Feelings brewed by years are like spirits, and they almost burn out the whole Xianju.

Stay for a while, the breeze will wash away the outside with a clear spring, and the whole fairy palace will give a refreshing and pleasant breath again.
A moment later, Baiyunlou Ziyan walked out of the gate of Fairy Palace hand in hand, overlooking the lush new world in front of him, and his eyes overflowed with joy.
"Cloud floor this time you and I are out of line …"
"The venerable sir is powerful and proficient in the evil work of taking possession of her house. We are also protecting ourselves. Now you and I are mixed together, and it is impossible for her to take possession of her house again … Besides, you are now my white couple, as well as A Niang and Yue Lao, who have witnessed it."
A little meal at Baiyun Tower was handed to Ziyan by taking a letter.
"This is the sunrise to school sister, reciprocate hey hey …"
"reciprocate … it’s rare for Chaoyang to remember the hospital today."
Ziyan was about to open the envelope when she stopped halfway, and with a somewhat playful smile in her eyes, she said, "I didn’t let my senior brother read this letter in the morning sun, so I kept it for myself."
"You ….." Although the mouth of Baiyun Tower says Naiyan’s eyes are full of spoiled words, he lifts his sleeve and blows his eyes, and immediately reveals the gray scene outside the sand fairy treasure.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and twenty-two Love by the clock
It was quite lively outside the sand fairy treasure just now, but the lecture hall was deserted at this time.
With the overflow of Xianbao Yin-Yang Qi-Qi, there is only a magic lotus stand supporting an ice crystal barrier, and a faint sound is heard.
At present, the sacred lotus enchantment seems powerful, but it is difficult to stop the magical power of Baiyun Tower.
After a double cultivation of yin and yang, a huge amount of too much qi was derived, and half of it was poured into the eyebrows by the Baiyun Tower, which made the eye pass completely transformed and broke through to the divine realm.
After jumping into the divine realm, the celestial eye is more powerful than the avenue, and all kinds of things can be seen at a glance, and the eyes and minds are like a hole in a virtual channel, and the spirit can fall with the thoughts.
Just look at the outside world for a moment, Baiyun Tower has deduced several magical powers.
In this way, the snow-colored petals in the main hall of Xuelian fluttered with the wind, which was what the spirit of Bai Dazhao changed.
This petal fluctuates with the mind, but it can be controlled with the mind, so that it can more truly perceive all the movements of the main hall.
The golden cicada in the main hall is still in a chaotic state and should be on the verge of breaking through the boundary, while Manluo is placed in the lotus platform of the Saint Lotus Venerable’s daily practice.
Shenglian is not surprised by the Baiyun Tower in the main hall, but sighs lightly that "Shenglian has gone this road of no return after all, and it’s really a karmic cycle …"
"The two friends …"
"The Buddhist teacher younger brother dharma number Jin Chan, this is Manluo, a kindred spirit. Manluo’s pool will be re-entered into the Buddhist small world if the opportunity arises …"
After a little meal, Baiyun Tower went on to say, "I accidentally took a look at Manluo’s road before, and that chance should be the body of the sacred lotus."
At the same time, Luo’s face suddenly twisted strangely and turned into a sacred lotus honour person.
"So that’s it. This holy lotus is more powerful than Buddhism, and she is proficient in the magical power of Buddhism. Her side of the boundary can really use red-violet industry to refine her karma. If it weren’t for the sand, Xianbao is a world of its own, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to escape it. After all, my brother has a way …" Ziyan didn’t worry too much about Monroe’s situation when she knew his brother’s temperament.
Upon hearing this, Baiyun Tower was in a big mood and couldn’t help but answer the words, "I have been a young monk for three years to get close to this place. It’s nothing. Not long ago, I sang poetry and danced sword in front of the holy lotus. It’s really very difficult to get in …"
Even so, the eyebrows are somewhat hard to hide.
Zi Yan Nai smiled and gently pulled a brother’s sleeve and woke up softly. "Man Luo’s spiritual knowledge should be in the way, right?"
"Naturally hinder ….." Talk Baiyun Lou also immediately primly replied with waking up "Brother once sent these two younger brothers and sisters, each with a number of specially refined Xuanyin beads, which can be regarded as a successful cause, and once Shenglian integrates knowledge into Manluo Dharma, if there is no retreat …"
At the same time, there was a trace of surprise on the taxiing face of the holy lotus, and then the surprise turned into panic
"It is natural to have flaws in the evil deeds such as taking possession of others. The practitioner should not only find the dharma body that fits the soul, but also need to consume the host for a certain number of years …"
In the middle of Baiyunlou’s speech, Zi Yan has already understood the reason, and said, "Man Luo will live a long life, and once this evil skill is used, it will trap the host for a period of time."
"It is this holy lotus that is also worried about being seized by karma. Most of the incarnations still have a trace of residual soul. Just now, I secretly connected several ways to know the middle knowledge."
Sighing a while later, Baiyun Tower then sighed with emotion, "In this situation, when Manluo herself chose to send her that flower on the other side, she once felt that the wood she was obsessed with had taken the opportunity to break the boundary here, and this teacher Manluo’s younger sister had no idea of leaving."
Upon hearing this, Ziyan couldn’t help but sigh, "Love is a fate and a robbery …"
After two people sigh lightly, Shenglian appears abnormal again, and this time it’s not just panic.
Looking at what to do, it should be that karma has activated the Manolo Dharma to hide the dead.
It doesn’t take much time. The gray dead body has been restrained, and the knowledge has poured out like a flood, and it is entangled with the knowledge of the holy lotus that is merging with Manluo Dharma.
Seeing that the situation is wrong, Shenglian immediately recited the scriptures, and Fo Yin directly tore a crack and saved it with a hot flame.
This is also a ruthless peerless person. Fighting against the dead directly attracted the red-violet industry.
This method is immediate and quick, and the surging tide of the dead is suppressed by the strength of the industry.
It’s the dead, and it’s already entangled in an industrial fire, which burns out the dead and also forcibly burns knowledge.
The painful feeling seems to make Shenglian lose her mind. She has stopped chanting Buddhist scriptures and complained about Manluo’s long-lived dharma body.
This is the perception of damage, so I consciously put my heart into my mouth.
Not only that, but the mind seems to have changed, and the eyebrows show irritability. I turned to see Jin Chan’s irritability and anger, exclaiming a "evil influence" and slapping it at the same time
Suddenly, the Baiyun Tower was ready to move the imperial envoys aside, and a few petals stopped in front of the golden cicada.
Although the golden light of the petals is fleeting, it still blocks the aftermath of most of the palm force, or it will shake the golden cicada out of the epiphany several feet away.
It’s a pity that the golden cicada has already been cultivated into a golden body to bear such palm force, but it will be typed out of the epiphany.
"Eh, Mimi …"
After waking up, the golden cicada seemed to be still immersed in the practice, and she was shocked and read out the six-character mantra of the Tathagata Sutra.
As the mantra falls, the Buddha’s light immediately overflows.
The Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha
At the same time, a violent distortion of the face of the incarnation of Shenglian suddenly reappeared as Monroe.
"Cicada take care …"
Should be to see the injured golden cicada, Manluo’s knowledge suddenly broke out, and she was afraid to rush to the Yin Zhu barrier and return to the almost exhausted body dharma.
After a last look at the golden cicada with deep affection, Monroe was dead and obviously went back to heaven.
This one is even more determined to forcibly cut off the vitality of the dharma body by knowing the last point of consciousness.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and twenty-three Sword to cut evil spirits
Sensing the fluctuation of Ziyan’s mind, Baiyun Tower said softly, "Don’t worry, everything is under control."
The method of speaking and minding moves with Manluo’s knowledge to explore a wind aura machine to pull the dying spirit back to Xuanyin Pearl.

