. After all, it’s impossible for the emperor and the queen mother to raise horses for others. We have to rely on ourselves."
"Well, I really appreciate your contribution to the Wangs. Your grandfather is an ambitious man, but this time maybe he can get what he wants to revive your Wangs."
The Wangs? I don’t care whether it really rises or falls.
Six months after Ling Mo led the Confederate army to leave Beijing,
After years of confrontation between the two parties in Beijing, the final mask was finally torn.
Too much control over the situation in Beijing ordered the East Army to break into the palace and want to force the palace, but I didn’t expect Yulong Palace to go to the building already.
Bai Xihuang and his companions have quietly sneaked out of the palace.
A month later, the emperor appeared in the Western Army, claiming that his ministers had joined forces with the Queen Mother to rebel, and Julian Waghann vowed to return to Beijing to destroy the Queen Mother bandit party.
Since the war, there has been a lot of smoke everywhere in the state of Qin.
The Queen Mother’s Eastern Army and Northern Army are slightly stronger than Bai Xihuang’s Western Army.
Chapter 30 Let life slip past you (finale)
Chapter 30 Let life slip past you (finale)
But after all, the queen mother is not justified.
Bai Xihuang is also the leader of Xiaoyao Sect, who believes in many parishioners.
Many provinces and counties controlled by the Empress Dowager all over the country have experienced parishioners’ uprisings.
The queen mother’s worries about foreign forces have an advantage and are greatly reduced.
The two sides are evenly matched, and it is also a lose-lose field to fight again.
Even if someone wins in the end, it’s hard enough to clean up.
At this time, Ling Mo led the Confederate army to become the key.
"A letter from Empress Ling Mo?" I walked into the coach’s camp and saw Ling Mo frowning at the letter.
Ling Mo hummed, "This is her tenth letter. She is very dissatisfied with the fact that we have been wandering in the south to participate in small-scale parishioners’ repression, and asked me to go north immediately to fight for her against Bai Xihuang."
I laughed. "She wants to be beautiful. Now she’s besieged on all sides, and she dares to give you such a commanding tone. We’re not going to be targets for her in vain."
Ling Mo’s cultivation of the spirit "Lord, although the situation is chaotic and controversial, it is also a good opportunity to be born. We have been waiting for a long time. If the Queen Mother and Bai Xihuang lose both sides, I’m afraid they won’t allow us to reap the profits. We must join the first world war."
I’ve been watching the soldier’s spiritual practice, looking up and squinting out of the window
At this time, it is already spring flowers, and a large area of mountain red is planted on the hillside outside.
Bright and full of life
I think spiritual practice is these spring flowers.

New people appear

! Ice sunrise looked at Mu Chuner’s back and then looked at Li Shengze’s eyes. Suddenly, Ice sunrise found that Ze and that person seemed as if Ze was no longer cold. The eyes were exactly the same as his, but he had died of me. It must not be him! Bing Xi repeatedly told himself that he was dead and then his mood gradually calmed down. But Bing Xi was afraid to go to Ze Wang again. His eyes were afraid that he would take him as he would expose the truest self in front of him. The rain outside the window "snapped-"touched everyone’s heart "I want to transfer!" A boy with brown eyes and beige hair said to a middle-aged man in his thirties and forties, "Where to go?" This middle-aged man is Bingxi’s father-Huangfu is addicted to "Er, it’s Xiaoxier School!" The boy who looks more demon than the girl pouted and said, "No", and Huangfu replied, "What? I can protect Xiaoxier at least!" Boys are unyielding. When it comes to honey chestnut hair shining in the light sunshine, there is a layer of light water mist in brown eyes, which makes people pity. Bing Xi is the world’s biggest killer and needs your protection. B Khan! Huangfu indulged in thinking, but at the sight of the boy’s eyes, Huangfu indulged in weakness. "Okay, okay, I promise you!" " “yes!” That boy quickly changed his face like a face, and his expression was very happy. It’s a bit of an illusion. Were the poor man and the man in front of him just now two people? Watching the boy suspection.i addicted to nai smiled and hope you can accompany the sunrise son side "wow! Finally, I can go to school with Xiaoxier for a while and see Xiaoxier every day! "So-and-so boy is immersed in fantasy, and we don’t even know what’s happening, but a troublemaker is coming to her! N_n Haha ~ One day at noon, it was Bing Xi’s "nightmare". Although Bing Xi is the world’s number one killer, she is most afraid of us Xiaoye and a certain mischievous man! "ah! -,"ice the sunrise let out a scream how to return a responsibility? What’s going on? It turned out that a boy came to the classroom at 3 o’clock in the afternoon (at this time, it was self-study). "Hello everyone, I just transferred to this class." Before the class was finished, the girl gave a cheer, and her eyes were full of hearts. #184; ap; #184; "Shh-"The girl put the sound away after the boy made a move. "My name is Feng Yue Xuan" That boy is not Xuan Xuan and smiled at all the girls. All the girls have nosebleeds, and they want to be in the same class as me. That’s right. Where’s Xiaoxier? In this way, the porch came to the ice sunrise. At this time, the ice sunrise was still playing chess with Duke Zhou. Li Shengze looked at the porch coming to the ice sunrise and frowned. What does this person have with the ice sunrise? No matter who you are, I won’t let you take the ice sunrise! "Hey, hey," Xuan smiled "insidiously" twice, so she reached out and squeezed the ice sunrise nose. Ice sunrise was angry and opened her eyes. You know what she hated most was that others disturbed her sleep! She raised her hand and just wanted to hit someone, but the first thing she saw was Feng Yuexuan, the owner of a face that was more beautiful than a girl’s face. So she had a scene just now. When she saw this moving face, her face turned green and she clenched her fist while holding back her anger. Yu hurriedly told him not to be impulsive. At this time, Ze regained her calm. "You, you, how did you come here?" Ice the sunrise unbelievable to say"Little sunrise, hey hey, of course, I’m here to see you." Listen to Feng Yue Xuan’s cow’s head and the horse’s mouth. The ice sunrise can’t help but reveal three black lines. "Then you take your time and I’ll go out first." Ice sunrise hurriedly said that he just wanted to go out and was shaken by Xuan. "Don’t little sunrise, where are you going? I’m going too! " Ice sunrise thought how still so clingy wow? ~~~~g; _l; ~ ~ ~ ~ Somebody help me, Dad. Why did you let him come? "I’m going to-w" Bing Xi roared-she didn’t want to be pestered by this person any more! Ze looked at the ice sunrise and squeezed her eyebrows tightly. I think the ice sunrise must not like that romantic porch. It’s okay! "Well, well, the little sunrise, hello, come back soon! I am waiting for you here! " Feng Yuexuan pouted and said, "Yeah!" Ice sunrise hurriedly point head like the wind ran out.
