A clean-up campaign against that whole Shandong officialdom is slowly open.

Su Yonglin has no intention of carrying out specific things. These things can be done by more professionals.
With Su Yonglin, the judicial forces of the Third Division of the South Central Committee quickly gathered in Xucheng County to prepare to obey the emperor’s orders and try the criminals.
The armed forces of Dongping Prefecture were made ready to act by Su Yonglin.
The entire Dongping Fu Township Farmers’ Association and the village farmers’ association have received orders to act immediately and organize the villagers’ self-defense forces to be ready to accept orders and go where they should go.
The whole Dongping mansion is moving.
And not everyone can feel this unusual action.
Few ordinary people in the city seem to have not felt anything happening yet, and they should do whatever they want, which is no different from usual. Their daily life has not been disturbed at present.
But changes have indeed occurred.
Su Yonglin, who was in Dongping Prefecture, conducted a thorough cleaning of Dongping Prefecture, and inspected the official organizations of Chen Luo and Qiu Daoshou Dongping Prefecture upside down.
In the first batch, 27 criminals and 69 officials were seized, and they were all located in Dongping Mansion, Xucheng County and Dongping Mansion Branch of Fuxing Yellow River Project. Their positions were deprived and their families were strictly controlled.
Due to a large number of vacancies, it is difficult for officials who have not been implicated to have so many official positions, so Su Yonglin immediately ordered the official department of Zhongdu and the organization department of Fuxing Association to send young qualified officials to Shandong to prepare for these positions.
Since it is necessary to do it thoroughly, those Shandong officials in the central government will get rid of them first before they react, so they will be hard to resist when they wipe out their roots and clean up the civil servants in North Korea and Shandong.
And for this batch of criminal officials and petty officials, they were tortured immediately.
There is no need to worry about them and directly punish them.
Of course, among them, there is no resistance. The more greedy they are, the more afraid they are. Some of them even have no torture, so they tell everything they know.
They gave a total of 51 landlords and gentry, and 36 wealthy businessmen and tycoons an account-they came to clean the stolen gloves.
Of course, these glove tools will not be spared. Su Yonglin put them on the cleaning list and sent a judicial team to "clean" them.
If you dare to resist killing on the spot, you will never be spared!
Su Yonglin personally took part in the formal trial of Chen Luo, Qiu Dao and Xu Wei, and listened to the officials of the Ministry of Justice who severely examined them. The three men confessed everything like a bamboo tube without heavy punishment.
Su Yonglin paid special attention to Qiu Dao’s description of his illegal process.
He said that he was infatuated with those two attractive beauties as if he were possessed, thinking about them all the time, thinking about it for a while, hoping to finish work quickly and come home to have sex with them.
When I think about this period, I am so strange, so strange that he doesn’t even know how he fell and how his ideals disappeared.
Why did Chen Luo accept the corruption of the Yellow River project payment inexplicably?
Kneeling in court, he can’t figure it out.
Of course, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that he confessed to all the crimes he committed, and the charges have become an ironclad fact.
In the end, all three departments were executed, and three days later, they were beheaded, showing no mercy to the public, and their families were also beheaded when they participated in their illegal and criminal activities.
Except for Xu Wei’s family, they should be sent to the frontier to work in the designated work of the court and earn hard-earned money to fill the financial losses of the country until the repayment is completed or the family is extinct
Xu Wei’s family got a certain commutation because of Xu Wei’s initiative to explain the merits of the crime, and they were allowed to stay in the designated work of the court, but they also had to pay back the public funds and debts until they were paid off or the family was extinct
Never forgive
After the hearing of the three sessions, Su Yonglin made a whim. He asked the officials of the Ministry of Justice to bring the two beautiful women Chen Luo gave to Qiu Dao to him, so that he could see what kind of national color could fascinate Qiu Dao.
At first glance, he found that these two women are really beautiful, with a soft voice and a beautiful posture. Facing the big scene, crying pear flowers and taking rain is quite a kind of amorous feelings.
It should be that Chen Luo sent someone specially trained to serve those who have mastered the situation in exchange for what they want.
But just these two women can completely reduce the people he has high hopes for?
In the end, are you wrong about people or do you have too high expectations for human nature?
Su Yonglin rubbed his temples while covering his forehead.
Hearing the news, Tian Jue asked in a low voice, "Do you want to dispose of these two witches?"
"Demon girl?"
Su Yonglin wry smile "what syren? Chen Luoshou, can they decide their own destiny? What is wrong is just to live.
In Qiu Dao’s ci, there was no guidance from these two women to induce him to commit crimes. There was nothing wrong with them. It was the people who asked them to do such things and those who failed to withstand the temptation. "
Tian Jue was silent for a while and then said with disgust, "but you can’t just let them go, can you?" The fall of Qiu Dao is indispensable for these two witches to seduce important officials of the country and the DPRK by inferior means! "
Chapter 27 Nausea and Corrosion

Imperial heaven said staring at the clouds in the sky.

