New people appear

! Ice sunrise looked at Mu Chuner’s back and then looked at Li Shengze’s eyes. Suddenly, Ice sunrise found that Ze and that person seemed as if Ze was no longer cold. The eyes were exactly the same as his, but he had died of me. It must not be him! Bing Xi repeatedly told himself that he was dead and then his mood gradually calmed down. But Bing Xi was afraid to go to Ze Wang again. His eyes were afraid that he would take him as he would expose the truest self in front of him. The rain outside the window "snapped-"touched everyone’s heart "I want to transfer!" A boy with brown eyes and beige hair said to a middle-aged man in his thirties and forties, "Where to go?" This middle-aged man is Bingxi’s father-Huangfu is addicted to "Er, it’s Xiaoxier School!" The boy who looks more demon than the girl pouted and said, "No", and Huangfu replied, "What? I can protect Xiaoxier at least!" Boys are unyielding. When it comes to honey chestnut hair shining in the light sunshine, there is a layer of light water mist in brown eyes, which makes people pity. Bing Xi is the world’s biggest killer and needs your protection. B Khan! Huangfu indulged in thinking, but at the sight of the boy’s eyes, Huangfu indulged in weakness. "Okay, okay, I promise you!" " “yes!” That boy quickly changed his face like a face, and his expression was very happy. It’s a bit of an illusion. Were the poor man and the man in front of him just now two people? Watching the boy suspection.i addicted to nai smiled and hope you can accompany the sunrise son side "wow! Finally, I can go to school with Xiaoxier for a while and see Xiaoxier every day! "So-and-so boy is immersed in fantasy, and we don’t even know what’s happening, but a troublemaker is coming to her! N_n Haha ~ One day at noon, it was Bing Xi’s "nightmare". Although Bing Xi is the world’s number one killer, she is most afraid of us Xiaoye and a certain mischievous man! "ah! -,"ice the sunrise let out a scream how to return a responsibility? What’s going on? It turned out that a boy came to the classroom at 3 o’clock in the afternoon (at this time, it was self-study). "Hello everyone, I just transferred to this class." Before the class was finished, the girl gave a cheer, and her eyes were full of hearts. #184; ap; #184; "Shh-"The girl put the sound away after the boy made a move. "My name is Feng Yue Xuan" That boy is not Xuan Xuan and smiled at all the girls. All the girls have nosebleeds, and they want to be in the same class as me. That’s right. Where’s Xiaoxier? In this way, the porch came to the ice sunrise. At this time, the ice sunrise was still playing chess with Duke Zhou. Li Shengze looked at the porch coming to the ice sunrise and frowned. What does this person have with the ice sunrise? No matter who you are, I won’t let you take the ice sunrise! "Hey, hey," Xuan smiled "insidiously" twice, so she reached out and squeezed the ice sunrise nose. Ice sunrise was angry and opened her eyes. You know what she hated most was that others disturbed her sleep! She raised her hand and just wanted to hit someone, but the first thing she saw was Feng Yuexuan, the owner of a face that was more beautiful than a girl’s face. So she had a scene just now. When she saw this moving face, her face turned green and she clenched her fist while holding back her anger. Yu hurriedly told him not to be impulsive. At this time, Ze regained her calm. "You, you, how did you come here?" Ice the sunrise unbelievable to say"Little sunrise, hey hey, of course, I’m here to see you." Listen to Feng Yue Xuan’s cow’s head and the horse’s mouth. The ice sunrise can’t help but reveal three black lines. "Then you take your time and I’ll go out first." Ice sunrise hurriedly said that he just wanted to go out and was shaken by Xuan. "Don’t little sunrise, where are you going? I’m going too! " Ice sunrise thought how still so clingy wow? ~~~~g; _l; ~ ~ ~ ~ Somebody help me, Dad. Why did you let him come? "I’m going to-w" Bing Xi roared-she didn’t want to be pestered by this person any more! Ze looked at the ice sunrise and squeezed her eyebrows tightly. I think the ice sunrise must not like that romantic porch. It’s okay! "Well, well, the little sunrise, hello, come back soon! I am waiting for you here! " Feng Yuexuan pouted and said, "Yeah!" Ice sunrise hurriedly point head like the wind ran out.
You’re not him.