You’re not him.
"Mm-hmm!" Ice sunrise hurriedly nodded his head and ran out like the wind. The wind blew and kissed the ice sunrise’s pink cheeks. Ice sunrise blushed like a red tomato. The stone in her heart dropped a little and finally escaped. This porch was entangled by him. Er, it’s the same as lobular. Forget it. I’d better sleep first. Just do it. Ice sunrise "sou" jumped into a tree and lay in a leisurely sleep. In a daze, it seemed that there was an porch. Ice sunrise was surprised, but the horse opened its eyes at the moment. But this person is not Xuan. Is it our ze? ! "And you are?" Bing Xi hasn’t woken up from his dream yet, squinting carefully at the person in front of him. He didn’t answer seriously. Bing Xi’s eyes showed that he had never been gentle and spoiled. Bing Xi also looked at Ze. She regarded Ze as the death valley when he was a child, and this kind of eyes seemed to look at his most precious thing, but Bing Xi never smiled when he was away from himself that day. She wanted to leave her smile to him forever because when he was lying in his arms, Bing Xi said, "Bing Xi’s smile is the most beautiful!" That handsome little one sticks to himself all day, and the bad little one always comforts himself when he has nightmares. "Is that you?" Is it really you? " Ice sunrise never shed tears in front of outsiders when she threw herself into Ze’s arms. Ice sunrise cried in front of him for the first time. "What are you leaving? You know, I have suffered a lot since you left, and no one has ever made me laugh." Looking at her arms, I cried. Ice sunrise Ze’s eyes were so sad-who is he? Is the sunrise heart has been occupied by another person? Ze’s hand was neither stretched out nor hesitated when Bing Xi suddenly broke free from Ze’s arms and walked to a place one meter away from Ze, then bowed his head and looked at Bing Xi gently. "Are you Li Shengze?"Bing Xi said without emotion, "Yes, I am Li Shengze." Ze looked at Bing Xi. "Why are you here?" Ice sunrise coldly asked her if she didn’t want others to see her tears. Only in this way can she pretend that her heart was hurt. "I’ll look at you." Ze changed to a cold tone, gentle and magnetic, and said that ice sunrise didn’t want to talk to himself. He turned around and slowly walked out of the college, looking at the lonely figure of ice sunrise. Ze remembered Shinohara, and his heart tightened. There was a voice in his heart saying, "Don’t you like Shinohara sunrise? How can you go after other girls again! " But I am always thinking about the ice. When I hear her news, my heart can’t beat slightly. Seeing the ice sunrise sad, my heart will also ache with her; There will be a strong sense of loss when I hear "he" in Bingxi’s mouth. It’s all because of Bingxi. "Do I really like Bingxi?" On this night, Ze was lying in bed, and trouble sleeping Bingxi stayed up all night because she couldn’t figure out why she would regard Li Shengze as he would jump into Li Shengze’s arms and cry. Where has Mu Chuner been these days? Strange? Hey, hey, she must not be doing good deeds. She wants to plan again by retaliating against Bingxi. She also tried to find a way to end Mulong’s bed rest these days. surpris was so big that he was scared to death. What about Guan Cheyu and Qian Xiaoye? Did the United States "meet"? Hey, hey, this is all planned by that official Chuyu! Chuyu, did you write it? Whatever! Whatever. I wouldn’t be too lazy to write a class if you weren’t bullying me!—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— What makes Bing Xi "afraid"?