Jian Huiyan seems to have some awkward taste.
Before the closing of the Imperial Heaven in March, the Imperial Heaven ordered Jian Hui to call on the swordsmen. Now Jian Hui should have finished it?
Jian Huinai shook his head and said softly, "There are many good swordsmen in my report. Now most of the swordsmen gather only in name."
Jianhui is also Nai Ming and his disciple. If Jianhui wants to be famous, he will naturally come, but Jianhui doesn’t want to see the name, and he didn’t invite him.
Imperial day smiled "just … no name, no name!"
In a word, the Imperial Heaven turned and walked towards the backyard.
Jian Hui accompanied around Excalibur who is also coming slowly.
Imperial heaven went to a dungeon, a deep dungeon, where there was no one else but an old man.
The big fellow is angry and thunderous, and he is also a master of Chui Fu. Master Chui Fu is too much angry and thunderous. It is also famous that an angry and thunderous master has mastered the martial art of’ Five Thunder and Extreme Hands’. This martial art is the martial art that the Imperial Heaven expects. Chui Fu can’t finish it, and it is also fruitful.
Imperial Heaven got a family boxing from the world of carved gods. Family boxing is a martial art created by Yue Fei, and it also refines the essence and blood of the body. This martial art will make people refine the body and enhance their strength … Practice Dacheng can make every drop of Jingxue be like mercury paste. It can be said that family boxing can be practiced into a whole Jingxue, which can be broken like a spar with one punch.
This is a martial art that embodies the body. This martial art will not change with the change of the world. It needs the human body, the blood and the bones … This martial art can continue to practice. Once Dacheng is not weak.
After several worlds, Imperial Heaven has transformed the family boxing into a congenital family boxing, absorbing the aura of heaven and earth, refining the flesh, strengthening the flesh and nourishing the flesh. This achievement has also greatly improved. If ordinary family boxing can enhance Yi Long’s strength, then congenital family boxing can increase the ten dragons’ strength.
This is the qualitative difference, and it is also a powerful family boxing. This royal boxing is constantly deduced, and finally it is combined with the immortal killing boxing and the immortal golden body to become the present family boxing.
Now, Jiaquan has refined a whole body of JingXie into spar. Although the blood flows, once the Imperial Heaven exerts its strength, the blood weighs like a stone.
But this has reached its limit, and it is impossible to continue to grow roots …
However, only practicing Family Boxing can refine the body into a supernatural realm, which has to be said that Family Boxing is of the earth.
The Imperial Heaven has never given up this martial art, but it has been constantly deduced and improved, especially after getting the five-thunder pole, it is a great joy in the Imperial Heaven.
The’ five-ray electrode hand’ can melt everything, even the skill, even the dragon yuan. This so-called melting is just a kind of refinement. The’ five-ray electrode hand’ must have pure skill and quality, and others can clean the other person’s skill. If it is the same level of skill, it can’t be so clean, and it will leave the other person with more pure skill.
If you want to cultivate the’ five-ray-transforming pole hand’, you must first absorb the thunder and then turn it into five elements of thunder, so that the five elements will eventually melt.
Now, according to the Chinese method, Yutian is integrated into the family boxing and finds himself reaching the peak. Blood, bones, muscles and skin can be refined again.
Imperial heavenly heart is ecstatic’ five leihua extremely hand’ can actually royal celestial JingXie bones and muscles … These can be melted and refined into the most pure.
This Imperial Heaven needs a complete five-thunder boxing, and it will be integrated into his own boxing to turn it into a real peak martial art, which is comparable to the’ Magic Mirror’. Even Imperial Heaven wants to integrate the’ Magic Mirror’ and’ Family Boxing’ into one achievement method, a special exercise method.
However, Imperial Heaven is only an idea, but it has not been realized.
At this moment, the Imperial Heaven walks into the dungeon and stares at an old man who has been cast in a cage made of iron for thousands of years. This cage is stronger than being beaten by the old man constantly, but there is no reaction at all.
Coming to the Imperial Day, this man is yelling, "Let me out … Let me out …"
This man is angry wind thunder, and now his skill has been dissolved by drugs, and he may not have come out of the cage …
Chapter 634 Jian Jie
"F * * king … just a cage can trap me! I capability I capability … "
Roar and roar, but also with all the anger, anger, thunder and thunder, roaring and growling, and both hands are afraid of hitting the iron casting cage for ten thousand years.
It’s a pity that the cage is trapped after all. Angry wind thunder has lost its capability, lost its’ five-lightning pole hand’ and has no resistance. Now it’s only on its own.
When Yutian stepped forward, a black and red flame appeared in his hand. "Tell me everything or become a puppet!"
The black and red flame is just the inflammation of the qi and the burning of people’s emotions, which will turn into puppet flames.
However, Ang Fenglei is a man with little fighting power. This’ five-thunder extreme hand’ is of great help to the Imperial Heaven. Ang Fenglei just roars "Hum … you can’t know everything, I will never say it!"
Angry fenglei roars without a trace of worry. I want to know everything. Angry fenglei must be honest, but angry fenglei was sent to the villa by chui fook. The imperial heaven is just in a closed state. This angry fenglei is just Jian Hui. These people punish Jian Hui, but these people are forced by torture.
Nowadays, there is no resistance to the wrath of the Imperial Heaven.
The flame burned in the hands of the Imperial Heaven has already disappeared into the mind of Angry Wind and Thunder.
"Don’t say … interesting! I want to know something that no one has ever refuted! "
Flame burning, fury, thunder and lightning have turned into puppets, a loyal puppet of the heavenly kingdom.
ShaQi inflammation fly back angry fenglei dull looking at the front of the royal day is light asked "tell me everything five leihua pole hand achievement method"
A word, anger, thunder and thunder have already told
The so-called’ five-lightning pole hand’ is to absorb the thunder and turn it into five lines of thunder, and rotate the five lines of thunder to remove the skill of the other side.
Five leihua extremely hand’ already know royal heavenly heart thoughts have been thinking about will be integrated into his fist.
Aside Jianhui holding a Dan medicine Dan medicine directly to anger fenglei swallowing anger fenglei food Huaqing configuration Dan medicine this Dan medicine will erase the skill, and now the antidote anger fenglei is slowly recovering the skill.
At the moment, the colorful light appears in the hands of Angfenglei, which is directly printed in the mysterious iron in ten thousand years.
"The zither …"
In a flash, the black iron was directly melted away in ten thousand years.
In ten thousand, the black iron can be cast as a magic weapon, but it can be cast as a magic weapon at will. Now, the thunder and lightning will melt directly just by waving their hands. I have to say that these five thunder and lightning poles are of the earth.
The Imperial Heaven smiled and said, "Let’s go … make this skill help me refine my body JingXie."
Angry, stormy, and thunderous expressions accompanied the Imperial Heaven.
Jian Hui followed closely but didn’t know that Yu Tianru thought.
The idea of Imperial Heaven is simple. Anger, wind and thunder make the five lightning electrodes manually remove impurities from Imperial Heaven’s body, and some impure blood will eventually refine your bones and muscles …
This is crazy. A bad Imperial Heaven is directly melted, but Imperial Heaven knows that he has definitely changed and strengthened his body with the help of five thunderbolts.
The next day, Yutian was dressed in a black robe and his body was not as bloated as yesterday.
The muscles of Yutian have turned into ordinary appearance, just like a bodybuilding coach turned into an ordinary person.
Imperial heaven, this is not a decrease in strength. Imperial heaven, this is a decrease in strength. The bloated muscles are refined and the density is constantly increased. The strength is also enhanced several times. The blood of the body is also refined. The whole body has become purple blood, and a drop of purple blood is like a thousand pounds. This power is simply exploding.
Rage, wind, thunder, thunder and lightning help the Imperial Heaven to refine the body. The Imperial Heaven’s body is far more than the original times. If the supernatural realm has four peaks in the early, middle and late stages, the Imperial Heaven’s body is now comparable to the peak of the supernatural realm. Once the Five Thunder hands are integrated into the family boxing, the Imperial Heaven’s body will still be strengthened.
The imperial heaven shook his right fist, and the force that seemed to pinch and explode was really intoxicating.
Yu Tian stared at the sky and said faintly, "Are you ready?"
A man with a sword is full of sword, and it gathers here, where it is full of shock wave and sword light.
All the swordsmen in the Jianghu gather here.
Yu Tian looked at Jian Hui and said faintly, "Make yourself a move!"
In a word, a dark gold sword appeared in the hands of the Imperial Heaven.
The sword is a little black, but it sinks slightly. The golden sword is a little unusual, and it is a little primitive. This sword is the imperial sword, and it is the Excalibur found by the Imperial Heaven from Jianzong.
The imperial sword is the first sword in heaven and the key to the sword-opening world.
Nowadays, hundreds of swordsmen directly use a trick of the earth.
Moment firm but gentle foaming at the mouth directly spread the whole day crashing firm but gentle agitate a small world slowly emerge.
This is just a virtual shadow, which appears with an intoxicating luster.
The imperial sword in the hands of the imperial god knows that this is the sword world.
With a wave of his hand, the imperial sword blooms with all its brilliance, and the dark golden sword light emerges and directly stabs the sword boundary in front of it.
"Give me …"
A roaring imperial sword sends out a dark golden sword light, and the sword light directly pierces the imaginary world.
Suddenly, a powerful suction emerged, and hundreds of swordsmen were absorbed into shock wave.
The Imperial Heaven smiled. "The sword world finally started to absorb the sword people to improve their own skills, and the Excalibur guards killed all these people."
A word Excalibur who has action Jian Hui three people also waved firm but gentle.
These people are all called from the Wulin, not the Imperial Hand. These people have been absorbed to increase the strength of the sword world, but now the Imperial Heaven wants to reduce the strength of the sword world.
In a flash, the sword world has rushed out of a sharp meaning.

