"Yuan Chuan will write this secret letter to Ai Jia, hoping that Ai Jia will help Li Sun Shi’s family influence the court to firmly control Yan Di," said Empress Sun.

"If these are not enough, then the mourning family will have the cheek to see the emperor and get his support."
"So the imperial court and Sun Shi clan together will definitely integrate the whole Yan land."
"If those people are ungrateful again, it’s time to see the blood."
Speaking of which, Queen Sun’s eyes showed a burst of cold light.
Although she has lived in the palace for a long time.
But in the end, it is still the only only daughter of Yan’s family.
On boldness of vision, or courage is not inferior to that of men.
"To deal with those big families, we must believe in positions and support them." The old mother said that her heart knew very well that Sun Shi had agreed with the court in the past years and didn’t want to conflict.
And the prince’s palace will be able to punish a group of disobedient people this time.
If you let them completely return to the court, it will be a great achievement.
"The emperor will definitely support it."
Empress Sun nodded and continued, "At the beginning, Yuan Chuan was resentful because he had been filial to the capital for three years. The good emperor was as generous as his sister and let Yuan Chuan settle his grievances."
At this point, she sighed slightly, knowing that the resentment would get heavier and heavier if the emperor didn’t let go.
I can still persuade myself, but the longer it takes, the more difficult it will be.
In case things get out of hand
Queen Sun really doesn’t know what to do.
"The Empress Dowager said that nowadays she is not only generous, but also like the former emperor," replied the old mammy.
"Speaking of the emperor, I heard that he has been working hard recently, watching the memorial and practicing martial arts, right?" Zhang Taihou suddenly remembered that he hadn’t seen the emperor for a while today, and the situation was all heard by people.
"Yes, Empress Dowager," the old mammy sighed and said, "I heard that the memorial was sent to the imperial palace in piles from the pavilion."
"The next day, so many memorials were returned. I don’t know when to see them."
The emperor’s diligence is definitely a good thing for the court
But most harem people are worried
Is today’s body.
Just as the Queen Mother Sun’s eyes are not distressed after hearing these words.
"I can’t go like this," she thought a little, and then said, "You go and prepare some supplements. When the time comes, Ai Jia will personally cook them and give them to the emperor to mend his body. After all, he needs to take care of himself."
Old Nubai nodded and knew what to do.
Immediately after Jianli, I thought about preparing well.
But at this time, the Queen Mother Sun seems to have thought of something: "You can go out of the palace and see if there are any specialties from the capital and buy some to come to the palace. There is not much tribute."
"But the Empress Dowager doesn’t seem to like Yan real estate." The old mammy wondered.
"Not the emperor to prepare" sun queen mother some nai then says
"In Yuan Chuan’s letter, the cousin who went to Ai Jia is coming."
"It was said that something that was doing business with the grassland tribe was robbed, and my uncle said two words of anger and wanted to go to Ai Jia."
Speaking of the cousin, Empress Sun, holding her forehead seems to be very tired.
"Master Tang …" The old mammy was one leng.
Look also with words.
She knew that the Queen Mother, the young master of the hall, was very good and often corresponded like a brother and sister.
But that young master was not very reliable since he was a child, especially after taking care of Sun Shi’s family business. It’s this business method, did you inherit Sun Shi’s head?
In the past few years, it was a direct trade between grassland tribes, but the effect was minimal.
It’s not the first time that the goods have been robbed.
Sun Shi suffered many losses.
This thing is not even nine Niu Yi hairs.
But that young master can inherit the saying businessman in the future.
But as things stand, I’m afraid it’s difficult for many people.
Thinking about this, the old mammy asked, "Is there a young master in the Queen Mother’s Temple who came here this time?"
The queen mother shook her head, and her cousin was too jumpy. Who knows what purpose he came here for?
Immediately, she sighed slightly and said, "Let’s leave it alone and come. When the time comes, good wine and good food will serve him. Maybe he will go back. Otherwise, why do you still want to be an official when you stay in the capital?"
The old mammy nodded. Master Tang knew the man very well.
Being an official? Just him?
forget it
Chapter 66 Has he always been so brave?
Jingde Palace
The sun is approaching noon.
Wei Yun Yi Cai leisurely turned to wake the whole person refreshed.
Zhao Lingying is still sleeping next to her, and her long eyelashes are shaking from time to time.
Exquisite corners of the mouth slightly become warped as if with a smile.
See this
Wei Yun yi shook his head.
It’s really hard to learn martial arts
It’s much easier to talk about poetry and songs with the queen.
But the surprise is that Ying Guifei has made amazing progress.

Feelings brewed by years are like spirits, and they almost burn out the whole Xianju.

Stay for a while, the breeze will wash away the outside with a clear spring, and the whole fairy palace will give a refreshing and pleasant breath again.
A moment later, Baiyunlou Ziyan walked out of the gate of Fairy Palace hand in hand, overlooking the lush new world in front of him, and his eyes overflowed with joy.
"Cloud floor this time you and I are out of line …"
"The venerable sir is powerful and proficient in the evil work of taking possession of her house. We are also protecting ourselves. Now you and I are mixed together, and it is impossible for her to take possession of her house again … Besides, you are now my white couple, as well as A Niang and Yue Lao, who have witnessed it."
A little meal at Baiyun Tower was handed to Ziyan by taking a letter.
"This is the sunrise to school sister, reciprocate hey hey …"
"reciprocate … it’s rare for Chaoyang to remember the hospital today."
Ziyan was about to open the envelope when she stopped halfway, and with a somewhat playful smile in her eyes, she said, "I didn’t let my senior brother read this letter in the morning sun, so I kept it for myself."
"You ….." Although the mouth of Baiyun Tower says Naiyan’s eyes are full of spoiled words, he lifts his sleeve and blows his eyes, and immediately reveals the gray scene outside the sand fairy treasure.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and twenty-two Love by the clock
It was quite lively outside the sand fairy treasure just now, but the lecture hall was deserted at this time.
With the overflow of Xianbao Yin-Yang Qi-Qi, there is only a magic lotus stand supporting an ice crystal barrier, and a faint sound is heard.
At present, the sacred lotus enchantment seems powerful, but it is difficult to stop the magical power of Baiyun Tower.
After a double cultivation of yin and yang, a huge amount of too much qi was derived, and half of it was poured into the eyebrows by the Baiyun Tower, which made the eye pass completely transformed and broke through to the divine realm.
After jumping into the divine realm, the celestial eye is more powerful than the avenue, and all kinds of things can be seen at a glance, and the eyes and minds are like a hole in a virtual channel, and the spirit can fall with the thoughts.
Just look at the outside world for a moment, Baiyun Tower has deduced several magical powers.
In this way, the snow-colored petals in the main hall of Xuelian fluttered with the wind, which was what the spirit of Bai Dazhao changed.
This petal fluctuates with the mind, but it can be controlled with the mind, so that it can more truly perceive all the movements of the main hall.
The golden cicada in the main hall is still in a chaotic state and should be on the verge of breaking through the boundary, while Manluo is placed in the lotus platform of the Saint Lotus Venerable’s daily practice.
Shenglian is not surprised by the Baiyun Tower in the main hall, but sighs lightly that "Shenglian has gone this road of no return after all, and it’s really a karmic cycle …"
"The two friends …"
"The Buddhist teacher younger brother dharma number Jin Chan, this is Manluo, a kindred spirit. Manluo’s pool will be re-entered into the Buddhist small world if the opportunity arises …"
After a little meal, Baiyun Tower went on to say, "I accidentally took a look at Manluo’s road before, and that chance should be the body of the sacred lotus."
At the same time, Luo’s face suddenly twisted strangely and turned into a sacred lotus honour person.
"So that’s it. This holy lotus is more powerful than Buddhism, and she is proficient in the magical power of Buddhism. Her side of the boundary can really use red-violet industry to refine her karma. If it weren’t for the sand, Xianbao is a world of its own, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to escape it. After all, my brother has a way …" Ziyan didn’t worry too much about Monroe’s situation when she knew his brother’s temperament.
Upon hearing this, Baiyun Tower was in a big mood and couldn’t help but answer the words, "I have been a young monk for three years to get close to this place. It’s nothing. Not long ago, I sang poetry and danced sword in front of the holy lotus. It’s really very difficult to get in …"
Even so, the eyebrows are somewhat hard to hide.
Zi Yan Nai smiled and gently pulled a brother’s sleeve and woke up softly. "Man Luo’s spiritual knowledge should be in the way, right?"
"Naturally hinder ….." Talk Baiyun Lou also immediately primly replied with waking up "Brother once sent these two younger brothers and sisters, each with a number of specially refined Xuanyin beads, which can be regarded as a successful cause, and once Shenglian integrates knowledge into Manluo Dharma, if there is no retreat …"
At the same time, there was a trace of surprise on the taxiing face of the holy lotus, and then the surprise turned into panic
"It is natural to have flaws in the evil deeds such as taking possession of others. The practitioner should not only find the dharma body that fits the soul, but also need to consume the host for a certain number of years …"
In the middle of Baiyunlou’s speech, Zi Yan has already understood the reason, and said, "Man Luo will live a long life, and once this evil skill is used, it will trap the host for a period of time."
"It is this holy lotus that is also worried about being seized by karma. Most of the incarnations still have a trace of residual soul. Just now, I secretly connected several ways to know the middle knowledge."
Sighing a while later, Baiyun Tower then sighed with emotion, "In this situation, when Manluo herself chose to send her that flower on the other side, she once felt that the wood she was obsessed with had taken the opportunity to break the boundary here, and this teacher Manluo’s younger sister had no idea of leaving."
Upon hearing this, Ziyan couldn’t help but sigh, "Love is a fate and a robbery …"
After two people sigh lightly, Shenglian appears abnormal again, and this time it’s not just panic.
Looking at what to do, it should be that karma has activated the Manolo Dharma to hide the dead.
It doesn’t take much time. The gray dead body has been restrained, and the knowledge has poured out like a flood, and it is entangled with the knowledge of the holy lotus that is merging with Manluo Dharma.
Seeing that the situation is wrong, Shenglian immediately recited the scriptures, and Fo Yin directly tore a crack and saved it with a hot flame.
This is also a ruthless peerless person. Fighting against the dead directly attracted the red-violet industry.
This method is immediate and quick, and the surging tide of the dead is suppressed by the strength of the industry.
It’s the dead, and it’s already entangled in an industrial fire, which burns out the dead and also forcibly burns knowledge.
The painful feeling seems to make Shenglian lose her mind. She has stopped chanting Buddhist scriptures and complained about Manluo’s long-lived dharma body.
This is the perception of damage, so I consciously put my heart into my mouth.
Not only that, but the mind seems to have changed, and the eyebrows show irritability. I turned to see Jin Chan’s irritability and anger, exclaiming a "evil influence" and slapping it at the same time
Suddenly, the Baiyun Tower was ready to move the imperial envoys aside, and a few petals stopped in front of the golden cicada.
Although the golden light of the petals is fleeting, it still blocks the aftermath of most of the palm force, or it will shake the golden cicada out of the epiphany several feet away.
It’s a pity that the golden cicada has already been cultivated into a golden body to bear such palm force, but it will be typed out of the epiphany.
"Eh, Mimi …"
After waking up, the golden cicada seemed to be still immersed in the practice, and she was shocked and read out the six-character mantra of the Tathagata Sutra.
As the mantra falls, the Buddha’s light immediately overflows.
The Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha’s Buddha
At the same time, a violent distortion of the face of the incarnation of Shenglian suddenly reappeared as Monroe.
"Cicada take care …"
Should be to see the injured golden cicada, Manluo’s knowledge suddenly broke out, and she was afraid to rush to the Yin Zhu barrier and return to the almost exhausted body dharma.
After a last look at the golden cicada with deep affection, Monroe was dead and obviously went back to heaven.
This one is even more determined to forcibly cut off the vitality of the dharma body by knowing the last point of consciousness.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and twenty-three Sword to cut evil spirits
Sensing the fluctuation of Ziyan’s mind, Baiyun Tower said softly, "Don’t worry, everything is under control."
The method of speaking and minding moves with Manluo’s knowledge to explore a wind aura machine to pull the dying spirit back to Xuanyin Pearl.

