We’ve seen a lot of things in this move, but we can’t tell these things now, and you are doomed to be more than a simple Buddha who gave birth to a Buddha disciple. You are the same person you have returned. This is what we speculate and hope that you can show us more in the future. The Buddha looked at Yuan Ye with a smile.

Hehe, don’t feel unfair. You beat this girl, so you came. Although you said what you want, this girl will come, but in the end, this girl won, and the two of us will also come to prevent her from killing you. We are both watching your final performance, but you still didn’t let us down. The Buddha smiled and looked at Yuan Ye. Both of our goals have been achieved, and you have even come to win or lose. It should be a perfect thing.
These weapons have not been destroyed and no one has lost, so it is more perfect. Look at the Buddha of the years.
I heard that the Buddha smiled, hehe, so you mean to let me come, or to help Xiao Tao’s great-great granddaughter.
After all, a crescent blade and a sun-shining ring suddenly appeared in the hands of the Buddha in the years. This is the top ten artifacts of the Buddha in the years.
Humming to see the two weapons representing the sun and the moon, the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, and the moon also responds by turning the trajectory of heaven and earth, twisting it and then being forcibly changed.
fall over
As these four words rang out from the mouth of the Buddha of the years, Yuan Ye suddenly felt that the scenes that happened before his eyes were just reversed. At first sight, he saw that he had torn up a Ruxue garment. At second sight, he saw that he had just sealed a Ruxue garment. At third sight, he had just put to good use.
Suddenly, Yuan Ye’s head buzzed again, only to find that Xiang Ruxue was at loggerheads with each other, and the booing and shouting kept cheering. This is not when they just walked on the stage and didn’t fight. When is it?
Before the situation, the horse was a Ruxue and roared to Muke to announce the gladiator. But now this tense attitude continues, and Ruxue Yuan Ye are both horrified and can’t believe it.
I’m not dreaming, am I? I can fall down when I am.
Around MuKe is also very shocked, but it seems that MuKe know years Buddha this ability horror than Yuan Ye RuXue a lot lighter.
What happened before, you three remember my voice, and you three heard that you two really put it together. You should know the outcome. Stop hitting Mu Ke and announce the knot. At this time, the voice of the Buddha is also ringing in Yuan Ye’s mind at the same time.
Obey the teacher’s law, Mu Ke bent down to the void, and this was the end of Landau’s victory.
Ah, there was a very dramatic scene in the fighting field, one by one, cheering at the top of their voices, howling wildly, trying to push up the duel atmosphere, and watching people suddenly stop, one by one, stunned, speechless, quieter than the fighting field, and even Shao Wenjun, Xiao Yun, Luo Qiong, Zhuge Changhong, Shan Yue and other individuals were stunned. Which one was this performance?
After quiet, many people complained, but if you look at it again, it’s already more complicated to look at Yuan Ye. Yuan Ye didn’t expect that my super artifact couldn’t beat you for so many years. You are the only one who let me admire a man, and I admire a strong man. When I practice, I can almost be stronger than me. A man is a man in my eyes for so many years. You are the first one, but you are too bad. I hate you.
I’m bad, Yuan Ye. When I get angry, I’ll hum and hate it. I don’t care.
When I heard Yuan Ye’s words, Ruxue’s heart was wronged even more, and a person was lonely and left Taiwan. Perhaps at this time, the background was extremely hard and the guy’s heart was in line with her pure and lovely appearance, but it was a pity impulse to see people.
See a RuXue didn’t refute MuKe sentence but throw in the towel and leave Taiwan directly. Suddenly, that individual has reached the peak and complained that he is unwilling to be everywhere. But when you calm down, you yell at someone who has given up. What are you yelling at?
Quiet and sudden, Mu Ke drank a lot and pressed the voice department down to this avenue. This five emperors’ struggle ended. I declare that the first emperor, the Kirin sword of Warcraft, has been shining for thousands of years. As Mu Ke’s words fell, a white S sword flew to the little jerk and was directly bitten by it.
