Lin Lei opened his mouth wide and said in shock, "Lord Beirut is so powerful, so can he save my brother?"

Delinkwater looked at Lin Lei and didn’t know what to say. After all, he didn’t see what windson dared not say to Lin Lei directly.
Lin Lei looked at Delin’s grandfather and didn’t speak. His heart was full of worries and he bowed his head.
Delin Cowart looked at Lin Lei and comforted him. "Lin Lei, don’t worry. Your brother is a genius, and you are not worried now. Your strength is still too weak."
Lin Lei nodded his head when he heard Derrick Walter’s words. He was really too weak.
I can’t. I’m going to practice. I’m going to be strong. Lin Lei thought of this and accelerated his speed and ran quickly towards Ernst College
Delinkwater looked at speeding up. Lin Lei smiled and touched his Hu.
Lin Feng, don’t blame me for saying this. I know it will hit you, but if you don’t work hard, it will be even harder for you to catch up with your brother’s pace. Delinkwater secretly thought that Lin Lei in his eyes is too far away from Lin Fengshi. Only Lin Lei has more practice can it catch up with Lin Feng.
And the distant darkness, Beirut, has returned to his metal castle with Lin Feng and placed a magic circle to isolate Lin Feng from the outside world.
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Chapter 60 Beirut
Beirut looked somberly at Lin Feng, who had lost consciousness. Although he didn’t understand what would happen to Lin Feng, Beirut intuition told him that Lin Feng would be excluded from this world if he went like this again.
Windson’s body trembled as if he felt in a bad situation, and his brow was tightly wrinkled.
Beirut thought for a while and mobilized his soul force to slowly enter the forest air body, trying to find out the reason that led to forest air becoming like this in this way.
However, Beirut found that after its soul force entered the forest air body, it was slow to check, as if there was a strange force blocking Beirut.
Although the main god of Beirut walked out of the plane of Yulan mainland because of the dominant reason of light, his knowledge of Beirut was not affected because of the two places in hell.
But windson this situation is the first time I saw Beirut.
After a while, Beirut’s face was already deeply tired. You know, Beirut has never felt so tired since it became the Lord God.
I don’t want to go to Beirut any more in this period. Lin Feng is a dispensable thing for Beirut. Observing Lin Feng in Beirut is to satisfy my curiosity.
But Beirut didn’t think that he had fallen into such a state because of curiosity at the moment.
Beirut wants to take back its soul power, but Beirut finds that its soul power has been mobilized now. If Beirut wants to forcibly withdraw its soul power, although Lin Feng will die, Beirut’s soul will definitely be injured. This situation is not acceptable to Beirut.
Besides, for Beirut, who dares to dominate his mouth when he is a god, there is nothing in the world that Beirut dares to do without him.
Beirut is now not going to withdraw its soul power for various reasons. He will be interesting to see if the strange power of Lin Fengti can threaten him as the Lord God today.
Windson consciousness at this time to ease a brow like Beirut soul force after entering the forest air body windson feel comfortable a lot.
Beirut looked at Lin Feng’s heart, nai smiled at the corner of her mouth and muttered to herself, "Lin Feng Xiao, you really ruined me today. We must practice hard when you wake up."
Beirut say that finish and concentrate on constantly put your soul force into forest air body Beirut don’t believe that your soul force will be consumed.
But as time goes by, Beirut’s soul power is constantly consuming, and Beirut becomes pale, and his heart becomes indecisive.
If you persist, you may hurt your soul source, but Beirut looks a little ruddy again. Lin Feng can’t make up his mind. After all, he has consumed so much soul power. If he gives up now, everything he did before will be gone.
Beirut mercilessly looked at windson bite a tooth and let yourself continue to stick to it.
Finally, when Beirut’s soul power is about to run out, Beirut finally perceives the problem of forest air.
However, the observation of windson’s physical problems made Beirut look a little strange. Because Beirut found that windson’s veins seemed to be incomplete, how could this happen?
Is this windson consciously do? If so, why did Lin Feng do this? Doesn’t he know that the imprint of his own world can’t be removed?
No wonder no wonder Lin Feng will be rejected by this world.
Fortunately, however, Lin Fengxian’s veins have not been expelled. If Lin Fengxian has expelled the veins, then Lin Fengxian can’t insist on Beirut now, and he can’t help him any more. Although he is the Lord God, he is afraid to fight against world forces.