What is four dimensions?

Four-dimensional is the variable of three-dimensional basic overtime, but four-dimensional is beyond human understanding for the time being, but human beings can deduce four-dimensional approximate structure from three-dimensional to two-dimensional to one-dimensional
Chapter 446 The concept of high dimensions
This evening, Zhou Xiaolong was tricked into the workshop by his ninth uncle, saying that he wanted to call an important meeting of the potato research institute.
The result is to face a small notebook and look at Wang Yangyang’s annoying face and listen to Wang Yangyang’s lecture.
Coming to Wang Yangyang looks and temperament like an upside-down middle school teacher. It’s really special to lecture. Zhou Xiaolong and Jiu Shu are all confused by a lot of whining.
Wang Yangyang video conference mainly talks about some dimensions and concepts.
As we all know, we human beings are in the three-dimensional life.
Three dimensions can also be understood. One dimension is a line, two dimensions are surfaces, and three dimensions are three dimensions. We are the three dimensions of three-dimensional life.
Since there are one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional, of course, there will be four dimensions.
What is four dimensions?
Four-dimensional is the variable of three-dimensional basic overtime.
Humans can deduce the four-dimensional approximate structure from three dimensions to two dimensions and two dimensions to one dimension, but four dimensions are beyond our understanding for the time being.
It’s like if we are two-dimensional creatures, then seeing that three dimensions are always a plane, then living one-dimensional creatures can see two dimensions as a straight line.
In the same way, we three-dimensional people can see a four-dimensional body.
However, with the development of science, scientists came up with a variety of superstring theories in the 1990 s. Scientists believe that the universe is eleven-dimensional.
If you are a four-dimensional person, then you can see something you like in your life.
Then five dimensions is the basis of the four-dimensional timeline, and it sounds hard to understand to add a timeline and cross this timeline. For example, it is easy to understand.
For example, if you worked for a few years after graduating from college and are now a middle school teacher, you can see the time line when you graduate from college and become a teacher in four dimensions.
If you graduated from high school and volunteered to study architecture and now you are an architect, then this is another time line for you.
In the five dimensions, you can see not only a teacher but also an architect.
To put it simply, you can see different branches of your future in five dimensions.
Then in six dimensions, we can bend a favorite timeline in four dimensions so that you can jump back to see you before.
That means you can "cross" back to a timeline in the five dimensions.
For example, for five-dimensional "teachers" and "architects", as architects, you feel that it is very hard to live in the sun and rain, and you want to be a people’s teacher.
Then you can travel through the five dimensions to fill in your volunteers when you graduate from high school and tell them that you must fill in the normal school when you fill in your volunteers.
This is six dimensions, so seven dimensions means that at a certain point in time, there are not two possibilities, but several possibilities
That is to say, when you filled in your volunteers, you didn’t see the future of architects and teachers, but you saw the future of white-collar workers, public servants, doctors and so on.
Dimension means one hour and several possibilities. Simply put, when you graduated from high school, there were several futures, so when you graduated from college, there were several futures. That is to say, there is one unknown in seven dimensions and several unknowns in dimensions.
So nine dimensions is a point in time. After bending ten dimensions, Wang Yangyang stopped talking about estimating higher dimensions, and he couldn’t understand it himself.
Nine uncles and Zhou Xiaolong heard that two monks were puzzled.
This is an important ministerial meeting, but this guy Wang Yangyang talks about it for a long time. What’s wrong with evil spirits? !
Wang Yangyang seemed to be thirsty in his mind. He stopped and went out of the screen to get a big glass of water, drank two sips of water and put it down slowly.
Wang Yangyang smiled contemptuously at the camera and said, "I don’t understand anything. I don’t know much about it myself. I just recited these facts to give you uneducated idiots a unified knowledge of science popularization."
Zhou Xiaolong was furious when he listened to it for half a day. He felt that sitting here for more than half an hour was a wave.
A listen to Wang Yangyang, this person is always taking the opportunity to dig at himself. This week, Xiaolong finally couldn’t help but retort, "I said, Director Wang, do you have anything serious to say? I’m busy and I’ll leave."
"Wait" Wang Yangyang heavily took a table and knocked over the cups "Zhou Xiaolong you you you pay attention to your attitude! ! !”
"Hey, hey, don’t worry, talk slowly!" Nine uncle pulled Zhou Xiaolong hard and wouldn’t let him go
It took nine uncles half a day to spit before Zhou Xiaolong’s anger was pressed away.
Wang Yangyang finally got to the point.
Evil spirits can say simple things, simple things and complex things. They just want to find some kind of power, so that power can enter higher dimensions and do some very bad things.
Even Wang Yangyang doesn’t know what evil spirits will do at present, but it is certain that it will not be good for the country and the people.
Zhou Xiaolong is still not too white to lead evil spirits. Why should he do this? Even if he can really enter the fourth dimension and the fifth dimension is even higher, what’s the point? !
Probably Uncle Jiu thinks so, too. Like Zhou Xiaolong, he can’t figure it out. The feeling is just unreal.
Wang Yangyang seems to be really smarter than Zhou Xiaolong and Jiu Shu. He has guessed it.
So Wang Yangyang laughed a few times before continuing to say, "If you can master this ability and enter the high-dimensional space, you can gain the power of imagination and change the number of events of imagination. Let me give you the most retarded example. For example, when you win the lottery today, you know that the winning number is six, so you can benefit from five dimensions. You can go back to yesterday’s number and buy a lottery ticket. As a result, one day you will be rich. Think about how many things will be changed in such a simple case. If you really master this power, you can rule the whole earth and the universe."
Chapter 447 Evil spirits will be the ultimate goal
Wang Yangyang cited an example of buying lottery tickets. Many people probably thought about this example, especially those who like to buy lottery tickets. When someone sees the winning number, they will beat their chest and regret how they chose the wrong number.
Finally, I can say that there is no regret medicine in this world.
If you gamble in this way, it will be a sure bet, knowing whether the game is big or small, and then going back a few minutes ago, putting all the money in, so gambling a few times will definitely bankrupt the casino owner.
For example, if the house price is so high now, if we can go back to buying more suites ten years ago, we can eat and drink now, so almost everyone has thought about it, haven’t we?
Of course, these are trivial things, and it will be even more horrible if we put national affairs on the table. If we change a little at any time, the whole national history will be completely subverted.
If you master that kind of power to control the whole earth, it is no exaggeration!
"But the director doesn’t sound very real. Is there such power? ! !” Nine uncle swallowed a mouthful of saliva said
"Yes, I don’t think it’s true. Are evil spirits exaggerating? !” Zhou Xiaolong also said to Wang Yangyang
"No, you are wrong. The evil spirits have mastered the power that we can’t understand." Wang Yangyang knocked on the table again. "It’s one step away from what I just said."
"Really? !” Nine uncle and Zhou Xiaolong breath in a gasp.
"Don’t you forget that the patient’s preserved egg appeared from an ancient coffin and that the deep-water stegosaurus appeared in the sky? This means that the evil spirits have mastered the method of enlightenment. If they master the variable of time and superposition together, it will be a four-dimensional subject. According to the theory, evil spirits can return to the future, present and past at will, and what they have done will definitely have a great impact on future generations."
Wang Yangyang here when he deliberately paused because xiao-long zhou and nine uncle has a pale face.
Yes, Wang Yangyang, although he has a smelly mouth and doesn’t speak well, is particularly irritating, but he is right.
Preserved eggs appear from an ancient coffin.
At that time, it was the reservoir manager who found the coffin and salvaged it to see that there was a big living person sitting inside, that is, preserved eggs. Isn’t that a transfer?
There are also witnesses, Uncle Jiu and Zhou Xiaolong. Together, they saw a huge monster appear in the sky, which passed by halfway and appeared more than twice. Isn’t this also a kind of folding?
May be to see nine uncle and xiao-long zhou gaping Wang Yangyang is a few quick laugh before saying, "I’ll give another example. If evil spirits go back to one hundred years ago and strangle both of you when you were young, can you still sit here and listen to me now? !”
Although Wang Yangyang’s speech is vulgar, there is nothing wrong with his truth. If evil spirits master this terrible power and enter the four dimensions, wouldn’t the world be in chaos?
What can I do? ? ? ! ! !
This ministerial meeting ended when Xiao-long Zhou and his ninth uncle were stunned and speechless. The notebook computer screen was black, and Xiao-long Zhou just recovered.
"Oh, little dragon, I didn’t expect such a thing. What the hell will the damn evil spirits do? !” Nine uncle rubbed his hands and said
"Uncle Jiu, my head is a little confused. I want to have a rest."
Said Zhou Xiaolong got up and walked beside Ouyang Lei, pulling Ouyang Lei to go toward outside walk.
"Ah, master, I finished the meeting so soon. I haven’t finished the game yet. !” Ouyang Lei said unwillingly
"What’s the game? The world is almost destroyed now. What the hell? !” Zhou Xiaolong said angrily

