"But how do people choose? If you continue to choose the battalion commander level, Goblin Simon will definitely blow up." Silent said.

"Of course not, and don’t look for the best captain. Today, the Simon Grand Commander can’t be provoked, otherwise it must be us who suffer in the end." Wei Youfang said that Wei Youfang certainly wants to call a wave of elite teams, of course, the higher the combat effectiveness, the better, but this Simon Grand Commander can’t be provoked any more. Let’s honestly call some elite ordinary soldiers.
Chapter seventy-three The job is done
The next day, ten captains and twenty captains, Goblin came to Wei Youfang’s camp early. After all, the elite in their hearts should be a little elite, and Wei Youfang and the three of them hurried to lead them to conscription.
"Today, recruit 20 squad leaders of ordinary soldiers to test your abilities. You can only be selected if you insist on 30 strokes. Do you understand?" Wei Youfang commanded that there were no doubts in the hearts of the new recruits Goblins yesterday, weren’t they recruiting squad leaders and captains? Why are ordinary soldiers called up?
Seeing the suspicion of Wei Youfang in everyone’s heart, he explained, "This was discussed with Grand Commander Simon yesterday. Recruiting too many elites has a great influence on the fighting capacity of the whole barracks." Wei Youfang thought about it and continued, "Although ordinary soldiers are recruited today, like most of you, there is no official position, but Grand Commander Simon will certainly not forget that you will give priority to pulling out your officers when our team is upgraded, and if you have the opportunity to build a new team, you will be given priority to recording." This new move is also relieved for the goblins.
Actually, these words are not from Grand Commander Simon, but from Wei Youfang’s promise to give those goblins a check. Although it is not good to do so, Wei Youfang has no way to appease those soldiers. It is better to plan and plan than to mutiny regardless of waiting for the soldiers.
Silence and Du Lei led a group of people to recruit according to Wei Youfang’s standard, so silence and Du Lei led because Wei Youfang had another body.
At this time, Wei Youfang’s face was bitter, but he didn’t walk towards Simon’s camp with a wry smile. Yesterday, Wei Youfang found a problem, that is, his team was still placed. Around the camp where Wei Youfang and others lived, there were already other teams stationed. Wei Youfang wanted to recruit people to solve the resettlement problem before the end. Yesterday, three people discussed it all night, and finally silence and Du Lei were shameless. What else could Wei Youfang do?
It’s not a big deal to place a team of 50 or 60 people. Of course, this is for Grand Commander Simon. Wei Youfang himself is sure that he can’t make a list of things by changing camps, materials and so on. Even if there is something, this site is not just made casually. All this can’t bypass Grand Commander Simon. Yesterday, Wei Youfang just made him furious. Well, good and evil finally reported to Heaven for good reincarnation. Look up and see who heaven bypassed. The ancients did not deceive me.
Wei Youfang crustily skin of head came to Simon grand marshal camp and shouted the guard on duty next to him, "Little brother, help me get through to Simon grand marshal. I have something to leave."
"Who’s your brother waiting?" The QinBing took a white look at Wei Youfang and walked in. Wei Youfang gave a wry smile. It seems that he is a stinking street in Simon’s grand marshal’s pro-guard. Whoever finds the opportunity should say that Wei Youfang is too stingy. Soon the QinBing came out.
"The Grand Commander is discussing with the adults. If you wait here for the Grand Commander, I will call you in again."
"Okay, I’ll wait here." Wei Youfang doesn’t say much with this Qinbing. After all, Yan is easy to provoke a kid and difficult. This little soldier still doesn’t want to be angry with him. However, Wei Youfang also has doubts in his heart that he has got up early today. How can it be so coincidental that he just discussed something important today? Isn’t this little soldier bullying me? No, he shouldn’t have the guts. After all, he doesn’t know if I have something urgent to tell him. He shouldn’t be responsible.
Wei Youfang waited quietly in front of this camp and watched as the minutes passed, and the sun gradually climbed from the outcrop. Wei Youfang didn’t expect that his legs were numb all afternoon. At this time, I didn’t guess that it was a trick! Wei Youfang stepped and turned to go back.
"Wait, who let you go?" The soldier saw that Wei Youfang was about to leave and said
"I’ll come back in the afternoon and tell Grand Commander Simon what I have," Wei Youfang said.
"You, who are you? Come and leave whenever you want. I’ve told Commander Simon for a while. Where can I find you if you go in?" Batman said with his head held high
"That you go to leave Simon grand marshal a" Wei Youfang couldn’t help but say.
"Grand Commander Simon can’t disturb you when discussing important matters. You wait here!"
Wei Youfang really wants to slap this Qinbing face at this time and then kick the tent door and beat up Commander Simon. However, Wei Youfang can obviously think about it if he doesn’t want to die. He said that today’s fruit was also Wei Youfang’s responsibility yesterday because of all this. Ah, I shouldn’t be too relaxed and indulgent for a while. Wei Youfang can come back and wait for it in another way.
It was not until noon that the commander Simon pushed the camp door out to see if he was going to eat. "Oh, why are you here?" Marshal Simon just saw Wei Youfang, but his eyes smiled and betrayed him. "Oh, I remember. Don’t you have something to tell me? Go ahead."
Of course, Wei Youfang can’t get angry, even if it’s Simon, I’m just playing with you. "Simon, you asked for a team. I don’t know where you are going to arrange this team?"
"Oh, so I didn’t give it to you that day? Didn’t you hear anything from what I said? Aren’t you very clever? " Simon grand marshal said
Damn, this guy is so hateful. If he hadn’t beaten you, I would have beaten you. Wei Youfang was speechless and didn’t know what to say.
See Wei Youfang embarrassed Simon marshal in the mind a lot of relief "don’t make what XiaoCong all day since the whole out of an elite team, you should make some elite team should do things in the past, forget it and see your performance in the future! I’ve arranged your stationed place, and someone will take you there later, "Simon criticized in a serious tone."
Come on, this guy obviously knew what Wei Youfang was going to do. This afternoon, Wei Youfang nodded his head deliberately. The original anxiety in his heart subsided. The Simon Grand Commander said to himself that since he had created an elite team, he should be able to relax after seeing the sample.
Simon Grand Commander said that he left Wei Youfang and didn’t know what to think before setting up an account.
Chapter seventy-four Team building
When Wei Youfang returned to his camp, Du Lei’s silence had come back, followed by a large group of people.
"Are you looking for it so soon? Won’t be cut corners didn’t follow my requirements, "Wei Youfang asked.
"Why? I personally supervised it," Du Lei said. "The main reason is that the level of soldiers in this camp seems to be generally high, and we didn’t do much to select them."
Maybe it is. After all, Grand Commander Simon, like the vanguard of the whole army, has been fighting against the cat demon. The strength of the frontline troops should be relatively strong. Wei Youfang believed Du Lei’s words and then waved his hand to signal Du Lei to get together with Silence.
"The materials and places have been approved by Grand Commander Simon, just to the east of the whole camp," Wei Youfang said to the two men. "How many people have you found?"
"Sixty in all," Du Lei said.
"How do we distribute it?" Wei Youfang said that he looked at the silence and said that silence is the nominal leader of the whole team. Wei Youfang is also not good at directly allocating fear of silence and complaining in his heart.
"You say, I also listen to you." Silently saw Wei Youfang’s eyes white and patted Wei Youfang’s meaning, saying that Wei Youfang was unpreparedness
"Let’s divide it into three teams." Actually, in his team, there are generally two captains and twenty people at the head of each team, and ten people are regarded as the pro-guards of the team. Now, the team of twenty people has been silenced. This is generally the treatment of the leaders of the Hundred-member team, but the team rate of other teams has absolute power and can be directly deployed. However, Wei Youfang’s three people are too good to be silent and it is not good to directly command Wei Youfang and Du Lei.
"This is not good." Silence was the first to object to "You two are half-and-half. You know me. I really don’t like leading the team. I like being alone. I just want to be a team and lead others. You take care of it."
It’s not surprising that Wei Youfang said that silence has never been the kind that pays special attention to strength. If Du Lei and Wei Youfang had not accompanied silence, they would have gone to be a lone ranger.
"So, then choose one from the ten battalion chief level Goblin to let’s three brigades. The brigade is silent. You don’t care at ordinary times, but when something happens, you just go to an order." Wei Youfang agreed to silence for a while.
Wei Youfang told the news of the election of the battalion chief to a group of Goblin, who was very excited. Although he came to the elite army, no one wanted to be degraded. Of course, the election method was still fighting. After all, the combat effectiveness of this world is everything.
After some fighting, a captain-level Goblin named Dory won the final victory, so it’s easy to arrange it. Each of the three teams is assigned three captain-level Goblin, six small captain-level Goblin, ten ordinary elite soldier-level Goblin, and two small captain-level Goblin is left to silence.
In this way, the three teams have been assigned to each team, and the three captains in each team, Goblin, who will be the captain, will be left to Du Lei and Dory to deal with themselves
Wei Youfang looked at his hands. Nineteen soldiers first asked several people about the general situation one by one, and then let Goblin, the three captains, choose two small captains. Goblin, the captain level, wanted to come and didn’t want to do things with the hands of those two small captains who were also captains level, so he made him follow his own orders. After all, Wei Youfang’s current size is also a battalion chief. It’s too shameful to run errands and arrange things by himself. The defeated battalion chief will naturally not be reluctant after learning that Wei Youfang is already a team leader level Goblin.
See him two people also almost put the team in order, Wei Youfang and Du Lei Silent Torre directly led the team to the camp, and waited for a whole afternoon before they were approved. There was no place for Grand Commander Simon to do anything with Wei Youfang to obstruct the place. It was very spacious to arrange more than 60 Goblins, and it was easy to arrange the delivery of materials and the responsible construction personnel, and Wei Youfang and others were idle.