After hitting her again, Li Shengze was very upset. She didn’t go to school to think about her plans at home these days, but she didn’t come up with a "better" way to "treat" Bing Xi. She was lying on the bed, hoping to come up with some ways. When the "tick-tock" sounded, it was dusk. Mu Chuner was very upset. She walked out of her bedroom and walked towards Mulong Room. "Dad ~" Mu Chuner looked at the window and her father’s tears flowed down her cheeks. Dad, that Huang Bingxi is not a person at all. She, she actually took Ze Woo ~ ""My dear daughter, don’t cry, don’t cry. Ze didn’t have a good time with you a few days ago. "Mulong wiped Mu Chuner’s tears and said viciously," Huang Bingxi, a jian, dared to take my baby daughter’s boyfriend again. If she wasn’t the richest man, I would have abandoned her! " "Yeah, yeah, dad, I’m not reconciled. No, I have to come back!" Mu Chuner said, "But her family is very rich. We can’t do anything about her!" Mulong is a bit difficult. "Dad, her family has money, and so does ours, but it’s less than her! To "longed for alcohol MuLong ear murmured a few words MuLong then revealed a sinister smile" well I must HuangFuBingXi pay the price! Haha! "Mulong laughed at the fact that the ice sunrise had bathed that night, and the bangs were not dry yet. Drops of water dripped from the eyes. At night, the stars and moonlight sprinkled the whole grassland. The ice sunrise jumped from the balcony to the ground. The ice sunrise lay on the grass, and all her thoughts were looking at the shining stars in the sky. The ice sunrise couldn’t help but tremble and recall the past. That night, the original happy family was forcibly separated, but his mother and sister died at his hands. But he not only did not regret it, but also killed me. I said that I would come back one day and let you pay the blood price. And If so, then what happened to him? I saw the tired and tired ice, sighed and rolled over with a sigh. I wanted to stop indulging in it affectionately, but the boat didn’t have an iron anchor. I want to go back and relive my old dreams, but there is no reason to return home behind me. The pendulum has never stopped for a moment. When the dagger pierces my mother’s heart, everything has already been decided. When my sister smiles and looks at me, the mission in my heart has already taken root. The mission has given us the ability to keep bumping in the turbulent tide. Since he was cold at that time, don’t blame me now. On the one hand, I think that the ice sunrise’s face is already very gloomy. "The strength of Wang’s black charm is getting stronger and stronger. If we don’t attack, then we will be A man in black said "hmm" to a handsome boy who was very cold. The boy replied, "Help the Lord, shall we strike first?" Men in black continue to ask "grace" or a nasal voice ———————————————————————————————————————— "black charm"? Isn’t it the ice sunrise gang? Who wants to attack her?What is Mu Chuner’s plot? Will she really succeed? Can bing Xi handle it? Please look forward to a wonderful one!
Ah, why you?
Ah, it’s you! "Master, someone has attacked us. Now many of our brothers are injured!" S always has a cold tone with some anxiety, "Yeah, I know I’m coming." Bing Xi always has a calm face and a little unhappiness … After 1 minute, Bing Xi rushed to the incident site-"Dark City Bar" (for details, please see "Introduction to Dark City Bar" in "Cold Princess Purple Eyes and Ice Love"). At this time, the Dark City Bar was silent and a handsome man with a black mask was cool. S ran to the ice sunrise and said, "Wang, he’s a’ ghost-releasing gang’" "ghost-releasing gang? Oh, "Ice Sunrise understands that this man is the second largest gangster in the world-Li Shengze, the ghost-releasing gang leader? "Are you the Black Ghost Master?" Li Shengze stood up with a provocative look. Bing Xi didn’t answer. He looked at Li Shengze quietly. "What’s your name?" Ze looked at the ice sunrise and then spit out six words, or silence … Ze has a kind of joy in his heart. How do she look like the ice sunrise? Is she the ice sunrise? Ze’s eyes became tender. When Bing Xi was looked confused, Ze suddenly reached out and took off the mask of Bing Xi. "Ah, it’s really you!" Zeyin was a little incredulous and excited because he was finally sure that Bingxi was the girl who had missed him for many years and made him pay for his life! "Hey!"Ze looked at the ice sunrise and gently said that the ice sunrise was another leng. Her nickname had her own dead mother, sister and that heinous man knew how Li Shengze knew! ? Yeah, and he knows! Don’t … Don’t Li Shengze is him? "Are you the boy in Death Valley?" Ice sunrise unbelievable "yes, I am the boy! Bingxi, I’ve been looking for you again for years! " "Is it really you? ~~~~g; _l; ~ ~ ~ ~ But when I saw you … you were dead! " "No, I was rescued by the housekeeper at that time." "But do you know how sad I was during that time! Bad guys! " Ice sunrise hand has been beating Li Shengze chest ze looked at the ice sunrise lovingly and then put the ice sunrise into his arms "I’m sorry, sunrise, I didn’t mean to, and I swear I will always be by your side! ""yeah! " Ice sunrise shows a rare smile for a hundred years! ————————————————————————
Meihao happy time
Since the incident in the "Dark City" bar, the relationship between Bingxi and Ze has rapidly warmed up, and Bingxi has gradually changed, becoming no longer cold and no longer silent (telling familiar people that others are in a good mood can’t look good); Ze is even more uncharacteristic-the former cold king disappeared and became a gentle Wang Mujia who would have a great reaction when he heard the word "Bing Xi"-"Dad, are you better?" Mu Chuner looked at Mu Long and asked, "I’m already well. You haven’t been to class for several days!" Mu Long took Mu Chun’s hand and said, "Well," Mu Chun paused. Don’t I want to go? It’s not that Huangfubingxi! Mu Chuner thought to himself, "How is the preparation for Dad?" Mu Chuner changed the subject. "Oh, good, good, everything is ready." Mulong smiled insidiously. "Hehe ~" Mu Chuner also laughed at Huangfu’s house-"Dad, I’m back!" Ice sunrise said excitedly, "The sunrise is back! Hehe, Yuexuan, come