This is Lin Luo’s creed, his own law.

Lin Luo first took all the swords, and then made a gesture to Bai Feng. When they swam back to pass by the dozen four spiritual swords, Lin Luo also took them in his hand.
Back on the platform, Lin Luo was excited to throw a bunch of swords. This time, he really made a fortune. This Jiantan trip is really rewarding! Lin Luo turned and looked at Bai Feng. Suddenly, her eyes kept turning. This swimming in the water of Bai Feng made her chest stand out slightly, but if you don’t look carefully, you still have developed chest muscles. Lin Luo was afraid that Bai Feng would notice the busy expression in her eyes and turned her head and said, "Brother Bai, this is what we harvest. You should choose first!"
Bai Feng zheng he had already seen from Lin Luo’s eyes that Lin Luo could distinguish the spirit sword level, but he didn’t expect Lin Luo to be so magnanimous as to let himself choose whether this was Lin Luo’s intention or intention. Does he want to see his greed and then kill himself to win the treasure? Bai Feng has played a small drum in his heart. He has seen Lin Luo’s strength. He may not be worse than himself. Bai Feng thought of this and said, "I don’t want me to have a spirit sword or a four-spirit sword!"
Lin Luo froze. Is this white maple a rich girl in a family who doesn’t even come here for treasures? Play? Lin Luo didn’t believe his sincerity. "Brother Bai, these three swords have one six-spirit sword and two five-spirit swords are rare treasures, both of which are higher than your spirit sword. You choose first!"
Listen to Lin Luo’s words, and then look at Lin Luo’s sincere eyes. Bai Feng’s heart suddenly surges with enthusiasm. His father always says how evil outsiders are, cheating, cheating and intrigue are all over the world, but this Lin Luo looks so just and honest. Especially after witnessing the six monks killing each other, this feeling is even stronger
Chapter 7 Seal Qingtou Dumpling
"I know, but I’m used to my own sword." Bai Feng said with a smile that she couldn’t see any hypocrisy in Lin Luo’s eyes.
"Do you know these sword levels?" Lin Luo was so surprised that he could show his faithfulness. "Then you can’t take risks without taking anything!" You and I are friends. I can’t do such an immoral thing! "
The more I talk about Lin Luo, the more she works hard. It seems that their friends can’t do it without a few spiritual swords, which is really touching.
Lin Luo put the words to this, and Bai Feng also said to Wei Yi thoughtfully, "All right, then I’ll take a lottery. I want to show my father a five-spirit sword, so I don’t have to worry about it."
Lin Luo this just Zhan Yan a smile if Bai Feng take six spirit sword Lin Luo also really some love dearly? This five is another said that the rest is their own.
Lin Luo said, "Brother Bai, although this sword pool is a treasure, it is no less than a curse to some people with ulterior motives or sinister intentions. What do you think of this sword pool?"
Bai Feng looked at Lin Luo’s eyes and said, "Brother Wu is really chivalrous. You say it’s good. If the sword falls into the wrong hands, it will not benefit mankind, but will make mankind face disaster. Brother Wu is a just person. It’s a day to manage these spiritual swords. Do something!"
Lin Luo didn’t expect Bai Feng to be so confused for a moment, but looking at Bai Feng’s pure eyes, Lin Luo finally knew that this disguised as a man, Bai Feng, was either innocent and lovely.
Dare to make a living without the slightest effort! I really don’t know how her parents and master can rest assured!
Lin Luo took out all the spiritual swords in the sword pool and put them on the platform, which was actually piled into a swaying hill. After counting the figures, Lin Luo’s head was misty, and three hundred and twenty three spiritual swords, one hundred and ninety-five four spiritual swords, seventeen five spiritual swords, two six spiritual swords and a white maple took a handful of five spiritual swords. Lin Luo believed that these spiritual swords could not be taken out even by Tianbao Pavilion semicolons.
In this way, Lin Luo can’t adapt to his own identity, from a poor man to a spirit sword with hundreds of poles. Lin Luo doesn’t know if there is a lottery in this world, but he won!
Put the Lingjian Department in the bag. Lin Luo is still holding a broken sword.
Bai Feng said with a smile, "Brother Wu, you are really strange. You have hundreds of spiritual swords, but you still have a broken sword. You change it to a senior one!"
Lin Luo the manner of sighing sighed, "You Angkor are a bit old! This sword, like the purple blood carving, has been with me for so many years that I can’t change my mind! " Said Lin Luo while touching the broken sword, a pair of true feelings seems to be really like a sword.
Bai Feng couldn’t help sighing, "Brother Wu’s broken sword followed you, and you really found the right master. Now there are fewer and fewer affectionate gentlemen like Brother Wu!"
Where did Bai Feng know that Lin Luo really didn’t want to change the sword? Although this broken sword is broken in the sky, it has a spirit. A sword with a spirit is equivalent to a person’s soul. Besides, this cloud sword is made of natural materials and treasures, and its quality has reached 60%. It will be upgraded with the understanding of the sky. Lin Luo is not stupid. This sword can’t be changed!