Voice falling

Night Jinze raised his wrist and bowed his head, word for word, and ordered the watch to go.
"Night 7 will switch the manual operation mode to remote intelligent operation!"
The surface of Jinze wrist watch transits green with the setting of the communicator.
At night, Jinze looked at the color of his eyes and looked up at them in the distant direction behind him. Then, as soon as the color of his eyes was set, he quickly entered a command on the watch screen.
It is almost the same moment that Jinze’s finger leaves the watch screen at night.
The watch suddenly issued a warning.
–"The V7 missile has been issued by manual command and will reach its destination in 5 seconds"
After saying this, Yue Sheng suddenly turned his head and looked at Jinze at night. His face was transient, and his gold-rimmed glasses and his fox pupil were transient and sharp.
the other side
In the night, Jinze stood side by side, while Si Yunling’s eyes moved. Although they were also surprised, they seemed to think of something and never said anything.
Night JinZe coldly out "Si Yunling this is my personal vendetta with him, you hurry! Help me take good care of the sound. If she is not old, even if she is a ghost, she will not let you go! "
If he can’t let Yue Sheng’s plan succeed, otherwise he can’t imagine what danger he and Jun will face once Yue Sheng’s plan succeeds.
"Want this way to let the sound of your generation? Do you think she will accept me in this situation? " I’m afraid a generation will not accept him as true!
The line of sight passed around and spread from the building, and the fire was raging. Jinze frowned and looked strange. "What do you want?"
"Let her remember my generation, of course."
Night JinZe choked immediately face changed "bah! You shameless thing! I cann’t believe you want to rob me of this! Are you shameless? !”
"Face? Can the face make Ayin remember my generation? " Si Yunling sneered and laughed. "But if you wait for the night seven to react, he will kill you. I’m afraid I have to die to apologize!" And Yin, you’re not afraid of being bullied by others if you leave her alone in the palace? Don’t forget that there is also a mulberry sleep! "
Night JinZe complexion transient a long time "mom! You can’t take advantage of that vicious woman! "
"What! ?”
"run!" I want to kill this bitch Yue Sheng myself, but think about it seriously. This guy Si Yunling is right! If they both die here, the sound will fall into Sang Mian’s hands again!
No way!
No way!
Cheap! No one can take advantage of that vicious woman!
Yu yuesheng
If it doesn’t blow up here, wait for him to turn around and clean it up slowly!
Reached a consensus that night Jinze and Siyun Ling naturally riveted their strength and ran towards the top edge.
"Follow me!" At night, Jin Zechong kept jumping over the front because the floor was tilted and piled up on a test bench. With the explosion of one glass jar after another, Jin Ze’s face and neck soon became bloody, but soon healed.
Si Yunling turned back and he was furious and lost his mind, which made him wake up quickly and ridicule him for helping him!
In this case, he is willing to explore his own way to give each other a slightly safe escape route. Anyway, his healing ability has always been against the sky.
Suddenly there was a huge shock behind him, but before the two men ran to the edge, a scorching heat wave swept from behind towards the two men.
The earth shook and the sky shook and exploded suddenly.
Look where you are.
The fire is terrible
Chapter 3 Episode, Fanwai (1)
Wearing a lovely pill head at home, I quickly checked out a circle of small broken houses, and then I hurried back to the house door, holding a table and steaming instant noodles. I sat in front of my brain and ate it. My mouth was full of noodles, and my dark eyes kept browsing the screen webpage.
She managed to steal the chip this time, but she must do her homework and succeed in one fell swoop.
I don’t know if I checked, but I found that the information she got from the laboratory was not accurate.
It turns out that the fox family in the world is actually divided into two schools, instead of the information she got that there is a richest man, Si Shi.
Eyes off the screen? Royal night family? The light tone of these four words made me whisper.
How can this be done?
How does she know which of these two families is the chip?
You know, if this is wrong, it will be a lot of waves, okay?
In the small courtyard, there was a sudden heavy landing shock, and the light tone quickly moved from the screen to look in the direction of the door
The soft white hand immediately knocked on the keyboard for a few moments, and the screen was full of information, and immediately switched to the monitoring video light tone and quickly looked carefully.
When a figure was found sneaking into a ball and motionless in the corner of the courtyard, the light eyebrows suddenly frowned.
Silence for a moment
The light tone quickly pressed the camouflage hairpin on the side of the head and instantly turned into a sloppy fox teenager on weekdays. Then he quickly put on his clothes rack and picked up his shabby raincoat. He picked up the table and put a sharp knife in his pocket. Only then did he wear night vision goggles and quickly went out of the house.
It’s late at night
Listening to the sounds from outside the yard, there was a vague sense of anger, and there was a trace of doubt in the eyes, and then the shadow fell in the distant corner, and I suddenly had some speculation.
It seems that she has become a temporary shelter here.
The light voice went to the shadow and put his hands in his raincoat pocket. He held a sharp knife tightly and squatted down slowly to lower his voice. He asked, "Hey, what are you doing jumping into my house?"
"I’m sorry" sounded very pleasant but afraid of trembling, and then the shadow in the corner raised his face and looked at the people who came in front of him with fear. At that moment, the handsome man’s face was pleading, "They want to sell me. I beg you not to hand me over. I beg you."
It seems that I didn’t expect to meet a man with such a bad face value in this situation, and my eyes suddenly felt palpitation for a long time
Men are really beautiful.
Handsome, prominent facial features, angular points, and a face that shows a man’s beauty wildly is as unforgettable as a poppy at night.
The man’s white shirt is already dirty, but the whole person’s breath is still precious. Although his eyes are full of fear, the words of asking for help from him are not unpleasant at all, as if he had accidentally strayed into this poor area.
Seeing a young man disguised as a fox in front of him, wait for a while looked at the man curled up in the corner, and the bottom of the fox pupil quickly passed by with a leap of joy, and then quickly begged again, "I will be very good and ask you not to hand me over. I can do anything you want me to do, please."
"mom! Where are people? Where did it go? ! If the third master sees that people are not in bed, we will all lose our heads! Go and find it! " In the alley outside the yard, there was a sudden burst of angry words.
"Don’t say anything when you find it, just give him a shot of K powder to make him happy, you hear me!"
"yes! Boss! "
Listening to the faint conversation outside the wall, I frowned, and the sight fell in the corner, and the man’s eyes felt a little more sympathetic.

The water pump is a good thing for dwarfs.