Now that we know that windson has become the reason, it will be easy.
Beirut touched his ring and took out a crystal bottle. Then Beirut took one look at Lin Feng and felt a little hesitant.
After a while, windson turned pale again.
Looking at Windson in Beirut, I remembered to stay with Beibei around Lin Lei. Forget it. Just help him once today. Besides, these things have nothing to do with themselves.
Beirut stretched out his hand and hit Lin Fengzui, pouring the dark blue liquid in the crystal bottle into the forest tuyere, but this liquid seems very precious and Beirut is very reluctant to part with it.
In Beirut, the liquid is poured into the forest tuyere drop by drop, and after pouring a drop, it is found that Lin Feng has no reaction for a long time before continuing to drop this liquid into the forest tuyere.
Drop by drop in a blink of an eye, Beirut has dropped this dark blue liquid into the forest mouth for nine drops.
But windson still has no reaction.
Beirut looks a little strange. I carefully checked Lin Feng’s body again and then looked at Lin Feng with suspicion. Is this really human? He can withstand such a powerful energy?
Windson whole person has not changed, but Beirut eyes windson body is slowly changing.
Of course, this change is controllable in Beirut. After all, windson has lost consciousness now. If you want to rely on windson to control yourself, you might as well go directly to the underworld to find him directly.
Fortunately, Beirut’s own divine power helps Lin Feng absorb these dark blue liquids bit by bit.
But Beirut didn’t expect windson body to absorb nine drops of deep cyan liquid before it was filled.
Naibeirut continued to pour the dark blue liquid in the crystal bottle into the forest air again.
Drop by drop, Beirut finally felt that Lin Feng’s body was no longer absorbed. Beirut was glad to see that there was still a lot of dark blue liquid in the crystal bottle in his hand.
Beirut put the crystal bottle into the ring again and sat in a place waiting for windson to wake up and restore a soul force that he has become like himself.
After a while windson eyebrows moved.
Windson opened his eyes only to find himself in a strange place.
Windson directly sat up and looked at everything around him, and then saw an old man sitting in front of him. Windson didn’t feel that the old man had a little strength.
But windson subconscious told himself that this is not an ordinary old man. Is this the dark one? Windson heart full of shock thought.
Chapter sixty-one Qinglong jingxie
Beirut felt the windson eyes opened his eyes and the corners of his mouth gave me a smile and said, "Windson, you are awake."
Although Lin Feng heard Beirut, he wondered why he would be here, but Lin Feng hurriedly replied, "Hello, Beirut’s adult."
At this time, it’s Beirut’s turn to be curious. Beirut wondered and said, "How do you know me, Lin Feng? You should be don’t know me. "
Windson embarrassed touched his head. This is broken. You can’t say that you know Beirut because you are a traveler. Yulan mainland knows that there are not many people in Beirut. After all, the Lord God of Beirut has always been waiting for darkness.
Although Lin Feng is very strong now, it can be said that God is still strong, but Lin Feng is still young, so it is impossible for him to have a chance to know Beirut.
Lin Feng rolled his eyes and then said with a light smile, "I heard Brother Sisai say that you are afraid that I will accidentally offend you and find your own disaster."
Beirut saw Lin Feng’s appearance, although he knew that Lin Feng was not telling the truth, but Beirut was not prepared to pursue it. After all, it was only a trivial matter, so Beirut said lightly, "Oh, that’s it. It seems that Sisai is still quite good for you."
Windson nodded deeply agree with Beirut words.
Beirut saw Lin Feng’s reaction with satisfaction, and then Beirut asked, "Lin Feng, do you know what your veins are incomplete? How seems to be caused by people expelling? "
Windson wry smile face became tangled up, don’t know if I should say.
Beirut saw that Lin Feng’s face was tangled and shook his head and said, "Since you don’t want to talk, it’s not difficult for me to ask you."
Lin Feng breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Beirut. If Beirut really forces his Lord God to force Lin Feng, then Lin Feng really doesn’t know what to do.
However, Beirut added: "Although you don’t tell me, you should not always think about expelling your blood after you know it. You should know your blood, but you belong to this world symbol. If you expel your blood, the world will naturally exclude you or obliterate you."