Is to know what the mask is.

And Bo Park Jung Su is not wearing a mask now.
So they don’t know that Bo Park Jung Su’s true identity is actually their companion.
Bo Park Jung Su really wants to help Lu Yuan.
So looking at getting closer to Bo Park Jung Su.
With two gold pet animals around him
Three gold-level animal benders have been thinking about leaving.
And Liu Yuan looked at Bo Park Jung Su who was constantly approaching himself.
Smiled and said, "Mr. Bo Park Jung Su, I didn’t expect to meet you here."
"Yes, isn’t this a coincidence?"
"Park Jung Su with his two gold pet beast.
All the way to the distance of fifteen meters from Liu Yuan.
He looked at Liu Yuan with a meaningful smile.
"I can’t believe that Lu Yuan, you not only have a great talent for royal animal food."
"Even the fighting talent is not worse than your food talent."
"Liu Yuan classmates rest assured that I’ll …"
Bo Park Jung Su was in the middle of his words.
Suddenly let oneself two pet beast launched an attack on Liu Yuan.
Fire skills, flame spraying!
Wind skills, tornado!
These two attacks came to expect the unexpected.
To everyone’s surprise
Inbo Park Jung Su just said those words to help Liu Yuan.
As a result, he unexpectedly launched a sneak attack after being close to Liu Yuan.
Have no martial ethics belongs to yes!
Three gold-level animal benders saw it.
There is also a strong joy in my heart.
Boy, we used to be your enemy, but you turned out to be a friendly one!
The ship deck flame jet and tornado were sent out together and instantly merged into a new skill.
See a huge fire tornado.
Strike in the direction of land source
The power of this fire tornado is amazing.
Add an attack to expect the unexpected and see that Liu Yuan will finish the package
But then Tam seemed ready.
The huge figure first stepped in front of Liu Yuan.
Water skills, water hoses!
There was a huge wave beside the ship’s deck.
This wave forms a dragon shape.
Fly to the amazing fire tornado.
The hose bomb collided with fire tornado.
Suddenly issued a violent explosion.
The medium-high temperature flame in fire tornado directly evaporates the seawater in the water hose.
At that time, the splint suddenly raised a lot of steam.
This scene immediately dumbfounded Bo Park Jung Su.
Intam’s dynamic display is prepared.
His sudden attack on the root didn’t have any effect.
At this time, Liu Yuantam’s head
Looking at Bo Park Jung Su with a smile.
At this step, Bo Park Jung Su naturally knew that he was seen through by Liu Yuan.
He looked at Lu Yuan with a gloomy face and said, "When did you find out?"
"When did you find out? You should ask … when do you think you are hiding well? "
Hearing this, Bo Park Jung Su’s heart sank.
Talking about his idea of catching cicadas and yellowbirds from the end …