"Yes, sir. What is this?" Muhuan also pretended to be puzzled.

Changfeng Yu is a heavy face. I never thought that thyme would say such a thing.
"Everyone knows that Yelan is much weaker than Xueman than Xilin and Khmer. Who will support a royal family who can’t tell when it will be wiped out at this time?" Bai Li Mo Xu Guan explained, "Besides, although the night haze and the snow man are both weak, the night haze has just combined Xilin to destroy Wuxia and defeated the snow man, which gives people a little stronger feeling than the snow man. What’s more, I heard that the night haze was only fourteen years old when the vision came down, and suddenly there was a big increase in reading Wang Yexiu. No one knows what happened in this. Presumably, the aristocratic families will keep a wait-and-see attitude towards the night haze, but I’m afraid they will just abandon the snow man!"
"Miss Qiu and her business partner are private confidants. Since Yu Gong is so awake today, you also think that the girl should consider Yu Gong’s suggestion that the so-called Junjie Girl Fire Xuan Army must choose a good wood to live in."
Thyme devoted to the heat here deliberately pretended not to see Changfeng Yu and Changfeng Muyu’s face turned black. After staring at Muhuan, he was full of confidence. "If the girl doesn’t like you, the situation is not good at this time. It is best not to curry favor with the royal family. If the girl has a heart, it is necessary to join hands with Xilin and Khmer to choose one of the best. Don’t choose the declining royal family like Xueman."
"Sir is too look down upon the snow diffuse? !” Changfeng dusk rain when I heard that I couldn’t help but be angry. "Snow Man has just lost the battle, but the camel is thinner than Martha. How can a night haze be better than snow Man? Besides, isn’t Xue Man going to marry Khmer? How did Mr. Wang know that Khmer would not help Sherman? If the night haze and the snow are at war, who will win or lose? "
MuHuan a pair of all ears in the heart secretly funny this Mr. Nine is belly black know Changfeng Yu and Changfeng MuYu identity also know Changfeng Yu said that words just want to woo himself, but he insisted on pretending to be what also don’t know what kind of words make Changfeng Yu and Changfeng MuYu feel uncomfortable. It’s reasonable to let people find nothing wrong with it. Chapter 300 Maintenance Sir!
"This wall is made of stone. It must have left a small gap so that gas can flow in. Otherwise, don’t say it’s normal breathing. It’s impossible to light a candle." Muhuan saw that the flame of the candle was shaking, but he also determined that he guessed that it must be the direction of gas behind this wall
Moreover, his jade beds are placed close to the wall, and this jade bed just keeps a little distance from the wall, so a person who is not fat or thin can walk over.
It doesn’t really matter to Mu Huan whether the ai ancestral tomb is behind the wall. Where there is energy, there must be an exit. She is not interested in finding the weapon, and she has never thought about waking up these zombies and ghosts. She is bent on getting out of here and finding an exit.
"If there is a tomb behind this wall, there must be a hint from this wall. Let’s look again!" Thyme devoted to Xin has clearly seen the hope, and her eyes lit up, and she searched the wall inch by inch in the direction indicated by the arrow. She also looked at him and saw that the expressions of the master and servant were both excited and nervous.
Compared with Aho and Sogeum, many of them are relatively calm. They are accompanied by Muhuan and are forced to pull people. If they are not worried that the unknown opportunities will be completely ruined here, they will bury themselves forever. Maybe they would have been angry with Fire Xuan and Nini. Now that they are close to the tomb, let Changfeng Muyu find it for himself.
"Is this it? !” After repeatedly looking at the wall twice, Bai Li Mo Xin pointed to a certain place and said, "It seems that there is no difference between here and other places, but I always feel that it is more sunken than other places. It seems that I can cover my hand."
"You mean here is the tomb machine? !” Changfeng dusk rain sounds a little trembling.
"Qiu girl, do you want to also have a look? !” Li Mo Xin looked back at Muhuan and wondered if he thought it would be more sure for Muhuan to confirm for a while.
"No need, Mo Gong and the main palace think it is, so it must be." Muhuan smiled and shook her head. She had just communicated with Baili Mo Xu, but when she couldn’t find the entrance, she forcibly pushed down the wall and entered the tomb to find the way out. Did Baili Mo Xin and Changfeng Muyu find it right for her? Of course, these two people are crazy, and they will be very careful to get the military code. How can they easily leave their lives here?
"Why don’t we look at other walls? !” After all, Bai Li Mo Xin came out cautiously, took the candle from Huo Xuan’s hand, and ran to another wall to try it. The flame shaking was really not so bad, and then he came back and hesitated. A pair of long winds and rainy days nodded, "Come on!"
