"Listen to you!" This time, Li Fu didn’t object, but smiled without hesitation and promised to even smile at each other.

On October 21st, pedestrians arrived in Beijing.
Li Fu, Lian Fangzhou and Zhou Yan all have some regrets and sighs about going to Beijing again.
Lianze and others have already found a place to live, and found three places in a middle-class residential area in the north city, which are not close to each other in different lanes. Once something happens, they can support each other and retreat separately.
"Injustice temple! Please stay here for the time being! " Li Fu is very sorry.
Although the hospital is neat and clean, it is just neat and clean, which is really wronged for Zhou Yan.
Zhou Yan gave a smile "general lee don’t say so! This is nothing! "
Said several people together.
At this time, it is inconvenient to meet each other during the day, and even Ze has got the news that they have arrived. Come and get together at the party.
Discuss it later. According to the division of labor agreed in Nanhai City, each person is responsible for his own part.
In a few days, the king of Laomin County and Cui Shaoxi will appear in front of people, making it look like the king of Laomin County traveled in other places and brought Cui Shaoxi back to Beijing together.
The king of Laomin County always likes to make friends with young people. Cui Shaoxi is a handsome and outstanding man. It is not doubtful that the king of Laomin County will walk with him.
Old Min County King Status I believe King Li will be so happy that his nose will be crooked when he returns to Beijing!
Similarly, Cui Shaoxi is born in a noble family and is a princess. The royal family is inextricably linked. At this time, he will be welcomed by King Li of Beijing.
As expected, the follow-up development of Laomin County King and Cui Shaoxi’s return to Beijing has greatly boosted the spirit of King Li and attracted all kinds of kindness and favor from them!
Who dares to speak if the king of Laomin County agrees with his imperial clan with a nod?
The value of Cui Shaoxi’s family behind him is also immeasurable.
In Zhu Sangong’s interest in making friends with Cui Shaoxi, it soon became common for him to get in and out of Zhu Fu.
Where’s the king of Laomin County? Naturally, I asked the king of glass about the change of the former capital with a dignified look and doubts.
Of course, Li Wang said "wronged!" Although the king of Laomin County didn’t believe him, he was silent and didn’t refute him.
In Wang Li’s view, if the king of Laomin County doesn’t speak fiercely and openly oppose himself, it will be equivalent to tacit support.
On the contrary, if he takes the initiative to identify himself and accepts his explanation, that’s not right. Chapter 148 Back to Beijing.
Lian Fangzhou and Lian Ze’s shops and firms have become the best sources of information.
Li Fu-hu, Da Hai, Lian Che, etc. made an analysis according to the current situation in Beijing and the situation of the courtiers, and then secretly contacted the former Taiyi Party and the former army headquarters. Now they have both certain strength and been suppressed by King Li.
We need to be careful about this matter, and we can’t breathe a word about what we have planned, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable! Therefore, it is easier said than done, but it is very exhausting and requires careful handling everywhere.
Ding Taifu has also been invited and coerced by the king of glass to get to the capital, but he refused to enter the center to educate people in the Imperial Academy.
Nature is the first contact person.
And the king and princess of the county
Not to mention the fact that Lian Fangzhou, the princess of the county, is excellent and her children are in-laws. The two of them are sure to help Lian Fangzhou Li Fu.
It is precisely because the princess of Liujun even the princess of Fangzhou did not dare to move because of her status as a princess of the North. Her queen’s family didn’t give anything to Liujun Wangfu. Naturally, it is indispensable to keep the king of Liujun and the princess of Liujun. How can they not return the color when they have the opportunity?
There is nothing better than keeping the king of the county. He has a wide range of friends and is good at dancing with long sleeves and a little trouble. It is extremely difficult for him to hide it if he has a heart.
What surprised Lian Fangzhou most was that he ran into Sun!
At first glance, Sun saw that they were pleasantly surprised. Even Fang Zhou and Li Fu didn’t hide what she had done when she returned to Beijing.
Sun was not surprised when he heard this, but smiled and said, "I knew that General Li was by no means going to occupy Nanhai County and be a carefree local tyrant as he said in the DPRK today! I guess you will definitely come back, but I didn’t expect to come back so soon! "
Even Fang Zhou and Li Fu smiled and felt warm in their hearts.
Sun Yiyang raised his eyebrows and solemnly said, "If you need any help, just ask!"
See even Fang Zhou and Li Fu zheng show hesitation color sun moreover ran a smile to say with smile "what? Don’t you trust me? "
"no! Absolutely not! " Even fangzhou consciousness blurted out that Li Fu picked his eyebrows and Sun ourtenant looked at himself. "Sun Dage, we appreciate your kindness!" But now that you and Miss Su have a good life, I really don’t want to involve you and I don’t want to … involve Sue’s family. "
After all, the world has the word absolute, but there is no absolute thing.
Although they have a thorough plan and a great chance of success, who can guarantee it before the dust settles?
The more important it is, the more it is not allowed to neglect even a grain of dust. It is this truth that a thousand miles of embankment was destroyed in an ant nest!
Su Xiner has never been at odds with herself. Even though she married Sun, even if her Sun had heard of it, it would be harmonious. But even Fang Zhou knows that the proud and arrogant young lady is still upset about the past. She has never been relieved of herself!
Once Sun gets involved, Su Xiner’s wife has a great chance of finding out about it.
If she finds out, the big lady is temperamental and God knows what she will do!
Even if it is a possible loophole, even Fangzhou and Li Fu will never let this happen.
After listening to her Su Jiasun put her words in her head, she understood.
I can’t help but smile lightly. "I’m not afraid to tell you that I have already left Beijing and returned to my hometown!"
Even Fang Zhou accidentally opened his eyes to see Sun’s light smile with a touch of bitterness, which was inconvenient for him to ask for advice. He never dreamed that he would have a moment of confusion with himself and didn’t know what to say.
Sun Yi said with a smile, "It’s a deal. I still live in the original place. If I have something to do, I’ll call someone to contact me. The Imperial Academy is the leading scholar of heaven, and it will represent which side the scholar of heaven is leaning. Although I am incompetent, I know quite a few scholars. I can also persuade one or two if necessary."
Even Fang Zhou couldn’t brush his good opinion again. Li Fu nodded slightly and smiled.
It’s just that it’s not convenient for them to do too much contact with Dr. Ding, but it’s much more convenient to have Sun!
Because of the bad luck of the country in the past year, King Li has become more and more eager to whitewash the peace. During the Chinese New Year, he ordered the government to decorate the whole capital with flowers and splendor, and ordered the government to organize a grand Lantern Festival. At that time, there will not only be countless colorful lanterns, but also fireworks and people will enjoy the peace and prosperity together!
Zhou Yan listened with a sneer at what a glass king is! What a hypocritical face!
However, Lian Fangzhou put it beautifully. "This is his last carnival, so let him be presumptuous once!"