What is four dimensions?

Four-dimensional is the variable of three-dimensional basic overtime, but four-dimensional is beyond human understanding for the time being, but human beings can deduce four-dimensional approximate structure from three-dimensional to two-dimensional to one-dimensional
Chapter 446 The concept of high dimensions
This evening, Zhou Xiaolong was tricked into the workshop by his ninth uncle, saying that he wanted to call an important meeting of the potato research institute.
The result is to face a small notebook and look at Wang Yangyang’s annoying face and listen to Wang Yangyang’s lecture.
Coming to Wang Yangyang looks and temperament like an upside-down middle school teacher. It’s really special to lecture. Zhou Xiaolong and Jiu Shu are all confused by a lot of whining.
Wang Yangyang video conference mainly talks about some dimensions and concepts.
As we all know, we human beings are in the three-dimensional life.
Three dimensions can also be understood. One dimension is a line, two dimensions are surfaces, and three dimensions are three dimensions. We are the three dimensions of three-dimensional life.
Since there are one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional, of course, there will be four dimensions.
What is four dimensions?
Four-dimensional is the variable of three-dimensional basic overtime.
Humans can deduce the four-dimensional approximate structure from three dimensions to two dimensions and two dimensions to one dimension, but four dimensions are beyond our understanding for the time being.
It’s like if we are two-dimensional creatures, then seeing that three dimensions are always a plane, then living one-dimensional creatures can see two dimensions as a straight line.
In the same way, we three-dimensional people can see a four-dimensional body.
However, with the development of science, scientists came up with a variety of superstring theories in the 1990 s. Scientists believe that the universe is eleven-dimensional.
If you are a four-dimensional person, then you can see something you like in your life.
Then five dimensions is the basis of the four-dimensional timeline, and it sounds hard to understand to add a timeline and cross this timeline. For example, it is easy to understand.
For example, if you worked for a few years after graduating from college and are now a middle school teacher, you can see the time line when you graduate from college and become a teacher in four dimensions.
If you graduated from high school and volunteered to study architecture and now you are an architect, then this is another time line for you.
In the five dimensions, you can see not only a teacher but also an architect.
To put it simply, you can see different branches of your future in five dimensions.
Then in six dimensions, we can bend a favorite timeline in four dimensions so that you can jump back to see you before.
That means you can "cross" back to a timeline in the five dimensions.
For example, for five-dimensional "teachers" and "architects", as architects, you feel that it is very hard to live in the sun and rain, and you want to be a people’s teacher.
Then you can travel through the five dimensions to fill in your volunteers when you graduate from high school and tell them that you must fill in the normal school when you fill in your volunteers.
This is six dimensions, so seven dimensions means that at a certain point in time, there are not two possibilities, but several possibilities
That is to say, when you filled in your volunteers, you didn’t see the future of architects and teachers, but you saw the future of white-collar workers, public servants, doctors and so on.
Dimension means one hour and several possibilities. Simply put, when you graduated from high school, there were several futures, so when you graduated from college, there were several futures. That is to say, there is one unknown in seven dimensions and several unknowns in dimensions.
So nine dimensions is a point in time. After bending ten dimensions, Wang Yangyang stopped talking about estimating higher dimensions, and he couldn’t understand it himself.
Nine uncles and Zhou Xiaolong heard that two monks were puzzled.
This is an important ministerial meeting, but this guy Wang Yangyang talks about it for a long time. What’s wrong with evil spirits? !
Wang Yangyang seemed to be thirsty in his mind. He stopped and went out of the screen to get a big glass of water, drank two sips of water and put it down slowly.
Wang Yangyang smiled contemptuously at the camera and said, "I don’t understand anything. I don’t know much about it myself. I just recited these facts to give you uneducated idiots a unified knowledge of science popularization."
Zhou Xiaolong was furious when he listened to it for half a day. He felt that sitting here for more than half an hour was a wave.
A listen to Wang Yangyang, this person is always taking the opportunity to dig at himself. This week, Xiaolong finally couldn’t help but retort, "I said, Director Wang, do you have anything serious to say? I’m busy and I’ll leave."
"Wait" Wang Yangyang heavily took a table and knocked over the cups "Zhou Xiaolong you you you pay attention to your attitude! ! !”
"Hey, hey, don’t worry, talk slowly!" Nine uncle pulled Zhou Xiaolong hard and wouldn’t let him go
It took nine uncles half a day to spit before Zhou Xiaolong’s anger was pressed away.
Wang Yangyang finally got to the point.
Evil spirits can say simple things, simple things and complex things. They just want to find some kind of power, so that power can enter higher dimensions and do some very bad things.
Even Wang Yangyang doesn’t know what evil spirits will do at present, but it is certain that it will not be good for the country and the people.
Zhou Xiaolong is still not too white to lead evil spirits. Why should he do this? Even if he can really enter the fourth dimension and the fifth dimension is even higher, what’s the point? !
Probably Uncle Jiu thinks so, too. Like Zhou Xiaolong, he can’t figure it out. The feeling is just unreal.
Wang Yangyang seems to be really smarter than Zhou Xiaolong and Jiu Shu. He has guessed it.
So Wang Yangyang laughed a few times before continuing to say, "If you can master this ability and enter the high-dimensional space, you can gain the power of imagination and change the number of events of imagination. Let me give you the most retarded example. For example, when you win the lottery today, you know that the winning number is six, so you can benefit from five dimensions. You can go back to yesterday’s number and buy a lottery ticket. As a result, one day you will be rich. Think about how many things will be changed in such a simple case. If you really master this power, you can rule the whole earth and the universe."
Chapter 447 Evil spirits will be the ultimate goal
Wang Yangyang cited an example of buying lottery tickets. Many people probably thought about this example, especially those who like to buy lottery tickets. When someone sees the winning number, they will beat their chest and regret how they chose the wrong number.
Finally, I can say that there is no regret medicine in this world.
If you gamble in this way, it will be a sure bet, knowing whether the game is big or small, and then going back a few minutes ago, putting all the money in, so gambling a few times will definitely bankrupt the casino owner.
For example, if the house price is so high now, if we can go back to buying more suites ten years ago, we can eat and drink now, so almost everyone has thought about it, haven’t we?
Of course, these are trivial things, and it will be even more horrible if we put national affairs on the table. If we change a little at any time, the whole national history will be completely subverted.
If you master that kind of power to control the whole earth, it is no exaggeration!
"But the director doesn’t sound very real. Is there such power? ! !” Nine uncle swallowed a mouthful of saliva said
"Yes, I don’t think it’s true. Are evil spirits exaggerating? !” Zhou Xiaolong also said to Wang Yangyang
"No, you are wrong. The evil spirits have mastered the power that we can’t understand." Wang Yangyang knocked on the table again. "It’s one step away from what I just said."
"Really? !” Nine uncle and Zhou Xiaolong breath in a gasp.
"Don’t you forget that the patient’s preserved egg appeared from an ancient coffin and that the deep-water stegosaurus appeared in the sky? This means that the evil spirits have mastered the method of enlightenment. If they master the variable of time and superposition together, it will be a four-dimensional subject. According to the theory, evil spirits can return to the future, present and past at will, and what they have done will definitely have a great impact on future generations."
Wang Yangyang here when he deliberately paused because xiao-long zhou and nine uncle has a pale face.
Yes, Wang Yangyang, although he has a smelly mouth and doesn’t speak well, is particularly irritating, but he is right.
Preserved eggs appear from an ancient coffin.
At that time, it was the reservoir manager who found the coffin and salvaged it to see that there was a big living person sitting inside, that is, preserved eggs. Isn’t that a transfer?
There are also witnesses, Uncle Jiu and Zhou Xiaolong. Together, they saw a huge monster appear in the sky, which passed by halfway and appeared more than twice. Isn’t this also a kind of folding?
May be to see nine uncle and xiao-long zhou gaping Wang Yangyang is a few quick laugh before saying, "I’ll give another example. If evil spirits go back to one hundred years ago and strangle both of you when you were young, can you still sit here and listen to me now? !”
Although Wang Yangyang’s speech is vulgar, there is nothing wrong with his truth. If evil spirits master this terrible power and enter the four dimensions, wouldn’t the world be in chaos?
What can I do? ? ? ! ! !
This ministerial meeting ended when Xiao-long Zhou and his ninth uncle were stunned and speechless. The notebook computer screen was black, and Xiao-long Zhou just recovered.
"Oh, little dragon, I didn’t expect such a thing. What the hell will the damn evil spirits do? !” Nine uncle rubbed his hands and said
"Uncle Jiu, my head is a little confused. I want to have a rest."
Said Zhou Xiaolong got up and walked beside Ouyang Lei, pulling Ouyang Lei to go toward outside walk.
"Ah, master, I finished the meeting so soon. I haven’t finished the game yet. !” Ouyang Lei said unwillingly
"What’s the game? The world is almost destroyed now. What the hell? !” Zhou Xiaolong said angrily