Yeah, I’ve come here. What if I don’t move forward? Maybe it’s death to gamble, maybe everything will be met, and hu, a hundred miles away, dares to gamble with his life.
Changfeng and Muyu reached out and carefully covered the sunken place, then added force to press and listen, and the wall automatically cracked slowly from here, and a gust of wind blew out from behind the wall.
"This is it!" Changfeng dusk rain eyes are straight in the sound with great joy stepped in first.
Muhuan and others followed the wall and closed it behind them. The tomb was not big, but there was nothing but a bed of cold jade. Of course, there was a man in his forties lying on the bed of cold jade, dressed in a white suit, with his eyes closed and his hands crossed on his chest.
"ai…… … face? !” The portrait of ai Zu, in which the wind and the rain are chattering, has naturally seen the sleeping man in front of her and the person in the portrait is obviously the same.
"He is holding something in his hand and seems to be holding something in his hand!" From entering this stone room, Li Mo Xin quickly swept around. For example, the root of the wall can’t hide anything, and it’s probably the ai ancestor.
"That seems to be!" Changfeng Sunset Rain looked down and looked up at Muhuan. "The palace didn’t lie to you, right? This should be ai Zumi’s imperial edict. There are many magical prescriptions here for the doctor. I believe Miss Qiu and Su Menzhu must be very interested."
"If there is really a elixir of immortality, it is estimated that many people will be interested, right? ! Isn’t this more attractive than the sky? " She didn’t say the last part of Muhuan’s lip corner, that is, wouldn’t it be better if she could get heaven and live forever? So she won’t believe that this long wind and rain will really give this doctor to herself.
"He should be a military symbol in his hand!" Thyme devoted to Xin also looked down at the moment and looked up after hearing what Muhuan said. "This military symbol is made of some black metal."
"Great, I finally found it!" Changfeng said the sunset rain will reach for it, but see MuHuan made an expression of eyes, and the fire Xuan hand reached out and decided that there would be no more movement.
"Qiu girl, what do you mean? !” The wind and the rain suddenly changed his face, and Bai Li Mo Xin also turned black. "Do you want this military symbol, too?"
"The girl is not interested in the sky!" Muhuan smiled and shook his head, fire Xuan proudly shook his tail and walked upright, one step away from Changfeng, Muyu and Baili Mo Xin, raised his paw and blew a sigh, which looked like warning and contempt.
"That you want to be so to the palace? !” I can hear some anger at the long wind and dusk rain. "Are you worried that the palace won’t give you this doctor? You can rest assured that the palace has always kept its word and will never break its word! "
"Really? !” MuHuan words with a hint of sarcasm "princess temple is really dare to say dare to do otherwise how could I be here today? But don’t worry, I’m not interested in your military symbol and I’m not interested in that doctor. I want to get out of here alive! "
"If you want me to get the military code, we can leave! Maybe you and I will wake up Yong Jun at this time? " Changfeng and Muyu quickly explained, "No, I won’t. It’s not time to wake them up yet. I’m here today to get this military symbol!"
"Princess Hall, should I say that you are too naive or that you are too naive?" Mu Huan’s sarcasm deepened. "I’ve always been a wise man in the Princess Hall, but now it seems that you are still not the ai ? ? ancestor in front of this military symbol!"
"What do you mean?" Changfeng dusk rain one leng thyme devoted to xin also leng.
"You can think about the ai ? ? ancestors must let Yong Jun guard his tomb? Must the military symbol be in the ai ancestral tomb? " Muhuan looked at the man lying on the cold jade bed, and he had to admire him in his heart.
"Because the Yong army is loyal to the ai ancestors, they will protect the ai ancestors." Changfeng and the rain frowned
"Because the Yong army is awakened by the call of the ai ancestor, the ai ancestor of the Yong army will wake up with the Yong army and win the sky together. Is that right, Miss Qiu?" Bai Li Mo Xin seems to have realized something.
"Yes, I think it’s not difficult for us to find the tomb along the way, but getting the military symbol to wake up the Yong army may also wake up the ai ancestor. At that time, can we still have a way? Is Yongjun listening to us or listening to this ai ancestor? " Here MuHuan eyes deep deep "will all this is the ai progenitor calculation? Does he want one of his descendants to come here because of greed and desire for heaven, so as to wake him up and make him reborn? !”
"impossible!" Changfeng dusk rain drink a "this is just your speculation! Ai Zu has died. How can he be awakened and reborn? "
"Princess Hall, you are so naive!" MuHuan don’t angry is laughing "since ai progenitor can’t rebirth that you those brave army is sleeping? Are you sure they’re still alive? Which mortal can live hundreds of years on this day? They’re already dead! Didn’t you just find out that although they look like living people, how can they be living without breathing or heartbeat? "