out quickly! " Huangfu said with a smile, "Dad, Dad, you just called" Bing Xi’s purple eyes flashed a little panic, "Xiaoxier, I’m coming, hehe ~" Feng Yuexuan ran to Bing Xi like a gust of wind and just wanted to have a bear hug with Bing Xi-Bearhug, but hehe was blocked by Bing Xi’s back. "Who are you?" Yue Xuan was startled by the sudden appearance of Ze, but the horse returned to calm. "Oh, you must be Xiaoxier’s bodyguard, right! Come on, I want to hold Xiaoxier, not you! " Looking at this handsome man who looks like a monkey in front of him, he is not to be outdone. "What about this little monkey, Mr. Xi Xi? He is not a bodyguard." "No bodyguard. What is that?"Romantic Xuan pouted and asked, "I’m her boyfriend." Ze smiled and said, "Ah! ! !” Feng Yue Xuan shouted and then pushed Ze Bing in front of the sunrise with a pathetic look and asked, "Xiao Xi Er Wu ~ How can you have a boyfriend? Wu Xiao Xuan Xuan, I will be very sad ~ ~" Huangfu addiction was also shocked. Didn’t the ice sunrise go to revenge? Why did you bring back a boyfriend? Looking at Feng Yue Xuan Bing Xi in front of her eyes, she said, "Feng Yue Xuan is good, don’t pretend." "Hehe, why hasn’t Xiao Xi’s eyesight changed for so many years!" Just now, I looked pathetic, and now I have changed my face into a smirk! "Bing Xi, he is ~" Huangfu took a meaningful look at Li Shengze. "Oh, Dad, he is Li Shengze’s classmate." Bing Xi replied, "Not uncle, I am a classmate and boyfriend of Xi Er!" Zema added! "Are you? Bingxi? Ha ha ~ "suspection.i addicted to laughing, the original ice sunrise also have a favorite person! Before Bing Xi answered Ze, he said, "Yes, yes!" "Hey Li Shengze, who said you were my boyfriend!" Bing Xi asked, "Tell me!" Ze smiled and replied, "You". The ice sunrise hurriedly ran to Ze. Of course, it ran away. In this way, a man and a woman were chasing each other in a room of several hundred square meters, and they were addicted to watching their mouths smile deeper. Romantic Xuan also smiled at the ice sunrise, feeling happy now ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————.
Cold princess accident! !
Good times are always short-lived, like the wind and snow. Yesterday, Bing Xi and Ze Huangfu were addicted to living at home for a day, and they were going to get up and go back to Yin Yi Royal College. But they didn’t know how many difficulties were waiting for them, but everyone knew that our heroes and heroines would definitely cut through difficulties! As soon as Bing Xi entered the school today, she heard a lot of gossip-"I heard that Mu Chuner will come back today!" Jane doe said while making up, "Mu Chun Er? She’s back? So what? " Another woman said casually, "She likes King Ze! But Zewang likes Princess Xi! " Jane doe patted another woman on the shoulder and said, "You know, that alcoholic’s family is also one of the top five in the world! Her strength can’t be underestimated! " "Well but the sunrise princess home is the richest man in the world! Can she compare with Princess Xi? " Another woman backed the ice sunrise "but don’t forget that when you were in school, King Ze was also unusual for Mu Chun’s son! Princess Xi seems to have a strong enemy! " Jane doe smiled and said, Who wants someone to be better than himself? But also a stunning beauty. These women can’t wait for the ice sunrise and Mu Chuner to be destroyed and then take advantage of them! Listening to these gossips, Bing Xi smiled and walked to the principal’s office. "Hehe, you’ve done your best as a principal." Bing Xi secretly thought "Bang-"and the principal’s office door was kicked off. "Who!" The headmaster patted the table and asked angrily, "It’s me" when he was about to kick the doorman away. Bing Xi resumed his cold tone to those people. "Oh, it’s Miss Huangfu. What can I do for you?" After seeing the visitor, the headmaster changed his smile in a flash and then kowtowed and asked, "I’m here today to let you-"Bing Xi paused for a moment, then looked at the headmaster with a chill in his eyes. The headmaster shrank for a moment and then asked with some trembling, "What, what, what?" "Hum" Bing Xi sneered and said, "I came to ask you to hand over the position of principal." "Ah what?" The headmaster looked incredulous. "I don’t want to say that you are no longer the headmaster of Yin Yi today. Now you can get out." Bing Xi sat on the sofa and slowly spit out this sentence. "If you don’t leave, I’m fine." "Miss Huangfu, can Princess Xi let me?" Before the headmaster finished speaking, Bing Xi said, "No, you can’t leave now. Don’t regret it!" "Okay, I’ll go, but I’m begging you so much. If you’re still so heartless, I’ll make you pay!" The headmaster said this when he ran out of the office, huh? Pay the price? Come and try if you have something! Ice Sunrise thought about "sunrise, sunrise-"Sitting on the sofa, Ice Sunrise heard someone calling his name, so he got up and got ready to go out and see Ze. When he entered the school gate, he heard the women talking. He was afraid that Ice Sunrise would misunderstand the bag and didn’t put it away. He asked people everywhere. As a result, he learned from the mouths of little boys that Ice Sunrise’s principal, Shi Zema, rushed to the door of the principal’s office and was bent on thinking about the sunrise. You mustn’t think about it. I have nothing to do with that person! Where’s the ice sunrise? He just came out of the principal’s office. Why didn’t he look at anything and ran to the principal’s office? "Hmm ~" What is it that the ice sunrise lips seem to touch a soft thing? Ice sunrise wondered why Ze didn’t know what his lips were. Two people opened their eyes to find that they were kissing! "ah!"Or did the ice sunrise react first? Her horse pushed Ze’s face and never flushed. Immersed in sweetness, Zhongze was just awakened by the sound of the ice sunrise and then giggled inexplicably. "The sunrise, uh-huh ~" "What are you laughing at! This, this, "Bing Xi ran away before he finished, and there was a sound behind him," Ah Xi Er, don’t run away! " ————————————————————————————————————————
Cold princess plot to move (1
"Ice sunrise, please forgive me!" Ze lowered his head like a child who had done something wrong.
