When I heard the snow vulture coughing up Huangfu Zhantian, I suddenly woke up and described the appearance of Henaan and them a little, and then looked at Sakura Jill nervously. Section 115: News.

After seeing the expression of suspection.i Zhantian, Sakura Jill immediately laughed while covering her mouth.
"You’re so stupid. Even if our Yuhailou has an intelligence system, I’m sure I can’t always know that I have to check it for you. Well, I’ll ask it for you after dinner. I heard that there are two girls. What do those two girls tell you?" Sakura Jill hexagrams asked.
"Ha ha, those are my friends Henaan and Tie Yingyue. They are my girlfriends!" I’m sorry to say that I have to please her anyway. It’s okay to tell her.
"ah! Xiaotian brother, you are good. It’s good to find two girls as girlfriends. I also think you are a elm knot in one’s heart. "Sakura Jill said with a smile and praised her, glancing at Yu Xiaoxian next to her eyes. Of course, she can see that although this Yu Xiaoxian seems to be close to Huangfu Zhantian, it should not be that kind.
"Ahem, that would be troublesome for Miss Sakura Jill." Any suspection.i Zhantian embarrassed way [
"I said don’t call me miss cherry Jill. Well, just call me sister Jill. It’s really shy. I’m a few years older than you. Are you afraid I’ll eat you? Or am I not worthy to be your sister? " Sakura Jill eyes stare and asked.
"Well, sister Jill!" Any suspection.i Zhantian Naidao was severely pinched by Yu Xiaoxian’s hand and his arm side. This handful of suspection.i Zhantian took a deep breath and choked back the terrible pain to Sakura Jill’s way
"Good giggling, good brother. Well, when the food comes, you can eat first. I’ll ask for you to save you from always thinking about your lover!" Sakura Jill smiled and laughed again and again, and then she turned and left, and the food was delivered at this time.
"Xiaotian, are you fascinated by her?" Yuxiaoxian bite bite lips way
"What is a fool thinking? How can I like people when we meet for the first time? Besides, people have such a big industry, and it seems that she has as much power as the five big families in . How can people like this look at me? Besides, it’s not that you don’t know me. My heart is already full." Huangfu Zhantian stopped talking and worked hard at the food on the table.
"I’m sorry, I was just talking nonsense. Don’t worry." Yu Xiaoxian suddenly felt a little overwhelmed after seeing the performance of Huangfu Zhantian.
"Well, you hurry to eat. You must be hungry after such a long journey. After eating, I’ll ask Yu Huayu about them and then we’ll go to an inn." Huangfu Zhantian looked up and smiled reluctantly.
"yeah!" Yu Xiaoxian didn’t dare to talk any more. She nodded her head and then ate it. The original delicious food in her mouth suddenly became dull.
"Did Xiaotian’s brother eat well?" When HuangFuZhanTian and YuXiaoXian were silent, Sakura’s voice came from the outside.
Hearing this, Huangfu Zhantian rose up because he felt a kind of joy from Sakura’s words. It must be that there is news coming, but I don’t know who it is.
"Jill elder sister you come back? How’s it going? Is there any news? " Asked suspection.i Zhantian nervously. Even the snow vulture next to her stopped eating. She looked nervously at Sakura Jill, but Yu Xiaoxian looked a little uneasy. She didn’t know whether she should be happy for suspection.i Zhantian or worried about herself.
"Giggle Xiaotian brother, this is the most sincere time for you to call your sister. It’s really a little heartless. Okay, I won’t tease you. There is indeed news, but it’s not your lover. It’s two men who said that two people came to Mu Mucheng three days ago. The appearance of these two people told you that the little secluded and small fish was more like they entered Mu Mucheng with the Yin caravan when they came. The two of them should be Yin’s now." Cherry Jill primly said.
When I heard Sakura Jill’s words, Huangfu Zhantian was suddenly disappointed, but it was also the best of all the news. Now there are four of them together. I believe that if you look slowly, you should find it.
"Thank you, sister Jill. Then I’ll go find them now." Any suspection.i Zhantian got up eagerly.
"Don’t be in such a hurry. I sent someone to Yin’s house when I knew this situation. I believe you will see them soon." Sakura Jill said quickly when she saw that she was in a hurry.
"Am I too nervous or is it considerate of Jill’s sister?" I heard that Sakura Jill had made arrangements, and my heart was suddenly moved. But after she helped herself so much, she must repay a family well.
"Giggle, you and your friends are very good. I can see that you are anxious about them, but you don’t know what your sister and brother will do when I am in danger." Sakura joked.
When I heard the words of Sakura Jill, I was sincere and said, "Sister Jill is very kind to me. If Sister Jill is in any danger, I will definitely rush to save you at the first time, no matter who she is."
Sakura Jill didn’t expect her jokes to make Huangfu Zhantian so solemn, but her heart was suddenly a little touched. She was kind to Huangfu Zhantian because she didn’t know what Huangfu Zhantian smelled like, which always made her feel at ease and very comfortable. It was like returning to her mother’s arms [
"My silly brother, where can I meet any danger? It’s enough to have you. Well, I’ve prepared a place to live. Let’s live here for the three of you."
"But …!"
"Come on, don’t say, don’t you abandon your sister here? If so, then you can live outside." After that, Sakura Jill stared at Huangfu Zhantian with dribbling.
Hear sakura Jill suspection.i zhantian suddenly speechless good nai nodded his head.
Then suspection.i war day, the three of them lived in a small courtyard behind Yuhailou. The yard was very quiet, and there was little noise outside the yard. It seems that this yard should be equipped with a magic device.
"Brother Xiaotian?" As far as Huangfu Zhantian is concerned, when they are resting, the sound of Sakura’s voice comes from inside the door into section 116: weizi.
When he heard what Sakura said, Huangfu Zhantian was the first to jump out, slammed the door and looked anxiously around Sakura, but when he saw that Sakura was coming alone, he was suddenly disappointed.
"Oh, disappointed?" Sakura Jill laughs
"Oh, no, they haven’t come yet?" Any suspection.i war days could not help but ask.
"Also said that there is no really see you in such a hurry to tell you the truth, the two of them do Yin’s house, but now the two of them can’t come over." Cherry Jill looked a little weird.
"What?" Any suspection.i war days doubt asked [
"I really don’t know whether your friends learn from you or you learn from your friends." Sakura Jill asked with a strange face.
"What do you mean?" This time suspection.i Zhantian is more confused.
"Also said that your two friends were respectively retained by Miss Yin Jia Da and Miss Er, and now they have gone to weizi to play with Miss Yin Jia Da and Miss Er." Cherry Jill smiled and looked at Huangfu Zhantian strangely.
After listening to Sakura Jill’s words, Huangfu Zhantian was really shocked this time. He didn’t expect Xiao You and Xiao Yu to be indifferent and indifferent to each other, but he was really happy for them.
"Then let’s go to weizi to find them now. Er, of course, if you have nothing to worry about, if you have something to do, then we can do it ourselves." I’m glad that Huangfu Zhantian said such a thing directly to this cherry girl, but as soon as the words were exported, Huangfu Zhantian found something wrong with his words and quickly changed his mind.
"Giggling is so overbearing. Even if you have something, your sister will definitely push it off and go with you. Otherwise, wouldn’t we be disappointed every day?" Cherry Jill smiled repeatedly.
"Sister Jill is joking. Let’s go now!" Any suspection.i zhantian some urgent way
After listening to Huangfu Zhantian, Sakura Jill smiled and said, "I can’t stand you. Let’s go!"