The ancient beast Tuoshan couldn’t help laughing. "Five Taoist friends, if they want to kill you together, they will die. It is better to join our camp and fight for his chance!"

Five taboos face rapidly changing surge up in my heart.
Xiao Yu looked at the face in the middle and revived the innate Lingbao. His eyes flashed and he secretly regretted, "It’s a pity that the stone clock is not mine. If I give it to Monty Zu, I can definitely kill Qingtian!"
The stone clock belonged to Shimoro and was returned to Shimoro after it was finished.
Now, if there is no innate treasure, the ancestors of Monty will definitely fall into great passivity.
Xiao Yu’s eyes flashing suddenly noticed that the thick turtle shell in the distance rushed over and caught the turtle shell back.
"You’re dying, little boy. The innate treasure has recovered. What are you doing grabbing this turtle shell?"
The ancient beast camel mountain stared and asked
"I have my own wonderful"
Xiao Yu laughed
This turtle shell is important, and he has to leave handwriting on his face.
If it destroys the innate Lingbao power, it will be bad!
Zhongshizhong seems to be completely resurrected, emitting a monstrous raven. Like a troll, when he came to this world, he wanted conan the destroyer to devour all souls. Many taboos felt a strong sense of oppression and his face changed.
Chapter five thousand one hundred and ninety-two The immortal body
In the terrible black clock, there was a shock, and the recovery of the mighty surface broke out in horror. The whole day was shrouded in a layer of horrible black light.
The heaven and the earth are terrible, and the innate Lingbao is intimidating.
The whole continent is like a boat swaying from side to side in a storm, and it will almost burst directly.
The five forbidden things in the universe changed their faces, and they were surprised and angry. Their bodies were furious and threatened to retreat to the rear.
"Are you crazy, Qingtian?" ? "Qingtian, we have been enemies in the past, and you have to do this!"
"We have been neutral for so many years and you have to kill them all!"
These five people are forbidden to shout loudly.
The innate Lingbao power burns and sweeps out like hundreds of millions of worlds, which Xiao Yu can’t compare with simply knocking the stone clock.
On that day, the coercion caused by his striking the stone clock almost destroyed the whole central ancestral court, and the power did not even play a tenth of the innate treasure.
Nowadays, the root of a complete innate Lingbao’s complete recovery is beyond their imagination.
"Mom, you have a congenital treasure hand. What’s the matter? In the face of a corpse, you actually moved the innate treasure shame, especially you are a taboo god of war!"
Tuoshan, an ancient beast, roared directly, and the anger in his eyes was more than "You are all dead ends, and you have to accept repression. I just made this process faster. You are really a corpse that can endure me!" ? Giant eyes cold body filled with unpredictable breath of terror suddenly mouth folded shouted "magic sound day!
Clock! “
The black clock shook directly and swept out a bright glow, and the chaotic atmosphere surged. The body of Monty Zu finally realized the crisis.
Xiao Yu’s face changed, and he hurriedly ran the causal wheel to control Monty Zu’s body to escape all this.
But at this moment, the body of Monty Zu seems to be out of control again, which makes people more shocked than what happened! ? Monty Zu’s body suddenly roared upwards, and a magic body quickly enlarged and stood tall. His mouth seemed to melt into an ancient hell gate and swallowed it toward the black magic clock.
go to
The black magic clock was directly swallowed by him, and all the innate Lingbao coercion disappeared.
Such a scene makes people’s minds twisted. It’s unbelievable to stare big eyes.
"Swallow it again … Swallow it …"
Xiao Yu dull murmured
The holy sword of the Holy One was swallowed by Monty Zu!
Now he has swallowed a congenital treasure again!
This corpse is not too evil, and there are not many innate spiritual treasures in the whole Sansheng Sanctuary. If you take away a page, you can count the remaining five fingers.
Monty Zu swallowed two pieces alive here! ? This makes Xiao Yu have some doubts about life.
The ancient beast Camel Mountain, the mysterious road and the demon Lord of the stars all gasped and looked at all this in shock.
The whole blood was shocked and stared at Monty Zu’s body for a long time without reaction.
A group of taboos in Sansheng Sage and Outer Universe stare big eyes and face horror.
They almost doubt their eyes! ? How is it possible that a corpse swallowed a mouthful of congenital spiritual treasure?
Qingtian was shocked and angry, and his eyes were full of anger. Suddenly, his hands closed and he shouted, "Give me a blast!"
Monty Zu’s body shook gently with a low roar, but it didn’t explode. He suddenly swept past with a big black hand and patted the giant body.
Qingtian’s body was swept away on the spot, and he snorted and burst directly.
Before he had enough body, the body of Monty Zu rushed over instantly, and his mouth was as deep as the bottom, and he roared with terror and suddenly sucked.
Pieces of flesh and blood of Qingtian couldn’t stop rushing towards Monty Zu’s mouth and sent out a roar, burning and struggling.
He is taboo in flesh and blood, and his consciousness is transcendent. Nothing can kill him in this world.
If a ghost escapes, he can return to his peak! ? However, in the face of Monty Zu’s direct swallowing, he still felt a terrible crisis.
Those who were swallowed by Monty Zu entered Monty Zu’s mouth and instantly lost their connection, and they could no longer feel like annihilation.
"The immortal body!"
Heavenly consciousness makes a big roar! ? His flesh and blood are shining, and every drop of flesh and blood is twisted to the extreme. The mystery contains the unpredictable power of terror. Every drop of flesh and blood turns into an individual, and his hands form a killing eye and shoot magic light at the body of Monty’s ancestor to kill Monty.

"The water is so simple that it is really scared by this little thing."

"Elder Shuier Xiu is better, and his strength is also outstanding. After this mind, he should pay more attention to it." Chu Lao smoothed his beard at this time with a look of teaching.
The elder heard the news.
Immediately nodded "ah … go back to really hard work"
Jiang Feng won the first place.
I didn’t expect this little guy to really win when he rang the palm around.
But a few younger brothers who have been to the Emperor’s Cave take it for granted. You know, at the beginning, the stone giant
How imposing that is.
It’s ridiculous to lose Jiang Feng’s hand if Chu Shuier is no match.
Jiang Feng strode into the ring.
Soon, Xiao Lao presided over many younger brothers and Taiwan.
This time it was a man versus a woman.
It seems that they have a personal vendetta, and they will try their best directly without nonsense.
Aside Jiang Feng chewing fruit silently watching.
This battle lasted for half a quarter of an hour, and finally the man couldn’t remember the woman winning.
It’s a remarkable battle
Time passes like this.
Jiang Feng also experienced several competitions soon.
The result is the same. Either Jiang Feng directly gallants or he is doomed to give up.
Everyone also found that
Jiang Feng is not as simple as it seems.
Have a strong physical strength.
"Take Jiang Feng against ChuTianHu" Xiao elder mouth again.
See Jiang Feng coming across a tall, big, strong as an ox and tiger-eyed man.
Most people just in front of him
I will feel awkward in my heart.
"Jiang Feng! I’ve heard of you, but it’s a pity that I didn’t go to the Emperor’s Cave or I would have torn you apart. "
Jiang Feng looked at him and yawned. "If you want to fight, just give up and don’t delay me."
"You … I don’t know what to do. I’ll make you lose." Chutianhu stepped back and thundered.
Xiao Lao watched the two men stand back and announced the "game" when they were ready on both sides.
Chutianyu eyes suddenly locked Jiang Feng whole foot directly into a light towards Jiang Feng to kill the past.
Seeing this scene, there are many discussions.
"I’ve heard of this Chutianhu, who has been a fighter since he was a child, and abruptly crushed a tiger."
"I heard that the family trained him to throw him into the tiger forest and really ate tiger meat and drank tiger blood to develop his ferocious character."
"Jiang Feng I’m afraid it’s dangerous."
Chu tien-Hu is also famous for his external practice, but his life and death are five fold.
It is two realms higher than Jiang Feng. Calais is not an ordinary fighter. Even if Jiang Feng can win, I am afraid he will be seriously injured.
Chapter 176 melee
People talk constantly.
Even if Jiang Feng does well, I’m afraid he will be seriously injured if he wants to win Chu Tianhu.
"swish! Hey! Hey! "
Chu Tianhu’s striding speed is amazing.
But at this time Jiang Feng suddenly eyes a folded.
Then the body burst into a strong breath, and the random fairy energy suddenly ran and punched it hard.
Everyone is stunned.
Chutianhu showed anger but it didn’t help to fly out directly.
"How is it possible! ?” Chutianhu was furious and just wanted to send it, but Jiang Fenggen wouldn’t give him the chance.
Foot continuous inching
Catch up and randomly step on Chu decepticon’s chest.
This foot Jiang Feng didn’t leave any hand.
Fairy energy runs to the extreme and directly kicks him out and slams him into the ring and spits blood.
Jiang fengbi physique
It’s suicide.
Chutianhu’s downfall didn’t respond for half a day, ignoring body pain.

