Suddenly, I saw that the giant blade of the handle day was flying up for a while, which made the whole cave ablaze and the heat wave hit the four slaves. The colorful Xiayun network protected the people, which made the flames not invade them, but the surrounding cold, snow and frost had been released and melted most of the heat, and it continued to drown them in the fast-flowing water in a short time.

What’s that! Listen to the flower slave, a charming drink, and a colorful light appears in the direction of her finger, but it disappears in the blink of an eye, leaving the huge blade of the heat swirling around the sky and melting the frost around it.
It seems to be a figure, but it doesn’t seem to be very similar. Is there something sealed by Xue Yunfeng? If it is a vicious person, we will be in big trouble! The wind Xiang said as he destroyed the real magic of the moving body and suppressed the anger of the fierce giant blade.
We’re in enough trouble. I think the whole cave here is melting. Let’s take the giant blade and go! Rou Er looked at the deeper and deeper water around him and shouted
It’s almost done. Hang in there! At this time, the wind Xiang has suppressed the fierce giant blade to the minimum, and quickly, the spirit will be wrapped up, and the daughters will jump out of the hole together after passing the handle. As soon as they get out of the hole, they will hear a continuous collapse behind them, and the whole cave will be submerged in the running water …
At this time, Fengxiang discovered that the huge blade of this sky was much bigger than he thought. The ice layer previously exposed was a small part, and the blade was about seven feet long. Although it was powerful in hand, it was extremely inconvenient, so he secretly decided to try to practice it again in the future if sometimes.
Xiao Huang, let’s go! Listen to the wind xiang when roar loud, that is a white bear fight inextricably Kuroha magic burn will simply fly back to his shoulder, judging from its face excited expression should be met a good opponent!
When the white bear saw Kuroha’s magic burn fly away, it was not a burst of loss. When he hurried to this side, Fengxiang and others had already flown away, so that he couldn’t help but roar with sadness in situ and the whole mountain was crumbling.
Along the way, Fengxiang and others also picked several strains of nine-day ice grass, which were wrapped in ice covers and put into the ring, and then they rushed back to the venue of Lixianfeng Tournament.
When Fengxiang reappeared in the tournament venue with her daughters, it caused a riot again, which attracted the eyes of many fix true practitioners again. On the other hand, the elder of Yun Tian looked at the teenager who caused an uproar in the tournament in the sky, but at the moment he was able to walk around the holy stage.
And the female Zhao Lanxin is still a pair of indifference in front of outsiders. If Miss Si Nu doesn’t speak, she will naturally say nothing and quietly talk to her. Rou Er has little interest in human beings except Fengxiang since she became a real dragon. Therefore, walking gives outsiders an unapproachable and aggressive momentum so that they can watch and swallow saliva from a distance …
Fengxiang Rou Er, where have you been? Why did you come back now? Children covered in dust came to Fengxiang and others and looked excited, saying that they seemed to have just defeated a rather strong opponent.
Hey, hey, isn’t this a good time? Is it my turn? The wind Xiang asked confidently with a long knife as tall as others.
After the blood dance, it will be you. What’s your knife? Children said with great interest pointed to the wind xiang giant blade in the hands of doubt asked.
Oh, this one means how about taking the giant blade of Zhongtian, handsome in my hand? Fengxiang gloated and gestured, and the huge blade in his hand reflected heavy light and heat, which made it difficult for children to open their eyes. I was surprised that this super weapon would fall into Fengxiang’s hands.
What! Super weapon, the sky is absolutely fierce and the blade is huge! How did you get it?
To realize this powerful blade, the fire attribute in the extremely cold breath of Yunshan was greatly erased by long-term snow sealing, and then most of the power was suppressed by the wind, which was far from the power of that year, but it was still much stronger than that of ordinary weapons.
Hey, hey, it’s a long story. By the way, do you know what’s the secret of Xue Yunfeng? Said the wind Xiang, suddenly thinking of what he had seen before, and he couldn’t help but ask curiously.
Xue Yunfeng? I’ve never heard of the secret of that mountain peak. Why don’t you ask her? Shadow blood clan is a natural historical book! Children reached a finger taizheng tournament blood dance said
The wind Xiang fought against the giant blade and came to the front of the San Wu. The blood dance was being fought in full swing by a brother who taught Qing Yun. Although the real Yuan Xiu only melted Yuan Duan, the flying sword in his hand contained the wind attribute, which made him incredibly fast. Even dancing with blood made it difficult to get involved in continuous blood shadow skills.
Blood shadow technique-blood stump separation!
Just as the blood dance missed the other party again, I listened to the cold hum in the mouth of the fix true person and immediately flew out and stabbed the waist of the blood dance.