After all, Wei Youfang and others are already at the leadership level. There is no need to be hands-on. Although working with ordinary soldiers may seem more close to the people, this is not what Wei Youfang and others should do now. Find out which elite is not arrogant from their respective teams. When Wei Youfang and others are not yet in harmony with them, the first thing to do now is to bully. As the saying goes, although this sentence is gradually derogatory, it is indeed very reasonable.
Wei Youfang naturally doesn’t really want to set three fires, but he is also thinking hard about establishing the prestige in his own team. He also wanted to pull Du Lei and silence to think about the plan together, but considering that the two guys didn’t have loyalty, integrity and line a few times ago, Wei Youfang dismissed the idea. After all, it’s all the same to find them or not. The last thing is to shoulder himself. Of course, this is not an urgent matter. Sometimes it is given to Wei Youfang to consider.
Barracks tents are well built, all ready-made military materials need to be assembled and fixed, but they are also busy for a whole afternoon, etc. It is dark to get things done. After the allocation of everyone’s residence is completed, Wei Youcai just forget it and say hello to silent Du Leiduo Rui and return to his exclusive camp.
When you become an official, you naturally don’t continue to squeeze into a camp with Du Lei’s silence. You have your own independence and quiet. Wei Youfang thinks about the team’s future development, and you have to walk and think about thinking about where you have flown. By the way, you haven’t meditated for a long time, have you? It suddenly occurred to Wei Youfang that Wei Youfang had stopped meditating after learning the news of Mukan’s death, and things were forgotten for a while.
Speaking of meditation, Wei Youfang naturally remembered Mukan. "Don’t worry, Mukan, I will help you with your revenge." Wei Youfang hasn’t learned a magic until now, and he feels that it is much less likely to change careers to learn magic in the future. However, Wei Youfang is not allowed to give up this meditation. First, it will really make Wei Youfang feel refreshed after this meditation. Second, it is also a kind of yearning for Mukan.
Chapter seventy-five Training
The next day, Wei Youfang got up early and practiced all kinds of famous and unnamed boxing. After playing for a long time, he didn’t practice broadcast gymnastics. Only then did he see others coming up one after another. When everyone had breakfast, Wei Youfang and Silent Du Lei discussed and called Wei Youfang, the spokesman for the first sports meeting of this team. It was naturally Wei Youfang.
I looked at the grotesque ones in front of me. Wei Youfang, the goblins with strange faces, was not serious at all. He still wanted to laugh. It was common for officials to give lectures to their hands. But I was the first one to give lectures to goblins. I fought back my strange feeling. Wei Youfang said, "Hello, everyone, from today on, we are a group." After that, Wei Youfang stopped. The crowd was quiet and embarrassed. Wei Youfang experienced that it should be the time when the hands rang. Have these goblins never heard the leader’s speech?
Forget it. I don’t generally know Wei Youfang with these guys. Then I said, "And I will always teach you your training actions in the future. I usually arrange them." This is of course after discussing with silence. Silence doesn’t like management, and Wei Youcai is the actual commander. It is more convenient to give Wei Youfang a name than to be silent every time. Hearing Wei Youfang’s suggestion of silence is simply to raise his hands and feet to agree. After all, silence is not lazy except for fighting. Besides eating, he is not willing to think and talk.
The goblins saw that silence didn’t say anything, and naturally they wouldn’t be idle to question anything. Anyway, Wei Youfang and Silence are both leading the team, and it doesn’t matter much who will command.
"I emphasize that training is that since we are an elite team, of course we can’t do everything except patrol like him." Wei Youfang scanned the crowd and saw that there was nothing too violent in the crowd, so he went on to say, "From today on, I will run around the whole camp at sunrise every morning and train me for 20 times. After running, I will continue to tell everyone that everyone is ready to stay behind me!" Say and run ahead.
Yu Goblin was also in a panic. What happened? Did he just run away? In terms of physical quality, running 20 laps around the camp is not a high-intensity training, that is, it is only to the point of sweating. However, Wei Youfang never thought that running can improve the combat effectiveness of the team. Running is just an individual activity to enhance cohesion. Of course, it is still very useful to practice more when fighting after running, whether it is surprise or escape.
After running for more than an hour, when everyone gathered in front of the camp again, every Goblin had thick sweat on his head. Running at this level would not be too easy, but it would not make people feel tired. It was the time to exercise their muscles and feel comfortable.
When the goblins set out, they were still in neat formation, but when they came back, they were staggered. However, Wei Youfang didn’t pay attention to these things. He really didn’t think it was necessary to see the rest of them. Wei Youfang got up and "faced the second training, and the three teams took turns to send teams. It’s up to you to choose who to send to the battle. In the end, the winner can ask one of all losers to do one thing. The loser’s ability range is not humiliating and the loser can’t refuse."
Shi Wei has also thought about his incentive method. Not that much equipment? Also have no fruit? I don’t want the whole army to have unlimited food. Wei Youfang can’t win this way. Give it to a small red flower. If the goblins don’t buy it, let’s talk about it after seeing the effect
Generally speaking, this winner must be produced by several captains’ strength levels in Goblin, which seems unfair. Of course, Wei Youfang can group each group according to their strength and take a winner, but Wei Youfang deliberately arranged it together.
Who knows what level your opponent is when you don’t make a move on the battlefield? If you see an opponent who is higher than yourself, you will be paralyzed, then there will be no hope of survival. Wei Youfang’s design is to give those goblins with low ability levels some experience in fighting against high levels, not to mention that they can be too weak to win over strong ones, but at least they can’t collapse. Of course, if there are more trials, there will be low-level victories over high-level ones. Although there are few examples, it is also necessary to give high-level ones a lion-awakening and rabbit-fighting. This is good for both sides.
This group of goblins naturally don’t think so much like Wei Youfang. Since the general instructor said that we should fight like this, we should first fight against who wins and what to do after that. That’s what the winner should think about. It’s good that goblins don’t have so much thought. Whatever the company says is what natural soldiers are made of.
However, what Wei had expected was that two ordinary goblins just won a game, and then they met a captain-level goblin. With one move, the ordinary goblin defeated the team, and then the captain-level goblins looked at each other, and then there were captains fighting each other. This model seems to be flawed. If you don’t do this again, it will become a captain-level hard work. He can shout for refueling.
The final winner of the battle is a small captain in the Dory Brigade. Although there are loopholes, Wei Youfang can’t declare the actual combat effect now. I can look at the small captain who has the strength of the captain and say, "Well, you can choose one from all the losers and let him do something for you."
"It’s you." It seems that the little captain already has a candidate. It’s Goblin who finally fought with him. "You helped me wash my clothes."
Not bad. Wei Youfang nodded his head. Although this little thing is nothing, it is an inspiration and it doesn’t hurt the gas. The selected person hangs his head and is very unwilling to nod his head. The winner is as happy as if he has won much reward.
Wei Youfang looked at it and it was noon, so he ordered the team to be dissolved and let them eat. He himself returned to the camp and thought about how to make up for the loopholes in his own rules.
Chapter seventy-six Catch-up
Wei Youfang went back to the camp alone to find a way to make up for the loophole he came up with last night. By the way, why don’t you just draw lots? Why didn’t Wei Youfang think of such a simple method before slapping his head?
It’s no wonder that Wei Youfang’s Goblin has produced language but not words. Wei Youfang naturally thought of the method of writing numbers and then drawing lots. It’s much easier to make all tools. Without words, Goblin naturally won’t have any paper. Besides, paper is not good. It’s good again.
Wei Youfang asked people to find some skins and then divided them into blocks with different sizes. After finding a piece of wood and burning it black, he wrote one to sixty numbers. Of course, these numbers are available to Wei Youfang himself.
After everyone had eaten, Wei Youfang once again gathered all the people together to make the goblins in good order, then took out the pieces of skins, turned their backs toward each other and disrupted them, and then asked Du Lei to help hold them and send a piece of skins to everyone’s hands. Wei Youfang asked everyone to hold the skins with Du Lei to recognize the skins against No.1 and No.2 against No.3 and No.4, and asked Du Lei to remember these kinds of comparisons while looking for them. Wei Youfang did not hand in Du Lei’s urgent figures, but directly took Du Lei to remember which two graphics were a group and which two were a pair.
Wei Youfang, of course, didn’t expect Du Lei to remember clearly at a time, and he didn’t believe that he could remember ten groups at a time, and then he changed the silent memory to ten groups. Finally, he took Dora to remember ten groups. This is of course not a day’s work, but this kind of thing won’t fall on Wei Youfang every day, and Wei Youfang will take his stupid students to count.
A total of 59 contestants Wei Youfang looked at the No.9 animal cloth in his hand, so that the first round of No.10 was clear, and then the players followed the order. In this way, everyone participated in the first round, and more than half of the afternoon was over, so the second round was no longer drawn, and then they directly played in turn, and then sixteen entered and four finished, according to Wei Youfang’s cognitive tournament mode.
In the end, the winner was a small captain in Wei Youfang’s team, and in the afternoon, the winner failed because it was difficult to maintain the strength of two captains in a row. It is true that luck is also a lot of strength.
Wei Youfang let everyone retreat and let out a long sigh. This is the first time that Wei Youfang organized so many people to participate in activities. After finishing without any experience, he insisted on it with courage, but the good result was not bad. Although there was no substantial reward, the enthusiasm of all the goblins was not bad. No goblin questioned Wei Youfang’s training method.
Wei Youfang has trained Goblin’s ability to escape and fight alone. In terms of his comprehensive quality, Wei Youfang really can’t think of any way. You let Wei Youfang, a man who has never even been a radio gymnast, direct others to conduct military training. Don’t be ridiculous. Wei Youfang is also white in his heart. It’s just doing his best to let Goblin train.

