The water pump is a good thing for dwarfs.

A large number of people can put a big bucket of a four-wheeled vehicle high and a hand can press the pump back and forth to spray water on a burning house all over the narrow streets.
Now Mograine doesn’t know what these fire pumps are spraying. He is absolutely sure that it is not water.
Every arrow tower has one or two Han sweating back and forth, pressing the handle of the water pump to exert pressure on the liquid substances inside to spray them out.
And a torch placed in front of the nozzle is enough to ignite the sprayed oil.
To put it bluntly, this is what distinguishes it from those fire-breathing artists.
However, Duke was definitely the first to think of putting this thing on the battlefield on a large scale.
The bosses of the highest center tower alliance of Yingya Castle were dumbfounded.
Shadow tooth castle is three kilometers away from the coastal defense line, but they clearly see the tall flame falling to the battlefield, lighting many orcs with adult torches and turning less than half of the battlefield into a flame hell
Orcs tried to save their compatriots by slapping and other means, but after touching the oil, they led the flame to themselves. Even if they jumped into the water, the flame still floated with the oil and the sea did not go out.
"Ancestors! This is the devil’s flame! "
"No-this is not a place for warriors!"
With countless billows of black smoke rising, the shock wave of fear swept the whole tribal battle line.
"What is this? !” Terenas stretched out his fingers in shock, and the shaking fingers exposed his shock.
"Just some whale fat" Macaro humbly bowed his head to King Lordaeron. "But I need to wake up the alliance commander Losa Pavilion and the generals’ pavilions. We have burned 30,000 gold coins worth of fuel just now. If we persist for ten minutes, we will be forced to stop attacking."
Lothar is a little embarrassed. When he was in Stormwind, he heard that Duke’s whale oil can be sent to the poor to light a lamp.
Of course, Lothar has become’ bad’ recently. He is fed up with those kings and nobles who are penniless when they are free and ugly when they are busy.
Pit Terenas a little bit, and Lothar would definitely like to see it.
Can’t you see that Terenas menethil has even sold the princess? The core territory may be destroyed and threatened with a mere one million gold coins, right?
Lothar didn’t debunk Macaro’s story, and the original Duke told him that the pure oil method was expensive.
Yes! What’s special is to add ten more layers of filters.
Of course, it is impossible for outsiders except Duke and Macaro to know this secret
They won’t imagine that the original grease can be used to spray fire with fire pumps.
Not to mention how much it takes to replace whale grease fuel.
This is the so-called limitation of the times, which blinds most people with ignorance, knowledge, arrogance and arrogance, while wizards have things confined to mysterious fields in their heads.
They are bound by the so-called common sense that remains unchanged for thousands of years.
And duke …
Duke, the body traveler, just showed them the maze!
The tribe is really strong.
Humans once could not defeat orcs on land unless they had a complete defense line or five times as many troops.
But in the eyes of hundreds of thousands of generals and wise men, the enemy is stronger than the enemy, but it is being crushed by a strange army that has finished talking about the world.
The orcs fight the enemy hand to hand. They need to know that all the way forward, their strong bodies and solid weapons will destroy everything that stands in front of them, and then mankind will surely be defeated.
At the moment, human beings have subverted their common sense.
With courage and personal strength, this is simple knowledge of physics and chemistry, which makes the orcs completely defeated.
They have lost the courage to rush crazily, and even attacked their compatriots with deadly ferocity just to escape from this fire hell.
The orcs stopped attacking the whole front from south to north. They gave up attacking the high mountain area of Gilneas and forcibly breaking through the alliance coastal defense line. They turned north along the beach and went all the way to the Beiliu coast to find opportunities to break through the coastal defense line and turn into the Yinsong forest.
"Hold on …" The leaders of the alliance, such as Mograine, the foremost overlord, or Lothar, the shadow tooth castle, all breathed a long sigh of relief.