A large number of people can put a big bucket of a four-wheeled vehicle high and a hand can press the pump back and forth to spray water on a burning house all over the narrow streets.
Now Mograine doesn’t know what these fire pumps are spraying. He is absolutely sure that it is not water.
Every arrow tower has one or two Han sweating back and forth, pressing the handle of the water pump to exert pressure on the liquid substances inside to spray them out.
And a torch placed in front of the nozzle is enough to ignite the sprayed oil.
To put it bluntly, this is what distinguishes it from those fire-breathing artists.
However, Duke was definitely the first to think of putting this thing on the battlefield on a large scale.
The bosses of the highest center tower alliance of Yingya Castle were dumbfounded.
Shadow tooth castle is three kilometers away from the coastal defense line, but they clearly see the tall flame falling to the battlefield, lighting many orcs with adult torches and turning less than half of the battlefield into a flame hell
Orcs tried to save their compatriots by slapping and other means, but after touching the oil, they led the flame to themselves. Even if they jumped into the water, the flame still floated with the oil and the sea did not go out.
"Ancestors! This is the devil’s flame! "
"No-this is not a place for warriors!"
With countless billows of black smoke rising, the shock wave of fear swept the whole tribal battle line.
"What is this? !” Terenas stretched out his fingers in shock, and the shaking fingers exposed his shock.
"Just some whale fat" Macaro humbly bowed his head to King Lordaeron. "But I need to wake up the alliance commander Losa Pavilion and the generals’ pavilions. We have burned 30,000 gold coins worth of fuel just now. If we persist for ten minutes, we will be forced to stop attacking."
Lothar is a little embarrassed. When he was in Stormwind, he heard that Duke’s whale oil can be sent to the poor to light a lamp.
Of course, Lothar has become’ bad’ recently. He is fed up with those kings and nobles who are penniless when they are free and ugly when they are busy.
Pit Terenas a little bit, and Lothar would definitely like to see it.
Can’t you see that Terenas menethil has even sold the princess? The core territory may be destroyed and threatened with a mere one million gold coins, right?
Lothar didn’t debunk Macaro’s story, and the original Duke told him that the pure oil method was expensive.
Yes! What’s special is to add ten more layers of filters.
Of course, it is impossible for outsiders except Duke and Macaro to know this secret
They won’t imagine that the original grease can be used to spray fire with fire pumps.
Not to mention how much it takes to replace whale grease fuel.
This is the so-called limitation of the times, which blinds most people with ignorance, knowledge, arrogance and arrogance, while wizards have things confined to mysterious fields in their heads.
They are bound by the so-called common sense that remains unchanged for thousands of years.
And duke …
Duke, the body traveler, just showed them the maze!
The tribe is really strong.
Humans once could not defeat orcs on land unless they had a complete defense line or five times as many troops.
But in the eyes of hundreds of thousands of generals and wise men, the enemy is stronger than the enemy, but it is being crushed by a strange army that has finished talking about the world.
The orcs fight the enemy hand to hand. They need to know that all the way forward, their strong bodies and solid weapons will destroy everything that stands in front of them, and then mankind will surely be defeated.
At the moment, human beings have subverted their common sense.
With courage and personal strength, this is simple knowledge of physics and chemistry, which makes the orcs completely defeated.
They have lost the courage to rush crazily, and even attacked their compatriots with deadly ferocity just to escape from this fire hell.
The orcs stopped attacking the whole front from south to north. They gave up attacking the high mountain area of Gilneas and forcibly breaking through the alliance coastal defense line. They turned north along the beach and went all the way to the Beiliu coast to find opportunities to break through the coastal defense line and turn into the Yinsong forest.
"Hold on …" The leaders of the alliance, such as Mograine, the foremost overlord, or Lothar, the shadow tooth castle, all breathed a long sigh of relief.
It’s even worse for mankind to fight at night. The alliance can give up its plan to counterattack the beach and drive all the orcs to the sea to feed the fish.
A one-night truce
When the league was dumbfounded early the next day,
A tall wall appeared along the coastline in the morning fog.
No one expected that the orc leader would have such a strong mind-more than 200,000 orcs tore down all the transport ships in one night, and then the ship wood built a coastal defense line consisting of three wooden fences.
Not only did you build a defensive tribe, but you also adjusted your main attack direction.
Lothar was hit by the tribe. When all the top ten clans attacked Thule Boetcher, Lothar turned blue, and King Terenas didn’t even know when to lose his staff.
Dark Gate, April 1, 2002
Duke found it ironic that the fire resistance of the Rili tribe was quite high, and the Blackstone clan orc striker captured the small town of Thule Boetcher in Lordaeron at one fell swoop, and Thule Boetcher built a huge walled city and fought against the alliance.
The leader of this tribal army was worried after the French broke through the guards of Lordaeron’s royal family.
To the north, they captured Lordaeron, and to the east, the French defense line was Lake Lordaeron. The Lordaeron battleship cruised the lake and shelled all the tribal ships. To the south, the whole Shadow Tooth Castle was the best nail to death, so that the tribe could not move forward.
Chapter 323 Dragon’s breath rings and gold is two thousand (for subscription)
Fff artificial dragon breath launcher is referred to as "dragon breath spray"
Dark Gate 2 years Nothing is more epoch-making than this thing.
This is the first time in human history that cheap scientific and technological products have surpassed the magic field.
Although it has many limitations, such as inconvenient transportation and difficult oil refining, no one can deny that without it, the tribe has already reached Lordaeron and clamored for King Terenas to come out and cut off his head and kick it for the orcs.
Whether King Terenas admits Duke saved it again or not, and saved the Union again.
Of course, there are still quite a lot of this stuff.
For example, it lingers on the battlefield like smog for many days without defocusing. For example, once the word "coke" appears in the military camp, a group of people immediately vomit. Oh, it’s vomiting and vomiting, throwing up all the breakfast yesterday.
The military camp had to be vegetarian for three days in a row.
For example, no guy with a big heart can control this kind of terror.
Lothar went to commend the heroes who saved the Union.
I was surprised to find that all the flamethrowers were storm veterans who had once retired due to injuries. Maybe they had a broken hand or a lame leg. According to the previous practice, they were either abandoned to die or abandoned during the retreat.
"My wife was torn in half by an orc hand, and my child was burned alive by an orc. The church is very, very grateful to Marcus Pavilion for giving me a second life so that I can make those damn green skins taste the same."
"I was in the militia with my son. I watched my son get bitten by a dying orc and fall into a burning room. Since these animals made my child suffer undeserved pain, please allow me to give the inferno to this group of people who should go to hell."
They are stronger than hatred.
Even though this immature weapon will always have various situations, they still chose to pick up the hand flamethrower.
Lothar was in awe.
On the other hand, Dalaran is the most active in this epoch-making weapon. Although they frantically demand all the data of Duke’s conditional artificial dragon breath transmitter, Macaro is not humble.
"Conditions? But! Let Dalaran Library go from sunrise care to master apprentice’s handwriting department first, then we can consider one. "
"This is impossible!"
"Then this is also my Lord’s reply-the youngest Morningstar mage, Duke Karazan of Storm Kingdom and Duke Marcus Pavilion, deputy commander-in-chief of the Alliance-this is impossible!"
Macaro was more angry with exorcist than the official reply, especially after naming Duke’s distinguished status.
If it were someone else, Dalaran might be determined to hack him, but don’t forget that Duke is followed by Anduin and Ryan Losa, the alliance commander, and Urien is the storm king. There is a nearly complete storm kingdom behind them, and hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians live next door to you.
If you dare to do this, we will overthrow the alliance and kill you first, Dalaran.

However, when Maohua chopped out this knife, the teenager was negligent and stepped back before the long knife.

This is the sound made by the tip of the Maohua sword rubbing against the young spirit.
When two people collide under pressure, no one can break through the other side and return with success.
When Mao Hua’s long knife missed his body, the teenager stepped on his feet and threw a knife again and cut it obliquely.
"so fast"
Mao Hua’s eyes shrank slightly to one side of his body to hide the blow, while the long knife pulled back and cut a knife again.
This knife split into the other person’s shoulder, but this knife reached the top and just fell on the teenager and already evaded.
He reacted …
Root without thinking is a body conscious response.
When the knife fell behind, he hid and then swung the knife to Mao Hua’s head.
However, Maohua has long expected to step on the body and jump back to avoid this knife.
Maohua jumped up to hide from him, swung and chopped instantly, and the young man cut out the knife and stopped, then flew and rushed out with a knife.
It’s too fast.
Half of Mao Hua’s body was stopped by a horizontal knife, and Mao Hua was directly bounced out.
More wood to recover again is a knife chop.
Mao Hua’s body fell, his feet stepped on the ground and raised his knife.
Mao Hua’s feet directly pulled out two soil marks.
This is not just a flower idea, but also a snow letter idea.
At this time, Xuexin stood in the distance and watched the two men fight on the back.
He came to the wooded area seven days ago, so that he could find a more wood blade, and then he locked his spirit pressure, and then he left the wooded area and waited in the distance.
Xuexin lived on wild fruit for six days.
Just now, Xuexin felt two huge spiritual pressures, and the explosion in the distance immediately made the ability close to observe the two men fighting.
Too strong.
Maohua burst into strength that she had never seen before, and now she is a different person than when she fought with herself when she released water.
But even so, Maohua actually fell off in the battle with Gengmu.
Unsealed wood blade is so powerful.
Snow letter looked at two people in the battlefield filled with horror.
Chapter one hundred and ninety Ignore
Raindrops continue to fall, but flowers and trees still fight.
With the explosion of spiritual pressure and the fragmentation of the ground, the two collided again.
Dang dang dang dang.
Two people split out a dozen knives instantly, leaving a series of ghosting images in the arms and long knives, and the sound didn’t ring until the two were separated.
Swish swish.
The two men’s body shape changed and they fought several times, but the damage was caused to him and the department was blocked.
Very impressive
Mao Hua’s eyes are filled with joy. He is very powerful, and his strength, pressure, speed and reaction department are not inferior to himself.
He is the most suitable opponent for himself.
Generate in joy.