"If you are not the renewal and come here again! ?”

"Farewell!" Eternal emperor mouth said
"I’m afraid I’ll be feathered if I say goodbye today for three years, and then I’ll return to dust."
"Let it be! You have your own pursuit of the old-fashioned way to stop it … "The old man said and waved.
The Emperor of Heaven nodded his head and turned away as well.
At this time, the darkness left the old man alone.
Looking at the virtual darkness, the old man holds a crystal ball that has just been drawn from Jiang Feng’s memory.
Close your eyes slowly
Then pictures appeared in the old man’s mind.
"Let the old man see how you surprise the old man in this life," said the old man, just like before.
At this moment
Jiang Feng has left the empty space.
The light appeared in front of them and soon they reappeared in Tianyue City.
Jiang Feng opened his eyes and saw not only him, but also a few heavenly emperors and demon bodhi old zu.
Demon pretty bodhi old zu a face of anger at this time.
"Impossible! How can I reappear should have got the ability to "demon pretty bodhi old zu angry.
Soon he reacted again. What
"Murphy … I heard that there was a man in charge of Heaven … Murphy, Heaven has been in charge." The demon barbarian old man thought of this and his face was more ferocious.
That’ll be the day!
Their pursuit of a lifetime unexpectedly … unexpectedly for this result!
"no! I don’t believe it! If there is someone, then I will slaughter everything and bleed into a river. I don’t believe you won’t show up. "
"I’ll kill you if you show up."
Said his eyes latosolic red eyes moment looked around a few big emperor.
Everyone has a bad feeling in their hearts.
As he roars, the world tears apart the huge sound.
Buddha Emperor … Yu Tiandi suddenly burst his head and died in panic.
Jiang Feng is also very uncomfortable.
However, there was a fluctuation in the hand mark, and this force was taken as
"You … how do you unscathed! No! You will appear now. Do you know the secret of heaven? "
"yes! Little you tell me quickly! " Demon savage bodhi old zu thundered.
Jiang Feng looked at him and shook his head.
"Heaven is not as good as you think!"
"Sure enough! You really know the situation. Tell me quickly or I’ll kill you! " Demon pretty bodhi old zu said blunt come over.
Jiang Feng took a deep breath.
Glanced at the palm mark and immediately started to work, followed by a huge suction immediately toward the demon pretty bodhi old zu.
"This is ….." Demon pretty bodhi old zu’s eyes showed irate look back channels, and when he tried to escape, he found that Root Method left.
Be bound by a force
"No … no …" One unwilling to roar demon pretty bodhi old zu directly into a wisp of breeze along the Jiang Feng arm into.
Instantly there is no figure.
The primitive man can stop saying that everything is dead, so Jiang Feng will accept it.
At this moment, Jiang Feng looked around at the whole person and looked a little trance.
It’s over! ? This is the end! ?
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and sixteen New departure
"Brush!" At this time.
Two figures appeared in the virtual.
One of them is the Emperor of Heaven, and the other is Sun Yueer 3.
"Master, your wish has been fulfilled! ?” Sun Yueer asked
All ages sent emperor nodded "is completed! In the future, heaven will be left to you to take charge of the emperor’s decision to retire to the mountains and forests. All my life’s commitments have been given to you. Will the rich and the poor be the emperor in the future? "
"Master …" Sun Yueer smell speech eyes red know what this means.
"Let’s go!" Instead, the Emperor of Heaven is very natural and unrestrained, and with a wave of his arm, a streamer breaks away.
Leave Sun Yueer and Jiang Feng alone.
"You also go!" Jiang Feng head also didn’t say
Sun Yueer didn’t speak a time also disappear.
Time passes quickly.
A month later, six celestial bodies were shocked, and all the heavenly emperors were killed at one time.
Although Jiang Feng Sun Yueer was the Emperor of Heaven, he did not reach the Emperor’s territory, and all circles were in chaos.
A year later, Jiang Feng announced that he would give up the position of Chief Elder and leave everything to the Master Ghost Hand.
The fugue world once again leads a group of dragon heads.

Huang Yixian’s view is the most pertinent and appropriate, and Li Tianqi also appreciates it very much.

Of course, it’s best to defeat the enemy without fighting, and it’s also very economical and doesn’t need to spend too much money, otherwise it’s really painful to spend money once you fight
Li Tianqi is also more inclined to Huang Yixian’s suggestion.
Among them, Li Gongxin suggested that Li Tianzuo should not try to test and anger the country.
He suggested that the compromise should be exchanged for greater actions and negotiations, so as to take this opportunity to find out the cards and root needs of Chu before making a decision.
Generally speaking, don’t provoke the country by words and military means, and avoid war as much as possible.
"Countries started from Shandong uprising but started from rebellion, but all the way subverted Xu Jin Guo, destroyed Song Guo, destroyed Xixia Northern Expedition grassland and fought all around. From the defeat of Central Plains countries, we can see that the country is strong.
Canada has just destroyed the Song State. The morale is strong and the morale is tough. It is the time when the soldiers are sharp. It is really not the time when our country should confront the problem. It is better to think about the country’s problems improperly and make it slack than to face the national soldiers directly. "
This statement is a bit too weak, which makes Li Tianqi, who has always been quite strong in Southeast Asia, a bit unacceptable.
"China is a big country, but isn’t there a place where there is no strength and no grasp? Lingnan is far from the core soldiers, and the logistical difficulties are bound to last for a long time. Isn’t it an advantage for our soldiers and civilians to stick to the natural hazards and be prepared against rushing into the army? "
Li Gongxin painstakingly advised.
"The emperor is good at soldiers and soldiers, and all the soldiers are tigers and wolves. It is by no means a good kind. Although our country has troops, it is still not a song country. It should be a temptation for the emperor to ask if he is prepared. We should reply to the emperor with a low profile.
Think of some way to fool this matter in the past first, and don’t let the state-owned army make a move to the south as an excuse. It is not difficult to know that the main force of the country is in Lingnan. It is a great threat to me, and the veteran minister is also happy that the country is a big country after all, not a wise one. "
This is not only Li Tianqian, Su Xiancheng and Huang Yixian who are also dissatisfied with Li Gongxin.
In particular, Su Xiancheng has just won the military victory over Zhanchengguo, and he is in high spirits. He can’t accept Li Gongxin’s statement that he will destroy his prestige if he is ambitious.
"Although the country is strong, it is big and I am bigger. Is there any place that can be compared? The army is far away from the Central Plains, and the logistics are difficult. Our army needs to guard lang son and then separate military forces to sneak into the commissary. It doesn’t take too many times to succeed once, which can greatly threaten the army.
What’s more, if the army comes from the north, it will be unfamiliar with the climate, and it will be easy to cause epidemics if the soil and water are not good. If so, can the army fight against it without fighting capacity? Is it unwise to compromise with such a big advantage? "
Li Gongxin’s suggestion was disapproved by Li Tianqin and opposed by Su Xiancheng and Huang Yixian, which was impossible to pass.
Li Tianqiao was even more angry, so he decided to adopt Su Xiancheng’s plan to fight hard against the country and let the country know that South Vietnam is not easy to deal with in the future, and don’t look at South Vietnam so hard for national dignity and dignity.
Su Xiancheng also showed Li Tianzuo that it was possible to continue to go to South Vietnam only if it was successful, otherwise the continuation of South Vietnam would be a huge problem.
At this moment, it is actually a critical autumn. Su Xiancheng decided to do his best to fight for a chance for Lee Wang Chaosheng in South Vietnam.
Li Tianqi officially approved Su Xiancheng’s analysis of the current situation. At this time, South Vietnam was on the verge of extinction, so the South Vietnamese side immediately took action
They transferred the regular formed troops to lang son to reinforce and meet the garrison troops that have arrived in lang son.
Li Tianqi also ordered Su Xiancheng to be the commander of lang son’s army, so that Su Xiancheng, who has good military talents, personally prepared himself to deal with military blackmail.
A large number of strategic materials ensure that there is no problem in logistics for the lang son army
If China is willing to negotiate, then it is of course best to solve the dispute through diplomatic means, and it is best to solve the problem of South Vietnam’s national identity.
If China must threaten South Vietnam militarily, then there is nothing to say.
Do not hesitate to fight!
On the other hand, Li Tianzuo summoned the envoy of the country to give a reply to the request of the country.
The first city-occupying country and South Vietnam have a good relationship. When there is turmoil in their department, Zou Yana steals the throne, which is rebellious and disrespectful. South Vietnam sends troops to conquer, which is to safeguard the patriarchal clan system, and it is not selfish. It is unacceptable for the country to ask for it.
The second title is really a matter for the Ministry of South Vietnam, so Song still has no opinion about the country and South Vietnam has nothing to ask.
Third, the court of South Vietnam has never criticized the country. I don’t know where it came from. It is said that people have sinister intentions and cannot be prevented. Please ask the court of South Vietnam to investigate this matter and clear the name of South Vietnam.
Then we also heard that there are heavy troops stationed near the south of the National University, and we don’t know what this means.
Therefore, Song Ke has never done such a thing. Does it mean that after China unified the Central Plains, it was forced to wait for the south to show the prestige of China?
So, although South Vietnam is not a big country, it also has the determination to fight to the death to safeguard national dignity. I don’t know if it is felt.
Liao Xingye, the ambassador of China and the instructor of the 50th Division of the 19th Army of the Seventh Corps, smiled in the face of Li Tianzuo’s attitude which was almost equal to the condition of refusing the country.
"So Nanping Wang is not going to accept big persuasion?"
Su Xiancheng, who had not spoken yet, came out and gave Liao Xingye a cold shoulder.
"Dasong has fallen, and I have not yet come to Nanping from the emperor. The Great Yue State is the Great Yue State, regardless of whether the country admits that it is an indisputable fact messenger or not, don’t call yourself offensive! "
"Day yan? The great emperor still can’t call himself heaven. What qualifications do you have to call yourself emperor and heaven? "
Liao Xingye sneered, "There is no heaven in the world, and the emperor is just flesh and blood, but he tries to cover up his Hu Fei in the name of heaven … Is God unjust?"
Liao Xingye beside two agreement smell speech laughed very recklessly.
Su Xiancheng’s complexion is getting worse and worse, and Li Tianqi’s anger is getting bigger and bigger.
Huang Yixian came out and looked at Liao Xingye calmly.
"The emissary needs to know that this is a big country, not a country. Please respect yourself and don’t say anything crazy to disturb the audience!"

Yang You didn’t smile. Bai Changsun said that he was a man. After thinking for a moment, Yang You said, "What do you want me to do with him?"

