In addition to the imperial city, some nobles know the mind of the great emperor, and even the marquis and earl nobles in other cities have never known it.

Only a duke can know some secrets before the team, unless others have already joined the team or are still being kept in the dark
Most of the nobles recruited by the big emperor are real nobles, either holding troops or being big city owners
Although Baiyang City is close to the Imperial Capital, due to the small scale of the city, the nobles in the city are not enough for the big emperor to pay attention to it.
The identity of Su Yu revealed by General Yang today called these local nobles of Baiyang City to fight for more benefits and resources for Su Yu.
Now Su Yu is an independent Su Wangfu outsider, far away from the imperial capital, and I very much hope that Su Yu can go out independently and reproduce the glory that is not inferior to Su Zhanshen.
Even if all the people in the imperial city recognize Su Yu as a loser, they are all made in this life, but they are willing to believe that Su Yu will be able to be proud for nine days one day.
Not only Nian Qingyi believes in Su Yu, but also Su Yu’s two sisters Su Huiyin and Su Mier.
Baiyang City, a noble resource, is not only of great help to Su Yu in the early stage.
This is what General Yang meant. This dinner will give Su Yu more benefits!
Wily general yang never paves the way.
Everyone took a seat on the third floor, and everyone refused Su Yunai to sit in the theme.
All kinds of delicious food and wine soon set the table, and a group of dancers danced into the musicians, playing graceful posture and dancing with the music.
"Come on, come on, grandpa, this is my specialty Baiyang City. The mountain spring wine tastes like a clear spring, and it tastes beautiful and not greasy! Would you like to taste the wine that looks like the imperial city? "
There are nobles grinning Su Yu pouring wine.
"Gongye, I don’t know what kind of food you like, so every family has come up with some rare things to cook except some strength. This table has claws of 【 violent cold bear 】, wings of 【 magic day firebird 】, and the chef of 【 snow mountain pheasant 】 is the chef who looks at the east building. He has retired from the imperial city, and his cooking skills are very good. Please try it quickly! “
Su Yu, a noble, eagerly introduced a table full of tempting delicacies.
This series of dishes, pots of wine, even if Su Yu Su Wangfu is used to eating delicacies, I can’t help but be slightly surprised.
These delicacies and wines are conveniently taken out, and each plate is worth hundreds of gold coins! Enough for a dozen ordinary families to live for most of their lives!
This table of dishes is conservatively estimated to need ten thousand gold coins!
This Baiyang city only pays less than 1000 gold coins a year to the empire!
"You are so patronizing, Su Yu is really grateful."
Su Yu smiled at the corner of his mouth and returned frequently with a glass in his hand, but his eyes were very calm and slightly indifferent.
There are many terran countries in the four continents, but most of them are in a worrying situation. Even the empire that is stronger than Heaven is overwhelmed by an orc empire, but this group of empire-based aristocrats all know how to enjoy themselves, wine and food, search for wealth and treasure, and please a nobleman!
There are dozens of people at the table, but is there one person who is not drunk with the country? !
It’s the wine bag generation!
The old emperor was seriously ill no longer. The great emperor, the successor of the British fierce, mastered * * and was stronger than ordinary people.
In the troubled times of the East China, there will be constant disputes among all ethnic groups, alliances between countries, or conquering other countries, but only the empire that inherits heaven is still alternating with the country’s power, and plans and struggles are endless!
If it weren’t for the Soviet God of War, who was still fighting against foreign enemies in northern Xinjiang, the empire would be long gone!
One step behind, one step behind, if we continue to inherit the sky, the empire will be annexed by other peoples sooner or later!
All kinds of signs don’t show that the crowing and dancing of the empire is behind the increasingly serious national crisis.
Su Yu heart wry smile slightly sigh.
Looking at the table full of earnest smiling faces, Su Yu’s heart was slightly alert.
If I become a Lord in the future, I must not let the nobles and basic officials of the territory appear these seemingly noble, but actually useless aliens!
The wine has gone round three times
General Yang coughed a glass and said slowly, "Grandpa, you must have a hard trip to Blackstone County this time."
General Yang Zuiyan looked at Su Yu with a smile on his face.
Previously, when these nobles kept courting Su Yu, General Yang always looked around and smiled, neither stopping nor expressing his position.
Now General Yang’s sudden speech has attracted the attention of all the nobles.
Grandpa is going to Blackstone County?
A group of aristocrats stupidly looked puzzled.
I’m going to the famous imperial poverty-stricken area in Blackstone County alone!
That place is full of bandits and fierce folk customs. Su Zhanshen is not afraid of an accident?
surely it doesn’t mean that…/could it be said that…
Is this a precursor to Su Yu’s fall from grace?
Some aristocrats are so excited that they are silent and bow their heads to drink and stop flattering Su Yu.
These nobles are clever one by one, and many current situations can be analyzed from General Yang’s words.
Hehe, the highlight is coming!
Su Yu smiled and put down his glass and said with a smile, "Uncle Yang, don’t worry about this trip to Blackstone County. Although it is hard, I can obey my father’s orders."
"well? Did the old general tell you to go? How did I hear that it was a personal decree? "
General Yang was surprised.
The nobles pricked up their ears and listened to the two people talking.
They didn’t know that this conversation was really a collusion between General Yang and Su Yu, with the aim of squeezing some benefits from the nobles of Baiyang City.
"Yes, but there is no difference between the two, right?"
Su Yu so-called laughed
"Also according to the position in the eyes of the old general"
General Yang ha ha a smile awkward and then ZuiYan hazy raised his glass at Su Yu far raised "Gongye anyway, my family Ming Wei is going to give it to you. If you get it this time, you can’t forget my family Ming Wei, my son!"