Watch out!
Listening to typhoon Xiang drink a lot, the extremely magnetic voice suddenly made the blood dance can’t help but come back to it. It was quite easy to avoid the other side’s sneak attack, but this stupidity delayed her. When she dodged, she saw that the flying sword went straight through her shoulder blade with a ray of bright red blood, and then turned to continue to attack.
Damn it, it’s bad luck to see you! Blood dance angrily cursed a quickly sideways to avoid.
When the fix true practitioner saw that he had succeeded in a blow, he couldn’t help but gain confidence and struggled to destroy the flying sword in his hand. The incessant attack made the situation extremely passive.
Did I do something wrong? The wind Xiang looked at the scene of the tournament platform with chagrin and asked Rou Er and Zhao Lanxin beside him
The most taboo for a master to fight is distraction, but a master who has been killed for a long time, such as a blood dance girl, will never be distracted by a sudden sound unless she keeps thinking about this person in her heart, which means …
Unless what? The wind Xiang asked eagerly, but see Zhao Lanxin Rou Er gave me a sly smile at the same time. Looking at the wind Xiang at a loss, he couldn’t help laughing more joyously but without meaning. The other party was worried.
Unless the blood dance girl also likes you! Moon slave suddenly leaned in and said with a smile, if you breathe out, Lan looks reddish, but it is a charming state. The hot face is sticking to the wind and Xiang’s ear, so Zhao Lanxin suddenly realized something and nodded his head.
Wow, don’t scare me. I don’t want such an ugly girl!
Oh? What’s ugly about the blood dance girl? Zhao Lanxin looked at Fang Xuewu sideways and then said, I think she is smart. Although she looks reckless, she is very understanding. She should be a good girl!
Yes, I think the blood dance girl is good, too. If she really dies, you will feel guilty! Rou Er also aside to have them.
Kill this! The wind Xiang didn’t feel the seriousness of this situation until he heard this, but now he is in the tournament stage and he can’t help openly. Besides, the elders in Yun Tian are eyeing up like ghosts and looking at themselves for fear that they will be stopped by him before they make moves …
Got it! See the wind Xiang suddenly shouted a wrist turn up high, raised his hand, and the giant blade of Zhongtian absolutely fierce swung toward the middle, and then went to a strong fire hurricane. When it whirled up, the elders of Yun Tian also flew, and the crescent sickle in a wave of his hand immediately oscillated and the fire hurricane would blow away.
The elder of Yun Tian just wanted to teach this unappreciative little troublemaker a lesson. He saw a fire rising again, but in his anger, he also took off a Lanxia rapier to bombard the crescent sickle handle again. Huo Ran shook the blade out of a small gap, but this small mouth made the elder of Yun Tian feel so distressed that he could not eat the little one in one bite.
Lan lingfei frost sword?
It turns out that Fengxiang knows that the strength is greatly limited, and the fierce giant blade method strikes the meniscus sickle, so the flame breath confuses the elders of Yun Tian, and at the same time, Zhao Lanxin’s same weapon Lan Lingfei Frost Sword flies out, so that the two weapons work together to produce such an effect.
It’s said that the crescent sickle in the hands of Elder Yun Tian was the first-class weapon he sought from a stranger for many years. Since decades ago, he has never left his body and devoted himself to putting the most important treasure in the hands of the enemy. Even if it is not necessary, he rarely moves. How can he not be angry if he damages the hands of this young man today?
Seeing that he was holding the damaged sickle to destroy and move up, the real power was like crazy, and he took the pledge toward Fengxiang and struggled to cut down the bite-eating momentum, which really made the people around him watch the fix-true, and even the holy martial arts platform felt a slight impact.
This is the time!
Listen to the wind, whisper, raise your hand high, raise your hand, and the giant blade of Zhongtian will meet the sky. The sickle will only touch two people, and at the same time, it will shock the sky in both directions of heaven and earth. The elders will fly backwards for dozens of feet before they stabilize their bodies. Suddenly, they can’t hold back a mouthful of blood, and the white beard on his chest will be dyed a purple.
And Fengxiang doesn’t easily feel that his mental body is distracted, and the whole body falls into the ground in a flash. It’s not easy to reunite the mental body into a pit several feet deep, and then he feels that the real magic of the body seems to have declined a lot compared with the past. Only then do you know that the original mental body will also be injured.
And this encounter between the two men led to the frequent distraction of the fix-true practitioner in the San Wutai Tournament, and the blood dance was completely immobile due to frequent access to such melee and dangerous scenes. The blood dance gradually occupied the wind’s hand, and the scales gun instantly waved a gun flower and stabbed the other person’s heart like a dragon out of the water.