In the Great Qi Dynasty, women had a low status, and it was even more difficult if they were not lovers.

It’s normal for a man’s concubine to have an affair in the bedroom when he is so frank and honest, and even they can’t stand the man’s infidelity to him.
"It’s really necessary to have a good screening to play around in this capital," Tao Yiqing said. "There are many people you know in the temple, so help to see if there is any way to be honest. Those girls in the philandering room are absolutely not allowed to get married, and it’s not harmful for her to marry someone."
With Tao Lanyu and Tao Ruzhen in front of them, they are all single-minded and have never had a concubine. Tao Baoqiong is going to marry Feng Haochu in the future, not to mention Tao Yiqing’s growing feeling that it is even more so in the future.
"Oh," Qi Ye also accepted that she could have a meal at will, and the two of them began to drink while eating, so they drank a few more drinks because they were in a trance.
Tao Yiqing’s capacity for liquor is not high. Today, he took a half-day off again. They both drank their heads while talking.
When people are drunk, what they remember most is what they ramble about most. Tao Yiqing said a few words from time to time, "How fast! I still remember that when I was a child, I grew up in a blink of an eye."
be grieved
"Yes," Qiye Zuiyan smiled dimly. "The round doodle face wants to pinch her cheeks every time I see her."
Tao Yiqing smirked. "She used to be spoiled and naughty, but she was the most soft-hearted and painful person. Since she was a little big, she knew that she protected me and I was dissatisfied with my father … Haha, my father was finally planted in her hand. Now she must find a good family to act as matchmaker in Zhuang. If she dares to be bad at burning, I can’t do it …"
"No, no, no, no" Qi Ye was slightly drunk and repeated twice. "Who dares to be bad for the burning? Which one? Who did Yiqing say? Who is not good at burning? Look at the king who dares to bully him if he doesn’t pick up … "
Outside, Duanyan heard that the movement in the room was getting more and more wrong. He quickly called out to celebrate the New Year with the king of Jin. "The temple and our uncle are drunk, so let the store cook the hangover soup?"
I didn’t expect the King of Jin to be so drunk in the New Year. It was the first time I saw him drunk. I called the waiter to sober up. I looked at the eye table and saw that the food was hardly eaten. "Why don’t you drink without eating?"
Abdominal drinking is easy to get drunk.
Otherwise, the two have not seen each other for months, and they are very happy and drunk.
The man came over and explained, "It’s easy to drink in the temple today. If you get drunk in a hurry, you’ll get drunk faster. Do you want to help the two gentlemen to lie down on the couch?"
Needless to say, it will definitely make them more comfortable to lie down. Fortunately, they will have guests to rest on the couch if they want to set it.
Besides, Tao Zhuo took a carriage and went to Cai Fu. According to the agreement, Tao Baoqiong and Tao Zhuo stayed in Taolan Jade Garden to play with Hao Gang, and Wei Shi and Tao Lanyu took Tao Ruzhen to sit up and take notice.
Chapter 158 Chapter 158
"Aunt hurts me," said Hao Ge Ma sweetly to Tao Zhuo, looking like a pony fart.
Tao Zhuo deliberately teased her, "Then your third aunt doesn’t love you. Who will buy you Hui ink?"
Hao gang looks too good. Tao Baoqiong "The third aunt also hurts, and the fourth aunt hurts, but Hao gang’s hand hurts too little, so it’s not good to write too much."
Tao Zhuo burst into laughter. "My aunt will love you more another day, so I’ll buy you a copybook."
This immediately brought Hao’s sad eyes. Tao Zhuo pointed at her and smiled at Tao Lanyu. "Big sister, he really can’t write with my DaJieFu." She used to be a fool.
"I don’t know which one," Tao Lanyu smiled and suddenly frowned and covered her mouth.
Wei Shi was eating slowly, and when he saw it, he put chopsticks and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Suddenly I feel a little uncomfortable." Tao Lanyu rubbed his heart, but he still felt sick. He covered his mouth again, and the girl next to him helped her. "Do you want some warm water, young lady?"
