"Well, then don’t accept the deposit and accept the scarlet letter!" Two whew replied

This is too risky, but you can take risks if you want to turn a profit.
"I don’t know where all of a sudden there are so many fake purple equipments …" Tianyu sighed and thought.
As a result, two people sell extremely fake purple without scarlet letter on the one hand and sell extremely fake purple with scarlet letter on the other.
"Silly bear … it’s feasible to accept the scarlet letter without a deposit, but we still meet a lot of cheats … and we’re losing a lot now."
At the moment, it has come to July. Yesterday, Tianyu has received a two-day deposit.
Two whew as feedback to Tianyu.
"How much did you lose?" Tianyu frowned and answered
"According to endless statistics, the final RMB calculation has almost lost ten thousand …" Er Xiu said with a sigh of relief.
"How can so many? !” Tianyu very consternation way
"In some districts, there are always some people who are used to deceiving us. They seem to be staring at us. They want us to deposit the scarlet letter and shout the horn. When they go out, they will find the’ door’ and say that they have the scarlet letter in their hands."
"Then we handed it over to them, and they ran away. After running away, they changed their new id to do the same thing again … so they repeatedly lied to’ get’ that area line and didn’t dare to call the horn to stop playing hard." Erxiu explained
"…" Tianyu know some grass mud horse ran to cheat home.
But such deception is really hard to prevent.
Is it difficult to change it to a deposit? But no one wants to type the scarlet letter in the fake purple equipment base. After all, fake purple equipment is not very popular.
"Then stare at the horn and shout for selling the deposit in scarlet letter, so that the seller can be singled out," Tianyu said for a moment.
"I’ve tried … so the sellers don’t want to put the scarlet letter on the fake purple equipment … they think we are cheating them on the scarlet letter," said Erxiu and Tianyu.
"… don’t accept the deposit also how to cheat? It is true to be careful, but is this too careful? " Tianyu frown complains
"They thought maybe we wanted to’ wave’ his scarlet letter on purpose … and this kind of thing has indeed been done."
"…" Tianyu speechless.
"If we go on like this, I’m afraid the scarlet letter equipment will earn enough to make up for the fraud in the future," said Erxiu.
"Game day update for the time being, let’s wait for a while. Let’s get all the money up," Tianyu ordered.
"What are your plans?"
"Since the fake purple loss is a foregone conclusion, we can find a way to make up some losses from other places."
"Day update …" Two xiu began to recall the experience of updating a few days ago.
The July game has been updated.
This update has four professional second thoughts, namely, Diablo, Prison Blood Devil, Wu Shen and Storm Eye.
I’ll send some water when I log in as a new professional.
Opened the exclusive day activity of Star Angle’ Color’
Added a gift package fae/zer dress-up gift package.
In fact, this gift package is the 13-year summer gift package, but it is really the first time to dress up with anime characters.
This gift package sends dresses, titles and cards.
The highlight of fae/zer gift package is of course pets, but pets are not given directly with the gift package.
Pet gift packages are sold separately, but summer gift packages must be purchased before.
Summer gift package price is 59 coupons, and pet price is 1575 coupons.
These two figures add up to more than 4 yuan, so uncle wit also sold it in this way, cleverly avoiding the 688 incident that year
Pets have saberriderlanerberserker
Every pet comes from a Japanese character, and the skill effect is more cool than that of a native pet.
The gift package is very attractive to anime lovers, and even though it is expensive, there are still many buyers.
In addition to updating Tianyu, it is an activity called "Roger’s private auction"
This activity, like other activities, is from July 1 ST to July 3 rd
How to play this activity?
Activity 1: Players will get gold rush props by email when they log in every day.
This prop can be exchanged for various professional weapon cans at Roger’s place.
Redemption rewards are changed with the date, of which Thursday can be redeemed for Abyss Party Pass.
The rest of the time, the base is the major professional weapon tanks.