"I’m on horseback," said the demon. "Let’s continue on our way!"

Ziyun proudly nodded and sat in front of me.
Although she is close at hand, I feel that her heart is so far away, as if the stars touch her, so desperate that it has never been me, and I want her to be so desperate.
Horseshoe quickly resounded through the half-whistling wind, passing by the ear.
I know she’s nervous, but I’m not nervous because I’m trying my best to send her to another person’s arms!
I think I must be crazy! But I can’t find a reason to stop this madness.
The first time I saw her heart, Ren Huang Junyi, he was unconscious and there was a naked woman beside him. Ziyun was so shocked and painful that I didn’t understand what her chaos and struggle made me realize that there would be as much pain as there was to love someone.
The dead woman didn’t have anything to do with the unconscious emperor Junyi, so she was poisoned by his poisonous body.
Fortunately, she calmed down, but the subsequent injury finally inclined to my heart.
Ziyun proudly asked her body to save him, which was the last blind drug introduction.
Junya took him to the outside of Biyue Hot Spring at her request, because she has incredible power in the water and they can touch each other.
I’m scared, I’m angry and I can’t take her away, but I can’t …
I can hand her over to another person myself.
Every minute of that night seemed as long as a thousand years and ten thousand years, and my pain was limited and lengthened, as if the root method stopped the sadness from invading my world. After all, I handed her over to another person, which was contrary to my original intention, but I couldn’t find a reason not to let her continue.
Because I can see how eager she is in her heart, and I know that everything she goes through is at such a moment, and if it fails, she will be devastated.
I don’t even know why I will gradually fall into such a humble position. Maybe it’s because I put myself in such an embarrassing and humble position. If I turn around, I can go anywhere and be loved, but I will stick to it. It’s impossible.
Because I can’t lose, I always get angry with myself. It must be that I hurt someone before the day falls. Give me a newspaper. Chapter 144: Demons are charming. 33
I’m sad. I’m lying on the tree outside Biyue Hot Spring and staring at the stars.
At that moment, I didn’t know what I was thinking, maybe I just wanted her to fulfill her wish, maybe I didn’t think anything, maybe I felt a little tired, maybe I tried everything, but I finally figured out that I wanted to be so humble but I didn’t leave.
If you feel pain, you can’t live without it, but your body seems to freeze there
I think I can be a guardian and stare at her like this, and let her do what she wants, that’s all.
I think it must have been more than a million years. I waited numb until it was calm.
When she finally came out, the stone seemed to roll over several mountains, but it seemed to weigh me down more.
Lian Er transformed into a human form, just like the fate I gave her was opened. We have so many fetters that we can’t be the only one who loves her in my heart, right?
The mark of Ziyun’s proud face disappeared. I think it was probably because her body seal was broken. She looked so beautiful as if all the stars were dumped by her, but I know she is more beautiful in the water than she is now.
And for the first time, I saw the emperor Junyi. The young man in front of me has a cherry blossom mark flashing. I can see that he is talented and white. He is a proud man, which is why he looks even more humble.
I know that happiness is moving towards them, and I should bless …
But I can bless you
But I can still guard because I know I won’t leave.
After six kings, she begged the holy emperor to get married, and the temple was even more contested by him. I know that Aoer has divine power, and maybe even she doesn’t know that she has such a powerful ability. This ability should be lucky for her.
Six kings, who have always been sickly, unexpectedly went back to the immortal exile and completed a shocking reversal. It was originally asserted that the ghost king, who was twenty years old, had recovered!
Just when everyone mocked Aoer and disdained that she was a match for the six kings, she showed her beauty in front of everyone!
I’m afraid that moment was a shock.
Waste is no longer waste.
Sick seedlings are no longer medicine pots.
The ugly girl is as beautiful as a fairy.
The perfect match was born.
They turned China upside down from now on
From that moment on, I knew that I was getting farther and farther away from her. I actually felt that I would rather be the king’s landing, but I could snatch the opportunity to get married for her, even if I failed.
But I’m a demon with a thousand charms, and my pride and self-esteem don’t allow me to do this. I always keep my dignity on the surface and don’t let her think that I’m so humble, even though I know I’m already humble to the dust.
I’m proud, I’m proud, I’m beautiful, I’m gifted, I’m a demon, I used to be proud, I’m proud, I’ve been humble, but I have to keep to the surface, absolute beauty. That’s how I deceive myself.