"That’s it?" HuYanCheng and slightly one leng quickly followed to go out of the distance as if suddenly remind of something "by the way, those ghost butterflies are dead just now. How about Shui Chihiro? Are you dead, too? "

Yanglingtian shook his head. "I said that I wanted them to suffer from the hardships of refining their souls in March before they fell, and I would not let them die so easily. When the Shura prison was banned, I moved him outside the ban."
"Well, it’s not too cheap to let them die like this." HuYanCheng and nodded his head and his words were still full of resentment.
Three figures cut through the lonely sky and flew away in the distance.
As Yanglingtian said, Chihiro Shui and others are not dead at the moment, and they are even caught in a mixed struggle.
The resentment of the ghost butterfly body was taken away by Yanglingtian, and the power of the God King was dissipated around like Penglai’s master said. However, the lack of such a strong power caused the aura of the surrounding world to change. The whole island’s spiritual pulse was originally a hell, and the valley turned into a rare spiritual pulse.
In such an environment, cultivation can surpass ordinary people by a hundred times. Chihiro and others are already strong and fascinated. If they concentrate on practicing in March, they can re-enter the realm of Shengwu. However, even if they enter the realm of Shengwu, the threat of soul-fixing beads is still as deep as a spell.
Looking at the distant figure outside hell, Penglai Lord slowly got up and looked at his body naively.
He was banned by Yangling Tianzhong for ten days, but he was able to practice as ordinary people, and he could go back in a moment. At this moment, the distance has become a barrier.
Even a cool breeze blew his "weak" body into the dark valley.
When he fell seven dizzy, he slowly got up and saw that he was sitting quietly against Chihiro and others, but he was suddenly overjoyed.
"With ancient was the body? God helps me, and others may not be able to restrain the soul beads, but I am proficient in special skills, but I can reach out and solve their ban, and then I will control the environment here again. After three months, I will have more than 30 magic hands, hahaha ~ ~ ~ Yanglingtian, if you don’t kill me, I will give you a big gift after three months. Just leave. If you dare to destroy the Shura Ghost Prison, I will feel like a teacher. Chapter 86: I will win the palace master (1)
A towering peak in Cangbi, Wan Li stands abruptly.
From a distance, the top of the mountain bathed in gorgeous morning glow, and the clouds and gas flowed like heaven.
There is a towering palace standing at the summit, which is more than ten feet high. The whole palace is made of huge stones, and the whole palace is like a middle city in the halo, and this beautiful golden-walled temple is steaming and floating.
A white jade ladder, like a golden ribbon in the sunshine, hangs from the outside of the palace door to Yanglingtian. The three-legged ladder seems to be unattainable.
"That’s Le Sheng Palace?" Looking at the palace in the depths of the clouds, Hu Yancheng and whispering, a small island palace seems to be more spectacular than the residence of the God King thousands of years ago.
"It should be" Nangong Yan nodded and reached for the top of the mountain. "The vast sun, moon, water, fire, heaven, earth, wind and sacrifices of Buddhism are called the incarnation of Buddha, and the whole universe is one, so everything can be protected. Look at the clouds on the top of the mountain, although it is light, it seems to contain all living things, which exactly conforms to the meaning of Buddhism."
HuYan into and slightly one leng looked up at the top of the mountain.
In addition to marginal peace, Hu Yancheng felt a strange feeling in his heart at first sight, but he couldn’t tell what it was. When Nangong Yan woke up, he suddenly realized that the pure white cloud seemed to have formed a perfect cycle and an independent and complete world.
Of course, this is just a feeling brought by the breath of clouds.
"Let’s go!"
Yanglingtian waved his sleeves and walked along the white stone steps instead of flying.
Three figures on the long stone steps rose slowly and gently, and the clouds brushed past them, but from a distance, they looked like devout believers visiting their gods.
As time goes by, the peak of the mountains finally presents three people’s eyes.
At the end of the stone staircase, a white palace stands at the peak.
The misty white clouds and the gorgeous morning glow set off the palace in a mysterious and solemn way, which made people feel a kind of fear involuntarily.
"Hum something?"
In order to suppress the bottom of my heart, I was afraid and frightened, and I snorted bravely. I stared at the palace with a peaceful atmosphere stubbornly.
Suddenly, a big secret came into my eyes-all palaces are inhabited by people, so there are people going out of the door and letting people breathe.
However, the huge palace in front of us has a window and no door.
There should be a door in the palace wall. It is a smooth wall.
The wall is engraved with a huge Buddha statue, and the head of the Buddha statue is slightly lowered and frowning faintly, as if thinking about the meaning of this universe.
"Why is there no door? Is there no one living in this Lesheng Palace? " HuYanCheng and frown mumbling.
"It’s not that there is no door." Nangong Yan shook her head and looked at the palace with dignified eyes. "It’s just that the door is closed."
"Closed?" Hu Yancheng and leng suddenly became angry. "Hum, what does it mean that we have come all the way here but closed our doors?"
Yanglingtian shook his head. "Don’t worry, the door will appear soon."
Sure enough, Yangling auditions have just fallen into the palace, and there should be a door where sudden changes have taken place.
I don’t know if it is an illusion that everyone feels that the bowed Buddha seems to raise his head slightly, and at the same time, a peaceful halo flows like a water wave.
HuYanCheng and slightly back in the virtual fist really yuan slowly condensed into a knife.
However, in a blink of an eye, he seems to have condensed the general long knife in his hand like a deflated ball. Suddenly, his eyes narrowed slightly and his eyes almost fell out. After the halo circulation, the enemy in his image did not appear, but a monster appeared, not exactly a monster, but a Buddha statue.
-the wall carving pattern ran out by itself, and you just ran out. The Buddha statue seems to have come back to life. The original plane pattern gradually expanded and gradually became a three-dimensional sculpture, and it is still growing.
"This,, this,,,," HuYanCheng and glaring mumbling can eventually because I don’t know the shape and gently accept.