Chen Shaozhi took a comic book yard and found a small bench to watch while watching Yuanyuan.

"Mom, what is this?" Chen Yougang looked at this half fan of pork and mutton and was a little worried. If others saw it, it would be hard to say.
Chen also wants to do something. "You go and sharpen the meat chopper in the kitchen. If all this meat is chopped into bones, I’ll stew it today. When the children are out of school, they can also have a sip of hot soup. You can send some of this meat to Lao San and then send them some for Shang Qing to fry as a dish."
Chen Yougang thought about it, so he went to the kitchen to get a knife and sharpen it next to the well.
Zhao Qin saw the second child sharpening his knife when he was hanging clothes in the flower garden. He didn’t chop meat. He saw the courtyard and teased the rabbit. How could she forget to celebrate her birthday again? Her mother-in-law is also crazy. A girl deserves such a big move.
What should Chen do when he looks at two special big fish besides the pork and mutton in the room? There are so many fruits.
"Second daughter-in-law, you put two apples on the stove and cook them." Chen packed some fruit inside. She was really strange. I don’t know where to get it in this winter, but shouldn’t she doubt the fairy? You can get it anywhere you want.
Yue-e Li came to pick two small points, fearing that they would not be able to eat them all. As a result, none of them were small and a basket was big and red.
Chen fished out two fish and cleaned them up next to the well.
Chen Yougang has carried two pieces of meat into the kitchen and chopped them with a knife.
Li Yuee cooked the apples and went to help Chen.
"By the way, go home and have a look recently. Take two catties of meat back." It’s also a good idea for Chen to worry about eating all the meat at home and see his second daughter-in-law thinking about sending some to her family.
Yue-e Li is not happy to say that it is false. Who doesn’t want such a long-term thing?
"Thank you, Niang." Every time she goes back to her mother’s house, her face is full of light. It’s best to count her.
Chen’s mind wants to confirm this thing. It’s best to send it to his third in-laws, but it’s not convenient.
Wait until two people have packed both fish.
"You go to the hemp rope and hang both of them in the kitchen. Don’t let others see them." Chen happened to say that he made one at noon and waited for the old couple to come back.
She took a bowl to the hall and fished out the apples boiled in the pot.
"Yuan Yuan Shao came to eat."
When Yuanyuan heard eating, she quickly put the rabbit behind her head and ran over.
There are two apples sitting at the door of Chen’s hall and put them in two bowls.
"Shao told you to be careful and get burned."
Chen Shaozhi looked at the apples in his bowl and nodded obediently. How could he burn them when he grew up?
Chen concentrated on feeding Yuanyuan with a spoon and slowly dug for her to eat. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her.
"Yuanyuan, grandma asked you something."
Yuanyuan is staring at the apple. She feels so sweet.
"Do you want to see your grandparents?" Chen thought that Yuan Yuan’s speech would be realized.
Yuanyuan took a bite of an apple. She was chewing something and wondered who her grandparents were. When you think about it, you nod your head hard.
The writer has something to say. The land Lord really envies Xian for receiving so many gifts on his birthday. He hates himself for being so poor! ! ! (shed tears of disappointment)
Chapter 44 Eating
Chen saw Yuanyuan nodding and dug a spoonful of apples for her. "Can grandma meet your grandparents when she goes to the mountain?"
Yuanyuan thinks that she hasn’t been to the other side of the mountain for a long time, and she still has a mouthful of food in her mouth, and she is a little lisping.
"Howl ~"
Chen nodded. That’s right. He ate all the apples again.
Yuanyuan’s tummy is already round, so Chen let her go to play.
Chen Shao eats himself quickly, and then follows Yuan Yuan after eating.
Chen picked up two bowls and went into the kitchen. Chen Yougang was still chopping them in the kitchen.
"How so many?" Although I know a lot, it’s still a lot to chop and pile up.
Chen Yougang wiped his sweat with a towel. He was so tired that he was sweating in such cold weather.
"Mom, this is too much, and there is still mutton that hasn’t been chopped."
Chen has a hand to look at mutton, thinking of sending a message to his third in-laws. The first thing is that no one can see it. Second, they can’t be found when they do it together.
"Second, you chop this mutton bone stick for me first, and the pork here is as thin as possible." The stew with the bone stick is too cold to drink, and it can also supplement nutrition and lean meat. It’s not so fragrant, so you can smell it.
Chen Yougang didn’t ask what hand chop meat chop has consciousness to dry up.
Chen went to the hall and took out a basket to the kitchen. He put the big bone stick chopped by Chen Yougang into the basket, covered it with a piece of lean meat, put some fruit and finally covered it with a layer of velvet firewood.
"Shao to you watch Yuanyuan, I’ll be back soon after I go out." Chen went out from the yard and didn’t forget to charge Chen Shaozhi.
Chen Shaozhi agreed with a comic book.
Chen himself pushed the door and went out.
Zhao Qinhua next door heard the Chen family’s noise in the kitchen. She tutted. What a piece of meat she bought! She chopped so hard that the dead wife didn’t know to ask her granddaughter next door to eat it.
Yue-e Li’s family is very busy. She has been packing things in the hall and there are many fruits. She has never seen them and doesn’t know their names.
Here, Chen himself holds a basket and remembers that the position will slowly pass by.
"Auntie, where are you going?" Road also met a kannika nimtragol warmly greeting Chen, the Chen family has already changed. Both of them have gone to the county to work alone. They are a good cook. Who does not envy this day?
Chen looked calm and didn’t panic at all. "I’ll go to the hillside and have a look."