"Oh?" Lian Yan-jing thought for a moment and seemed to remember who it was. "After the mysterious tribesmen failed to assassinate the emperor and rescue the virgin at the same time, they naturally got up and returned to the Royal Guards!"

"Is it a prison?" Dong Yuling remembered that the Royal Guards had stayed in the special dark room for so long, and it was almost two years. Is this … still awake?
"Yes, that place in the prison will be saved, and then someone will come to relieve the prisoners." Lian Yan Jing otherwise.
"What about Yingying’s top card?" Dong ling suddenly asked
Lotus Yan Jing was dazed for a moment before she found out what was the significance of Dong Yuling’s asking questions. She couldn’t help but feel happy. "A secret place is in charge, and maybe there is a mother. Are you still jealous after all this time?"
Dong Fengling left him a look "just curious, just ask"
"Really?" Lotus Yan jiing some regret said that the in the mind is 391 chapter 391 than the United States that eleven.
Dong Yuling couldn’t help laughing at Lian Yan Jiing’s snickering. I really don’t know what the brain has made up in some life.
However, Dong Yuling didn’t discover that he was happy.
"So it has been decided that Yingying is Wang Ren, Hunan?" Dong Fengling stopped when he saw that the massage was almost done.
"At the beginning she with brave" close not already guess? Brave and brave "even the king of Xiang stayed in Beijing for the biggest chess game". Lian Yan Jiing felt that it was lucky to find brave and brave "if it weren’t for some words in Dong Wei’s spirit, they would still be in the dark!
Even better, Zhong Yongbo doesn’t know that he has been exposed in recent years, and there is no shortage of manual work.
"I mean, Xiang Wang’s hand and medical skill are so superior? Dare somebody else face knife? It seems that the effect is very good! " Dong Yuling is more interested in this.
This topic is not unusual in modern times, but it was very difficult in ancient times.
"The king of Xiang had some talented people who were different. In those days, the king of Xiang was still very polite to the wise men. It was only in the past two years that he tore his face with the emperor, but he always did something confused …" Lotus Yan Jiing stretched out her hand and pulled Dong Yuling into her arms. The two of them lay together. "Heroes only come out in troubled times. Some talents want to do something that will last forever when they are born, but they have no chance."
"If Xiang Wang can be honored in the Ninth Five-Year Plan, are you afraid that history can’t be remembered?" Lian Yan Jing knows what these people think very well.
Some people are simply mad at their names.
However, they chose rebellion after a long history. You know, the rise of war is bound to kill people, but they almost have their own victory
Do you really want to be a good official without taking the right path? Dislike this name is too small? I really don’t know what to say.
What kind of people have never seen in the dark world of previous lives? It’s not surprising that Dong Fengling heard this.
Others may not understand their obsession with something, but they never feel wrong.
"I think Xiang Wang’s tactics are not simple. Is it really recruiting people?" Dong Yuling remembered that if Brother Nan, the entomologist, really recruited something for more than 20 years?
You know, when the new emperor ascended the throne, he was very busy. If he stopped poisoning, he wouldn’t even be afraid of the emperor.
At that time, the emperor had no heirs, so the succession of the king of Hunan must be so flustered now.
"Of course, there are also means to intimidate Xiang Wang Da. At the beginning, he was too headstrong to lose to the first emperor, otherwise he will not get it until now?" Lian Yan Jing chuckled, "But now it seems that King Xiang is really old."
An ill-timed war with the emperor has also failed several times in a row, as if he were going crazy, regardless of any calculation or wisdom
"By the way, you and the emperor have no news back? For example, the physical condition of Xiang Wang! Is he in poor health so anxious? " Dong Wei ling asked puzzled
People are easy to be a jerk when they are in a hurry, and a dog jumps over the wall.
It is not impossible for Xiang Wang to know that he will not live long without careful layout before.
"Just verifying" that Lotus Yan Jiing toyed with Dong Yong Ling’s hair feels so good. "If this is really the problem, Xiang Wang must have fooled the people around him, not to say that he has a master of Xinglin? It shouldn’t be difficult to hide. "
"And even if King Xiang is dead, it can’t make people relax. King Xiang is also a malicious role." Lian Yan Jiing said slowly, "King Xiang and his insistence on making peace with things. King Xiang grew up in a fief and didn’t have much feelings for the royal family."
Dong Fengling nodded and said white.
King Xiang has little scruples about doing things. He doesn’t want the Shenglian dynasty to decline. However, Wang Shi of Xiang is not a saint, and when he grows up, he will be more paranoid. He will be much more intense if he wants to get the means.
"It is said that it is more necessary to catch the gang than the direct death of Xiang Wang?" Is it best to fix the world first and then solve the old? Dong Yuling is thoughtful. It seems that the layout and planning of the emperor are not small!
In recent years, the layout of the king of Xiang has not been idle.
And now the king of Xiang can’t help but move first, and the emperor is still stable.