"Yuan Chuan will write this secret letter to Ai Jia, hoping that Ai Jia will help Li Sun Shi’s family influence the court to firmly control Yan Di," said Empress Sun.

"If these are not enough, then the mourning family will have the cheek to see the emperor and get his support."
"So the imperial court and Sun Shi clan together will definitely integrate the whole Yan land."
"If those people are ungrateful again, it’s time to see the blood."
Speaking of which, Queen Sun’s eyes showed a burst of cold light.
Although she has lived in the palace for a long time.
But in the end, it is still the only only daughter of Yan’s family.
On boldness of vision, or courage is not inferior to that of men.
"To deal with those big families, we must believe in positions and support them." The old mother said that her heart knew very well that Sun Shi had agreed with the court in the past years and didn’t want to conflict.
And the prince’s palace will be able to punish a group of disobedient people this time.
If you let them completely return to the court, it will be a great achievement.
"The emperor will definitely support it."
Empress Sun nodded and continued, "At the beginning, Yuan Chuan was resentful because he had been filial to the capital for three years. The good emperor was as generous as his sister and let Yuan Chuan settle his grievances."
At this point, she sighed slightly, knowing that the resentment would get heavier and heavier if the emperor didn’t let go.
I can still persuade myself, but the longer it takes, the more difficult it will be.
In case things get out of hand
Queen Sun really doesn’t know what to do.
"The Empress Dowager said that nowadays she is not only generous, but also like the former emperor," replied the old mammy.
"Speaking of the emperor, I heard that he has been working hard recently, watching the memorial and practicing martial arts, right?" Zhang Taihou suddenly remembered that he hadn’t seen the emperor for a while today, and the situation was all heard by people.
"Yes, Empress Dowager," the old mammy sighed and said, "I heard that the memorial was sent to the imperial palace in piles from the pavilion."
"The next day, so many memorials were returned. I don’t know when to see them."
The emperor’s diligence is definitely a good thing for the court
But most harem people are worried
Is today’s body.
Just as the Queen Mother Sun’s eyes are not distressed after hearing these words.
"I can’t go like this," she thought a little, and then said, "You go and prepare some supplements. When the time comes, Ai Jia will personally cook them and give them to the emperor to mend his body. After all, he needs to take care of himself."
Old Nubai nodded and knew what to do.
Immediately after Jianli, I thought about preparing well.
But at this time, the Queen Mother Sun seems to have thought of something: "You can go out of the palace and see if there are any specialties from the capital and buy some to come to the palace. There is not much tribute."
"But the Empress Dowager doesn’t seem to like Yan real estate." The old mammy wondered.
"Not the emperor to prepare" sun queen mother some nai then says
"In Yuan Chuan’s letter, the cousin who went to Ai Jia is coming."
"It was said that something that was doing business with the grassland tribe was robbed, and my uncle said two words of anger and wanted to go to Ai Jia."
Speaking of the cousin, Empress Sun, holding her forehead seems to be very tired.
"Master Tang …" The old mammy was one leng.
Look also with words.
She knew that the Queen Mother, the young master of the hall, was very good and often corresponded like a brother and sister.
But that young master was not very reliable since he was a child, especially after taking care of Sun Shi’s family business. It’s this business method, did you inherit Sun Shi’s head?
In the past few years, it was a direct trade between grassland tribes, but the effect was minimal.
It’s not the first time that the goods have been robbed.
Sun Shi suffered many losses.
This thing is not even nine Niu Yi hairs.
But that young master can inherit the saying businessman in the future.
But as things stand, I’m afraid it’s difficult for many people.
Thinking about this, the old mammy asked, "Is there a young master in the Queen Mother’s Temple who came here this time?"
The queen mother shook her head, and her cousin was too jumpy. Who knows what purpose he came here for?
Immediately, she sighed slightly and said, "Let’s leave it alone and come. When the time comes, good wine and good food will serve him. Maybe he will go back. Otherwise, why do you still want to be an official when you stay in the capital?"
The old mammy nodded. Master Tang knew the man very well.
Being an official? Just him?
forget it
Chapter 66 Has he always been so brave?
Jingde Palace
The sun is approaching noon.
Wei Yun Yi Cai leisurely turned to wake the whole person refreshed.
Zhao Lingying is still sleeping next to her, and her long eyelashes are shaking from time to time.
Exquisite corners of the mouth slightly become warped as if with a smile.
See this
Wei Yun yi shook his head.
It’s really hard to learn martial arts
It’s much easier to talk about poetry and songs with the queen.
But the surprise is that Ying Guifei has made amazing progress.


This ghost king’s roar is getting stronger and stronger, and the knife’s potential is getting heavier and heavier. With this rule, it seems that Fiona Fang will cut the ravine vertically and horizontally.
The ghost knife fell, and the meaning of the sword was broken in turn, but there was always a re-evolution of the sword light top, which barely supported the situation.
It seems difficult for the two brothers and sisters to fight back when they are suppressed, but Xia Chaoyang stands leisurely behind him without any worry.
One reason is that we can see the intention of brothers and sisters to sharpen their swordsmanship, so we can observe and rub some kendo insights.
Another reason is that this evil ghost is too strange to look directly at …
It’s this ghost king who yells too loudly and listens to all kinds of words. Xia Chaoyang can’t help but frown slightly.
Just then, the heads of the three men revealed the divinatory symbols and swords, and the golden light suddenly shone.
It seems to fit in with some kind of kendo, and the virtual shadow of the hexagrams is instantly collected in the yin and yang, and the sword is condensed again, as if it had penetrated a golden light and disappeared into the convex and concave forehead of the ghost king.
When this sword seems to be stagnant, the ears are always clean.
The ghost of the ghost king was sealed by the sword, and his body was motionless.
"Hey, hey, this big guy is finally quiet, brother. Did you and the teacher elder sister make a great move together?" Noisy sound disappeared Xia Chaoyang hey hey smile asked curiously.
Baiyun Tower gently shook his head and answered, "It’s just a real introduction. It’s only a combination of Yin and Yang hexagrams, keeping the work and keeping the work …"
The words sound just fell and sword domain’s foreign air machine suddenly swam.
See the ghost king shape flash awake from a trance.
After jilting his head, he didn’t rush to jump forward with a knife, but pinched his waist and sucked in a lot of fog and fog, and gathered to the two nostrils in the air
Immediately, the strength of the ghost king soared in front of him.
There is something fishy about the body, and it is close to the soul. The practice of ghost Dao has only doubled, and it seems that there are no hidden dangers
"Stronger so much …" Zhao-yang Xia murmured a word, minding and setting out the sword, ready to make moves at any time.
Baiyun Tower is also in a good mood, fearing that the ghost king will increase his strength and play the sword.
The virtual belly ghost king’s shriveled chest and abdomen swelled like a ball, and it seems that his strength growth has reached its limit.
"Ghost Wang Daren still want to fight? We have something important to discuss with our predecessors since Xianting …" Baiyun Tower said its purpose with patience.
"Hey … the strength of the two immortals is so unbearable that who will really be the ghost king stupid? The devil is not revealed in the king’s territory …"
The ghost king with a virtual belly drank a lot of food, and the rocks behind him showed tens of millions of ghosts. In front of Xuanyin Temple, his figure was revealed, and the hags were also mixed.
As the ghost king’s figure jumps up all over the sky, so does the ghost.
It seems that there is no reason to speak. Baiyun Tower and Ziyan immediately spread out their golden light and joined forces to display their swords. Zhou Baizhang laid the hexagrams sword array.
The golden light flashing fixed array will temporarily suppress the ghost at once, but the ghost is too numerous and the sword array will last for a long time
Moreover, the ghost king crossed the sword array with great strength, and it took only half a breath for the sword array to collapse.
When the ghost king came with a strong force, the three feet of Baiyun Tower suddenly drilled a lot of hags.
It seems that these yakuza ghosts are a little more intelligent than ordinary ghosts, and there are some ideas to sneak up on three people.
Chapter one thousand and sixty-six Ruyi True Fairy
Catch the ghost, catch the king first, and the three of them are too lazy to entangle with these hags. They immediately fled to the top of the ghost king’s head with a golden sword.
The demon king with a virtual belly roared and spewed out turbulent polluted air in his mouth.
The turbid air seems to have gathered all the filth in this small world, and the bad smell that penetrated into the soul made all three people frown.
This ghost king’s really extraordinary appearance not only incorporates the force of rules, but also spits out evil spirit with strong erosion.
When the three men temporarily avoided the edge, the sword Gang was also shrouded in turbid air and immediately dimmed.
"God punish!" As the Baiyun Tower folded and drank the sword light in the polluted air, it suddenly merged into a bright sword, and with indestructible momentum, it instantly chased and flickered to escape the ghost king and split it in half.
Seems to be this sword imposing manner to deter all the ghosts. Qi Qi immediately scattered and fled. The sword array hag also fled to the ground.
Split in half, the ghost king seems to be dead, and the ghost king’s dharma body falls to the ground and scatters
"It turned out that the incarnation of the real body fled to the place?" When Xia Chaoyang saw the clue, he immediately started to look at the four views of the eye.
"Look … naturally."
After saying this, the Baiyun Tower rose and the eyebrows were sealed with golden light, and a knife with immortal rules was synthesized, and the real Wu Dajian appeared.
This is a threat from the immortal position, as if to crush this virtual reality full of regular force.
"The empty belly is revealed!" As soon as Baiyun Tower grasps the big sword, it will cut off from half to the peak of Montenegro.
The big sword rises with the wind, and it suddenly grows dozens of feet.
The sword light fell with immortal power, and when it was about to penetrate the peak of Montenegro, Montenegro became short by itself.
The fog soared hundreds of feet high, and the shape of Montenegro collapsed rapidly, eventually turning into a three-foot-high ghost king’s body. The big sword was also restored to four feet long and half a foot wide, hanging over the head as if it were about to fall in an instant.
Sword light locks the ghost king’s qi machine and lets him escape
"I wanted to talk to the Lord of the Ghosts, but I had to force the monarch to pressure each other. Can you give me a good reply?" Baiyun Tower, where Langqing drinks the sword, reveals the immortal way and holds up the ghost king with empty stomach.
"Hum … even if we can behead the king."
The ghost king seems to have a fear and then raved, "You monty ghosts are very interested in playing, and you can use it at will. It’s a pity that the king has seen the world and his eyes are profound and he can tell the truth from the false. If you want to kill or cut it today, go ahead."
"Aspiring … that’s good. Let’s help the ghost king erase the ghost spirit today …" The Baiyun Tower refers to a sword hanging over the head of the ghost king, and it’s really a big sword.
"Wait …" Eager ghost king a roar.
Great blade sharp sword mans have touched the concave and convex have send wide forehead.
"Kill kill kill kill … don’t you just want that …"
The ghost king’s hoarse voice is very flustered. It’s a word that suddenly falls three feet above the head. Lei Guang will split the ghost king with a virtual belly.
The hair is sparse and the top of the hair is even thinner.
"Yo-ho, look up three feet, there is a god’s Lei Guang … it’s really an interest." Baiyun Tower’s force operation eye-catching also didn’t see that Lei Guang couldn’t help but sigh with emotion because of derivative.
But careful induction is aware of something familiar.
It turned out to be the means of the empress dowager!
That makes sense.
It seems to be thundered by the sky, and it seems to be angered by the mocking words of the white leader. The sword means to suppress the ghost king. Suddenly, he broke out and became a little more rebellious.
"Hey … see this Lei Guang didn’t I also have identity …"
"Hey … even if you are really Zhenwu reincarnation wide cold rebirth can’t be so unreasonable …"
"Hey … Wang somehow also guards here for ten thousand years … Hum, you said erase it …"