"Mm-hmm!" Ice sunrise hurriedly nodded his head and ran out like the wind. The wind blew and kissed the ice sunrise’s pink cheeks. Ice sunrise blushed like a red tomato. The stone in her heart dropped a little and finally escaped. This porch was entangled by him. Er, it’s the same as lobular. Forget it. I’d better sleep first. Just do it. Ice sunrise "sou" jumped into a tree and lay in a leisurely sleep. In a daze, it seemed that there was an porch. Ice sunrise was surprised, but the horse opened its eyes at the moment. But this person is not Xuan. Is it our ze? ! "And you are?" Bing Xi hasn’t woken up from his dream yet, squinting carefully at the person in front of him. He didn’t answer seriously. Bing Xi’s eyes showed that he had never been gentle and spoiled. Bing Xi also looked at Ze. She regarded Ze as the death valley when he was a child, and this kind of eyes seemed to look at his most precious thing, but Bing Xi never smiled when he was away from himself that day. She wanted to leave her smile to him forever because when he was lying in his arms, Bing Xi said, "Bing Xi’s smile is the most beautiful!" That handsome little one sticks to himself all day, and the bad little one always comforts himself when he has nightmares. "Is that you?" Is it really you? " Ice sunrise never shed tears in front of outsiders when she threw herself into Ze’s arms. Ice sunrise cried in front of him for the first time. "What are you leaving? You know, I have suffered a lot since you left, and no one has ever made me laugh." Looking at her arms, I cried. Ice sunrise Ze’s eyes were so sad-who is he? Is the sunrise heart has been occupied by another person? Ze’s hand was neither stretched out nor hesitated when Bing Xi suddenly broke free from Ze’s arms and walked to a place one meter away from Ze, then bowed his head and looked at Bing Xi gently. "Are you Li Shengze?"Bing Xi said without emotion, "Yes, I am Li Shengze." Ze looked at Bing Xi. "Why are you here?" Ice sunrise coldly asked her if she didn’t want others to see her tears. Only in this way can she pretend that her heart was hurt. "I’ll look at you." Ze changed to a cold tone, gentle and magnetic, and said that ice sunrise didn’t want to talk to himself. He turned around and slowly walked out of the college, looking at the lonely figure of ice sunrise. Ze remembered Shinohara, and his heart tightened. There was a voice in his heart saying, "Don’t you like Shinohara sunrise? How can you go after other girls again! " But I am always thinking about the ice. When I hear her news, my heart can’t beat slightly. Seeing the ice sunrise sad, my heart will also ache with her; There will be a strong sense of loss when I hear "he" in Bingxi’s mouth. It’s all because of Bingxi. "Do I really like Bingxi?" On this night, Ze was lying in bed, and trouble sleeping Bingxi stayed up all night because she couldn’t figure out why she would regard Li Shengze as he would jump into Li Shengze’s arms and cry. Where has Mu Chuner been these days? Strange? Hey, hey, she must not be doing good deeds. She wants to plan again by retaliating against Bingxi. She also tried to find a way to end Mulong’s bed rest these days. surpris was so big that he was scared to death. What about Guan Cheyu and Qian Xiaoye? Did the United States "meet"? Hey, hey, this is all planned by that official Chuyu! Chuyu, did you write it? Whatever! Whatever. I wouldn’t be too lazy to write a class if you weren’t bullying me!—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— What makes Bing Xi "afraid"?
