Crazy women are not cute at all. It’s not good to have wood, tenderness and softness. Chapter 64 Happiness is like a dream.

Two people who were rejected and driven out of the house were not rejected and realized that at this time they had an ambiguous thing flowing.
On the way back, neither of them spoke and walked quietly in tandem.
Shen Qiqi was a little nervous. She always felt that the atmosphere was so strange and something was going to happen.
Stealing a glance, Jun Yang walked ahead and her heart beat faster.
When I was thinking, suddenly a pair of warm and powerful hands grasped her.
She looked up and found herself at the door of her room. Jun Yang had stopped when she didn’t know it. She looked at her with deep eyes and a little expectation and anxiety.
At that moment, his eyes looked at each other, but strangely, she could read his mind from his eyes.
The anticipation and anxiety in his eyes made her heart both sweet and sad.
Sweet and proud, as he is confident, as he is, but he lowers his posture in front of her, and he is as nervous as a young man in love, waiting for an answer from his heart.
He was also sad because of this.
Growing up, he should be the kind of person who wants wind, wind, rain and rain, right? Tianjiao had such a humble expression when he was young.
Shen Qiqi didn’t speak, but looked at his eyes and slowly held his hand back.
At that moment, she seemed to see warm spring flowers in his eyes.
Those eyes were as bright as the stars in the sky and shone straight into her heart.
At this moment, Junyang felt that words could not shape his mood.
So excited, so happy, so happy that I want to go crazy!
He hugged Shen Qiqi tightly as if to rub her into his body. Only when he felt her so truly did he know that it was not a dream but a reality.
Shen Qiqi was infected by Jun Yang’s emotions and was very excited to hold him back at the moment.
The two men hugged each other tightly, and their figures were projected to the ground by moonlight, which seemed like a person.
Junyang piously kissed Shen Qiqi’s hair and whispered "I am Qiqi" in her ear over and over again.
Shen Qiqi’s ears are flushed and pink. This is her first love in two lives, and she seems to be at a loss.
Jun Yang slightly released some of her and looked at her carefully. Shen Qiqi’s face turned red. Jun Yang held her in one hand and held her up in the other.
Her face was red and her lips were slightly parted, as if she had invited him to taste it.
Junyang’ s heart was unmoved and covered the long-awaited place.
I just pecked lightly, and none of them seemed to tease like temptation.
Later, such a little taste could no longer satisfy him. He slipped into her mouth with the tip of his tongue and took her to the sensory feast.
Where can Shen Qiqi stand it? He collapsed from the first time he kissed her. He was full of masculinity. Her hand climbed his neck involuntarily, and the whole person clung to him tightly.
Xu Jiujun just left her lips and pressed her face into his arms, and the whole person was still panting.
Shen Qiqi relies on his body and face against his chest, and he can still hear his thunderous heartbeat.
Junyang is in a good mood, and the whole person is in high spirits after being satisfied.