Knowing that there is a god in this delivery door, Wen Shi’ an didn’t have the slightest strange expression on Gao Chen’s face. He smiled and said, "Well, since you can’t see, you shouldn’t be able to enter, then you can enter and I’ll take you in!"

This is not because gods can see the delivery door, but because creatures will be instantly crushed to dust unless the gods step on it. This is the result of his experiments with gods. Gao Chen went in without thinking. After Gao Chen went in, Wen Shi ‘an stepped into the delivery door!
Passing through the door is an instant, which is the same as sending him to the door. When the environment changed, he was out of the door. When Wen Shian saw everything in front of him, he was suddenly surprised. That was because there were already many gods in front of him. Of course, this can’t be the reason for his surprise. Because this place is where gods can come, it would be the strangest thing to shock Wen Shian. However, at this time, the gods he saw were the same size as him. These gods were the same size as Wen Shian for a while. Wen Shian had a strange feeling that it seemed that this was normal!
Looking at Wen Shi’ an’s appearance of a nine-tailed fox, he smiled and said welcome. Looking at his face full of doubts, Wen Shi’ an said, "Isn’t it strange how we got smaller!"
Wen Shi ‘an’s face disappeared in amazement in the nine-tailed fox sound. He greeted his gods and replied, "What the hell is going on here? What are you all my age?" To be continued If you like this movie, you are welcome to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. Chapter four hundred and seventy Burying the Temple Manor
The nine-tailed fox smiled faintly at Wen Shian and said, "This is not that we are getting smaller, but that you are getting bigger!"
Is this really the case? Wen Shi ‘an looked at his body, and it didn’t feel a little strange. Did he really get bigger? But Wen Shi ‘an always feels that they are not getting bigger, but they are getting smaller. That’s because Wen Shi ‘an looks up and sees something. Isn’t this the Terran Palace? It’s just completely different from the architectural style of Wu Xiujie!
But why does the nine-tailed fox say that Wen Shi ‘an is getting bigger and has no strange feeling when he sees Wen Shi ‘an? When the nine-tailed fox saw Wen Shi ‘an frowning, he didn’t tell the truth. Every newly arrived deity had such a surprise. Whether it was really getting bigger or smaller seemed not to be a big problem. Everything in this place was different from that in the martial arts world. The most intuitive thing was that this place was not very big. There should be tens of thousands of square samples, and you could see a chaos outside at a glance. This place seemed to be like being wrapped in this chaos!
Curious to look around, Wen Shi’ an really came to this place for nothing. Of course, at this time, Wen Shi’ an also guessed that everything seemed to be the same as the palace in front. "Is this the place? Is our purpose the palace in front!"
"Yes, this is the place. You’re right. Our goal here is to get inside. There are many interesting things in it!" The nine-tailed fox pointed to the front palace and said that Wen Shian seemed to see something exciting in her eyes!
This is a Terran palace, or this is a Terran palace. After looking at it for a long time, Wen Shian confirmed that it was this time, but he wouldn’t say it. There were gods constantly appearing. They were all divided into two sides. Now the palace door was closed. Although the palace seemed fragile, it seemed that it could be crushed with a palm, Wen Shian wouldn’t really think it was so unbearable. At this time, no gods approached the palace, and Wen Shian thought softly, "Can’t we beat him at this door?"
As soon as Wen Shi’ an finished talking, the tiger said, "Can you go and beat him!"
Wen Shi ‘an looked at him without saying anything. He seemed to hear the dog barking one, so he regarded it as a tiger god. Since the tiger god asked him to hit the door, it was obvious that he would never be kind. What was wrong with Wen Shi ‘an was unclear. When he saw Wen Shi ‘an, the tiger god hated him and said, "Don’t let me meet you inside!"
However, Wen Shi ‘an still ignored him, and the nine-tailed fox laughed and looked aside. The angry tiger god went straight to Wen Shi ‘an and said, "This door is not something we can fight. He will go if he wants to force the door. Even the gods will disappear."
"Will disappear? What the hell does this mean? " WenShiAn one leng don’t understand mouth way!
The nine-tailed fox seems to recall something. After a half-ring, he said, "Anyone who approaches the door before it will disappear completely. This world will never appear!"
Although the words of the nine-tailed fox are very light, Wen Shian still feels that those gods seem to be very afraid when they hear these words, which makes Wen Shian more curious. No matter how curious Wen Shian is, he will not really try one.
After thinking for a moment, Wen Shi ‘an said curiously, "I don’t know what’s in it, but it’s worth your coming." …
This is what Wen Shi ‘an is most curious about. Is there anything else in the martial arts world that these gods are interested in? And now that they have appeared here, that is to say, there must be something worth their visit, and this is what Wen Shi’ an is most curious about!
The nine-tailed fox smiled mysteriously and said, "You will naturally know that even if I tell you now, there is nothing!" "
Although the expression of the nine-tailed fox is not false at all, I still want to ask something, but after thinking about it, I still forget it. Wen Shian doesn’t know that this place is the place where all the gods must come, even if they don’t want to. This is not optional, but mandatory. The next day, all the gods are here, and the last few gods look wrong. Seeing this scene, Wen Shian understands better.
The nine-tailed fox said faintly, "I can’t believe that there hasn’t been a god who can compete for so many years!" "
Wen Shi ‘an looked at the nine-tailed fox and asked him if his eyes were better than those of the nine-tailed fox. "Do you really want to come? Even if you don’t come, you will be forcibly sucked in and it will be very uncomfortable. Just look at them!"
No wonder they want to tell Wen Shi ‘an that this place is about to open, so it turned out to be a root. Of course, even so, Wen Shi ‘an is very grateful to the nine-tailed fox. After all, they are now allies and gently nod their heads to show that they want to be white, and then ask, "When will this happen?"
After waiting for a day, it was still like that, which made Wen Shian a little impatient. At this time, he really wanted to go in and see if this place was built by Terrans. But because of the former nine-tailed fox, Wen Shian dared not really get close to the nine-tailed fox and said, "It’s not that fast, it shouldn’t be opened for three days!"
Wenshi ‘an nodded his head and didn’t say anything. The concentration of reiki in this place is higher than that in the outside. I don’t know how much it is, but none of them are practicing. Now they are not practicing this strength. After three days, they slowly went to the palace gate and saw this situation. There was no one who showed crazy anxiety and waited for it one by one!
After our department hits, the nine-tailed fox said, "Let all of you out. If you go inside, you can put things in, but you can’t let them out!"
As soon as the nine-tailed fox said this, Wen Shi’ an was shocked and asked, "What can’t be put out of it? How can this happen!"
How depressing it should be for a person who is used to watching it suddenly. The nine-tailed fox understands Wen Shi ‘an’s mood at this time, but it is also faint. "For this, no god can be white. I think it is because of this that the gods who were killed in it can’t be resurrected!"
When the nine-tailed fox speaks, it puts the tribe outside. These are three twelve-order foxes with nine tails behind them. Different from the nine-tailed fox, their three tails are colorful, but their bodies are of a single color. At this time, his gods also put the tribe outside. Every god is three and three twelve-order tribes!
Of course, by this time, the gods in front had already gone inside, otherwise, there would not be so many people in this place. When Wen Shian went in half, he let Gao Chen out, and as soon as he appeared here, Gao Chen heard the unified sound! …