Because in addition to the two guardians, Bi Meng Hart is also an enemy of Lu Yuan.

However, because everyone still has a common enemy to deal with, they can temporarily throw away their hostility and join hands with each other.
And once the common enemy is eliminated, their fragile alliance will suddenly break down
Then Liu Yuan’s strength at this time will be besieged by Bi Meng Hart.
Liu Yuan didn’t want to win the final victory after his hard work, but he was taken away by these guys outside the alliance.
Besides, who said he had to rely on Sasuke to defeat Bekele in front of him?
I, Lu Yuan, am not an extraordinary warrior … but an animal bender!
With the appearance of Tam sound, its huge sound suddenly passed over Liu Yuan and rushed towards Baekeland.
Looking at himself, Tam Bekele raised his hand over his head.
Light skills, holy circle of light!
A huge gray-white ring was suspended above Bekele’s head.
As Bekele pointed his finger at Tam, the huge gray-white ring suddenly flew towards Tam.
Tam looked at him and didn’t fear it. He sprinted and crossed his hands in front of him.
The hair covering Tam’s arms also changes attributes in this process.
Eventually, it became a psychic force with amazing metal and soil properties.
And the ring of light punched Tam’s arm with a broken one.
Constantly rotating the ring of light is like a sharp saw, and Tam’s arm cuts.
A large number of sparks appeared where the ring of light collided with Tam’s arm.
Tam roared and then opened his mouth to the ring of light in front of him.
Special attack, magic Bijyudama!
Magic Bijyudama exploded immediately after colliding with the ring of light.
And when Tam solved this ring of light,
More smaller rings of light were cast out by Bekele and flew towards Tam.
Although these rings of light behind them are not as powerful as Bekele’s display.
But at this time, Tam also lost the powerful inertia brought by a puncture
Faced with these attacks, Tam had to defend himself in situ.
At that time, Tam was suppressed by Bekele, and there was no way to go any further.
And Bekele relies on its own strength to slowly recover from the injury in this process.
The huge wound cut by Liu Yuan on his chest healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.
It is foreseeable that if Tam can’t beat Bekele in a short time.
Give Bekele a certain time and he will soon be able to return to a prosperous state
And how horrible a platinum-level strong person is in its heyday can be seen from Bi Meng Hart next to him.
They have not recovered their strength since they were seriously injured by a blow!
Of course, whether this so-called failure to recover is the truth or acting is known to Lu Yuan and themselves.
While Bekele suppressed Tam and recovered his physical injury.
Bekele behind suddenly came a strong psychic fluctuation.
He looked along the direction of spiritual force fluctuation and soon saw a shocking scene.
At this time, Xiaoguang and Xiaojian have displayed their own fields.
If it is simple, two gold pet beasts will display their fields, which will not make Bekele show such an expression.
What really shocked him was the wonderful combination of the small light display field, the small sword display field and the limited sword system.
At this time, Xiaoguang displayed his own light element painting after he displayed his field.
After the small light shows elementalization, the body turns several light spots to cover the surrounding ruler mirror.
A little while, these ruler mirrors actually merged with the firm but gentle sword in the field of small swords.
The power of golden shock wave produced by the fusion of the two fields has actually reached the golden star.
Fusion field … Yao Yang firm but gentle!
Field, Yao Yang firm but gentle that all over the sky golden firm but gentle looks at least thousands more.
Thousands of shock waves comparable to the golden star, which is really amazing.
Quantitative change causes qualitative change. Thousands of golden shock waves … are qualitative changes!
Small sword all over the sky in the firm but gentle hands to carry.
With that number of suspended golden shock wave, it gives people an indescribable momentum.
Suddenly shocked everyone for a short time.
A wild alien can’t help but say, "Is this … the master’s imposing manner?"
Feel the shocked eyes of the people around you. Xiaojian’s mouth is slightly raised and I can’t help laughing.
However, it keeps in mind that Lu Yuan granted the secret of pretending to be forced.
Pack to force the first type … Cold!
After three seconds of coldness, Xiaojian felt that he was almost pretending.
Then slowly put up his two fingers and crossed his eyebrows.
As this golden firm but gentle instantaneous erected one by one.
A large number of light properties, spiritual force fluctuations and firm but gentle fluctuations, are emitted by firm but gentle waves.
Make the sky immediately covered with golden light.
It looks like a golden sword cloud is formed by counting light spots all over the sky.
Seeing this, let alone those who have seen the wild world, Catherine and others.
Even the church Xiaojian these Liu Yuan were shocked at the moment.
Oh, my god, you idiot, you’re still hiding this skill!
Why didn’t I think there was such a shocking scene of "pointing at Wan Jian"!
Damn it, you got me!
Although Liu Yuan knew Xiao Jian and Xiao Guang, he seemed to have developed fusion technology in a special field.

To be precise, which building overlaps another one.