"Yes, sir. What is this?" Muhuan also pretended to be puzzled.

Changfeng Yu is a heavy face. I never thought that thyme would say such a thing.
"Everyone knows that Yelan is much weaker than Xueman than Xilin and Khmer. Who will support a royal family who can’t tell when it will be wiped out at this time?" Bai Li Mo Xu Guan explained, "Besides, although the night haze and the snow man are both weak, the night haze has just combined Xilin to destroy Wuxia and defeated the snow man, which gives people a little stronger feeling than the snow man. What’s more, I heard that the night haze was only fourteen years old when the vision came down, and suddenly there was a big increase in reading Wang Yexiu. No one knows what happened in this. Presumably, the aristocratic families will keep a wait-and-see attitude towards the night haze, but I’m afraid they will just abandon the snow man!"
"Miss Qiu and her business partner are private confidants. Since Yu Gong is so awake today, you also think that the girl should consider Yu Gong’s suggestion that the so-called Junjie Girl Fire Xuan Army must choose a good wood to live in."
Thyme devoted to the heat here deliberately pretended not to see Changfeng Yu and Changfeng Muyu’s face turned black. After staring at Muhuan, he was full of confidence. "If the girl doesn’t like you, the situation is not good at this time. It is best not to curry favor with the royal family. If the girl has a heart, it is necessary to join hands with Xilin and Khmer to choose one of the best. Don’t choose the declining royal family like Xueman."
"Sir is too look down upon the snow diffuse? !” Changfeng dusk rain when I heard that I couldn’t help but be angry. "Snow Man has just lost the battle, but the camel is thinner than Martha. How can a night haze be better than snow Man? Besides, isn’t Xue Man going to marry Khmer? How did Mr. Wang know that Khmer would not help Sherman? If the night haze and the snow are at war, who will win or lose? "
MuHuan a pair of all ears in the heart secretly funny this Mr. Nine is belly black know Changfeng Yu and Changfeng MuYu identity also know Changfeng Yu said that words just want to woo himself, but he insisted on pretending to be what also don’t know what kind of words make Changfeng Yu and Changfeng MuYu feel uncomfortable. It’s reasonable to let people find nothing wrong with it. Chapter 300 Maintenance Sir!
"This wall is made of stone. It must have left a small gap so that gas can flow in. Otherwise, don’t say it’s normal breathing. It’s impossible to light a candle." Muhuan saw that the flame of the candle was shaking, but he also determined that he guessed that it must be the direction of gas behind this wall
Moreover, his jade beds are placed close to the wall, and this jade bed just keeps a little distance from the wall, so a person who is not fat or thin can walk over.
It doesn’t really matter to Mu Huan whether the ai ancestral tomb is behind the wall. Where there is energy, there must be an exit. She is not interested in finding the weapon, and she has never thought about waking up these zombies and ghosts. She is bent on getting out of here and finding an exit.
"If there is a tomb behind this wall, there must be a hint from this wall. Let’s look again!" Thyme devoted to Xin has clearly seen the hope, and her eyes lit up, and she searched the wall inch by inch in the direction indicated by the arrow. She also looked at him and saw that the expressions of the master and servant were both excited and nervous.
Compared with Aho and Sogeum, many of them are relatively calm. They are accompanied by Muhuan and are forced to pull people. If they are not worried that the unknown opportunities will be completely ruined here, they will bury themselves forever. Maybe they would have been angry with Fire Xuan and Nini. Now that they are close to the tomb, let Changfeng Muyu find it for himself.
"Is this it? !” After repeatedly looking at the wall twice, Bai Li Mo Xin pointed to a certain place and said, "It seems that there is no difference between here and other places, but I always feel that it is more sunken than other places. It seems that I can cover my hand."
"You mean here is the tomb machine? !” Changfeng dusk rain sounds a little trembling.
"Qiu girl, do you want to also have a look? !” Li Mo Xin looked back at Muhuan and wondered if he thought it would be more sure for Muhuan to confirm for a while.
"No need, Mo Gong and the main palace think it is, so it must be." Muhuan smiled and shook her head. She had just communicated with Baili Mo Xu, but when she couldn’t find the entrance, she forcibly pushed down the wall and entered the tomb to find the way out. Did Baili Mo Xin and Changfeng Muyu find it right for her? Of course, these two people are crazy, and they will be very careful to get the military code. How can they easily leave their lives here?
"Why don’t we look at other walls? !” After all, Bai Li Mo Xin came out cautiously, took the candle from Huo Xuan’s hand, and ran to another wall to try it. The flame shaking was really not so bad, and then he came back and hesitated. A pair of long winds and rainy days nodded, "Come on!"
Yeah, I’ve come here. What if I don’t move forward? Maybe it’s death to gamble, maybe everything will be met, and hu, a hundred miles away, dares to gamble with his life.
Changfeng and Muyu reached out and carefully covered the sunken place, then added force to press and listen, and the wall automatically cracked slowly from here, and a gust of wind blew out from behind the wall.
"This is it!" Changfeng dusk rain eyes are straight in the sound with great joy stepped in first.
Muhuan and others followed the wall and closed it behind them. The tomb was not big, but there was nothing but a bed of cold jade. Of course, there was a man in his forties lying on the bed of cold jade, dressed in a white suit, with his eyes closed and his hands crossed on his chest.
"ai…… … face? !” The portrait of ai Zu, in which the wind and the rain are chattering, has naturally seen the sleeping man in front of her and the person in the portrait is obviously the same.
"He is holding something in his hand and seems to be holding something in his hand!" From entering this stone room, Li Mo Xin quickly swept around. For example, the root of the wall can’t hide anything, and it’s probably the ai ancestor.
"That seems to be!" Changfeng Sunset Rain looked down and looked up at Muhuan. "The palace didn’t lie to you, right? This should be ai Zumi’s imperial edict. There are many magical prescriptions here for the doctor. I believe Miss Qiu and Su Menzhu must be very interested."
"If there is really a elixir of immortality, it is estimated that many people will be interested, right? ! Isn’t this more attractive than the sky? " She didn’t say the last part of Muhuan’s lip corner, that is, wouldn’t it be better if she could get heaven and live forever? So she won’t believe that this long wind and rain will really give this doctor to herself.
"He should be a military symbol in his hand!" Thyme devoted to Xin also looked down at the moment and looked up after hearing what Muhuan said. "This military symbol is made of some black metal."
"Great, I finally found it!" Changfeng said the sunset rain will reach for it, but see MuHuan made an expression of eyes, and the fire Xuan hand reached out and decided that there would be no more movement.
"Qiu girl, what do you mean? !” The wind and the rain suddenly changed his face, and Bai Li Mo Xin also turned black. "Do you want this military symbol, too?"
"The girl is not interested in the sky!" Muhuan smiled and shook his head, fire Xuan proudly shook his tail and walked upright, one step away from Changfeng, Muyu and Baili Mo Xin, raised his paw and blew a sigh, which looked like warning and contempt.
"That you want to be so to the palace? !” I can hear some anger at the long wind and dusk rain. "Are you worried that the palace won’t give you this doctor? You can rest assured that the palace has always kept its word and will never break its word! "
"Really? !” MuHuan words with a hint of sarcasm "princess temple is really dare to say dare to do otherwise how could I be here today? But don’t worry, I’m not interested in your military symbol and I’m not interested in that doctor. I want to get out of here alive! "
"If you want me to get the military code, we can leave! Maybe you and I will wake up Yong Jun at this time? " Changfeng and Muyu quickly explained, "No, I won’t. It’s not time to wake them up yet. I’m here today to get this military symbol!"
"Princess Hall, should I say that you are too naive or that you are too naive?" Mu Huan’s sarcasm deepened. "I’ve always been a wise man in the Princess Hall, but now it seems that you are still not the ai ? ? ancestor in front of this military symbol!"
"What do you mean?" Changfeng dusk rain one leng thyme devoted to xin also leng.
"You can think about the ai ? ? ancestors must let Yong Jun guard his tomb? Must the military symbol be in the ai ancestral tomb? " Muhuan looked at the man lying on the cold jade bed, and he had to admire him in his heart.
"Because the Yong army is loyal to the ai ancestors, they will protect the ai ancestors." Changfeng and the rain frowned
"Because the Yong army is awakened by the call of the ai ancestor, the ai ancestor of the Yong army will wake up with the Yong army and win the sky together. Is that right, Miss Qiu?" Bai Li Mo Xin seems to have realized something.
"Yes, I think it’s not difficult for us to find the tomb along the way, but getting the military symbol to wake up the Yong army may also wake up the ai ancestor. At that time, can we still have a way? Is Yongjun listening to us or listening to this ai ancestor? " Here MuHuan eyes deep deep "will all this is the ai progenitor calculation? Does he want one of his descendants to come here because of greed and desire for heaven, so as to wake him up and make him reborn? !”
"impossible!" Changfeng dusk rain drink a "this is just your speculation! Ai Zu has died. How can he be awakened and reborn? "
"Princess Hall, you are so naive!" MuHuan don’t angry is laughing "since ai progenitor can’t rebirth that you those brave army is sleeping? Are you sure they’re still alive? Which mortal can live hundreds of years on this day? They’re already dead! Didn’t you just find out that although they look like living people, how can they be living without breathing or heartbeat? "