Is to know what the mask is.

And Bo Park Jung Su is not wearing a mask now.
So they don’t know that Bo Park Jung Su’s true identity is actually their companion.
Bo Park Jung Su really wants to help Lu Yuan.
So looking at getting closer to Bo Park Jung Su.
With two gold pet animals around him
Three gold-level animal benders have been thinking about leaving.
And Liu Yuan looked at Bo Park Jung Su who was constantly approaching himself.
Smiled and said, "Mr. Bo Park Jung Su, I didn’t expect to meet you here."
"Yes, isn’t this a coincidence?"
"Park Jung Su with his two gold pet beast.
All the way to the distance of fifteen meters from Liu Yuan.
He looked at Liu Yuan with a meaningful smile.
"I can’t believe that Lu Yuan, you not only have a great talent for royal animal food."
"Even the fighting talent is not worse than your food talent."
"Liu Yuan classmates rest assured that I’ll …"
Bo Park Jung Su was in the middle of his words.
Suddenly let oneself two pet beast launched an attack on Liu Yuan.
Fire skills, flame spraying!
Wind skills, tornado!
These two attacks came to expect the unexpected.
To everyone’s surprise
Inbo Park Jung Su just said those words to help Liu Yuan.
As a result, he unexpectedly launched a sneak attack after being close to Liu Yuan.
Have no martial ethics belongs to yes!
Three gold-level animal benders saw it.
There is also a strong joy in my heart.
Boy, we used to be your enemy, but you turned out to be a friendly one!
The ship deck flame jet and tornado were sent out together and instantly merged into a new skill.
See a huge fire tornado.
Strike in the direction of land source
The power of this fire tornado is amazing.
Add an attack to expect the unexpected and see that Liu Yuan will finish the package
But then Tam seemed ready.
The huge figure first stepped in front of Liu Yuan.
Water skills, water hoses!
There was a huge wave beside the ship’s deck.
This wave forms a dragon shape.
Fly to the amazing fire tornado.
The hose bomb collided with fire tornado.
Suddenly issued a violent explosion.
The medium-high temperature flame in fire tornado directly evaporates the seawater in the water hose.
At that time, the splint suddenly raised a lot of steam.
This scene immediately dumbfounded Bo Park Jung Su.
Intam’s dynamic display is prepared.
His sudden attack on the root didn’t have any effect.
At this time, Liu Yuantam’s head
Looking at Bo Park Jung Su with a smile.
At this step, Bo Park Jung Su naturally knew that he was seen through by Liu Yuan.
He looked at Lu Yuan with a gloomy face and said, "When did you find out?"
"When did you find out? You should ask … when do you think you are hiding well? "
Hearing this, Bo Park Jung Su’s heart sank.
Talking about his idea of catching cicadas and yellowbirds from the end …

Shi Ping’s statement is the truth. Vamont was said to be right at the moment. Shi Ping’s eyes fell on the ten-color psychedelic weapon in his hand again.

"What a magic blade, my Lord. It is said that your hidden weapon enables the magic party to conjure up corresponding restraint weapons against the enemy’s weaknesses!"
"Usually the strongest thing is its weakness!"
"At room temperature, this metal is super hard, but it will soften if it is heated to 100 degrees! This is that secret that it can change its shape at will! "
"In those days, one of the members who participated in the development of this weapon was Mr. Barco. This secret naturally passed to Barco’s ears, but today I was sent!"
"Blood wing is good at producing high-temperature living body blazing eye knife, which is exactly your weapon nemesis!"
Carl has spoken, and Vamont’s right pillow is waiting to be sent, keeping a close eye on the former head of state’s every move. The three of them just form a triangle encirclement, which will surround the core center!
One enemy and two enemies, Wamon, can still have a slight advantage, but if you add Shi Ping, an old rival, then? What’s the ending?
The Wind Rises; Time Bomb
The wind howled and roared away like pirates, tossing and turning for a long time, shaking up some sharp and fleeting sounds
No one can be absolutely sure to annihilate the enemy in front of them, and no one can find out what the final card in the other’s hand is, so static braking has become the best choice for both sides at present
That is also the most acceptable choice!
The fire suddenly exploded!
Burning violently
The flames are bluer and billowing!
Blue as a thousand green-faced, fangs-toothed goblins.
The wind is stirring
It was an angry wind. When it approached, it was not as light as the wind, but as violent as thunder!
Blood wing eyes latosolic red as blood, it once again launched a crazy offensive against Wamon!
Wamont didn’t look back to his left hand to meet them.
His right hand tightly clutched the halberd that seemed to sweep the sky too long!
He can’t contribute.
He also dare not contribute.
No one dares to neglect Shi Ping Karl, the golden couple, to join hands!
Therefore, Vamon can deal with and attack with the least energy!
He has never encountered such a dilemma in his life!
Claws collide again!
Two people positive hard shake again!
Blood wing pale spat oozing blood staggered back WaMeng stuffy hum a his skin sharp moment added a few minutes of indigo vicissitudes of life!
But that silvery white light is already looming in Wamon’s pupil! It’s overwhelming!
He roared and swept around with a magic halberd!
The sharp and fierce airflow is as straight as Taishan coping!
Wamont finally got really angry.
He spared no effort to lose both sides, determined to make a desperate swing, and the injury changed his life to crash and burn!
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Fight
New ※l; The hero in the heart of a needle has been numbered 11975 or the name of the clicker can be seen. At this moment, in the eyes of everyone, Wameng’s hands are madly chopped (thief, zei8com thief, zei8com thief, zei8com thief). This halberd is like a huge saw!
Cut out a number of confused, angry, golden yellow and terrible saws in the air!
The power of this blow actually attracted the distance to calm the lake and roared like a storm in the ocean!
This power for a blow FengRui refers to the most prosperous place is Shi Ping rely on arm to repeatedly destroy WaMeng plan Carl!
In the past, Wamon had a chance to kill Carl, but he thought that although the number of talents in the alliance could surpass that of Carl and his wife, there were only a handful, so he began to cherish his talent and thought that he would naturally bring the two couples into his hands after successfully eradicating Shi Ping.
But the sinister situation forced Wamon to give birth to a slaying heart!
Although this recruit cut out from the party, it contains surging murder that has already surged up!
One man faces three strong enemies!
There are enemies in front and behind.
What’s worse, not far away, tens of thousands of soldiers who used to be in Shi Ping have gathered! I believe that Shi Ping will come out and make these soldiers who have been deeply indebted to Shi Ping for saving their homes come without hesitation!
A man can never fight against a thousand enemies on his own at the same time.
Even if it’s as good as Vamont!
However, the consequences of his move immediately gave the audience an illusion.
It’s Shi Ping. They’re surrounded by him
But they feel surrounded by Vamont in turn!
One person surrounded three people!
Wameng’s chop seemed to divide three people at the same time!
At this time, Carl had already felt the burning pain in his skin, the numbness, the tingling and the stabbing pain directly penetrated through his skin and penetrated into his bones to kill him!
At this time, he realized that Vamont’s target was himself!
So he bit his teeth and simply gave up the defense of his own strength. His left fist was even sharper and castrated, and then he ate first at Wamon’s throat!
If you distinguish it carefully, you can see that Carl seems to have changed a lot. His left fist has a dark brown light flashing faintly!
That’s why Carl never really killed the researchers. At that time, he was told not to do the self-destruction stunt until the last moment!
Rust fist!
Gu Ming thought was hit by this blow. Whether it is people, things, wood or stones, it will rust to ashes!
However, whether it was a temporary metallized right fist or this overbearing rust fist was issued a little late.
Wameng’s sad and unique theory is bound to hit Carl’s flesh and blood first!
Suddenly LiLie white light suddenly big sheng! Like a thousand suns blooming at the same time! At that time, I was on guard against all the people being blinded by direct fire! A little approachable, it seems that there is a strong annular force that Pei Mo can’t resist, so that they can’t stop stumbling and retreating, and their physical weakness is even worse. It is obvious that they have been injured by this sudden shock!
The dust gradually cleared away. The only place standing was Wameng, but he was happy after winning at all. On the other hand, he was surprised and angry in his expression, but he was unwilling to leave three points.
A deep and long dirt ditch has been dragged to the extreme distance since he lowered his right hand and held the magic blade! And five meters away, Carl turned up and rolled up beside the motionless prone soil ditch, which almost covered him. From the outside, it was a life-and-death problem. In the distance, Carol was as pale as a paper, with tears in her eyes and her hands over her mouth.