This ghost king’s roar is getting stronger and stronger, and the knife’s potential is getting heavier and heavier. With this rule, it seems that Fiona Fang will cut the ravine vertically and horizontally.
The ghost knife fell, and the meaning of the sword was broken in turn, but there was always a re-evolution of the sword light top, which barely supported the situation.
It seems difficult for the two brothers and sisters to fight back when they are suppressed, but Xia Chaoyang stands leisurely behind him without any worry.
One reason is that we can see the intention of brothers and sisters to sharpen their swordsmanship, so we can observe and rub some kendo insights.
Another reason is that this evil ghost is too strange to look directly at …
It’s this ghost king who yells too loudly and listens to all kinds of words. Xia Chaoyang can’t help but frown slightly.
Just then, the heads of the three men revealed the divinatory symbols and swords, and the golden light suddenly shone.
It seems to fit in with some kind of kendo, and the virtual shadow of the hexagrams is instantly collected in the yin and yang, and the sword is condensed again, as if it had penetrated a golden light and disappeared into the convex and concave forehead of the ghost king.
When this sword seems to be stagnant, the ears are always clean.
The ghost of the ghost king was sealed by the sword, and his body was motionless.
"Hey, hey, this big guy is finally quiet, brother. Did you and the teacher elder sister make a great move together?" Noisy sound disappeared Xia Chaoyang hey hey smile asked curiously.
Baiyun Tower gently shook his head and answered, "It’s just a real introduction. It’s only a combination of Yin and Yang hexagrams, keeping the work and keeping the work …"
The words sound just fell and sword domain’s foreign air machine suddenly swam.
See the ghost king shape flash awake from a trance.
After jilting his head, he didn’t rush to jump forward with a knife, but pinched his waist and sucked in a lot of fog and fog, and gathered to the two nostrils in the air
Immediately, the strength of the ghost king soared in front of him.
There is something fishy about the body, and it is close to the soul. The practice of ghost Dao has only doubled, and it seems that there are no hidden dangers
"Stronger so much …" Zhao-yang Xia murmured a word, minding and setting out the sword, ready to make moves at any time.
Baiyun Tower is also in a good mood, fearing that the ghost king will increase his strength and play the sword.
The virtual belly ghost king’s shriveled chest and abdomen swelled like a ball, and it seems that his strength growth has reached its limit.
"Ghost Wang Daren still want to fight? We have something important to discuss with our predecessors since Xianting …" Baiyun Tower said its purpose with patience.
"Hey … the strength of the two immortals is so unbearable that who will really be the ghost king stupid? The devil is not revealed in the king’s territory …"
The ghost king with a virtual belly drank a lot of food, and the rocks behind him showed tens of millions of ghosts. In front of Xuanyin Temple, his figure was revealed, and the hags were also mixed.
As the ghost king’s figure jumps up all over the sky, so does the ghost.
It seems that there is no reason to speak. Baiyun Tower and Ziyan immediately spread out their golden light and joined forces to display their swords. Zhou Baizhang laid the hexagrams sword array.
The golden light flashing fixed array will temporarily suppress the ghost at once, but the ghost is too numerous and the sword array will last for a long time
Moreover, the ghost king crossed the sword array with great strength, and it took only half a breath for the sword array to collapse.
When the ghost king came with a strong force, the three feet of Baiyun Tower suddenly drilled a lot of hags.
It seems that these yakuza ghosts are a little more intelligent than ordinary ghosts, and there are some ideas to sneak up on three people.
Chapter one thousand and sixty-six Ruyi True Fairy
Catch the ghost, catch the king first, and the three of them are too lazy to entangle with these hags. They immediately fled to the top of the ghost king’s head with a golden sword.
The demon king with a virtual belly roared and spewed out turbulent polluted air in his mouth.
The turbid air seems to have gathered all the filth in this small world, and the bad smell that penetrated into the soul made all three people frown.
This ghost king’s really extraordinary appearance not only incorporates the force of rules, but also spits out evil spirit with strong erosion.
When the three men temporarily avoided the edge, the sword Gang was also shrouded in turbid air and immediately dimmed.
"God punish!" As the Baiyun Tower folded and drank the sword light in the polluted air, it suddenly merged into a bright sword, and with indestructible momentum, it instantly chased and flickered to escape the ghost king and split it in half.
Seems to be this sword imposing manner to deter all the ghosts. Qi Qi immediately scattered and fled. The sword array hag also fled to the ground.
Split in half, the ghost king seems to be dead, and the ghost king’s dharma body falls to the ground and scatters
"It turned out that the incarnation of the real body fled to the place?" When Xia Chaoyang saw the clue, he immediately started to look at the four views of the eye.
"Look … naturally."
After saying this, the Baiyun Tower rose and the eyebrows were sealed with golden light, and a knife with immortal rules was synthesized, and the real Wu Dajian appeared.
This is a threat from the immortal position, as if to crush this virtual reality full of regular force.
"The empty belly is revealed!" As soon as Baiyun Tower grasps the big sword, it will cut off from half to the peak of Montenegro.
The big sword rises with the wind, and it suddenly grows dozens of feet.
The sword light fell with immortal power, and when it was about to penetrate the peak of Montenegro, Montenegro became short by itself.
The fog soared hundreds of feet high, and the shape of Montenegro collapsed rapidly, eventually turning into a three-foot-high ghost king’s body. The big sword was also restored to four feet long and half a foot wide, hanging over the head as if it were about to fall in an instant.
Sword light locks the ghost king’s qi machine and lets him escape
"I wanted to talk to the Lord of the Ghosts, but I had to force the monarch to pressure each other. Can you give me a good reply?" Baiyun Tower, where Langqing drinks the sword, reveals the immortal way and holds up the ghost king with empty stomach.
"Hum … even if we can behead the king."
The ghost king seems to have a fear and then raved, "You monty ghosts are very interested in playing, and you can use it at will. It’s a pity that the king has seen the world and his eyes are profound and he can tell the truth from the false. If you want to kill or cut it today, go ahead."
"Aspiring … that’s good. Let’s help the ghost king erase the ghost spirit today …" The Baiyun Tower refers to a sword hanging over the head of the ghost king, and it’s really a big sword.
"Wait …" Eager ghost king a roar.
Great blade sharp sword mans have touched the concave and convex have send wide forehead.
"Kill kill kill kill … don’t you just want that …"
The ghost king’s hoarse voice is very flustered. It’s a word that suddenly falls three feet above the head. Lei Guang will split the ghost king with a virtual belly.
The hair is sparse and the top of the hair is even thinner.
"Yo-ho, look up three feet, there is a god’s Lei Guang … it’s really an interest." Baiyun Tower’s force operation eye-catching also didn’t see that Lei Guang couldn’t help but sigh with emotion because of derivative.
But careful induction is aware of something familiar.
It turned out to be the means of the empress dowager!
That makes sense.
It seems to be thundered by the sky, and it seems to be angered by the mocking words of the white leader. The sword means to suppress the ghost king. Suddenly, he broke out and became a little more rebellious.
"Hey … see this Lei Guang didn’t I also have identity …"
"Hey … even if you are really Zhenwu reincarnation wide cold rebirth can’t be so unreasonable …"
"Hey … Wang somehow also guards here for ten thousand years … Hum, you said erase it …"

"But how do people choose? If you continue to choose the battalion commander level, Goblin Simon will definitely blow up." Silent said.