What an illusion!
As soon as the sage turned his footsteps, he flew to the center of the dormitory building. A group of tyra macho men screamed with their clothes uncovered. He took out his staff and stamped it on the ground. This staff was built by himself in Sun Moon Lake, Taizhou Island at the age of 17, and was refined by three peerless masters, Xiu Kirara and Freya Yuhedao. With this staff, he stabbed the ceiling of the youth group in the battle of magical title. The world was salivating at this staff and thought it was the strongest weapon of the magicians-Fenglin volcano.
Sages seldom show their staff, and they don’t show it easily once. He fights with a staff or an official title. He also hides many tricks and goes to war as a teacher of Yin and Yang.
He has a lot of worries and caution in his life. He doesn’t want to deal with the media. He is tired of sneaking around and harassing him, and he doesn’t want his hands to get dirty.
He is the god of light, wind and moon, and nothing in this world is worth defileing himself.
And there’s nothing worth breaking his body.
However, the fine cracks in his body have been all over him for a long time. His heart is recovering and beating, and he wants to break the shackles of incense day by day. He is no longer satisfied with being shelved and praised. His soul is clamoring for fame and hypocrisy. He is eager to have his own face.
He’s human, too.
There are people who love, hate, give up and persist
So he simply doesn’t care about these now, even if the headline says that feather sage massage club holds one hundred macho men for the night, he doesn’t care.
He wants to catch his king’s egg.
"Give me a break!"
As the sage drank a lot, the lights lit up the dormitory building, the steaming massage, the long hair of Tara, the sweat stains, the undercurrent, the aroma, and the broken waves made the Chinese lobes flash in an instant, and the lobes burst and fly away like snowflakes.
Where is the Tara macho massage parlor?
He is in a floating light that he is quite familiar with.
His feet are upside down, and the sun, stars and moon rise and disappear.
There seems to be a sense of exhaustion but no time here.
He took out his mobile phone and even stopped when he saw the equipment.
He looked in front of him and behind him, and all he could see was the majestic lights paving the way, the scenery changing rapidly, the floating clouds, the mountains and rivers, the dusk and the daytime all seemed like a moment’s dream in the lights, and only the light was like a real reflection, like guiding someone to return home, so that he couldn’t help stepping forward-
It’s not far ahead. There’s an eternal brilliance haunting a building that is only three stories high, but it has to make people look up to the golden tile and silver wall outside the small building. The red plum is so numerous and colorful that it makes people want to cry.
This is the admiring moon building, not the admiring moon building.
The sage stepped into the small building and displayed it. As he remembered, there was still a burnt smell from the kitchen. If it was not so strange along the way, the sage almost suspected that he had returned to the place he knew well.
But this is not.
No one in the third floor has a dozen dark cracks, which are more than one person high.
The sage didn’t know where the crack led, but he stepped in without hesitation.
Then he came to a place that he had never seen before and even imagined was pale-
There are several different lights floating. Let’s just call them "lights". In this piece, there are many ups and downs, and many colors are lingering. It is close at hand and far away. The sage stretched out his hand and tried to catch one, but he couldn’t catch it.
Then he saw a figure.
A figure with a hat, a staff and a sword, and a butterfly.
The texture is light and transparent. Every butterfly flutters its wings and wants to fly. It’s not a living thing that ordinary butterfly sages can’t do. Seeing the thin and bright butterfly wings flapping and flowing makes that person’s back look like a moon in the fog, which is particularly lonely.
The sage remembered that the first time he saw his silhouette in the museum, he was so cold and charming.
The man who doesn’t wait for the virtuous population has already spoken.
"Here comes the sage. It’s amazing that the sage has found the dream of admiring the moon floor."
The man said again, "Sages shouldn’t come."
The soft tail line is more familiar than unfamiliar.
"Who are you?" The sage heard his own voice.
"Oh, the sage is really." The man finally turned around and the sage saw his beautiful almond eyes, but they didn’t have the slightest brilliance even if they were in the strange place where the light was lingering at the moment.
It seems that no matter how much the abyss is put into it, the call will echo.
The sage in those eyes can’t even see his own shadow.
"Who the hell are you?" The sage asked again.
The man smiled, "Introduce yourself again." He said, "I mean, Chinese devils specialize in coveting people’s treasures, especially sages."
It’s still this annoying tone. The sage can’t help but shout-"Speak to me!"

This is Lin Luo’s creed, his own law.

