But after all, he is a man, and it seems that he is not good at cleaning the house. The house is a mess, and he is always a pile of garbage after eating things with shells …

She doesn’t hate cleaning her room. She seems to like clean and tidy environment, as if that’s where she used to live. After thinking about it, she didn’t continue to want to go.
This time, absolutely light dust froze when it came back!
The room suddenly became so clean and almost spotless, which made it casual at ordinary times. He once suspected that he was wrong! So I went back to see it several times and finally determined the coordinate error.
God, what the hell happened? His house is so clean as if it had been robbed!
At this time, she came from the outside with a pile of firewood in her hand.
She told him that she usually saw him catch a lot of fish, but she swallowed it without cooking it. She wanted to give him a change.
He looked at her puzzled.
She doesn’t explain either.
Although he has been practicing for thousands of years, he has never communicated with human beings and has always been alone. He doesn’t understand many things, what will hurt her and what won’t.
When she lit the fire, she startled him and quickly protected her from the fire. Maybe it was because he didn’t like fire and always thought it would hurt her.
However, she was leisurely roasting fish, and she was very skilled.
What, she can grilled fish? She doesn’t know what she will eat fish. Actually, she doesn’t know that she thinks she must have eaten a lot before, because she especially likes the smell and taste of fish, as if she could smell it through these fish and forget the past.
He is no longer afraid that she will be burned by fire, and he is very happy that she and he have a common hobby of eating fish, so sharing the suspicion is pleasant and the mood will become particularly good all day.
"Have you never eaten cooked food?"
"…" He looked at her strangely.
He has been alone for too long. He likes to watch the stars at the seaside in the evening. He usually hides in the water during the day. If he is not worried that she will be lonely alone, he thinks he will not leave that water. Chapter 766 Sure enough, there is a generation gap between them.
He has no friends, no parents, and the enemies who hunt him down are endless places. He is tired of foreign bodies, and it is best to have him in the whole world, but it is different now. He likes to be with her, even if he doesn’t say anything, but at the same time he is like a clumsy child who knows everything about taking care of her.
Knowing that she looks good when she smiles, he likes to watch it.
Sure enough, there isn’t.
She thought to herself that she would pick some food and cook it for him. Maybe he would like it, too.
So she said to him, "Go to bed early and wake me up."
He looked at her strangely as soon as he didn’t hear clearly.
She said, "Do you understand?"
He nodded at once and ate the grilled fish happily. It was delicious. He had never eaten anything so delicious. She was really his treasure.
So in the middle of the night, he watched the temporary hut she built on the shore, and his lips were full of happiness.
Since she came, she has taught him many things that he didn’t know when he was alone.
Early the next morning.
She was awakened by a shrill cry-
"Ah … ah … ah …"
It’s her familiar sound
She was so startled that she flew out of the house to see him screaming at the sea with his hands flaring on the shore.
She clearly felt that she was worried about him just now, so she felt inexplicably angry. "What are you yelling about in the early morning?" Don’t you know someone will be worried!
He looks very sad. Didn’t you say you should scream when you slept well? I slept well.
His eyes handed her the message.
"…" Sure enough, there is a generation gap between them!
When she looked at it, it was getting late. Now that she was up, let’s go and order.
He also told her that she was angry with him and quickly followed him.
She takes one step, he takes one step, she takes three steps, he takes three steps, she stops, he stops.
She looked back at him, and he was like a child who had done something wrong. Back off immediately.
"You just go about your business. I’ll be right back," she said.
But he still pursued her.
She won’t turn into a butterfly and fly away, and she’s really not angry, but when she looks at him so pitifully, her heart softens. She admits that she can’t stand his cute expression, so she acquiesces that he will go with her.
When he got the promise, he immediately became cheerful. Almost everything she saw, he would immediately sweep them away.
She was very embarrassed. "We can’t finish eating so much."
Does he look sincere? Save it for the day.
But I won’t eat and play in 2008, and a wild vegetable will be swept away by him.