"Ah Yi didn’t expect you to be a righteous man." Sima Cai looked at Qiao Xuanyi with a smile on his face and said nothing as if thinking about Dai Yaochen.

Qiao Xuanyi looked at Sima Caigang with disdain, but he was beaten to the punch.
"Color photos, you say so, so do you." Clear water night ice said the word "also" with her hands around her chest lightly, and she bit it very clearly.
SiMaCai corners of the mouth a smoke unexpectedly clear water night ice is also a belly black Lord …
At this moment, the class leader began to sound, "Students, today we have two students transferred from China. Welcome!"
Bi Xue and Dai Yaochen came in from outside the classroom and whistled and cheered in the classroom.
Clear water night ice curiosity raised his head but was shocked.
Stunning ③
The podium snow is also ice, and Dai Yaochen is shoulder to shoulder. Smiling together, he looks at the podium and stays frozen at night.
Lan Pingxuan and Sima Cai were a little surprised when they saw snow and ice and Dai Yaochen, but there was still a little surprise in their hearts. What happened to them at the same time?
Qiao Xuanyi looked at the smiling snow and ice, and Dai Yaochen looked stupefied again. Clear water and night ice soon turned white. Now he is absolutely sure that clear water and night ice is running away from home by himself …
The class leader said gently, "Please let two students introduce themselves!"
Snow is ice. First of all, the students in Taiwan burst into a big laugh step by step. "Hello everyone! My name is Snow and Ice coming to China! " Say that finish some meaningful glanced at clear water night ice.
Sima Cai walked out of her mind and stared at Xue Yibing. It turned out that her name was Xue Yibing. What a beautiful name!
Dai Yaochen then took one equally meaningful look at Shimizu Night Ice and said softly, "My name is Dai Yaochen and I’m also from China."
The blue eyes are like being caught in the deep sea, beautiful and deep.
"Two students find their own seats!"
Xue Yibing and Dai Yaochen looked at each other and just looked around when they found the location of Shimizu Night Ice and Qiao Xuan Yi, and there were just two places behind them!
Two corners of the mouth happen to coincide evoked a somewhat evil radian to those two positions.
When passing by the clear water and the night ice, the snow and the ice said softly, "The night ice is coming!"
On a clear night, the ice froze and turned to the lips of the two men and said, "Be quiet when you come!"
Xue Yibing and Dai Yaochen smiled, and Xue Yibing replied in the same lip, "Night ice seems that your wish can’t be realized!"
Dai Yaochen also joined in. "Night Ice, how can you get compensation for running here without telling us?"
Clear water night ice nai turned his head and it seems that his good days are really over!
Being teased! ?
A lesson of snow and ice can’t wait to walk to the clear water and night ice. A big bear hug choked and said, "Night ice, we miss you so much!" "
Dai Yaochen also smiled and said, "Yes, Ye Bing, it’s been a long time since you left Europe!"
Clear water night ice patted snow and ice on the shoulder and comforted, "Okay, Europe, I’m fine!" "
Snow and ice sobbed and took a ride out of the arms of clear water and ice at night. Suddenly Qiao Xuanyi saw one side and shouted with surprise, "Hey! Easy for you to be here! "
Qiao Xuanyi smiled. "Long time no see for Europe!"
At this moment, Lan Pingxuan and Sima Cai came over and Sima Cai said, "Yi, you said that the two of us are worse than you. What does this beauty know about you?" And we, alas, "Sima Cai showed compassion.
Eyes swept through the snow and there was a flash of light in Sima Cai’s eyes. Xiang Xue also walked over and lifted her with one hand. She said to the doll’s delicate face, which was quite frivolous, "Beauty is free to introduce-my name is Sima Cai, let’s associate!"
Clear water night ice and Dai Yaochen froze. What happened? The black queen has always claimed that snow and ice have been molested! ! !
Lan Heng dazzled the drama and looked at the snow and ice and Sima Cai remained silent.
Qiao Xuanyi said lightly, "You’d better not mess with her."
Sima Cai ignored Qiao Xuanyi’s warning. Looking at the snow and ice, he shook his fiery red hair and said to the snow and ice, "Europe, I heard that night ice called you that. Can I ask my lovely and noble Europe to accept my request for communication?"
Dai Yao Chen Yan shook his head. This Sima Cai is really … Brave.
Clear water night ice eyes across a trace of fun, she suddenly wanted to know if China don’t forget to see this scene, will it hurt her liver? Ah, she’s really getting worse …
Snow and ice have a moment to react after being stunned. I couldn’t help secretly picking my eyebrows. I didn’t expect that she was molested by a frivolous flower man with a good tone!
Heart belly black because of stirring fundus quickly flashed a smile and then disappeared, there are clear water night ice and Qiao Xuanyi saw two people in the eye this smile, there are also a few of them know that this is snow and ice belly black funny omen look at Sima Cai alas, he is going to be out of luck.
Xue Yibing looked at Sima Cai and suddenly smiled. His hands were wrapped around Sima Cai’s neck and his ears were very ambiguous. "Dear, I think I will do something with your Europe!"
This is to mess with me! !
Sima Cai ran through a little stream in his heart, looking at the beautiful face of snow and ice, and his hand was uncontrolled, and his waist and fundus were blurred.
Right now! Snow and ice squinted slightly, and the hand suddenly grabbed Sima Cai’s arm and gave him a beautiful shoulder throw.
"Hua" Sima Cai was severely knocked down and hit a large chair. The students turned their heads and looked at this scene with some horror.
Xue Yibing walked to the front and looked at him condescendingly. He always stepped on his chest and leaned over to pick up Sima Cai’s collar. He smiled sweetly and said to his face, "Big brother, I’m sorry. The name Europe is not just called. Although I say you are putting on airs, miss doesn’t like you to flirt with others casually. Big brother won’t mind people’s normal reaction, right?"
Snow and ice sounds are especially sweet, but Sima Cai’s ears are particularly harsh after being teased.
Clear water night ice and Dai Yaochen looked at Sima Cai with a smile on their faces, while Qiao Xuanyi and Lan Pingxuan laughed without scruple.
Snow is also ice with a snort, returning to Dai Yaochen and Qingshui Night Ice.
SiMaCai struggled up and glared at the next two heartless people who laughed bitterly and said, "Hum a bunch of heartless guys! Don’t know come and help me. "