After two people walked in, Huangfu Zhantian was shocked by the collection in this warehouse. It was not an alchemist before. Huangfu Zhantian certainly didn’t understand these medicinal materials, but naturally he was very familiar with these precious medicinal materials since he became an alchemist.

"This is snow crystal …!"
"This is the sea dumpling bravery …!"
"This is …!"
Huangfu Zhantian was dazzled by these precious medicinal materials. It is rare to see medicinal materials at ordinary times. Almost all of them can be found here. It seems that there must be some big families behind this medicine hall. Otherwise, it is impossible for a secular Chinese medicine shop to gather together so many precious medicinal materials.
Next to Tu Hai, he was also very proud to see Huangfu Zhantian’s reaction. After he founded the Yaozuntang, it was not very good at first, but later with the support of those big families, this Yaozuntang became more and more powerful. Although this Yaozuntang accounted for 40% of its own, it was still the master. Those big families really didn’t care about the management. Section 9: Searching for medicinal materials
Don’t give up pulling your eyes back from those herbs. Huangfu Zhantian took a deep breath and sank, "Boss Tu, you have so much Tibetan medicine here. I’m afraid you can’t find any herbs here."
Tu Hai is not humble, but some people say, "To tell you the truth, almost all famous medicines can be found in this medicine hall. Of course, a year ago, there was a golden fruit behind the elf forest. We really didn’t have it here." Speaking of this, Tu Hai’s face showed regret. Obviously, a year ago, the golden fruit competed for this medicine hall, and people must be sent, but in the end it was all cheaper.
After listening to Tu Hai’s words, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly became happy with you. Of course, there can’t be a golden god fruit here. That thing is now in the buddy’s small world. If Tu Hai knows that this handsome young man will leave Huangfu Zhantian by hook or by crook, even at a very high price, after all, he can make a strong sword god. How many herbs does it take? Of course, Tu Hai can’t know this golden god fruit.
Huangfu Zhantian’s face hung with a false smile and some regrets said, "Yes, I went there when I was fighting for the golden fruit, but it’s a pity that I didn’t even see what the golden fruit looked like!"
Tu Hai obviously didn’t want this problem to be tangled and then changed the subject. "I will help you take out the medicinal materials now." Then Tu Hai turned to look for the medicinal materials needed by Huangfu Zhantian [
While suspection.i Zhantian didn’t move, he didn’t want to find himself in trouble when the time comes without any medicinal materials in this warehouse. Anyway, his gods at this door can also go to see those medicinal materials.
So suspection.i Zhantian separated his knowledge from these herbs, and looked at them one by one. The more I looked at suspection.i Zhantian, the more surprised I was. As shown in the picture, almost all the herbs can be found in this warehouse. When I saw these herbs, I wanted to buy some auxiliary herbs for refining and breaking the elixir, but now I want to buy more. After all, I don’t have this store after crossing this village. Anyway, I have money, and there is nothing in my small world. It is better to replace them with these herbs.
In a short time, Tu Hai put a car full of medicinal materials needed by Huangfu Zhantian. Those medicinal materials don’t need so many roots, but Huangfu Zhantian can’t forge a broken elixir, so he asked for about 20 shares.
After pushing these medicinal materials to the front of Huangfu Zhantian, Tu Hai wiped a pair of forehead sweat on Huangfu Zhantian’s heaven. "Male, this is what you want for twenty medicinal materials. There are two more medicinal materials in it. It’s an old picture. I’ll make friends if I give them to the male." If ordinary people buy medicinal materials, Tu Hai wouldn’t be so generous, but Tu Hai also saw that this mysterious young man’s identity is not simple. It’s also good to take this opportunity to get to know more. Anyway, although these medicinal materials are precious in the eyes of the world, it’s nothing to have the support of
When Huangfu Zhantian heard it, of course, he was very satisfied with God’s knowledge. After checking it, he found that there was nothing wrong. Huangfu Zhantian said to Tu Hai, "Boss Tu, say a price!"
Tu Hai hesitated to make a sample. He had calculated it when he took the medicinal materials just now, but of course he couldn’t be so eager to pretend. After a while, Tu Hai looked at Huangfuzhan Tianshen and said, "The public will give you a total of 3.57 million gold coins according to the market price. Erase a head for you, even 3.5 million gold coins."