Ice sunrise didn’t speak, but in my heart, I smiled and hummed. Who told you to provoke me and dare to steal me? When I thought of what happened just now, Ice sunrise blushed again.
Ze saw that Bing Xi didn’t answer Bing Xi, and he was still angry. He was anxious and quickly said, "I didn’t mean to kiss you, but it was an accident!"
On hearing the word "kiss", the ice sunrise seemed to wake up from a rude awakening. The horse covered his mouth and said, "Li Shengze, I’ll tell you if you dare to use that word again." Ze listened to nodding.
See ze move after the ice the sunrise to safely put his hand back to ze eyes.
These are a pair of eyes that concentrate intently. There seems to be something hidden deep in those beautiful phoenix eyes and round eyes that can reflect such attractive light as crystal clear as a raven gem in water. As dazzling as a pearl shining in the night, it is so black that it seems to cover all the dark colors in the world; It is so bright that it can reflect the light of everything in human beings, but it is not easy to perceive its black color. It is a jade texture, the center of which is a little bit deepest, and the slender and dense eyelashes around it occasionally project it like a microwave, and the water surface hangs slender and soft catkins.
Is Bingxi confused when he sees Shenze? Is there something strange on my face?
Ze hand ice the sunrise before the pendulum.
"Why?" Ice sunrise dissatisfied with the question
"Little sunrise, are you fascinated? I know I’m handsome, but Xiaoxier, you don’t stare at me very much! " Ze endure smile said
"Who, who see you!" Ice sunrise hide his expression.
"Yo yo, you see your face will turn into a monkey’s ass if you lie again! Ha ha! ! Ah ~ "Before Ze finished speaking, the ice sunrise kicked Ze in pain and called" abut-"
"Hum, you say it again!" Ice the sunrise looked at ze said angrily
Just as Bing Xi and Ze were quarrelling, a sound interrupted them-SundayisGly.
Sunday is gloomy.
My time is not quiet.
Dear (you), I have few homophones.
Little white flowers will wake you up forever
You’ve arrived in the country you’re going to by a dark horse with melancholy and sadness.

Such a thing is hard to come by.

Ghost Phoenix also knows that this is a leitian opportunity. She has worked hard to improve the speed of the dark fairy.
When Bai Qi Ming Feng was in her heart, a strange smile came from the darkness.
Idiots have come to Du Jie again. Hahahaha, have a good time. We can’t let one go this time.
Then Leitian saw a foot in the dark and stepped forward first. Leitian didn’t wait for this monster to appear in the seven-star magic gun, but he flew a gun and penetrated the sole of the car.
The sole of the foot looks like it’s crawling towards the animal, and its scales are covered with toenails. It’s more than a foot long. This gun pierces the monster and roars through it. Once it completely breaks through the darkness, it reaches out and pulls out the seven-star magic gun to throw it at Leitian.
Leitian put himself in a hand and pick up the seven-star magic gun. Be alert in your heart.
This monster is nearly twenty feet tall and looks like a monty-like horn with a long tail dragging behind it. Does it look like a human being? Is it born out of proportion and looks like something?
When the monster saw a shot fly, it failed to stab Leitian, but was caught by a dragon head guy. He growled and his teeth rattled. That sound made people’s skin get goose bumps.
Leitian saw the flying sword in that tooth before he was fierce.
How many creatures does this monster have to eat to make its teeth look like this? This tooth can be a magic weapon if it is not refined.
Leitian, the first time I saw a creature, the body was as strong as a fairy soldier. If you are bitten by this monster, it is meaningless to estimate what kind of defensive armor you have.
Although his shot hurt the monster’s sole, Leitian didn’t see what effect this shot had on the monster.
The monster didn’t meet Li Bihu, but went straight to Leitian. Li Bihu was relieved that he didn’t care about the dark tide, but the creatures in the dark tide were very difficult to deal with. He didn’t go to Du Jie long enough because he had to fight these dark creatures at the same time
Leitian can drag on for a long time, then you can be perfect. Du Jie’s strength reaches the peak of Luo Jinxian, and the night emperor can easily slay opponents of the same level, even Luo Jinxian.
