Yang You didn’t smile. Bai Changsun said that he was a man. After thinking for a moment, Yang You said, "What do you want me to do with him?"

The eldest grandson shook his head in some confusion. Although she knew that this day would come, she couldn’t figure out what to do.
"Li Shimin is a proud man. If I agree to your request, will you imprison him for a generation?" Yang You said slowly.
The eldest grandson bit his lip. She naturally knew what Li Shimin was like, but after all, she was a person who used to get along with each other day and night. She couldn’t bear to see him die in the grave. She didn’t sleep, but she came to Yang You to hope that she could spare his life, but she knew very well that she spoke very politely.
"It’s not impossible to spare his life if the pseudo-Tang kingdom destroys me. Do you think he is worth it?" Yang You asked again.
Grandson dirt suddenly knelt down and said, "It’s unforgettable that courtiers don’t want him to be beheaded." Grandson dirt shed a few tears.
"I’m not a soft-hearted person since I came to you, Li Shimin. I will kill him, but I can promise you to bury him." Yang You got up and left when he saw this scene.
Grandson scale bit his lip and said, "Thank you for your position" and got up and hurried back out.
Duguyan just came in and saw his grandson’s scale stop screaming, but his grandson’s scale had run away.
"What’s the matter with filth?" Duguyan some not white asked
Yang You light a smile "I even leave him a penis is not a big deal, I just think she can cry a little uncomfortable"
Duguyan also smiled and arranged a dress for Yang You. "Isn’t it chilling if she is a lover?"
"This is also" Yang Mi smiled and grabbed his wife’s hand. "I have been holding it for a long time, and it will take two years or half a year to calm down the life of Tang gaozu’s father. Even if I stay, there is nothing wrong with it."
"Benevolence and kindness will be famous that day." Duguyan also smiled, but there was some faint complaint in her eyes.
Yang You can’t help but guess his childhood friends. This tacit understanding is that others can’t learn. Yang You grabbed Duguyan and blew her ear and said, "Let’s rest tonight."
Duguyan face a red nod for silence.
The next morning, Yang You went to pay his respects to his grandmother and mother as usual. After all, he was older and knew some service roads. "When did you attack when you were a child?"
"Grandmother’s commissary and equipment will be ready in the middle of next month. Grandson will be ready to send troops to attack Zhonghebei in early May, and also go to Jingxing to attack Bingzhou, making it difficult for the pseudo-Tang Dynasty to look around." Yang You told us.
After Xiao took a sip of tea, she traveled around the world and had some understanding of geography. She immediately nodded and said, "It will be difficult to attack Tang gaozu on all sides and capture Chang’ an."
"Grandmother assured that she had a good plan to capture Chang ‘an grandchild." Yang You smiled with confidence.
Xiao Hou sighed, "It’s been a long time since the chaos of heaven. I hope that there will be another war here to make the country and the people safe."
"Grandson, remember," said Yang You, and after chatting for half a ring, he retired.
When he arrived at the Dedian, Yang You flipped through the paper for a day and then unconsciously passed. At this time, he did not know that a new situation appeared suddenly.
Chang ‘an City
Tang gaozu’s arms are covered with foxes and furs. He is listening to Duan Wencao telling him that with Duan Wencao’s words, Tang gaozu’s face has become particularly gloomy, and his original face is very pale, which is even more frightening at this time.
Suddenly, Li Yuan slammed the table and shouted, "Is this the case?" With this beat Tang gaozu couldn’t help coughing, but his face was like gold paper. Suddenly, he couldn’t help but spit out one mouthful blood.
Duan Wencao knelt down and said, "It’s true that I have inquired about this matter carefully!"
"Hehe!" Tang gaozu suddenly smiled, but his smile was even uglier than crying.
"secretly bring a witness to see me!" Tang gaozu forcibly endure heart anger and said
"hey!" Duan Wencao said back.
A moment later, Duan Wencao, a dark chamber, brought a man who was Wang Dewen, the imperial doctor in the palace. When Wang Dewen came in, he kept shaking and sweating.
"Spare my life!" Wang Dewen prone trembling said.
"Spare your life. How do you want me to spare your life?" Tang gaozu coldly said that a murderous look in your breath was chilling.
Wang Dewen repeatedly kowtowed and said, "I was threatened and had to do this!"
"Threatened?" Tang gaozu turbid eyes DengYuan kept staring at Wang Dewen’s way: "You eat JunLu lunch and share your worries. I gave you food and clothing in Wang Dewen, but you were so." Tang gaozu coughed again.
"It’s all false for me to give him medicine these days. It’s all false. I’ve repented!" Wang Dewen said kowtowing again and even broke his forehead.
"Hum!" Tang gaozu heavily snorted "Duan Aiqing, you must arrest him and Yakehitobe together and never let one person go."
Duan Wencao replied, "Hey!"
"Hey, hey, I can’t believe that even Wang Xinjun, a slave, betrayed me. He also detained this person and declared that I had sent them to do things. I must not startle them." Tang gaozu said slowly.
Duan Wencao nodded silently and grabbed Wang Dewen.
Tang gaozu sighed, "Send someone to Xuantai to see me."
It is necessary for Li Jiancheng Zhengdong Palace to deal with the equipment and provisions of the political war generals, but the situation is very bad. The food is stretched to the limit, and it will last until the beginning of autumn. Although there will be a harvest in the autumn harvest, when Sui Jun kills, the farmland will be burned, and the roots can be found for food.
Li Jiancheng is worried, but he can’t think of a better way for a short time. He can pin his hopes on defeating Sui Jun as soon as possible.
While he was thinking, a little eunuch came in a hurry and said, "I’m summoned."
Li Jiancheng put his hand in the fold and mused to his father for a long time. What’s the big deal about summoning himself in politics? Is it that Qi Wangxin believes that he knows about it? Li Jiancheng thought it was impossible. After all, he hid in the East Palace after he got those letters.
Li Jiancheng hit the box and saw the letter, but he couldn’t help but feel relieved that his father should have his business. Li Jiancheng got up and arranged a dress and said, "Prepare the horse."
Eunuch replied back out and so on. Li Jiancheng walked out of the East Palace. Eunuch had been holding the steed and waiting outside for several guards. Li Jiancheng turned his horse and ran towards the imperial city. After a while, Li Jiancheng jumped into the imperial city and handed the reins to the guards and walked quickly towards the harem.
Tang gaozu was asleep in the room and heard that Tai requested to see him and summoned him quickly.
Li Jiancheng entered the room upon, "Father, can your body be better?"
"alas!" Tang gaozu sighed deeply, and he must have looked at him from afar. Is there such a big difference between being his own son?