After listening to Tu Hai’s words, Huangfu Zhantian didn’t respond. After all, the money seems to him to be nothing but a number. In his heart, the money can’t be equated with these medicinal materials.
So suspection.i Zhantian didn’t bargain directly from the small world and took out four magic crystal cards to Tu Hai. "Boss Tu, this is 400,000 amethyst coins. Please take a look at the amount of these four cards first." Then suspection.i Zhantian handed these four magic crystal cards to Tu Hai.
After Tu Hai took it, he didn’t mention it. He took out a delicate instrument directly from his pocket. Then the four cards were brushed, and then his face showed a happy expression. He smiled and said to Huangfu Zhantian, "Justice is good, you can see what else you need." He didn’t expect Huangfu Zhantian to take it out as amethyst coins, which also made Tu Hai more interested in Huangfu Zhantian background.
Huangfu Zhantian said faintly, "Since there is nothing wrong, I will put these herbs away first!" With a wave of his hand, Huangfu Zhantian received a cart of medicinal materials directly from the small world. This is a ring. Although he has a lot of wealth in his hand now, the ring is valuable, but it can’t be bought by money. This makes Tu Hai more sure that Huangfu Zhantian is not an ordinary person. How can ordinary people buy so many things without blinking an eye and hold a ring?
After all this, Huangfu Zhantian said to Tu Hai, "How about this, boss? I’ll buy whatever medicinal materials I like while watching and walking. You make a record and settle accounts together. What do you think?"
Seen any suspection.i war days after deep pockets and mysterious Tu Hai for suspection.i war days, of course, there will be no objection directly nodded in agreement.
So Huangfu Zhantian walked back and forth in this warehouse, and took out some medicinal materials from the shelf surface from time to time, and then let Tu Hai record them. Then he directly took back the small world and showed his strength in front of Tu Hai. The main reason was that he wanted to take whatever he wanted to save himself from being constrained.
While recording what Huangfu Zhantian took out, Tu Hai’s heart beat faster and faster. Oh, my God, it’s almost 10 million gold coins. This guy is too rich, isn’t it
When it reached 10 million gold coins, Huangfu Zhantian stopped to take out a one million amethyst coin magic crystal card from the small world and handed it to Tu Hai.
Tu Hai didn’t check it politely, so he put it away by mistake. After that, Huangfu Zhantian took things at will. Section 91: Jiang Feier?
After half an hour, Huangfu Zhantian took a total of about 30 million gold coins, which made Huangfu Zhantian with deep pockets a little hard, but it was very worthwhile to think that those ordinary markets could not see Huangfu Zhantian.
"All right, boss Tu, just buy so much. I’ll come back later if there is any shortage of medicinal materials. I hope boss Tu won’t bother." Huangfu Zhantian was in a very good mood after getting these medicinal materials and made a joke on Tu Hai.
"I’m joking. How dare Tu Hai? I’m very welcome if you come to the old map again!" Are you kidding? Tu Hai, of course, can’t be bothered. He still thinks that there are fewer Huangfu Zhantian. This time alone, Huangfu Zhantian bought their medicine hall, and a third of it was prepared. This is worth the turnover of the medicine hall for several months.
After suspection.i Zhantian heard a loud laugh, he smiled and said to Tu Hai, "Boss Tu has bought about the same medicine. Can you show me the orchid grass? I’ll discuss it with that person later." I just need the last medicine. Of course, I hope I can get it smoothly.
Tu Hai and as one pleases laughed. "Wait a moment, then I’ll go and get the orchid grass for the public." Then Tu Hai quickly ran to a shelf and took it out from that side. A box will be taken to Huangfu Zhantian Road. "This is all the orchid grass in the store. There are a total of 37 plants that originally booked this medicinal material. People should almost come. I’ll help the public introduce you to the public."
Huangfu Zhantian nodded his head. He hoped that the person who bought this medicine was not a greedy advocate, or he would have to be a robber when it was hard.
As for Huangfu Zhantian, when the two of them were talking, there was a voice outside, "The boss, Miss Jiang, came to get the medicine."
Tu Hai laughed at the guard’s words. "Come on in!"
With a burst of footsteps, people entered the warehouse, and when they saw people in the warehouse, they suddenly felt a wry smile in their hearts. It seems that this time is not good.