Leitian called a ghost phoenix and summoned the demon spirit gourd for light rain that day, and the millstone was directly pressed to bring this monster into it.
Twelve dark stars surround the monster now. The monster is the pick of Jin Xian’s strength. Seeing being surrounded by a group of small limits, he laughed.
Take off your clothes and let me eat. If it tastes refreshing, I will spare your souls.
Twelve dark stars laughed and released starlight at the same time, which enveloped this monster. The grinding disc of heaven and earth hit the monster and it suddenly became dizzy.
Leitian knows that the magic gun can’t kill this thing for the time being, and he simply doesn’t want to roll it.
The realm of the Golden Immortal rises in vain, prompting the abnormal appearance of the tiger symbol to rise abruptly.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-three Detention roller
Chapter four hundred and twenty-three Detention roller
The hand is frozen badly, typing is very slow, and the pain is worse in the south than in the ice city.
The roller took a 10,000-foot-long behemoth’s snow-white fur and mountain-like head and swallowed the monster in one bite.
Many dissenting Confucian roller finally outbursts and becomes white, which seems like a sword cutting vegetables.
This roller refused to stop after swallowing the monster. It has left the millstone of Leitian heaven and earth and flew into the dark tide to devour the dark creatures crazily.
Li Bihu is bigger than Wang Leitian. I don’t know what monsters have been released to crush the dark creatures. He can temper his body from the dark tide. This Du Jie’s strength has increased by a hundred times, which is ten thousand times.
The roller keeps devouring the dark creatures as if there is no pressure.
The dark creature’s strength ratio is the worst, and it is also the realm of Luo Jinxian. But when the roller attacks, it will fight back. The roller swallows the dark creature and refines it directly in the body without slavery.
After devouring it to a certain extent, pieces of square crystals condense in the roller, which seems to be looking for many dissenters. Seeing it in the eyes, the bottom of my heart sneers. Fortunately, in this world, although the roller is powerful, it can’t communicate with many dissenters, otherwise the words are not necessarily chaotic.
However, no one can be trusted. Does the emperor of Qin seem hypocritical or is he calculating himself in this roller?
The square crystal flew around in the sky and could not find the trace of many dissenting Confucian. This just flew to Leitian and entered Leitian body.
Leitian’s body has long since disappeared from the purple mansion, but it’s still rare. It’s Qing Di that put the square crystal into Qing Di and got into Jin Huang Jiuding.
Leitian’s heart is not afraid that the Jin emperor Jiuding is also a vein of humanity. The roller got something for many dissenters. It’s a good thing that he didn’t go to find many dissenters directly, otherwise he might lose it together with Jiuding.
After the square crystal enters Jiuding, the repair of Jiuding Jin Huang Jiuding came to defeat Daqin, and the humanity was gained. It is definitely not the golden man of Qin Huang.
This square crystal is to repair the sacred object of humanity, and Jin Huang Jiuding is constantly repairing it and gradually perfecting it.


A few tall, powerful bodies flashed through the crowd, and Zhang talons caught them from Qingyan.
"princess royal forgives!" Xia Zhi plopped down on his knees and said anxiously, "princess royal forgives all these Yincui gorge, who are Guan Guhong himself crazy."
"Summer retreat!" Qingyan drink a way to look back and sign for kneeling people to retreat quickly, but Xia Zhi bit his teeth and shook his head violently.
"You?" Princess royal Pingyang provoked an indifferent smile from the eyebrow "The government has already killed anyone who wants to do this again after the password! Hum, since you are not afraid of death, I will be you today! "
"It’s none of her business," Qingyan roared, and looked at her with clear and calm eyes. "As you wish, I did it! That’s me! I’m the one who hooked up with Guan Guhong and Xia Zhi. If you want to fight or kill, come at me and don’t suffer! "
Princess royal Pingyang masseter muscle is tight, loose and tight. The anger in the fundus is already very obvious. Her cold voice slowly sounded "This is very good!" She sneer at a "people will be the slave out to cut! For you-"She dragged on a malicious smile and walked up to her and stretched out her hand to hold her." * * The harem national law served the staff with fifty strokes of punishment and dragged it away! "
"Yincui gorge! Yincui gorge! " Xia Zhi cried and tried to catch Qingyan but was dragged out by a kick.
"Xia Zhi-"Qingyan’s shout made people sad. She bit her lip without looking at the people behind her, and she stood upright and waited for her punishment.
Princess royal Pingyang a whisking her head also don’t reply coldly tunnel "here to you" and turned and walked out of the front garden.
Courtyard wooden stool Qingyan was tied with a strong stick and a cold wind. Her clothes fell heavily and wrinkled and clung to her body. She snorted and was beaten with a bloody shirt.
Everyone covered their eyes and dared not look at it, not to mention a weak woman like Qingyan. Even a seven-foot-tall man might not be able to stand it.
The body is burning, the wound is burning, and then it seems to be tearing. The pain has just paralyzed the nerves, and then it is shot down again and again.
Qingyan clenched his teeth tightly to prevent himself from screaming out that she knew she must be somewhere watching her and admiring her embarrassment.
