"And even if you get the medicine, you should show it to me first. You don’t know how to treat her again and again. Isn’t that just thinking about hurting people?"

Zhang Shuo is always a blabbermouth. He can say whatever he wants. People are angry now, and there is not a good word.
Neon spirit felt that every word of those words was like a knife stabbing in her heart.
Stabbed her bloody and painful.
Thinking about hurting people?
Neon spirit wry smile slightly suddenly don’t want to talk to him here.
Silently turned around and she walked towards the door again.
The man behind him stopped coldly. "Don’t bother her now!"
Neon spirit eyes light quiver quiver feet didn’t stop.
"I am going out for a walk!"
It’s chilly in spring, and the night wind is very cold, just like a knife.
Neon spirit walked slowly with her arms around her.
Walking barefoot on the cold ground, especially after the rain, it was wet and slippery, and the cold went straight from the foot to the body. She looked up at the boundless night and was confused.
Sister, what should I do?
A red in the sweet suddenly rushed from the belly to the throat, opened her mouth, spat at the fountain of blood, and stumbled. She hurriedly held the wall around her and gasped and slipped slowly …
After the emperor entered the palace gate, he went to another palace instead of Huilong Yin Palace.
"I was going to live in this purple jade palace for you, but I didn’t expect that happened that day."
Slightly squinting at the door plaque devoted to thousands of feathers said
The night left without saying anything.
This is the first time this man remembers that day tonight.
Maybe he needs her to give him an explanation
But she doesn’t know where to start, and she doesn’t want to explain.
Fortunately, devoted to thousands of feathers didn’t stay too long on this issue. I saw her holding her hand and taking her into it silently without saying anything or demanding.
In this way, he made the night away feel strange and made her feel at ease.
She is still used to him being a high-flying gesture, emperor, monarch and minister.
For example, punishing her, threatening her, and making a deal with her.
This kind of love and bag does not belong to him, and it never belongs to him.
When the maids and eunuchs were taken to the temple by Huo An, they left their skirts at night and knelt down.
"Today, thanks to the help of the emperor, I am grateful to the emperor for leaving at night. If you have any orders, please say that you will go through fire and water at night!"
At that moment, she saw that the emperor was still warm and his face was instantly cold.
Phoenix eyes deeply cool color is obvious.
Seems to be back to that she is most familiar with devoted to thousands of feathers.
Night away pulls the lip angle.
Yeah, that’s who he really is.
He clung to her.
She waited for him to make a deal
long time
"The night is already deep, you should rest early."
Lost such a devoted thousand feathers and left Ziying Palace.
Stay at night and kneel alone for a long time without coming to my mind.
I don’t know what he means, but I try to think about it.
Too many things happened at night, and now her mind is a mess.
Don’t think about anything, don’t want to do anything, just want to sleep.
The ladies-in-waiting all prepared hot water, and she didn’t even wash her hands and fell straight to the bed.
Devoted to thousands of feathers suddenly appeared on the edge of the bed, which startled her.
Why are you back?
She hurriedly got up and wanted to salute the bed, but she was held down by a strange thousand feather hands.