"You don’t fantasize." Chujun shook his head gently and glanced at the middle-aged man with disdain. "Look at what place this is. Have I ever wanted to live since I came here?"

"Here is" the middle-aged eyebrows a wrinkly twist a head to look around doubtfully. When I saw ChuJun’s black and white gas around his body, I suddenly drank a "ghost forbidden area? Do you want to? "
As he spoke, his eyes turned in horror and saw Chujun lying not far away with the already angry male body. His eyes finally showed despair.
"Don’t ~ ~ ~ ~ Don’t ~ ~ Don’t you want your own body furnace tripod to bring back the magic spirit here and help him cast the purple body?"
"Purple yuan body? Is this the woman who helped me forge my body? " Floating in the sky, Yang Ling suddenly became one leng. Mu Yi Qiao said that his body was very similar to Zi Yuan’s body, and things suddenly came to my mind.
He wondered that Chu Jun gently lifted his hair with his right hand and casually looked at the middle-aged man across the street as if he was very appreciative. "It seems that you are not stupid. Do you think I can let you get out of here alive today and let Xuanyuanhuang know about it?"
Suddenly, the middle-aged man was stunned for a long time before he took a deep breath. Youzi held a glimmer of fantasy and gently said, "Do you really want to do this?" Even if you succeed, you have to stay here forever and suffer from the corrosion of the devil’s spirit. Is it worthwhile for you to be so young and beautiful forever? "
"You don’t understand" ChuJun shook his head as deep as a pool with a little pity in his eyes. "How can you want him to be good without emotion? Even if I live in purgatory forever, it is also called"
The cold sound makes middle-aged people feel that death is coming, and their bodies can’t stop shaking. It is the desire for survival that supports him. He wants words to impress the beautiful woman before him. Seeing him, she took a deep breath and continued to persuade him.
"But you should know that if you experience the purple pole vitality after recasting your body, although you will repair it, your talent will be abnormal and you will practice very quickly. However, the purple pole vitality of his cast body comes from your body, so he has to enjoy heaven’s care and you have to bear great pain at the same time.
Every time he crosses a realm, you will grow a sharp thorn in the depths of your heart. Every time he learns a new kind of fighting skill, you will be melted by the spirit of the devil, and the fire of purgatory will be scorched. Even every time he is injured and healed, you will suffer from the pain of the sword and bone.
What’s more, his physical recovery ability is extremely strong, and he will recover quickly every time he is injured, but at the same time, everything here will condense into a spike in your body, and then slowly grow outward until it penetrates your body and your body surface forms spikes like hedgehogs.
Can’t you really stand it if you can’t get rid of such pain and edge like maggots? "
The middle-aged man slowly narrated that the pain alone had made him pale and his body trembled even more involuntarily.
Chujun listened calmly and didn’t speak again. He quietly looked at the slender body of the man lying next to him. He moved his affectionate eyes as if he had never had a chance to look again after watching this time. He wanted to take this last time to accompany him through the torture with his deep appearance and deep soul.
It was not until the middle-aged man’s body was getting soft and scared by his own narrative pain that she gently lifted her green middle finger and stretched out a ray of blue light to shoot out and instantly hit the middle-aged man into a pool of blood fog.
Then there is no hesitation, no choice.
"Gods and demons, I borrow your vitality with my blood."
Blood is like red coral beads slipping gently from the jade arm. Scarlet is dazzling. The black and white fog around her body immediately surges up as if she had come back to life. At the same time, her perfect body skin seems to have encountered some kind of intense corrosion, which makes it dark and bumpy.
"nine days and ten places are blessed by ghosts and gods."
The distant sound continues slowly, and a faint purple light slowly emerges, condenses and grows at the intersection of black and white fog above Chu Yun’s head.
Finally, Chu Yun’s beautiful face has become ghostly and plump, and her body has become skinny and covered with small black holes. However, her ferocious face is full of smiles because the purple light above her head has formed.
At this time, the blood fog of middle-aged people’s bodies actually flowed slowly and merged together as if they had life.
Chujun’s smile turned into consternation for a long time before his eyes glared angrily at the red blood fog and shouted, "How mean you are, XuanYuanHuang, that you belong to a kind of soul tracking technique, and you can control their flesh and blood at any time, but can you kill me with your busy power?"
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ I can’t kill you, but I can still stop you from resurrecting him." Yin measuring sound came from the blood fog and didn’t care about Chujun’s shouting. At the same time, the blood fog finally condensed into a red ball and slowly drifted away from Chujun.
"I won’t let you destroy his resurrection when I die."
Crazy thunder burst out from the chest ChuJun suddenly grind one mouthful blood poured out and sprayed to the little purple air mass above her head, and at the same time the air mass seemed to be injected with exciting drugs, and then quickly flew to the body next to it after a hovering.
It’s a pity that XuanYuanHuang busy seems to have long expected ChuJun to do so. Generally, it was originally to attack ChuJun’s body with red blood cells, but it turned a direction to attack the purple air mass.
"jump ~ ~ ~"
It’s like a silk crack.
Magic gas casting can seize the nature of heaven and earth, purple vitality, and how can you simply touch the red blood cells lightly, like a phantom, and gently break away the trace? But Chu Yun’s face is not happy because of this, and there is only one thing left in his body, but his eyes are full of despair.
Because of the collision, the purple pole’s vitality has deviated from the direction, no longer falling to the ground, but drifting to the middle without any effort.
This ~ ~? Yanglingtian Huo Ran a surprised eyebrows wrinkled up at the same time.
Did my soul happen to meet the purple pole here at that time and be reborn and cast the purple pole body? But as a matter of common sense, casting such a body should be combined with special practice, and that Chu Jun’s mind is just the man in the resurrection. I took his purple vitality, and she should hate me. How can she help me melt the body again?
Doubts rolled in my mind, but it was a pity that the sky didn’t give him a chance to continue to understand. At that moment, the purple air mass floated, and a heart-rending pain suddenly came as if my body shape was torn, broken and then aggregated.
I don’t know how many times I have experienced reincarnation. When his pain disappeared and he opened his eyes again, Chu Yun, Zi Ji’s vitality condensed the air mass, and even the black and white fog that permeated around him had disappeared into his eyes. Chapter 75 The origin of Yuan Shen (in the middle)
For Yanglingtian, the dream of tangible things is too short, and it is long and dark in a blink of an eye, but it is hard for the elder and Stuart skyshatter to wait.
It’s hard to wait outside the cave until the ghost gas is no longer violent, and the Shimen slowly opens the cave to wait for them. However, Mu Yiqiao went into a coma after just a few words of explanation, and then it was followed by a long wait-Mu Yiqiao was unconscious, Yangling Tianhao reacted with a faint ghost gas and continued to convey some confidence to Yangling Tianshen.
Time flies like an elusive cloud drifting away gently.
I don’t know how long Yangling stayed in the dark, but the black-and-white and dichromatic spirit around it was transformed into wisps of silk thread and quietly injected into that slender body. As time went by, I don’t know whether the spirit of other gods and demons had reached a limit. The breath around it seemed to swell up with his breathing, as if there was a slight wave in the sea. lang was gentle, full of ripples and irresistible.
In the darkness, the boy in white felt vaguely that there was a voice calling out to him. The audio-visual cry was deeply grieved, but it didn’t sound like Yanglingtian wanted to break through the darkness there.
But it’s as dark as ink, but it’s as dark as the earth. It’s unpredictable, but it can’t be waved away.