A few tall, powerful bodies flashed through the crowd, and Zhang talons caught them from Qingyan.
"princess royal forgives!" Xia Zhi plopped down on his knees and said anxiously, "princess royal forgives all these Yincui gorge, who are Guan Guhong himself crazy."
"Summer retreat!" Qingyan drink a way to look back and sign for kneeling people to retreat quickly, but Xia Zhi bit his teeth and shook his head violently.
"You?" Princess royal Pingyang provoked an indifferent smile from the eyebrow "The government has already killed anyone who wants to do this again after the password! Hum, since you are not afraid of death, I will be you today! "
"It’s none of her business," Qingyan roared, and looked at her with clear and calm eyes. "As you wish, I did it! That’s me! I’m the one who hooked up with Guan Guhong and Xia Zhi. If you want to fight or kill, come at me and don’t suffer! "
Princess royal Pingyang masseter muscle is tight, loose and tight. The anger in the fundus is already very obvious. Her cold voice slowly sounded "This is very good!" She sneer at a "people will be the slave out to cut! For you-"She dragged on a malicious smile and walked up to her and stretched out her hand to hold her." * * The harem national law served the staff with fifty strokes of punishment and dragged it away! "
"Yincui gorge! Yincui gorge! " Xia Zhi cried and tried to catch Qingyan but was dragged out by a kick.
"Xia Zhi-"Qingyan’s shout made people sad. She bit her lip without looking at the people behind her, and she stood upright and waited for her punishment.
Princess royal Pingyang a whisking her head also don’t reply coldly tunnel "here to you" and turned and walked out of the front garden.
Courtyard wooden stool Qingyan was tied with a strong stick and a cold wind. Her clothes fell heavily and wrinkled and clung to her body. She snorted and was beaten with a bloody shirt.
Everyone covered their eyes and dared not look at it, not to mention a weak woman like Qingyan. Even a seven-foot-tall man might not be able to stand it.
The body is burning, the wound is burning, and then it seems to be tearing. The pain has just paralyzed the nerves, and then it is shot down again and again.
Qingyan clenched his teeth tightly to prevent himself from screaming out that she knew she must be somewhere watching her and admiring her embarrassment.
Princess royal Pingyang Panlou Gaotai blew her face with wind, which made her look even more bleak. She looked coldly at being beaten and bloody. Qingyan didn’t cry for pain until now, let alone beg for mercy. Her eyes seemed to be rippled by something and gradually turned into waves.
This is her sister, but she is an emperor’s heir. Where can there be any affection? Everything in their eyes can be thrown except the emperor! Anyone who breaks their taboo will never stop visiting the 91st doctor unless they fight to the death.
Eunuch guide XiMingTai came to hall of mental cultivation with his entourage ZheRong.
After the visit, the eunuch on duty said hesitantly, "Now the Empress in Taidian is ill, so it’s not convenient to meet guests and can’t receive visitors. I hope you won’t disturb the Empress’s meditation."
The dying of the king is an ominous sign of a country’s social unrest, and it is a taboo for outsiders. Of course, it is especially taboo for the royal family of other countries to visit, which will damage the country and affect the dignity of the queen
Xi Ming sighed slightly and put away the folding fan in his hand. "Xi Ming came to visit the chat table and was eager to leave it. Please leave it again."
"What’s the matter?" A man who looks like a Hong Zhongyin came from hall of mental cultivation, and then a handsome man strolled from the temple to see his tall figure. He raised his apricot shape slightly, and the Milky Way in his eyes was bright and bright. He wore a dark satin robe to reveal the silver inlaid hibiscus flower edge and his hair pin of suet jade, which ingeniously set off the extraordinary figure of a middle-aged Confucian scholar.
Seeing that the newcomer was Tai Ximing, he smiled shallowly, which was quite a sense of vicissitudes.
Xi Ming looked at him, but he saw this man with a jade belt around his waist and an ivory folding fan. He was full of charm, and the morning light at the entrance of hall of mental cultivation was as enchanting as a pale red new pistil to summon back spring.
