If we have to shape him like this, then he is a black ice sculpture and the whole person has been frozen.

Only the two strong men, Yin Chaoyang and Yin Zhaorong, can clearly feel that Frey’s vitality is being madly extracted by the black ice, while Frey himself wants to break through this black layer at all costs, but he can do it by root.
In the middle of the seven dragons, they changed direction and flew straight to Frey. At this time, Ji Dong stopped five meters in front of Frey and raised a bunch of golden red flames on his chest with his right hand. From blooming, his magic power was not enough to support himself to become a flame king again, but the remaining magic power still allowed him to display a skill.
The sky is bright and the sun shines on the earth. At the same time, there is a sun-like brilliance behind Ji Dong. The previous dark moon is just the opposite. This golden sun is full of directness, violence and madness.
There is no doubt that "forbidden, hundred and thousand sunny cones" is the first trick that Ji Dong has, which belongs to the powerful trick of the flame king, and the yin and yang properties of forbidden, hundred and thousand secluded ice are completely opposite.
There is no doubt that Ji Dong can’t give full play to the power of this nirvana department without the help of the flame king body, but at this time, Lei Di has been completely sealed. What will be the effect of the combination of extreme yin fire nirvana and extreme yang fire nirvana in the ice? Even Ji Dong himself has never tried it.
Boom ~ violent roar set off rumby air billow sea tide was fully aroused dozens of meters high.
A figure flew out like a shell. This time, it flew directly out of 100 meters before falling to the ground.
"Zhao Rong" Yin Chaoyang drank a little, but he woke up and Yin Zhaorong had already flashed out. The whole person was like sliding on the ground, generally turning a blind eye to the huge shock wave generated by the explosion. Soon, he had arrived at the center of the explosion, and Zhuyan also managed to save himself. The goal was to fall a hundred meters away.
Frey gasped at the center of the explosion. Although the black ice crystals that sealed him had disappeared, his face was still covered with black gas. From time to time, unstable thunder circled around his body, and the thunder turned black.
Yin Zhaorong took Frey’s shoulder with one hand, and the black halo was suddenly extracted from Frey’s body and blended into Yin Zhaorong’s body. Yin Zhaorong even shuddered and couldn’t help but be surprised. "What a pure and extreme Yin fire!" Her Ding Huo Taiyi identity actually felt cold when she learned the magic of Ji Dong’s dark Lord’s trick. It can be seen how strong the magic of this blow is. At this time, Yin Zhaorong is really white. What Frey’s seven crowns of strength can’t break the bondage of that trick.
Previously, in the final collision, Ji Dong didn’t attack Frey with the sun cone, but stuck to his body bombardment place. The huge air billow lifted Ji Dong off Frey’s body, and the deep and remote Yan ice was finally dissolved. When Yin Zhao melted, he arrived to help him extract the residual extreme yin fire. What are the future troubles? You know, the seven dragons’ bombing has led Frey to suffer a lot, while Ji Dong is exhausted. This war turned out to be a lose-lose situation. Chapter 133 Do you know the Queen Lieyan?
With the help of Yin Zhaorong, Frey breathed a sigh of relief, and the ups and downs in his chest slowly recovered, but when his eyes were horrified, he could not stop staring at some urgent way hundreds of meters away. Jenny, please go to your younger brother. I can’t bear it for a while, even if I have already reached him.
A dirty trick melts and laughs. No, your little brother is worried that he will be fine! Previously, she saw clearly that Frey’s seven dragon force counterattack was not aimed at throbbing, but was shaken by the aftermath. So how vulnerable is Suzaku’s defense ability to become abnormal and abnormal?
I can’t be more satisfied with these two younger brothers! When she was young, she was also a brilliant genius, but it will not be until after forty years old to achieve Frey’s study at this time! Frey is tough, not to mention the first chief in the history of Yin and Yang School! And throbbing is an absolute surprise. Although she and Yin Zhaoyang both know that throbbing is amazing and hard-working, I didn’t expect him to be able to compete with Frey in the seven-crown level by his own strength in actual combat, even if some tricks are taken, but it is also a strong strength to ensure that a four-crown magic master can’t even pick up Frey’s move.
Sure enough, on the other side, Zhu Yan has been holding the throb. Although he looks a little pale, Suzaku has also recovered his skin, but his throb shows his ability to act. When the other disciples return to the front of Yin Zhaoyang at the same time, they can’t help but smile at one another and say, Zu I lost! Brother, although he was attacked by my dark fire, he still has the strength to fight again, but my magic has been exhausted.
Frey quickly said, Young Martial Brother, now is not the time to be modest. Your last trick can’t be without me. If I remember correctly, that’s what you did when you killed the 50-level extreme night Yang with one blow. If you hit Nepal again, a combination of yin and yang will burst into effect, and I will peel off my skin even if I don’t die, let alone fight back!