It’s even worse for mankind to fight at night. The alliance can give up its plan to counterattack the beach and drive all the orcs to the sea to feed the fish.
A one-night truce
When the league was dumbfounded early the next day,
A tall wall appeared along the coastline in the morning fog.
No one expected that the orc leader would have such a strong mind-more than 200,000 orcs tore down all the transport ships in one night, and then the ship wood built a coastal defense line consisting of three wooden fences.
Not only did you build a defensive tribe, but you also adjusted your main attack direction.
Lothar was hit by the tribe. When all the top ten clans attacked Thule Boetcher, Lothar turned blue, and King Terenas didn’t even know when to lose his staff.
Dark Gate, April 1, 2002
Duke found it ironic that the fire resistance of the Rili tribe was quite high, and the Blackstone clan orc striker captured the small town of Thule Boetcher in Lordaeron at one fell swoop, and Thule Boetcher built a huge walled city and fought against the alliance.
The leader of this tribal army was worried after the French broke through the guards of Lordaeron’s royal family.
To the north, they captured Lordaeron, and to the east, the French defense line was Lake Lordaeron. The Lordaeron battleship cruised the lake and shelled all the tribal ships. To the south, the whole Shadow Tooth Castle was the best nail to death, so that the tribe could not move forward.
Chapter 323 Dragon’s breath rings and gold is two thousand (for subscription)
Fff artificial dragon breath launcher is referred to as "dragon breath spray"
Dark Gate 2 years Nothing is more epoch-making than this thing.
This is the first time in human history that cheap scientific and technological products have surpassed the magic field.
Although it has many limitations, such as inconvenient transportation and difficult oil refining, no one can deny that without it, the tribe has already reached Lordaeron and clamored for King Terenas to come out and cut off his head and kick it for the orcs.
Whether King Terenas admits Duke saved it again or not, and saved the Union again.
Of course, there are still quite a lot of this stuff.
For example, it lingers on the battlefield like smog for many days without defocusing. For example, once the word "coke" appears in the military camp, a group of people immediately vomit. Oh, it’s vomiting and vomiting, throwing up all the breakfast yesterday.
The military camp had to be vegetarian for three days in a row.
For example, no guy with a big heart can control this kind of terror.
Lothar went to commend the heroes who saved the Union.
I was surprised to find that all the flamethrowers were storm veterans who had once retired due to injuries. Maybe they had a broken hand or a lame leg. According to the previous practice, they were either abandoned to die or abandoned during the retreat.
"My wife was torn in half by an orc hand, and my child was burned alive by an orc. The church is very, very grateful to Marcus Pavilion for giving me a second life so that I can make those damn green skins taste the same."
"I was in the militia with my son. I watched my son get bitten by a dying orc and fall into a burning room. Since these animals made my child suffer undeserved pain, please allow me to give the inferno to this group of people who should go to hell."
They are stronger than hatred.
Even though this immature weapon will always have various situations, they still chose to pick up the hand flamethrower.
Lothar was in awe.
On the other hand, Dalaran is the most active in this epoch-making weapon. Although they frantically demand all the data of Duke’s conditional artificial dragon breath transmitter, Macaro is not humble.
"Conditions? But! Let Dalaran Library go from sunrise care to master apprentice’s handwriting department first, then we can consider one. "
"This is impossible!"
"Then this is also my Lord’s reply-the youngest Morningstar mage, Duke Karazan of Storm Kingdom and Duke Marcus Pavilion, deputy commander-in-chief of the Alliance-this is impossible!"
Macaro was more angry with exorcist than the official reply, especially after naming Duke’s distinguished status.
If it were someone else, Dalaran might be determined to hack him, but don’t forget that Duke is followed by Anduin and Ryan Losa, the alliance commander, and Urien is the storm king. There is a nearly complete storm kingdom behind them, and hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians live next door to you.
If you dare to do this, we will overthrow the alliance and kill you first, Dalaran.