TaoLanYu gave, look a little stare blankly, and then some surprises.
She made Wei’s thoughts ask, "Are you pregnant?"
Her words made everyone else look at Tao Lanyu’s belly. They all knew that the elder sister had not moved since she had a son, and she was pregnant later than her. After the second sister gave birth to a big girl, she became pregnant and gave birth to a son.
Because of this, Shaw also specially asked Tao Lanyu to go back to Bofu to find her a girl who specializes in women’s illness, but the girl said that she was ill and not pregnant, which was because the fate had not arrived.
Tao Zhuo looked at Tao Lanyu with surprise. Is Big Sister pregnant?
Then I listened to my eldest sister’s saying, "It’s really a few days late in the month", but she always forgot not to think about it. If she hadn’t vomited in her heart just now, she would have almost forgotten it.
"Although I’m not sure if it’s because of your appetite, I’d better find a doctor to feel the pulse. If it’s not, don’t be too frustrated. There are women who have two fetuses for several years." Wechsler was afraid that she would expect too much if she wasn’t pregnant.
Tao Lanyu naturally wants to have more children. Although she is not urged by Cai Qicheng’s affectionate mother-in-law, she feels that Hao Gang is too single.
The reason why Mrs. Cai didn’t rush is also because Cai Qicheng is not only a young man, but also has two brothers. Each room has three or four children, although there are offices.
Tao Lanyu knows that although Cai’s family seems to be very upright and obedient, the contradiction between sisters-in-law is still there. For example, her second sister-in-law has been run on many times because of her husband’s concubine.
However, the eldest sister-in-law is a generous and generous person. Her husband has an old family and other concubines get along well with Tao Lanyu.
Yu said that Mrs. Cai’s husband didn’t take a concubine because Mrs. Cai’s in-laws left early, and she didn’t suppress her mother-in-law and didn’t let her concubine give birth to children.
This city is like Tao Hongzhu’s husband’s family. The family style is really clean and upright. Men are not allowed to take concubinage. There are some people who stipulate that men are not allowed to take concubinage, but they can take concubinage within a time limit of 40.
Tao Lanyu didn’t delay saying that she didn’t have a good appetite and asked the servant girl to take the right card and invite the doctor to come.
She couldn’t eat by herself, and the rest of the people were still full, so she went to the tip to rest without being polite.
Cai Fu next door street has yiguang almost Wechsler and others to withdraw from the table after dinner.
Tao burning watched the doctor give Tao Lanyu a long pulse, and she almost couldn’t help but ask
After the doctor took back his hand, he hurriedly asked, "What happened to my big sister?"
The doctor first comforted Tao Zhuo with a sentence "Don’t worry, girl" and then asked Tao Lanyu, "Is it time to have a little wife next month?" Can it be past the future? "
TaoLanYu way "is a few days late I this …"
There was some expectation in her voice.
"It’s not very prudent for young lady’s pulse to be slippery. If young lady’s appetite is uncomfortable, eat less and eat some light meals. Don’t take medicine for ten days or so. I’ll come back to young lady’s pulse to see if she is happy."
Wechsler asked, "How sure is she?"
"I’m not sure yet, but I’ll make sure again in a few days." The card shark didn’t fill up the words.
But Wei-Shi also recognized Tao Lanyu’s happy pulse, so he said to her, "Then listen to the doctor’s advice and pay more attention to it, and then take a look at it in a few days."
Tao Lanyu nodded and asked the servant girl to send the doctor out. "The mother-in-law will wait for ten days."
Wei Shi is relieved to see her success and know that she is stable.
"If you are pregnant with that son, you will be your brother." After dinner, a son of a son of a son of a son of a son was taken to lunch break. Tao Zhuo looked at Tao Lan and told him earnestly, "Don’t let a son of a son of a son of a son of a son of a son of a son of a son of a son jump on you. His strength is not small."