Secretly admire a XiMing heart way this middle-aged men in Dawanguo how handsome than one by one? It seems that Queen Liu Yuee doesn’t lack a lot of happiness on weekdays.
The person who came out to welcome the guests was Queen Liu Yuee’s original husband, Dawan State, and a prime minister, Mu Lieyun, who was also princess royal’s Liu Pingyang’s biological father, Mu Lieyun. It is a shame for one person to be in the ruling and opposition. Although Liu Yuee is fierce and strong, he can’t do without this capable and capable "virtuous help". His will can often deeply influence Queen Liu Yuee’s decision-making. This person is knowledgeable and diligent, and he has been training in Dawan State. There is a scene of singing and dancing everywhere.
The biggest regret of Mu Lieyun’s life is that there are no soldiers in her hands. Although Liu Yuee believed in him, she still left a little bit of mind. She assigned the soldiers to Li Wufu, the second princess Yingyue’s biological father, and Li Wufu, the general officer blowing snow, who was in charge of the 300,000 body guards, while the general officer blowing snow was in charge of the 400,000 military forces stationed in various border areas.
At this moment, Liu Yuee is dying, and it is the time for Mu Lieyun to show his talents. He inspired and arranged for his daughter to inherit from Taitai Liu Pingyang. Today, he announced the eunuch state and resolutely replaced the general position. It was Mu Lieyun who replaced him.
After cooking the day, Mu Lieyun went back to hall of mental cultivation to visit his wife, but before he stopped at the door, he made a noise.
It’s somewhat unexpected that I met Mrs. Xi Mingtai when I stepped out of the door. I heard that Mrs. Xi Mingtai was aloof and unhappy, and I was even more tired of all kinds of social occasions. His actions in Dawanguo also verified that he was really an indifferent person.
Mu Lieyun gave a sigh to Xi Ming and said with some sadness, "Thank you, Mrs. Xi Ming, for coming to visit the queen. Please come with me to the temple."
Xi Ming smiled. "It’s so good that I should resign facing the queen."
MuLieYun and "what? Is Mrs. Xi Ming coming back to China just now? Is it possible that our Dawanguo is not well received? "
Ximing smiled. "I feel at home where I am. I feel that I have been out for a long time. My father is old. Many things need me to go back and take care of. It is inconvenient for me to stay here for a long time. I came to attend the princess royal wedding. Unfortunately, I am deeply sorry for this embarrassing thing!"
Mu Lieyun shook his head naively. "Marriage is predestined. Since God wants them not to be husband and wife, others don’t have to demand anything anymore, but the condition of the Queen Eye is really worrying!"
"How is the Queen?"
"Ah" MuLieYun shook his head "you go in and have a look"
Xi Ming slowly stepped into the private room of the Queen’s Temple, but he saw a carved dragon and a carved phoenix in it, a carved golden silk big bed with a pink curtain half covered with a graceful figure.
As soon as I entered the room, I smelled a strong smell of Chinese herbal medicine, which covered up the original fragrance of the house. Although the smell was pungent for courtesy, Xi Ming was still embarrassed to hold his nose and walk forward with bated breath.
Gently lifted the curtain, but I saw a beautiful woman covered with a yellow silk quilt and a thick bandage wrapped around her head. When I looked closely again, I noticed that Liu Yuee was pale and her lips were purple. A pretty melon face had swollen into a pie.
She closed her eyes and knew that there was a stranger beside her.
Xi Ming saluted Mu Lieyun respectfully and said, "Can a little knowledge of medicine make my queen feel her pulse?"
Mulieyun slowly nodded "Please help yourself"
Pulling out Liu Yuee’s consciousness from the quilt, she took two fingers to feel her pulse for a long time.
Sighing leisurely, XiMing raised my hand and provoked Liu Yuee to close her eyes, but her eyes were dim and her pupils were a little distracted.
Naidi shook his head and looked back at MuLieYun gloomily.
Neither of them said anything.