After hitting her again, Li Shengze was very upset. She didn’t go to school to think about her plans at home these days, but she didn’t come up with a "better" way to "treat" Bing Xi. She was lying on the bed, hoping to come up with some ways. When the "tick-tock" sounded, it was dusk. Mu Chuner was very upset. She walked out of her bedroom and walked towards Mulong Room. "Dad ~" Mu Chuner looked at the window and her father’s tears flowed down her cheeks. Dad, that Huang Bingxi is not a person at all. She, she actually took Ze Woo ~ ""My dear daughter, don’t cry, don’t cry. Ze didn’t have a good time with you a few days ago. "Mulong wiped Mu Chuner’s tears and said viciously," Huang Bingxi, a jian, dared to take my baby daughter’s boyfriend again. If she wasn’t the richest man, I would have abandoned her! " "Yeah, yeah, dad, I’m not reconciled. No, I have to come back!" Mu Chuner said, "But her family is very rich. We can’t do anything about her!" Mulong is a bit difficult. "Dad, her family has money, and so does ours, but it’s less than her! To "longed for alcohol MuLong ear murmured a few words MuLong then revealed a sinister smile" well I must HuangFuBingXi pay the price! Haha! "Mulong laughed at the fact that the ice sunrise had bathed that night, and the bangs were not dry yet. Drops of water dripped from the eyes. At night, the stars and moonlight sprinkled the whole grassland. The ice sunrise jumped from the balcony to the ground. The ice sunrise lay on the grass, and all her thoughts were looking at the shining stars in the sky. The ice sunrise couldn’t help but tremble and recall the past. That night, the original happy family was forcibly separated, but his mother and sister died at his hands. But he not only did not regret it, but also killed me. I said that I would come back one day and let you pay the blood price. And If so, then what happened to him? I saw the tired and tired ice, sighed and rolled over with a sigh. I wanted to stop indulging in it affectionately, but the boat didn’t have an iron anchor. I want to go back and relive my old dreams, but there is no reason to return home behind me. The pendulum has never stopped for a moment. When the dagger pierces my mother’s heart, everything has already been decided. When my sister smiles and looks at me, the mission in my heart has already taken root. The mission has given us the ability to keep bumping in the turbulent tide. Since he was cold at that time, don’t blame me now. On the one hand, I think that the ice sunrise’s face is already very gloomy. "The strength of Wang’s black charm is getting stronger and stronger. If we don’t attack, then we will be A man in black said "hmm" to a handsome boy who was very cold. The boy replied, "Help the Lord, shall we strike first?" Men in black continue to ask "grace" or a nasal voice ———————————————————————————————————————— "black charm"? Isn’t it the ice sunrise gang? Who wants to attack her?What is Mu Chuner’s plot? Will she really succeed? Can bing Xi handle it? Please look forward to a wonderful one!
Ah, why you?
Ah, it’s you! "Master, someone has attacked us. Now many of our brothers are injured!" S always has a cold tone with some anxiety, "Yeah, I know I’m coming." Bing Xi always has a calm face and a little unhappiness … After 1 minute, Bing Xi rushed to the incident site-"Dark City Bar" (for details, please see "Introduction to Dark City Bar" in "Cold Princess Purple Eyes and Ice Love"). At this time, the Dark City Bar was silent and a handsome man with a black mask was cool. S ran to the ice sunrise and said, "Wang, he’s a’ ghost-releasing gang’" "ghost-releasing gang? Oh, "Ice Sunrise understands that this man is the second largest gangster in the world-Li Shengze, the ghost-releasing gang leader? "Are you the Black Ghost Master?" Li Shengze stood up with a provocative look. Bing Xi didn’t answer. He looked at Li Shengze quietly. "What’s your name?" Ze looked at the ice sunrise and then spit out six words, or silence … Ze has a kind of joy in his heart. How do she look like the ice sunrise? Is she the ice sunrise? Ze’s eyes became tender. When Bing Xi was looked confused, Ze suddenly reached out and took off the mask of Bing Xi. "Ah, it’s really you!" Zeyin was a little incredulous and excited because he was finally sure that Bingxi was the girl who had missed him for many years and made him pay for his life! "Hey!"Ze looked at the ice sunrise and gently said that the ice sunrise was another leng. Her nickname had her own dead mother, sister and that heinous man knew how Li Shengze knew! ? Yeah, and he knows! Don’t … Don’t Li Shengze is him? "Are you the boy in Death Valley?" Ice sunrise unbelievable "yes, I am the boy! Bingxi, I’ve been looking for you again for years! " "Is it really you? ~~~~g; _l; ~ ~ ~ ~ But when I saw you … you were dead! " "No, I was rescued by the housekeeper at that time." "But do you know how sad I was during that time! Bad guys! " Ice sunrise hand has been beating Li Shengze chest ze looked at the ice sunrise lovingly and then put the ice sunrise into his arms "I’m sorry, sunrise, I didn’t mean to, and I swear I will always be by your side! ""yeah! " Ice sunrise shows a rare smile for a hundred years! ————————————————————————
