Voice falling

Night Jinze raised his wrist and bowed his head, word for word, and ordered the watch to go.
"Night 7 will switch the manual operation mode to remote intelligent operation!"
The surface of Jinze wrist watch transits green with the setting of the communicator.
At night, Jinze looked at the color of his eyes and looked up at them in the distant direction behind him. Then, as soon as the color of his eyes was set, he quickly entered a command on the watch screen.
It is almost the same moment that Jinze’s finger leaves the watch screen at night.
The watch suddenly issued a warning.
–"The V7 missile has been issued by manual command and will reach its destination in 5 seconds"
After saying this, Yue Sheng suddenly turned his head and looked at Jinze at night. His face was transient, and his gold-rimmed glasses and his fox pupil were transient and sharp.
the other side
In the night, Jinze stood side by side, while Si Yunling’s eyes moved. Although they were also surprised, they seemed to think of something and never said anything.
Night JinZe coldly out "Si Yunling this is my personal vendetta with him, you hurry! Help me take good care of the sound. If she is not old, even if she is a ghost, she will not let you go! "
If he can’t let Yue Sheng’s plan succeed, otherwise he can’t imagine what danger he and Jun will face once Yue Sheng’s plan succeeds.
"Want this way to let the sound of your generation? Do you think she will accept me in this situation? " I’m afraid a generation will not accept him as true!
The line of sight passed around and spread from the building, and the fire was raging. Jinze frowned and looked strange. "What do you want?"
"Let her remember my generation, of course."
Night JinZe choked immediately face changed "bah! You shameless thing! I cann’t believe you want to rob me of this! Are you shameless? !”
"Face? Can the face make Ayin remember my generation? " Si Yunling sneered and laughed. "But if you wait for the night seven to react, he will kill you. I’m afraid I have to die to apologize!" And Yin, you’re not afraid of being bullied by others if you leave her alone in the palace? Don’t forget that there is also a mulberry sleep! "
Night JinZe complexion transient a long time "mom! You can’t take advantage of that vicious woman! "
"What! ?”
"run!" I want to kill this bitch Yue Sheng myself, but think about it seriously. This guy Si Yunling is right! If they both die here, the sound will fall into Sang Mian’s hands again!
No way!
No way!
Cheap! No one can take advantage of that vicious woman!
Yu yuesheng
If it doesn’t blow up here, wait for him to turn around and clean it up slowly!
Reached a consensus that night Jinze and Siyun Ling naturally riveted their strength and ran towards the top edge.
"Follow me!" At night, Jin Zechong kept jumping over the front because the floor was tilted and piled up on a test bench. With the explosion of one glass jar after another, Jin Ze’s face and neck soon became bloody, but soon healed.
Si Yunling turned back and he was furious and lost his mind, which made him wake up quickly and ridicule him for helping him!
In this case, he is willing to explore his own way to give each other a slightly safe escape route. Anyway, his healing ability has always been against the sky.
Suddenly there was a huge shock behind him, but before the two men ran to the edge, a scorching heat wave swept from behind towards the two men.
The earth shook and the sky shook and exploded suddenly.
Look where you are.
The fire is terrible
Chapter 3 Episode, Fanwai (1)
Wearing a lovely pill head at home, I quickly checked out a circle of small broken houses, and then I hurried back to the house door, holding a table and steaming instant noodles. I sat in front of my brain and ate it. My mouth was full of noodles, and my dark eyes kept browsing the screen webpage.
She managed to steal the chip this time, but she must do her homework and succeed in one fell swoop.
I don’t know if I checked, but I found that the information she got from the laboratory was not accurate.
It turns out that the fox family in the world is actually divided into two schools, instead of the information she got that there is a richest man, Si Shi.
Eyes off the screen? Royal night family? The light tone of these four words made me whisper.
How can this be done?
How does she know which of these two families is the chip?
You know, if this is wrong, it will be a lot of waves, okay?
In the small courtyard, there was a sudden heavy landing shock, and the light tone quickly moved from the screen to look in the direction of the door
The soft white hand immediately knocked on the keyboard for a few moments, and the screen was full of information, and immediately switched to the monitoring video light tone and quickly looked carefully.
When a figure was found sneaking into a ball and motionless in the corner of the courtyard, the light eyebrows suddenly frowned.
Silence for a moment
The light tone quickly pressed the camouflage hairpin on the side of the head and instantly turned into a sloppy fox teenager on weekdays. Then he quickly put on his clothes rack and picked up his shabby raincoat. He picked up the table and put a sharp knife in his pocket. Only then did he wear night vision goggles and quickly went out of the house.
It’s late at night
Listening to the sounds from outside the yard, there was a vague sense of anger, and there was a trace of doubt in the eyes, and then the shadow fell in the distant corner, and I suddenly had some speculation.
It seems that she has become a temporary shelter here.
The light voice went to the shadow and put his hands in his raincoat pocket. He held a sharp knife tightly and squatted down slowly to lower his voice. He asked, "Hey, what are you doing jumping into my house?"
"I’m sorry" sounded very pleasant but afraid of trembling, and then the shadow in the corner raised his face and looked at the people who came in front of him with fear. At that moment, the handsome man’s face was pleading, "They want to sell me. I beg you not to hand me over. I beg you."
It seems that I didn’t expect to meet a man with such a bad face value in this situation, and my eyes suddenly felt palpitation for a long time
Men are really beautiful.
Handsome, prominent facial features, angular points, and a face that shows a man’s beauty wildly is as unforgettable as a poppy at night.
The man’s white shirt is already dirty, but the whole person’s breath is still precious. Although his eyes are full of fear, the words of asking for help from him are not unpleasant at all, as if he had accidentally strayed into this poor area.
Seeing a young man disguised as a fox in front of him, wait for a while looked at the man curled up in the corner, and the bottom of the fox pupil quickly passed by with a leap of joy, and then quickly begged again, "I will be very good and ask you not to hand me over. I can do anything you want me to do, please."
"mom! Where are people? Where did it go? ! If the third master sees that people are not in bed, we will all lose our heads! Go and find it! " In the alley outside the yard, there was a sudden burst of angry words.
"Don’t say anything when you find it, just give him a shot of K powder to make him happy, you hear me!"
"yes! Boss! "
Listening to the faint conversation outside the wall, I frowned, and the sight fell in the corner, and the man’s eyes felt a little more sympathetic.