Bei Gongyu looked puzzled. "What are you laughing at?"

Xue yiyi stopped laughing and said, "rain, believe it or not, linlin and I are all hello. You want us to die, then I will be you!" But … "
North Palace Rain looked impatient and said, "But what?"
Seeing Xue Yiyi suddenly kneeling at the North Palace Rain, regardless of the surprise of the North Palace Rain, she said seriously, "Please take good care of me and Lingling’s parents!"
Say that finish quickly got up and jumped from the cliff!
Finally, there is no baggage!
Don’t live this dirty world!
Live together, live together, die together!
Yiyi is here to accompany you!
With you, you are no longer alone on Huangquan Road!
Xue Yiyi smiled happily and closed her eyes, so she disappeared with the wind …
Send a trip to a secluded island-return (1)
North Palace Rain wait for a while watched the snow disappear from his face, so he blinked, and two big living people, Snow Yiyi and Daisui Ling, disappeared from the sight of North Palace Rain.
Cliff left north palace rain a person leng in situ snow yiyi and generation ear spirit as if never been to general.
Clear water and ice come out of the grass at night. She has been enjoying the play since just now. It’s good. Things are developing more and more according to her plan!
Clear water night ice walked to stay leng BeiGongYu side patted her.
The rain in Beigong suddenly saw the clear water and night ice, and her eyes were full of "bosom". I couldn’t help but feel a grievance and burst into tears in her arms.
"Blare … yeah … blare … yiyi and linlin … they … they’re dead! Blare ….. "North palace rain on clear water night ice arms sobbed himself really shouldn’t how can hurt yiyi and linlin!
Clear water and night ice gently patting the back of Bei Gong rain makes Beigong rain gradually quiet, but her eyes are cold. Such a small thing scares you like this, so how can you accept the challenge?
After Beigongyu fell asleep, the snow was frozen and Daiyaochen came out. They looked at a face of tears and Beigongyu disdained to smile and left with the clear water and the night ice.
Beigongyu woke up, she opened her eyes and made a modern morning, so she fell asleep, and Xueyibing was surprised to see her awake and said, "Sister Yu, you are awake!" "
As soon as Yao Chen opened his eyes, he saw that Beigongyu was looking at her at a loss, smiled gently and touched Beigongyu’s forehead, and then said, "It’s okay, don’t burn!" Don’t worry, you just caught a cold wind, and now you’re fine! "
North palace rain track nodded his head.
Xue Yibing said sweetly, "Sister Yu, I recently learned a new line and I will read it to you!" Bei Gong raindrops nodded.
Snow and ice said, "I have a plan.
What plan?
The more I listened to the rain in Beigong, the more confused I became. In the end, I wondered why my name appeared in this sentence.
Xue Yibing said, "Sister, this is my new line. The rehearsal temporarily changed your name! You won’t blame me! "
Beigongyu suddenly realized that it was like this. Then Xueyiyi and Daisui Ling must have misunderstood each other! But I don’t want to lose my life because of this!
My eyes dim when I think about the rain in Beigong.
Xue Yibing and Dai Yaochen flashed a trace of disgust and pride in their eyes. It seems that the play was well played!
It turns out that Xue Yibing and Dai Yaochen played all this for Beigong Rain! Is to let her down! The rain in Beigong is really hooked!