"Of course not, and don’t look for the best captain. Today, the Simon Grand Commander can’t be provoked, otherwise it must be us who suffer in the end." Wei Youfang said that Wei Youfang certainly wants to call a wave of elite teams, of course, the higher the combat effectiveness, the better, but this Simon Grand Commander can’t be provoked any more. Let’s honestly call some elite ordinary soldiers.
Chapter seventy-three The job is done
The next day, ten captains and twenty captains, Goblin came to Wei Youfang’s camp early. After all, the elite in their hearts should be a little elite, and Wei Youfang and the three of them hurried to lead them to conscription.
"Today, recruit 20 squad leaders of ordinary soldiers to test your abilities. You can only be selected if you insist on 30 strokes. Do you understand?" Wei Youfang commanded that there were no doubts in the hearts of the new recruits Goblins yesterday, weren’t they recruiting squad leaders and captains? Why are ordinary soldiers called up?
Seeing the suspicion of Wei Youfang in everyone’s heart, he explained, "This was discussed with Grand Commander Simon yesterday. Recruiting too many elites has a great influence on the fighting capacity of the whole barracks." Wei Youfang thought about it and continued, "Although ordinary soldiers are recruited today, like most of you, there is no official position, but Grand Commander Simon will certainly not forget that you will give priority to pulling out your officers when our team is upgraded, and if you have the opportunity to build a new team, you will be given priority to recording." This new move is also relieved for the goblins.
Actually, these words are not from Grand Commander Simon, but from Wei Youfang’s promise to give those goblins a check. Although it is not good to do so, Wei Youfang has no way to appease those soldiers. It is better to plan and plan than to mutiny regardless of waiting for the soldiers.
Silence and Du Lei led a group of people to recruit according to Wei Youfang’s standard, so silence and Du Lei led because Wei Youfang had another body.
At this time, Wei Youfang’s face was bitter, but he didn’t walk towards Simon’s camp with a wry smile. Yesterday, Wei Youfang found a problem, that is, his team was still placed. Around the camp where Wei Youfang and others lived, there were already other teams stationed. Wei Youfang wanted to recruit people to solve the resettlement problem before the end. Yesterday, three people discussed it all night, and finally silence and Du Lei were shameless. What else could Wei Youfang do?
It’s not a big deal to place a team of 50 or 60 people. Of course, this is for Grand Commander Simon. Wei Youfang himself is sure that he can’t make a list of things by changing camps, materials and so on. Even if there is something, this site is not just made casually. All this can’t bypass Grand Commander Simon. Yesterday, Wei Youfang just made him furious. Well, good and evil finally reported to Heaven for good reincarnation. Look up and see who heaven bypassed. The ancients did not deceive me.
Wei Youfang crustily skin of head came to Simon grand marshal camp and shouted the guard on duty next to him, "Little brother, help me get through to Simon grand marshal. I have something to leave."
"Who’s your brother waiting?" The QinBing took a white look at Wei Youfang and walked in. Wei Youfang gave a wry smile. It seems that he is a stinking street in Simon’s grand marshal’s pro-guard. Whoever finds the opportunity should say that Wei Youfang is too stingy. Soon the QinBing came out.
"The Grand Commander is discussing with the adults. If you wait here for the Grand Commander, I will call you in again."
"Okay, I’ll wait here." Wei Youfang doesn’t say much with this Qinbing. After all, Yan is easy to provoke a kid and difficult. This little soldier still doesn’t want to be angry with him. However, Wei Youfang also has doubts in his heart that he has got up early today. How can it be so coincidental that he just discussed something important today? Isn’t this little soldier bullying me? No, he shouldn’t have the guts. After all, he doesn’t know if I have something urgent to tell him. He shouldn’t be responsible.
Wei Youfang waited quietly in front of this camp and watched as the minutes passed, and the sun gradually climbed from the outcrop. Wei Youfang didn’t expect that his legs were numb all afternoon. At this time, I didn’t guess that it was a trick! Wei Youfang stepped and turned to go back.
"Wait, who let you go?" The soldier saw that Wei Youfang was about to leave and said
"I’ll come back in the afternoon and tell Grand Commander Simon what I have," Wei Youfang said.
"You, who are you? Come and leave whenever you want. I’ve told Commander Simon for a while. Where can I find you if you go in?" Batman said with his head held high
"That you go to leave Simon grand marshal a" Wei Youfang couldn’t help but say.
"Grand Commander Simon can’t disturb you when discussing important matters. You wait here!"
Wei Youfang really wants to slap this Qinbing face at this time and then kick the tent door and beat up Commander Simon. However, Wei Youfang can obviously think about it if he doesn’t want to die. He said that today’s fruit was also Wei Youfang’s responsibility yesterday because of all this. Ah, I shouldn’t be too relaxed and indulgent for a while. Wei Youfang can come back and wait for it in another way.
It was not until noon that the commander Simon pushed the camp door out to see if he was going to eat. "Oh, why are you here?" Marshal Simon just saw Wei Youfang, but his eyes smiled and betrayed him. "Oh, I remember. Don’t you have something to tell me? Go ahead."
Of course, Wei Youfang can’t get angry, even if it’s Simon, I’m just playing with you. "Simon, you asked for a team. I don’t know where you are going to arrange this team?"
"Oh, so I didn’t give it to you that day? Didn’t you hear anything from what I said? Aren’t you very clever? " Simon grand marshal said
Damn, this guy is so hateful. If he hadn’t beaten you, I would have beaten you. Wei Youfang was speechless and didn’t know what to say.
See Wei Youfang embarrassed Simon marshal in the mind a lot of relief "don’t make what XiaoCong all day since the whole out of an elite team, you should make some elite team should do things in the past, forget it and see your performance in the future! I’ve arranged your stationed place, and someone will take you there later, "Simon criticized in a serious tone."
Come on, this guy obviously knew what Wei Youfang was going to do. This afternoon, Wei Youfang nodded his head deliberately. The original anxiety in his heart subsided. The Simon Grand Commander said to himself that since he had created an elite team, he should be able to relax after seeing the sample.
Simon Grand Commander said that he left Wei Youfang and didn’t know what to think before setting up an account.
Chapter seventy-four Team building
When Wei Youfang returned to his camp, Du Lei’s silence had come back, followed by a large group of people.
"Are you looking for it so soon? Won’t be cut corners didn’t follow my requirements, "Wei Youfang asked.
"Why? I personally supervised it," Du Lei said. "The main reason is that the level of soldiers in this camp seems to be generally high, and we didn’t do much to select them."
Maybe it is. After all, Grand Commander Simon, like the vanguard of the whole army, has been fighting against the cat demon. The strength of the frontline troops should be relatively strong. Wei Youfang believed Du Lei’s words and then waved his hand to signal Du Lei to get together with Silence.
"The materials and places have been approved by Grand Commander Simon, just to the east of the whole camp," Wei Youfang said to the two men. "How many people have you found?"
"Sixty in all," Du Lei said.
"How do we distribute it?" Wei Youfang said that he looked at the silence and said that silence is the nominal leader of the whole team. Wei Youfang is also not good at directly allocating fear of silence and complaining in his heart.
"You say, I also listen to you." Silently saw Wei Youfang’s eyes white and patted Wei Youfang’s meaning, saying that Wei Youfang was unpreparedness
"Let’s divide it into three teams." Actually, in his team, there are generally two captains and twenty people at the head of each team, and ten people are regarded as the pro-guards of the team. Now, the team of twenty people has been silenced. This is generally the treatment of the leaders of the Hundred-member team, but the team rate of other teams has absolute power and can be directly deployed. However, Wei Youfang’s three people are too good to be silent and it is not good to directly command Wei Youfang and Du Lei.
"This is not good." Silence was the first to object to "You two are half-and-half. You know me. I really don’t like leading the team. I like being alone. I just want to be a team and lead others. You take care of it."
It’s not surprising that Wei Youfang said that silence has never been the kind that pays special attention to strength. If Du Lei and Wei Youfang had not accompanied silence, they would have gone to be a lone ranger.
"So, then choose one from the ten battalion chief level Goblin to let’s three brigades. The brigade is silent. You don’t care at ordinary times, but when something happens, you just go to an order." Wei Youfang agreed to silence for a while.
Wei Youfang told the news of the election of the battalion chief to a group of Goblin, who was very excited. Although he came to the elite army, no one wanted to be degraded. Of course, the election method was still fighting. After all, the combat effectiveness of this world is everything.
After some fighting, a captain-level Goblin named Dory won the final victory, so it’s easy to arrange it. Each of the three teams is assigned three captain-level Goblin, six small captain-level Goblin, ten ordinary elite soldier-level Goblin, and two small captain-level Goblin is left to silence.
In this way, the three teams have been assigned to each team, and the three captains in each team, Goblin, who will be the captain, will be left to Du Lei and Dory to deal with themselves
Wei Youfang looked at his hands. Nineteen soldiers first asked several people about the general situation one by one, and then let Goblin, the three captains, choose two small captains. Goblin, the captain level, wanted to come and didn’t want to do things with the hands of those two small captains who were also captains level, so he made him follow his own orders. After all, Wei Youfang’s current size is also a battalion chief. It’s too shameful to run errands and arrange things by himself. The defeated battalion chief will naturally not be reluctant after learning that Wei Youfang is already a team leader level Goblin.
See him two people also almost put the team in order, Wei Youfang and Du Lei Silent Torre directly led the team to the camp, and waited for a whole afternoon before they were approved. There was no place for Grand Commander Simon to do anything with Wei Youfang to obstruct the place. It was very spacious to arrange more than 60 Goblins, and it was easy to arrange the delivery of materials and the responsible construction personnel, and Wei Youfang and others were idle.
After all, Wei Youfang and others are already at the leadership level. There is no need to be hands-on. Although working with ordinary soldiers may seem more close to the people, this is not what Wei Youfang and others should do now. Find out which elite is not arrogant from their respective teams. When Wei Youfang and others are not yet in harmony with them, the first thing to do now is to bully. As the saying goes, although this sentence is gradually derogatory, it is indeed very reasonable.
Wei Youfang naturally doesn’t really want to set three fires, but he is also thinking hard about establishing the prestige in his own team. He also wanted to pull Du Lei and silence to think about the plan together, but considering that the two guys didn’t have loyalty, integrity and line a few times ago, Wei Youfang dismissed the idea. After all, it’s all the same to find them or not. The last thing is to shoulder himself. Of course, this is not an urgent matter. Sometimes it is given to Wei Youfang to consider.
Barracks tents are well built, all ready-made military materials need to be assembled and fixed, but they are also busy for a whole afternoon, etc. It is dark to get things done. After the allocation of everyone’s residence is completed, Wei Youcai just forget it and say hello to silent Du Leiduo Rui and return to his exclusive camp.
When you become an official, you naturally don’t continue to squeeze into a camp with Du Lei’s silence. You have your own independence and quiet. Wei Youfang thinks about the team’s future development, and you have to walk and think about thinking about where you have flown. By the way, you haven’t meditated for a long time, have you? It suddenly occurred to Wei Youfang that Wei Youfang had stopped meditating after learning the news of Mukan’s death, and things were forgotten for a while.
Speaking of meditation, Wei Youfang naturally remembered Mukan. "Don’t worry, Mukan, I will help you with your revenge." Wei Youfang hasn’t learned a magic until now, and he feels that it is much less likely to change careers to learn magic in the future. However, Wei Youfang is not allowed to give up this meditation. First, it will really make Wei Youfang feel refreshed after this meditation. Second, it is also a kind of yearning for Mukan.
Chapter seventy-five Training
The next day, Wei Youfang got up early and practiced all kinds of famous and unnamed boxing. After playing for a long time, he didn’t practice broadcast gymnastics. Only then did he see others coming up one after another. When everyone had breakfast, Wei Youfang and Silent Du Lei discussed and called Wei Youfang, the spokesman for the first sports meeting of this team. It was naturally Wei Youfang.
I looked at the grotesque ones in front of me. Wei Youfang, the goblins with strange faces, was not serious at all. He still wanted to laugh. It was common for officials to give lectures to their hands. But I was the first one to give lectures to goblins. I fought back my strange feeling. Wei Youfang said, "Hello, everyone, from today on, we are a group." After that, Wei Youfang stopped. The crowd was quiet and embarrassed. Wei Youfang experienced that it should be the time when the hands rang. Have these goblins never heard the leader’s speech?
Forget it. I don’t generally know Wei Youfang with these guys. Then I said, "And I will always teach you your training actions in the future. I usually arrange them." This is of course after discussing with silence. Silence doesn’t like management, and Wei Youcai is the actual commander. It is more convenient to give Wei Youfang a name than to be silent every time. Hearing Wei Youfang’s suggestion of silence is simply to raise his hands and feet to agree. After all, silence is not lazy except for fighting. Besides eating, he is not willing to think and talk.
The goblins saw that silence didn’t say anything, and naturally they wouldn’t be idle to question anything. Anyway, Wei Youfang and Silence are both leading the team, and it doesn’t matter much who will command.
"I emphasize that training is that since we are an elite team, of course we can’t do everything except patrol like him." Wei Youfang scanned the crowd and saw that there was nothing too violent in the crowd, so he went on to say, "From today on, I will run around the whole camp at sunrise every morning and train me for 20 times. After running, I will continue to tell everyone that everyone is ready to stay behind me!" Say and run ahead.
Yu Goblin was also in a panic. What happened? Did he just run away? In terms of physical quality, running 20 laps around the camp is not a high-intensity training, that is, it is only to the point of sweating. However, Wei Youfang never thought that running can improve the combat effectiveness of the team. Running is just an individual activity to enhance cohesion. Of course, it is still very useful to practice more when fighting after running, whether it is surprise or escape.
After running for more than an hour, when everyone gathered in front of the camp again, every Goblin had thick sweat on his head. Running at this level would not be too easy, but it would not make people feel tired. It was the time to exercise their muscles and feel comfortable.
When the goblins set out, they were still in neat formation, but when they came back, they were staggered. However, Wei Youfang didn’t pay attention to these things. He really didn’t think it was necessary to see the rest of them. Wei Youfang got up and "faced the second training, and the three teams took turns to send teams. It’s up to you to choose who to send to the battle. In the end, the winner can ask one of all losers to do one thing. The loser’s ability range is not humiliating and the loser can’t refuse."
Shi Wei has also thought about his incentive method. Not that much equipment? Also have no fruit? I don’t want the whole army to have unlimited food. Wei Youfang can’t win this way. Give it to a small red flower. If the goblins don’t buy it, let’s talk about it after seeing the effect
Generally speaking, this winner must be produced by several captains’ strength levels in Goblin, which seems unfair. Of course, Wei Youfang can group each group according to their strength and take a winner, but Wei Youfang deliberately arranged it together.
Who knows what level your opponent is when you don’t make a move on the battlefield? If you see an opponent who is higher than yourself, you will be paralyzed, then there will be no hope of survival. Wei Youfang’s design is to give those goblins with low ability levels some experience in fighting against high levels, not to mention that they can be too weak to win over strong ones, but at least they can’t collapse. Of course, if there are more trials, there will be low-level victories over high-level ones. Although there are few examples, it is also necessary to give high-level ones a lion-awakening and rabbit-fighting. This is good for both sides.
This group of goblins naturally don’t think so much like Wei Youfang. Since the general instructor said that we should fight like this, we should first fight against who wins and what to do after that. That’s what the winner should think about. It’s good that goblins don’t have so much thought. Whatever the company says is what natural soldiers are made of.
However, what Wei had expected was that two ordinary goblins just won a game, and then they met a captain-level goblin. With one move, the ordinary goblin defeated the team, and then the captain-level goblins looked at each other, and then there were captains fighting each other. This model seems to be flawed. If you don’t do this again, it will become a captain-level hard work. He can shout for refueling.
The final winner of the battle is a small captain in the Dory Brigade. Although there are loopholes, Wei Youfang can’t declare the actual combat effect now. I can look at the small captain who has the strength of the captain and say, "Well, you can choose one from all the losers and let him do something for you."
"It’s you." It seems that the little captain already has a candidate. It’s Goblin who finally fought with him. "You helped me wash my clothes."
Not bad. Wei Youfang nodded his head. Although this little thing is nothing, it is an inspiration and it doesn’t hurt the gas. The selected person hangs his head and is very unwilling to nod his head. The winner is as happy as if he has won much reward.
Wei Youfang looked at it and it was noon, so he ordered the team to be dissolved and let them eat. He himself returned to the camp and thought about how to make up for the loopholes in his own rules.
Chapter seventy-six Catch-up
Wei Youfang went back to the camp alone to find a way to make up for the loophole he came up with last night. By the way, why don’t you just draw lots? Why didn’t Wei Youfang think of such a simple method before slapping his head?
It’s no wonder that Wei Youfang’s Goblin has produced language but not words. Wei Youfang naturally thought of the method of writing numbers and then drawing lots. It’s much easier to make all tools. Without words, Goblin naturally won’t have any paper. Besides, paper is not good. It’s good again.
Wei Youfang asked people to find some skins and then divided them into blocks with different sizes. After finding a piece of wood and burning it black, he wrote one to sixty numbers. Of course, these numbers are available to Wei Youfang himself.
After everyone had eaten, Wei Youfang once again gathered all the people together to make the goblins in good order, then took out the pieces of skins, turned their backs toward each other and disrupted them, and then asked Du Lei to help hold them and send a piece of skins to everyone’s hands. Wei Youfang asked everyone to hold the skins with Du Lei to recognize the skins against No.1 and No.2 against No.3 and No.4, and asked Du Lei to remember these kinds of comparisons while looking for them. Wei Youfang did not hand in Du Lei’s urgent figures, but directly took Du Lei to remember which two graphics were a group and which two were a pair.
Wei Youfang, of course, didn’t expect Du Lei to remember clearly at a time, and he didn’t believe that he could remember ten groups at a time, and then he changed the silent memory to ten groups. Finally, he took Dora to remember ten groups. This is of course not a day’s work, but this kind of thing won’t fall on Wei Youfang every day, and Wei Youfang will take his stupid students to count.
A total of 59 contestants Wei Youfang looked at the No.9 animal cloth in his hand, so that the first round of No.10 was clear, and then the players followed the order. In this way, everyone participated in the first round, and more than half of the afternoon was over, so the second round was no longer drawn, and then they directly played in turn, and then sixteen entered and four finished, according to Wei Youfang’s cognitive tournament mode.
In the end, the winner was a small captain in Wei Youfang’s team, and in the afternoon, the winner failed because it was difficult to maintain the strength of two captains in a row. It is true that luck is also a lot of strength.
Wei Youfang let everyone retreat and let out a long sigh. This is the first time that Wei Youfang organized so many people to participate in activities. After finishing without any experience, he insisted on it with courage, but the good result was not bad. Although there was no substantial reward, the enthusiasm of all the goblins was not bad. No goblin questioned Wei Youfang’s training method.
Wei Youfang has trained Goblin’s ability to escape and fight alone. In terms of his comprehensive quality, Wei Youfang really can’t think of any way. You let Wei Youfang, a man who has never even been a radio gymnast, direct others to conduct military training. Don’t be ridiculous. Wei Youfang is also white in his heart. It’s just doing his best to let Goblin train.

