"Three Thousand Dragons and Thunder Boxing in the converging attack on Wushu", a Han Chen’s face is suddenly cold, and his eyes are filled with a bit of fanaticism. This converging attack on Wushu was created by him not long ago, but it has not been officially used against it. This time, he also decided to put it to good use.

Scratching …
Han Chen’s fists exploded, and Han Chen’s front trembled and spread. The golden dragons flashed and fluctuated of the earth, and then they condensed into a golden dragon with thunder luster.
The martial arts of converging attack has changed a lot.
Body flashing Han Chen body into a black arc was suddenly slammed into the black common severely.
The golden dragon’s black sword hit hard, and bursts of energy storms kept exploding and shocking.
Bang …
Impressive explosion rang out a body flash slightly pale hair looks very messy is Korea Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine Black corpse sword.
"What? The door owner was actually injured? "
Seeing Han Chen’s hands, those Han men’s younger brothers’ faces have changed a little. Looking at the whole body’s breath, Han Chen’s face is a little scared.
"Brother Han Chen, shall we continue?" The corners of the mouth slightly raise Chen Tiannan’s face with a touch of disdain. Of course, although his qualifications have made him pay enough attention to the potential before him, he can’t pose a threat to himself at present. Of course, this is his personal opinion.
"Brother Chen Tiannan is really a good means, but my younger brother has not lost now and I don’t like to have a contest without an ending, so I think we should go on." Smiling indifferently, Han Chen’s pale face disappeared and was replaced by a flush.
"In that case, let’s continue with Han Chen’s younger brother." Seeing Han Chen still doesn’t intend to stop. Chen Tiannan’s heart is also repeatedly sneering and swearing.
Bang …
A light drink Han Chen Zhou’s vitality is running again, and his whole body is constantly flowing, scratching and ringing, and Han Chen’s figure is also exploding and flashing at the former.
Whew …
A black shadow cut through the air and brought up a ripple of vitality. Then Han Chen’s figure suddenly became one, two, two, ten …
Suddenly, this high platform is filled with black figures.
Three thousand phantoms
At this time, Han Chen has developed three thousand phantoms to the extreme and differentiated three thousand phantoms.
"Extraordinary incarnation" in the air, a sound kept echoing, and immediately three thousand phantoms flashed into an illusory figure, which made Han Chen look different.
"Teacher younger brother, this is really bad." Seeing the black illusory figure in front of him, Chen Tiannan’s face also changed slightly, but he found that Han Chen’s real body had disappeared.
"Hum" cold hum a Chen Tiannan corners of the mouth slightly lift and then move his mind between the eyes of the earth soul force like spring water burst out immediately is scattered in all directions to find Han Chen shape.
"Huh?" Face slightly changed that Chen Tiannan was shocked than this time. Not only did his soul force not find Han Chen’s true place, but his soul force also disappeared.
Whew …
At this time, a buzz rang out immediately, and the black illusory figure slammed into the Chen Tiannan.
"Carving a worm" heart smile Chen Tiannan right palm is suddenly leaned out of the black vitality suddenly gathered followed by the illusory shape that has already appeared in front of him.
Bang …
Illusory figure Chen Tiannan this palm is also a rapid explosion all over the sky vitality floating disappear.
Seeing yourself so easily is to break away from Han Chen’s attack on Chen Tiannan, but it’s a stiff face after hearing the incoming sound.
"Brother Chen Tiannan, we are fighting now."
Words fall a golden pike is also a fine sign to stab Chen Tiannan.