The eldest grandson shook his head in some confusion. Although she knew that this day would come, she couldn’t figure out what to do.
"Li Shimin is a proud man. If I agree to your request, will you imprison him for a generation?" Yang You said slowly.
The eldest grandson bit his lip. She naturally knew what Li Shimin was like, but after all, she was a person who used to get along with each other day and night. She couldn’t bear to see him die in the grave. She didn’t sleep, but she came to Yang You to hope that she could spare his life, but she knew very well that she spoke very politely.
"It’s not impossible to spare his life if the pseudo-Tang kingdom destroys me. Do you think he is worth it?" Yang You asked again.
Grandson dirt suddenly knelt down and said, "It’s unforgettable that courtiers don’t want him to be beheaded." Grandson dirt shed a few tears.
"I’m not a soft-hearted person since I came to you, Li Shimin. I will kill him, but I can promise you to bury him." Yang You got up and left when he saw this scene.
Grandson scale bit his lip and said, "Thank you for your position" and got up and hurried back out.
Duguyan just came in and saw his grandson’s scale stop screaming, but his grandson’s scale had run away.
"What’s the matter with filth?" Duguyan some not white asked
Yang You light a smile "I even leave him a penis is not a big deal, I just think she can cry a little uncomfortable"
Duguyan also smiled and arranged a dress for Yang You. "Isn’t it chilling if she is a lover?"
"This is also" Yang Mi smiled and grabbed his wife’s hand. "I have been holding it for a long time, and it will take two years or half a year to calm down the life of Tang gaozu’s father. Even if I stay, there is nothing wrong with it."
"Benevolence and kindness will be famous that day." Duguyan also smiled, but there was some faint complaint in her eyes.
Yang You can’t help but guess his childhood friends. This tacit understanding is that others can’t learn. Yang You grabbed Duguyan and blew her ear and said, "Let’s rest tonight."
Duguyan face a red nod for silence.
The next morning, Yang You went to pay his respects to his grandmother and mother as usual. After all, he was older and knew some service roads. "When did you attack when you were a child?"
"Grandmother’s commissary and equipment will be ready in the middle of next month. Grandson will be ready to send troops to attack Zhonghebei in early May, and also go to Jingxing to attack Bingzhou, making it difficult for the pseudo-Tang Dynasty to look around." Yang You told us.
After Xiao took a sip of tea, she traveled around the world and had some understanding of geography. She immediately nodded and said, "It will be difficult to attack Tang gaozu on all sides and capture Chang’ an."
"Grandmother assured that she had a good plan to capture Chang ‘an grandchild." Yang You smiled with confidence.
Xiao Hou sighed, "It’s been a long time since the chaos of heaven. I hope that there will be another war here to make the country and the people safe."
"Grandson, remember," said Yang You, and after chatting for half a ring, he retired.
When he arrived at the Dedian, Yang You flipped through the paper for a day and then unconsciously passed. At this time, he did not know that a new situation appeared suddenly.
Chang ‘an City
Tang gaozu’s arms are covered with foxes and furs. He is listening to Duan Wencao telling him that with Duan Wencao’s words, Tang gaozu’s face has become particularly gloomy, and his original face is very pale, which is even more frightening at this time.
Suddenly, Li Yuan slammed the table and shouted, "Is this the case?" With this beat Tang gaozu couldn’t help coughing, but his face was like gold paper. Suddenly, he couldn’t help but spit out one mouthful blood.
Duan Wencao knelt down and said, "It’s true that I have inquired about this matter carefully!"
"Hehe!" Tang gaozu suddenly smiled, but his smile was even uglier than crying.
"secretly bring a witness to see me!" Tang gaozu forcibly endure heart anger and said
"hey!" Duan Wencao said back.
A moment later, Duan Wencao, a dark chamber, brought a man who was Wang Dewen, the imperial doctor in the palace. When Wang Dewen came in, he kept shaking and sweating.
"Spare my life!" Wang Dewen prone trembling said.
"Spare your life. How do you want me to spare your life?" Tang gaozu coldly said that a murderous look in your breath was chilling.
Wang Dewen repeatedly kowtowed and said, "I was threatened and had to do this!"
"Threatened?" Tang gaozu turbid eyes DengYuan kept staring at Wang Dewen’s way: "You eat JunLu lunch and share your worries. I gave you food and clothing in Wang Dewen, but you were so." Tang gaozu coughed again.
"It’s all false for me to give him medicine these days. It’s all false. I’ve repented!" Wang Dewen said kowtowing again and even broke his forehead.
"Hum!" Tang gaozu heavily snorted "Duan Aiqing, you must arrest him and Yakehitobe together and never let one person go."
Duan Wencao replied, "Hey!"
"Hey, hey, I can’t believe that even Wang Xinjun, a slave, betrayed me. He also detained this person and declared that I had sent them to do things. I must not startle them." Tang gaozu said slowly.
Duan Wencao nodded silently and grabbed Wang Dewen.
Tang gaozu sighed, "Send someone to Xuantai to see me."
It is necessary for Li Jiancheng Zhengdong Palace to deal with the equipment and provisions of the political war generals, but the situation is very bad. The food is stretched to the limit, and it will last until the beginning of autumn. Although there will be a harvest in the autumn harvest, when Sui Jun kills, the farmland will be burned, and the roots can be found for food.
Li Jiancheng is worried, but he can’t think of a better way for a short time. He can pin his hopes on defeating Sui Jun as soon as possible.
While he was thinking, a little eunuch came in a hurry and said, "I’m summoned."
Li Jiancheng put his hand in the fold and mused to his father for a long time. What’s the big deal about summoning himself in politics? Is it that Qi Wangxin believes that he knows about it? Li Jiancheng thought it was impossible. After all, he hid in the East Palace after he got those letters.
Li Jiancheng hit the box and saw the letter, but he couldn’t help but feel relieved that his father should have his business. Li Jiancheng got up and arranged a dress and said, "Prepare the horse."
Eunuch replied back out and so on. Li Jiancheng walked out of the East Palace. Eunuch had been holding the steed and waiting outside for several guards. Li Jiancheng turned his horse and ran towards the imperial city. After a while, Li Jiancheng jumped into the imperial city and handed the reins to the guards and walked quickly towards the harem.
Tang gaozu was asleep in the room and heard that Tai requested to see him and summoned him quickly.
Li Jiancheng entered the room upon, "Father, can your body be better?"
"alas!" Tang gaozu sighed deeply, and he must have looked at him from afar. Is there such a big difference between being his own son?

"Oh, oh, oh!" Mo Xiaoqin stared at Wu Liang excitedly and asked in surprise, "Are you the one who announces that every day?"

"Yes" Wu Liang nodded his head and always felt that this sentence "net daily announcement" seemed to be a bad thing.
However, Mo Xiaoqin noticed his look and continued to ask in surprise, "Did you sing that song just now?"
It turned out that the couple had just arrived at the bar and had not yet entered the door when they heard that they were in high spirits. After listening carefully, someone sang another very exciting rock, but it didn’t sound like singing in their own bar, so they were curious and came towards the singer.
People here know everything except Wu Liang. Naturally, they are targeting Wu Liangshen.
Wu Liang said modestly, "Just sing and let the two seniors laugh."
"I dare not laugh!" Jiang Tianyou said solemnly, "If I can sing at that level just now, I will really laugh. The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves before. Nice guy!"
He sighed deeply with emotion, then suddenly he and Yu appeared behind him, patted him on the shoulder and said, "That’s it!" This is my little brother who writes songs specially for me. How about Jiang Ge’s envy? Hey! "
Jiang Tianyou naively patted his paw aside and said with a bitter face, "You go crazy every time you drink alcohol. I have to stay away from you!"
Before he became famous, he had been singing here. It can be said that she was recommended by him to the music company. Needless to say, Jiang Tianyou treated him like a younger brother, and he could be restrained by jokes.
And she was a slap in the face instead of being angry. Instead, she turned around and came to Mo Xiaoqin with a shy face and smiled. "Mo Jie, you have to go to my concert in a few days! Help me sing and show your immortal heroes again! "
Mo Xiaoqin patted him with a smile. "At my age, why can’t I sing? I can’t sing!"
And she summoned up the face flushed and "that how line? Without you, there would be no me and Yu. If you say anything today, just add oil to me! "
Jiang Tianyou pulled him back and let him face himself.
"I can’t really sing," he sighed. "I haven’t sung for decades, and now it’s just a karaoke level. How dare I go on stage!"
He Yu shouted, "Even karaoke is not based on your fame. Are you afraid of others making irresponsible remarks?"
"alas!" Mo Xiaoqin also sighed behind him. "We are now an old man and an old lady. What is the fame?"
"Yes," Jiang Tianyou agreed. "Besides, what’s the point of being famous in the current music scene? Even if you can earn some tickets by concert, let’s not go out and make a fool of ourselves! "
When they say this, the surrounding atmosphere becomes silent.
The Chinese music scene is fading day by day, and fewer new albums appear every year, and fewer new people emerge. Nowadays, many seniors in the music scene are a little disheartened. It seems that they have struggled for half a generation and their careers are about to wane.
Jiang Tianyou and his wife are typical of this kind of old-timers. On the one hand, they completely retired from the music scene because of their personality, on the other hand, they felt that the music scene was getting worse and worse. Did they have a mind to leave before leaving?
Even though there are still great gods like Heyu and Liu Yunxiao active in the current music scene, everyone knows that when their generation retreats, the Chinese music scene will really fall into an embarrassing situation.
What caused all this?
Gu Pingshen’s own music system has the deepest natural experience. Following the tone of Jiang Tianyou and Mo Xiaoqin, he sighed, "It’s getting harder and harder to make money in the current music scene. Singers are both going to shoot videos and films, and there are fewer and fewer newcomers. If we go like this, we old guys will really retire!"
He said that there was no logic, but everyone could understand it, and immediately he became even more silent.
Is drunk and she is in a state of excitement after hearing these words is not willing to "who said I’m going to retire? I can do it for another 20 years now! "
After that, he lit up his arm muscles and didn’t know what this thing and the music world had.
But Mo Xiaoqin didn’t hesitate to hit him. "Who can take your class in twenty years?"
Hehe smiled and ran to Wu Liang’s side and patted him on the shoulder. "See if the new singer writes and sings our future stars!"
They all took a surprised look at He Yu and didn’t expect him to think so highly of Wu Liang.
However, the younger brother and Yu are not happy. He is also a talented person selected by the company. He believes that singing is not white. Why did Brother Shen and Yu choose such a network anchor when they didn’t choose themselves?
However, his unhappy expression passed by and no one paid attention to it, so no one found that there was something wrong with him looking at Wu Liang.
On the contrary, Wu Liang was suddenly flattered by the clap of He Yu, feeling that he quickly waved his hand at He Yu and said, "I’m a little newcomer who can’t afford such a heavy compliment!"
Mo Xiaoqin also shook his head and said with a wry smile, "Even if one or two new people are top-notch, they can’t solve the root problem. Now the music scene is hopeless!"
"I can’t say that," Gu Ping said firmly, although she was as worried about the immediate environment as she was, but not as pessimistic as she was. "Singing is human nature, and the country won’t watch the music scene really decline, so I think the country will find a way to solve it when it comes to that!"
"country?" Jiang Tianyou smiled and said noncommittally, "Then let’s wait and see what the country can do."
Then he looked up and poured a large glass of cold beer, and there was endless loneliness in his eyes.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-four Rehearsal
Wu Liang was filled with emotion after coming back from the bar.
This is not the first time someone has talked about the decline of Chinese music in front of him.
His mentor, Mr. Wu Zhihua, has repeatedly expressed his concern about this situation. Mr. Wu Zhihua seems that if the Chinese music scene continues to decline like this, it will inevitably lead to a shortage of talents and the whole Chinese music circle will be Cambrian.
Today, he heard a more discouraging argument from two music veterans.
These two do not believe that the national adjustment can really revive the Chinese music scene.
How to save it?
There are so many thieves waiting for so many online sharing points, so many unwilling viewers hanging there.
When a new song comes out, it’s stolen, and you can’t earn a penny, but you have to put money in it. Those who listen to the song enjoy the internet and scold the singer for rubbish and the songwriter for being mentally retarded. Have they ever thought about who caused all this?
If they changed their own money, they would be scolded. They would have wasted a long time!
Moreover, it is not only the country that steals from abroad, but also the once most prosperous American market. Now it has long followed the footsteps of the Chinese music scene, and it has slipped day by day.
It is because people’s laws are stricter and they pay more attention to market rectification, which is not completely the same as the Chinese music circle.
But it’s only a matter of time.
This is not something that one or two people or one or two countries can solve.
This is not something that can be solved in one or two generations.
Only when people really realize that no one writes songs, no one sings, they have no songs to listen to, and they can relive those old songs repeatedly online, will they be white.
Oh, it turns out that we have always been a generation. Happiness pays for itself.
Wu Liang also wants to find a solution to this matter, but his current position and knowledge are still a little too complicated for him.
I thought for a night in a daze, and Wu Liang received a message early the next morning that made him push it off.
It was "Xiao Wang" who called. This guy Zhao Xiaogen, the younger brother of Pu Lao, will be officially on the stage in two days. He called Wu Liang to ask him to hurry over and line up with them to get ready so that there would be no problems on the day of the performance.
Now that Wu Liang has promised him, he certainly has no reason to refuse.
However, Wu Liang thought that since he was going to Beijing Television Broadcasting Building again, why not record the song that Hong Chunji promised to record?
So he called Hong Chunji again and asked him if he had any questions about recording songs in the past.
Although Hong Chunji’s TV play here is still in preparation, it doesn’t affect when to record the theme song. Of course, there is no problem. By the way, I asked him if Lu Xue and Liang Yanni had any words. If so, why don’t you come and record the song together and solve no problem for anyone?
Wu Liang didn’t know if the two girls couldn’t help but call them one by one.
The two girls really didn’t record the theme song of Beijing TV. After all, this is a more important thing, so they all readjusted their rest arrangements to get ready to record songs with Wu Liang for half a day.
In this way, when I arrived in Beijing the next day, I became three people.
The three men came to Beijing TV Broadcasting Building to meet with Hong Chunji first. The two girls’ agents had already negotiated the price with Beijing TV, and they didn’t record the time wave directly.
The first person to enter the studio was Liang Yanni, who sang the song "Painting Heart" by Wu Liang.
In the end, Wu Liang chose Fang and Lu Xue chose White Fox while Liang Yanni chose Hua Xin.