A clean-up campaign against that whole Shandong officialdom is slowly open.

Su Yonglin has no intention of carrying out specific things. These things can be done by more professionals.
With Su Yonglin, the judicial forces of the Third Division of the South Central Committee quickly gathered in Xucheng County to prepare to obey the emperor’s orders and try the criminals.
The armed forces of Dongping Prefecture were made ready to act by Su Yonglin.
The entire Dongping Fu Township Farmers’ Association and the village farmers’ association have received orders to act immediately and organize the villagers’ self-defense forces to be ready to accept orders and go where they should go.
The whole Dongping mansion is moving.
And not everyone can feel this unusual action.
Few ordinary people in the city seem to have not felt anything happening yet, and they should do whatever they want, which is no different from usual. Their daily life has not been disturbed at present.
But changes have indeed occurred.
Su Yonglin, who was in Dongping Prefecture, conducted a thorough cleaning of Dongping Prefecture, and inspected the official organizations of Chen Luo and Qiu Daoshou Dongping Prefecture upside down.
In the first batch, 27 criminals and 69 officials were seized, and they were all located in Dongping Mansion, Xucheng County and Dongping Mansion Branch of Fuxing Yellow River Project. Their positions were deprived and their families were strictly controlled.
Due to a large number of vacancies, it is difficult for officials who have not been implicated to have so many official positions, so Su Yonglin immediately ordered the official department of Zhongdu and the organization department of Fuxing Association to send young qualified officials to Shandong to prepare for these positions.
Since it is necessary to do it thoroughly, those Shandong officials in the central government will get rid of them first before they react, so they will be hard to resist when they wipe out their roots and clean up the civil servants in North Korea and Shandong.
And for this batch of criminal officials and petty officials, they were tortured immediately.
There is no need to worry about them and directly punish them.
Of course, among them, there is no resistance. The more greedy they are, the more afraid they are. Some of them even have no torture, so they tell everything they know.
They gave a total of 51 landlords and gentry, and 36 wealthy businessmen and tycoons an account-they came to clean the stolen gloves.
Of course, these glove tools will not be spared. Su Yonglin put them on the cleaning list and sent a judicial team to "clean" them.
If you dare to resist killing on the spot, you will never be spared!
Su Yonglin personally took part in the formal trial of Chen Luo, Qiu Dao and Xu Wei, and listened to the officials of the Ministry of Justice who severely examined them. The three men confessed everything like a bamboo tube without heavy punishment.
Su Yonglin paid special attention to Qiu Dao’s description of his illegal process.
He said that he was infatuated with those two attractive beauties as if he were possessed, thinking about them all the time, thinking about it for a while, hoping to finish work quickly and come home to have sex with them.
When I think about this period, I am so strange, so strange that he doesn’t even know how he fell and how his ideals disappeared.
Why did Chen Luo accept the corruption of the Yellow River project payment inexplicably?
Kneeling in court, he can’t figure it out.
Of course, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that he confessed to all the crimes he committed, and the charges have become an ironclad fact.
In the end, all three departments were executed, and three days later, they were beheaded, showing no mercy to the public, and their families were also beheaded when they participated in their illegal and criminal activities.
Except for Xu Wei’s family, they should be sent to the frontier to work in the designated work of the court and earn hard-earned money to fill the financial losses of the country until the repayment is completed or the family is extinct
Xu Wei’s family got a certain commutation because of Xu Wei’s initiative to explain the merits of the crime, and they were allowed to stay in the designated work of the court, but they also had to pay back the public funds and debts until they were paid off or the family was extinct
Never forgive
After the hearing of the three sessions, Su Yonglin made a whim. He asked the officials of the Ministry of Justice to bring the two beautiful women Chen Luo gave to Qiu Dao to him, so that he could see what kind of national color could fascinate Qiu Dao.
At first glance, he found that these two women are really beautiful, with a soft voice and a beautiful posture. Facing the big scene, crying pear flowers and taking rain is quite a kind of amorous feelings.
It should be that Chen Luo sent someone specially trained to serve those who have mastered the situation in exchange for what they want.
But just these two women can completely reduce the people he has high hopes for?
In the end, are you wrong about people or do you have too high expectations for human nature?
Su Yonglin rubbed his temples while covering his forehead.
Hearing the news, Tian Jue asked in a low voice, "Do you want to dispose of these two witches?"
"Demon girl?"
Su Yonglin wry smile "what syren? Chen Luoshou, can they decide their own destiny? What is wrong is just to live.
In Qiu Dao’s ci, there was no guidance from these two women to induce him to commit crimes. There was nothing wrong with them. It was the people who asked them to do such things and those who failed to withstand the temptation. "
Tian Jue was silent for a while and then said with disgust, "but you can’t just let them go, can you?" The fall of Qiu Dao is indispensable for these two witches to seduce important officials of the country and the DPRK by inferior means! "
Chapter 27 Nausea and Corrosion