Mu Ke went on to announce that the second emperor Zhuge Changhong’s armor was ruined at the end of the Millennium, and the third emperor Luo Qiong’s boots flashed for a thousand years, and the ancient emperor Gu Di’s helmet was brilliant for a thousand years.
Three emperors flew to Luo Qiong respectively.
After a pause, Mu Ke looked slightly horrified at Yuan Ye, the fifth emperor of Yuan Ye. Yuan Ye’s clothes are nine thousand years old. This world is nine days old. Congratulations, Yuan Ye.
A gown with a clear sky and a clear sky flew to Yuan Ye, and Yuan Yeran did not hesitate to start with this treasure directly.
The title of Five Emperors has finally been won by Yuan Ye. Along the way, there is no title of Five Kings and Five Emperors. From today, the Emperor of Heaven is his first chapter of Yuan, and he can’t leave the emperor.
However, Yuan Ye also found that this imperial vessel, the Nine Shirts, didn’t need to shed blood to recognize its owner since it was announced by Mu Ke, which made Yuan Ye ring that it was better for him to snatch a lot of king cups and return the crown, but he couldn’t do it himself. Maybe this king cup and crown imperial vessel can be driven by its owner, even if it is obtained.
Although there are many twists and turns in the end of a fierce battle, I finally got the title of Five Emperors, and my strength is also strong. I am almost at the limit of Taoism, and I am afraid that I will break through the realm of Great Zun soon, but Yuan Ye did not intend to press it, because when I realized the heaven, he didn’t know that Taoism was the practice of heaven, and it was not necessarily a shortcut to become a Buddha. Yuan Yeke was sure that the Buddha had not forced his strength record.
Yuan Ye will choose to let nature take its course to break through, and I’m afraid this date is the peak date of self-cultivation. It’s time to realize that Yuan Ye is heartbroken and an enemy-killing trick. No matter how severe it is, it’s nothing to say.
After the confirmation of the Five Emperors, the Five Emperors will fight for the Top Ten and the three judges will still accept the Millennium assessment according to the past rules, so that the power of the five emperors will be really stimulated. This is also the last gathering of the top ten masters such as Yuan Ye. Of course, this gathering failed. Ruxue Bao Wenqian and others are supporting roles, and Yuan Yeshan Yue and others are leading roles.
Listen to you Yuan Ye. Before the coronation ceremony, Mu Ke specially came to Yuan Ye. It was super terrible. The super terrible achievement method of Warcraft. The two great buddhas jointly noted this scene. This scene has made Mu Ke know that Yuan Ye is extremely extraordinary in the future, and he is the most likely to become a Buddha. In Mu Ke, I want Yuan Ye to tie a good knot now.
Come when you are strong, weak and in great need of help. Then he will be strong in the future, and he will repay you. When people are already enemies in the future, you will curry favor with them and flatter them. Will others care? Mu Ke is the overlord of a generation. However, in this long-term vision, he knows that it is time to put the treasure on Yuan Ye. Of course, this kind of pressure can’t be won over by lulu, but it is just like Xiang Tao. After years and days become life and death brothers, Xiang Taogen doesn’t worry about years and days, and the Buddha will never leave him, because their common
Thank you for being so strong for Mu Ke. Yuan Yeran is also very polite. To tell the truth, the horse will be able to see his loved ones. Yuan Ye is now in a very good mood and feels like an arrow.
What are you going to do after it’s all over? Mu Ke seems to be casual
I want to go back to my world, immediately said Yuan Ye, pointing to my own emperor and smiling. I am so desperate to win the title of Five Emperors. I am qualified to leave Wan Zunxing and come back. I don’t care if I come here sooner or later. I can finally go home.
Go home, Yuan Ye. Do you know that the Five Emperors can’t leave Wan Zun Star? If you want to leave the Emperors Nine, you will no longer be supported by your strength later. You will find that the power of the Emperors Nine has just been acquired, so you can give it up. Then Bao Wenqian was a little surprised to see Yuan Ye. At this time, ten people were promoted to Zhu Tianrong, and the remaining nine people almost looked at Yuan Ye, the last strongest guy, Ruxue, who ended inexplicably, including Xiang Ruxue, who was also secretly listening.