We’ve seen a lot of things in this move, but we can’t tell these things now, and you are doomed to be more than a simple Buddha who gave birth to a Buddha disciple. You are the same person you have returned. This is what we speculate and hope that you can show us more in the future. The Buddha looked at Yuan Ye with a smile.

Hehe, don’t feel unfair. You beat this girl, so you came. Although you said what you want, this girl will come, but in the end, this girl won, and the two of us will also come to prevent her from killing you. We are both watching your final performance, but you still didn’t let us down. The Buddha smiled and looked at Yuan Ye. Both of our goals have been achieved, and you have even come to win or lose. It should be a perfect thing.
These weapons have not been destroyed and no one has lost, so it is more perfect. Look at the Buddha of the years.
I heard that the Buddha smiled, hehe, so you mean to let me come, or to help Xiao Tao’s great-great granddaughter.
After all, a crescent blade and a sun-shining ring suddenly appeared in the hands of the Buddha in the years. This is the top ten artifacts of the Buddha in the years.
Humming to see the two weapons representing the sun and the moon, the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, and the moon also responds by turning the trajectory of heaven and earth, twisting it and then being forcibly changed.
fall over
As these four words rang out from the mouth of the Buddha of the years, Yuan Ye suddenly felt that the scenes that happened before his eyes were just reversed. At first sight, he saw that he had torn up a Ruxue garment. At second sight, he saw that he had just sealed a Ruxue garment. At third sight, he had just put to good use.
Suddenly, Yuan Ye’s head buzzed again, only to find that Xiang Ruxue was at loggerheads with each other, and the booing and shouting kept cheering. This is not when they just walked on the stage and didn’t fight. When is it?
Before the situation, the horse was a Ruxue and roared to Muke to announce the gladiator. But now this tense attitude continues, and Ruxue Yuan Ye are both horrified and can’t believe it.
I’m not dreaming, am I? I can fall down when I am.
Around MuKe is also very shocked, but it seems that MuKe know years Buddha this ability horror than Yuan Ye RuXue a lot lighter.
What happened before, you three remember my voice, and you three heard that you two really put it together. You should know the outcome. Stop hitting Mu Ke and announce the knot. At this time, the voice of the Buddha is also ringing in Yuan Ye’s mind at the same time.
Obey the teacher’s law, Mu Ke bent down to the void, and this was the end of Landau’s victory.
Ah, there was a very dramatic scene in the fighting field, one by one, cheering at the top of their voices, howling wildly, trying to push up the duel atmosphere, and watching people suddenly stop, one by one, stunned, speechless, quieter than the fighting field, and even Shao Wenjun, Xiao Yun, Luo Qiong, Zhuge Changhong, Shan Yue and other individuals were stunned. Which one was this performance?
After quiet, many people complained, but if you look at it again, it’s already more complicated to look at Yuan Ye. Yuan Ye didn’t expect that my super artifact couldn’t beat you for so many years. You are the only one who let me admire a man, and I admire a strong man. When I practice, I can almost be stronger than me. A man is a man in my eyes for so many years. You are the first one, but you are too bad. I hate you.
I’m bad, Yuan Ye. When I get angry, I’ll hum and hate it. I don’t care.
When I heard Yuan Ye’s words, Ruxue’s heart was wronged even more, and a person was lonely and left Taiwan. Perhaps at this time, the background was extremely hard and the guy’s heart was in line with her pure and lovely appearance, but it was a pity impulse to see people.
See a RuXue didn’t refute MuKe sentence but throw in the towel and leave Taiwan directly. Suddenly, that individual has reached the peak and complained that he is unwilling to be everywhere. But when you calm down, you yell at someone who has given up. What are you yelling at?
Quiet and sudden, Mu Ke drank a lot and pressed the voice department down to this avenue. This five emperors’ struggle ended. I declare that the first emperor, the Kirin sword of Warcraft, has been shining for thousands of years. As Mu Ke’s words fell, a white S sword flew to the little jerk and was directly bitten by it.
Mu Ke went on to announce that the second emperor Zhuge Changhong’s armor was ruined at the end of the Millennium, and the third emperor Luo Qiong’s boots flashed for a thousand years, and the ancient emperor Gu Di’s helmet was brilliant for a thousand years.
Three emperors flew to Luo Qiong respectively.
After a pause, Mu Ke looked slightly horrified at Yuan Ye, the fifth emperor of Yuan Ye. Yuan Ye’s clothes are nine thousand years old. This world is nine days old. Congratulations, Yuan Ye.
A gown with a clear sky and a clear sky flew to Yuan Ye, and Yuan Yeran did not hesitate to start with this treasure directly.
The title of Five Emperors has finally been won by Yuan Ye. Along the way, there is no title of Five Kings and Five Emperors. From today, the Emperor of Heaven is his first chapter of Yuan, and he can’t leave the emperor.
However, Yuan Ye also found that this imperial vessel, the Nine Shirts, didn’t need to shed blood to recognize its owner since it was announced by Mu Ke, which made Yuan Ye ring that it was better for him to snatch a lot of king cups and return the crown, but he couldn’t do it himself. Maybe this king cup and crown imperial vessel can be driven by its owner, even if it is obtained.
Although there are many twists and turns in the end of a fierce battle, I finally got the title of Five Emperors, and my strength is also strong. I am almost at the limit of Taoism, and I am afraid that I will break through the realm of Great Zun soon, but Yuan Ye did not intend to press it, because when I realized the heaven, he didn’t know that Taoism was the practice of heaven, and it was not necessarily a shortcut to become a Buddha. Yuan Yeke was sure that the Buddha had not forced his strength record.
Yuan Ye will choose to let nature take its course to break through, and I’m afraid this date is the peak date of self-cultivation. It’s time to realize that Yuan Ye is heartbroken and an enemy-killing trick. No matter how severe it is, it’s nothing to say.
After the confirmation of the Five Emperors, the Five Emperors will fight for the Top Ten and the three judges will still accept the Millennium assessment according to the past rules, so that the power of the five emperors will be really stimulated. This is also the last gathering of the top ten masters such as Yuan Ye. Of course, this gathering failed. Ruxue Bao Wenqian and others are supporting roles, and Yuan Yeshan Yue and others are leading roles.
Listen to you Yuan Ye. Before the coronation ceremony, Mu Ke specially came to Yuan Ye. It was super terrible. The super terrible achievement method of Warcraft. The two great buddhas jointly noted this scene. This scene has made Mu Ke know that Yuan Ye is extremely extraordinary in the future, and he is the most likely to become a Buddha. In Mu Ke, I want Yuan Ye to tie a good knot now.
Come when you are strong, weak and in great need of help. Then he will be strong in the future, and he will repay you. When people are already enemies in the future, you will curry favor with them and flatter them. Will others care? Mu Ke is the overlord of a generation. However, in this long-term vision, he knows that it is time to put the treasure on Yuan Ye. Of course, this kind of pressure can’t be won over by lulu, but it is just like Xiang Tao. After years and days become life and death brothers, Xiang Taogen doesn’t worry about years and days, and the Buddha will never leave him, because their common
Thank you for being so strong for Mu Ke. Yuan Yeran is also very polite. To tell the truth, the horse will be able to see his loved ones. Yuan Ye is now in a very good mood and feels like an arrow.
What are you going to do after it’s all over? Mu Ke seems to be casual
I want to go back to my world, immediately said Yuan Ye, pointing to my own emperor and smiling. I am so desperate to win the title of Five Emperors. I am qualified to leave Wan Zunxing and come back. I don’t care if I come here sooner or later. I can finally go home.
Go home, Yuan Ye. Do you know that the Five Emperors can’t leave Wan Zun Star? If you want to leave the Emperors Nine, you will no longer be supported by your strength later. You will find that the power of the Emperors Nine has just been acquired, so you can give it up. Then Bao Wenqian was a little surprised to see Yuan Ye. At this time, ten people were promoted to Zhu Tianrong, and the remaining nine people almost looked at Yuan Ye, the last strongest guy, Ruxue, who ended inexplicably, including Xiang Ruxue, who was also secretly listening.
The emperor can’t leave Wan Zun Star, which is beyond my expectation. It seems that the Five Kings Cup can temporarily leave Wan Zun Star Yuan Yemei’s head slightly wrinkled, so the Five Emperors should be qualified to leave Wan Zun Star and come back.
But this time, the answer is that the crown of the King’s Cup of Muke can be separated from the emperor for a short time, because the power of the emperor is several times stronger than that of the crown of the King’s Cup. Once a person takes the emperor to another world, it is very simple to destroy a world. Wan Zunxing can bear such a terrible treasure, and the emperor is not allowed to leave Wan Zunxing. If you are separated from Wan Zunxing, you still have the title of Emperor of Heaven, but no emperor is just a name.
I can go if I can, even if the emperor is as strong as a super artifact, I will go, but Yuan Ye is determined.
Is it really that important? The emperor’s weapon is a great test for the gods, but Bao Wenqian is quite puzzled
Hehe, Yuan Ye glanced over and everyone in the room lamented that you people were almost all born in Wanzunxing, and it wasn’t a beautiful woman with a tough background. All the forces behind them were very strong, but who was stronger than who? Maybe in your growing up, amazing talents should do their best, and treasures should be strong to guide you, so you can’t easily become the best people, and you have developed a habit of course. That is, from small to large, all kinds of other people’s help to me are of course in return, as if someone had never thought about seeing me. Warcraft is good, but I think that little Warcraft should belong to myself. After all, it has been such an environment since childhood. Of course, I didn’t mean to offend you. God gave you such an environment. Adding your own talents and hard work is the easiest way to make you stronger. I will, but you have lost one of the most important things.
Hum what someone wants to say, I will say that I don’t want to win yet, so I can say that we are qualified in a lecture tone. Xiang Ruxue was the first to be extremely dissatisfied with cold hum.
Defeated by defeat, you qualify me to bicker. Yuan Ye is also uncompromising and glaring. That is to say, the other party is speechless. This world is everything, but the rest of us are still surprised that Ruxue will give up without fighting. Chapter DiYiSiSanSan Our world.
I’d like to know what we have lost, but Bao Wenqian doesn’t want to talk about Yuan Ye’s brothers. But your perseverance and hard work are a hundred times easier than ordinary people’s success in cultivating big powers. Her father is Tian Muke, a super-strong level and a moon overlord like Tian Fengxing. It’s not bad to help her in family power
Feelings Yuan Ye directly said his own answer, but you can easily get everything, but you don’t know how to cherish those who help each other in difficulties and desperate situations. Friendship is not something you can understand. The coldest father’s love is the strangest brotherhood. It is necessary to fight with each other in the imperial family because of your deep power and position. The main rivals are often the closest relatives of your big family, and many family ties are not something you can appreciate. Because of your position, women don’t need you to chase after more than one woman. Two things that are easy to get, even if they don’t have deep feelings, imagine carefully what else is worrying about you every day besides practicing you? I’m afraid you can’t understand that feeling. I don’t hesitate to give up my tools to find my relatives and friends now, and the mood is not white for you.
When I heard Yuan Ye’s words, everyone was suddenly silent, especially Xiang Ruxue. Compared with others, I’m afraid she was most impressed by Yuan Ye. She has excellent talent and loves strength, and her pleasure is constantly rising. Plus, the world is the strongest and most respected. She is obsessed with practicing from the sky, but for friendship, she almost loves to beat her peers to find true feelings, but she doesn’t think much about three kinds of people’s true feelings. I have to say that there is affection, but this affection is limited to a few people who have always loved her, such as Xiang Tao. Her roots are very disdainful because they are
Hehe, Yuan Ye’s brothers are not ordinary people. It’s a good thing to have a true temperament. Since this is the case, I won’t stop you. Mu Ke, after all, a big overlord doesn’t think much. He smiled and added, since this strength is not needed, after all, you will lose the imperial weapon because of separation, and then the strength will be gone. Of course, it’s unnecessary for you to experience the power of an imperial weapon. Although it’s not more than an artifact, it’s also very terrible to experience it. Besides, your strength will be tested at the level of