Has anyone seen an easy chair in the office? Are you coming to class or sleeping?

But that’s what the company did. Zhang Zhidong had to admire the wonderful ideas of that young chairman
From the office building to the production car, it’s as far as another company. The security guard stopped two people at the factory gate. "Sorry! Please register one "
Naturally, it is Zhang Zhidong who wants to register, even if he is a company employee entering the factory for the first time, he should register with his real name.
When Zhang Zhidong registered honestly with his ID card, Chen Shufen said to the security guard.
"Mr. Zhang is the new technical director of the company. Don’t stop him from entering and leaving after he has not been made yet."
"Yes" the security guard nodded. Chen Shufen is the boss’s wife. She is actually in charge of the company’s personnel. Her words are tantamount to officially ordering the security guard to listen, of course.
When we arrived at the factory, Zhang Zhidong couldn’t help but shout, "Wow! This factory can be used to build airplanes. "
"There used to be a shipyard with a huge factory building with more than 3,000 square meters." Chen Shufen introduced him.
As they walked along, they came to the gate of a factory building. Chen Shufen lived at the door.
"Chairman Zhang and Director Liu will go inside to wear protection, so I won’t accompany you in."
"Thank you!" Zhang Zhidong nodded his thanks.
Before entering, it is necessary to wear protection, masks and anti-static gloves to pass through the dust removal passage, and other complicated procedures can not help but make Zhang Zhidong take a high look at the factory management.
Outside the factory building department, there are two worlds, and the straight fluorescent lamps are 25 meters high, which make the factory building as bright as day. The workers are seriously simulating the spacious factory building.
Real production accounts for 1/3 of the factory area. Zhang Zhidong saw Wang Yong and Liu Meijuan at a glance.
Liu Meijuan is checking the ventilation and heat dissipation performance of the main cabinet, which is a special plexiglass cabinet. The cabinet can be seen clearly from the outside, and the cooling fan of the main cabinet moves with colored light smoke to simulate the airflow of the cabinet.
"There is still a little need to adjust the airflow, which is a little messy and not fast enough." Liu Meijuan explained to Wang Yong.
"Director Liu, Chairman"
Just when the two heads gather together to watch the light smoke in the cabinet department, Zhang Zhidong greets them.
When they turned around and saw Wang Yong, they immediately walked over and held out their hands. "Mr. Zhang, you are finally here. Welcome!"
"Chairman, is this the brain host?"
After the two men shook hands, Zhang Zhidong pointed to the box and asked curiously.
"It’s not that we experiment the ventilation and heat dissipation of the chassis. This transparent plexiglass allows us to see the situation of the chassis directly."
"oh! That’s a good idea, "Zhang Zhidong praised with a smile.
When they talked, Liu Meijuan seriously revised the chassis design drawings. She seemed to have never seen Zhang Zhidong at all.
In a short time, her drawings marked the data that should be changed and gave it to a worker who ordered "to make another experimental box according to this data"
"Yes" workers should take the drawings.
A few minutes later, another experimental case was made, and the workers were very efficient.
Liu Meijuan personally dismantled the original chassis motherboard, floppy drive, CD-ROM drive and other components and put them into the new experimental chassis.
Another boring experiment.
This is not the hardest thing. When the host is really sure, she will test the actual effect of the motherboard. There are still many problems waiting for her to solve. Then she will constantly adjust the road design and increase or decrease the number of components.
Without or without a diode, transistor, resistor, etc., all kinds of problems may occur, such as not displaying images, short circuit, burning the motherboard, seriously reducing computer performance and so on.
There is a difference between theory and practice. After all, Liu Meijuan designed a new motherboard by himself, not copied the classic motherboard design in history.
Zhang Zhidong picked up an experimental motherboard with great interest. After careful observation, although he is a software engineer, it is not a layman to deal with his brain every day.
Pu peniu 751hz, 561 16b Two 12gb graphics cards pi graphics card svga, 1 slow
There seems to be a special digital processing chip?
Zhang Zhidong silently quoted the names and data of each chip. How many generations has this luxurious configuration advanced than his own old 36-brain?
Only in this way can the brain be strong enough. Zhang Zhidong praised in his heart
Zhang Zhidong was happy to put the motherboard on, so he carefully observed Liu Meijuan doing ventilation and heat dissipation experiments. At this time, he seemed to be as sincere as a student who followed his tutor to do experiments.
The experiment is boring, and if you watch it for a long time, you will get bored. Liu Meijuan is another perfect control, and you have to modify a little problem before you experiment.
I don’t know how many times after repeating the experiment, Liu Meijuan finally showed a satisfied smile when the experimental light smoke penetrated the chassis and flowed through the air passage in a neat and straight line.
"This data system is the main chassis after you can do it."
"Yes" two chassis workers who are responsible for the system should be in line.
"Wife, you have it! Zhang Zhidong is here, you technical director. Talk to him! I don’t understand the technical method to arrange other jobs. "
Wang Yong saw that Liu Meijuan finally got a break in when he was free.
Liu Meijuan smiled and shook hands with Zhang Zhidong.
"Director Zhang, how are you?"
"No, no, I’d like to learn some hardware knowledge from Director Liu. Director Liu, I have one thing. There seems to be no hard disk in the main chassis?"
Zhang Zhidong first made a modest remark and then asked a question that he was puzzled about.
"Ha ha! The hard disk is very expensive, and I intend to make it a centralized device for unified management, which can save precious resources.
Speaking of which, I have to hand it over to you. Our central processor is a kind of blade, which needs strong parallel computing and processing power. It still lacks a soul. I ask you to lead all software engineers to develop a special operating system. "
"No problem. It’s a difficult job for me. It’s very challenging.
Director Liu, to tell you the truth, I just like work and challenges, hahahaha! "
Zhang Zhi’s east wind is light and the clouds are light, so he accepted it gladly.
Chapter seventy-two Quality
When the motherboard was debugged, Zhang Zhidong and Liu Meijuan learned this lesson, that is, in half a month, both of them forgot all about eating and sleeping and everything outside.
That’s how people who really engage in technology get hooked as soon as they enter scientific research.
In this half month, Zhang Zhidong was not ashamed to ask questions and really understood Liu Meijuan’s motherboard design thought.
He understood that the 512kb secondary buffer is to ensure the continuity of characters and images, and to ensure that there will be no frame drop when running a high-pixel game today.
High-speed relaxation is the brain pu’s own ra device, which has the advantage of fast reading speed and effective high brain response performance.
It will refresh once at a specific time, and if the screen refresh frequency is the same, it can ensure the inertia of the screen display.
It can be said that high speed and slow speed largely determine the quality of computer performance.
The external buffer makes no difference if the gold flying wire pu has its own buffer.
Of course, first of all, you have to know the construction instructions of pu department like the back of your hand, otherwise you should start from the beginning.
At this point alone, Zhang Zhidong looked at Liu Meijuan with new eyes.
And that dsp digital coprocessor was originally designed for games, which involved many special algorithms.
This requires not only familiarity with the performance of Pentium chips, but also extraordinary mathematical knowledge, which is beyond the reach of ordinary people, even Intel engineers, otherwise they would have become this special core.
From a few points, it can be seen that Director Liu is indeed a top hardware technology cow. The so-called hero cherishes the hero. Zhang Zhidong can’t help but admire her more.
"It should be ok, director Zhang. We want to make our company’s research and development architecture keyboard, which is a complete dolphin brain."
I don’t know after hundreds of modification experiments, Liu Meijuan held a motherboard and said happily to Zhang Zhidong around him.
"Liu, director of our first generation such as a keyboard? I would have been forced to stay, "Zhang Zhidong said excitedly.
See Zhang Zhidong impatient Liu Meijuan couldn’t help laughing "ha ha! Director Zhang, this is really not good. Our dolphin brain bs chip is a special peripheral component that I reset to support.
For example, the keyboard puts a specific data interface on the keyboard of the architecture we are going to develop, and it can’t recognize it. "
"ah! Director Liu, you can actually modify the bs settings? "
Zhang Zhidong a face of surprise could not say the complete words. How awesome Director Liu is!
Liu Meijuan seems to have done a trivial thing. "There is nothing that can’t be done. This brain is made up of and 1. If you understand it, you can modify and set it at will."
Zhang Zhidong was depressed by Liu Meijuan’s words. He vomited blood for three liters. Can you make it simpler? If it were that simple, China would have been a motherboard long ago.