Crazy women are not cute at all. It’s not good to have wood, tenderness and softness. Chapter 64 Happiness is like a dream.

Two people who were rejected and driven out of the house were not rejected and realized that at this time they had an ambiguous thing flowing.
On the way back, neither of them spoke and walked quietly in tandem.
Shen Qiqi was a little nervous. She always felt that the atmosphere was so strange and something was going to happen.
Stealing a glance, Jun Yang walked ahead and her heart beat faster.
When I was thinking, suddenly a pair of warm and powerful hands grasped her.
She looked up and found herself at the door of her room. Jun Yang had stopped when she didn’t know it. She looked at her with deep eyes and a little expectation and anxiety.
At that moment, his eyes looked at each other, but strangely, she could read his mind from his eyes.
The anticipation and anxiety in his eyes made her heart both sweet and sad.
Sweet and proud, as he is confident, as he is, but he lowers his posture in front of her, and he is as nervous as a young man in love, waiting for an answer from his heart.
He was also sad because of this.
Growing up, he should be the kind of person who wants wind, wind, rain and rain, right? Tianjiao had such a humble expression when he was young.
Shen Qiqi didn’t speak, but looked at his eyes and slowly held his hand back.
At that moment, she seemed to see warm spring flowers in his eyes.
Those eyes were as bright as the stars in the sky and shone straight into her heart.
At this moment, Junyang felt that words could not shape his mood.
So excited, so happy, so happy that I want to go crazy!
He hugged Shen Qiqi tightly as if to rub her into his body. Only when he felt her so truly did he know that it was not a dream but a reality.
Shen Qiqi was infected by Jun Yang’s emotions and was very excited to hold him back at the moment.
The two men hugged each other tightly, and their figures were projected to the ground by moonlight, which seemed like a person.
Junyang piously kissed Shen Qiqi’s hair and whispered "I am Qiqi" in her ear over and over again.
Shen Qiqi’s ears are flushed and pink. This is her first love in two lives, and she seems to be at a loss.
Jun Yang slightly released some of her and looked at her carefully. Shen Qiqi’s face turned red. Jun Yang held her in one hand and held her up in the other.
Her face was red and her lips were slightly parted, as if she had invited him to taste it.
Junyang’ s heart was unmoved and covered the long-awaited place.
I just pecked lightly, and none of them seemed to tease like temptation.
Later, such a little taste could no longer satisfy him. He slipped into her mouth with the tip of his tongue and took her to the sensory feast.
Where can Shen Qiqi stand it? He collapsed from the first time he kissed her. He was full of masculinity. Her hand climbed his neck involuntarily, and the whole person clung to him tightly.
Xu Jiujun just left her lips and pressed her face into his arms, and the whole person was still panting.
Shen Qiqi relies on his body and face against his chest, and he can still hear his thunderous heartbeat.
Junyang is in a good mood, and the whole person is in high spirits after being satisfied.

"Can you let me be nice to you when you give it to me?" Anshun Tian put his figure very low, and expectations and piety remained in his crimson eyes.

