"Oh, oh, oh!" Mo Xiaoqin stared at Wu Liang excitedly and asked in surprise, "Are you the one who announces that every day?"

"Yes" Wu Liang nodded his head and always felt that this sentence "net daily announcement" seemed to be a bad thing.
However, Mo Xiaoqin noticed his look and continued to ask in surprise, "Did you sing that song just now?"
It turned out that the couple had just arrived at the bar and had not yet entered the door when they heard that they were in high spirits. After listening carefully, someone sang another very exciting rock, but it didn’t sound like singing in their own bar, so they were curious and came towards the singer.
People here know everything except Wu Liang. Naturally, they are targeting Wu Liangshen.
Wu Liang said modestly, "Just sing and let the two seniors laugh."
"I dare not laugh!" Jiang Tianyou said solemnly, "If I can sing at that level just now, I will really laugh. The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves before. Nice guy!"
He sighed deeply with emotion, then suddenly he and Yu appeared behind him, patted him on the shoulder and said, "That’s it!" This is my little brother who writes songs specially for me. How about Jiang Ge’s envy? Hey! "
Jiang Tianyou naively patted his paw aside and said with a bitter face, "You go crazy every time you drink alcohol. I have to stay away from you!"
Before he became famous, he had been singing here. It can be said that she was recommended by him to the music company. Needless to say, Jiang Tianyou treated him like a younger brother, and he could be restrained by jokes.
And she was a slap in the face instead of being angry. Instead, she turned around and came to Mo Xiaoqin with a shy face and smiled. "Mo Jie, you have to go to my concert in a few days! Help me sing and show your immortal heroes again! "
Mo Xiaoqin patted him with a smile. "At my age, why can’t I sing? I can’t sing!"
And she summoned up the face flushed and "that how line? Without you, there would be no me and Yu. If you say anything today, just add oil to me! "
Jiang Tianyou pulled him back and let him face himself.
"I can’t really sing," he sighed. "I haven’t sung for decades, and now it’s just a karaoke level. How dare I go on stage!"
He Yu shouted, "Even karaoke is not based on your fame. Are you afraid of others making irresponsible remarks?"
"alas!" Mo Xiaoqin also sighed behind him. "We are now an old man and an old lady. What is the fame?"
"Yes," Jiang Tianyou agreed. "Besides, what’s the point of being famous in the current music scene? Even if you can earn some tickets by concert, let’s not go out and make a fool of ourselves! "
When they say this, the surrounding atmosphere becomes silent.
The Chinese music scene is fading day by day, and fewer new albums appear every year, and fewer new people emerge. Nowadays, many seniors in the music scene are a little disheartened. It seems that they have struggled for half a generation and their careers are about to wane.
Jiang Tianyou and his wife are typical of this kind of old-timers. On the one hand, they completely retired from the music scene because of their personality, on the other hand, they felt that the music scene was getting worse and worse. Did they have a mind to leave before leaving?
Even though there are still great gods like Heyu and Liu Yunxiao active in the current music scene, everyone knows that when their generation retreats, the Chinese music scene will really fall into an embarrassing situation.
What caused all this?
Gu Pingshen’s own music system has the deepest natural experience. Following the tone of Jiang Tianyou and Mo Xiaoqin, he sighed, "It’s getting harder and harder to make money in the current music scene. Singers are both going to shoot videos and films, and there are fewer and fewer newcomers. If we go like this, we old guys will really retire!"
He said that there was no logic, but everyone could understand it, and immediately he became even more silent.
Is drunk and she is in a state of excitement after hearing these words is not willing to "who said I’m going to retire? I can do it for another 20 years now! "
After that, he lit up his arm muscles and didn’t know what this thing and the music world had.
But Mo Xiaoqin didn’t hesitate to hit him. "Who can take your class in twenty years?"
Hehe smiled and ran to Wu Liang’s side and patted him on the shoulder. "See if the new singer writes and sings our future stars!"
They all took a surprised look at He Yu and didn’t expect him to think so highly of Wu Liang.
However, the younger brother and Yu are not happy. He is also a talented person selected by the company. He believes that singing is not white. Why did Brother Shen and Yu choose such a network anchor when they didn’t choose themselves?