"And even if you get the medicine, you should show it to me first. You don’t know how to treat her again and again. Isn’t that just thinking about hurting people?"

Zhang Shuo is always a blabbermouth. He can say whatever he wants. People are angry now, and there is not a good word.
Neon spirit felt that every word of those words was like a knife stabbing in her heart.
Stabbed her bloody and painful.
Thinking about hurting people?
Neon spirit wry smile slightly suddenly don’t want to talk to him here.
Silently turned around and she walked towards the door again.
The man behind him stopped coldly. "Don’t bother her now!"
Neon spirit eyes light quiver quiver feet didn’t stop.
"I am going out for a walk!"
It’s chilly in spring, and the night wind is very cold, just like a knife.
Neon spirit walked slowly with her arms around her.
Walking barefoot on the cold ground, especially after the rain, it was wet and slippery, and the cold went straight from the foot to the body. She looked up at the boundless night and was confused.
Sister, what should I do?
A red in the sweet suddenly rushed from the belly to the throat, opened her mouth, spat at the fountain of blood, and stumbled. She hurriedly held the wall around her and gasped and slipped slowly …
After the emperor entered the palace gate, he went to another palace instead of Huilong Yin Palace.
"I was going to live in this purple jade palace for you, but I didn’t expect that happened that day."
Slightly squinting at the door plaque devoted to thousands of feathers said
The night left without saying anything.
This is the first time this man remembers that day tonight.
Maybe he needs her to give him an explanation
But she doesn’t know where to start, and she doesn’t want to explain.
Fortunately, devoted to thousands of feathers didn’t stay too long on this issue. I saw her holding her hand and taking her into it silently without saying anything or demanding.
In this way, he made the night away feel strange and made her feel at ease.
She is still used to him being a high-flying gesture, emperor, monarch and minister.
For example, punishing her, threatening her, and making a deal with her.
This kind of love and bag does not belong to him, and it never belongs to him.
When the maids and eunuchs were taken to the temple by Huo An, they left their skirts at night and knelt down.
"Today, thanks to the help of the emperor, I am grateful to the emperor for leaving at night. If you have any orders, please say that you will go through fire and water at night!"
At that moment, she saw that the emperor was still warm and his face was instantly cold.
Phoenix eyes deeply cool color is obvious.
Seems to be back to that she is most familiar with devoted to thousands of feathers.
Night away pulls the lip angle.
Yeah, that’s who he really is.
He clung to her.
She waited for him to make a deal
long time
"The night is already deep, you should rest early."
Lost such a devoted thousand feathers and left Ziying Palace.
Stay at night and kneel alone for a long time without coming to my mind.
I don’t know what he means, but I try to think about it.
Too many things happened at night, and now her mind is a mess.
Don’t think about anything, don’t want to do anything, just want to sleep.
The ladies-in-waiting all prepared hot water, and she didn’t even wash her hands and fell straight to the bed.
Devoted to thousands of feathers suddenly appeared on the edge of the bed, which startled her.
Why are you back?
She hurriedly got up and wanted to salute the bed, but she was held down by a strange thousand feather hands.

Knowing that there is a god in this delivery door, Wen Shi’ an didn’t have the slightest strange expression on Gao Chen’s face. He smiled and said, "Well, since you can’t see, you shouldn’t be able to enter, then you can enter and I’ll take you in!"