Lin Zixiao pursed his thin lips and looked at Anshun calmly. When he saw the feelings in his eyes, he still couldn’t help zheng.
Is this still the arrogant teenager of the past? Still that arrogant teenager?
She can’t imagine that he is so arrogant as a fairy and people will say these things in a low voice! He must be trying to tease himself again.
"I’m not lying to you. I’m serious." Anshun Day seems to have seen through Lin Zixiao’s thoughts and stressed again.
"Ha ha, we are friends. Of course you can be kind to me." Lin Zixiao deliberately wanted to be wrong. If she was stared at by such deep eyes again, she was really afraid that she would lose control of herself and panic.
"You know that’s not what I said!" Anshun days face lines suddenly tightened tone some urgent.
"What do you say?" Lin Zixiao was at a loss.
Anshun put Lin Zixiao’s hand and lip angle up a bit as if he had a wry smile as he said, expanding his smile. "Lin Zixiao! I didn’t expect that you would rather play dumb than answer my questions at the critical moment! "
"I really don’t know!" Lin Zixiao blushed and shouted that although she was lying, she was full of confidence
"Oh!" Anshun Tianzi laughed and sneered and said, "You are a tall queen and I can’t climb high, right?"
Lin Zi Xiao Nai looked at Anshun and saw that the reddish color in his eyes slowly turned into red blood. His lips tightened and Zhang Gang tried to explain something but was interrupted by Anshun Tianqing. Par453 Who do you like?
"I see you have someone you like!" Anshun’s aggressive mouth and eyes are getting colder and colder.
"Oh, whatever you think!" Lin Zixiao frowned and answered that a dark green eye suddenly appeared in my mind, which was as deep as the sea and bottomless. It was really involved in her heart.
But it was a short time.
Later, when I met him in China, she could look at him calmly. The reason was that in the end, her feelings for that person were at most disliked, that is, she was moved.
Because the man with dark green eyes once saved her when she wanted to commit suicide because of her mother’s death and guided her, although she kept in touch with him afterwards, his attitude became increasingly cold and outstanding, as if he deliberately kept her at arm’s length until he left the United States without saying a word.
What surprised Lin Zixiao most was that he met him in the dining room of China school.
But she feels again
And he is also a light smile.
Maybe it’s just a feeling of being a stranger in the end.
She raised her head lightly and pursed her lips into a line, quietly looking at Anshun Day.
At the moment, his eyes are cold and his face is blank.
"Have you been thinking about your first lover for so long?" Anshun Tian’s lip angle is ironic with a sneer.
"No" Lin Zixiao’s beautiful eyes sank somewhat firmly and answered.
Eyelashes gently fanned, and the fundus was a little heavy.
Sure enough, when I think of the past, my heart still quivers. Is there a worldly desires in the end?
But for Anshun Tian
She answered him rationally about emotional problems, saying that she was not moved was false, but she didn’t want to like anyone, which was a tiring thing for her.
"You really don’t want to say forget it." Anshun looked at Lin Zixiao’s slightly drooping eyelashes and said faintly that he could no longer hear any joys and sorrows in his tone.
The colder a real person is, the scarier he is. It is better for him to get angry.
"Well" and Lin Zixiao thought for a long time before low should way.
Anshun raised his eyebrows coldly, and there was a surge of anger in his chest. She avoided answering whatever he asked Lin Zixiao now, which made him more sure that she already had someone in her heart.
Maybe I’ve liked it for many years.
Then what’s he doing here?
Self-mockery evokes the lip angle. Anshun stepped back a few steps. Lin Zixiao kept an absolute distance and said coldly, "You should let your friend with heart disease come to China to have the operation, and I won’t pester you again!"
"I’m sorry" Lin Zixiao looked up slightly, and the words that won’t haunt you any more seemed to have struck her fragile heart. She felt a tearing pain in her heart, like being abruptly pulled out of a mouth, which made her suffocate.
Unfortunately, at this time, she can’t say anything but the words I’m sorry.
Anshun days inwardly sighed eyes churning loneliness.
Where does he need these three words?
He sincerely hopes that it will be good for him if she can say even a little words of retention after hearing what he said.
Shun Tian Cai won’t give up. Everyone believes me ↖^w^Par455 doesn’t feel good.

"Back to the office! Husband, explain the exquisite chess with you and tell you my story about Hua Fei. "Zhu Yinzhen is determined to solve Shen Menglu’s misunderstanding first, and the situation suddenly changes. Some words are better told to Shen Menglu by others than by him.