Princess royal Pingyang Panlou Gaotai blew her face with wind, which made her look even more bleak. She looked coldly at being beaten and bloody. Qingyan didn’t cry for pain until now, let alone beg for mercy. Her eyes seemed to be rippled by something and gradually turned into waves.
This is her sister, but she is an emperor’s heir. Where can there be any affection? Everything in their eyes can be thrown except the emperor! Anyone who breaks their taboo will never stop visiting the 91st doctor unless they fight to the death.
Eunuch guide XiMingTai came to hall of mental cultivation with his entourage ZheRong.
After the visit, the eunuch on duty said hesitantly, "Now the Empress in Taidian is ill, so it’s not convenient to meet guests and can’t receive visitors. I hope you won’t disturb the Empress’s meditation."
The dying of the king is an ominous sign of a country’s social unrest, and it is a taboo for outsiders. Of course, it is especially taboo for the royal family of other countries to visit, which will damage the country and affect the dignity of the queen
Xi Ming sighed slightly and put away the folding fan in his hand. "Xi Ming came to visit the chat table and was eager to leave it. Please leave it again."
"What’s the matter?" A man who looks like a Hong Zhongyin came from hall of mental cultivation, and then a handsome man strolled from the temple to see his tall figure. He raised his apricot shape slightly, and the Milky Way in his eyes was bright and bright. He wore a dark satin robe to reveal the silver inlaid hibiscus flower edge and his hair pin of suet jade, which ingeniously set off the extraordinary figure of a middle-aged Confucian scholar.
Seeing that the newcomer was Tai Ximing, he smiled shallowly, which was quite a sense of vicissitudes.
Xi Ming looked at him, but he saw this man with a jade belt around his waist and an ivory folding fan. He was full of charm, and the morning light at the entrance of hall of mental cultivation was as enchanting as a pale red new pistil to summon back spring.
Secretly admire a XiMing heart way this middle-aged men in Dawanguo how handsome than one by one? It seems that Queen Liu Yuee doesn’t lack a lot of happiness on weekdays.
The person who came out to welcome the guests was Queen Liu Yuee’s original husband, Dawan State, and a prime minister, Mu Lieyun, who was also princess royal’s Liu Pingyang’s biological father, Mu Lieyun. It is a shame for one person to be in the ruling and opposition. Although Liu Yuee is fierce and strong, he can’t do without this capable and capable "virtuous help". His will can often deeply influence Queen Liu Yuee’s decision-making. This person is knowledgeable and diligent, and he has been training in Dawan State. There is a scene of singing and dancing everywhere.
The biggest regret of Mu Lieyun’s life is that there are no soldiers in her hands. Although Liu Yuee believed in him, she still left a little bit of mind. She assigned the soldiers to Li Wufu, the second princess Yingyue’s biological father, and Li Wufu, the general officer blowing snow, who was in charge of the 300,000 body guards, while the general officer blowing snow was in charge of the 400,000 military forces stationed in various border areas.
At this moment, Liu Yuee is dying, and it is the time for Mu Lieyun to show his talents. He inspired and arranged for his daughter to inherit from Taitai Liu Pingyang. Today, he announced the eunuch state and resolutely replaced the general position. It was Mu Lieyun who replaced him.
After cooking the day, Mu Lieyun went back to hall of mental cultivation to visit his wife, but before he stopped at the door, he made a noise.
It’s somewhat unexpected that I met Mrs. Xi Mingtai when I stepped out of the door. I heard that Mrs. Xi Mingtai was aloof and unhappy, and I was even more tired of all kinds of social occasions. His actions in Dawanguo also verified that he was really an indifferent person.
Mu Lieyun gave a sigh to Xi Ming and said with some sadness, "Thank you, Mrs. Xi Ming, for coming to visit the queen. Please come with me to the temple."
Xi Ming smiled. "It’s so good that I should resign facing the queen."
MuLieYun and "what? Is Mrs. Xi Ming coming back to China just now? Is it possible that our Dawanguo is not well received? "
Ximing smiled. "I feel at home where I am. I feel that I have been out for a long time. My father is old. Many things need me to go back and take care of. It is inconvenient for me to stay here for a long time. I came to attend the princess royal wedding. Unfortunately, I am deeply sorry for this embarrassing thing!"
Mu Lieyun shook his head naively. "Marriage is predestined. Since God wants them not to be husband and wife, others don’t have to demand anything anymore, but the condition of the Queen Eye is really worrying!"
"How is the Queen?"
"Ah" MuLieYun shook his head "you go in and have a look"
Xi Ming slowly stepped into the private room of the Queen’s Temple, but he saw a carved dragon and a carved phoenix in it, a carved golden silk big bed with a pink curtain half covered with a graceful figure.
As soon as I entered the room, I smelled a strong smell of Chinese herbal medicine, which covered up the original fragrance of the house. Although the smell was pungent for courtesy, Xi Ming was still embarrassed to hold his nose and walk forward with bated breath.
Gently lifted the curtain, but I saw a beautiful woman covered with a yellow silk quilt and a thick bandage wrapped around her head. When I looked closely again, I noticed that Liu Yuee was pale and her lips were purple. A pretty melon face had swollen into a pie.
She closed her eyes and knew that there was a stranger beside her.
Xi Ming saluted Mu Lieyun respectfully and said, "Can a little knowledge of medicine make my queen feel her pulse?"
