To be precise, which building overlaps another one.

What an illusion!
As soon as the sage turned his footsteps, he flew to the center of the dormitory building. A group of tyra macho men screamed with their clothes uncovered. He took out his staff and stamped it on the ground. This staff was built by himself in Sun Moon Lake, Taizhou Island at the age of 17, and was refined by three peerless masters, Xiu Kirara and Freya Yuhedao. With this staff, he stabbed the ceiling of the youth group in the battle of magical title. The world was salivating at this staff and thought it was the strongest weapon of the magicians-Fenglin volcano.
Sages seldom show their staff, and they don’t show it easily once. He fights with a staff or an official title. He also hides many tricks and goes to war as a teacher of Yin and Yang.
He has a lot of worries and caution in his life. He doesn’t want to deal with the media. He is tired of sneaking around and harassing him, and he doesn’t want his hands to get dirty.
He is the god of light, wind and moon, and nothing in this world is worth defileing himself.
And there’s nothing worth breaking his body.
However, the fine cracks in his body have been all over him for a long time. His heart is recovering and beating, and he wants to break the shackles of incense day by day. He is no longer satisfied with being shelved and praised. His soul is clamoring for fame and hypocrisy. He is eager to have his own face.
He’s human, too.
There are people who love, hate, give up and persist
So he simply doesn’t care about these now, even if the headline says that feather sage massage club holds one hundred macho men for the night, he doesn’t care.
He wants to catch his king’s egg.
"Give me a break!"
As the sage drank a lot, the lights lit up the dormitory building, the steaming massage, the long hair of Tara, the sweat stains, the undercurrent, the aroma, and the broken waves made the Chinese lobes flash in an instant, and the lobes burst and fly away like snowflakes.
Where is the Tara macho massage parlor?
He is in a floating light that he is quite familiar with.
His feet are upside down, and the sun, stars and moon rise and disappear.
There seems to be a sense of exhaustion but no time here.
He took out his mobile phone and even stopped when he saw the equipment.
He looked in front of him and behind him, and all he could see was the majestic lights paving the way, the scenery changing rapidly, the floating clouds, the mountains and rivers, the dusk and the daytime all seemed like a moment’s dream in the lights, and only the light was like a real reflection, like guiding someone to return home, so that he couldn’t help stepping forward-
It’s not far ahead. There’s an eternal brilliance haunting a building that is only three stories high, but it has to make people look up to the golden tile and silver wall outside the small building. The red plum is so numerous and colorful that it makes people want to cry.
This is the admiring moon building, not the admiring moon building.
The sage stepped into the small building and displayed it. As he remembered, there was still a burnt smell from the kitchen. If it was not so strange along the way, the sage almost suspected that he had returned to the place he knew well.
But this is not.
No one in the third floor has a dozen dark cracks, which are more than one person high.
The sage didn’t know where the crack led, but he stepped in without hesitation.
Then he came to a place that he had never seen before and even imagined was pale-
There are several different lights floating. Let’s just call them "lights". In this piece, there are many ups and downs, and many colors are lingering. It is close at hand and far away. The sage stretched out his hand and tried to catch one, but he couldn’t catch it.
Then he saw a figure.
A figure with a hat, a staff and a sword, and a butterfly.
The texture is light and transparent. Every butterfly flutters its wings and wants to fly. It’s not a living thing that ordinary butterfly sages can’t do. Seeing the thin and bright butterfly wings flapping and flowing makes that person’s back look like a moon in the fog, which is particularly lonely.
The sage remembered that the first time he saw his silhouette in the museum, he was so cold and charming.
The man who doesn’t wait for the virtuous population has already spoken.
"Here comes the sage. It’s amazing that the sage has found the dream of admiring the moon floor."
The man said again, "Sages shouldn’t come."
The soft tail line is more familiar than unfamiliar.
"Who are you?" The sage heard his own voice.
"Oh, the sage is really." The man finally turned around and the sage saw his beautiful almond eyes, but they didn’t have the slightest brilliance even if they were in the strange place where the light was lingering at the moment.
It seems that no matter how much the abyss is put into it, the call will echo.
The sage in those eyes can’t even see his own shadow.
"Who the hell are you?" The sage asked again.
The man smiled, "Introduce yourself again." He said, "I mean, Chinese devils specialize in coveting people’s treasures, especially sages."
It’s still this annoying tone. The sage can’t help but shout-"Speak to me!"