Shi Ping’s statement is the truth. Vamont was said to be right at the moment. Shi Ping’s eyes fell on the ten-color psychedelic weapon in his hand again.

"What a magic blade, my Lord. It is said that your hidden weapon enables the magic party to conjure up corresponding restraint weapons against the enemy’s weaknesses!"
"Usually the strongest thing is its weakness!"
"At room temperature, this metal is super hard, but it will soften if it is heated to 100 degrees! This is that secret that it can change its shape at will! "
"In those days, one of the members who participated in the development of this weapon was Mr. Barco. This secret naturally passed to Barco’s ears, but today I was sent!"
"Blood wing is good at producing high-temperature living body blazing eye knife, which is exactly your weapon nemesis!"
Carl has spoken, and Vamont’s right pillow is waiting to be sent, keeping a close eye on the former head of state’s every move. The three of them just form a triangle encirclement, which will surround the core center!
One enemy and two enemies, Wamon, can still have a slight advantage, but if you add Shi Ping, an old rival, then? What’s the ending?
The Wind Rises; Time Bomb
The wind howled and roared away like pirates, tossing and turning for a long time, shaking up some sharp and fleeting sounds
No one can be absolutely sure to annihilate the enemy in front of them, and no one can find out what the final card in the other’s hand is, so static braking has become the best choice for both sides at present
That is also the most acceptable choice!
The fire suddenly exploded!
Burning violently
The flames are bluer and billowing!
Blue as a thousand green-faced, fangs-toothed goblins.
The wind is stirring
It was an angry wind. When it approached, it was not as light as the wind, but as violent as thunder!
Blood wing eyes latosolic red as blood, it once again launched a crazy offensive against Wamon!
Wamont didn’t look back to his left hand to meet them.
His right hand tightly clutched the halberd that seemed to sweep the sky too long!
He can’t contribute.
He also dare not contribute.
No one dares to neglect Shi Ping Karl, the golden couple, to join hands!
Therefore, Vamon can deal with and attack with the least energy!
He has never encountered such a dilemma in his life!
Claws collide again!
Two people positive hard shake again!
Blood wing pale spat oozing blood staggered back WaMeng stuffy hum a his skin sharp moment added a few minutes of indigo vicissitudes of life!
But that silvery white light is already looming in Wamon’s pupil! It’s overwhelming!
He roared and swept around with a magic halberd!
The sharp and fierce airflow is as straight as Taishan coping!
Wamont finally got really angry.
He spared no effort to lose both sides, determined to make a desperate swing, and the injury changed his life to crash and burn!
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Fight
New ※l; The hero in the heart of a needle has been numbered 11975 or the name of the clicker can be seen. At this moment, in the eyes of everyone, Wameng’s hands are madly chopped (thief, zei8com thief, zei8com thief, zei8com thief). This halberd is like a huge saw!
Cut out a number of confused, angry, golden yellow and terrible saws in the air!
The power of this blow actually attracted the distance to calm the lake and roared like a storm in the ocean!
This power for a blow FengRui refers to the most prosperous place is Shi Ping rely on arm to repeatedly destroy WaMeng plan Carl!
In the past, Wamon had a chance to kill Carl, but he thought that although the number of talents in the alliance could surpass that of Carl and his wife, there were only a handful, so he began to cherish his talent and thought that he would naturally bring the two couples into his hands after successfully eradicating Shi Ping.
But the sinister situation forced Wamon to give birth to a slaying heart!
Although this recruit cut out from the party, it contains surging murder that has already surged up!
One man faces three strong enemies!
There are enemies in front and behind.
What’s worse, not far away, tens of thousands of soldiers who used to be in Shi Ping have gathered! I believe that Shi Ping will come out and make these soldiers who have been deeply indebted to Shi Ping for saving their homes come without hesitation!
A man can never fight against a thousand enemies on his own at the same time.
Even if it’s as good as Vamont!
However, the consequences of his move immediately gave the audience an illusion.
It’s Shi Ping. They’re surrounded by him
But they feel surrounded by Vamont in turn!
One person surrounded three people!
Wameng’s chop seemed to divide three people at the same time!
At this time, Carl had already felt the burning pain in his skin, the numbness, the tingling and the stabbing pain directly penetrated through his skin and penetrated into his bones to kill him!
At this time, he realized that Vamont’s target was himself!
So he bit his teeth and simply gave up the defense of his own strength. His left fist was even sharper and castrated, and then he ate first at Wamon’s throat!
If you distinguish it carefully, you can see that Carl seems to have changed a lot. His left fist has a dark brown light flashing faintly!
That’s why Carl never really killed the researchers. At that time, he was told not to do the self-destruction stunt until the last moment!
Rust fist!
Gu Ming thought was hit by this blow. Whether it is people, things, wood or stones, it will rust to ashes!
However, whether it was a temporary metallized right fist or this overbearing rust fist was issued a little late.
Wameng’s sad and unique theory is bound to hit Carl’s flesh and blood first!
Suddenly LiLie white light suddenly big sheng! Like a thousand suns blooming at the same time! At that time, I was on guard against all the people being blinded by direct fire! A little approachable, it seems that there is a strong annular force that Pei Mo can’t resist, so that they can’t stop stumbling and retreating, and their physical weakness is even worse. It is obvious that they have been injured by this sudden shock!
The dust gradually cleared away. The only place standing was Wameng, but he was happy after winning at all. On the other hand, he was surprised and angry in his expression, but he was unwilling to leave three points.
A deep and long dirt ditch has been dragged to the extreme distance since he lowered his right hand and held the magic blade! And five meters away, Carl turned up and rolled up beside the motionless prone soil ditch, which almost covered him. From the outside, it was a life-and-death problem. In the distance, Carol was as pale as a paper, with tears in her eyes and her hands over her mouth.