Such a thing is hard to come by.

Ghost Phoenix also knows that this is a leitian opportunity. She has worked hard to improve the speed of the dark fairy.
When Bai Qi Ming Feng was in her heart, a strange smile came from the darkness.
Idiots have come to Du Jie again. Hahahaha, have a good time. We can’t let one go this time.
Then Leitian saw a foot in the dark and stepped forward first. Leitian didn’t wait for this monster to appear in the seven-star magic gun, but he flew a gun and penetrated the sole of the car.
The sole of the foot looks like it’s crawling towards the animal, and its scales are covered with toenails. It’s more than a foot long. This gun pierces the monster and roars through it. Once it completely breaks through the darkness, it reaches out and pulls out the seven-star magic gun to throw it at Leitian.
Leitian put himself in a hand and pick up the seven-star magic gun. Be alert in your heart.
This monster is nearly twenty feet tall and looks like a monty-like horn with a long tail dragging behind it. Does it look like a human being? Is it born out of proportion and looks like something?
When the monster saw a shot fly, it failed to stab Leitian, but was caught by a dragon head guy. He growled and his teeth rattled. That sound made people’s skin get goose bumps.
Leitian saw the flying sword in that tooth before he was fierce.
How many creatures does this monster have to eat to make its teeth look like this? This tooth can be a magic weapon if it is not refined.
Leitian, the first time I saw a creature, the body was as strong as a fairy soldier. If you are bitten by this monster, it is meaningless to estimate what kind of defensive armor you have.
Although his shot hurt the monster’s sole, Leitian didn’t see what effect this shot had on the monster.
The monster didn’t meet Li Bihu, but went straight to Leitian. Li Bihu was relieved that he didn’t care about the dark tide, but the creatures in the dark tide were very difficult to deal with. He didn’t go to Du Jie long enough because he had to fight these dark creatures at the same time
Leitian can drag on for a long time, then you can be perfect. Du Jie’s strength reaches the peak of Luo Jinxian, and the night emperor can easily slay opponents of the same level, even Luo Jinxian.
Leitian called a ghost phoenix and summoned the demon spirit gourd for light rain that day, and the millstone was directly pressed to bring this monster into it.
Twelve dark stars surround the monster now. The monster is the pick of Jin Xian’s strength. Seeing being surrounded by a group of small limits, he laughed.
Take off your clothes and let me eat. If it tastes refreshing, I will spare your souls.
Twelve dark stars laughed and released starlight at the same time, which enveloped this monster. The grinding disc of heaven and earth hit the monster and it suddenly became dizzy.
Leitian knows that the magic gun can’t kill this thing for the time being, and he simply doesn’t want to roll it.
The realm of the Golden Immortal rises in vain, prompting the abnormal appearance of the tiger symbol to rise abruptly.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-three Detention roller
Chapter four hundred and twenty-three Detention roller
The hand is frozen badly, typing is very slow, and the pain is worse in the south than in the ice city.
The roller took a 10,000-foot-long behemoth’s snow-white fur and mountain-like head and swallowed the monster in one bite.
Many dissenting Confucian roller finally outbursts and becomes white, which seems like a sword cutting vegetables.
This roller refused to stop after swallowing the monster. It has left the millstone of Leitian heaven and earth and flew into the dark tide to devour the dark creatures crazily.
Li Bihu is bigger than Wang Leitian. I don’t know what monsters have been released to crush the dark creatures. He can temper his body from the dark tide. This Du Jie’s strength has increased by a hundred times, which is ten thousand times.
The roller keeps devouring the dark creatures as if there is no pressure.
The dark creature’s strength ratio is the worst, and it is also the realm of Luo Jinxian. But when the roller attacks, it will fight back. The roller swallows the dark creature and refines it directly in the body without slavery.
After devouring it to a certain extent, pieces of square crystals condense in the roller, which seems to be looking for many dissenters. Seeing it in the eyes, the bottom of my heart sneers. Fortunately, in this world, although the roller is powerful, it can’t communicate with many dissenters, otherwise the words are not necessarily chaotic.
However, no one can be trusted. Does the emperor of Qin seem hypocritical or is he calculating himself in this roller?
The square crystal flew around in the sky and could not find the trace of many dissenting Confucian. This just flew to Leitian and entered Leitian body.
Leitian’s body has long since disappeared from the purple mansion, but it’s still rare. It’s Qing Di that put the square crystal into Qing Di and got into Jin Huang Jiuding.
Leitian’s heart is not afraid that the Jin emperor Jiuding is also a vein of humanity. The roller got something for many dissenters. It’s a good thing that he didn’t go to find many dissenters directly, otherwise he might lose it together with Jiuding.
After the square crystal enters Jiuding, the repair of Jiuding Jin Huang Jiuding came to defeat Daqin, and the humanity was gained. It is definitely not the golden man of Qin Huang.
This square crystal is to repair the sacred object of humanity, and Jin Huang Jiuding is constantly repairing it and gradually perfecting it.