The funeral of the old south county king sensationalized the capital.

The streets are crowded with mourners, and courtiers set up road sacrifices everywhere, and a tent stretches for miles.
I accompanied Ling Mo and Xu Ying, a hundred officials, to help the spirit pivot all the way to the tomb of the first emperor, who gave the Nanjun Wang couple the honor of being buried in the tomb.
Bai Xihuang also set up a road sacrifice at Huangling Mountain.
He was dressed in white and looked at me in silence. Ling Mo and I left after returning the gift with indifference.
The funeral of the south county king lasted for a whole month, and our sadness gradually buried in our hearts.
Since the death of the king of Nanjun, Ling Mo has become a new king of Nanjun, and the political situation is turbulent. There are people everywhere speculating that the death of the king of Nanjun has caused the new king to take refuge.
Everyone knows that the struggle between the two parties has reached a fever pitch.
In the struggle, the Emperor’s Party has been weak recently, and many Empress Dowager Party forces have grown again.
Many courtiers on the sidelines moved closer to the empress dowager, putting their future on the empress dowager.
And that high-profile new south county k has gradually expressed his position.
I’m drying medicine in my garden and looking forward to another spring. I’m probably going to be displaced this Sunday.
I looked back and saw that Ling Mo was wearing an embroidered robe with heroic spirit, and her brow was full of sharpness.
He has become a man of his own. The boy has really grown up.
"How was today?"
"Sister, you can be ready to pack up. Today, I openly supported the queen mother to retake the tax revenue of three counties and provinces. The emperor flew into a rage and wanted to send me back to the southern fief. The queen mother also advised me to go back to the fief and hide my strength before returning to Beijing when the time is right."
I nodded. "It seems that the Queen Mother has believed that you have decided to support her. We can take the opportunity to get out of the maelstrom of Beijing and avoid being sandwiched between the two parties."
Ling Mo’s eyes showed hatred. "I will be her backup for the Queen Mother, and I will stab her in the back and let her be attacked between Scylla and Charybdis. When they both lose, it is time for our father to avenge the great cause of recovery."
"Sister, I don’t want you to be involved in this matter. The spiritual master is like that … I’m afraid you didn’t tell you about him when you saw his sadness." Ling Mo suddenly started spiritual practice.
"It doesn’t mean anything that I’ve seen the same face without Ling Mo. I heard that my grandfather has shipped the salary to Nanjun. It’s the most important thing for us to leave the capital. After all, it’s impossible for the emperor and the queen mother to raise horses for others. We have to rely on ourselves."
"Well, I really appreciate your contribution to the Wangs. Your grandfather is an ambitious man, but this time maybe he can get what he wants to revive your Wangs."
The Wangs? I don’t care whether it really rises or falls.
Six months after Ling Mo led the Confederate army to leave Beijing,
After years of confrontation between the two parties in Beijing, the final mask was finally torn.
Too much control over the situation in Beijing ordered the East Army to break into the palace and want to force the palace, but I didn’t expect Yulong Palace to go to the building already.
Bai Xihuang and his companions have quietly sneaked out of the palace.
A month later, the emperor appeared in the Western Army, claiming that his ministers had joined forces with the Queen Mother to rebel, and Julian Waghann vowed to return to Beijing to destroy the Queen Mother bandit party.
Since the war, there has been a lot of smoke everywhere in the state of Qin.
The Queen Mother’s Eastern Army and Northern Army are slightly stronger than Bai Xihuang’s Western Army.
Chapter 30 Let life slip past you (finale)
Chapter 30 Let life slip past you (finale)
But after all, the queen mother is not justified.
Bai Xihuang is also the leader of Xiaoyao Sect, who believes in many parishioners.
Many provinces and counties controlled by the Empress Dowager all over the country have experienced parishioners’ uprisings.
The queen mother’s worries about foreign forces have an advantage and are greatly reduced.
The two sides are evenly matched, and it is also a lose-lose field to fight again.
Even if someone wins in the end, it’s hard enough to clean up.
At this time, Ling Mo led the Confederate army to become the key.
"A letter from Empress Ling Mo?" I walked into the coach’s camp and saw Ling Mo frowning at the letter.
Ling Mo hummed, "This is her tenth letter. She is very dissatisfied with the fact that we have been wandering in the south to participate in small-scale parishioners’ repression, and asked me to go north immediately to fight for her against Bai Xihuang."
I laughed. "She wants to be beautiful. Now she’s besieged on all sides, and she dares to give you such a commanding tone. We’re not going to be targets for her in vain."
Ling Mo’s cultivation of the spirit "Lord, although the situation is chaotic and controversial, it is also a good opportunity to be born. We have been waiting for a long time. If the Queen Mother and Bai Xihuang lose both sides, I’m afraid they won’t allow us to reap the profits. We must join the first world war."
I’ve been watching the soldier’s spiritual practice, looking up and squinting out of the window
At this time, it is already spring flowers, and a large area of mountain red is planted on the hillside outside.
Bright and full of life
I think spiritual practice is these spring flowers.