Meihao happy time
Since the incident in the "Dark City" bar, the relationship between Bingxi and Ze has rapidly warmed up, and Bingxi has gradually changed, becoming no longer cold and no longer silent (telling familiar people that others are in a good mood can’t look good); Ze is even more uncharacteristic-the former cold king disappeared and became a gentle Wang Mujia who would have a great reaction when he heard the word "Bing Xi"-"Dad, are you better?" Mu Chuner looked at Mu Long and asked, "I’m already well. You haven’t been to class for several days!" Mu Long took Mu Chun’s hand and said, "Well," Mu Chun paused. Don’t I want to go? It’s not that Huangfubingxi! Mu Chuner thought to himself, "How is the preparation for Dad?" Mu Chuner changed the subject. "Oh, good, good, everything is ready." Mulong smiled insidiously. "Hehe ~" Mu Chuner also laughed at Huangfu’s house-"Dad, I’m back!" Ice sunrise said excitedly, "The sunrise is back! Hehe, Yuexuan, come out quickly! " Huangfu said with a smile, "Dad, Dad, you just called" Bing Xi’s purple eyes flashed a little panic, "Xiaoxier, I’m coming, hehe ~" Feng Yuexuan ran to Bing Xi like a gust of wind and just wanted to have a bear hug with Bing Xi-Bearhug, but hehe was blocked by Bing Xi’s back. "Who are you?" Yue Xuan was startled by the sudden appearance of Ze, but the horse returned to calm. "Oh, you must be Xiaoxier’s bodyguard, right! Come on, I want to hold Xiaoxier, not you! " Looking at this handsome man who looks like a monkey in front of him, he is not to be outdone. "What about this little monkey, Mr. Xi Xi? He is not a bodyguard." "No bodyguard. What is that?"Romantic Xuan pouted and asked, "I’m her boyfriend." Ze smiled and said, "Ah! ! !” Feng Yue Xuan shouted and then pushed Ze Bing in front of the sunrise with a pathetic look and asked, "Xiao Xi Er Wu ~ How can you have a boyfriend? Wu Xiao Xuan Xuan, I will be very sad ~ ~" Huangfu addiction was also shocked. Didn’t the ice sunrise go to revenge? Why did you bring back a boyfriend? Looking at Feng Yue Xuan Bing Xi in front of her eyes, she said, "Feng Yue Xuan is good, don’t pretend." "Hehe, why hasn’t Xiao Xi’s eyesight changed for so many years!" Just now, I looked pathetic, and now I have changed my face into a smirk! "Bing Xi, he is ~" Huangfu took a meaningful look at Li Shengze. "Oh, Dad, he is Li Shengze’s classmate." Bing Xi replied, "Not uncle, I am a classmate and boyfriend of Xi Er!" Zema added! "Are you? Bingxi? Ha ha ~ "suspection.i addicted to laughing, the original ice sunrise also have a favorite person! Before Bing Xi answered Ze, he said, "Yes, yes!" "Hey Li Shengze, who said you were my boyfriend!" Bing Xi asked, "Tell me!" Ze smiled and replied, "You". The ice sunrise hurriedly ran to Ze. Of course, it ran away. In this way, a man and a woman were chasing each other in a room of several hundred square meters, and they were addicted to watching their mouths smile deeper. Romantic Xuan also smiled at the ice sunrise, feeling happy now ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————.
Cold princess accident! !
Good times are always short-lived, like the wind and snow. Yesterday, Bing Xi and Ze Huangfu were addicted to living at home for a day, and they were going to get up and go back to Yin Yi Royal College. But they didn’t know how many difficulties were waiting for them, but everyone knew that our heroes and heroines would definitely cut through difficulties! As soon as Bing Xi entered the school today, she heard a lot of gossip-"I heard that Mu Chuner will come back today!" Jane doe said while making up, "Mu Chun Er? She’s back? So what? " Another woman said casually, "She likes King Ze! But Zewang likes Princess Xi! " Jane doe patted another woman on the shoulder and said, "You know, that alcoholic’s family is also one of the top five in the world! Her strength can’t be underestimated! " "Well but the sunrise princess home is the richest man in the world! Can she compare with Princess Xi? " Another woman backed the ice sunrise "but don’t forget that when you were in school, King Ze was also unusual for Mu Chun’s son! Princess Xi seems to have a strong enemy! " Jane doe smiled and said, Who wants someone to be better than himself? But also a stunning beauty. These women can’t wait for the ice sunrise and Mu Chuner to be destroyed and then take advantage of them! Listening to these gossips, Bing Xi smiled and walked to the principal’s office. "Hehe, you’ve done your best as a