Throwing earnestly, how could the elder brother want the younger brother not to know? If the elder brother attacked my roots, he wouldn’t have given such a magic squeeze opportunity. Even at the last moment, if the elder brother attacked me first and then saved himself, he could also get out of trouble. I would have been buried in the ground for four or five years, no matter how this younger brother lost! What else does Frey have to say? All right!
When I heard Zu’s speech, the two disciples suddenly quieted down and nodded their heads. Your performance today made me very satisfied. No matter in actual combat, you should cooperate with the five elements of magic array and calculate in battle, your accurate grasp of magic has reached the limit. Even if you are not facing Frey, but a real seven-crown magic master, the other side is careless enough to fight with each other for mutual destruction. Even Zhao Rong and I have underestimated your actual combat ability.
The throbbing has no mouth, but today’s World War I really did his best. When he decided that the World War I was going to be held a few days ago, he was ready to master all the skills he could, just grasping how many skills he could have and what each skill could do. Without careful calculation, this is a competition, and it is not allowed to make magic supplement drugs or crystal nuclei. He has squeezed out every strength of himself, and the final result page is different from what he expected. He turned his eyes to Frey. "Contrary to the throbbing, your performance today made me very dissatisfied." Frey was respectful.
"I heard that there is a Reddy key signature in your Tiangan College." Frey was embarrassed. It was all the students’ flattering nonsense.
Yin zhao Yang face a cold "what do you mean blather? What is ray? Is it awe-inspiring righteousness, the grandeur of heaven and earth, the achievement of masculinity and the sublimation of fire? Look at what you have just done. As a thunder magician, you will support passive defense. Are you worthy of being called Reddy without storms? Yes, you must have some scruples when you face your younger brother today, but have you ever thought about what you would do if you faced a four-crowned magic master of knowledge today? Cats catch teachers and tease opponents? You made a profit when you issued the Seven Dragons Regret, but at that time, the war situation was completely beyond your own control. Can your little brother’s four crowns control the four dragons and four snakes? What are you thinking? Lions? You still need to benefit from fighting rabbits. If your little brother shoots you down last, are you as simple as peeling off your skin? You won’t even have a bone residue left. Although there is no real collision, the power of that blow is limited to the primary super-killing skill. "
After listening to the words of Yin Zhaoyang, Frey can’t help but produce a little horror. To know that his seven-crown strength is just a little superficial, it is only possible to have nine-crown strength in real combat. Even if everyone is as rough as a tiger, he has one. Constantly improving and upgrading his super-nirvana power is what they pursue at that level.
The throbbing is only four crowns, and the facial features are not even close to the primary super-killer skill. Even if Frey is confident in himself, he will never recognize that his physical strength can resist the Lord. At this time, in retrospect, when he was hit by the killer skill of the Dark Lord, the whole person had a very special feeling as if the whole person’s vitality burned on its own, no matter how hard he struggled, the magic power of the body was completely restricted. Although it is not in vain, he can also think that this killer skill is stronger than the direct attack power of the sun!
"I was wrong, Joe." Fury bowed his head in shame.
Yin Zhaoyang’s face is always so calm and light, knowing mistakes can love kindness and kindness. Even if you two are tied for victory or defeat, if you take your younger brother to the battlefield of evil, you will bring him back. Your personality is too straightforward. If you have something to discuss with your younger brother, you don’t have to pay attention to the people in Tiangan College. Just consider this experience as an experience!
Throwing surprise, Daozu, you agreed to let me go to the battlefield of evil?
You are more talented than your brother in actual combat, but remember that food will not be allowed in actual combat, which will lead to a loss of the whole game. It is very likely that you don’t know if it is your own life or your partner’s life. The saints say that you and them can have more contact with each other for a long time, but you don’t have to be too concerned. Only you are the most worthy to rely on. You should improve your own strength foundation at all times, but let you increase your actual combat experience to ensure your own safety and obtain some precious materials.
It’s Joe! Although the tone of yin is indifferent, it throbs, but you clearly feel that he is cutting himself.
There are still more than three months before the evil channel is opened. These days, Zhu Yan will help Fury improve his equipment and make a set of magic equipment suitable for him to enhance his combat effectiveness.
Zhu Yan, hey hey, it’s no problem to laugh at the teacher’s casting, but I don’t have any materials here. Do you think it’s …
Yin Zhao Yang gave him a faint look. "I ripped you off, and you dare to knock on it." A ring flew out of his hand and fell into Zhu Yan’s hand.
There are enough materials in it for you to make it rare, though not the top.
Zhu Yan overjoyed and reconnected the ring. "Teacher, don’t worry, I will do everything even if you let me wave! Foley brothers, you come with me. "