However, his unhappy expression passed by and no one paid attention to it, so no one found that there was something wrong with him looking at Wu Liang.
On the contrary, Wu Liang was suddenly flattered by the clap of He Yu, feeling that he quickly waved his hand at He Yu and said, "I’m a little newcomer who can’t afford such a heavy compliment!"
Mo Xiaoqin also shook his head and said with a wry smile, "Even if one or two new people are top-notch, they can’t solve the root problem. Now the music scene is hopeless!"
"I can’t say that," Gu Ping said firmly, although she was as worried about the immediate environment as she was, but not as pessimistic as she was. "Singing is human nature, and the country won’t watch the music scene really decline, so I think the country will find a way to solve it when it comes to that!"
"country?" Jiang Tianyou smiled and said noncommittally, "Then let’s wait and see what the country can do."
Then he looked up and poured a large glass of cold beer, and there was endless loneliness in his eyes.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-four Rehearsal
Wu Liang was filled with emotion after coming back from the bar.
This is not the first time someone has talked about the decline of Chinese music in front of him.
His mentor, Mr. Wu Zhihua, has repeatedly expressed his concern about this situation. Mr. Wu Zhihua seems that if the Chinese music scene continues to decline like this, it will inevitably lead to a shortage of talents and the whole Chinese music circle will be Cambrian.
Today, he heard a more discouraging argument from two music veterans.
These two do not believe that the national adjustment can really revive the Chinese music scene.
How to save it?
There are so many thieves waiting for so many online sharing points, so many unwilling viewers hanging there.
When a new song comes out, it’s stolen, and you can’t earn a penny, but you have to put money in it. Those who listen to the song enjoy the internet and scold the singer for rubbish and the songwriter for being mentally retarded. Have they ever thought about who caused all this?
If they changed their own money, they would be scolded. They would have wasted a long time!
Moreover, it is not only the country that steals from abroad, but also the once most prosperous American market. Now it has long followed the footsteps of the Chinese music scene, and it has slipped day by day.
It is because people’s laws are stricter and they pay more attention to market rectification, which is not completely the same as the Chinese music circle.
But it’s only a matter of time.
This is not something that one or two people or one or two countries can solve.
This is not something that can be solved in one or two generations.
Only when people really realize that no one writes songs, no one sings, they have no songs to listen to, and they can relive those old songs repeatedly online, will they be white.
Oh, it turns out that we have always been a generation. Happiness pays for itself.
Wu Liang also wants to find a solution to this matter, but his current position and knowledge are still a little too complicated for him.
I thought for a night in a daze, and Wu Liang received a message early the next morning that made him push it off.
It was "Xiao Wang" who called. This guy Zhao Xiaogen, the younger brother of Pu Lao, will be officially on the stage in two days. He called Wu Liang to ask him to hurry over and line up with them to get ready so that there would be no problems on the day of the performance.
Now that Wu Liang has promised him, he certainly has no reason to refuse.
However, Wu Liang thought that since he was going to Beijing Television Broadcasting Building again, why not record the song that Hong Chunji promised to record?
So he called Hong Chunji again and asked him if he had any questions about recording songs in the past.
Although Hong Chunji’s TV play here is still in preparation, it doesn’t affect when to record the theme song. Of course, there is no problem. By the way, I asked him if Lu Xue and Liang Yanni had any words. If so, why don’t you come and record the song together and solve no problem for anyone?
Wu Liang didn’t know if the two girls couldn’t help but call them one by one.
The two girls really didn’t record the theme song of Beijing TV. After all, this is a more important thing, so they all readjusted their rest arrangements to get ready to record songs with Wu Liang for half a day.
In this way, when I arrived in Beijing the next day, I became three people.
The three men came to Beijing TV Broadcasting Building to meet with Hong Chunji first. The two girls’ agents had already negotiated the price with Beijing TV, and they didn’t record the time wave directly.
The first person to enter the studio was Liang Yanni, who sang the song "Painting Heart" by Wu Liang.
In the end, Wu Liang chose Fang and Lu Xue chose White Fox while Liang Yanni chose Hua Xin.