This is not because gods can see the delivery door, but because creatures will be instantly crushed to dust unless the gods step on it. This is the result of his experiments with gods. Gao Chen went in without thinking. After Gao Chen went in, Wen Shi ‘an stepped into the delivery door!
Passing through the door is an instant, which is the same as sending him to the door. When the environment changed, he was out of the door. When Wen Shian saw everything in front of him, he was suddenly surprised. That was because there were already many gods in front of him. Of course, this can’t be the reason for his surprise. Because this place is where gods can come, it would be the strangest thing to shock Wen Shian. However, at this time, the gods he saw were the same size as him. These gods were the same size as Wen Shian for a while. Wen Shian had a strange feeling that it seemed that this was normal!
Looking at Wen Shi’ an’s appearance of a nine-tailed fox, he smiled and said welcome. Looking at his face full of doubts, Wen Shi’ an said, "Isn’t it strange how we got smaller!"
Wen Shi ‘an’s face disappeared in amazement in the nine-tailed fox sound. He greeted his gods and replied, "What the hell is going on here? What are you all my age?" To be continued If you like this movie, you are welcome to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. Chapter four hundred and seventy Burying the Temple Manor
The nine-tailed fox smiled faintly at Wen Shian and said, "This is not that we are getting smaller, but that you are getting bigger!"
Is this really the case? Wen Shi ‘an looked at his body, and it didn’t feel a little strange. Did he really get bigger? But Wen Shi ‘an always feels that they are not getting bigger, but they are getting smaller. That’s because Wen Shi ‘an looks up and sees something. Isn’t this the Terran Palace? It’s just completely different from the architectural style of Wu Xiujie!
But why does the nine-tailed fox say that Wen Shi ‘an is getting bigger and has no strange feeling when he sees Wen Shi ‘an? When the nine-tailed fox saw Wen Shi ‘an frowning, he didn’t tell the truth. Every newly arrived deity had such a surprise. Whether it was really getting bigger or smaller seemed not to be a big problem. Everything in this place was different from that in the martial arts world. The most intuitive thing was that this place was not very big. There should be tens of thousands of square samples, and you could see a chaos outside at a glance. This place seemed to be like being wrapped in this chaos!
Curious to look around, Wen Shi’ an really came to this place for nothing. Of course, at this time, Wen Shi’ an also guessed that everything seemed to be the same as the palace in front. "Is this the place? Is our purpose the palace in front!"
"Yes, this is the place. You’re right. Our goal here is to get inside. There are many interesting things in it!" The nine-tailed fox pointed to the front palace and said that Wen Shian seemed to see something exciting in her eyes!
This is a Terran palace, or this is a Terran palace. After looking at it for a long time, Wen Shian confirmed that it was this time, but he wouldn’t say it. There were gods constantly appearing. They were all divided into two sides. Now the palace door was closed. Although the palace seemed fragile, it seemed that it could be crushed with a palm, Wen Shian wouldn’t really think it was so unbearable. At this time, no gods approached the palace, and Wen Shian thought softly, "Can’t we beat him at this door?"
As soon as Wen Shi’ an finished talking, the tiger said, "Can you go and beat him!"
Wen Shi ‘an looked at him without saying anything. He seemed to hear the dog barking one, so he regarded it as a tiger god. Since the tiger god asked him to hit the door, it was obvious that he would never be kind. What was wrong with Wen Shi ‘an was unclear. When he saw Wen Shi ‘an, the tiger god hated him and said, "Don’t let me meet you inside!"
However, Wen Shi ‘an still ignored him, and the nine-tailed fox laughed and looked aside. The angry tiger god went straight to Wen Shi ‘an and said, "This door is not something we can fight. He will go if he wants to force the door. Even the gods will disappear."
"Will disappear? What the hell does this mean? " WenShiAn one leng don’t understand mouth way!
The nine-tailed fox seems to recall something. After a half-ring, he said, "Anyone who approaches the door before it will disappear completely. This world will never appear!"
Although the words of the nine-tailed fox are very light, Wen Shian still feels that those gods seem to be very afraid when they hear these words, which makes Wen Shian more curious. No matter how curious Wen Shian is, he will not really try one.
After thinking for a moment, Wen Shi ‘an said curiously, "I don’t know what’s in it, but it’s worth your coming." …
This is what Wen Shi ‘an is most curious about. Is there anything else in the martial arts world that these gods are interested in? And now that they have appeared here, that is to say, there must be something worth their visit, and this is what Wen Shi’ an is most curious about!
The nine-tailed fox smiled mysteriously and said, "You will naturally know that even if I tell you now, there is nothing!" "
Although the expression of the nine-tailed fox is not false at all, I still want to ask something, but after thinking about it, I still forget it. Wen Shian doesn’t know that this place is the place where all the gods must come, even if they don’t want to. This is not optional, but mandatory. The next day, all the gods are here, and the last few gods look wrong. Seeing this scene, Wen Shian understands better.
The nine-tailed fox said faintly, "I can’t believe that there hasn’t been a god who can compete for so many years!" "
Wen Shi ‘an looked at the nine-tailed fox and asked him if his eyes were better than those of the nine-tailed fox. "Do you really want to come? Even if you don’t come, you will be forcibly sucked in and it will be very uncomfortable. Just look at them!"
No wonder they want to tell Wen Shi ‘an that this place is about to open, so it turned out to be a root. Of course, even so, Wen Shi ‘an is very grateful to the nine-tailed fox. After all, they are now allies and gently nod their heads to show that they want to be white, and then ask, "When will this happen?"
After waiting for a day, it was still like that, which made Wen Shian a little impatient. At this time, he really wanted to go in and see if this place was built by Terrans. But because of the former nine-tailed fox, Wen Shian dared not really get close to the nine-tailed fox and said, "It’s not that fast, it shouldn’t be opened for three days!"
Wenshi ‘an nodded his head and didn’t say anything. The concentration of reiki in this place is higher than that in the outside. I don’t know how much it is, but none of them are practicing. Now they are not practicing this strength. After three days, they slowly went to the palace gate and saw this situation. There was no one who showed crazy anxiety and waited for it one by one!
After our department hits, the nine-tailed fox said, "Let all of you out. If you go inside, you can put things in, but you can’t let them out!"
As soon as the nine-tailed fox said this, Wen Shi’ an was shocked and asked, "What can’t be put out of it? How can this happen!"
How depressing it should be for a person who is used to watching it suddenly. The nine-tailed fox understands Wen Shi ‘an’s mood at this time, but it is also faint. "For this, no god can be white. I think it is because of this that the gods who were killed in it can’t be resurrected!"
When the nine-tailed fox speaks, it puts the tribe outside. These are three twelve-order foxes with nine tails behind them. Different from the nine-tailed fox, their three tails are colorful, but their bodies are of a single color. At this time, his gods also put the tribe outside. Every god is three and three twelve-order tribes!
Of course, by this time, the gods in front had already gone inside, otherwise, there would not be so many people in this place. When Wen Shian went in half, he let Gao Chen out, and as soon as he appeared here, Gao Chen heard the unified sound! …

Shen Yan snow gasped hard swallow phoenix shadow ink end side console table tea lamp handed it to her.

At this time, another official in charge of river engineering got up and bowed to the emperor. "According to the emperor, it is someone else who changed the drawings. What if Miss Shen was poisoned by her elbow instead of her palm? It’s always impossible for her to fuck with her elbow, and the other party may not have framed Miss Shen. If it was framed by her heart, it should have poisoned Miss Shen’s hands, but now there are two possibilities at the elbow. First, Miss Shen’s elbow was touched by drawings, and the other kind of Miss Shen’s elbow was touched by someone else. "
"Dang" a heart-rending crunchy suddenly sounded.
Is Shen Yan snow hand cup lid didn’t hold stumbled in the cup light sound.
Everyone looked at her, but she slowly looked up at the long and slim man in front of her.
Thank you for the successful completion of Sany mushroom cool ticket flapping [38]?
Everyone looked at her, but she slowly looked up at the long and slim man in front of her.
The man also looked at her with calm face and deep black eyes.
Moment is not instantaneous looked at each other for a moment after Shen Yan snow peristalsis a lip, but always didn’t say anything, but the first to put aside the eyes.
Many people present saw this scene, especially Shen Meng, and immediately their hearts turned white for seven points.
It turned out to be Phoenix Shadow Ink!
The eyes turned cold. Shen Meng glanced at Feng Ying Mo and turned to Shen Yan Xue Shen and asked, "What did Yan Xue think of?"
Shen Yan snow as long as butterfly wings, eyelids quivered and shook his head gently biting his lip.
See her so Shen Meng complexion is more black.
After all, it’s his own daughter. How can he not know her mind?
The phoenix shadow ink don’t say forbearance shield even let her lose her life, she is willing to.
In the heart, I am very angry, but I can’t be patient in public. "Yan Xue, think about it again. When are you sure to come into contact with this culprit who wants to frame my father …"
He bit the word "framed father" very hard to wake up the daughter’s interests.
He thought that her friendship with Emperor Fengying Ink would be believed if she personally identified Emperor Fengying Ink.
However, Shen Yan snow seems determined, and her eyebrows are still lowered, and she gently shakes her head and mumbles, "I don’t know …"
All the people in the field were silent.
The atmosphere was eerie and cold.
Shen Meng’s angry and cold eyes glanced at Feng Ying Mo Feng Ying Mo impartially and calmly, and his eyes were as handsome as water, and his black eyes were deep and you couldn’t see a trace of emotion.
Shen Meng pursed his lips tightly and turned his eyes to look at the emperor and leaned over again. "The emperor is a minister who is not good at doing things. I will definitely investigate this matter and find out the villain who destroyed the completion ceremony!"
The emperor looked down at him slightly, and he was silent for a moment. Suddenly he got up from his seat. "I am more worried about whether this secret passage is really there than finding out who changed the drawings."
With a deep voice, the yellow dragon robe flashed with dazzling light, and people strode through the red carpet to pick up the steps in the crowd
Everyone was dumbfounded.
Shen Meng turned pale.
Several officials who reacted first hurriedly followed closely.
Obviously, the emperor should personally confirm the andao according to the drawings.
Looking at the people who got up in succession, they glanced out of the corner of their eye at Shen Meng and Feng Ying Mo Ye, who bent their lips and followed everyone.
Everything goes smoothly.
Empress dowager, she finished successfully.
Thank you [33131] for your big purse ~ thank you [1389618777] [1586579315] for your shiny diamonds ~ thank you [big hree] [vine 5] for your precious tickets ~ Do you love your group [39] and kill two birds with one stone?
To be honest, when she saw the note in the carriage that day, she still felt that it might not be completed.
The note said that Shen Meng would also go to Xianzhou to ask her to find a way to leave him.
The queen mother will have such instructions, but she is not surprised.
Because Shen Meng and Feng Ying Mo are today’s emperors devoted to Qianyu, being apart from them is equivalent to weakening Qianyu’s strength.
But these two people are as good as foxes, and can they just provoke each other?
What’s more, one of them is Shen Yanxue.
From that night, Feng Ying Mo said at the gate of the palace to send Shen Yan snow back to the house, we can see that Feng Ying Mo must be a frequent visitor to Shen Fu.
It really takes some thought to leave such two people.
She gave up hope until she saw Shen Meng arrange a sand painting program at the painting house yesterday.
Her father was in charge of the first state river project, and she often saw her father studying drawings in his room.
She knows that the drawings have been quenched by the’ erosion of muscle’ poison; Jin Si Luan bone gloves anti-virus she also knows.
Once she entered the room, her father and mother were discussing something in a low voice, and both of them were frowning and locked. There was a smell of smoke in the room and something was burning in the brazier.
She asked her mother what had happened and said, "Someone wants to pull your father into partnership to build a secret tunnel on the river. Your father didn’t agree …"
The mother was interrupted by her father before she finished speaking. "What are you telling the children!" Finally, I told her that "these big people will solve it."
She clearly remembered that the brazier was slowly melting into ashes, which was an engineering drawing, because she had a heart to look at it and saw the dark tunnel of the drawing.
Later, she forgot about it until she saw the drawings yesterday.
In fact, she is not sure whether there is a secret tunnel. She secretly went to the spy last night based on the location of the secret tunnel in her memory.
Sure enough.
After being shocked, she realized that her mother said that "someone" was Shen Meng.
She is very suspicious that the destruction of her family has anything to do with this.
She can’t let Shen Meng succeed.
She wants to expose the secret passages, especially the emperor’s current situation.
That’s why this is happening today.