Hidden in the sword, it hurts to hear two people ask and answer questions. It’s heartbreaking for that white maple. It’s not your fault, but it’s your fault to play with an old fox! The sky secretly prayed that the girl would not fall into Lin Luo’s hands.
"Yi Linluo and so on!" Yunxiao suddenly sounded in Lin Luo’s mind.
Lin Luo zheng asked "what’s the matter with the old cloud? Has anyone come to Jiantan again? "
"Not a good thing!" Yunxiao voice is full of surprises. "I’m afraid you’re going to send a show!"
Lin Luo’s heart is also moving to sell the meteorite in his own hands for so long. At this time, it is finally necessary to play a little. "What’s the method?"
Bai Feng was surprised to see Lin Luo look strange and motionless. "Brother Wu, let’s go!"
Lin Luo was busy waking up and said, "Bai Xiong, wait for me first. I have something to do." Then he asked the Yunxiao Road, "Come on! If you make it? "
"I just noticed that there is a trace of god knowledge in this pool. It turned out to be the Qingtou dumpling. Although it was killed, the god knowledge has not yet dispersed. The meteorite dragon stone is the best stone to suppress and block the gods, and it can warm up the soul and expand the soul. And this Qingtou dumpling belongs to the dragon monster beast. If you block the Qingtou dumpling, you can release the Qingtou dumpling soul in battle."
After listening to Yunxiao’s words, Lin Luo’s heart is full of joy. Qingtoujiao belongs to the fourth-class monster beast. Even if the body dies, the soul is strong, which is unmatched by the general fourth-class monster beast. If you have this, it will be great! Soon Lin Luo put the meteorite dragon stone on the platform according to Yunxiao’s command.
Sure enough, as soon as Lin Luo put it on the meteorite dragon stone, he felt a little bit of tyrannical breath and jumped at it. The meteorite dragon stone is a strange stone. According to Lin Luo’s guess, it should be that the extraterrestrial meteorite contains a unique magnetism that can release an essence to attract powerful souls. This Qingtou dumpling jumped at the meteorite dragon stone.
The dull bluestone color of meteorite dragon stone suddenly released a red light, and a black figure suddenly appeared. The meteorite dragon stone seemed to swim like a fish in a fish tank. The black figure was the condensation of soul essence after being shrunk by dozens of times.
"Spiritual power seals it!" It’s a key to drink in the sky. The meteorite can attract the soul, but it can’t seal it. Only when it is sealed can it be regarded as being tamed by human beings for life.
Lin Luo waited for the clouds to drink, but he had already condensed his spiritual strength and hit the meteorite dragon stone. The spiritual strength broke into the meteorite dragon stone. The green dumpling swimming in the meteorite dragon stone suddenly roared and rolled to escape from the meteorite dragon stone, but every time he was about to escape from the meteorite dragon stone, he was hit into the stone by Lin Luoling’s strength group.
The rumbling sounds are mixed with a slight roar. This is the rebellion of Qingtou Dumpling, which is a struggle against fate. Even so, the meteorite dragon stone does not move at all, and the red light around it swims by itself.
Bai Feng almost looked silly. When she saw Lin Luo take out a meteorite with a diameter of ten feet, she couldn’t see it. Then there were strange things. When she saw the head dumpling in the swimming meteorite, it seemed that Bai Linluo was doing something. A bright look at Lin Luo’s busy figure.
Lin Luo didn’t dare to relax. He could not resist the great power of Qingtoujiao, but Lin Luo was also a monk in the Dan period at this time, and his spiritual power was not weak. So he hit the Qingtoujiao repeatedly. After a wick of incense, the singing of Qingtoujiao suddenly became weak, and the number of times of resistance was much less. Lin Luo was relieved and then scored dozens of spiritual powers until the Qingtoujiao whined and then swam peacefully. He knew that he had succeeded and blocked the soul of Qingtoujiao.
After a while, the red light of the meteorite dragon stone flashed again, and then it gradually became as blue as before. Lin Luo picked up the huge meteorite dragon stone and found that there was an extra finger on the surface. Look at the earthworm-shaped object. It turned out to be the Qingtou dumpling, which was motionless as if depicting the meteorite dragon stone, and the outer edge of Qingtou dumpling should be the reason of low level.
Lin Luo holds the meteorite dragon stone in his hand and is connected with the meteorite dragon stone. In the feeling, a rumbling roar is the singing of Qingtou dumpling, and the two have been connected through the medium of meteorite dragon stone.
"Well, Lin Luo, this Qingtoujiao is what you want. Fortunately, this Qingtoujiao soul is badly injured, otherwise it will be sealed by root method. Now if you meet a powerful monk, call it out and wish you an arm strength!" The clouds are full of joy.
At this moment, Lin Luo really felt that there was a treasure when he got home. As the saying goes, the truth is so simple, but it was not easy to seal Qingtou Dumpling. "Can the old cloud meteorite dragon stone seal his monster beast besides Qingtou Dumpling?"
