His brother just greeted him-he was so disrespectful to return the compliment. Jun Chen said that he deserved a generation of hard work, which was really irritating!

"Aye, three lords, don’t fire. I often add roses and peonies to Junshan Yinzhen tea, which has just made tea. I think you can’t be more comfortable at this moment." Nangong Yi smiled and gave them a cup of tea before slowly opening his eyes.
"I know that the Nangong family is rich, but I don’t want the Nangong master to be such a gentle person. Jin Xuan has seen it today." A beautiful woman rang behind Jun Chen.
This reminds Nangong of the fact that no one has heard the charm of this female voice first, and the eyebrows are curved and tender when laughing, just like a hibiscus flower in the morning mist
"Clear water leaves hibiscus to be carved naturally" is not enough to shape the face of this woman in front of her. She is dressed in a plain white skirt, and her eyes are like a clear water with a clear air.
This extraordinary female beauty is not like people saying that she is a heavenly girl, but the Nangong Yi can’t help but look at her eyes. Jiang Jinxuan also happens to look at him. In an instant, a stream seems to be all over him, and he can’t help but slightly hook his lips.
It’s not that the mall smiles on purpose, nor that he always smiles, but that he smiles from the heart.
Only such a light, beautiful and soul-stirring woman can make him feel a little throbbing and calm, and Bo Xin Lake actually swings in circles.
After greeting the Nangong, I asked everyone to sit down, which fully showed that the etiquette of his host’s hospitality was not worse than that of the palace.
The Nangong family are also well-trained to walk without a sound, and they all went back quietly when they learned that the Lord was interested.
Nangong Yi is still so coquettish, shaking his folding fan and looking at Jun Chen. "Why don’t the Dagong go to the Three Treasures Hall and say it’s happening again today?"
"If the state treasury is empty, I won’t talk about it. If it is next to it, I am interested in listening."
"Bah! My master will borrow money from you. Dream on! " Feng Ling tucao expressed disdain.
Jiang Jinxuan frowned and looked at Feng Ling. Ling Yan was smart enough to kick Glide in the low voice. "Master, you can interrupt! Give it to me! "
Mu Junze held his forehead and Jun Chen drank tea for a long time but finally said, "Have you seen Lin Yu recently?"
So this is it!
Nangong Yi fanned and laughed. "I haven’t seen you, but I think I’ll see you soon."
Mu Junze "Today? What a coincidence? "
Even Jiang Jinxuan was surprised to ask, "Did Master Nangong arrange it long ago?"
Jun Chen’s mouth moved and stared at the Nangong Yi’s fine eyes to know what he was thinking.
The nangongshan recalled Jiang Jinxuan asking her not to be so happy!
But he didn’t show it at all. He knocked on the fan and said, "I think it’s a muxiu day. I don’t want to go to work. I haven’t put it up yet. Please invite Lin Yu to come and play."
MuJunZe pack up just despise the nangongshan have also admire him in my heart.
No wonder his brother said that they might get more information by coming to Nangong Yi before palace examination.
This Nangong remembers that he is about their age, but he doesn’t know how much better than them. He can think everything without him, and he is not sure without him.
"Since Dagong came out today, it’s better to enjoy the scenery in my garden and then we’ll talk about palace examination, the palace of political affairs …" The Nangong Yi had to discuss with Jun Chen about it with a spirit.
Jun Chen’s beautiful face shows no expression, and there is a charade that both of them can understand. "There is no need to talk about palace examination again, but it can be changed."
The nangongshan have a face of black heart sigh this play big.
No, he’s not dead, but he has to go and do this.
If I let my master know about it thousands of miles away, I’ll have to beat him to take off a layer of skin when I go back.
"Sloppy-"Jiang Jinxuan hid his face and smiled. "Master Nangong is miraculous. At the moment, it seems that he is begging his cousin for something that he can’t cope with?"
The nangongshan have "…" This call him how to say!
He was very happy to be noted by the goddess, but he was very unhappy to note and despise him.
Nangong Yi is hiding her face from the goddess Jiang Jinxuan when she hears a careless voice breaking in. "Nangong Yi! You’d better hide again! "
Lin Yu, dressed in a sky-blue robe, stepped in front of everyone with angry eyes. She couldn’t wait to eat the Nangong memory, but she bit her tongue after seeing the full courtyard.
"You, you, you, you … how did you do this?" Lin Yu became Lickitung.
Mu Junze scoffed, "We naturally. Why are you here?"
Jun Chen, the second inn attendant, gave Lin Yuyu a hairpin. In the eyes of Jun Chen and others, Lin Yu, a little thing, had just the right hairpin, and she passed the examination on her own and obtained the qualification of palace examination. She would probably guess that their status was either expensive or important.
And this dependence of hers …
Everyone’s ideas are not flattering.
Only Nangong Yi greeted her warmly with a pair of old friends and greeted her to introduce Jun Chen to her. "This is the Dagong you have seen."
Lin Yu was terrified from the moment she saw Jun Chen. At this time, she couldn’t refute the Nangong’s recollection. She was so dressed today that she was on a patrol. Of course, she couldn’t discover her identity. Besides, she still has to pretend that she doesn’t know their identity. They usually say hello, but there is a little more respect in it.
Jun Chen nodded faintly, and Nangong Yi was about to introduce Mu Junze, but Lin Yu beat him to say "I have seen Sangong".
Mu Junze was slightly surprised but Lin Yu laughed. "I shouldn’t have said anything wrong when I heard the Dagong call you your third brother that day."