His brother just greeted him-he was so disrespectful to return the compliment. Jun Chen said that he deserved a generation of hard work, which was really irritating!

"Aye, three lords, don’t fire. I often add roses and peonies to Junshan Yinzhen tea, which has just made tea. I think you can’t be more comfortable at this moment." Nangong Yi smiled and gave them a cup of tea before slowly opening his eyes.
"I know that the Nangong family is rich, but I don’t want the Nangong master to be such a gentle person. Jin Xuan has seen it today." A beautiful woman rang behind Jun Chen.
This reminds Nangong of the fact that no one has heard the charm of this female voice first, and the eyebrows are curved and tender when laughing, just like a hibiscus flower in the morning mist
"Clear water leaves hibiscus to be carved naturally" is not enough to shape the face of this woman in front of her. She is dressed in a plain white skirt, and her eyes are like a clear water with a clear air.
This extraordinary female beauty is not like people saying that she is a heavenly girl, but the Nangong Yi can’t help but look at her eyes. Jiang Jinxuan also happens to look at him. In an instant, a stream seems to be all over him, and he can’t help but slightly hook his lips.
It’s not that the mall smiles on purpose, nor that he always smiles, but that he smiles from the heart.
Only such a light, beautiful and soul-stirring woman can make him feel a little throbbing and calm, and Bo Xin Lake actually swings in circles.
After greeting the Nangong, I asked everyone to sit down, which fully showed that the etiquette of his host’s hospitality was not worse than that of the palace.
The Nangong family are also well-trained to walk without a sound, and they all went back quietly when they learned that the Lord was interested.
Nangong Yi is still so coquettish, shaking his folding fan and looking at Jun Chen. "Why don’t the Dagong go to the Three Treasures Hall and say it’s happening again today?"
"If the state treasury is empty, I won’t talk about it. If it is next to it, I am interested in listening."
"Bah! My master will borrow money from you. Dream on! " Feng Ling tucao expressed disdain.
Jiang Jinxuan frowned and looked at Feng Ling. Ling Yan was smart enough to kick Glide in the low voice. "Master, you can interrupt! Give it to me! "
Mu Junze held his forehead and Jun Chen drank tea for a long time but finally said, "Have you seen Lin Yu recently?"
So this is it!
Nangong Yi fanned and laughed. "I haven’t seen you, but I think I’ll see you soon."
Mu Junze "Today? What a coincidence? "
Even Jiang Jinxuan was surprised to ask, "Did Master Nangong arrange it long ago?"
Jun Chen’s mouth moved and stared at the Nangong Yi’s fine eyes to know what he was thinking.
The nangongshan recalled Jiang Jinxuan asking her not to be so happy!
But he didn’t show it at all. He knocked on the fan and said, "I think it’s a muxiu day. I don’t want to go to work. I haven’t put it up yet. Please invite Lin Yu to come and play."
MuJunZe pack up just despise the nangongshan have also admire him in my heart.
No wonder his brother said that they might get more information by coming to Nangong Yi before palace examination.
This Nangong remembers that he is about their age, but he doesn’t know how much better than them. He can think everything without him, and he is not sure without him.
"Since Dagong came out today, it’s better to enjoy the scenery in my garden and then we’ll talk about palace examination, the palace of political affairs …" The Nangong Yi had to discuss with Jun Chen about it with a spirit.
Jun Chen’s beautiful face shows no expression, and there is a charade that both of them can understand. "There is no need to talk about palace examination again, but it can be changed."
The nangongshan have a face of black heart sigh this play big.
No, he’s not dead, but he has to go and do this.
If I let my master know about it thousands of miles away, I’ll have to beat him to take off a layer of skin when I go back.
"Sloppy-"Jiang Jinxuan hid his face and smiled. "Master Nangong is miraculous. At the moment, it seems that he is begging his cousin for something that he can’t cope with?"
The nangongshan have "…" This call him how to say!
He was very happy to be noted by the goddess, but he was very unhappy to note and despise him.
Nangong Yi is hiding her face from the goddess Jiang Jinxuan when she hears a careless voice breaking in. "Nangong Yi! You’d better hide again! "
Lin Yu, dressed in a sky-blue robe, stepped in front of everyone with angry eyes. She couldn’t wait to eat the Nangong memory, but she bit her tongue after seeing the full courtyard.
"You, you, you, you … how did you do this?" Lin Yu became Lickitung.
Mu Junze scoffed, "We naturally. Why are you here?"
Jun Chen, the second inn attendant, gave Lin Yuyu a hairpin. In the eyes of Jun Chen and others, Lin Yu, a little thing, had just the right hairpin, and she passed the examination on her own and obtained the qualification of palace examination. She would probably guess that their status was either expensive or important.
And this dependence of hers …
Everyone’s ideas are not flattering.
Only Nangong Yi greeted her warmly with a pair of old friends and greeted her to introduce Jun Chen to her. "This is the Dagong you have seen."
Lin Yu was terrified from the moment she saw Jun Chen. At this time, she couldn’t refute the Nangong’s recollection. She was so dressed today that she was on a patrol. Of course, she couldn’t discover her identity. Besides, she still has to pretend that she doesn’t know their identity. They usually say hello, but there is a little more respect in it.
Jun Chen nodded faintly, and Nangong Yi was about to introduce Mu Junze, but Lin Yu beat him to say "I have seen Sangong".
Mu Junze was slightly surprised but Lin Yu laughed. "I shouldn’t have said anything wrong when I heard the Dagong call you your third brother that day."