Lin Luo first took all the swords, and then made a gesture to Bai Feng. When they swam back to pass by the dozen four spiritual swords, Lin Luo also took them in his hand.
Back on the platform, Lin Luo was excited to throw a bunch of swords. This time, he really made a fortune. This Jiantan trip is really rewarding! Lin Luo turned and looked at Bai Feng. Suddenly, her eyes kept turning. This swimming in the water of Bai Feng made her chest stand out slightly, but if you don’t look carefully, you still have developed chest muscles. Lin Luo was afraid that Bai Feng would notice the busy expression in her eyes and turned her head and said, "Brother Bai, this is what we harvest. You should choose first!"
Bai Feng zheng he had already seen from Lin Luo’s eyes that Lin Luo could distinguish the spirit sword level, but he didn’t expect Lin Luo to be so magnanimous as to let himself choose whether this was Lin Luo’s intention or intention. Does he want to see his greed and then kill himself to win the treasure? Bai Feng has played a small drum in his heart. He has seen Lin Luo’s strength. He may not be worse than himself. Bai Feng thought of this and said, "I don’t want me to have a spirit sword or a four-spirit sword!"
Lin Luo froze. Is this white maple a rich girl in a family who doesn’t even come here for treasures? Play? Lin Luo didn’t believe his sincerity. "Brother Bai, these three swords have one six-spirit sword and two five-spirit swords are rare treasures, both of which are higher than your spirit sword. You choose first!"
Listen to Lin Luo’s words, and then look at Lin Luo’s sincere eyes. Bai Feng’s heart suddenly surges with enthusiasm. His father always says how evil outsiders are, cheating, cheating and intrigue are all over the world, but this Lin Luo looks so just and honest. Especially after witnessing the six monks killing each other, this feeling is even stronger
Chapter 7 Seal Qingtou Dumpling
"I know, but I’m used to my own sword." Bai Feng said with a smile that she couldn’t see any hypocrisy in Lin Luo’s eyes.
"Do you know these sword levels?" Lin Luo was so surprised that he could show his faithfulness. "Then you can’t take risks without taking anything!" You and I are friends. I can’t do such an immoral thing! "
The more I talk about Lin Luo, the more she works hard. It seems that their friends can’t do it without a few spiritual swords, which is really touching.
Lin Luo put the words to this, and Bai Feng also said to Wei Yi thoughtfully, "All right, then I’ll take a lottery. I want to show my father a five-spirit sword, so I don’t have to worry about it."
Lin Luo this just Zhan Yan a smile if Bai Feng take six spirit sword Lin Luo also really some love dearly? This five is another said that the rest is their own.
Lin Luo said, "Brother Bai, although this sword pool is a treasure, it is no less than a curse to some people with ulterior motives or sinister intentions. What do you think of this sword pool?"
Bai Feng looked at Lin Luo’s eyes and said, "Brother Wu is really chivalrous. You say it’s good. If the sword falls into the wrong hands, it will not benefit mankind, but will make mankind face disaster. Brother Wu is a just person. It’s a day to manage these spiritual swords. Do something!"
Lin Luo didn’t expect Bai Feng to be so confused for a moment, but looking at Bai Feng’s pure eyes, Lin Luo finally knew that this disguised as a man, Bai Feng, was either innocent and lovely.
Dare to make a living without the slightest effort! I really don’t know how her parents and master can rest assured!
Lin Luo took out all the spiritual swords in the sword pool and put them on the platform, which was actually piled into a swaying hill. After counting the figures, Lin Luo’s head was misty, and three hundred and twenty three spiritual swords, one hundred and ninety-five four spiritual swords, seventeen five spiritual swords, two six spiritual swords and a white maple took a handful of five spiritual swords. Lin Luo believed that these spiritual swords could not be taken out even by Tianbao Pavilion semicolons.
In this way, Lin Luo can’t adapt to his own identity, from a poor man to a spirit sword with hundreds of poles. Lin Luo doesn’t know if there is a lottery in this world, but he won!
Put the Lingjian Department in the bag. Lin Luo is still holding a broken sword.
Bai Feng said with a smile, "Brother Wu, you are really strange. You have hundreds of spiritual swords, but you still have a broken sword. You change it to a senior one!"
Lin Luo the manner of sighing sighed, "You Angkor are a bit old! This sword, like the purple blood carving, has been with me for so many years that I can’t change my mind! " Said Lin Luo while touching the broken sword, a pair of true feelings seems to be really like a sword.
Bai Feng couldn’t help sighing, "Brother Wu’s broken sword followed you, and you really found the right master. Now there are fewer and fewer affectionate gentlemen like Brother Wu!"
Where did Bai Feng know that Lin Luo really didn’t want to change the sword? Although this broken sword is broken in the sky, it has a spirit. A sword with a spirit is equivalent to a person’s soul. Besides, this cloud sword is made of natural materials and treasures, and its quality has reached 60%. It will be upgraded with the understanding of the sky. Lin Luo is not stupid. This sword can’t be changed!
Hidden in the sword, it hurts to hear two people ask and answer questions. It’s heartbreaking for that white maple. It’s not your fault, but it’s your fault to play with an old fox! The sky secretly prayed that the girl would not fall into Lin Luo’s hands.
"Yi Linluo and so on!" Yunxiao suddenly sounded in Lin Luo’s mind.
Lin Luo zheng asked "what’s the matter with the old cloud? Has anyone come to Jiantan again? "
"Not a good thing!" Yunxiao voice is full of surprises. "I’m afraid you’re going to send a show!"
Lin Luo’s heart is also moving to sell the meteorite in his own hands for so long. At this time, it is finally necessary to play a little. "What’s the method?"
Bai Feng was surprised to see Lin Luo look strange and motionless. "Brother Wu, let’s go!"
Lin Luo was busy waking up and said, "Bai Xiong, wait for me first. I have something to do." Then he asked the Yunxiao Road, "Come on! If you make it? "
"I just noticed that there is a trace of god knowledge in this pool. It turned out to be the Qingtou dumpling. Although it was killed, the god knowledge has not yet dispersed. The meteorite dragon stone is the best stone to suppress and block the gods, and it can warm up the soul and expand the soul. And this Qingtou dumpling belongs to the dragon monster beast. If you block the Qingtou dumpling, you can release the Qingtou dumpling soul in battle."
After listening to Yunxiao’s words, Lin Luo’s heart is full of joy. Qingtoujiao belongs to the fourth-class monster beast. Even if the body dies, the soul is strong, which is unmatched by the general fourth-class monster beast. If you have this, it will be great! Soon Lin Luo put the meteorite dragon stone on the platform according to Yunxiao’s command.
Sure enough, as soon as Lin Luo put it on the meteorite dragon stone, he felt a little bit of tyrannical breath and jumped at it. The meteorite dragon stone is a strange stone. According to Lin Luo’s guess, it should be that the extraterrestrial meteorite contains a unique magnetism that can release an essence to attract powerful souls. This Qingtou dumpling jumped at the meteorite dragon stone.
The dull bluestone color of meteorite dragon stone suddenly released a red light, and a black figure suddenly appeared. The meteorite dragon stone seemed to swim like a fish in a fish tank. The black figure was the condensation of soul essence after being shrunk by dozens of times.
"Spiritual power seals it!" It’s a key to drink in the sky. The meteorite can attract the soul, but it can’t seal it. Only when it is sealed can it be regarded as being tamed by human beings for life.
Lin Luo waited for the clouds to drink, but he had already condensed his spiritual strength and hit the meteorite dragon stone. The spiritual strength broke into the meteorite dragon stone. The green dumpling swimming in the meteorite dragon stone suddenly roared and rolled to escape from the meteorite dragon stone, but every time he was about to escape from the meteorite dragon stone, he was hit into the stone by Lin Luoling’s strength group.
The rumbling sounds are mixed with a slight roar. This is the rebellion of Qingtou Dumpling, which is a struggle against fate. Even so, the meteorite dragon stone does not move at all, and the red light around it swims by itself.
Bai Feng almost looked silly. When she saw Lin Luo take out a meteorite with a diameter of ten feet, she couldn’t see it. Then there were strange things. When she saw the head dumpling in the swimming meteorite, it seemed that Bai Linluo was doing something. A bright look at Lin Luo’s busy figure.
Lin Luo didn’t dare to relax. He could not resist the great power of Qingtoujiao, but Lin Luo was also a monk in the Dan period at this time, and his spiritual power was not weak. So he hit the Qingtoujiao repeatedly. After a wick of incense, the singing of Qingtoujiao suddenly became weak, and the number of times of resistance was much less. Lin Luo was relieved and then scored dozens of spiritual powers until the Qingtoujiao whined and then swam peacefully. He knew that he had succeeded and blocked the soul of Qingtoujiao.
After a while, the red light of the meteorite dragon stone flashed again, and then it gradually became as blue as before. Lin Luo picked up the huge meteorite dragon stone and found that there was an extra finger on the surface. Look at the earthworm-shaped object. It turned out to be the Qingtou dumpling, which was motionless as if depicting the meteorite dragon stone, and the outer edge of Qingtou dumpling should be the reason of low level.
Lin Luo holds the meteorite dragon stone in his hand and is connected with the meteorite dragon stone. In the feeling, a rumbling roar is the singing of Qingtou dumpling, and the two have been connected through the medium of meteorite dragon stone.
"Well, Lin Luo, this Qingtoujiao is what you want. Fortunately, this Qingtoujiao soul is badly injured, otherwise it will be sealed by root method. Now if you meet a powerful monk, call it out and wish you an arm strength!" The clouds are full of joy.
At this moment, Lin Luo really felt that there was a treasure when he got home. As the saying goes, the truth is so simple, but it was not easy to seal Qingtou Dumpling. "Can the old cloud meteorite dragon stone seal his monster beast besides Qingtou Dumpling?"
Yunxiao said, "If you want to have a soul monster beast, you can seal it, but the four-level monster beast will occupy the meteorite dragon stone. It is best to seal the four-level monster beast so that your meteorite dragon stone level can be high."
Yunxiao said yes, judging from the situation of sealing the Qingtou dumpling, every monster beast in the seal will occupy a part of the monster beast, but the meteorite dragon stone is so big that some young monsters are better abandoned.
Lin Luo couldn’t put it down. Holding this huge meteorite, he felt more and more incredible. Yunxiao said yes, this meteorite may become his right-hand man in the future.
"Brother Wu, who are you?" A timid voice sounded from behind Lin Luo.
Lin Luo this just noticed aside Bai Feng busy way "Bai Xiong this qingtoujiao stay here will harm people’s lives or seal it up"
Bai Feng seems to finally feel that something is wrong, but he says that something is not right. Smell speech nods, "What shall we do if we pick it up? Brother Wu "
Lin Luo said, "Things here are over. Let’s go home. Is there anything else, Brother Bai?"
Bai Feng has long wanted to leave here. This place is cold and dry. Although they are afraid of cold and heat, after all, they are dead and smell speech. They nodded and said yes.
Chapter sword wall
The trip to Linluo was fruitful, and the two of them didn’t stay much. They flew directly to the top of the cliff. According to the situation, the height of the cliff is more than 1,000 feet, which is a deep abyss. I really don’t know how this inflammation master found this place.
After a short flight, Lin Luo suddenly saw a piece of light rising overhead, only to find that it was the morning sunrise and the whole cliff mouth could be illuminated by the rising sun because it was slightly larger.
It’s strange that the fog and sunlight in the cliff actually dissipate. Lin Luo’s vision is that you can see this cliff landscape. The cliffs and gullies are all over the place, and the vines are sticking out of the cliffs.
Looking around, Lin Luo suddenly found that some anomalies in this cliff seem to have been dug up in a strange shape. Lin Luo’s heart moved this cliff for no reason, so it should be owned by Master Yan. What does this mean? Lin Luo looked at the depiction of graphics graphics greatly occupied for more than ten zhangs cliffs.
See Lin Luo stop shape Bai Feng also stopped to follow Lin Luo eyes also saw the cliff abnormal and said "may be a natural broken stone".
Lin Luo shook his head gently, and the natural broken cliff wouldn’t be so weird. The longer this figure looks, the more it looks like a human figure. Lin Luo flew to the side of the figure, and it seems that there are countless small figures in it. Lin Luo couldn’t help but look at it carefully with Zheng. There are hundreds of small characters in the figure, and Lin Luo can recognize it as a sword at a glance.
There is cursive writing, line writing and official writing … Although the characters in these graphics are all sword characters, the fonts are different in different sizes. Hundreds of sword characters are actually not a duplicate. Lin Luo is amazed.
Lin Luo looked around but saw that part of the figure was covered by upside-down vines, so Lin Luo cut off those vines with a sword and finally revealed the big picture, but Lin Luo still couldn’t understand it.
Bai Feng leaned over the cliff and watched the handwriting suddenly cried, "Angkor is so strange that this word can upset people’s minds. I actually feel dizzy when I look at it."
Lin Luo said, "Yes, I saw it, too." Suddenly it occurred to me that Master Yan was a fencing master. Maybe he carved all these words, but he talked so much? How cheap is it to carve so many swords? Does this mean something …
Lin Luo was thinking that the sun slowly shifted and the whole figure fell into a shadow, and the strange fog at the bottom of the pool gradually floated and the whole figure disappeared. If you can’t see the figure flying to the cliff in the vast fog, it is really a wonder.
Lin Luo thoughts turned. "Brother Bai, I want to study this thing here for the time being. If you have something, go back first."
Bai Feng’s eyes turned a slightly pie mouth and said, "I don’t want to stay here."
Maybe even Bai Feng didn’t realize that the words just now had a little coquetry meaning. Even though Bai Feng changed her appearance, femininity in her bones was a disguise.
Lin Luo laughed. "It’s up to you."
Bai Fengyi suddenly felt better about this Lin Luo, saying, "Now the words are covered by fog. We can’t see them until the sun comes out. Let’s stop at the cliff first!"
Lin Luo thought about it, so they flew to the top of the cliff.
Cliffs are located in caves around the mountains, and many of them are monks. They found a cave nearby casually and lived in it. Bai Feng looked at it. This cave was hesitant, but at last I saw Lin Luo’s calm look and still didn’t speak. Lin Luo glanced at Bai Feng and knew that she had never lived in such a place. She was even more curious about her identity because almost all ordinary practitioners had been born in the wild. Is this a greenhouse flower?
Both of them sat cross-legged and practiced separately, but Bai Feng didn’t have that great concentration. From time to time, he looked at Lin Luo’s eyes with his eyes open, showing a complicated look and sometimes smirking.
One night, when the sun didn’t rise the next day, Lin Luo had come to the cliff.