"But TaiDian …" Although Shen Menglu wants to hear Zhu Yinzhen’s explanation, she is now more concerned about Zhu Yinqi and his captain. It’s so ruined!
"Mom, I promise you won’t get as much information from him as from me!" Knowing that Shen Menglu could not ignore this matter, Zhu Yinzhen decided to make concessions.
"Will you tell me the whole story?" Shen Menglu was amazed.
"It’s my husband who swore that he would never say anything to his mother after he returned to the house!" Zhu Yinzhen solemnly promised.
"Good deal!" Shen Menglu is complete.
Two more five thousand to serve! 12 thousand is ready today!
Dear friends, vote for one more praise. 76 parents pursed your PP!
When Zhu Yinzhen and Shen Menglu came out of the Zongren Mansion hand in hand, Zhu Yinqi had already drunk a pot of wine, and his pale face was flushed with alcohol.
"Are you … are you … finished talking?" See two people out Zhu Yinqi initiative to get up and say "hello" with them.
"Why do you drink so much?" See Zhu Yinqi wandering unstable Shen Menglu eyebrows a wrinkly consciousness to stretch out his hand to help him but was blocked by Zhu Yinzhen front.
"Zhu Yinqi, you want to die away!" Knowing that you are in poor health and drinking too much, Zhu Yinqi is really guilty. Zhu Yinzhen is all kinds of angry.
"Lao … the fourth brother worried about me … nothing" Zhu Yinqi so-called smile so a pot of Qionglu just can’t let him how Zhu Yinqi still doesn’t think there is enough wine to make him get drunk.
"I’m not worried about you! I’m afraid you’ll suddenly die suddenly and bring trouble to me in this family house! " Zhu Yinzhen glared at Zhu Yinqi viciously and looked at Zhu Yinqi like mud. Zhu Yinzhen had no way to put on a good face to him at all.
"flash!" Zhu Yinzhen angrily pushed a handful in the way. Zhu Yinqi’s center of gravity was unstable. When Zhu Yinqi’s center of gravity was unstable, he went to Shen Menglu’s direction.
"too careful!" Shen Menglu exclaimed that she wanted to stretch out her hand to help Zhu Yinqi, but she was once again separated by Zhu Yinzhen.
"Mom, be careful." Zhu Yinzhen held Shen Menglu lightly and gave Zhu Yinqi a clever push to help him stabilize himself. "Mom, are you going to be a meat pad?" Can Zhu Yinqi, such a big man, withstand the pressure of Shen Menglu, such a small body? Don’t think too highly of yourself!
Shen Menglu smiled guiltily and didn’t answer Zhu Yinzhen’s words. Instead, he turned to look at Zhu Yinqi and told him worriedly, "Take care of yourself in Taidian, and your physical load will be too heavy. Excessive drinking is harmful to you."
Zhu Yinqi was dazed and then smiled gently. "Thank you for your concern. I will pay attention."
"Mom’s gone!" Seeing Shen Menglu posing as a spring breeze to others once again, Zhu Yinzhen was even more unhappy. He strongly encircled Shen Menglu and walked away.
"Shiro, slow down!" Shen Menglu was almost brought down by Zhu Yinzhen. She scolded Zhu Yinzhen and then turned to say goodbye to Zhu Yinqi apologetically. "Taidian, we’ll go first. Take care!"
"Four siblings walk slowly!" Zhu Yinqi watched Shen Menglu in situ. Zhu Yinzhen stepped out of the corner of the courtyard and couldn’t help but cover her chest.
Autumn wind rustling leaves flying in an apricot robe Zhu Yinqi buttonwood has been motionless for a long time and has become a painting.
Zhu Yinzhen, a Land Rover, took Shen Menglu out of the palace with a straight face and then roared away with a bloody BMW without looking back.
Shen Menglu got all kinds of languages by Zhu Yinzhen’s actions as if he had escaped from birth.
"Shiro, you should let me talk to my mother first. My mother is still waiting for me. It’s not too impolite for us to leave like this." Queen Ji waited for Shen Menglu’s feedback. She was taken out of the palace by Zhu Yinzhen now if she didn’t explain it. Even Queen Ji should have a headache again.
"Don’t worry about your whereabouts, someone will naturally report to the mother." Zhu Yinzhen won’t let Shen Menglu say goodbye to Queen Ji. That’s not my heart to make trouble for myself! Maybe you have to get a chop.
"Sit tight and hold tight" Zhu Yinzhen forced a horse belly to speed up the running.
Where will Shen Menglu know about the Palace? This is where wolves, wolves, tigers and leopards gather. Zhu Yinzhen wants Shen Menglu to stay away from this wrong place …
The first thing Zhu Yinzhen did when he returned to Yuemeng Palace was to punish him for his disobedience.
Shen Menglu was high-handed by Zhu Yinzhen, hungry and hungry. This ya is in such a hurry to hurry back. This is not the case, is it?
"Slow … slow … wait … we … we haven’t talked yet …" Zhu Yinzhen provoked seven vegetarian Shen Menglu to make a final struggle with unstable breath.