"Three Thousand Dragons and Thunder Boxing in the converging attack on Wushu", a Han Chen’s face is suddenly cold, and his eyes are filled with a bit of fanaticism. This converging attack on Wushu was created by him not long ago, but it has not been officially used against it. This time, he also decided to put it to good use.

Scratching …
Han Chen’s fists exploded, and Han Chen’s front trembled and spread. The golden dragons flashed and fluctuated of the earth, and then they condensed into a golden dragon with thunder luster.
The martial arts of converging attack has changed a lot.
Body flashing Han Chen body into a black arc was suddenly slammed into the black common severely.
The golden dragon’s black sword hit hard, and bursts of energy storms kept exploding and shocking.
Bang …
Impressive explosion rang out a body flash slightly pale hair looks very messy is Korea Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine Black corpse sword.
"What? The door owner was actually injured? "
Seeing Han Chen’s hands, those Han men’s younger brothers’ faces have changed a little. Looking at the whole body’s breath, Han Chen’s face is a little scared.
"Brother Han Chen, shall we continue?" The corners of the mouth slightly raise Chen Tiannan’s face with a touch of disdain. Of course, although his qualifications have made him pay enough attention to the potential before him, he can’t pose a threat to himself at present. Of course, this is his personal opinion.
"Brother Chen Tiannan is really a good means, but my younger brother has not lost now and I don’t like to have a contest without an ending, so I think we should go on." Smiling indifferently, Han Chen’s pale face disappeared and was replaced by a flush.
"In that case, let’s continue with Han Chen’s younger brother." Seeing Han Chen still doesn’t intend to stop. Chen Tiannan’s heart is also repeatedly sneering and swearing.
Bang …
A light drink Han Chen Zhou’s vitality is running again, and his whole body is constantly flowing, scratching and ringing, and Han Chen’s figure is also exploding and flashing at the former.
Whew …
A black shadow cut through the air and brought up a ripple of vitality. Then Han Chen’s figure suddenly became one, two, two, ten …
Suddenly, this high platform is filled with black figures.
Three thousand phantoms
At this time, Han Chen has developed three thousand phantoms to the extreme and differentiated three thousand phantoms.
"Extraordinary incarnation" in the air, a sound kept echoing, and immediately three thousand phantoms flashed into an illusory figure, which made Han Chen look different.
"Teacher younger brother, this is really bad." Seeing the black illusory figure in front of him, Chen Tiannan’s face also changed slightly, but he found that Han Chen’s real body had disappeared.
"Hum" cold hum a Chen Tiannan corners of the mouth slightly lift and then move his mind between the eyes of the earth soul force like spring water burst out immediately is scattered in all directions to find Han Chen shape.
"Huh?" Face slightly changed that Chen Tiannan was shocked than this time. Not only did his soul force not find Han Chen’s true place, but his soul force also disappeared.
Whew …
At this time, a buzz rang out immediately, and the black illusory figure slammed into the Chen Tiannan.
"Carving a worm" heart smile Chen Tiannan right palm is suddenly leaned out of the black vitality suddenly gathered followed by the illusory shape that has already appeared in front of him.
Bang …
Illusory figure Chen Tiannan this palm is also a rapid explosion all over the sky vitality floating disappear.
Seeing yourself so easily is to break away from Han Chen’s attack on Chen Tiannan, but it’s a stiff face after hearing the incoming sound.
"Brother Chen Tiannan, we are fighting now."
Words fall a golden pike is also a fine sign to stab Chen Tiannan.

"I’m on horseback," said the demon. "Let’s continue on our way!"

Ziyun proudly nodded and sat in front of me.
Although she is close at hand, I feel that her heart is so far away, as if the stars touch her, so desperate that it has never been me, and I want her to be so desperate.
Horseshoe quickly resounded through the half-whistling wind, passing by the ear.
I know she’s nervous, but I’m not nervous because I’m trying my best to send her to another person’s arms!
I think I must be crazy! But I can’t find a reason to stop this madness.
The first time I saw her heart, Ren Huang Junyi, he was unconscious and there was a naked woman beside him. Ziyun was so shocked and painful that I didn’t understand what her chaos and struggle made me realize that there would be as much pain as there was to love someone.
The dead woman didn’t have anything to do with the unconscious emperor Junyi, so she was poisoned by his poisonous body.
Fortunately, she calmed down, but the subsequent injury finally inclined to my heart.
Ziyun proudly asked her body to save him, which was the last blind drug introduction.
Junya took him to the outside of Biyue Hot Spring at her request, because she has incredible power in the water and they can touch each other.
I’m scared, I’m angry and I can’t take her away, but I can’t …
I can hand her over to another person myself.
Every minute of that night seemed as long as a thousand years and ten thousand years, and my pain was limited and lengthened, as if the root method stopped the sadness from invading my world. After all, I handed her over to another person, which was contrary to my original intention, but I couldn’t find a reason not to let her continue.
Because I can see how eager she is in her heart, and I know that everything she goes through is at such a moment, and if it fails, she will be devastated.
I don’t even know why I will gradually fall into such a humble position. Maybe it’s because I put myself in such an embarrassing and humble position. If I turn around, I can go anywhere and be loved, but I will stick to it. It’s impossible.
Because I can’t lose, I always get angry with myself. It must be that I hurt someone before the day falls. Give me a newspaper. Chapter 144: Demons are charming. 33
I’m sad. I’m lying on the tree outside Biyue Hot Spring and staring at the stars.
At that moment, I didn’t know what I was thinking, maybe I just wanted her to fulfill her wish, maybe I didn’t think anything, maybe I felt a little tired, maybe I tried everything, but I finally figured out that I wanted to be so humble but I didn’t leave.
If you feel pain, you can’t live without it, but your body seems to freeze there
I think I can be a guardian and stare at her like this, and let her do what she wants, that’s all.
I think it must have been more than a million years. I waited numb until it was calm.
When she finally came out, the stone seemed to roll over several mountains, but it seemed to weigh me down more.
Lian Er transformed into a human form, just like the fate I gave her was opened. We have so many fetters that we can’t be the only one who loves her in my heart, right?
The mark of Ziyun’s proud face disappeared. I think it was probably because her body seal was broken. She looked so beautiful as if all the stars were dumped by her, but I know she is more beautiful in the water than she is now.
And for the first time, I saw the emperor Junyi. The young man in front of me has a cherry blossom mark flashing. I can see that he is talented and white. He is a proud man, which is why he looks even more humble.
I know that happiness is moving towards them, and I should bless …
But I can bless you
But I can still guard because I know I won’t leave.
After six kings, she begged the holy emperor to get married, and the temple was even more contested by him. I know that Aoer has divine power, and maybe even she doesn’t know that she has such a powerful ability. This ability should be lucky for her.
Six kings, who have always been sickly, unexpectedly went back to the immortal exile and completed a shocking reversal. It was originally asserted that the ghost king, who was twenty years old, had recovered!
Just when everyone mocked Aoer and disdained that she was a match for the six kings, she showed her beauty in front of everyone!
I’m afraid that moment was a shock.
Waste is no longer waste.
Sick seedlings are no longer medicine pots.
The ugly girl is as beautiful as a fairy.
The perfect match was born.
They turned China upside down from now on
From that moment on, I knew that I was getting farther and farther away from her. I actually felt that I would rather be the king’s landing, but I could snatch the opportunity to get married for her, even if I failed.
But I’m a demon with a thousand charms, and my pride and self-esteem don’t allow me to do this. I always keep my dignity on the surface and don’t let her think that I’m so humble, even though I know I’m already humble to the dust.
I’m proud, I’m proud, I’m beautiful, I’m gifted, I’m a demon, I used to be proud, I’m proud, I’ve been humble, but I have to keep to the surface, absolute beauty. That’s how I deceive myself.

