Huang Yixian’s view is the most pertinent and appropriate, and Li Tianqi also appreciates it very much.

Of course, it’s best to defeat the enemy without fighting, and it’s also very economical and doesn’t need to spend too much money, otherwise it’s really painful to spend money once you fight
Li Tianqi is also more inclined to Huang Yixian’s suggestion.
Among them, Li Gongxin suggested that Li Tianzuo should not try to test and anger the country.
He suggested that the compromise should be exchanged for greater actions and negotiations, so as to take this opportunity to find out the cards and root needs of Chu before making a decision.
Generally speaking, don’t provoke the country by words and military means, and avoid war as much as possible.
"Countries started from Shandong uprising but started from rebellion, but all the way subverted Xu Jin Guo, destroyed Song Guo, destroyed Xixia Northern Expedition grassland and fought all around. From the defeat of Central Plains countries, we can see that the country is strong.
Canada has just destroyed the Song State. The morale is strong and the morale is tough. It is the time when the soldiers are sharp. It is really not the time when our country should confront the problem. It is better to think about the country’s problems improperly and make it slack than to face the national soldiers directly. "
This statement is a bit too weak, which makes Li Tianqi, who has always been quite strong in Southeast Asia, a bit unacceptable.
"China is a big country, but isn’t there a place where there is no strength and no grasp? Lingnan is far from the core soldiers, and the logistical difficulties are bound to last for a long time. Isn’t it an advantage for our soldiers and civilians to stick to the natural hazards and be prepared against rushing into the army? "
Li Gongxin painstakingly advised.
"The emperor is good at soldiers and soldiers, and all the soldiers are tigers and wolves. It is by no means a good kind. Although our country has troops, it is still not a song country. It should be a temptation for the emperor to ask if he is prepared. We should reply to the emperor with a low profile.
Think of some way to fool this matter in the past first, and don’t let the state-owned army make a move to the south as an excuse. It is not difficult to know that the main force of the country is in Lingnan. It is a great threat to me, and the veteran minister is also happy that the country is a big country after all, not a wise one. "
This is not only Li Tianqian, Su Xiancheng and Huang Yixian who are also dissatisfied with Li Gongxin.
In particular, Su Xiancheng has just won the military victory over Zhanchengguo, and he is in high spirits. He can’t accept Li Gongxin’s statement that he will destroy his prestige if he is ambitious.
"Although the country is strong, it is big and I am bigger. Is there any place that can be compared? The army is far away from the Central Plains, and the logistics are difficult. Our army needs to guard lang son and then separate military forces to sneak into the commissary. It doesn’t take too many times to succeed once, which can greatly threaten the army.
What’s more, if the army comes from the north, it will be unfamiliar with the climate, and it will be easy to cause epidemics if the soil and water are not good. If so, can the army fight against it without fighting capacity? Is it unwise to compromise with such a big advantage? "
Li Gongxin’s suggestion was disapproved by Li Tianqin and opposed by Su Xiancheng and Huang Yixian, which was impossible to pass.
Li Tianqiao was even more angry, so he decided to adopt Su Xiancheng’s plan to fight hard against the country and let the country know that South Vietnam is not easy to deal with in the future, and don’t look at South Vietnam so hard for national dignity and dignity.
Su Xiancheng also showed Li Tianzuo that it was possible to continue to go to South Vietnam only if it was successful, otherwise the continuation of South Vietnam would be a huge problem.
At this moment, it is actually a critical autumn. Su Xiancheng decided to do his best to fight for a chance for Lee Wang Chaosheng in South Vietnam.
Li Tianqi officially approved Su Xiancheng’s analysis of the current situation. At this time, South Vietnam was on the verge of extinction, so the South Vietnamese side immediately took action
They transferred the regular formed troops to lang son to reinforce and meet the garrison troops that have arrived in lang son.
Li Tianqi also ordered Su Xiancheng to be the commander of lang son’s army, so that Su Xiancheng, who has good military talents, personally prepared himself to deal with military blackmail.
A large number of strategic materials ensure that there is no problem in logistics for the lang son army
If China is willing to negotiate, then it is of course best to solve the dispute through diplomatic means, and it is best to solve the problem of South Vietnam’s national identity.
If China must threaten South Vietnam militarily, then there is nothing to say.
Do not hesitate to fight!
On the other hand, Li Tianzuo summoned the envoy of the country to give a reply to the request of the country.
The first city-occupying country and South Vietnam have a good relationship. When there is turmoil in their department, Zou Yana steals the throne, which is rebellious and disrespectful. South Vietnam sends troops to conquer, which is to safeguard the patriarchal clan system, and it is not selfish. It is unacceptable for the country to ask for it.
The second title is really a matter for the Ministry of South Vietnam, so Song still has no opinion about the country and South Vietnam has nothing to ask.
Third, the court of South Vietnam has never criticized the country. I don’t know where it came from. It is said that people have sinister intentions and cannot be prevented. Please ask the court of South Vietnam to investigate this matter and clear the name of South Vietnam.
Then we also heard that there are heavy troops stationed near the south of the National University, and we don’t know what this means.
Therefore, Song Ke has never done such a thing. Does it mean that after China unified the Central Plains, it was forced to wait for the south to show the prestige of China?
So, although South Vietnam is not a big country, it also has the determination to fight to the death to safeguard national dignity. I don’t know if it is felt.
Liao Xingye, the ambassador of China and the instructor of the 50th Division of the 19th Army of the Seventh Corps, smiled in the face of Li Tianzuo’s attitude which was almost equal to the condition of refusing the country.
"So Nanping Wang is not going to accept big persuasion?"
Su Xiancheng, who had not spoken yet, came out and gave Liao Xingye a cold shoulder.
"Dasong has fallen, and I have not yet come to Nanping from the emperor. The Great Yue State is the Great Yue State, regardless of whether the country admits that it is an indisputable fact messenger or not, don’t call yourself offensive! "
"Day yan? The great emperor still can’t call himself heaven. What qualifications do you have to call yourself emperor and heaven? "
Liao Xingye sneered, "There is no heaven in the world, and the emperor is just flesh and blood, but he tries to cover up his Hu Fei in the name of heaven … Is God unjust?"
Liao Xingye beside two agreement smell speech laughed very recklessly.
Su Xiancheng’s complexion is getting worse and worse, and Li Tianqi’s anger is getting bigger and bigger.
Huang Yixian came out and looked at Liao Xingye calmly.
"The emissary needs to know that this is a big country, not a country. Please respect yourself and don’t say anything crazy to disturb the audience!"