"Mother, speak slowly for a while!" Zhu Yinzhen didn’t give Shen Menglu a chance to resist. As soon as he sank, he bumped into his little mother, and all his anger was turned into a raging bath fire.
Shen Menglu exclaimed, "Zhu Yinzhen, you *!" What is the situation? What became a sport when we agreed to come back and chat? Is she being calculated by this ya again?
"Husband is more willing to listen to mother’s name as a lover." Zhu Yinzhen was panting. Although he was forced to be emotional, he also cared about Shen Menglu’s feelings. Although he was wild, he was not rude
"Zhu Yinzhen, you still owe me exquisite chess to explain that you still owe me … well …" Shen Menglu was blocked by Zhu Yinzhen before he finished a word.
"Mother Yun-fu owes a little longer." Zhu Yinzhen kissed Shen Menglu almost without oxygen. "Mother can’t speak at this time. Mother should concentrate on enjoying it!"
Zhu Yinzhen’s burning breath made Shen Menglu dizzy. Zhu Yinzhen’s powerful explanation made her feel dizzy in the clouds.
"Man … cheat …" At the end of the day, if the face is red-violet, Shen Menglu will spit out these words intermittently, and the smelly man will get even with you later! When the eyes were blurred, Shen Menglu was still thinking about it

Bei Gongyu looked puzzled. "What are you laughing at?"

Xue yiyi stopped laughing and said, "rain, believe it or not, linlin and I are all hello. You want us to die, then I will be you!" But … "
North Palace Rain looked impatient and said, "But what?"
Seeing Xue Yiyi suddenly kneeling at the North Palace Rain, regardless of the surprise of the North Palace Rain, she said seriously, "Please take good care of me and Lingling’s parents!"
Say that finish quickly got up and jumped from the cliff!
Finally, there is no baggage!
Don’t live this dirty world!
Live together, live together, die together!
Yiyi is here to accompany you!
With you, you are no longer alone on Huangquan Road!
Xue Yiyi smiled happily and closed her eyes, so she disappeared with the wind …
Send a trip to a secluded island-return (1)
North Palace Rain wait for a while watched the snow disappear from his face, so he blinked, and two big living people, Snow Yiyi and Daisui Ling, disappeared from the sight of North Palace Rain.
Cliff left north palace rain a person leng in situ snow yiyi and generation ear spirit as if never been to general.
Clear water and ice come out of the grass at night. She has been enjoying the play since just now. It’s good. Things are developing more and more according to her plan!
Clear water night ice walked to stay leng BeiGongYu side patted her.
The rain in Beigong suddenly saw the clear water and night ice, and her eyes were full of "bosom". I couldn’t help but feel a grievance and burst into tears in her arms.
"Blare … yeah … blare … yiyi and linlin … they … they’re dead! Blare ….. "North palace rain on clear water night ice arms sobbed himself really shouldn’t how can hurt yiyi and linlin!
Clear water and night ice gently patting the back of Bei Gong rain makes Beigong rain gradually quiet, but her eyes are cold. Such a small thing scares you like this, so how can you accept the challenge?
After Beigongyu fell asleep, the snow was frozen and Daiyaochen came out. They looked at a face of tears and Beigongyu disdained to smile and left with the clear water and the night ice.
Beigongyu woke up, she opened her eyes and made a modern morning, so she fell asleep, and Xueyibing was surprised to see her awake and said, "Sister Yu, you are awake!" "
As soon as Yao Chen opened his eyes, he saw that Beigongyu was looking at her at a loss, smiled gently and touched Beigongyu’s forehead, and then said, "It’s okay, don’t burn!" Don’t worry, you just caught a cold wind, and now you’re fine! "
North palace rain track nodded his head.
Xue Yibing said sweetly, "Sister Yu, I recently learned a new line and I will read it to you!" Bei Gong raindrops nodded.
Snow and ice said, "I have a plan.
What plan?
The more I listened to the rain in Beigong, the more confused I became. In the end, I wondered why my name appeared in this sentence.
Xue Yibing said, "Sister, this is my new line. The rehearsal temporarily changed your name! You won’t blame me! "
Beigongyu suddenly realized that it was like this. Then Xueyiyi and Daisui Ling must have misunderstood each other! But I don’t want to lose my life because of this!
My eyes dim when I think about the rain in Beigong.
Xue Yibing and Dai Yaochen flashed a trace of disgust and pride in their eyes. It seems that the play was well played!
It turns out that Xue Yibing and Dai Yaochen played all this for Beigong Rain! Is to let her down! The rain in Beigong is really hooked!