Suddenly, I saw that the giant blade of the handle day was flying up for a while, which made the whole cave ablaze and the heat wave hit the four slaves. The colorful Xiayun network protected the people, which made the flames not invade them, but the surrounding cold, snow and frost had been released and melted most of the heat, and it continued to drown them in the fast-flowing water in a short time.

What’s that! Listen to the flower slave, a charming drink, and a colorful light appears in the direction of her finger, but it disappears in the blink of an eye, leaving the huge blade of the heat swirling around the sky and melting the frost around it.
It seems to be a figure, but it doesn’t seem to be very similar. Is there something sealed by Xue Yunfeng? If it is a vicious person, we will be in big trouble! The wind Xiang said as he destroyed the real magic of the moving body and suppressed the anger of the fierce giant blade.
We’re in enough trouble. I think the whole cave here is melting. Let’s take the giant blade and go! Rou Er looked at the deeper and deeper water around him and shouted
It’s almost done. Hang in there! At this time, the wind Xiang has suppressed the fierce giant blade to the minimum, and quickly, the spirit will be wrapped up, and the daughters will jump out of the hole together after passing the handle. As soon as they get out of the hole, they will hear a continuous collapse behind them, and the whole cave will be submerged in the running water …
At this time, Fengxiang discovered that the huge blade of this sky was much bigger than he thought. The ice layer previously exposed was a small part, and the blade was about seven feet long. Although it was powerful in hand, it was extremely inconvenient, so he secretly decided to try to practice it again in the future if sometimes.
Xiao Huang, let’s go! Listen to the wind xiang when roar loud, that is a white bear fight inextricably Kuroha magic burn will simply fly back to his shoulder, judging from its face excited expression should be met a good opponent!
When the white bear saw Kuroha’s magic burn fly away, it was not a burst of loss. When he hurried to this side, Fengxiang and others had already flown away, so that he couldn’t help but roar with sadness in situ and the whole mountain was crumbling.
Along the way, Fengxiang and others also picked several strains of nine-day ice grass, which were wrapped in ice covers and put into the ring, and then they rushed back to the venue of Lixianfeng Tournament.
When Fengxiang reappeared in the tournament venue with her daughters, it caused a riot again, which attracted the eyes of many fix true practitioners again. On the other hand, the elder of Yun Tian looked at the teenager who caused an uproar in the tournament in the sky, but at the moment he was able to walk around the holy stage.
And the female Zhao Lanxin is still a pair of indifference in front of outsiders. If Miss Si Nu doesn’t speak, she will naturally say nothing and quietly talk to her. Rou Er has little interest in human beings except Fengxiang since she became a real dragon. Therefore, walking gives outsiders an unapproachable and aggressive momentum so that they can watch and swallow saliva from a distance …
Fengxiang Rou Er, where have you been? Why did you come back now? Children covered in dust came to Fengxiang and others and looked excited, saying that they seemed to have just defeated a rather strong opponent.
Hey, hey, isn’t this a good time? Is it my turn? The wind Xiang asked confidently with a long knife as tall as others.
After the blood dance, it will be you. What’s your knife? Children said with great interest pointed to the wind xiang giant blade in the hands of doubt asked.
Oh, this one means how about taking the giant blade of Zhongtian, handsome in my hand? Fengxiang gloated and gestured, and the huge blade in his hand reflected heavy light and heat, which made it difficult for children to open their eyes. I was surprised that this super weapon would fall into Fengxiang’s hands.
What! Super weapon, the sky is absolutely fierce and the blade is huge! How did you get it?
To realize this powerful blade, the fire attribute in the extremely cold breath of Yunshan was greatly erased by long-term snow sealing, and then most of the power was suppressed by the wind, which was far from the power of that year, but it was still much stronger than that of ordinary weapons.
Hey, hey, it’s a long story. By the way, do you know what’s the secret of Xue Yunfeng? Said the wind Xiang, suddenly thinking of what he had seen before, and he couldn’t help but ask curiously.
Xue Yunfeng? I’ve never heard of the secret of that mountain peak. Why don’t you ask her? Shadow blood clan is a natural historical book! Children reached a finger taizheng tournament blood dance said
The wind Xiang fought against the giant blade and came to the front of the San Wu. The blood dance was being fought in full swing by a brother who taught Qing Yun. Although the real Yuan Xiu only melted Yuan Duan, the flying sword in his hand contained the wind attribute, which made him incredibly fast. Even dancing with blood made it difficult to get involved in continuous blood shadow skills.
Blood shadow technique-blood stump separation!
Just as the blood dance missed the other party again, I listened to the cold hum in the mouth of the fix true person and immediately flew out and stabbed the waist of the blood dance.
Watch out!
Listening to typhoon Xiang drink a lot, the extremely magnetic voice suddenly made the blood dance can’t help but come back to it. It was quite easy to avoid the other side’s sneak attack, but this stupidity delayed her. When she dodged, she saw that the flying sword went straight through her shoulder blade with a ray of bright red blood, and then turned to continue to attack.
Damn it, it’s bad luck to see you! Blood dance angrily cursed a quickly sideways to avoid.
When the fix true practitioner saw that he had succeeded in a blow, he couldn’t help but gain confidence and struggled to destroy the flying sword in his hand. The incessant attack made the situation extremely passive.
Did I do something wrong? The wind Xiang looked at the scene of the tournament platform with chagrin and asked Rou Er and Zhao Lanxin beside him
The most taboo for a master to fight is distraction, but a master who has been killed for a long time, such as a blood dance girl, will never be distracted by a sudden sound unless she keeps thinking about this person in her heart, which means …
Unless what? The wind Xiang asked eagerly, but see Zhao Lanxin Rou Er gave me a sly smile at the same time. Looking at the wind Xiang at a loss, he couldn’t help laughing more joyously but without meaning. The other party was worried.
Unless the blood dance girl also likes you! Moon slave suddenly leaned in and said with a smile, if you breathe out, Lan looks reddish, but it is a charming state. The hot face is sticking to the wind and Xiang’s ear, so Zhao Lanxin suddenly realized something and nodded his head.
Wow, don’t scare me. I don’t want such an ugly girl!
Oh? What’s ugly about the blood dance girl? Zhao Lanxin looked at Fang Xuewu sideways and then said, I think she is smart. Although she looks reckless, she is very understanding. She should be a good girl!
Yes, I think the blood dance girl is good, too. If she really dies, you will feel guilty! Rou Er also aside to have them.
Kill this! The wind Xiang didn’t feel the seriousness of this situation until he heard this, but now he is in the tournament stage and he can’t help openly. Besides, the elders in Yun Tian are eyeing up like ghosts and looking at themselves for fear that they will be stopped by him before they make moves …
Got it! See the wind Xiang suddenly shouted a wrist turn up high, raised his hand, and the giant blade of Zhongtian absolutely fierce swung toward the middle, and then went to a strong fire hurricane. When it whirled up, the elders of Yun Tian also flew, and the crescent sickle in a wave of his hand immediately oscillated and the fire hurricane would blow away.
The elder of Yun Tian just wanted to teach this unappreciative little troublemaker a lesson. He saw a fire rising again, but in his anger, he also took off a Lanxia rapier to bombard the crescent sickle handle again. Huo Ran shook the blade out of a small gap, but this small mouth made the elder of Yun Tian feel so distressed that he could not eat the little one in one bite.
Lan lingfei frost sword?
It turns out that Fengxiang knows that the strength is greatly limited, and the fierce giant blade method strikes the meniscus sickle, so the flame breath confuses the elders of Yun Tian, and at the same time, Zhao Lanxin’s same weapon Lan Lingfei Frost Sword flies out, so that the two weapons work together to produce such an effect.
It’s said that the crescent sickle in the hands of Elder Yun Tian was the first-class weapon he sought from a stranger for many years. Since decades ago, he has never left his body and devoted himself to putting the most important treasure in the hands of the enemy. Even if it is not necessary, he rarely moves. How can he not be angry if he damages the hands of this young man today?
Seeing that he was holding the damaged sickle to destroy and move up, the real power was like crazy, and he took the pledge toward Fengxiang and struggled to cut down the bite-eating momentum, which really made the people around him watch the fix-true, and even the holy martial arts platform felt a slight impact.
This is the time!
Listen to the wind, whisper, raise your hand high, raise your hand, and the giant blade of Zhongtian will meet the sky. The sickle will only touch two people, and at the same time, it will shock the sky in both directions of heaven and earth. The elders will fly backwards for dozens of feet before they stabilize their bodies. Suddenly, they can’t hold back a mouthful of blood, and the white beard on his chest will be dyed a purple.
And Fengxiang doesn’t easily feel that his mental body is distracted, and the whole body falls into the ground in a flash. It’s not easy to reunite the mental body into a pit several feet deep, and then he feels that the real magic of the body seems to have declined a lot compared with the past. Only then do you know that the original mental body will also be injured.
And this encounter between the two men led to the frequent distraction of the fix-true practitioner in the San Wutai Tournament, and the blood dance was completely immobile due to frequent access to such melee and dangerous scenes. The blood dance gradually occupied the wind’s hand, and the scales gun instantly waved a gun flower and stabbed the other person’s heart like a dragon out of the water.