Mulieyun slowly nodded "Please help yourself"
Pulling out Liu Yuee’s consciousness from the quilt, she took two fingers to feel her pulse for a long time.
Sighing leisurely, XiMing raised my hand and provoked Liu Yuee to close her eyes, but her eyes were dim and her pupils were a little distracted.
Naidi shook his head and looked back at MuLieYun gloomily.
Neither of them said anything.

"Oh?" Lian Yan-jing thought for a moment and seemed to remember who it was. "After the mysterious tribesmen failed to assassinate the emperor and rescue the virgin at the same time, they naturally got up and returned to the Royal Guards!"

"Is it a prison?" Dong Yuling remembered that the Royal Guards had stayed in the special dark room for so long, and it was almost two years. Is this … still awake?
"Yes, that place in the prison will be saved, and then someone will come to relieve the prisoners." Lian Yan Jing otherwise.
"What about Yingying’s top card?" Dong ling suddenly asked
Lotus Yan Jing was dazed for a moment before she found out what was the significance of Dong Yuling’s asking questions. She couldn’t help but feel happy. "A secret place is in charge, and maybe there is a mother. Are you still jealous after all this time?"
Dong Fengling left him a look "just curious, just ask"
"Really?" Lotus Yan jiing some regret said that the in the mind is 391 chapter 391 than the United States that eleven.
Dong Yuling couldn’t help laughing at Lian Yan Jiing’s snickering. I really don’t know what the brain has made up in some life.
However, Dong Yuling didn’t discover that he was happy.
"So it has been decided that Yingying is Wang Ren, Hunan?" Dong Fengling stopped when he saw that the massage was almost done.
"At the beginning she with brave" close not already guess? Brave and brave "even the king of Xiang stayed in Beijing for the biggest chess game". Lian Yan Jiing felt that it was lucky to find brave and brave "if it weren’t for some words in Dong Wei’s spirit, they would still be in the dark!
Even better, Zhong Yongbo doesn’t know that he has been exposed in recent years, and there is no shortage of manual work.
"I mean, Xiang Wang’s hand and medical skill are so superior? Dare somebody else face knife? It seems that the effect is very good! " Dong Yuling is more interested in this.
This topic is not unusual in modern times, but it was very difficult in ancient times.
"The king of Xiang had some talented people who were different. In those days, the king of Xiang was still very polite to the wise men. It was only in the past two years that he tore his face with the emperor, but he always did something confused …" Lotus Yan Jiing stretched out her hand and pulled Dong Yuling into her arms. The two of them lay together. "Heroes only come out in troubled times. Some talents want to do something that will last forever when they are born, but they have no chance."
"If Xiang Wang can be honored in the Ninth Five-Year Plan, are you afraid that history can’t be remembered?" Lian Yan Jing knows what these people think very well.
Some people are simply mad at their names.
However, they chose rebellion after a long history. You know, the rise of war is bound to kill people, but they almost have their own victory
Do you really want to be a good official without taking the right path? Dislike this name is too small? I really don’t know what to say.
What kind of people have never seen in the dark world of previous lives? It’s not surprising that Dong Fengling heard this.
Others may not understand their obsession with something, but they never feel wrong.
"I think Xiang Wang’s tactics are not simple. Is it really recruiting people?" Dong Yuling remembered that if Brother Nan, the entomologist, really recruited something for more than 20 years?
You know, when the new emperor ascended the throne, he was very busy. If he stopped poisoning, he wouldn’t even be afraid of the emperor.
At that time, the emperor had no heirs, so the succession of the king of Hunan must be so flustered now.
"Of course, there are also means to intimidate Xiang Wang Da. At the beginning, he was too headstrong to lose to the first emperor, otherwise he will not get it until now?" Lian Yan Jing chuckled, "But now it seems that King Xiang is really old."
An ill-timed war with the emperor has also failed several times in a row, as if he were going crazy, regardless of any calculation or wisdom
"By the way, you and the emperor have no news back? For example, the physical condition of Xiang Wang! Is he in poor health so anxious? " Dong Wei ling asked puzzled
People are easy to be a jerk when they are in a hurry, and a dog jumps over the wall.
It is not impossible for Xiang Wang to know that he will not live long without careful layout before.
"Just verifying" that Lotus Yan Jiing toyed with Dong Yong Ling’s hair feels so good. "If this is really the problem, Xiang Wang must have fooled the people around him, not to say that he has a master of Xinglin? It shouldn’t be difficult to hide. "
"And even if King Xiang is dead, it can’t make people relax. King Xiang is also a malicious role." Lian Yan Jiing said slowly, "King Xiang and his insistence on making peace with things. King Xiang grew up in a fief and didn’t have much feelings for the royal family."
Dong Fengling nodded and said white.
King Xiang has little scruples about doing things. He doesn’t want the Shenglian dynasty to decline. However, Wang Shi of Xiang is not a saint, and when he grows up, he will be more paranoid. He will be much more intense if he wants to get the means.
"It is said that it is more necessary to catch the gang than the direct death of Xiang Wang?" Is it best to fix the world first and then solve the old? Dong Yuling is thoughtful. It seems that the layout and planning of the emperor are not small!
In recent years, the layout of the king of Xiang has not been idle.
And now the king of Xiang can’t help but move first, and the emperor is still stable.