Chen Shaozhi took a comic book yard and found a small bench to watch while watching Yuanyuan.

"Mom, what is this?" Chen Yougang looked at this half fan of pork and mutton and was a little worried. If others saw it, it would be hard to say.
Chen also wants to do something. "You go and sharpen the meat chopper in the kitchen. If all this meat is chopped into bones, I’ll stew it today. When the children are out of school, they can also have a sip of hot soup. You can send some of this meat to Lao San and then send them some for Shang Qing to fry as a dish."
Chen Yougang thought about it, so he went to the kitchen to get a knife and sharpen it next to the well.
Zhao Qin saw the second child sharpening his knife when he was hanging clothes in the flower garden. He didn’t chop meat. He saw the courtyard and teased the rabbit. How could she forget to celebrate her birthday again? Her mother-in-law is also crazy. A girl deserves such a big move.
What should Chen do when he looks at two special big fish besides the pork and mutton in the room? There are so many fruits.
"Second daughter-in-law, you put two apples on the stove and cook them." Chen packed some fruit inside. She was really strange. I don’t know where to get it in this winter, but shouldn’t she doubt the fairy? You can get it anywhere you want.
Yue-e Li came to pick two small points, fearing that they would not be able to eat them all. As a result, none of them were small and a basket was big and red.
Chen fished out two fish and cleaned them up next to the well.
Chen Yougang has carried two pieces of meat into the kitchen and chopped them with a knife.
Li Yuee cooked the apples and went to help Chen.
"By the way, go home and have a look recently. Take two catties of meat back." It’s also a good idea for Chen to worry about eating all the meat at home and see his second daughter-in-law thinking about sending some to her family.
Yue-e Li is not happy to say that it is false. Who doesn’t want such a long-term thing?
"Thank you, Niang." Every time she goes back to her mother’s house, her face is full of light. It’s best to count her.
Chen’s mind wants to confirm this thing. It’s best to send it to his third in-laws, but it’s not convenient.
Wait until two people have packed both fish.
"You go to the hemp rope and hang both of them in the kitchen. Don’t let others see them." Chen happened to say that he made one at noon and waited for the old couple to come back.
She took a bowl to the hall and fished out the apples boiled in the pot.
"Yuan Yuan Shao came to eat."
When Yuanyuan heard eating, she quickly put the rabbit behind her head and ran over.
There are two apples sitting at the door of Chen’s hall and put them in two bowls.
"Shao told you to be careful and get burned."
Chen Shaozhi looked at the apples in his bowl and nodded obediently. How could he burn them when he grew up?
Chen concentrated on feeding Yuanyuan with a spoon and slowly dug for her to eat. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her.
"Yuanyuan, grandma asked you something."
Yuanyuan is staring at the apple. She feels so sweet.
"Do you want to see your grandparents?" Chen thought that Yuan Yuan’s speech would be realized.
Yuanyuan took a bite of an apple. She was chewing something and wondered who her grandparents were. When you think about it, you nod your head hard.
The writer has something to say. The land Lord really envies Xian for receiving so many gifts on his birthday. He hates himself for being so poor! ! ! (shed tears of disappointment)
Chapter 44 Eating
Chen saw Yuanyuan nodding and dug a spoonful of apples for her. "Can grandma meet your grandparents when she goes to the mountain?"
Yuanyuan thinks that she hasn’t been to the other side of the mountain for a long time, and she still has a mouthful of food in her mouth, and she is a little lisping.
"Howl ~"
Chen nodded. That’s right. He ate all the apples again.
Yuanyuan’s tummy is already round, so Chen let her go to play.
Chen Shao eats himself quickly, and then follows Yuan Yuan after eating.
Chen picked up two bowls and went into the kitchen. Chen Yougang was still chopping them in the kitchen.
"How so many?" Although I know a lot, it’s still a lot to chop and pile up.
Chen Yougang wiped his sweat with a towel. He was so tired that he was sweating in such cold weather.
"Mom, this is too much, and there is still mutton that hasn’t been chopped."
Chen has a hand to look at mutton, thinking of sending a message to his third in-laws. The first thing is that no one can see it. Second, they can’t be found when they do it together.
"Second, you chop this mutton bone stick for me first, and the pork here is as thin as possible." The stew with the bone stick is too cold to drink, and it can also supplement nutrition and lean meat. It’s not so fragrant, so you can smell it.
Chen Yougang didn’t ask what hand chop meat chop has consciousness to dry up.
Chen went to the hall and took out a basket to the kitchen. He put the big bone stick chopped by Chen Yougang into the basket, covered it with a piece of lean meat, put some fruit and finally covered it with a layer of velvet firewood.
"Shao to you watch Yuanyuan, I’ll be back soon after I go out." Chen went out from the yard and didn’t forget to charge Chen Shaozhi.
Chen Shaozhi agreed with a comic book.
Chen himself pushed the door and went out.
Zhao Qinhua next door heard the Chen family’s noise in the kitchen. She tutted. What a piece of meat she bought! She chopped so hard that the dead wife didn’t know to ask her granddaughter next door to eat it.
Yue-e Li’s family is very busy. She has been packing things in the hall and there are many fruits. She has never seen them and doesn’t know their names.
Here, Chen himself holds a basket and remembers that the position will slowly pass by.
"Auntie, where are you going?" Road also met a kannika nimtragol warmly greeting Chen, the Chen family has already changed. Both of them have gone to the county to work alone. They are a good cook. Who does not envy this day?
Chen looked calm and didn’t panic at all. "I’ll go to the hillside and have a look."

"You don’t fantasize." Chujun shook his head gently and glanced at the middle-aged man with disdain. "Look at what place this is. Have I ever wanted to live since I came here?"