Yunxiao said, "If you want to have a soul monster beast, you can seal it, but the four-level monster beast will occupy the meteorite dragon stone. It is best to seal the four-level monster beast so that your meteorite dragon stone level can be high."
Yunxiao said yes, judging from the situation of sealing the Qingtou dumpling, every monster beast in the seal will occupy a part of the monster beast, but the meteorite dragon stone is so big that some young monsters are better abandoned.
Lin Luo couldn’t put it down. Holding this huge meteorite, he felt more and more incredible. Yunxiao said yes, this meteorite may become his right-hand man in the future.
"Brother Wu, who are you?" A timid voice sounded from behind Lin Luo.
Lin Luo this just noticed aside Bai Feng busy way "Bai Xiong this qingtoujiao stay here will harm people’s lives or seal it up"
Bai Feng seems to finally feel that something is wrong, but he says that something is not right. Smell speech nods, "What shall we do if we pick it up? Brother Wu "
Lin Luo said, "Things here are over. Let’s go home. Is there anything else, Brother Bai?"
Bai Feng has long wanted to leave here. This place is cold and dry. Although they are afraid of cold and heat, after all, they are dead and smell speech. They nodded and said yes.
Chapter sword wall
The trip to Linluo was fruitful, and the two of them didn’t stay much. They flew directly to the top of the cliff. According to the situation, the height of the cliff is more than 1,000 feet, which is a deep abyss. I really don’t know how this inflammation master found this place.
After a short flight, Lin Luo suddenly saw a piece of light rising overhead, only to find that it was the morning sunrise and the whole cliff mouth could be illuminated by the rising sun because it was slightly larger.
It’s strange that the fog and sunlight in the cliff actually dissipate. Lin Luo’s vision is that you can see this cliff landscape. The cliffs and gullies are all over the place, and the vines are sticking out of the cliffs.
Looking around, Lin Luo suddenly found that some anomalies in this cliff seem to have been dug up in a strange shape. Lin Luo’s heart moved this cliff for no reason, so it should be owned by Master Yan. What does this mean? Lin Luo looked at the depiction of graphics graphics greatly occupied for more than ten zhangs cliffs.
See Lin Luo stop shape Bai Feng also stopped to follow Lin Luo eyes also saw the cliff abnormal and said "may be a natural broken stone".
Lin Luo shook his head gently, and the natural broken cliff wouldn’t be so weird. The longer this figure looks, the more it looks like a human figure. Lin Luo flew to the side of the figure, and it seems that there are countless small figures in it. Lin Luo couldn’t help but look at it carefully with Zheng. There are hundreds of small characters in the figure, and Lin Luo can recognize it as a sword at a glance.
There is cursive writing, line writing and official writing … Although the characters in these graphics are all sword characters, the fonts are different in different sizes. Hundreds of sword characters are actually not a duplicate. Lin Luo is amazed.
Lin Luo looked around but saw that part of the figure was covered by upside-down vines, so Lin Luo cut off those vines with a sword and finally revealed the big picture, but Lin Luo still couldn’t understand it.
Bai Feng leaned over the cliff and watched the handwriting suddenly cried, "Angkor is so strange that this word can upset people’s minds. I actually feel dizzy when I look at it."
Lin Luo said, "Yes, I saw it, too." Suddenly it occurred to me that Master Yan was a fencing master. Maybe he carved all these words, but he talked so much? How cheap is it to carve so many swords? Does this mean something …
Lin Luo was thinking that the sun slowly shifted and the whole figure fell into a shadow, and the strange fog at the bottom of the pool gradually floated and the whole figure disappeared. If you can’t see the figure flying to the cliff in the vast fog, it is really a wonder.
Lin Luo thoughts turned. "Brother Bai, I want to study this thing here for the time being. If you have something, go back first."
Bai Feng’s eyes turned a slightly pie mouth and said, "I don’t want to stay here."
Maybe even Bai Feng didn’t realize that the words just now had a little coquetry meaning. Even though Bai Feng changed her appearance, femininity in her bones was a disguise.
Lin Luo laughed. "It’s up to you."
Bai Fengyi suddenly felt better about this Lin Luo, saying, "Now the words are covered by fog. We can’t see them until the sun comes out. Let’s stop at the cliff first!"
Lin Luo thought about it, so they flew to the top of the cliff.
Cliffs are located in caves around the mountains, and many of them are monks. They found a cave nearby casually and lived in it. Bai Feng looked at it. This cave was hesitant, but at last I saw Lin Luo’s calm look and still didn’t speak. Lin Luo glanced at Bai Feng and knew that she had never lived in such a place. She was even more curious about her identity because almost all ordinary practitioners had been born in the wild. Is this a greenhouse flower?
Both of them sat cross-legged and practiced separately, but Bai Feng didn’t have that great concentration. From time to time, he looked at Lin Luo’s eyes with his eyes open, showing a complicated look and sometimes smirking.
One night, when the sun didn’t rise the next day, Lin Luo had come to the cliff.