Changle stepped back and sat down in his place.

Glared at Anyi in Changle speak sarcasm "incredibly take the former to congratulate you how much filial piety is this? Father didn’t see you perfunctory! "
Changle hooked his lips and smiled. "You can try saying these words in front of your father. I don’t know if you can afford the consequences?"
Anyi was so angry that she looked very ugly. If Tang Jincheng didn’t get up, she would continue to fight for a high in Changle.
Tang Jincheng Anyi came out in unison and gave them a birthday present. It was a deputy who embroidered the color gradation of the map line of the northern power country. It must be said that this map immediately attracted everyone’s attention.
Seeing all the people in the temple staring at this map, Tang Jincheng is naturally very proud, but he is disguised as a hand to explain, "Emperor, this is a great river and mountain in China. It took me a long time to draw this map. If there is anything wrong, please point out that Chapter 4 is Wanshou Festival 6.
The emperor touched Bahuzan and said, "This map is not bad. What do you think of the queen?"
Queen Liang nodded. "Xu’s mind is really good."
There is no princess Anyi in her words.
Rhyme princess beside the look of the emperor naturally knows that the emperor is actually happy with this gift, but the queen has attributed this gift to Xu.
The daughter Anyi naturally has no way to get the emperor’s love.
Anyi listened in the face, "I came up with the idea that Mother embroidered the map."
Queen Liang didn’t even look at her. "Imperial brocade embroidery still needs a frame. It will look good."
"Well, the queen is right. Then I will leave it to the queen. I am very relieved that the queen will take care of it."
With a wave of his hand, the emperor directly handed it over to Queen Liang.
"The emperor can rest assured that the male and female servants will be completed."
Queen Liang smiled and replied.
Tang Luoling, who is playing a fight here, is also watching quietly.
Just then, an attendant came in, "Report to the Emperor that the butler is coming."
"Please come quickly!"
Emperor shine at the moment immediately ordered.
After a while, Guan Geng followed the waiter and came in with a respectful look. "Long live the right man to congratulate the emperor on his birthday!"
"Guan Geng, you need such a big gift for a rare trip to the palace."
"The right man thanked the emperor for his grace"
When Guan Geng’s face was raised, Tang Luoling saw his old man’s dark eyes and didn’t know what was going on.
In her eyes, she felt that Guan Geng was much older than when she met him.
Suddenly Tang Luoling saw the servant breathing behind Guan Geng and couldn’t help but take a breath!
She really didn’t expect Guan Qilin to be so bold to dress up as a man and follow Guan Geng into the palace!
What is she doing? Once her identity is revealed, she will put herself in danger!
Tang Luoling was so anxious that he shook his fingers and stared at Guan Qilin, a bold little girl! It’s getting more and more indiscreet. She asked Mo Yi to send her back to the night palace, but Qi Lin appeared here. If there is nothing strange here, she will never believe it.
"Miss Lorraine, what’s wrong with you?"
Zhao Wang sat beside her and asked softly
"Nothing is just a little stuffy."
Tang Luoling withdrew his sight and took a swig of table wine into his mouth.
King Zhao’s suspicious eyes turned to Guan Geng’s body.
After Guan Geng sat down, he was given a gift from himself, which was dozens of jars of wine.
"Guan Geng, what is this?"
The emperor was curious.
Guan Geng replied with fuels, "This is the unique Shu wine, which was specially transported back to the royal family when the right people passed through Shu last year. Today, this Shu wine celebrates the emperor’s longevity, and it is not worth much to offer the right people a gift."
The emperor sighed with melancholy. "I remember your kindness in my heart. I want to come to see you in the summer for so many years, but I might as well sit together and spend time with your mother and family."
"It’s father"
Xia Wang bowed his hand and came to Guan Geng’s side and personally poured him a cup. Chapter 5 He is me! one
After all the people dedicated their birthday presents, the banquet in Wanshou Palace continued.
King Zhao followed the desire of the Prime Minister to toast the big officials everywhere. Even the Mu Xinfei threw provocative eyes at Tang Luoling from time to time.
Tang Luoling ignored Mu Xinfei’s provocation at all. In her eyes, the safety of Guan Qilin is the most important now!
Especially now, she shouldn’t appear in the palace at this time. Once her identity is leaked, her future marriage is in danger.
Don’t say that now Xia Wang has a heart that Tang Luoshu rejected this marriage.
It is estimated that because of this matter, Guan Gengcai will recruit Guan Qilin again. Father and daughter are going to come to Xia Wang for an answer.
Tang Luoling has a headache, even if he wants to find out the whole thing, he shouldn’t be so sexual.
Sighed for a long time, then walked out on the pretext of wanting to go out and sober up.
The scenery outside Wanshou Hall is good, and there is a Moon Lake.
Flowers are planted by the lake, and the moonlight is as bright as a silver plate at night.
At the lake, Tang Luoling didn’t look back. "Now that you’re out, let’s talk about what you want?"
"Sister Luo Ling, I …"
GuanQiLin a face of injustice don’t know where to start.
"Xia Wang broke off an engagement. He thinks he doesn’t deserve you. Do you have a good remedy? And didn’t you also oppose this marriage at the beginning? "
Tang Luoling turned and stared at her eyes and asked directly.
Guan Qilin’s mouth evoked a wry smile for a long time before she replied, "I like him. I don’t want to quit this marriage. My father brought me here because he had no choice but to be ground."
"Chilin, do you know what love is?"
"I …"
"If you like a person, you won’t look down on the other person because he is temporarily poor, embarrassed and forced to fall. Master once taught us that it is better to bully the Chinese Pulsatilla than the young man. We have been in the night palace for many years, but we have not heard less."
Tang Luoling gently urged, "Do you know what you look like in Xia Wang’s eyes? In his opinion, you look down on him and he has no feelings for you. At that time, he promised the official uncle to get married. That’s because after all, he read that the official family is a virtuous princess and the mother family even regards you as family. Will he change his mind? I don’t know. I know he won’t marry you now. "