"Here is" the middle-aged eyebrows a wrinkly twist a head to look around doubtfully. When I saw ChuJun’s black and white gas around his body, I suddenly drank a "ghost forbidden area? Do you want to? "
As he spoke, his eyes turned in horror and saw Chujun lying not far away with the already angry male body. His eyes finally showed despair.
"Don’t ~ ~ ~ ~ Don’t ~ ~ Don’t you want your own body furnace tripod to bring back the magic spirit here and help him cast the purple body?"
"Purple yuan body? Is this the woman who helped me forge my body? " Floating in the sky, Yang Ling suddenly became one leng. Mu Yi Qiao said that his body was very similar to Zi Yuan’s body, and things suddenly came to my mind.
He wondered that Chu Jun gently lifted his hair with his right hand and casually looked at the middle-aged man across the street as if he was very appreciative. "It seems that you are not stupid. Do you think I can let you get out of here alive today and let Xuanyuanhuang know about it?"
Suddenly, the middle-aged man was stunned for a long time before he took a deep breath. Youzi held a glimmer of fantasy and gently said, "Do you really want to do this?" Even if you succeed, you have to stay here forever and suffer from the corrosion of the devil’s spirit. Is it worthwhile for you to be so young and beautiful forever? "
"You don’t understand" ChuJun shook his head as deep as a pool with a little pity in his eyes. "How can you want him to be good without emotion? Even if I live in purgatory forever, it is also called"
The cold sound makes middle-aged people feel that death is coming, and their bodies can’t stop shaking. It is the desire for survival that supports him. He wants words to impress the beautiful woman before him. Seeing him, she took a deep breath and continued to persuade him.
"But you should know that if you experience the purple pole vitality after recasting your body, although you will repair it, your talent will be abnormal and you will practice very quickly. However, the purple pole vitality of his cast body comes from your body, so he has to enjoy heaven’s care and you have to bear great pain at the same time.
Every time he crosses a realm, you will grow a sharp thorn in the depths of your heart. Every time he learns a new kind of fighting skill, you will be melted by the spirit of the devil, and the fire of purgatory will be scorched. Even every time he is injured and healed, you will suffer from the pain of the sword and bone.
What’s more, his physical recovery ability is extremely strong, and he will recover quickly every time he is injured, but at the same time, everything here will condense into a spike in your body, and then slowly grow outward until it penetrates your body and your body surface forms spikes like hedgehogs.
Can’t you really stand it if you can’t get rid of such pain and edge like maggots? "
The middle-aged man slowly narrated that the pain alone had made him pale and his body trembled even more involuntarily.
Chujun listened calmly and didn’t speak again. He quietly looked at the slender body of the man lying next to him. He moved his affectionate eyes as if he had never had a chance to look again after watching this time. He wanted to take this last time to accompany him through the torture with his deep appearance and deep soul.
It was not until the middle-aged man’s body was getting soft and scared by his own narrative pain that she gently lifted her green middle finger and stretched out a ray of blue light to shoot out and instantly hit the middle-aged man into a pool of blood fog.
Then there is no hesitation, no choice.
"Gods and demons, I borrow your vitality with my blood."
Blood is like red coral beads slipping gently from the jade arm. Scarlet is dazzling. The black and white fog around her body immediately surges up as if she had come back to life. At the same time, her perfect body skin seems to have encountered some kind of intense corrosion, which makes it dark and bumpy.
"nine days and ten places are blessed by ghosts and gods."
The distant sound continues slowly, and a faint purple light slowly emerges, condenses and grows at the intersection of black and white fog above Chu Yun’s head.
Finally, Chu Yun’s beautiful face has become ghostly and plump, and her body has become skinny and covered with small black holes. However, her ferocious face is full of smiles because the purple light above her head has formed.
At this time, the blood fog of middle-aged people’s bodies actually flowed slowly and merged together as if they had life.
Chujun’s smile turned into consternation for a long time before his eyes glared angrily at the red blood fog and shouted, "How mean you are, XuanYuanHuang, that you belong to a kind of soul tracking technique, and you can control their flesh and blood at any time, but can you kill me with your busy power?"
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ I can’t kill you, but I can still stop you from resurrecting him." Yin measuring sound came from the blood fog and didn’t care about Chujun’s shouting. At the same time, the blood fog finally condensed into a red ball and slowly drifted away from Chujun.
"I won’t let you destroy his resurrection when I die."
Crazy thunder burst out from the chest ChuJun suddenly grind one mouthful blood poured out and sprayed to the little purple air mass above her head, and at the same time the air mass seemed to be injected with exciting drugs, and then quickly flew to the body next to it after a hovering.
It’s a pity that XuanYuanHuang busy seems to have long expected ChuJun to do so. Generally, it was originally to attack ChuJun’s body with red blood cells, but it turned a direction to attack the purple air mass.
"jump ~ ~ ~"
It’s like a silk crack.
Magic gas casting can seize the nature of heaven and earth, purple vitality, and how can you simply touch the red blood cells lightly, like a phantom, and gently break away the trace? But Chu Yun’s face is not happy because of this, and there is only one thing left in his body, but his eyes are full of despair.
Because of the collision, the purple pole’s vitality has deviated from the direction, no longer falling to the ground, but drifting to the middle without any effort.
This ~ ~? Yanglingtian Huo Ran a surprised eyebrows wrinkled up at the same time.
Did my soul happen to meet the purple pole here at that time and be reborn and cast the purple pole body? But as a matter of common sense, casting such a body should be combined with special practice, and that Chu Jun’s mind is just the man in the resurrection. I took his purple vitality, and she should hate me. How can she help me melt the body again?
Doubts rolled in my mind, but it was a pity that the sky didn’t give him a chance to continue to understand. At that moment, the purple air mass floated, and a heart-rending pain suddenly came as if my body shape was torn, broken and then aggregated.
I don’t know how many times I have experienced reincarnation. When his pain disappeared and he opened his eyes again, Chu Yun, Zi Ji’s vitality condensed the air mass, and even the black and white fog that permeated around him had disappeared into his eyes. Chapter 75 The origin of Yuan Shen (in the middle)
For Yanglingtian, the dream of tangible things is too short, and it is long and dark in a blink of an eye, but it is hard for the elder and Stuart skyshatter to wait.
It’s hard to wait outside the cave until the ghost gas is no longer violent, and the Shimen slowly opens the cave to wait for them. However, Mu Yiqiao went into a coma after just a few words of explanation, and then it was followed by a long wait-Mu Yiqiao was unconscious, Yangling Tianhao reacted with a faint ghost gas and continued to convey some confidence to Yangling Tianshen.
Time flies like an elusive cloud drifting away gently.
I don’t know how long Yangling stayed in the dark, but the black-and-white and dichromatic spirit around it was transformed into wisps of silk thread and quietly injected into that slender body. As time went by, I don’t know whether the spirit of other gods and demons had reached a limit. The breath around it seemed to swell up with his breathing, as if there was a slight wave in the sea. lang was gentle, full of ripples and irresistible.
In the darkness, the boy in white felt vaguely that there was a voice calling out to him. The audio-visual cry was deeply grieved, but it didn’t sound like Yanglingtian wanted to break through the darkness there.
But it’s as dark as ink, but it’s as dark as the earth. It’s unpredictable, but it can’t be waved away.

If we have to shape him like this, then he is a black ice sculpture and the whole person has been frozen.

