However, when Maohua chopped out this knife, the teenager was negligent and stepped back before the long knife.

This is the sound made by the tip of the Maohua sword rubbing against the young spirit.
When two people collide under pressure, no one can break through the other side and return with success.
When Mao Hua’s long knife missed his body, the teenager stepped on his feet and threw a knife again and cut it obliquely.
"so fast"
Mao Hua’s eyes shrank slightly to one side of his body to hide the blow, while the long knife pulled back and cut a knife again.
This knife split into the other person’s shoulder, but this knife reached the top and just fell on the teenager and already evaded.
He reacted …
Root without thinking is a body conscious response.
When the knife fell behind, he hid and then swung the knife to Mao Hua’s head.
However, Maohua has long expected to step on the body and jump back to avoid this knife.
Maohua jumped up to hide from him, swung and chopped instantly, and the young man cut out the knife and stopped, then flew and rushed out with a knife.
It’s too fast.
Half of Mao Hua’s body was stopped by a horizontal knife, and Mao Hua was directly bounced out.
More wood to recover again is a knife chop.
Mao Hua’s body fell, his feet stepped on the ground and raised his knife.
Mao Hua’s feet directly pulled out two soil marks.
This is not just a flower idea, but also a snow letter idea.
At this time, Xuexin stood in the distance and watched the two men fight on the back.
He came to the wooded area seven days ago, so that he could find a more wood blade, and then he locked his spirit pressure, and then he left the wooded area and waited in the distance.
Xuexin lived on wild fruit for six days.
Just now, Xuexin felt two huge spiritual pressures, and the explosion in the distance immediately made the ability close to observe the two men fighting.
Too strong.
Maohua burst into strength that she had never seen before, and now she is a different person than when she fought with herself when she released water.
But even so, Maohua actually fell off in the battle with Gengmu.
Unsealed wood blade is so powerful.
Snow letter looked at two people in the battlefield filled with horror.
Chapter one hundred and ninety Ignore
Raindrops continue to fall, but flowers and trees still fight.
With the explosion of spiritual pressure and the fragmentation of the ground, the two collided again.
Dang dang dang dang.
Two people split out a dozen knives instantly, leaving a series of ghosting images in the arms and long knives, and the sound didn’t ring until the two were separated.
Swish swish.
The two men’s body shape changed and they fought several times, but the damage was caused to him and the department was blocked.
Very impressive
Mao Hua’s eyes are filled with joy. He is very powerful, and his strength, pressure, speed and reaction department are not inferior to himself.
He is the most suitable opponent for himself.
Generate in joy.