The emperor can’t leave Wan Zun Star, which is beyond my expectation. It seems that the Five Kings Cup can temporarily leave Wan Zun Star Yuan Yemei’s head slightly wrinkled, so the Five Emperors should be qualified to leave Wan Zun Star and come back.
But this time, the answer is that the crown of the King’s Cup of Muke can be separated from the emperor for a short time, because the power of the emperor is several times stronger than that of the crown of the King’s Cup. Once a person takes the emperor to another world, it is very simple to destroy a world. Wan Zunxing can bear such a terrible treasure, and the emperor is not allowed to leave Wan Zunxing. If you are separated from Wan Zunxing, you still have the title of Emperor of Heaven, but no emperor is just a name.
I can go if I can, even if the emperor is as strong as a super artifact, I will go, but Yuan Ye is determined.
Is it really that important? The emperor’s weapon is a great test for the gods, but Bao Wenqian is quite puzzled
Hehe, Yuan Ye glanced over and everyone in the room lamented that you people were almost all born in Wanzunxing, and it wasn’t a beautiful woman with a tough background. All the forces behind them were very strong, but who was stronger than who? Maybe in your growing up, amazing talents should do their best, and treasures should be strong to guide you, so you can’t easily become the best people, and you have developed a habit of course. That is, from small to large, all kinds of other people’s help to me are of course in return, as if someone had never thought about seeing me. Warcraft is good, but I think that little Warcraft should belong to myself. After all, it has been such an environment since childhood. Of course, I didn’t mean to offend you. God gave you such an environment. Adding your own talents and hard work is the easiest way to make you stronger. I will, but you have lost one of the most important things.
Hum what someone wants to say, I will say that I don’t want to win yet, so I can say that we are qualified in a lecture tone. Xiang Ruxue was the first to be extremely dissatisfied with cold hum.
Defeated by defeat, you qualify me to bicker. Yuan Ye is also uncompromising and glaring. That is to say, the other party is speechless. This world is everything, but the rest of us are still surprised that Ruxue will give up without fighting. Chapter DiYiSiSanSan Our world.
I’d like to know what we have lost, but Bao Wenqian doesn’t want to talk about Yuan Ye’s brothers. But your perseverance and hard work are a hundred times easier than ordinary people’s success in cultivating big powers. Her father is Tian Muke, a super-strong level and a moon overlord like Tian Fengxing. It’s not bad to help her in family power
Feelings Yuan Ye directly said his own answer, but you can easily get everything, but you don’t know how to cherish those who help each other in difficulties and desperate situations. Friendship is not something you can understand. The coldest father’s love is the strangest brotherhood. It is necessary to fight with each other in the imperial family because of your deep power and position. The main rivals are often the closest relatives of your big family, and many family ties are not something you can appreciate. Because of your position, women don’t need you to chase after more than one woman. Two things that are easy to get, even if they don’t have deep feelings, imagine carefully what else is worrying about you every day besides practicing you? I’m afraid you can’t understand that feeling. I don’t hesitate to give up my tools to find my relatives and friends now, and the mood is not white for you.
When I heard Yuan Ye’s words, everyone was suddenly silent, especially Xiang Ruxue. Compared with others, I’m afraid she was most impressed by Yuan Ye. She has excellent talent and loves strength, and her pleasure is constantly rising. Plus, the world is the strongest and most respected. She is obsessed with practicing from the sky, but for friendship, she almost loves to beat her peers to find true feelings, but she doesn’t think much about three kinds of people’s true feelings. I have to say that there is affection, but this affection is limited to a few people who have always loved her, such as Xiang Tao. Her roots are very disdainful because they are
Hehe, Yuan Ye’s brothers are not ordinary people. It’s a good thing to have a true temperament. Since this is the case, I won’t stop you. Mu Ke, after all, a big overlord doesn’t think much. He smiled and added, since this strength is not needed, after all, you will lose the imperial weapon because of separation, and then the strength will be gone. Of course, it’s unnecessary for you to experience the power of an imperial weapon. Although it’s not more than an artifact, it’s also very terrible to experience it. Besides, your strength will be tested at the level of