Only the two strong men, Yin Chaoyang and Yin Zhaorong, can clearly feel that Frey’s vitality is being madly extracted by the black ice, while Frey himself wants to break through this black layer at all costs, but he can do it by root.
In the middle of the seven dragons, they changed direction and flew straight to Frey. At this time, Ji Dong stopped five meters in front of Frey and raised a bunch of golden red flames on his chest with his right hand. From blooming, his magic power was not enough to support himself to become a flame king again, but the remaining magic power still allowed him to display a skill.
The sky is bright and the sun shines on the earth. At the same time, there is a sun-like brilliance behind Ji Dong. The previous dark moon is just the opposite. This golden sun is full of directness, violence and madness.
There is no doubt that "forbidden, hundred and thousand sunny cones" is the first trick that Ji Dong has, which belongs to the powerful trick of the flame king, and the yin and yang properties of forbidden, hundred and thousand secluded ice are completely opposite.
There is no doubt that Ji Dong can’t give full play to the power of this nirvana department without the help of the flame king body, but at this time, Lei Di has been completely sealed. What will be the effect of the combination of extreme yin fire nirvana and extreme yang fire nirvana in the ice? Even Ji Dong himself has never tried it.
Boom ~ violent roar set off rumby air billow sea tide was fully aroused dozens of meters high.
A figure flew out like a shell. This time, it flew directly out of 100 meters before falling to the ground.
"Zhao Rong" Yin Chaoyang drank a little, but he woke up and Yin Zhaorong had already flashed out. The whole person was like sliding on the ground, generally turning a blind eye to the huge shock wave generated by the explosion. Soon, he had arrived at the center of the explosion, and Zhuyan also managed to save himself. The goal was to fall a hundred meters away.
Frey gasped at the center of the explosion. Although the black ice crystals that sealed him had disappeared, his face was still covered with black gas. From time to time, unstable thunder circled around his body, and the thunder turned black.
Yin Zhaorong took Frey’s shoulder with one hand, and the black halo was suddenly extracted from Frey’s body and blended into Yin Zhaorong’s body. Yin Zhaorong even shuddered and couldn’t help but be surprised. "What a pure and extreme Yin fire!" Her Ding Huo Taiyi identity actually felt cold when she learned the magic of Ji Dong’s dark Lord’s trick. It can be seen how strong the magic of this blow is. At this time, Yin Zhaorong is really white. What Frey’s seven crowns of strength can’t break the bondage of that trick.
Previously, in the final collision, Ji Dong didn’t attack Frey with the sun cone, but stuck to his body bombardment place. The huge air billow lifted Ji Dong off Frey’s body, and the deep and remote Yan ice was finally dissolved. When Yin Zhao melted, he arrived to help him extract the residual extreme yin fire. What are the future troubles? You know, the seven dragons’ bombing has led Frey to suffer a lot, while Ji Dong is exhausted. This war turned out to be a lose-lose situation. Chapter 133 Do you know the Queen Lieyan?
With the help of Yin Zhaorong, Frey breathed a sigh of relief, and the ups and downs in his chest slowly recovered, but when his eyes were horrified, he could not stop staring at some urgent way hundreds of meters away. Jenny, please go to your younger brother. I can’t bear it for a while, even if I have already reached him.
A dirty trick melts and laughs. No, your little brother is worried that he will be fine! Previously, she saw clearly that Frey’s seven dragon force counterattack was not aimed at throbbing, but was shaken by the aftermath. So how vulnerable is Suzaku’s defense ability to become abnormal and abnormal?
I can’t be more satisfied with these two younger brothers! When she was young, she was also a brilliant genius, but it will not be until after forty years old to achieve Frey’s study at this time! Frey is tough, not to mention the first chief in the history of Yin and Yang School! And throbbing is an absolute surprise. Although she and Yin Zhaoyang both know that throbbing is amazing and hard-working, I didn’t expect him to be able to compete with Frey in the seven-crown level by his own strength in actual combat, even if some tricks are taken, but it is also a strong strength to ensure that a four-crown magic master can’t even pick up Frey’s move.
Sure enough, on the other side, Zhu Yan has been holding the throb. Although he looks a little pale, Suzaku has also recovered his skin, but his throb shows his ability to act. When the other disciples return to the front of Yin Zhaoyang at the same time, they can’t help but smile at one another and say, Zu I lost! Brother, although he was attacked by my dark fire, he still has the strength to fight again, but my magic has been exhausted.
Frey quickly said, Young Martial Brother, now is not the time to be modest. Your last trick can’t be without me. If I remember correctly, that’s what you did when you killed the 50-level extreme night Yang with one blow. If you hit Nepal again, a combination of yin and yang will burst into effect, and I will peel off my skin even if I don’t die, let alone fight back!
Throwing earnestly, how could the elder brother want the younger brother not to know? If the elder brother attacked my roots, he wouldn’t have given such a magic squeeze opportunity. Even at the last moment, if the elder brother attacked me first and then saved himself, he could also get out of trouble. I would have been buried in the ground for four or five years, no matter how this younger brother lost! What else does Frey have to say? All right!
When I heard Zu’s speech, the two disciples suddenly quieted down and nodded their heads. Your performance today made me very satisfied. No matter in actual combat, you should cooperate with the five elements of magic array and calculate in battle, your accurate grasp of magic has reached the limit. Even if you are not facing Frey, but a real seven-crown magic master, the other side is careless enough to fight with each other for mutual destruction. Even Zhao Rong and I have underestimated your actual combat ability.
The throbbing has no mouth, but today’s World War I really did his best. When he decided that the World War I was going to be held a few days ago, he was ready to master all the skills he could, just grasping how many skills he could have and what each skill could do. Without careful calculation, this is a competition, and it is not allowed to make magic supplement drugs or crystal nuclei. He has squeezed out every strength of himself, and the final result page is different from what he expected. He turned his eyes to Frey. "Contrary to the throbbing, your performance today made me very dissatisfied." Frey was respectful.
"I heard that there is a Reddy key signature in your Tiangan College." Frey was embarrassed. It was all the students’ flattering nonsense.
Yin zhao Yang face a cold "what do you mean blather? What is ray? Is it awe-inspiring righteousness, the grandeur of heaven and earth, the achievement of masculinity and the sublimation of fire? Look at what you have just done. As a thunder magician, you will support passive defense. Are you worthy of being called Reddy without storms? Yes, you must have some scruples when you face your younger brother today, but have you ever thought about what you would do if you faced a four-crowned magic master of knowledge today? Cats catch teachers and tease opponents? You made a profit when you issued the Seven Dragons Regret, but at that time, the war situation was completely beyond your own control. Can your little brother’s four crowns control the four dragons and four snakes? What are you thinking? Lions? You still need to benefit from fighting rabbits. If your little brother shoots you down last, are you as simple as peeling off your skin? You won’t even have a bone residue left. Although there is no real collision, the power of that blow is limited to the primary super-killing skill. "
After listening to the words of Yin Zhaoyang, Frey can’t help but produce a little horror. To know that his seven-crown strength is just a little superficial, it is only possible to have nine-crown strength in real combat. Even if everyone is as rough as a tiger, he has one. Constantly improving and upgrading his super-nirvana power is what they pursue at that level.
The throbbing is only four crowns, and the facial features are not even close to the primary super-killer skill. Even if Frey is confident in himself, he will never recognize that his physical strength can resist the Lord. At this time, in retrospect, when he was hit by the killer skill of the Dark Lord, the whole person had a very special feeling as if the whole person’s vitality burned on its own, no matter how hard he struggled, the magic power of the body was completely restricted. Although it is not in vain, he can also think that this killer skill is stronger than the direct attack power of the sun!
"I was wrong, Joe." Fury bowed his head in shame.
Yin Zhaoyang’s face is always so calm and light, knowing mistakes can love kindness and kindness. Even if you two are tied for victory or defeat, if you take your younger brother to the battlefield of evil, you will bring him back. Your personality is too straightforward. If you have something to discuss with your younger brother, you don’t have to pay attention to the people in Tiangan College. Just consider this experience as an experience!
Throwing surprise, Daozu, you agreed to let me go to the battlefield of evil?
You are more talented than your brother in actual combat, but remember that food will not be allowed in actual combat, which will lead to a loss of the whole game. It is very likely that you don’t know if it is your own life or your partner’s life. The saints say that you and them can have more contact with each other for a long time, but you don’t have to be too concerned. Only you are the most worthy to rely on. You should improve your own strength foundation at all times, but let you increase your actual combat experience to ensure your own safety and obtain some precious materials.
It’s Joe! Although the tone of yin is indifferent, it throbs, but you clearly feel that he is cutting himself.
There are still more than three months before the evil channel is opened. These days, Zhu Yan will help Fury improve his equipment and make a set of magic equipment suitable for him to enhance his combat effectiveness.
Zhu Yan, hey hey, it’s no problem to laugh at the teacher’s casting, but I don’t have any materials here. Do you think it’s …
Yin Zhao Yang gave him a faint look. "I ripped you off, and you dare to knock on it." A ring flew out of his hand and fell into Zhu Yan’s hand.
There are enough materials in it for you to make it rare, though not the top.
Zhu Yan overjoyed and reconnected the ring. "Teacher, don’t worry, I will do everything even if you let me wave! Foley brothers, you come with me. "

"Well, then don’t accept the deposit and accept the scarlet letter!" Two whew replied

This is too risky, but you can take risks if you want to turn a profit.
"I don’t know where all of a sudden there are so many fake purple equipments …" Tianyu sighed and thought.
As a result, two people sell extremely fake purple without scarlet letter on the one hand and sell extremely fake purple with scarlet letter on the other.
"Silly bear … it’s feasible to accept the scarlet letter without a deposit, but we still meet a lot of cheats … and we’re losing a lot now."
At the moment, it has come to July. Yesterday, Tianyu has received a two-day deposit.
Two whew as feedback to Tianyu.
"How much did you lose?" Tianyu frowned and answered
"According to endless statistics, the final RMB calculation has almost lost ten thousand …" Er Xiu said with a sigh of relief.
"How can so many? !” Tianyu very consternation way
"In some districts, there are always some people who are used to deceiving us. They seem to be staring at us. They want us to deposit the scarlet letter and shout the horn. When they go out, they will find the’ door’ and say that they have the scarlet letter in their hands."
"Then we handed it over to them, and they ran away. After running away, they changed their new id to do the same thing again … so they repeatedly lied to’ get’ that area line and didn’t dare to call the horn to stop playing hard." Erxiu explained
"…" Tianyu know some grass mud horse ran to cheat home.
But such deception is really hard to prevent.
Is it difficult to change it to a deposit? But no one wants to type the scarlet letter in the fake purple equipment base. After all, fake purple equipment is not very popular.
"Then stare at the horn and shout for selling the deposit in scarlet letter, so that the seller can be singled out," Tianyu said for a moment.
"I’ve tried … so the sellers don’t want to put the scarlet letter on the fake purple equipment … they think we are cheating them on the scarlet letter," said Erxiu and Tianyu.
"… don’t accept the deposit also how to cheat? It is true to be careful, but is this too careful? " Tianyu frown complains
"They thought maybe we wanted to’ wave’ his scarlet letter on purpose … and this kind of thing has indeed been done."
"…" Tianyu speechless.
"If we go on like this, I’m afraid the scarlet letter equipment will earn enough to make up for the fraud in the future," said Erxiu.
"Game day update for the time being, let’s wait for a while. Let’s get all the money up," Tianyu ordered.
"What are your plans?"
"Since the fake purple loss is a foregone conclusion, we can find a way to make up some losses from other places."
"Day update …" Two xiu began to recall the experience of updating a few days ago.
The July game has been updated.
This update has four professional second thoughts, namely, Diablo, Prison Blood Devil, Wu Shen and Storm Eye.
I’ll send some water when I log in as a new professional.
Opened the exclusive day activity of Star Angle’ Color’
Added a gift package fae/zer dress-up gift package.
In fact, this gift package is the 13-year summer gift package, but it is really the first time to dress up with anime characters.
This gift package sends dresses, titles and cards.
The highlight of fae/zer gift package is of course pets, but pets are not given directly with the gift package.
Pet gift packages are sold separately, but summer gift packages must be purchased before.
Summer gift package price is 59 coupons, and pet price is 1575 coupons.
These two figures add up to more than 4 yuan, so uncle wit also sold it in this way, cleverly avoiding the 688 incident that year
Pets have saberriderlanerberserker
Every pet comes from a Japanese character, and the skill effect is more cool than that of a native pet.
The gift package is very attractive to anime lovers, and even though it is expensive, there are still many buyers.
In addition to updating Tianyu, it is an activity called "Roger’s private auction"
This activity, like other activities, is from July 1 ST to July 3 rd
How to play this activity?
Activity 1: Players will get gold rush props by email when they log in every day.
This prop can be exchanged for various professional weapon cans at Roger’s place.
Redemption rewards are changed with the date, of which Thursday can be redeemed for Abyss Party Pass.
The rest of the time, the base is the major professional weapon tanks.

