Shen Yan snow gasped hard swallow phoenix shadow ink end side console table tea lamp handed it to her.

At this time, another official in charge of river engineering got up and bowed to the emperor. "According to the emperor, it is someone else who changed the drawings. What if Miss Shen was poisoned by her elbow instead of her palm? It’s always impossible for her to fuck with her elbow, and the other party may not have framed Miss Shen. If it was framed by her heart, it should have poisoned Miss Shen’s hands, but now there are two possibilities at the elbow. First, Miss Shen’s elbow was touched by drawings, and the other kind of Miss Shen’s elbow was touched by someone else. "
"Dang" a heart-rending crunchy suddenly sounded.
Is Shen Yan snow hand cup lid didn’t hold stumbled in the cup light sound.
Everyone looked at her, but she slowly looked up at the long and slim man in front of her.
Thank you for the successful completion of Sany mushroom cool ticket flapping [38]?
Everyone looked at her, but she slowly looked up at the long and slim man in front of her.
The man also looked at her with calm face and deep black eyes.
Moment is not instantaneous looked at each other for a moment after Shen Yan snow peristalsis a lip, but always didn’t say anything, but the first to put aside the eyes.
Many people present saw this scene, especially Shen Meng, and immediately their hearts turned white for seven points.
It turned out to be Phoenix Shadow Ink!
The eyes turned cold. Shen Meng glanced at Feng Ying Mo and turned to Shen Yan Xue Shen and asked, "What did Yan Xue think of?"
Shen Yan snow as long as butterfly wings, eyelids quivered and shook his head gently biting his lip.
See her so Shen Meng complexion is more black.
After all, it’s his own daughter. How can he not know her mind?
The phoenix shadow ink don’t say forbearance shield even let her lose her life, she is willing to.
In the heart, I am very angry, but I can’t be patient in public. "Yan Xue, think about it again. When are you sure to come into contact with this culprit who wants to frame my father …"
He bit the word "framed father" very hard to wake up the daughter’s interests.
He thought that her friendship with Emperor Fengying Ink would be believed if she personally identified Emperor Fengying Ink.
However, Shen Yan snow seems determined, and her eyebrows are still lowered, and she gently shakes her head and mumbles, "I don’t know …"
All the people in the field were silent.
The atmosphere was eerie and cold.
Shen Meng’s angry and cold eyes glanced at Feng Ying Mo Feng Ying Mo impartially and calmly, and his eyes were as handsome as water, and his black eyes were deep and you couldn’t see a trace of emotion.
Shen Meng pursed his lips tightly and turned his eyes to look at the emperor and leaned over again. "The emperor is a minister who is not good at doing things. I will definitely investigate this matter and find out the villain who destroyed the completion ceremony!"
The emperor looked down at him slightly, and he was silent for a moment. Suddenly he got up from his seat. "I am more worried about whether this secret passage is really there than finding out who changed the drawings."
With a deep voice, the yellow dragon robe flashed with dazzling light, and people strode through the red carpet to pick up the steps in the crowd
Everyone was dumbfounded.
Shen Meng turned pale.
Several officials who reacted first hurriedly followed closely.
Obviously, the emperor should personally confirm the andao according to the drawings.
Looking at the people who got up in succession, they glanced out of the corner of their eye at Shen Meng and Feng Ying Mo Ye, who bent their lips and followed everyone.
Everything goes smoothly.
Empress dowager, she finished successfully.
Thank you [33131] for your big purse ~ thank you [1389618777] [1586579315] for your shiny diamonds ~ thank you [big hree] [vine 5] for your precious tickets ~ Do you love your group [39] and kill two birds with one stone?
To be honest, when she saw the note in the carriage that day, she still felt that it might not be completed.
The note said that Shen Meng would also go to Xianzhou to ask her to find a way to leave him.
The queen mother will have such instructions, but she is not surprised.
Because Shen Meng and Feng Ying Mo are today’s emperors devoted to Qianyu, being apart from them is equivalent to weakening Qianyu’s strength.
But these two people are as good as foxes, and can they just provoke each other?
What’s more, one of them is Shen Yanxue.
From that night, Feng Ying Mo said at the gate of the palace to send Shen Yan snow back to the house, we can see that Feng Ying Mo must be a frequent visitor to Shen Fu.
It really takes some thought to leave such two people.
She gave up hope until she saw Shen Meng arrange a sand painting program at the painting house yesterday.
Her father was in charge of the first state river project, and she often saw her father studying drawings in his room.
She knows that the drawings have been quenched by the’ erosion of muscle’ poison; Jin Si Luan bone gloves anti-virus she also knows.
Once she entered the room, her father and mother were discussing something in a low voice, and both of them were frowning and locked. There was a smell of smoke in the room and something was burning in the brazier.
She asked her mother what had happened and said, "Someone wants to pull your father into partnership to build a secret tunnel on the river. Your father didn’t agree …"
The mother was interrupted by her father before she finished speaking. "What are you telling the children!" Finally, I told her that "these big people will solve it."
She clearly remembered that the brazier was slowly melting into ashes, which was an engineering drawing, because she had a heart to look at it and saw the dark tunnel of the drawing.
Later, she forgot about it until she saw the drawings yesterday.
In fact, she is not sure whether there is a secret tunnel. She secretly went to the spy last night based on the location of the secret tunnel in her memory.
Sure enough.
After being shocked, she realized that her mother said that "someone" was Shen Meng.
She is very suspicious that the destruction of her family has anything to do with this.
She can’t let Shen Meng succeed.
She wants to expose the secret passages, especially the emperor’s current situation.
That’s why this is happening today.