The ancient beast Tuoshan couldn’t help laughing. "Five Taoist friends, if they want to kill you together, they will die. It is better to join our camp and fight for his chance!"

Five taboos face rapidly changing surge up in my heart.
Xiao Yu looked at the face in the middle and revived the innate Lingbao. His eyes flashed and he secretly regretted, "It’s a pity that the stone clock is not mine. If I give it to Monty Zu, I can definitely kill Qingtian!"
The stone clock belonged to Shimoro and was returned to Shimoro after it was finished.
Now, if there is no innate treasure, the ancestors of Monty will definitely fall into great passivity.
Xiao Yu’s eyes flashing suddenly noticed that the thick turtle shell in the distance rushed over and caught the turtle shell back.
"You’re dying, little boy. The innate treasure has recovered. What are you doing grabbing this turtle shell?"
The ancient beast camel mountain stared and asked
"I have my own wonderful"
Xiao Yu laughed
This turtle shell is important, and he has to leave handwriting on his face.
If it destroys the innate Lingbao power, it will be bad!
Zhongshizhong seems to be completely resurrected, emitting a monstrous raven. Like a troll, when he came to this world, he wanted conan the destroyer to devour all souls. Many taboos felt a strong sense of oppression and his face changed.
Chapter five thousand one hundred and ninety-two The immortal body
In the terrible black clock, there was a shock, and the recovery of the mighty surface broke out in horror. The whole day was shrouded in a layer of horrible black light.
The heaven and the earth are terrible, and the innate Lingbao is intimidating.
The whole continent is like a boat swaying from side to side in a storm, and it will almost burst directly.
The five forbidden things in the universe changed their faces, and they were surprised and angry. Their bodies were furious and threatened to retreat to the rear.
"Are you crazy, Qingtian?" ? "Qingtian, we have been enemies in the past, and you have to do this!"
"We have been neutral for so many years and you have to kill them all!"
These five people are forbidden to shout loudly.
The innate Lingbao power burns and sweeps out like hundreds of millions of worlds, which Xiao Yu can’t compare with simply knocking the stone clock.
On that day, the coercion caused by his striking the stone clock almost destroyed the whole central ancestral court, and the power did not even play a tenth of the innate treasure.
Nowadays, the root of a complete innate Lingbao’s complete recovery is beyond their imagination.
"Mom, you have a congenital treasure hand. What’s the matter? In the face of a corpse, you actually moved the innate treasure shame, especially you are a taboo god of war!"
Tuoshan, an ancient beast, roared directly, and the anger in his eyes was more than "You are all dead ends, and you have to accept repression. I just made this process faster. You are really a corpse that can endure me!" ? Giant eyes cold body filled with unpredictable breath of terror suddenly mouth folded shouted "magic sound day!
Clock! “
The black clock shook directly and swept out a bright glow, and the chaotic atmosphere surged. The body of Monty Zu finally realized the crisis.
Xiao Yu’s face changed, and he hurriedly ran the causal wheel to control Monty Zu’s body to escape all this.
But at this moment, the body of Monty Zu seems to be out of control again, which makes people more shocked than what happened! ? Monty Zu’s body suddenly roared upwards, and a magic body quickly enlarged and stood tall. His mouth seemed to melt into an ancient hell gate and swallowed it toward the black magic clock.
go to
The black magic clock was directly swallowed by him, and all the innate Lingbao coercion disappeared.
Such a scene makes people’s minds twisted. It’s unbelievable to stare big eyes.
"Swallow it again … Swallow it …"
Xiao Yu dull murmured
The holy sword of the Holy One was swallowed by Monty Zu!
Now he has swallowed a congenital treasure again!
This corpse is not too evil, and there are not many innate spiritual treasures in the whole Sansheng Sanctuary. If you take away a page, you can count the remaining five fingers.
Monty Zu swallowed two pieces alive here! ? This makes Xiao Yu have some doubts about life.
The ancient beast Camel Mountain, the mysterious road and the demon Lord of the stars all gasped and looked at all this in shock.
The whole blood was shocked and stared at Monty Zu’s body for a long time without reaction.
A group of taboos in Sansheng Sage and Outer Universe stare big eyes and face horror.
They almost doubt their eyes! ? How is it possible that a corpse swallowed a mouthful of congenital spiritual treasure?
Qingtian was shocked and angry, and his eyes were full of anger. Suddenly, his hands closed and he shouted, "Give me a blast!"
Monty Zu’s body shook gently with a low roar, but it didn’t explode. He suddenly swept past with a big black hand and patted the giant body.
Qingtian’s body was swept away on the spot, and he snorted and burst directly.
Before he had enough body, the body of Monty Zu rushed over instantly, and his mouth was as deep as the bottom, and he roared with terror and suddenly sucked.
Pieces of flesh and blood of Qingtian couldn’t stop rushing towards Monty Zu’s mouth and sent out a roar, burning and struggling.
He is taboo in flesh and blood, and his consciousness is transcendent. Nothing can kill him in this world.
If a ghost escapes, he can return to his peak! ? However, in the face of Monty Zu’s direct swallowing, he still felt a terrible crisis.
Those who were swallowed by Monty Zu entered Monty Zu’s mouth and instantly lost their connection, and they could no longer feel like annihilation.
"The immortal body!"
Heavenly consciousness makes a big roar! ? His flesh and blood are shining, and every drop of flesh and blood is twisted to the extreme. The mystery contains the unpredictable power of terror. Every drop of flesh and blood turns into an individual, and his hands form a killing eye and shoot magic light at the body of Monty’s ancestor to kill Monty.

Because in addition to the two guardians, Bi Meng Hart is also an enemy of Lu Yuan.

However, because everyone still has a common enemy to deal with, they can temporarily throw away their hostility and join hands with each other.
And once the common enemy is eliminated, their fragile alliance will suddenly break down
Then Liu Yuan’s strength at this time will be besieged by Bi Meng Hart.
Liu Yuan didn’t want to win the final victory after his hard work, but he was taken away by these guys outside the alliance.
Besides, who said he had to rely on Sasuke to defeat Bekele in front of him?
I, Lu Yuan, am not an extraordinary warrior … but an animal bender!
With the appearance of Tam sound, its huge sound suddenly passed over Liu Yuan and rushed towards Baekeland.
Looking at himself, Tam Bekele raised his hand over his head.
Light skills, holy circle of light!
A huge gray-white ring was suspended above Bekele’s head.
As Bekele pointed his finger at Tam, the huge gray-white ring suddenly flew towards Tam.
Tam looked at him and didn’t fear it. He sprinted and crossed his hands in front of him.
The hair covering Tam’s arms also changes attributes in this process.
Eventually, it became a psychic force with amazing metal and soil properties.
And the ring of light punched Tam’s arm with a broken one.
Constantly rotating the ring of light is like a sharp saw, and Tam’s arm cuts.
A large number of sparks appeared where the ring of light collided with Tam’s arm.
Tam roared and then opened his mouth to the ring of light in front of him.
Special attack, magic Bijyudama!
Magic Bijyudama exploded immediately after colliding with the ring of light.
And when Tam solved this ring of light,
More smaller rings of light were cast out by Bekele and flew towards Tam.
Although these rings of light behind them are not as powerful as Bekele’s display.
But at this time, Tam also lost the powerful inertia brought by a puncture
Faced with these attacks, Tam had to defend himself in situ.
At that time, Tam was suppressed by Bekele, and there was no way to go any further.
And Bekele relies on its own strength to slowly recover from the injury in this process.
The huge wound cut by Liu Yuan on his chest healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.
It is foreseeable that if Tam can’t beat Bekele in a short time.
Give Bekele a certain time and he will soon be able to return to a prosperous state
And how horrible a platinum-level strong person is in its heyday can be seen from Bi Meng Hart next to him.
They have not recovered their strength since they were seriously injured by a blow!
Of course, whether this so-called failure to recover is the truth or acting is known to Lu Yuan and themselves.
While Bekele suppressed Tam and recovered his physical injury.
Bekele behind suddenly came a strong psychic fluctuation.
He looked along the direction of spiritual force fluctuation and soon saw a shocking scene.
At this time, Xiaoguang and Xiaojian have displayed their own fields.
If it is simple, two gold pet beasts will display their fields, which will not make Bekele show such an expression.
What really shocked him was the wonderful combination of the small light display field, the small sword display field and the limited sword system.
At this time, Xiaoguang displayed his own light element painting after he displayed his field.
After the small light shows elementalization, the body turns several light spots to cover the surrounding ruler mirror.
A little while, these ruler mirrors actually merged with the firm but gentle sword in the field of small swords.
The power of golden shock wave produced by the fusion of the two fields has actually reached the golden star.
Fusion field … Yao Yang firm but gentle!
Field, Yao Yang firm but gentle that all over the sky golden firm but gentle looks at least thousands more.
Thousands of shock waves comparable to the golden star, which is really amazing.
Quantitative change causes qualitative change. Thousands of golden shock waves … are qualitative changes!
Small sword all over the sky in the firm but gentle hands to carry.
With that number of suspended golden shock wave, it gives people an indescribable momentum.
Suddenly shocked everyone for a short time.
A wild alien can’t help but say, "Is this … the master’s imposing manner?"
Feel the shocked eyes of the people around you. Xiaojian’s mouth is slightly raised and I can’t help laughing.
However, it keeps in mind that Lu Yuan granted the secret of pretending to be forced.
Pack to force the first type … Cold!
After three seconds of coldness, Xiaojian felt that he was almost pretending.
Then slowly put up his two fingers and crossed his eyebrows.
As this golden firm but gentle instantaneous erected one by one.
A large number of light properties, spiritual force fluctuations and firm but gentle fluctuations, are emitted by firm but gentle waves.
Make the sky immediately covered with golden light.
It looks like a golden sword cloud is formed by counting light spots all over the sky.
Seeing this, let alone those who have seen the wild world, Catherine and others.
Even the church Xiaojian these Liu Yuan were shocked at the moment.
Oh, my god, you idiot, you’re still hiding this skill!
Why didn’t I think there was such a shocking scene of "pointing at Wan Jian"!
Damn it, you got me!
Although Liu Yuan knew Xiao Jian and Xiao Guang, he seemed to have developed fusion technology in a special field.

