"Can you let me be nice to you when you give it to me?" Anshun Tian put his figure very low, and expectations and piety remained in his crimson eyes.

Lin Zixiao pursed his thin lips and looked at Anshun calmly. When he saw the feelings in his eyes, he still couldn’t help zheng.
Is this still the arrogant teenager of the past? Still that arrogant teenager?
She can’t imagine that he is so arrogant as a fairy and people will say these things in a low voice! He must be trying to tease himself again.
"I’m not lying to you. I’m serious." Anshun Day seems to have seen through Lin Zixiao’s thoughts and stressed again.
"Ha ha, we are friends. Of course you can be kind to me." Lin Zixiao deliberately wanted to be wrong. If she was stared at by such deep eyes again, she was really afraid that she would lose control of herself and panic.
"You know that’s not what I said!" Anshun days face lines suddenly tightened tone some urgent.
"What do you say?" Lin Zixiao was at a loss.
Anshun put Lin Zixiao’s hand and lip angle up a bit as if he had a wry smile as he said, expanding his smile. "Lin Zixiao! I didn’t expect that you would rather play dumb than answer my questions at the critical moment! "
"I really don’t know!" Lin Zixiao blushed and shouted that although she was lying, she was full of confidence
"Oh!" Anshun Tianzi laughed and sneered and said, "You are a tall queen and I can’t climb high, right?"
Lin Zi Xiao Nai looked at Anshun and saw that the reddish color in his eyes slowly turned into red blood. His lips tightened and Zhang Gang tried to explain something but was interrupted by Anshun Tianqing. Par453 Who do you like?
"I see you have someone you like!" Anshun’s aggressive mouth and eyes are getting colder and colder.
"Oh, whatever you think!" Lin Zixiao frowned and answered that a dark green eye suddenly appeared in my mind, which was as deep as the sea and bottomless. It was really involved in her heart.
But it was a short time.
Later, when I met him in China, she could look at him calmly. The reason was that in the end, her feelings for that person were at most disliked, that is, she was moved.
Because the man with dark green eyes once saved her when she wanted to commit suicide because of her mother’s death and guided her, although she kept in touch with him afterwards, his attitude became increasingly cold and outstanding, as if he deliberately kept her at arm’s length until he left the United States without saying a word.
What surprised Lin Zixiao most was that he met him in the dining room of China school.
But she feels again
And he is also a light smile.
Maybe it’s just a feeling of being a stranger in the end.
She raised her head lightly and pursed her lips into a line, quietly looking at Anshun Day.
At the moment, his eyes are cold and his face is blank.
"Have you been thinking about your first lover for so long?" Anshun Tian’s lip angle is ironic with a sneer.
"No" Lin Zixiao’s beautiful eyes sank somewhat firmly and answered.
Eyelashes gently fanned, and the fundus was a little heavy.
Sure enough, when I think of the past, my heart still quivers. Is there a worldly desires in the end?
But for Anshun Tian
She answered him rationally about emotional problems, saying that she was not moved was false, but she didn’t want to like anyone, which was a tiring thing for her.
"You really don’t want to say forget it." Anshun looked at Lin Zixiao’s slightly drooping eyelashes and said faintly that he could no longer hear any joys and sorrows in his tone.
The colder a real person is, the scarier he is. It is better for him to get angry.
"Well" and Lin Zixiao thought for a long time before low should way.
Anshun raised his eyebrows coldly, and there was a surge of anger in his chest. She avoided answering whatever he asked Lin Zixiao now, which made him more sure that she already had someone in her heart.
Maybe I’ve liked it for many years.
Then what’s he doing here?
Self-mockery evokes the lip angle. Anshun stepped back a few steps. Lin Zixiao kept an absolute distance and said coldly, "You should let your friend with heart disease come to China to have the operation, and I won’t pester you again!"
"I’m sorry" Lin Zixiao looked up slightly, and the words that won’t haunt you any more seemed to have struck her fragile heart. She felt a tearing pain in her heart, like being abruptly pulled out of a mouth, which made her suffocate.
Unfortunately, at this time, she can’t say anything but the words I’m sorry.
Anshun days inwardly sighed eyes churning loneliness.
Where does he need these three words?
He sincerely hopes that it will be good for him if she can say even a little words of retention after hearing what he said.
Shun Tian Cai won’t give up. Everyone believes me ↖^w^Par455 doesn’t feel good.