"Listen to you!" This time, Li Fu didn’t object, but smiled without hesitation and promised to even smile at each other.

On October 21st, pedestrians arrived in Beijing.
Li Fu, Lian Fangzhou and Zhou Yan all have some regrets and sighs about going to Beijing again.
Lianze and others have already found a place to live, and found three places in a middle-class residential area in the north city, which are not close to each other in different lanes. Once something happens, they can support each other and retreat separately.
"Injustice temple! Please stay here for the time being! " Li Fu is very sorry.
Although the hospital is neat and clean, it is just neat and clean, which is really wronged for Zhou Yan.
Zhou Yan gave a smile "general lee don’t say so! This is nothing! "
Said several people together.
At this time, it is inconvenient to meet each other during the day, and even Ze has got the news that they have arrived. Come and get together at the party.
Discuss it later. According to the division of labor agreed in Nanhai City, each person is responsible for his own part.
In a few days, the king of Laomin County and Cui Shaoxi will appear in front of people, making it look like the king of Laomin County traveled in other places and brought Cui Shaoxi back to Beijing together.
The king of Laomin County always likes to make friends with young people. Cui Shaoxi is a handsome and outstanding man. It is not doubtful that the king of Laomin County will walk with him.
Old Min County King Status I believe King Li will be so happy that his nose will be crooked when he returns to Beijing!
Similarly, Cui Shaoxi is born in a noble family and is a princess. The royal family is inextricably linked. At this time, he will be welcomed by King Li of Beijing.
As expected, the follow-up development of Laomin County King and Cui Shaoxi’s return to Beijing has greatly boosted the spirit of King Li and attracted all kinds of kindness and favor from them!
Who dares to speak if the king of Laomin County agrees with his imperial clan with a nod?
The value of Cui Shaoxi’s family behind him is also immeasurable.
In Zhu Sangong’s interest in making friends with Cui Shaoxi, it soon became common for him to get in and out of Zhu Fu.
Where’s the king of Laomin County? Naturally, I asked the king of glass about the change of the former capital with a dignified look and doubts.
Of course, Li Wang said "wronged!" Although the king of Laomin County didn’t believe him, he was silent and didn’t refute him.
In Wang Li’s view, if the king of Laomin County doesn’t speak fiercely and openly oppose himself, it will be equivalent to tacit support.
On the contrary, if he takes the initiative to identify himself and accepts his explanation, that’s not right. Chapter 148 Back to Beijing.
Lian Fangzhou and Lian Ze’s shops and firms have become the best sources of information.
Li Fu-hu, Da Hai, Lian Che, etc. made an analysis according to the current situation in Beijing and the situation of the courtiers, and then secretly contacted the former Taiyi Party and the former army headquarters. Now they have both certain strength and been suppressed by King Li.
We need to be careful about this matter, and we can’t breathe a word about what we have planned, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable! Therefore, it is easier said than done, but it is very exhausting and requires careful handling everywhere.
Ding Taifu has also been invited and coerced by the king of glass to get to the capital, but he refused to enter the center to educate people in the Imperial Academy.
Nature is the first contact person.
And the king and princess of the county
Not to mention the fact that Lian Fangzhou, the princess of the county, is excellent and her children are in-laws. The two of them are sure to help Lian Fangzhou Li Fu.
It is precisely because the princess of Liujun even the princess of Fangzhou did not dare to move because of her status as a princess of the North. Her queen’s family didn’t give anything to Liujun Wangfu. Naturally, it is indispensable to keep the king of Liujun and the princess of Liujun. How can they not return the color when they have the opportunity?
There is nothing better than keeping the king of the county. He has a wide range of friends and is good at dancing with long sleeves and a little trouble. It is extremely difficult for him to hide it if he has a heart.
What surprised Lian Fangzhou most was that he ran into Sun!
At first glance, Sun saw that they were pleasantly surprised. Even Fang Zhou and Li Fu didn’t hide what she had done when she returned to Beijing.
Sun was not surprised when he heard this, but smiled and said, "I knew that General Li was by no means going to occupy Nanhai County and be a carefree local tyrant as he said in the DPRK today! I guess you will definitely come back, but I didn’t expect to come back so soon! "
Even Fang Zhou and Li Fu smiled and felt warm in their hearts.
Sun Yiyang raised his eyebrows and solemnly said, "If you need any help, just ask!"
See even Fang Zhou and Li Fu zheng show hesitation color sun moreover ran a smile to say with smile "what? Don’t you trust me? "
"no! Absolutely not! " Even fangzhou consciousness blurted out that Li Fu picked his eyebrows and Sun ourtenant looked at himself. "Sun Dage, we appreciate your kindness!" But now that you and Miss Su have a good life, I really don’t want to involve you and I don’t want to … involve Sue’s family. "
After all, the world has the word absolute, but there is no absolute thing.
Although they have a thorough plan and a great chance of success, who can guarantee it before the dust settles?
The more important it is, the more it is not allowed to neglect even a grain of dust. It is this truth that a thousand miles of embankment was destroyed in an ant nest!
Su Xiner has never been at odds with herself. Even though she married Sun, even if her Sun had heard of it, it would be harmonious. But even Fang Zhou knows that the proud and arrogant young lady is still upset about the past. She has never been relieved of herself!
Once Sun gets involved, Su Xiner’s wife has a great chance of finding out about it.
If she finds out, the big lady is temperamental and God knows what she will do!
Even if it is a possible loophole, even Fangzhou and Li Fu will never let this happen.
After listening to her Su Jiasun put her words in her head, she understood.
I can’t help but smile lightly. "I’m not afraid to tell you that I have already left Beijing and returned to my hometown!"
Even Fang Zhou accidentally opened his eyes to see Sun’s light smile with a touch of bitterness, which was inconvenient for him to ask for advice. He never dreamed that he would have a moment of confusion with himself and didn’t know what to say.
Sun Yi said with a smile, "It’s a deal. I still live in the original place. If I have something to do, I’ll call someone to contact me. The Imperial Academy is the leading scholar of heaven, and it will represent which side the scholar of heaven is leaning. Although I am incompetent, I know quite a few scholars. I can also persuade one or two if necessary."
Even Fang Zhou couldn’t brush his good opinion again. Li Fu nodded slightly and smiled.
It’s just that it’s not convenient for them to do too much contact with Dr. Ding, but it’s much more convenient to have Sun!
Because of the bad luck of the country in the past year, King Li has become more and more eager to whitewash the peace. During the Chinese New Year, he ordered the government to decorate the whole capital with flowers and splendor, and ordered the government to organize a grand Lantern Festival. At that time, there will not only be countless colorful lanterns, but also fireworks and people will enjoy the peace and prosperity together!
Zhou Yan listened with a sneer at what a glass king is! What a hypocritical face!
However, Lian Fangzhou put it beautifully. "This is his last carnival, so let him be presumptuous once!"