In the Great Qi Dynasty, women had a low status, and it was even more difficult if they were not lovers.

It’s normal for a man’s concubine to have an affair in the bedroom when he is so frank and honest, and even they can’t stand the man’s infidelity to him.
"It’s really necessary to have a good screening to play around in this capital," Tao Yiqing said. "There are many people you know in the temple, so help to see if there is any way to be honest. Those girls in the philandering room are absolutely not allowed to get married, and it’s not harmful for her to marry someone."
With Tao Lanyu and Tao Ruzhen in front of them, they are all single-minded and have never had a concubine. Tao Baoqiong is going to marry Feng Haochu in the future, not to mention Tao Yiqing’s growing feeling that it is even more so in the future.
"Oh," Qi Ye also accepted that she could have a meal at will, and the two of them began to drink while eating, so they drank a few more drinks because they were in a trance.
Tao Yiqing’s capacity for liquor is not high. Today, he took a half-day off again. They both drank their heads while talking.
When people are drunk, what they remember most is what they ramble about most. Tao Yiqing said a few words from time to time, "How fast! I still remember that when I was a child, I grew up in a blink of an eye."
be grieved
"Yes," Qiye Zuiyan smiled dimly. "The round doodle face wants to pinch her cheeks every time I see her."
Tao Yiqing smirked. "She used to be spoiled and naughty, but she was the most soft-hearted and painful person. Since she was a little big, she knew that she protected me and I was dissatisfied with my father … Haha, my father was finally planted in her hand. Now she must find a good family to act as matchmaker in Zhuang. If she dares to be bad at burning, I can’t do it …"
"No, no, no, no" Qi Ye was slightly drunk and repeated twice. "Who dares to be bad for the burning? Which one? Who did Yiqing say? Who is not good at burning? Look at the king who dares to bully him if he doesn’t pick up … "
Outside, Duanyan heard that the movement in the room was getting more and more wrong. He quickly called out to celebrate the New Year with the king of Jin. "The temple and our uncle are drunk, so let the store cook the hangover soup?"
I didn’t expect the King of Jin to be so drunk in the New Year. It was the first time I saw him drunk. I called the waiter to sober up. I looked at the eye table and saw that the food was hardly eaten. "Why don’t you drink without eating?"
Abdominal drinking is easy to get drunk.
Otherwise, the two have not seen each other for months, and they are very happy and drunk.
The man came over and explained, "It’s easy to drink in the temple today. If you get drunk in a hurry, you’ll get drunk faster. Do you want to help the two gentlemen to lie down on the couch?"
Needless to say, it will definitely make them more comfortable to lie down. Fortunately, they will have guests to rest on the couch if they want to set it.
Besides, Tao Zhuo took a carriage and went to Cai Fu. According to the agreement, Tao Baoqiong and Tao Zhuo stayed in Taolan Jade Garden to play with Hao Gang, and Wei Shi and Tao Lanyu took Tao Ruzhen to sit up and take notice.
Chapter 158 Chapter 158
"Aunt hurts me," said Hao Ge Ma sweetly to Tao Zhuo, looking like a pony fart.
Tao Zhuo deliberately teased her, "Then your third aunt doesn’t love you. Who will buy you Hui ink?"
Hao gang looks too good. Tao Baoqiong "The third aunt also hurts, and the fourth aunt hurts, but Hao gang’s hand hurts too little, so it’s not good to write too much."
Tao Zhuo burst into laughter. "My aunt will love you more another day, so I’ll buy you a copybook."
This immediately brought Hao’s sad eyes. Tao Zhuo pointed at her and smiled at Tao Lanyu. "Big sister, he really can’t write with my DaJieFu." She used to be a fool.
"I don’t know which one," Tao Lanyu smiled and suddenly frowned and covered her mouth.
Wei Shi was eating slowly, and when he saw it, he put chopsticks and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Suddenly I feel a little uncomfortable." Tao Lanyu rubbed his heart, but he still felt sick. He covered his mouth again, and the girl next to him helped her. "Do you want some warm water, young lady?"
TaoLanYu gave, look a little stare blankly, and then some surprises.
She made Wei’s thoughts ask, "Are you pregnant?"
Her words made everyone else look at Tao Lanyu’s belly. They all knew that the elder sister had not moved since she had a son, and she was pregnant later than her. After the second sister gave birth to a big girl, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son.
Because of this, Shaw also specially asked Tao Lanyu to go back to Bofu to find her a girl who specializes in women’s illness, but the girl said that she was ill and not pregnant, which was because the fate had not arrived.
Tao Zhuo looked at Tao Lanyu with surprise. Is Big Sister pregnant?
Then I listened to my eldest sister’s saying, "It’s really a few days late in the month", but she always forgot not to think about it. If she hadn’t vomited in her heart just now, she would have almost forgotten it.
"Although I’m not sure if it’s because of your appetite, I’d better find a doctor to feel the pulse. If it’s not, don’t be too frustrated. There are women who have two fetuses for several years." Wechsler was afraid that she would expect too much if she wasn’t pregnant.
Tao Lanyu naturally wants to have more children. Although she is not urged by Cai Qicheng’s affectionate mother-in-law, she feels that Hao Gang is too single.
The reason why Mrs. Cai didn’t rush is also because Cai Qicheng is not only a young man, but also has two brothers. Each room has three or four children, although there are offices.
Tao Lanyu knows that although Cai’s family seems to be very upright and obedient, the contradiction between sisters-in-law is still there. For example, her second sister-in-law has been run on many times because of her husband’s concubine.
However, the eldest sister-in-law is a generous and generous person. Her husband has an old family and other concubines get along well with Tao Lanyu.
Yu said that Mrs. Cai’s husband didn’t take a concubine because Mrs. Cai’s in-laws left early, and she didn’t suppress her mother-in-law and didn’t let her concubine give birth to children.
This city is like Tao Hongzhu’s husband’s family. The family style is really clean and upright. Men are not allowed to take concubinage. There are some people who stipulate that men are not allowed to take concubinage, but they can take concubinage within a time limit of 40.
Tao Lanyu didn’t delay saying that she didn’t have a good appetite and asked the servant girl to take the right card and invite the doctor to come.
She couldn’t eat by herself, and the rest of the people were still full, so she went to the tip to rest without being polite.
Cai Fu next door street has yiguang almost Wechsler and others to withdraw from the table after dinner.
Tao burning watched the doctor give Tao Lanyu a long pulse, and she almost couldn’t help but ask
After the doctor took back his hand, he hurriedly asked, "What happened to my big sister?"
The doctor first comforted Tao Zhuo with a sentence "Don’t worry, girl" and then asked Tao Lanyu, "Is it time to have a little wife next month?" Can it be past the future? "
TaoLanYu way "is a few days late I this …"
There was some expectation in her voice.
"It’s not very prudent for young lady’s pulse to be slippery. If young lady’s appetite is uncomfortable, eat less and eat some light meals. Don’t take medicine for ten days or so. I’ll come back to young lady’s pulse to see if she is happy."
Wechsler asked, "How sure is she?"
"I’m not sure yet, but I’ll make sure again in a few days." The card shark didn’t fill up the words.
But Wei-Shi also recognized Tao Lanyu’s happy pulse, so he said to her, "Then listen to the doctor’s advice and pay more attention to it, and then take a look at it in a few days."
Tao Lanyu nodded and asked the servant girl to send the doctor out. "The mother-in-law will wait for ten days."
Wei Shi is relieved to see her success and know that she is stable.
"If you are pregnant with that son, you will be your brother." After dinner, a son of a son of a son of a son of a son was taken to lunch break. Tao Zhuo looked at Tao Lan and told him earnestly, "Don’t let a son of a son of a son of a son of a son of a son of a son of a son of a son jump on you. His strength is not small."