principal." Bing Xi secretly thought "Bang-"and the principal’s office door was kicked off. "Who!" The headmaster patted the table and asked angrily, "It’s me" when he was about to kick the doorman away. Bing Xi resumed his cold tone to those people. "Oh, it’s Miss Huangfu. What can I do for you?" After seeing the visitor, the headmaster changed his smile in a flash and then kowtowed and asked, "I’m here today to let you-"Bing Xi paused for a moment, then looked at the headmaster with a chill in his eyes. The headmaster shrank for a moment and then asked with some trembling, "What, what, what?" "Hum" Bing Xi sneered and said, "I came to ask you to hand over the position of principal." "Ah what?" The headmaster looked incredulous. "I don’t want to say that you are no longer the headmaster of Yin Yi today. Now you can get out." Bing Xi sat on the sofa and slowly spit out this sentence. "If you don’t leave, I’m fine." "Miss Huangfu, can Princess Xi let me?" Before the headmaster finished speaking, Bing Xi said, "No, you can’t leave now. Don’t regret it!" "Okay, I’ll go, but I’m begging you so much. If you’re still so heartless, I’ll make you pay!" The headmaster said this when he ran out of the office, huh? Pay the price? Come and try if you have something! Ice Sunrise thought about "sunrise, sunrise-"Sitting on the sofa, Ice Sunrise heard someone calling his name, so he got up and got ready to go out and see Ze. When he entered the school gate, he heard the women talking. He was afraid that Ice Sunrise would misunderstand the bag and didn’t put it away. He asked people everywhere. As a result, he learned from the mouths of little boys that Ice Sunrise’s principal, Shi Zema, rushed to the door of the principal’s office and was bent on thinking about the sunrise. You mustn’t think about it. I have nothing to do with that person! Where’s the ice sunrise? He just came out of the principal’s office. Why didn’t he look at anything and ran to the principal’s office? "Hmm ~" What is it that the ice sunrise lips seem to touch a soft thing? Ice sunrise wondered why Ze didn’t know what his lips were. Two people opened their eyes to find that they were kissing! "ah!"Or did the ice sunrise react first? Her horse pushed Ze’s face and never flushed. Immersed in sweetness, Zhongze was just awakened by the sound of the ice sunrise and then giggled inexplicably. "The sunrise, uh-huh ~" "What are you laughing at! This, this, "Bing Xi ran away before he finished, and there was a sound behind him," Ah Xi Er, don’t run away! " ————————————————————————————————————————
Cold princess plot to move (1
"Ice sunrise, please forgive me!" Ze lowered his head like a child who had done something wrong.
Ice sunrise didn’t speak, but in my heart, I smiled and hummed. Who told you to provoke me and dare to steal me? When I thought of what happened just now, Ice sunrise blushed again.
Ze saw that Bing Xi didn’t answer Bing Xi, and he was still angry. He was anxious and quickly said, "I didn’t mean to kiss you, but it was an accident!"
On hearing the word "kiss", the ice sunrise seemed to wake up from a rude awakening. The horse covered his mouth and said, "Li Shengze, I’ll tell you if you dare to use that word again." Ze listened to nodding.
See ze move after the ice the sunrise to safely put his hand back to ze eyes.
These are a pair of eyes that concentrate intently. There seems to be something hidden deep in those beautiful phoenix eyes and round eyes that can reflect such attractive light as crystal clear as a raven gem in water. As dazzling as a pearl shining in the night, it is so black that it seems to cover all the dark colors in the world; It is so bright that it can reflect the light of everything in human beings, but it is not easy to perceive its black color. It is a jade texture, the center of which is a little bit deepest, and the slender and dense eyelashes around it occasionally project it like a microwave, and the water surface hangs slender and soft catkins.
Is Bingxi confused when he sees Shenze? Is there something strange on my face?
Ze hand ice the sunrise before the pendulum.
"Why?" Ice sunrise dissatisfied with the question
"Little sunrise, are you fascinated? I know I’m handsome, but Xiaoxier, you don’t stare at me very much! " Ze endure smile said
"Who, who see you!" Ice sunrise hide his expression.
"Yo yo, you see your face will turn into a monkey’s ass if you lie again! Ha ha! ! Ah ~ "Before Ze finished speaking, the ice sunrise kicked Ze in pain and called" abut-"
"Hum, you say it again!" Ice the sunrise looked at ze said angrily
Just as Bing Xi and Ze were quarrelling, a sound interrupted them-SundayisGly.
Sunday is gloomy.
My time is not quiet.
Dear (you), I have few homophones.
Little white flowers will wake you up forever
You’ve arrived in the country you’re going to by a dark horse with melancholy and sadness.