Imperial heaven said staring at the clouds in the sky.

Jian Huiyan seems to have some awkward taste.
Before the closing of the Imperial Heaven in March, the Imperial Heaven ordered Jian Hui to call on the swordsmen. Now Jian Hui should have finished it?
Jian Huinai shook his head and said softly, "There are many good swordsmen in my report. Now most of the swordsmen gather only in name."
Jianhui is also Nai Ming and his disciple. If Jianhui wants to be famous, he will naturally come, but Jianhui doesn’t want to see the name, and he didn’t invite him.
Imperial day smiled "just … no name, no name!"
In a word, the Imperial Heaven turned and walked towards the backyard.
Jian Hui accompanied around Excalibur who is also coming slowly.
Imperial heaven went to a dungeon, a deep dungeon, where there was no one else but an old man.
The big fellow is angry and thunderous, and he is also a master of Chui Fu. Master Chui Fu is too much angry and thunderous. It is also famous that an angry and thunderous master has mastered the martial art of’ Five Thunder and Extreme Hands’. This martial art is the martial art that the Imperial Heaven expects. Chui Fu can’t finish it, and it is also fruitful.
Imperial Heaven got a family boxing from the world of carved gods. Family boxing is a martial art created by Yue Fei, and it also refines the essence and blood of the body. This martial art will make people refine the body and enhance their strength … Practice Dacheng can make every drop of Jingxue be like mercury paste. It can be said that family boxing can be practiced into a whole Jingxue, which can be broken like a spar with one punch.
This is a martial art that embodies the body. This martial art will not change with the change of the world. It needs the human body, the blood and the bones … This martial art can continue to practice. Once Dacheng is not weak.
After several worlds, Imperial Heaven has transformed the family boxing into a congenital family boxing, absorbing the aura of heaven and earth, refining the flesh, strengthening the flesh and nourishing the flesh. This achievement has also greatly improved. If ordinary family boxing can enhance Yi Long’s strength, then congenital family boxing can increase the ten dragons’ strength.
This is the qualitative difference, and it is also a powerful family boxing. This royal boxing is constantly deduced, and finally it is combined with the immortal killing boxing and the immortal golden body to become the present family boxing.
Now, Jiaquan has refined a whole body of JingXie into spar. Although the blood flows, once the Imperial Heaven exerts its strength, the blood weighs like a stone.
But this has reached its limit, and it is impossible to continue to grow roots …
However, only practicing Family Boxing can refine the body into a supernatural realm, which has to be said that Family Boxing is of the earth.
The Imperial Heaven has never given up this martial art, but it has been constantly deduced and improved, especially after getting the five-thunder pole, it is a great joy in the Imperial Heaven.
The’ five-ray electrode hand’ can melt everything, even the skill, even the dragon yuan. This so-called melting is just a kind of refinement. The’ five-ray electrode hand’ must have pure skill and quality, and others can clean the other person’s skill. If it is the same level of skill, it can’t be so clean, and it will leave the other person with more pure skill.
If you want to cultivate the’ five-ray-transforming pole hand’, you must first absorb the thunder and then turn it into five elements of thunder, so that the five elements will eventually melt.
Now, according to the Chinese method, Yutian is integrated into the family boxing and finds himself reaching the peak. Blood, bones, muscles and skin can be refined again.
Imperial heavenly heart is ecstatic’ five leihua extremely hand’ can actually royal celestial JingXie bones and muscles … These can be melted and refined into the most pure.
This Imperial Heaven needs a complete five-thunder boxing, and it will be integrated into his own boxing to turn it into a real peak martial art, which is comparable to the’ Magic Mirror’. Even Imperial Heaven wants to integrate the’ Magic Mirror’ and’ Family Boxing’ into one achievement method, a special exercise method.
However, Imperial Heaven is only an idea, but it has not been realized.
At this moment, the Imperial Heaven walks into the dungeon and stares at an old man who has been cast in a cage made of iron for thousands of years. This cage is stronger than being beaten by the old man constantly, but there is no reaction at all.
Coming to the Imperial Day, this man is yelling, "Let me out … Let me out …"
This man is angry wind thunder, and now his skill has been dissolved by drugs, and he may not have come out of the cage …
Chapter 634 Jian Jie
"F * * king … just a cage can trap me! I capability I capability … "
Roar and roar, but also with all the anger, anger, thunder and thunder, roaring and growling, and both hands are afraid of hitting the iron casting cage for ten thousand years.
It’s a pity that the cage is trapped after all. Angry wind thunder has lost its capability, lost its’ five-lightning pole hand’ and has no resistance. Now it’s only on its own.
When Yutian stepped forward, a black and red flame appeared in his hand. "Tell me everything or become a puppet!"
The black and red flame is just the inflammation of the qi and the burning of people’s emotions, which will turn into puppet flames.
However, Ang Fenglei is a man with little fighting power. This’ five-thunder extreme hand’ is of great help to the Imperial Heaven. Ang Fenglei just roars "Hum … you can’t know everything, I will never say it!"
Angry fenglei roars without a trace of worry. I want to know everything. Angry fenglei must be honest, but angry fenglei was sent to the villa by chui fook. The imperial heaven is just in a closed state. This angry fenglei is just Jian Hui. These people punish Jian Hui, but these people are forced by torture.
Nowadays, there is no resistance to the wrath of the Imperial Heaven.
The flame burned in the hands of the Imperial Heaven has already disappeared into the mind of Angry Wind and Thunder.
"Don’t say … interesting! I want to know something that no one has ever refuted! "
Flame burning, fury, thunder and lightning have turned into puppets, a loyal puppet of the heavenly kingdom.
ShaQi inflammation fly back angry fenglei dull looking at the front of the royal day is light asked "tell me everything five leihua pole hand achievement method"
A word, anger, thunder and thunder have already told
The so-called’ five-lightning pole hand’ is to absorb the thunder and turn it into five lines of thunder, and rotate the five lines of thunder to remove the skill of the other side.
Five leihua extremely hand’ already know royal heavenly heart thoughts have been thinking about will be integrated into his fist.
Aside Jianhui holding a Dan medicine Dan medicine directly to anger fenglei swallowing anger fenglei food Huaqing configuration Dan medicine this Dan medicine will erase the skill, and now the antidote anger fenglei is slowly recovering the skill.
At the moment, the colorful light appears in the hands of Angfenglei, which is directly printed in the mysterious iron in ten thousand years.
"The zither …"
In a flash, the black iron was directly melted away in ten thousand years.
In ten thousand, the black iron can be cast as a magic weapon, but it can be cast as a magic weapon at will. Now, the thunder and lightning will melt directly just by waving their hands. I have to say that these five thunder and lightning poles are of the earth.
The Imperial Heaven smiled and said, "Let’s go … make this skill help me refine my body JingXie."
Angry, stormy, and thunderous expressions accompanied the Imperial Heaven.
Jian Hui followed closely but didn’t know that Yu Tianru thought.
The idea of Imperial Heaven is simple. Anger, wind and thunder make the five lightning electrodes manually remove impurities from Imperial Heaven’s body, and some impure blood will eventually refine your bones and muscles …
This is crazy. A bad Imperial Heaven is directly melted, but Imperial Heaven knows that he has definitely changed and strengthened his body with the help of five thunderbolts.
The next day, Yutian was dressed in a black robe and his body was not as bloated as yesterday.
The muscles of Yutian have turned into ordinary appearance, just like a bodybuilding coach turned into an ordinary person.
Imperial heaven, this is not a decrease in strength. Imperial heaven, this is a decrease in strength. The bloated muscles are refined and the density is constantly increased. The strength is also enhanced several times. The blood of the body is also refined. The whole body has become purple blood, and a drop of purple blood is like a thousand pounds. This power is simply exploding.
Rage, wind, thunder, thunder and lightning help the Imperial Heaven to refine the body. The Imperial Heaven’s body is far more than the original times. If the supernatural realm has four peaks in the early, middle and late stages, the Imperial Heaven’s body is now comparable to the peak of the supernatural realm. Once the Five Thunder hands are integrated into the family boxing, the Imperial Heaven’s body will still be strengthened.
The imperial heaven shook his right fist, and the force that seemed to pinch and explode was really intoxicating.
Yu Tian stared at the sky and said faintly, "Are you ready?"
A man with a sword is full of sword, and it gathers here, where it is full of shock wave and sword light.
All the swordsmen in the Jianghu gather here.
Yu Tian looked at Jian Hui and said faintly, "Make yourself a move!"
In a word, a dark gold sword appeared in the hands of the Imperial Heaven.
The sword is a little black, but it sinks slightly. The golden sword is a little unusual, and it is a little primitive. This sword is the imperial sword, and it is the Excalibur found by the Imperial Heaven from Jianzong.
The imperial sword is the first sword in heaven and the key to the sword-opening world.
Nowadays, hundreds of swordsmen directly use a trick of the earth.
Moment firm but gentle foaming at the mouth directly spread the whole day crashing firm but gentle agitate a small world slowly emerge.
This is just a virtual shadow, which appears with an intoxicating luster.
The imperial sword in the hands of the imperial god knows that this is the sword world.
With a wave of his hand, the imperial sword blooms with all its brilliance, and the dark golden sword light emerges and directly stabs the sword boundary in front of it.
"Give me …"
A roaring imperial sword sends out a dark golden sword light, and the sword light directly pierces the imaginary world.
Suddenly, a powerful suction emerged, and hundreds of swordsmen were absorbed into shock wave.
The Imperial Heaven smiled. "The sword world finally started to absorb the sword people to improve their own skills, and the Excalibur guards killed all these people."
A word Excalibur who has action Jian Hui three people also waved firm but gentle.
These people are all called from the Wulin, not the Imperial Hand. These people have been absorbed to increase the strength of the sword world, but now the Imperial Heaven wants to reduce the strength of the sword world.
In a flash, the sword world has rushed out of a sharp meaning.